Monday, January 1, 2018

Merlin Chronicles by Kay January 2018

 Happy 2018!
Happy New Year and Super Moon! There will be two Supermoons this month.One on January 1at and the second On January 31st which will be a full lunar eclipse. These will be the biggest full moons of the year so try to get out and enjoy them.

December was a challenging month for me and some others that I know. I had to get my furnace repaired, my washing machine broke, and I had other unusual expenses. The wonderful thing about this is that extra streams of income came in to pay for all of those things that would have usually put my Virgo mind in full worry mode.

 The worry mode I am talking about came early in 2017, and when I would become upset about politics or those people who call and try to tell you that they work for Windows and say that you need to pay them to fix your computer. Any time I was in a stressful situation, even good stress when I would sing in front of would play out in a reaction from my body. I would start feeling a pain in my spine, right behind my heart and it would radiate through my heart and make me feel like I couldn’t breathe.

 believe that the help I needed started coming in when I finally decided that I wasn’t going to worry about it. I let it go. I got a great price on the furnace repair, a new washer arrives tomorrow, as well as other issues that came up, are now in my rearview mirror. I had to surrender to a Higher Power. The one that lives within my soul, that I am reclaiming. Learning to surrender and take back my power is a tricky thing to do but it is something that I will be mindful of. I can't really put it into words. I am a work in progress.

December was the breaking point with this, and I decided not to allow these things to affect my life in such a way. I will see a Doctor and check it out.I do believe in Eastern and Western medicine and know that it would be foolish not to look at both options. My hunch is that there is nothing physically wrong. I am going to stop giving my power away in 2018!

I believe that this will be that kind of year for many of us. Take our power back in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

I wanted to let you know that I will be able to accommodate personal private readings on Mondays at a beautiful space in Littleton Colorado. I will also continue doing my Merlin Meditation and Channeling groups in Denver and also Teleconference on
 I can schedule appointments with you, but If you need a quick reading, you can find me on The prices can be flexible if you contact me ahead.
Here are the MerlinScopes for January 2018! Enjoy!

 Merlin Scopes for January 2018
Aries…   Overview for January 2018
Think twice before you make your judgments and opinions public. Confrontive behaviors could have a backlash that might not turn out as you expected. Even if you know you are right in your heart of hearts, hold off and see how certain situations unfold. Rather than an “I told you so” you can offer a soft place to land.

Pay close attention to your blood pressure and the connection between tension and body functioning. Expand your lungs when you breathe in and extend your breath when breathing out. Clearing your energy through breath work is very effective for you and it will help release toxins.

There may be an offering or opportunity for something that looks interesting, but it would mean investing yourself financially, or perhaps your reputation and integrity. There could be questions raised if the results are not as good as promised.

Take your time and go with your intuition in risky situations. Try to identify ego based intentions from those that genuinely wish to serve the world.

Your Light Being
A powerful, Collective Consciousness pulled me through my crown chakra and into the Central Sun. Go into this Collective Light Consciousness by focusing your inner eye through your crown and into the Central Sun to receive direction, information, and healing. Here you will find answers to the difficult questions.

Your Animal Guide
A big Brown Bear is offering to guide you. He is moving slowly and dealing with one thing at a time. Just deal with the basics and live in the moment. Rest and recuperation are important. Quietly and calmly gather your courage.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sodalite will help you balance your intellect with your intuition. Hold it during meditation or wear it close to your skin.

Taurus…   Overview for January 2018
Something may feel off. There may be a feeling of deception. You might be picking this feeling up from someone around you. It may not even be yours, but you are so perceptive this month that it is hard to tell the difference. Are you deceiving yourself concerning a relationship or a long-held belief?

You find yourself unwilling to accept half-truths or unrealistic ideas and explanations. You're in, or you're out; black or white and no room for a gray area or in anything in between. It is about time!

Honor feelings that you have about your independence. You are a great team player, but even team players need boundaries. On a personal note, you might want to explore close or intimate relationships that have not served you well in the past. Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results isn’t healthy or productive. You may be expecting them to be coming from a higher vibration and only seeing possibilities rather than the present truth. Is there a part of you that believes you don’t deserve greater love or prosperity? 

