Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/18/12           Merlin Chronicles
Hi everyone.
I have really had to go out of my way to make time to write up this channeling. The energy has been thick and heavy although I have had many opportunities to do some of the things I love most. I have gotten to them but it has been a challenge at times.
People and animals I know have left the planet, moved away, moved on or just fallen off the radar. I have been struggling with my own insecurities and had difficulty making decisions and trusting the universe to point me in the right direction.
Don’t know about you but I have been feeling lethargic and growing weary of this Colorado winter weather. I have had physical issues with my left foot which has also slowed me down a bit. I want to get things done but I need to slow down and honor the messages that my body are giving me.
You can find me on most days. I will also be at the Denver Metaphysical Celebration March 16,17,18th

For those of you not familiar with me please read the following before the Channeling.
My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Animal Communicator, Advisor, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

My Guides
To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic appears to me. Sometimes other Masters Teachers and Light Beings wish to speak.

If you were to look at the world right now through a kaleidoscope , this would be what the energies are like right now shifting turning stretching going into different shapes. People are feeling a shift in these energies as you turn the kaleidoscope this action is pulling in energies, beings and energies from other dimensions as we are trying to evaluate and control the energies and the sources that are coming in and keep them in light. We ask that you, every night pray and assist by envisioning these dimensions come in. Please see yourself in light and protect yourself, your families, pets, homes, jobs communities, everything about you. Just claim it to be so and see the light all around you and everything in your life. Claim that only light beings will come through to you. Other types of beings are coming through to the earth plane and working through those who do healings and hold themselves open for the service of the planet. The Co-creators and Light workers.
We ask you to hold space for those healers who are doing this work. Many souls who have been in the darkness for many years are being drawn to some of the Light workers. They are not attracted to those with the intention of attacking or harming but to seek assistance in pulling themselves out into the light. We suggest working on those who are struggling with darkness in groups with experienced strong healers who have no limitations in their faith and abilities.
We are asking for collectiveness among human light workers. No more division or competitiveness among Healers, Teachers, Readers and Channelers.  We would like to see this all come together not as one big organization but as a oneness in heart and spirit.  Each blessing and honoring all groups and sending love, support, peace and light so there will be balance rather than jealousy , envy conflict and judgement of other modalities and belief systems. This type of emotional imbalance actually allows darkness to filter through rather than creating a physical light grid and harmonious flow of energies. This creates division that is like a crack in a crystal or glass. A small dark inclusion. This may not be intended for you and may be just fall out so keep yourself protected.
The energies are running high right now. Governmental changes in the political parties of many countries will be honoring the frequency of peace. Peace creates conflict in many countries.
 In the USA a political party lacks strategy and unity. The interest among these seems to be more personal and individually divided. They are very conflicted and attracting even more confusion.  Most  were raised in a competitive environment and taught that winning is achieved by the process of  conquer and divide. This thought appears to be creating an undesired effect as their party is attacking itself. Like a snake eating its own tail. 
Many who have been taught this ideology are now receiving unconscious as well as conscious messages of uniting and this is causing great discomfort for them. There will be some who will be effected physically and have illnesses and issues that there will be no reason or cure. Although usually nor fatal they will be painful disruptive. Look for more influential individuals will just choose to leave the planet.
We would advise those who feel as if they are stuck to start letting go of addictive practices. This can be addictions to food, chemicals, behaviors, alcohol, relationship almost anything. These behaviors keep running in circles like a rodent on a wheel . Not getting anywhere but just wearing you down. We are willing to help them with these issues. Just say a prayer or have an inner dialogue without any intentions of expectations attached to the outcome. Just surrender and ask for assistance. It only takes 1 second. By letting go of these addictive practices you create a space for new energy and flexibility that will allow you to finally move forward.
Planetary issues
Mars retrograde. Many are trying to move forward right now and clear away things. Many opportunities are being presented and there is difficulty and struggle in moving on these plans. This is a time to practice, visualization and research. Your emotional, mental and spiritual energies are being developed and this is a time to work with these muscles. These new energies and ideas are in their infancy and need to mature to be effective in moving forward after Mars goes into forward motion again.
This is a good time to learn or to teach classes of the basics of spirituality such as learning how to ground, protect and how to connect with your guides with and energies in a safe and healthy connection. Most in the metaphysical community have been quite comfortable in the past few years with knowing that the universe and guides are ever present. Just as god parents care for their young. We take care and love you.
You are now being asked to put your manifestation skills in place and to project a safe space for you in your mental, physical and spiritual body as well as in your home and family. You have been in preparation to be the co-creator and now is the time to step into this truth.
Right now is a very difficult and heavy time. You feel the gravity don’t you? There was a weightlessness in body and spirit over the past few years. This was created by the shift of consciousness and cosmic awareness of a better world. Now this gravity is pulling many situations and energies into your personal space. It is all part of the law of attraction you know. Some good, some not so good. It is for you to evaluate them. These could be things that are darker shadow energies and some that don’t even belong to you. They are from other dimensions, past lives that are coming forward and towards you. This is a time of clarifying these energies. These souls that are coming back into your life for clearing and sometimes letting go. This will allow you to heal and let your light shine.
There will be forces to be reckoned with and this will be a time to step out and be very strong. This is why this planetary retrograde is seemingly making things difficult. This is a time to take advantage and work within the planetary energies. Would you turn your sails into the wind or tactfully work through and know that when the time is right you will be able to soar with the wind at your back?
Use this time to strengthen your brain, your faith, your connection with planetary creations. Leave open space for new energies and activations within your crown chakra and third eye. Remember to start out your day with one affirmation that you wish to set the tone for your day. At the end of the day think about that affirmation and how your day was effected by this. Write this down.
 Days are quickly turning into weeks and months. What you learned 2 hours ago has already past and is forgotten so that you don’t see what has been gained.
Every day consciously say “I accept my gifts and ask the universe, where I shall shine my light today?” Your children are watching you and learning from your most subtle thoughts and actions. Be strong in your voice and beliefs. Believe in yourself as you walk in the light so shall they. Even if their path may seem dark and lost in your eyes. Let them take the light that shines through you with them into these dark places.
Jesus would like to speak
We would like for you to spend one second a day sending love to the entire planet. Send it in a beautiful red color of vitality and of Christ energy. All masters have different powers and abilities yet we are of one. Mine is of teaching lessons from everyday life kindness and love.
 I teach others to recognize these gifts and to slow their lives down rather than mindlessly going through their days bringing only thoughts of lack, powerlessness and lost love. I would rather you divert your attention to a story of one wonderful interaction or inspirational moment in your final thought for the day.
 As a teacher of the Christ consciousness I would ask that you write down or consciously think about one story to take with you into the sub conscious dream state. Let this be what your dreams are made of and build your consciousness on. This is a very effective integrative teaching tool. This will determine how you act and react to present and future situations.
Dec 21, 2012 there will be a huge shift of monumental proportion. The color will be gold that day. All life will turn and take notice. I see the doe in the field looking up from searching for the tender green sweet grass to witness this energy shift. The relationship with animals will again change at that point.
Everything will change. May I say this is not a day to fear. This is a day of change. The day of Bliss.  The day of Golden. All groups should gather together. Especially small groups to bathe and shower in the golden energy. These are energies that will connect with the DNA and the points within the human body that are the same acupuncture points in the body. This would look like the sun shining and focusing its rays on each of these points.
If at all possible we recommend acupuncture treatments in preparation to assist in a natural acceptance of this energy. It is a day of celebration, music, meditation and connecting with those you resonate with.

