Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Merlin Chronicles August 2014

I took a few months off this year for personal growth and healing. It was an interesting and enlightening period that allowed me to prepare for the new energies that are coming into play on the planet right now and the shifts that are about to follow.

Instead of coping I learned to dig deep into the shadow and come face to face with my authentic self. The person who is unafraid to have an opinion that is not popular or part of the the hive thinking.

My favorite song lately has been "Drive" by Incubus. If you get the opportunity I would recommend listening to the lyrics. I think I will work this song up and sing it at little metaphysical church that I attend.
Nothing helps me breathe in God's love an and clear the old thoughts and ideas out like music.

Blessings and love,

As you know, I don't claim to be an Astrologer.The Master Teachers and Light beings who channel through me have explained that we come in to this Earth plain on 12 waves and have some lessons and commonalities associated with the those born within these time periods. The Light Beings are here to assist and support us all .

Here are The MerlinScopes

MerlinScopes                             August 2014                                                 by  Kay


Take a simple approach in solving an ancient problem. There are many ways to find clarity and more than one solution. However, overanalyzing can get in the way of taking action. You could be making this harder than it really is. Let clarity come from within and release the anxiety that holds your mind hostage.

“Clean up” is essential to moving forward. I see a vision of you trying to push an old cart that has a wooden wheel stuck in a rut in the road. This wagon is weighted down. The contents look like big buckets of sand. You are trying to use your own brute force to push the wagon forward. The horses in front of the cart are refusing to pull such a heavy load. They are indifferent to your plight and steadfast in their position. The best approach may be to leave some of these things on the side of the road. You might recognize that these things you once found valuable, now are nothing more than sand that despite your attempt to hold on, will at some point slip through your fingers and return to the earth.  

Trust is an issue for you right now and you are being tested. Remember that you are in the hands of the Divine and all things that you need will be provided. Let your heart be light and loosen the reins a bit.

Light Being for this Month
Thoth will assist you in finding the most practical and realistic answers. He will assist you in making decisions and keeping you in line with the greater good of the planet and universal energies that are at your beck and call. Call on Thoth!

Animal Guide
Yak will assist you when called upon. Yak is strong, determined and able to weather most storms. This will help you balance your time and energy more effectively. Learn to take one step at a time, keeping your eye on the future but paying attention to your physical body and needs in the present moment.

Stone or mineral helper
Tourmalinated Quartz will help you find balance and stay grounded. This will also help you differentiate your own energy and thoughts from those of others so you can avoid being caught up in other people’s dramas.


Sometimes the mind can be a terrible bully. Unfortunately, society and traditional ways of thinking may support and encourage the bully. Have you been looking in the rearview mirror lately? Are you feeling judgmental about what you have accomplished against the yardstick of your own expectations of where you thought you would be in this phase of your life? Have you fallen short of your goals or expected more results from your hard work and life experience? Are your relationships and reputation in the community as fulfilling as you had expected? Have you been muttering about inconclusive dharma?

On one hand, the whole of society appears to be riding on the back of an out of control horse, consumed with fear, running from a burning barn, and heading straight for the edge of a canyon. On the other hand, you are living proof that there is some cosmic order and purpose to the situation you have put yourself into. There is order and purpose in the collective as well as in the individual soul design.

You are being asked to clear all of these repetitive thoughts and get back to the beginning - your personal soul blueprint. Recognize the repetitive thoughts and center yourself in your heart center. Stop comparing yourself to others. This will allow you to make a new blueprint. Visualize a tree with roots grounded deep into the earth and limbs reaching up and out, inviting the birds, squirrels, bees and children to come and enjoy its true purpose and beauty. Become the tree. When you do, you will naturally attract and allure the assistance of the universe. Things will fall into place as you open to saying yes. You don’t always have to swim upstream to achieve happiness.

Light Being for this Month
Lakshmi will help you recognize and attract your true desires for wealth, happiness and success.

Animal Guide
Beaver will help you unblock the channel to creativity and happiness. Have you been unwilling to put your ego aside and make room for a path to greater possibilities to serve?

Stone or mineral helper
Phantom Quartz will assist you in tuning into your Divine presence and in healing the past.