Be open to making some changes in what you are wishing for and what is tangible.
It is time to ask your Higher Self, Guides, and Angels for assistance. I see you on the cusp of making some magnificent strides; you may say this is like pulling yourself through the eye of the needle. Jesus taught that all things are possible through God. Look for ways of tweaking or shifting your vibration so you can complete the transformation into becoming what you desire to manifest.

Your Light Being
I see a beautiful Light Being. She tells me her name is Sorcha. I had to look her up because I am not familiar with her. In Gaelic, her name means “Light” “Brightness.” She is handing you a beautiful large egg that is jeweled. It looks like a giant Faberge Egg. Upon opening it, I see a baby dragon is inside, and it's looking to you for nurturing and guidance as it becomes familiar with the world. Great responsibility and purpose come with this new found powerful life. Know that you are being offered a powerful opportunity or gift. It is a double-edged sword. Handle with care!

Your Animal Guide
A Praying Mantis came forward, and I see it walking across your knuckles. They can bring you good luck as well as concentration and stillness that will allow you to observe what is going on without being seen. 
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will promote strength in stressful times. It also holds memories and experiences that can be useful in healing.

 Gemini…   Overview for January 2018
The best way I can explain what I am seeing is that you have the opportunity to experience a feeling of Zen. You can feel at home in your body and not feel pressured to chase the next rainbow, romance or success story. Magic happens when you lean into this type of energy and thought. It is like sinking into a warm, relaxing, fragrant bath. Take full advantage of these moments, enjoy and use this inner knowing to build your foundation for future.

There is a part of you that knows that there will be some changes in your life and in the lives of those who are important to you. Times like this can have you or others in your life running for cover or in different directions.
Ultimately, odd as it may sound, this crazy chaos will create order and some changes that are overdue. There is a clarity that comes after the resistance and the storm clears.

Some of these changes, the divisions, the letting go of people and situations may be permanent. Some may be temporary, but there is a purpose in this movement. When you start feeling empty and alone, remember the Zen moments and drink from the well of peace and poetic oneness. It is like a weight taken off your back.

You will be able to pull yourself, and your surviving relationships back together in a healthier more productive way. You might even find yourself enjoying your own company a bit more than before. You are doing some soul work on very deep levels. For those of you who are writers, artists or creators of any sort; you will benefit from this work.

Your Light Being
Chief White Eagle will help you walk the Red Road. In the evening when all is quiet, listen to the drums beating in the rhythm of the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth and that of Mary. Many hearts beating as one are very powerful!

Your Animal Guide
Eagle is offering assistance and new eyes in which to see your self and others. He will help you recognize the small details that hold real value.

 Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Howlite will help calm your busy mind.

Cancer…   Overview for January 2018
You start your New Year focusing on health issues. Perhaps you have been feeling a little under the weather or concerned about how many Holiday treats you indulged in December. You can chalk that up to the desire to be grounded. Food is a powerful way to ground, but now it is time to find more effective ways of grounding your mental, physical and emotional energy. Going for walks, exercising, experiencing the beauty of nature, spending time with pets and socializing with others are good ways to connect with Mother Earth.

Don’t focus on the past or spend too much energy living in the future. Remove the phrase “I will be happy when this or that happens.” Stay here, in the now, and be conscious of putting one foot in front of the other and focus on what you are doing right now. This is how you will achieve your goals.

Sometimes you tend to live in your head more than you should. The results of this can be messy and be consuming if you spend too much time there. You might find yourself caught up in scenarios involving other people from your past or reliving the situations and expecting the same behaviors from the people you have relationships with now. You might be questioning loyalty and allegiances. The most important thing here is being loyal to yourself. When you do this, all the right people will be with you. Let go and release negative energy or old injuries. They don’t serve you and will only slow your progress.

Your Light Being
Jesus has stepped forward to assist you in forgiveness and to build a new future.

Your Animal Guide
You have what you need. Go deep inside yourself to find your gifts of the spirit. There are some that need help in coming to the surface. It is like giving birth to the hidden part of your inner child.

 Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Shattuckite will help unblock your metaphysical gifts by aligning your throat and third eye chakras, especially if blocks are due to past life experiences.

Leo…   Overview for January 2018
Recognize the magic in the air! It is all around you. You might not always recognize the synchronicities in life, but they are there. I see you deep in thought and working hard at attaining all of the good things in life which is a wonderful goal. Most of us are here, in these bodies to experience the joy that is available to us on this Earth and to hold on to the remembrance of Divine Spark from where we came.

