Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Merlin Chronicles Message from Merlin 5/20/15

Merlin Chronicles  … May 20,2015
Hi Everyone,
I really am trying not to blame mercury retrograde but this is the 3rd time I have tried to write this without losing the entire piece.

I have been dealing with some physical inconveniences and have been a bit M.I.A. on my blog and for this I am apologize. I truly love doing this channeling.
So many people have chosen to step out of their physical bodies over the past few weeks which leaves the rest of us feeling a bit empty and wondering what our new role is in the world is and what it will look like without that person it.

 This also relates to jobs, communities, homes and other things that are now not in our lives. This has many of us looking back and reevaluating our roles and intentions for the future. Even if a person only had a small impact on your life know that there will be an effect. Maybe these losses were divinely orchestrated to be processed during the Mercury Retrograde. That is what the retrograde is all about. Looking back.

Let’s see what Merlin has to say.
There will be a bit of a shift in the nervous system leaving many of you without the appropriate words to attach to an emotion. This is just the beginning of the whole process. Your words may be a bit out of sync as your timing is off when you try to think of the come-back comment that is usually stored in an easily accessible place your short term memory.

This is a good time to set limits on stressful occupation of the desire to eliminate workings of the shadow and people associated with this. Let yourself be ruled by the divine process and don’t let yourself get too religious in setting goals around clearing space such as material and contractual objects.

I know that in this age releasing those things that no longer serve you is popular and a positive practice. You need to take time to process these things and understand how they are related to other parts of your being. Especially when there has been an emotional attachment to something. 

Be sure that you sit with some of these items or situations in meditation or prayer so you understand the attachment that you have to this this and how it may have been effecting you before you release the item. If you simply toss the item, situation or relationship that no longer brings you what you desire without knowing the true representation of this, you will remain in the shadow and control of this pattern until it is unraveled and appropriately understood.

 Only then will you be truly free. The effects may vary, including physical, emotional, spiritual, materially and in your ability to fully give and receive love.

I send you all the love and peace that you have been praying for,


I would love to include the MerlinScopes for the week but "Word" is not responding and I can not get that file. Have a look on if you want to read the Scopes.

Have a wonderful week

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Messages from Merlin Month of May 2015

Hi Everyone,
I am a bit late in posting this month. I did post on The energies are so intense this month. I have seen so many people exit the planet at this time. It is difficult to make sense of this but I have to believe that this is an opportunity for those of us left behind to learn a deeper meaning of love. We learn to let go and trust that this exit was in this persons best interest. This is not always easy and takes time. I am still working on it. I know others who are questioning this . So I asked Merlin for a channeling and this was his response.

Do not worry about the future as you are building your future with every breath, thought and action right now, in the present. Try not to obsess on the afterlife and those who are in it. Stay in the present as you will be in that afterlife in your own sweet time. Your loved ones who have passed  are now on that realm will touch base with you now and then with messages and signs. Know that this is just a message of love to help you heal. It will bring your heart and thoughts back into love. This is not intended to keep you obsessing about those realms and contacting them on a regular basis.  you that 

 You are in this world to play your part and you can't do so if you are focused on the past and those who have moved on. This is not being awake or aware of your part in this world. Your energy, thoughts and actions are needed in this physical realm so that individually and collectively , you can make a difference in raising the vibration on the planet. There is a plan my friend. Deep in your heart of hearts you know that this is true.
I am sending you love and healing to mend and build a higher vibration in your heart. 

Here are the MerlinScopes for the month and first week of May 2015
Merlin Scopes        May 2015    by Kay

Aries… First week of May
This may be a good time to have a garage sale or donate items that are cluttering up your life. If you haven’t used it or worn in the past 18 months chances are that you never will.
Let go of objects that no longer hold happy memories and can be used to make new ones for someone else. You will be glad that you did.
Aries… The Month of May Overview
I don’t like to repeat myself but this month is all about letting go of the old and making space for new people, places and adventures.
By doing this you will be paving the way for a more simple and celebrated life. If you house or office is cluttered, chances are that your mind is also.
You may be thinking about a move and whether you actually make a physical move or not, the universe and the Aries Collective is giving you permission to let go and move on.
This is also a time to focus on your physical health. You may start looking at the way you have been eating and maintaining your health. It may be time to start letting go of some overall unhealthy habits. You will have a lot of support in this and perhaps there may be circumstances that force you into making more healthy choices.
Rebuilding foundations is a running theme in your month. Tearing down the old to build a new foundations may be unavoidable. Choose wisely when building your new foundation. Resist the urge to recreate the same drama or situation as you did in the past.
Your Light Being
Ganish will help clear the path for you and assist you in making wise choices. I would highly advise you to call on Ganish.
Your Animal Guide
A beautiful painted pony has come forth to assist you in your journey to freedom. If you have the opportunity to travel you are being supported in this by this wonderful wise creature.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Opal Aura Quartz will help energize your chakras and pull your mind, body and spirit connection all together to bring clarity and strength.