Please prepare for meditation with 3 cleansing breaths
·         Ground yourself to mother earth. Expand a tube from your sacral chakra and connecting to the center of the Earth.
·         Release all of your fears and energies that may be yours and those who belong to others which you have taken on. Energies from your loved ones, ancestors, past grieving that you thought were long forgotten. Let this be cleansed and re-created.
·         Focus on your heart energy now. See the doors of your heart. There is a huge double door. Grab the handles with 2 hands and open the doors and walk through into the crystalline Palace.
·         See shades of reds, blues and green as you walk in and you will see a raised stage with a podium. There is a pure white light Being their waiting for you.
·         The Being is wearing a robe and the hood is pulled up so not to reveal a face at this time.  As this Being sees you approach the hood is pulled back in full view of a smiling face. Like a reflection in a mirror the love bounces back and forth from your heart to the Beings heart.
·         Your hearts are beating as one. Filling your spirit,  body and blood with a knowing, beauty and vitality. Like a spiritual transfusion.
·         This Being is looking at a book and has a finger pointed to a passage. The first word is written in bold print and pertains to you.
·         The Being looks at you and you look at the word in the book. You may or may not be able to read and understand the word right now.
·         The being has one hand touching the word in the book and reaches down to hold your hand with the other. This word is being given to you fully in this process. Through your cells, chakras up your spine and into your brain and memory, your head shooting out of your crown chakra and third eye and projecting strongly through you throat and sinuses. Singing through you.
·         Now the Being takes the hand that was touching the word in the book and places it over the top of your hand encasing it light completing the process and initiation.
·         Now letting go the wisdom Being puts both hands together in position. Then soothes out your aura. You turn and the room is pure white and looks much like ice. There are red rose peddles everywhere. Joy is all about the room as you see a many of Master Teachers of all orders and beliefs.
·         Walk towards the double door of your heart and as you turn to look at them put your hands in Namaste position and leave.
·         Come back through your heart. Feel the tingle. Stay here until you are ready to come back to the room.
·         Feel your feet as part of mother earth. Slowly start focusing on the individual parts of your body. Take one last breath and come back to your body.

We thank and honor you for anchoring light and love in this body and the planet.

I am curious. If you are comfortable with sharing the word that you got with me please do. You can find me on Face book or by email.

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