You may be working on something that will help you and others. Your degree of success is measured by the Universal Law of Abundance. Whatever you put out in thought, word or deed will come back to you.

 Perhaps someone in your life might poke fun at you for something you deeply believe in, or something that you are trying to create in the world. Some people don’t understand the balance, but you have learned through trial and error.
Don’t allow anyone to shake your tree. Don’t waste time trying to convince someone of things they are not ready to understand. Put your sensitive ego aside and recognize the magical gifts that are working for you and others in this life.

Your Light Being
Merlin is working in your life this month. Call on him often and don’t be shy about asking him for favors.

Your Animal Guide
An Ant stepped forward to offer assistance this month. Keep in mind the strength of Ant energy. Hard work and knowing is the key to your success.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Amethyst will protect you from negative energy, calm your thoughts, and help you make good decisions.

Virgo…   Overview for January 2018
Remember every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. Every day you awaken to a clean slate. During this period you are not so much the teacher as you are the student. You might need to take a moment to reset your mind and allow yourself to empty your vessel of all the things you have collected and learned in the past so you can make the most of this experience.

Gratitude will raise your vibration.  In doing this, you allow new information into your life and opportunities to alter your attitude and open yourself to new reasons to be joyful. It is about expansion, and there is no room for judgment or ego.

You might want to look for classes and experiences to increase your eligibility to expand your overall way of seeing the world. Career and professional goals seem to also be in line with this desire for intellectual and spiritual expansion.
For those of you who have stayed in the background, this could mean taking a step forward. Fear of failure may have held you back in the past, but it is in failure that we learn our greatest lessons and find the missing pieces, or make the changes that become the solutions.

Your Light Being
Metatron will support you in surrendering your will to God. He will not let you feel like you are left to twist in the wind. Ask for help.

Your Animal Guide
Dragons are coming forward to protect and supply you with the inspiration, insight, magical tools and wisdom to last all year long.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Celestite will assist in spiritual teachings.

 Libra…   Overview for January 2018
The scales are only a little off center; and, odd as this statement may seem, being a little off center is good for you. It drives you to seek balance and supports you in your quest for making your life and the lives of others more balanced. You may find yourself attracted to herbal remedies this month that take you into some interesting research due to a situation that has affected you personally, a family member, or a beloved pet.

Support comes from unlikely places, perhaps out of the blue. You desire a little alone time after the holidays. A hot bath of Epsom salts and lavender will do nicely. Release, relax and make yourself ready for the coming barrage of requests for your time and expertise.

I see the shape of spirit visitors near your auric field who are here to support you as guides, Master teachers, Saints and in some cases those who have passed on who wish to give you messages and support. You are a light in a dark place to some. Know this is one of your gifts from spirit. Don’t allow this attraction to make you feel uncomfortable. It is a compliment of the highest order.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin, the mother of compassion, is offering her gift of unconditional love. Call on her before meditation or whenever you need support
Your Animal Guide
I see a Tiger cub coming closer to offer you independence and compassion for yourself in a playful way.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Beryl will help you decompress when you are feeling stressed.
Scorpio…   Overview for January 2018
Do not worry about having enough motivation to complete the things you wish to accomplish in the coming year. Perhaps a big weight has been lifted. I see a vision of you with a yoke on your shoulder, and you have been pulling a heavily loaded wagon filled with burdens, regrets and old fabrics that no longer seem important enough for you to drag into the next year. You suddenly stand up and simply drop the yoke, amazed at how easy it was to set yourself free. It is all about timing and it is your time to feel lighter and have more clarity in your life. Get rid of the baggage and let go of things you don’t need.

You may even find that some of the physical aches and pains have eased up and perhaps you have found better ways to deal with them. Fresh air and movement are important in a healing process as well as surrounding yourself with positive influences and music.

Listening to others when they are not aware Is one of your great gifts. Use it and don’t doubt yourself. It isn’t always bad news that comes into your awareness but also some good practical wisdom that can help you. Expect some positive feedback about yourself.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is offering clerical assistance. I don’t know why he has chosen the word clerical, but I guess this is your message and you can see how it fits. By definition, this is everyday office duties or clerical such as becoming a Pastor of a church and the duties required. Holy or Divine.