Relationships come to the forefront this month. Take time to center yourself and look at those around you and listen to the messages coming through your heart.  Withhold your judgment and see how your heart flame reacts to the words and deeds of others. This does not mean that you need to become a doormat for everyone around you. This could be the exact opposite.
The point is, that clarity will be a focal point and almost unavoidable this month. Sometimes ignoring the actions and words of others is easier than dealing with the real issue.  Over time this behavior hardens the heart and blocks the flow and willingness to allow new love and experiences to flow freely. Try not to be over controlling. Let others take the initiative and see how this plays out. There is something that needs to be seen here.

Be generous with your thoughts and spirit this month. Give praise when it is due; even if it may feel a bit threatening to your ego. There is more than enough for all and good thoughts vibrate throughout the universe and come back to you 100 fold.

There will be a soul connection with another that comes into light. It feels, familiar, perhaps karmic. Take your time to listen to your guides and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Others have opinions but your best guidance comes from within.

Light Being for this month
Mother Mary will help you delve into your heart of hearts and deal with the unknown parts of your relationships and sort out your truth. Even if it means a little discomfort, over all it will be well worth it.

Animal Guide
Prairie Dog will help you in recognizing a need for quiet time to rest and re-group. This also gives you the opportunity to look at your life in a more simple and neutral way. This is a time to mirror back all the love you have been giving to yourself.

Stone or mineral helper
Green Aventurine will bring calm and clarity to your life. This will help you in crowds where the energy seems a bit loose and wonky.


A time of stillness is required as you are one third of the way through a journey. I see you slowing down and listening to the call of the Bodhi tree as it offers rest and replenishment to assist you in the next few miles of your trek. Lay down your baggage and relax in the shade of this wise and nourishing tree.

This is a time to take a look back at the wonders and blessings in your life and give recognition to the powerful Being that you have become as well as those who have been your teachers. Your teachers have taught you not only about truth and knowledge but also of failure and folly. They go hand in hand and it is time to separate your attachment to any hard feelings or anger.
 It is also time to let go of some the teachings of knowledge that you have attained in the past. This does not mean to totally disregard them but to make space for new teachings to present themselves through other channels of expression.

Expect to meet a very wise teacher who will impart some wisdom to help you to understand and empower yourself during this period of challenges, changes and opportunities. Keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open.

I see three weeks of quiet contemplation followed by waves of ideas and creative expressions. As universal law dictates these must all be initiated for the greater good of the planet and humanity. You will be able to leave your baggage under the tree and take only the fruits of knowledge and the waters of life with you.

Light Being for this month
Buddha will help you find peace and turn your journey inward to find the answers that you have been searching for. Trust that the change in consciousness that you need to make will reveal itself in its own true time. You will know your next move.

Animal Guide
Call upon Grouse to guide you in your meditation which includes sacred sounds of rhythmic music. Using circles and sacred geometry as a focal point will help you reflect your energy back into the world. This will also offer you the opportunity to fine tune this rhythm and make positive changes in your signature energy.

Stone or mineral helper
Serpentine will light up your chakras and assist you in your spiritual journey to enlightenment.


Social events and relationships of all sorts are spotlighted this month. Happy beginnings and some sad, but necessary endings may be in the realm of your social and work life. This is progression, growth and ascension. It is time to move forward and start anticipating what the next chapter will look like.

 I see a vision of you dangling in the middle of a very steep and rocky cliff, holding on with only one hand. Even with all of the possibilities, you look calm, cool and at ease knowing that there will be another strong and sure ledge to place your hand on as you pull yourself up towards the top of the plateau. You have the courage of the lion and the faith of saints when you need it.
Here is the point – when you are in this position you don’t have the luxury of taking your thoughts and eyes off the next move. There is no point in looking back as this is just wasted time and will not serve you in reaching your goal. Actually this could put you in a melancholy frame of mind and hinder you with your quest. There will be plenty of time for looking back if you choose when you hit the plateau sometime within the next ten months.

This may be an opportunity to re-invent yourself in one way or another. Trust your intuition. If you feel that now is the time to re-write that resume, change your eating habits, or look for new opportunities, follow that wisdom. Use caution in listening to those around you especially those working closely with you. They may be well meaning but your gut tells you that something is a bit off.

The more gratitude and grace you show, the more you shall receive. When possible, share some of what you have to others in need. This includes not only financial generosity but also your time, wisdom and words.