Taurus… First week of May
You are so in the birthday glow this week! Give yourself some gifts that money can’t buy. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Stay up and watch a movie that you have always wanted to see. Sit in the sun. Sleep late or get up early enough to see the sunrise. Watch the sunset. Take it all in. You are so connected with the earth right now. Anything that you do that is related to planet will be wonderfully satisfying.
Taurus… The Month of May Overview
You are being encouraged to shift your focus from the material to the spiritual. Sometimes you may not always get what you want and the true wisdom here is in knowing that what you want may not be in your best interest at this time.
Be careful of something or someone that is just too good to be true because they probably are just that. Don’t allow yourself to get burned by giving in to wishful thinking and chasing rainbows that actually lead you into something that will not be of your liking. You may be so focused on the brilliance of the colors that you fail to see the cliff that you are about to step off of.
You are being directed to nourish your soul at this time instead of wasting precious time on things that won’t be lasting or fulfilling in the long run. You may need to keep you ego in check as you might look at all of the pretty things that other folks have and start feeling like you need to have that to be seen as successful or happy.
Your Light Being
Hathor will help you find the things that will fulfill you and shift the perception of all things that you desire. She will show you true beauty.
Your Animal Guide
A hawk has come forward to offer assistance with the mundane yet very important day to day issues. Hawk will help you find the things that you truly need, like the best way to drive home or give insight and messages from spirit. Hawk will also send signs of things to be aware of.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Shattuckite will work with you 3rd eye and throat chakra clearing a path to open your psychic abilities.

Gemini… First week of May
I am hearing spirit come forward with a message that speaks softly yet firmly telling you to remember who you are.
You don’t need to make excuses or work harder than everyone else to be loved and valued. I see a vision of a group of Gemini’s holding and hugging each other. Spirit is telling me to tell you to sit down, go into your unconditional love space and send a huge walloping wall of energetic love to all Gemini’s. No one can send love quiet like you do.
Gemini… The Month of May Overview
I see you walking through a path of …stuff. It is a small narrow path and it looks like what could be a hoarder paradise. I am not saying that you are a hoarder, only that the energy that you have been working through seems heavy, thick and constricting. This can be mental, emotional or physical.
As a child of Mercury my best guess would be that this is mostly mental. Do you find yourself thinking out loud about wounds you have received and what you propose to do about the matter? You are sorting things out and that is always good for you. The more clearing you do on the mental field, the more emotional you will be feeling. So be prepared for a good cry now and then.
The good thing is that you know that you are in control of how much clearing you can handle in each session. I see it as chunks of repressed energy coming to the surface to be released. You look at each one as it comes up and decide that it isn’t as scary as you thought it was.
The Collective is saying to expect a healing that will release energy around your heart center. It will also release some endorphins and you may have some feelings of euphoria from time to time.
Your Light Being
I see Michael Archangel at your side assisting and comforting you throughout this month. Call on him often and he will surround you with peace.
Your Animal Guide
I looked at the forest and I saw two little eye peeking out of the dark and an adorable baby grouse stepped forward to volunteer to be your animal guide this month. The grouse is associated with rhythm and learning new skills.  According to Ted Andrews  grouse brings sacred movement through dance and drumming. Allow the rhythm of the universe to carry you and don’t force anything. It shows me a feather slowly floating to the ground.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Zoisite transforms negative energies and will assist you in bringing emotions to the surface. It will also help bring your thoughts back to center.