Your Animal Guide
A Red Tailed Hawk has come to give you awareness of a Higher Purpose. To help you see things from a higher perspective.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Obsidian will bring negative emotions to the surface so use this carefully. Be prepared!

Sagittarius…   Overview for January 2018
Expect things to become easier. I see a vision of you pushing a huge rock up a hill all by yourself; you have finally reached the top and let it roll down the other side of the hill. You brush off your hands and shake them in the air indicating you have completed this task.

Sometimes you are loyal to a fault. Don’t be fooled by those who promise to have your back, and as soon as you need to lean on someone, the hand that you thought was going to be there, magically disappears. You have seen this magic act before, and it may be time for you to show some loyalty for yourself. I am not insinuating that there is deception in those around you, but perhaps, you are deceiving yourself by not taking the responsibility for having your own back.

Go into your personal experiences of the past and examine similar circumstances. There is something there for you to learn and use as the foundation for the possibilities in your future.

You can also prepare yourself for a celebration. You will surpass a milestone! Enjoy!

Your Light Being
Merlin will be at your beck and call this month. He wants to help you complete a cycle so you may live in a higher vibration that brings greater clarity to your gifts. Ask him!

Your Animal Guide
A big strong Mule has stepped forward to help you in your passage into this higher vibration. He is strong and offers to carry your burdens to make life a bit easier for you. Let him! Learn to receive!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Gold Calcite will help you attune to a higher realm in meditation.

Capricorn…   Overview for January 2018
I guess with Saturn in Capricorn I don’t need to tell you to expect more structure in your life. I know that some of you will welcome this as it helps make sense of some things.

You might find you need to be a bit more diplomatic and less authoritarian when dealing with others or you might find people running from you. You may be experiencing some difficulty in finding your footing right now and sometimes trying to control others is your outlet for this energy.

You can use this time to organize yourself by working with your health and acknowledging your need for nature. Nature helps you get out of your head and into your body. Find some inventive ways to relax. Listen to music, watch a movie or walk in the park or close to trees.  In fact, trees are the perfect place to focus your restless energy right now. Trees are good listeners.

There is a lot of male energy around you right now, and it might be wise to remember it isn’t a good idea to poke the bear. Attempts at persuasion and too much conversation may create more drama. Make sure your words are well thought out and in order. There is tension in the air.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is appearing wearing her beautiful crown. She brings love and special gifts of temperance and peace for your soul and spirit. The love emanating from her is so powerful that I can hardly focus. The love is for you.

Your Animal Guide
A little Sparrow has come forward for you. She has a sweet voice and leans close to your ear to tell you a secret. Bring her into your meditation or prayer.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Angelite will bring awareness and communication with ange

Aquarius…   Overview for January 2018
There are people and situations in the world that you don’t agree with; some of these things might make you downright angry. Pick your battles and only fight the ones you have a good chance of winning. Otherwise, this will be energy lost or used inappropriately. Don’t force anything. Just be yourself, and trust that whatever injustice or imbalance needs to be corrected, will be done at the appropriate time.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick!” Use a strategy of diplomacy but also don’t be afraid to show your strength whether it is your wit, talent, intelligence or experience. No need to brag or get in peoples faces. Just be yourself.

Be kind to yourself and avoid dragging yourself into other peoples dramas. Find what feeds your soul and rejuvenate your body and spirit. The Divine has so many more plans for you this year. You are like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Tap into your inner strength and feed the positive.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain will help you step into new expressions of oneness and initiate the clearing of old soul contracts and programming.

Your Animal Guide
The whale is a record keeper of all time. He will help you tune into your inner ability to tap into the wisdom of the ages and your ancestry.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Azeztulite is very pure and will raise your vibration to a much higher level. Judy Hall suggests using Ametrine and Aquamarine to dissolve old patterns before using this stone.
Pisces…   Overview for January 2018
Change is necessary to bring about the results you have worked so hard to achieve. Creating new environments for making advances in your personal or professional life will bring good results. It is time to get out and become part of a group especially when it comes to socializing.  Perhaps something has been holding you back in the past, and now you are allowed the freedom you crave. You may have an opportunity to travel.

 A shift may have occurred between December 25th and the first of January. I have a vision of you unzipping and stepping out of an old energetic suit and finding freedom and acceptance in who you are. Returning to your old routine may not be as simple as it seems. A new energy is making you restless, and you may desire to create or make something new.

