Saturday, September 26, 2015

Merlin Chronicles Eclipse Special

Merlin Scopes…  Week of the Full Lunar Eclipse Energies
Sept 2015    by Kay

What a strange trip it has been! I have been so far behind and I am just now able to start catching up. I didn’t get my scopes out last week due to crazy busy energies and wonderful things in life.

I also have to trust that I was guided to use my energy appropriately and not to spread myself too thin to prepare for the eclipse channelings. 

 I have been getting information from so many masters this week. I just completed the Eclipse Special Channeling that I am sending to you now. The energies are running high and we could all use a bit of grounding. My heart chakra is expanding and palpitating. When I focus on my heart center all I can feel is love. In a channeling at the church today we worked as a group to ground these energies.

Please stay in the present and aware of your physical world as I have seen several auto accidents this week.

I started a channeling class on www.12Academy and I am loving it. I am able to invite folks from just about everywhere to the channelings of the Ascended Masters and Light beings. I will be doing this every Wednesday night 6 PM Pacific time.

 You don’t even have to be there. As long as you are registered for the class and I have your 12 name your message will come through. I will send you a recording.

 If you are interested this is the

I will still be doing my channeling at First Spiritual Science Church the last Saturday of the month.

Thanks and enjoy your week-end

Aries… Week of September 27, 2015…   The Eclipse Energies
 I see you basking in the light and dark of the eclipse. So much will be revealed to you in the next few months. You may feel like the choices that you have made in the past few months were based on luck as I see you wiping the sweat from your brow. Know that you are being guided and trust. As long as your ego is out of the way all will be well.

Keep your integrity in tact by doing a deep internal inventory about what truth means to you before judging or confronting another.

Your truth may not be in line with someone else’s experience. Try to be flexible and gentle or you may defeat your purpose.

Taurus… Week of September 27, 2015…   The Eclipse Energies
 Your energies are fertile and promise as you sit under the power of the eclipse. There are so many things that you wish to experience in life. The elemental kingdom agrees with this.

The eclipse reminds you to put your attention on your body and remember the get out of your head. Do whatever you need to do to ground.

 This may be yoga, sex, wonderful food, working in the dirt or anything that helps you focus on the here and now.

Gemini… Week of September 27, 2015…   The Eclipse Energies
 The energy of the eclipse is shining brightly upon you and you may have a challenge sleeping.

Ruled by Mercury, it only makes sense that this would be a time to re-evaluate the things that are not bringing you closer to your true divine self. If you have medical concerns know that you will be guided to the correct remedies, doctors and help that you need.

You may have been working on manifesting something or someone and as soon as it gets close to you something within your fear based experiences repels the completion of this goal. It is like a lovely dance that goes nowhere. Bring your awareness of this to the energy of the eclipse and offer it up for solution.

This is a strong message to make some changes in your life. You are strong and capable of making great strides in shifting energies.

Don’t fall back into old patterns. If what you are doing brings up hurt feelings that strike a chord with your ego then it might be better to sit with it until you come to a place where you can be neutral, no matter what the outcome.

Cancer… Week of September 27, 2015… The Eclipse Energies
I see you sitting under the eclipse keeping yourself busy and avoiding the emotional transformation of the sweet music brought forth under the light and dark of the moon.

 It is sometimes easier to protect yourself by surrounding yourself with a circle with folks who you never get close to. In fact you set up situations where you become the counselor, the teacher or supervisor so you can have an excuse for appropriate boundaries.

This has worked well for you in the past but the new energies may crack your code and leave you feeling a bit vulnerable.

 No one can get away from that huge full moon and the shifts that are happening within the consciousness of the planet. I see great peace and harmony lives within your well protected heart. Share the love.

Leo… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
I see a vision of you in a dream state walking into a beautiful city of crystal palaces and roads. It is so beautiful and the clarity is amazing.

This eclipse seems to bring you a higher level of clarity in your life. Not only in your personal world but in all areas of your life. Your gifts of spirit will be heightened and undeniable. Your confidence in your abilities at grounded and you are in the groove.

No one will be able to pull the wool over your eyes unless you allow them to. My sympathies to the child, spouse or co-worker who tries.

Virgo… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
 The energies of the eclipse are all encompassing and I see your aura and heart chakra becoming as one with it.

You are finally starting to catch up. I see an old record player and a vinyl record turning around and around. The music was moving along just fine and then a hand bumped the unit and the arm that holds the needle skipped over to a different part of the song. 

The music seemed to jump up 2 ½ octaves.
Although this is a bit of a jump, you know in your heart that you are in stride with whatever comes your way.

 Sometimes something or someone needs to give you a little push to help you reach your full potential. The hand of spirit is at work here and will assist you if you only ask.

Libra… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
  I see you sitting in meditation under the eclipse asking to reveal what you have to offer and surrendering you the powers of the Divine.

Great healing and in yours for the asking. All you need to do is to accept and allow.

This does not mean allowing others to make choices for you. This means listening to the wisdom that you have within. I see a huge awakening in your heart.