Cancer… First week of May
Make sure you get enough rest this week. Take special care in the foods that you are eating and make sure that you are including balance in your dietary choices.
Simple changes in your routine can result in feelings of peace. A yoga class or stretching could assist in releasing all those pent up energy that is actually depleting your energy.
Cancer… The Month of May Overview
This is a time to let go judgements and injuries from the past. Sometimes the “My way or the Highway” can become come back and bite you in the butt. Be willing to allow others to have some say so and opinions. If you don’t let go of some of these things you may create the exact opposite of what you were hoping to bring into place.
Eventually you may scare a couple people off who have the potential to be important in your future. This could block your creative flow. Are you willing to put differences aside and realize that some of your decisions are based on your own past experience?
 You may also be tapping into the polluted thoughts of humanity that I see as a thick layer of smog that exists in a huge cloud emanating from the auric field of some individuals.
If the answer is yes then you can expect a beautiful new transformation unlike anything you have had before. If you are willing to release any analytical thinking and observe and listen from your heart you will be surprised by the end of the month. Release the analytical mind and embrace the intuitive divine tempo of the new earth.
Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha has stepped forward to assist you and I see him reaching out to give you a small plant that is little more than a sprout. There are no expectations as he did all of the suffering to bring this wisdom to humanity. You need only ask and accept his help.
Your Animal Guide
A grey wolf has stepped forward to act as your companion and guide. Wolf will teach you to trust your own instincts and not to give your power away by allowing others to dictate how your world and pack shall grow and live in harmony and abundance. Prepare for new ways and directions.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Aquamarine will support you if you are feeling overwhelmed, protect you and aligned your chakras.

Leo… First week of May
You are exactly where you need to be on your path. You are living in your purpose even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Know that you are being guided and that all things are in the hands of the Divine.
Someone may be projecting their issues on to you. Just know that it is not all about you but their own fears and insecurities. Try not to take it personally.
Leo… The Month of May Overview
Don’t let yourself fall into a negative frame of mind as the Universe has plans for you. Wait for signals and signs and then act.
Make sure that you are not becoming a prisoner of your ego. You are feeling a bit fragile this month and instead of trusting the process, you may try to push a few buttons to get what you want. This may be a self-defeating process but insightful.
You really need to be sure that what you think that you want is what you really want. You are in a very creative and powerful consciousness right now and manifestations will come quickly. You may not be able to change your plans once the ball starts rolling.
Just make sure that the dream you are dreaming is actually what you want and not someone else’s definition of happiness or success. Your heart knows the truth.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain has stepped forward to assist you in transmuting any negativity or false promises that have been made. He says that this will make sense to you.
Your Animal Guide
A Meerkat has stepped forward to assist you this month. He is here to remind you that you are a social being and that you can rely on you family or group to help you in getting your needs met.
 He shows me underground tunnels and meeting places and seems to be stressing the importance of your underground family. If you haven’t connected with your group in some time then you are being encouraged to be more social and remember what and who is really important in your soul growth.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Staurolite will help lift any depression and lift addictive tendencies.

Virgo… First week of May
This is one of those weeks when lessons come hard. There is a balance to the universe and you are starting to bring forward issues of the past to be cleared so you can move forward.
Make sure you take time to smell the daisies and give gratitude to the elemental kingdom for the unseen part that they play in your emotional balance. If you do this they say that more help will come to create an awareness and perhaps some “Aha” moments.
Virgo… The Month of May Overview
I see a vision of you lip syncing to your favorite song. It seems to give you power and clarity. Fake it until you make it. Don’t wait to be invited to have a good time. Just live in the moment of joy.
 Make your own party and others will eventually join you…Or not. But you won’t mind as this is a time to gather momentum on your own and build your vibration of joy. Pretty soon your vibration will be sending out a message to the universe that says “The party starts here” with and arrow pointing at you.
You have a new version of yourself and it is time to take it for a test drive. You have let go of past restrictions and you are on a new path to fulfilling a new destiny for yourself. It is almost like a celebration to a new level of adulthood as you have been faced with some of the ghosts that have hindered and inhibited you for some time.
Love yourself and love will come to you. Be willing to take a look at yourself with the eyes of love and gratitude and others will be attracted in many areas of your life. Those of you who are single may attract romance or just have a feeling of romance.
Your Light Being
Madame Blavatsky has stepped forward to assist you in deep studies of modern alchemy and transformation. She will help you transform early life experiences into lessons that allow you to recognize them as training and opportunities for patterns of growth.
Your Animal Guide
A Golden Eagle has come forth to be your power animal this month. Whenever you may be feeling “less than” call on eagle as she will nurture you just as she would one of her young who is just preparing to leave the nest and fly.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Amber will help you ground and heal. It will also work to transmute negative energies of feelings of jealousy from others.