It is always important to have a small group who you can be yourself with and feel safe in airing your concerns and experiences. These are also the same folks who will tell you what they think in all honesty, as a way to help you make the changes that will bring more joy into your life. There is safety in the pack. Seek out these people and make a point of arranging some quality time with them.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary has stepped forward to offer you a place in her sacred heart. She asks you to focus your inner vision towards her heart and see yourself emerging from your awareness and step into her heart. What a beautiful meditative experience! I am hearing what sounds like a drumming and she tells me it is the sound vibration of the universal heartbeat that nourishes and supports all of the Universe. I am seriously getting high from this meeting. There will be an initiation here for you.

Your Animal Guide
A Wolf has stepped forward to assist you He is letting out a huge howl and calling in the rest of his pack.  Surround yourself with those you love and trust. Everyone in the pack has a job or function. He will help you find yours.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Smokey Quartz will help you create a grounding cord between your base chakra and the Earth.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Merlin Chronicles By Kay December 2017

 Merlin Chronicles By Kay for December  2017

I can’t believe we are looking at the end of 2017. It certainly has been interesting and anything but boring. I won’t go into politics but the United States feels like a cauldron that is about to boil over and someone seems to be stirring the pot. Enough said about that.

My Mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Mom is no longer on the planet so I can say that I am thrilled to see women and men standing up to sexual harassment. Their courage has given me permission to look back over my life and look at the times I was the target of sexual harassment. I never said anything to anyone most of the time because I was always under the misguided idea that if someone was treating me that way that it was because I dressed a certain way, or if I spoke up I would lose my job or labeled as a “Trouble Maker.”

In my early twenties, I was walking to a local store on a hot summer afternoon. I was wearing shorts and a handkerchief top. I was a hippy chick. A man drove up and asked me for directions. I pointed up the street, and he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into the car. I was terrified. He probably thought that I was a young teenager because I was small and looked young.He had the trunk on the care open so I no-one could get the plate number. My mother called the police, and one of the first things the officer asked me after he looked me up and down was  ”Did you like it?” I never reported or complained about anything again thinking that I would get the same treatment. More things did happen. I kept it to myself.

I am looking forward to how this is going to affect the entertainment industry, politics, corporate structure, and education. I don’t think I will be around long enough to see the full impact, but I am pleased to know that changes are inevitable.
Enough of me, here is the December MelinScopes!
Enjoy    Kay

Merlin Scopes for December 2017
Aries…   Overview for December 2017
Try to accept that not all things happen in the timely manner you expect. Perhaps, some things may not manifest at all. Know you are being selected and directed by the Divine and all is as it should be. Some seeds need time to grow into beautiful flowers.

Spend a bit of your time exploring the value of your current situation. Don’t become discouraged or rush into a plan just for the sake of taking action on something out of fear.

Pay attention to your thoughts and reject any old feelings of not belonging, or lacking skills or abilities. Sometimes you can have more than enough and still not get what you want. If it is meant for you, it will come when the time and circumstances are right.

Look at the reasons for your desires. Is this something that will pass the test of time or just a status symbol or something that will become obsolete? Maybe you are being protected and prepared for something better.

Your Light Being
Lord Ling, AKA Moses is stepping forward to assist you in seeing God within. He will help you resist looking for the answers and true happiness from sources other than your Higher Self.

Your Animal Guide
A Crow is stepping forward to help prepare you for changes that are coming your way. Watch for signs and omens! Respect your intuition.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Malachite will absorb negative energies. Make sure you cleanse it often.

Taurus…   Overview for December 2017
You might feel a little out of step with relationships in your life right now. These relationships, so it seems, worked for you in the past, but something may be shifting in the way you perceive your role or level of participation.

You might start feeling like an outsider looking in or feel a bit empty. Maybe you are not comfortable in this role anymore. Are you a People Pleaser? Are you feeling fulfilled in these relationships?

Try not to get too caught up in trying to figure out if it is you or them creating a feeling of distance. You might need a timeout to be with yourself, to pull your energy in and focus on some “Me” time. Perhaps just puttering around the house. Bring your attention to your Divine Self and allow spirit to flow through you. I see an opportunity to let go and rise to a higher level of consciousness.
Try not to take things personally. You might catch yourself feeling like you are on this journey alone; recognize the love and support that has brought you all of this way. Trust your intuition and faith. It has served you well.