Lifelong learning may be a passion and admirable but the energies of the eclipse are asking you to step into your role as a Master and come to the conclusions that combine common sense with spirituality.

 Spiritual proof is the word that I am hearing. That may mean one thing to you and something else to another. Know your truth.

Scorpio… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
The eclipse energies may have you feeling exhausted and you may need to take more naps. This is how your body and mind recharges and re-boots.
Let yourself believe in something bigger then yourself. 

Some things have happened in your life that bring you to doubt that power and presence of “All That Is.”  Once again, you have the opportunity to trust the presence within and embrace the truth of life.

 Yes there is life and death but there is so much more in between that you can experience. Choose a life of immortal experience. This lives on long after the physical has crumbled and fallen away.

What will your legacy be? What could you possible leave on this planet after you chose to depart? I know that you can think of something. This is a time of gifts and opportunities. Ask for yours. I see you sleeping with a crystal under your pillow. This crystal holds truths that have been on this planet for longer than you can imagine.  See what it has left behind. Amazing, right? Ask the crystal to help.

Sagittarius… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
You are the gypsy of the zodiac. Ever wanting to move and experience life on every level possible.

Some of you may be torn between responsibility and your wandering nature. This may cause feelings of anger, neglect and create the attitude of a martyr.
This eclipse gives you the opportunity to bring peace to your nature and therefore, bring inner peace to your mind and spirit.

  Know that you will become the catalyst for change. Meditate on this and see what the next few months reveal.

Capricorn… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
Give yourself plenty of room for explanations. This eclipse will bring many things to the surface and you may not like the fact that you might need to take some responsibility for a situation of an imbalance in a relationship.

I am being shown a vision of you under the eclipse being downloaded with information and the gift of prophesy. The gift of this knowing may be for the world or perhaps your own personal life.

The gift in prophesy is that is given as an opportunity for change. Nothing is solid or destined. There is room for change. That’s the best news ever!

Aquarius… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
You seem to be right at home in this extraordinary energy. Your gift is of creativity and celebration of the wonderful expressions life.

Normally you would be organizing a rally or some sort of political cause but this eclipse is giving you a hall pass to explore the world as it is in the eyes of all that is. The light and the shadow and see the reasons and balance of all.

I see a vision of you holding a snow globe and seeing a movie of your life and the lives of those around you. Especially those who are no longer in your life.
It is ok to grieve when you do so for the right reasons. This is not to make sense of anything in particular. It is to heal yourself and just “be” in the human experience. 

Don’t worry about making others feel uncomfortable with this as you will work through this and let it go.

Pisces… Week of September 27, 2015…  The Eclipse Energies
Energies are churning and turning around you. You shine with a particular glow and sense of knowing.

I see a vision of you sitting under the eclipse offering up all that you are unable to change or understand. You can see many answers but the solutions still seem out of reach and drift past your life. It is almost as if you could reach out and touch them.

Spirit is telling you that these solutions are real but they may not be the solutions for you.  Acceptance and gratitude for being who you are right now is the path that will bring you to your destination where the answers will be clear and perfect.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes by Kay for Sept 14,2015

 Hi There,
I know I am a bit late and I am so sorry.
I just had a busy intense week-end at the Celebration fair in Denver from Sept 11 to 13th. I also had a birthday on the 14th so I am a bit off this week.
I don't know about you but my energy is so low. I have been exhausted and playing catch-up

I am also doing my first Channeling Class on www.12 Academy tonight.
I am a bit nervous about the technical stuff but I will be doing some of the same channeling that I have done in person. I am also planning on going more in-depth on teaching channeling as the classes go on. I will be teaching every other Wed at 6PM Pacific.

Well, wish me luck and have a great day

Here are the Scopes for the week !

Merlin Scopes…  Week of September 14th, 2015    by Kay

Aries… Week of September 14, 2015 
Walk softly in dealings with others this week. Be kind and gentle with yourself also.
Complete projects that you have had in the works for a while and you will have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the week.
 Make sure that you finish these using integrity and don’t try to rush anything. This will also leave room for new ideas and bring some clarity to your life.

Taurus… Week of September 14, 2015 
This feels like a happy week for you especially in dealing with people and activities around the house.  The energy of the changing season may be pleasing and bring new hope. You may be interested in changes in color ideas in clothes, design, art and perhaps paint if you are remodeling.  

Gemini… Week of September 14, 2015
Things are starting to move forward for you in a much faster pace than before. There are those who will be asking your advice on issues that may surprise you. Odd as it may seem, you will have the answers.

Make sure you have time to enjoy your friends. Especially the ones who are the most fun. Sometimes there are blurred lines between boundaries in business and social which is perfectly acceptable as long as you keep a fair balance.

Cancer… Week of September 14, 2015
Your energy may be feeling a bit low. Take the needs of your body seriously and don’t push too hard.

Keep yourself in your protective light bubble to repel any malicious energies. The may not even be directed towards you but you might pick them up just the same. You are very empathic right now.