Libra… First week of May
Step back and watch things fall into place this week. You may be feeling a bit tired so it is perfectly natural to call forth your guides and Spiritual liaisons to bring you what you need and pull everything together. I see a vision of a giant puzzle and an unseen being or energy putting all of the pieces in place. Cool!
Libra… The Month of May Overview
Over all it looks like a busy month for you. The first week seems like a time of preparation and tying up loose ends before you can proceed on to the rest of the month’s activities.
This is a good time for finances and you will have opportunities to heal some wounds within yourself and between others.  Take care with words. They may be taken out of context or you may volunteer for something that may be a bit more than you are energetically prepared to give.
Make sure that you have enough vigor to keep up with all that is going on. Take your self-care seriously in matters concerning rest and drinking plenty of water.
There is a great healing taking place within the Libra soul so says the Collective. Pamper you physical body with enough rest and contemplation time to allow the feminine balance of the universe to share some secrets with you.
 Make your body the perfect container for this beautiful healing energy that is given to you. It is not given without merit. You have earned this.
Your Light Being
Gaia or Mother Earth as some call her is stepping forward to assist you in all that you do this month. You might feel her warm loving presence as a glow in and around your body.
Your Animal Guide
A beautiful white dove is stepping before you to assist you in lessons of love and gentle beauty.  She wants you to know that she hopes to be of great help to you. Most people just look at her and go on their way without listening to her sweet song. She hopes you will listen.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Sapphire will bring peace, wisdom and balance.

Scorpio… First week of May
I see a vision of you this week as an architect designing with your mind’s eye how you plan to build on to the foundation that you have already put in place. This is a time of planning and expansion. Ask for help in some of your ideas. Perhaps just to bounce them off of someone else so you can hear it out loud.
Scorpio… The Month of May Overview
You may be feeling a like getting out of the house and breaking the routine to socialize a bit. This is wonderful and will help you shake off any feelings of sadness and self-esteem issues. A change in scenery is what is called for right now.
Things seem to be going your way and your manifesting skills are very strong right now. Your guides are telling me that it is all about letting go of your desires as once you let go of these, it leaves space for them to come forward and takes on a life of their own.
Trust your intuitive gifts and signals. Be willing to share good vibes even if you fear that you might lose recognition or if feelings of envy creep up on you. This is part of your lessons in this life and we commend you for this.
 Shadow work is one of the most difficult paths to volunteer for and yet you did. Digging around in the dark side of human emotions is not for the weak.
Learning to excel and surpass your darker feelings is a difficult task in this physical body but once you have mastered it, you will be on a path of such higher caliber that I can see waves of good fortune and bliss.
Your Light Being
Lord Lanto is coming forward to salute your progress and to help take your power of the word to an even higher place. Call on him.
Your Animal Guide
Wolverine will support travel and help you recognize opportunities.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Snowflake Obsidian will help you recognize ineffective ways of thinking and behaviors that might be getting in your own way so you can correct this.

Sagittarius… First week of May
Lighten up this week and allow yourself to enjoy just being in the present. You tend to be harder on yourself than anyone else could possibly be.
Rest when possible and make plans for something fun this summer. If you find yourself becoming too cranky, know that this is you cue to pull back before you say something that can’t be taken back.
Sagittarius… The Month of May Overview
 Your connection with spirit is strong and deep. The beginning of a new season brings great wisdom and messages from those who have passed on. Look for messages and signs that someone in spirit would like to share with you.
You are being guided and if you take time to listen you will surely succeed in choosing the best possible path. Close your eyes and ask for guidance and it shall be there for you in the right time and place.
This spirit may also want to remind you of the power of your voice and the words that you speak during your-self talk. If you dishonor your body it will respond in kind. You are being guided to use the power of kindness with your entire being.
You might find that it is far easier to be critical of yourself than kind.  Yours thoughts and words are very powerful at this time and you will see an instant example of the relationship of cause and effect.
This also brings up some thoughts and areas of past life associations. Some of these relationships may begin to show some clarity in the past patterns of behaviors and responsibilities. You have the opportunity to change this pattern to see a different outcome.
Your Light Being
 Archangel Jophiel is stepping forward to assist you in finding the most beautiful thoughts and words to say to yourself in bringing forth a transformation within your entire being. Don’t be shy she says. Call on me!
Your Animal Guide
A lovely cat has stepped up to help you in strength and flexibility. Flexibility of spirit and the ability to take giant leaps of faith. They will also hook you up with psychic abilities as well as keeping boundaries to hold the shadows at bay.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Jet will help you balance your emotions and dispel negativity and depression.