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha is stepping forward to assist you in celebrating your gifts of spirit. When there seems to be chaos all around you, be still,  know that your only reality is what you believe. Let nothing take your peace.

Your Animal Guide
I see a Monk walking down a road with an Ox. The Ox is wearing a string of flowers around its head and seems to be pleased with himself. He will give you strength and power to resolve any issues that you are having. He will also help you ground.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moldavite helps you connect with the Universal laws. It may also bring luck. Wear it for short periods of time.

 Gemini…   Overview for December 2017
Time is not running out. Sometimes it may feel that way, but this is just a reminder you need to take each day, one at a time and enjoy every minute you have. The moment you are in right now, good or bad, will never be repeated by you or anyone else, ever. That is why you are so unique. Sometimes you forget how genuine and unique you and every soul on this planet are.
Get out of your head and into your heart and have some fun. I see a vision of you at about five years old on a swing yelling to go higher and higher! Bring your attention back to that time in your life when you had absolute freedom in that moment.

If you are entering into any contracts or partnerships this month, there is a warning to check all of the terms and responsibilities. I am not saying you should avoid contracts, just read the fine print and perhaps have someone else check it also. Some things are not always what they seem, explore all the basics as this is the foundation and cornerstone of the future.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi will help you ground and connect with Mother Earth. I see a vision of him walking and planting seeds in different places on the earth. These are Ley lines. “Respect the Earth,” he says. Do something to celebrate her. Connect with these powerful Ley lines in meditation.

Your Animal Guide
A Squid has come forward to assist you this month. They are amazing creatures.Squids connect to spirit and the psychic realm. Squid will help you ground psychic abilities to help you in being more balanced and effective.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Moss Agate will help you recognize the beauty of the world. It will help you with intuition and success.

Cancer…   Overview for December 2017
Busy holiday plans can help you avoid taking yourself too seriously this month. Accept invitations and show up in high spirits. You don’t need to buy anyone anything. Just be part of the party energy.

There may be a project you are trying to move forward this month. Make sure you ask for input from those who have the expertise or at least experience. There are some things you need to be aware of or know about. Learn all that you can before moving into the next phase.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. You may tend to jump from one thing to another, looking for the best deal or solution. The latest and greatest may not be what you need. Sometimes those intoxicating obsessions of what everyone has to have today may leave you with a hangover tomorrow.

Accept help when offered. You may need to loosen your grip a bit and allow others to do their job, but all will work out in the end. Enlist someone who will play the devil’s advocate and give you positive and negative feedback. Sometimes you need to be challenged to motivate you.

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Lake has offerings for you. She is offering the gift of Excalibur. Remember this is a gift from Spirit and should be used consciously and with great care. It is a double-edged sword used to cut through illusion and negativity. There is Karma attached to the actions of the user. Ask her for guidance.

Your Animal Guide
Spider is stepping forward to remind you that you weave your reality. She will also help you with creative projects and will strengthen your aura.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Angelite brings you awareness and helps you speak your truth.

Leo…   Overview for December 2017
December is a great time to reflect on the progress you have made during the year. Many of the things you have hoped for are well on the way to becoming reality.

I see that you have successfully followed the right steps of Co-Creation in building the Universal Blueprint of manifestation. You may not even be aware that you were bringing something into your reality, but you have.

You have done more than hoping, wishing and prayers. Perhaps you have taken the physical steps in one way or another that allows Manifestation to meet you half way. Somehow, you found a keynote you can access for future reference, maybe a mentor, a book or even a state of mind.

Funny how it never seems to play out, in reality, the same way you see it in your head. No worries, it is all good. Explore and learn how to work with these new energies, opportunities, and relationships.

If some part of a creation, project or relationship, it looks like something you tried didn’t work out as planned. Take a deeper look at what needs to stay and what needs to go. Look at your fears and attitudes. Avoid abandoning the whole idea. Step back and take the emotional response out of the equation. This is your creation and responsibility; don’t let ego come in and take over.

Your Light Being
Call on Ganesh to remove any obstacles that hinder your success. Ganesh is powerful and once called upon, will take full responsibility for removing all that hinders progress. Be very clear on this. You might not get to pick and choose what you think is best. You must be in a place of surrender.