Light Being this Month
Call upon Archangel Michael to release fears especially those you are picking up from others. You are very sensitive to others’ feelings and drama during this period. Take comfort in knowing that he will help you in clearing the path and offering a safe haven.

Animal Guide
Call on the Deer to operate from sweet, pure, unconditional love when assisting others. Using force or manipulation will only result in resistance.

Stone or mineral helper
Moldavite will raise your vibration and create a clear passage to an intimate and profound encounter with your Ascended master and The Divine.


This month relax and try not to worry about what you believe you have to accomplish. Allow yourself to simply attract what you need at the right time. Instead of focusing on details, let yourself float in the sea of creative force.

 In an attempt to manipulate time and accomplish your considerable ‘to do list’, you have a tendency to ignore your body and therefore you don’t hear the messages of stress. Your body is talking to you; please listen!

It is time to go back and try to remember the beginning of your journey in this life when you were in utero floating, swimming, turning and in complete trust that your little world was in perfect order and all of your needs were magically attended to without even knowing how this was done. You can use meditation and dreams to take you there. Peace will bring you back to center.

Try not to take anything personally or allow another’s opinions of you or your belief system to influence your self-esteem. Don’t let someone else’s attitudes diminish your belief in yourself as a valuable being with much to offer. There may be people around you who lack the ability to ‘color outside of the lines’. They may attempt to pass judgment on you. Keep strong boundaries and know there may be a bit of fear and envy. Avoid people and situations that tax you or tap into your energetic field and give nothing back in return. You are very fragile right now in many ways.

Don’t push as this month is the dawn of your solar return and your mind and body have so much to process from the past year. Respect your boundaries and need for rest or you will not have the energy reserves you would like to have in September.

Keep the pictures in your head positive and light. Your thoughts are powerful. Listen to inspiring music and if at all possible, get in the water somewhere.  Feed your soul so that you may feed the souls of the collective.

Light Being this Month
Call on El Morya to enlist protection from negativity and help you center and ground yourself.

Animal Guide
Call on Otter to keep focused and to quiet your overactive mind. Otter will also help you receive and balance the male/female energies in your life. You may be blocking relationships, success or gifts from the Divine. Otter loves to play on land and in the water. You would do well to do the same.

Stone or mineral helper
Howlite will help you quiet your mind and formulate new goals. It will also help you meditate and sleep as lack of sleep has been an issue for you. This will also absorb negativity coming from or directed at you.


Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. The energies have been so intense and a lot of your attention has been focused on other people. Keep your internal balance in check. Check in with yourself often. You may need a bit more time seated in the quiet peace of your soul.

You may have a hunch that someone close to you is not feeling completely up to par and your intuition is correct. Do what you can to help this person or group of souls without giving away too much of your own vital energy. It is kind of like “catch and release.” When the person or group comes into your thoughts, or you find yourself worrying about them, simply see a bubble of light and see yourself filling this with prayers, love, positive intentions, affirmations, and healing. Then let go just like you would let go of a string on a balloon. See the light-filled balloon drifting higher and higher as it attracts other like-minded balloons. This is the Healing Collective my Dear. Know all is well and that you can once again turn your focus inward until you are called upon again.

Try not to think too much. All of your best plans can sometime result in wasted energy as the Divine may have another plan. The best advice here is to focus on your heart for a few minutes every morning before you rise.  Align your will with the will of the Divine and your day will run smoothly. You will find less disappointment born of unrealistic expectations. Your own internal guidance is of the utmost importance right now. Focus on your internal compass in your meditation.

You have the feeling that something big is about to take place and the outcome will be influenced by what you decide and how you evaluate this situation. Major shifts in perception will be involved so try to keep your heart and mind open. This situation has a past life connection and you have the opportunity for a “do over.”

Light Being this Month
Call on Ganesh to move all blocks in your conscious and unconscious mind as well as past life conditioning.

Animal Guide
Call on Raccoon to help you remember that you have helped others in the past and are deserving of asking them to return the favor and assist you when your energy is low. This little fellow will also reveal those whom you can safely share your energy – those people who will appreciate and be able to use your energetic support to wisely.

Stone or mineral helper
Sardonyx will help you make decisions that will be of the highest good for all. It will also revive your energy and offer protection.