Capricorn… First week of May
Prepare yourself for a little time off this summer. You have been running at a pretty good tempo over the past few months and it is time for you to plan a celebration.
You have putting in a lot of effort and this may be a time to detach from some of your activities to spend time in ways that fulfil you in simple everyday terms. Food, fun, friends.
Capricorn… The Month of May Overview
This is a continuation of the message for the first week of May. This is a time of doing everyday things in life. You may feel like nothing extraordinary is happening and it probably isn’t in terms of giant steps that you can see physically. Emotionally and spiritually is a different story.
You may or may not have noticed that sometimes your soul and spirit calls for a bit of routine and rhythm. Just everyday living will help to put you back in touch with your true nature and it makes it easier for you to connect with others as an alliance is built in the commonality of everyday activities.
Sometimes you get off into your own space and even though you are around people, you are not connecting with them on a common energetic or group conscious level.
Help others with the everyday things and allow them to be of service to you. This is in no way connected to business but on a personal level. Give without expecting anything back and receive without feeling as if you owe someone for this.
Your Light Being
Archangel Zadkiel comes forward to assist you at this time in healing your heart and forgiveness for yourself and others.
Your Animal Guide
Prairie dog offer his assistance in supporting you with retreating from the activities that you have been taking part in to renew your spirit and inspiration.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Citrine will cleanse your energy and help you ground It will energize you and your environment.  It is also a stone of abundance.

Aquarius… First week of May
This week is all about communication. You may read or hear something that causes a great reaction that would normally create an instant judgment and a response without giving the issue a complete overview from all sides and viewpoints.
Have you ever thought that some things, not all, but some may be a part of the bigger plan? Maybe try to just sit with this issue for a day or two and see what your internal guidance tells you.
Aquarius… The Month of May Overview
Sometimes things need to fall apart before they can get better. This gives you the opportunity to take a look at the basic foundation and plant new seeds that are more conducive to the climate and environment that you are working with.
Expect shifts and changes in your work and personal life. This will be a positive change in direction and a bit of loosening of the reins on a new project or conception that you have been playing with.
There will be many opportunities for you to take advantage of the positive shift and earning potential when you are ready to let others give some input that could prove to be invaluable.
I see many of you taking a bit of a break but not for long.  Don’t think that this will last because I see a very busy summer.
Your Light Being
I see the pyramids and I see Isis is offering you her undivided attention in this transitioning period in your life. Her energy is pure and pristine. See the perfection of the pyramids and build your new foundation using this intelligence by asking for this wisdom and power in all things.
Your Animal Guide
Out of the desert a large beautiful camel approaches us offering strength and endurance. He is very wise and has given knowledge and support to many though out the ages. His body is a lesson in perfection as he is completely suited for his environment so he and his kind not only survive but thrive in the hot sandy desert.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Scepter quartz is encoded with the ancient wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis. It is a powerful healing stone.

Pisces… First week of May
Keep a close watch on your check book this week. Money can slip through your hands like water if you are not careful. Base you decisions on the present state of your finances and not on what could be in the future.
Some personal issue might seem cloudy and you may be feeling under pressure with a family member or someone close to you. Just let things fall in to place. You can’t be expected to fix the things in other people’s lives if you are running the risk of yours falling apart. A compromise is in order.
Pisces… The Month of May Overview
You may be inspired with some great ideas and plans that you can put forth in the future. Know that timing is everything. These creative and visions and thoughts are in their simplest and most immature stages. Take time to allow all things to fall into place.
If you try to force or manipulate to bring your desires into form right now, the results could be much less than perfect to say the least. Pay attention. If you have to tell a white lie, put it on a credit card or borrow money for something then it might be best to wait until the timing is right.
 The thing that you think you want the most right now may become an anvil around your neck rather than your heart’s desire if you jump in before the timing is right.
The message is to wait to a more optimal time when you have all of your ducks in a row before you act. This is a time for research and gaining wisdom rather than action.
You also may need to journey inward and ask why this is important to you and see what is really happening.
Your Light Being
Michael Archangel has jumped to the front of the line to offer assistance. He says to remember the color blue. I am not sure what that is about but I will leave the details to you.
Your Animal Guide
 A cute little spider monkey has come out of the jungle to offer assistance and love. He is just a baby but wise beyond his years. My good sense he says, came from my mother and ancestors. I only take as much as I need and the forest will always provide what I need. Monkeys are smart and observant. They have great clarity. He will help you in these attributes.
Your stone or Mineral helper

Tourmaline will help transmute lower energies to higher ones. It will put a shield of protection around you.

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