Your Animal Guide
Brown Bear will help you ground yourself on all levels. In the case of manifestation, you need to ground your ideas into your foundation.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aragonite will help you ground.

Virgo…   Overview for December 2017
December is a time of love and gratitude. Keep yourself centered and look at love from all sides. Do not try to force anything; respect the natural rhythm. You can't always make yourself available to everyone at all times.

Don’t try to do things for others they should do themselves. Manipulating a situation so you can feel better about the outcome is not the path to growth and maturity. Try to allow things to unfold by being supportive and watching it unfold like a beautiful flower in the sunshine.

You might see things moving in a new direction and feel a bit unsteady on this new course. Research everything you can concerning a new field of study or ways of making your business bigger and creating new opportunities. Perhaps you may take a class or meet some new people. Maybe new guides, angels, and ascended masters or perhaps new ways of connecting with them will be your path.

The Mercury retrograde may bring opportunities to revisit people or situations from the past. Welcome the opportunity to look at the reasons for this occurrence and why it keeps resurfacing. It could be an opportunity to finally let go. You know you will find peace and healing in areas of your life on the other side of these issues.

I suggest you make a ritualistic effort to honor the year of 2017 and release it. Make yourself a new vessel for the incoming year. Perhaps writing down or just meditating on all that has happened in the past twelve months, and light a candle and release it to the universe.

 Your Light Being
Vishnu offers balance and protection. You will need both this month. Call on Vishnu.

Your Animal Guide
Brahma Bull will help you stand your ground and bring cosmic order. He will help in your manifestations

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Thulite will help in inventive solutions and healing.

Libra…   Overview for December 2017
I get a message about Celtic Christmas for you. In December Irish farmers would clean and whitewash the buildings on the property to purify their property for the coming of the Savior. You don’t need to believe in a savior in the Christian sense, but there is a common thread of the Christ story in most religions. There is a celebration of the ending of the old ways and beginning of the new.

Sometimes this includes cleaning and clearing. Donating things that you no longer use, cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners, dusting and acting as if an important friend is coming to visit. Make your environment as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Warm and inviting! Call in your angelic and spiritual team to assist in this process.

You might be considering making changes in your career and professional life, and you couldn’t have picked a better time. You seem to be complete or done with what you have been doing in the past.You might be exploring things that other people are doing and thinking about trying some of those things. Ask for support and direction. Realize this Is new for you so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t know how to proceed. There is a feeling of success and fun in this new process!

Your Light Being
Saint Bridget will help you with knowledge and inspiration Call on her.

Your Animal Guide
Queen Bee has arrived to help you with energy, stamina, and the ability to attract all the things you need to create a flow of assistance and abundance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Anhydrite will help you release thoughts of the past and prepare your physical body for new energies and gifts of spirit.

 Scorpio…   Overview for December 2017
You may find this is a good time to re-organize and find simpler ways of keeping things in order. Maybe you have collected a lot of things that now seem to weigh on you. Some of the best ideas and plans come forward when you are doing mundane tasks.

I am not a doctor and can not prescribe, but I get the message you might benefit if you pay a little more attention to your diet. Some things might need balancing. I keep getting the word acidic, and the other side of that would be alkaline. Perhaps you could take a look at foods that help balance these in a way that will improve your mood and your skin.

You might be able to advance your career or some project you are working on by asking for help from someone who knows more or is an expert in a field of study. There comes a time when you have done all that you can at a certain level, and to advance, you must seek outside sources.

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Light will guide the way for you. You may be walking in unchartered territory. Let her lead the way.

Your Animal Guide
A Platypus has come forward to help you make sense of the cues your body gives you.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fluorite will be useful for protection and will calm your mind.

Sagittarius…   Overview for December 2017
Enough is enough. There are things you tolerated in the past that no longer intimidate you. Perhaps this may pertain to a person in your family, your work or community in general.

You have never been a shrinking violet, but something that happens in December will be a catalyst to a reckoning in some area of your life. Inside and out, you will make changes in methods you use to sort out your emotions which will be channeled in a practical method through your life skills.
Soul mates are not here to take your hand and skip off into the sunset. They are here to teach you valuable lessons. A soul mate can be anyone, not only the love interest in your life but a child, a friend or anyone that shares a deep connection with you. You may be triggered by these wonderful beings this month, so prepare.