Keep your dreams alive but do not allow yourself to be stuck in non-productive fantasies or daydreaming. This is not to say day dreaming isn’t good. On the contrary, day dreams are where the magic happens so make them count! You can expect some magic this month. Do not get caught in contradictions such as wanting unlimited Divine gifts from the Universe but limiting the sources.

Be open to the universal flow and know that timing is perfect. It is time to create your own personal prophesy. Believe that all things can and will be possible if you loosen your grip a bit.
I see you raising the sails on a two masted schooner. The winds are perfect; and the sky is blue and clear. Your ship has a name painted in violet and gold. Her name is Magnifico. She is fast and takes skill and strength to maneuver as you leave port and make your way through the white waters. You catch the Trade Winds and the magic of the winds takes the wheel and steers for you. Know that wherever the winds are taking you, and no matter how rough the sea is, you can let go and allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying the ride. This feeling is a day dream that you should visit often.

This is a great time for contemplation and sensitivity to the guidance of ascended masters, angels, and those who have crossed over who wish to assist you on your journey. Meditate, be at one with nature, and call in your enlightened ones to help in you dream during the day and night time as well.

Light Being this Month
Call on Kuan Yin to assist you in reaching deeper states of consciousness and higher expressions of love.

Animal Guide
Crow will help you recognize the possibilities and assist in changing old patterns and ideals to new and productive thoughts and behaviors.

Stone or mineral helper
Morganite or Pink Beryl encourages positive thoughts and eliminates stress.  It will break through emotional blocks and resistance.


Celebrate the small victories. Focusing on the little details is important right now. It is sometimes more tempting to look at the big picture and skip over the things that no one sees or simply takes for granted. You need to remember and understand that without the small details in place the grand design will fall and crumble or simply fail to launch. The foundation is crucial in all aspects – be it in business, family, sports, or romance.

Partnerships are coming to the forefront this month. You may need to pay more attention to the details of a marriage, friendship or business relationship. You have a lot of equity built into a union and there are subjects that need to be addressed. Is there a good balance in how much you are giving and what you are receiving for all of your efforts? Are you feeling a bit victimized and unappreciated in you efforts? What is your responsibility in this? Are you taking someone else for granted?

It is time to examine these issues as you are on the verge of developing new relationships and emotional bonds. If you are single, this may be a new romantic partner or simply someone who you share a deep emotional bond with. Are you good with what you have now or would you like a better balance and flow? This has a deep karmic past life connection to it.

It is time to ask for what you want and to delegate some of the responsibilities and hard work to others. Just because others refuse to take care of some of the small details doesn’t mean you should let them off the hook. Being liked by others might be coming at the expense of your own physical and mental health.

Light Being this Month
Call on Isis to help you work through the small details. She will also create a comfortable environment in your home and lend you her wisdom in dealings with children or helping those who need your guidance.

Animal Guide
The horse reminds you that you don’t need to rely on only yourself to reach the next destination. Horse is associated with strength, beauty and determination. Horse is here to remind you that it may be time for a little vacation. Even a short distance would help you unravel your nerves.

Stone or mineral helper
Turquoise will help set you free from the past and the ties or ideals that bind you.


There are infinite possibilities for you this month. Put the skip back in your step and prepare yourself for a brand new adventure. I see a huge beautiful wooden door with black cast iron trim and a skeleton key in the door. Something has caused the key to turn and unlock the door. I see you standing with your hand on the doorknob somewhat hesitant to open the door to see what is on the other side. I see you are thinking of a past event and of decisions that have greatly affected the flow of your life circumstances. I see the hand of spirit on your shoulder gently nudging you to open the door and at least have a peek inside.

This has been destined to happen. You have created this fate. This is the door of all creation and you have placed yourself at the threshold. Events leading up to this were guided by your soul so that you may be prepared and have an understanding of what is necessary to lead you through the door.

Take some time to revisit the events of your life that seem related. It has not been the easiest of transitions but as you will find, well worth it if you are willing and open to the concepts of creativity. Let go of old forms of rhetoric and save room for the creations of the universe, and for the Divine to channel through your soul, spirit and physical body.