You will be driven inward to resolve things that have become a part of your emotional blueprint. Finding a reasonable explanation for things that occurred in your past as well as the present can help you move into a brighter stronger future. I hear Socrates saying ” Know Thyself” so that you can more effectively understand others.

All is well in the preparation and realization that you are about to step into something bigger and better.

Your Light Being
Michael Archangel is stepping forward to keep you in the light of perpetual harmony and protection.   
Your Animal Guide
Ostrich steps forward to help you sort out what no longer is working in your life. Clearing and cleansing. She will also help you ground your spiritual and metaphysical knowledge so you can effectively use it in your life.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Clear fluorite works with the crown and will align your chakras.

Capricorn…   Overview for December 2017
Enjoy the holiday glow! Things that have been troubling for you in the past few months seem to be lifting, and you shake off the invisible chains that have been holding you back.

Saturn will be going into Capricorn on December 19th and will remain there until December 2020. Saturn is at home in Capricorn. Saturn rules government, institutions, bones, and structures. You have the opportunity to break down and build new foundations that will be stronger and longer lasting than before.

There seems to be a certain amount of comfort in your everyday life. You might feel more supported. Some things that seemed impossible or difficult are put into a different perspective, and you can achieve some clarity. You seem to see things in a different light and recognize a pattern or structure that works for you. It is kind if like coloring within the lines.

If you are beginning a new relationship try to use the experience you have gained in the past so you can be more balanced in expectations and partnership roles. Finding the balance between being too passive or too controlling will be easier if you take into consideration the needs of both parties involved.

Your Light Being
Merlin is offering support in making big changes in the little things in your life. Making the small changes leads to a big shift! Don’t get ahead of yourself.    
Your Animal Guide
A Beaver comes forward to help you rebuild structures and relationships.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chrysocolla is very effective for meditation and healing when placed on your chakras.

 Aquarius…   Overview for December 2017
I see you settling back and allowing the universe to work in your life. It is almost like learning to swim when thrown into the ocean without a life jacket. As soon as you stop fighting and realize the salt water is your ally and will keep you afloat, you can roll over, stop focusing on the struggle, relax and enjoy the beautiful blue sky.

You must know by now that changes are happening in your life. The best way to proceed is in not reacting until all the facts are known. Sit back and watch as the story or situation unfolds before taking any action. There is a hint of new developments that could be advantageous for you.

Stay focused on what you are doing and watch out for other people who may be preoccupied, especially when you are walking, driving, or riding in a vehicle. I am not telling you to be a back seat driver but do be a good co-pilot and be aware.

Pay attention to your lower back, hips, and knees. Don’t strain or try to carry more than you should.

Your Light Being
I see a vision of Mother Mary offering assistance by leading you through a labyrinth. When you run into a block or a dead end, call on her, and she will show you a new opening on the path.       
Your Animal Guide
A Seagull is stepping forward to help you in being resourceful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Muscovite will invite angels into your space and expand your intuitive abilities.
Pisces…   Overview for December 2017
There could be a positive outcome to a difficult situation. You might get a new perspective on something that has been a bit of a problem or annoyance.
You may be indulging in a little bit of stress eating this month. No worries, all will balance out by the beginning of 2018, and you will be back to normal. Could it be that you might be feeling a little unfulfilled because you have been putting out a lot of energy and resources to others?

Celebrate the holidays and enjoy being in the moment with family and friends There may be moments when you hold back as if you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. It may or may not drop but try to do your best to stay in the moment and make some wonderful memories in the midst of chaos and drama. Joy is important for your health and happiness and will also help those around you.

Resist the urge to clean up other peoples messes or take on the rescuer role. Some folks need to take responsibility for their journey and accept the consequences to appreciate them to the fullest.

You might enjoy hunkering down and spending time at home. No matter what you do, do it with passion and know you are allowed to indulge yourself in spending some time alone. Be as loyal to yourself as you are to others.

Your Light Being
I see a group of angels surrounding you. They are singing and blending different colors of light. Especially around and in your aura. It seems they have found favor in you and will be there to help in all situations. Perhaps you have been sending healing to the planet or been helpful to someone who needs assistance. You have only to ask when you need help, and they are pleased to be part of your success. Connect with them and feel the unconditional love they have for you.
Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Dove has come forward to share messages with you. Pay attention to subtle messages from nature; especially birds.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Diamond is a powerful protective stone that will amplify white light and love.