If you are in need of healing or want to heal, allow the Divine to flow through you. If you want to write, compose, cook, paint, sing or do anything that has to do with creativity, tap into the Divine. Know that we are all connected. The separation that has been taught by so many religions has caused a void in human creativity. You have extra help from Spirit right now so make the best of it!

It is true that with knowledge comes responsibility. Are you ready to take responsibility and see how far you will soar? Remember that you will attract that which vibrates closest to your vibration. You have the power to use or abuse this Universal law.

Light Being this Month
Archangel Michael will give you direction and courage to work through limits and blocks.

Animal Guide
The Dove will help you creatively let go of the past through art, music, writing or any medium you choose. Sing the blues if you must! This will create space for clear new energy and purpose.

Stone or mineral helper
Fluorite will help you clear yourself of other energies and serve as protection.  It will also help with self-examination which will lead to greater growth and awareness.


I see a giant gold contraption. It appears to be a compass used to solve mathematic problems; but in the top of the handle is a large compass that is used for finding your direction. The point is that the two are connected. I see you standing on a shore line on a wooden boardwalk and you are looking at the giant compass which is on the opposite shore. There seems to be a lot of people there and it almost looks like an amusement park. It is too far away to swim to the far shore, but you could get there in a row boat. I see you with two companions. The time it takes to row the boat to the destination gives you time for contemplation.

You are searching for direction and tangible answers to questions you have asked so many times before. The outter world may boast of answers to your quest and may be accurate for some; but your answers must first come from within. It comes in the form of initiative and passion. If you truly have the passion nothing will stop you from reaching your goals and all of the surprising possibilities that you will find upon the way.

A bit of soul searching is in order. Have you been taking advantage of a situation or a person in your life? Are you resting on another’s accomplishments out of fear or low self-esteem? It is time to evaluate your situation and step into the unknown so that you may re-claim your power.  Step out with your authentic and individual creative voice or channel of interpretation. Your rewards will be more than you could ever have imagined.

Perhaps aligning yourself with a couple of other people in the same situation will help you push off the shore. Remember you are all in the same boat. A situation may come to fruition that will push you off of the shore whether you like it or not. You can prepare for it now or wait. The choice is yours.

You may be under a misunderstanding concerning the laws of abundance. There is more than enough for everyone. It is not only for the privileged few. They do however have a knowing that they always have more than enough. You might work on your affirmations and start removing blocks so that your chi can start flowing in a more productive and powerful direction.

Light Being this Month
Call on Gaia to help you understand the laws of supply and demand. Spend some time with her in nature as much as possible. Sit and clear your thoughts as she has much to share with you.

Animal Guide
Rabbit is here to tell you to stop being fearful about the future. Think about all the fears that keep you from moving forward and then consider the consequences if you do not move ahead. Give all of these fears up to the divine.

Stone or mineral helper
Blue green Jade will bring peace and align you with growth, healing and prosperity.


Remember when you were very young? The magic was always there. You could almost touch it. You had time to lie on your back and look at the clouds and stars and simply dream and allow creative images to form in your mind. There is still a little bit of that magic left if you will just allow yourself to receive the gifts of the beauty of the world in which you live.

I see you pushing a huge ball uphill. You have the strength and fortitude to achieve your goal. To reach your destination you need to keep your focus on what you are doing. In doing this, you will achieve a better perspective on your desires and manifesting what you really want. It seems you have fallen out of rhythm with the flow of universal receptivity. You may be focused on acquiring finances or affluence to the point of working unusual hours and days that put you a bit out of sync with your friends and family. You long for a connection of the heart whether it is friendship or something deeper.

Open yourself to all possibilities and be receptive to invitations and opportunities. Be patient and know that you will be back in the flow as the universe hears you and will create the experience that your heart desires.

Reading books that are based on fiction and fantasy will be very helpful to you. Pisces needs balance in order to dream. Dinner with friends and spending time in nature is a perfect way to get in touch with your soul.

Light Being this Month
Call on Melchizedek to show you that you don’t have to work so hard or sacrifice being with those you care for to manifest wealth and re-create situations by clearing your misunderstandings of Universal Law.

Animal Guide
Prairie Dog is here to tell you that you are working too hard and that you need to make time to dream. Rest even if you think that you don’t need it.

Stone or mineral helper

Angelite will help you communicate with the angelic realm. It will help you achieves feelings of peace and know that all is as it should be.

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