Leo… Week of September 14, 2015
Don’t worry or focus on the worst case senario. All is well in your heart and soul and know that when one door closes another opens. Seriously, it may be time to let yourself get out of the revolving door and dare to see what may be waiting for you ahead.

Virgo… Week of September 14, 2015
Wild and wonky energies are floating around right now. You might run in to some interesting characters that your need to help in terms of tempering their energy a bit. You may need a bit more rest as the season changes and feel a bit spacy and forgetful so try to make lists!

 Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Mercury seems to be turning you every which way but loose. Sometimes you need to be shaken out of your tree.
Libra… Week of September 14, 2015
The sweet smell of pumpkin and the colors of autumn leaves are in the air and you may feel a little bit of a desire to slow down just a bit.

Give yourself enough time to finish up the summer projects before moving forward to the next. I see some new activities heading into the next month that may be of great interest for you. Choose carefully.

Scorpio… Week of September 14, 2015
Take some time to relax. The energies of the week-end as well as the mercury retrograde may have you feeling just a bit off balance so be sure to ask for help when needed.

That includes help with any heavy lifting. Your chakras are wide open and intuition is running high so it only make sense to protect your spine.

Sagittarius… Week of September 14, 2015
It may not feel like it but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may seem like this is a never ending process and in some ways this is correct.

 The truth is that when you have gone the distance in one phase you get to celebrate moving on to the next. Hang tough and hold your course. There will be opportunities in the near future.

Capricorn… Week of September 14, 2015
I see a vision of you pulling in all extensions of your energy and who you are back to your own aura and physical body.

 It is as if you are calling back all of the energy that you have sent out to others. Good, bad, neutral and the entire spectrum of emotions that can be experienced in the human existence.

I see these energies in beautiful color and becoming consistent and organized in perfection.
Focus on this in your meditations and see where it leads you.

Aquarius… Week of September 14, 2015
You have worked through a lot of issues through the past few weeks and I see a sigh of relief. Let yourself be healed and made whole in every way by your own indoctrination.

Your powerful words and beliefs can shift any paradox that exists within you. Just do it through your insight and will.

Pisces… Week of September 14, 2015
Keep your mind busy right now and don’t take someone else’s thoughtless actions to heart. Some people are so deeply injured themselves and suffer such low self-image that they act without thinking about how they affect others.

 Don’t take this on personally or shut down because you opened your heart Just see this as a lesson and always allow your intuition mixed with a bit of common sense to be your guide.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Melin Chronicles by Kay Weekof Sept. 7, 2015

Merlin Chronicles  by Kay       …..Week of September 7th, 2015

I am so happy to say that this week has come to an end. It hasn’t been totally bad but I had a lot of issues with computers and phone. All of my phones and computers!

Lucky for me that my sister lives in the same house and she knows a little bit about technical issue. Still, even with that I lost at least 2 full days and missed a couple of my clients in dealing with this.

Well, next week I am looking forward to the Celebration fair at The Denver Merchandise Mart. It is always fun and I get to hang out with like-minded people.

I have realized that more often than not that I have re-created my life to surround myself with people who make me smile and offer great diversity and freedom in so many ways.

My prayer for you this week is that you are able to create the same joy in your life.

Blessings and enjoy the MerlinScopes!

Channeled message from Merlin
The world has come undone some may say. It is the belief that everyone must believe and live as religions dictate.
Take for instance the consciousness of the Middle East. Having never been allowed the freedom to think or explore other cultures with an open mind and heart they cannot see beyond their own limitations of fear in thought.
Some of the Christian religions and those who are supposed to be more civilized also operate on the premise that a person or group will be punished if they don’t follow the path of faith that is written in their book.

This brings the question of faith. How can a person be living in faith if they are dictated in their hearts by fear? Fear and faith cannot be in the same place at the same time.

Know in your heart that the world is shifting and turning in consciousness even though it may not seem to be so.In your meditations, prayers and sending conscious efforts to heal the world is assisting in ways that span far beyond what humanity can imagine. Don't stop or give up.

 You can read and study a religious or self-help book in groups or on your own which is just another way of spending time and gathering knowledge. The proof of the effectiveness is shown in the deliverance of the theory behind this.

When will humanity start walking the talk of real faith, peace, acceptance and love? It can start with you right here and right now! Read the book within your heart and hear the song of the soul.


Merlin Scopes…  Week of September 7th, 2015    by Kay

Aries… Week of September 7, 2015 
Take steps to reinforce your connection to your higher self, your God within. Keep your heart open and your mind on Universal principles of love. If you want more love than this means that you must give more love.

Stay in the present as much as possible when dealing with relationships and social interactions. Try to remember that you are not dealing with past behaviors and focus on the issue that is before you right now. Use your intuition and not try not to get caught up in emotional remnants from the past.

Taurus… Week of September 7, 2015 
You have put a great deal of energy forth in manifesting a better life for yourself and those who depend on you. I see a vision of you coming to the end of the road and thinking what now? This is sort of a holding pattern and a time to review and rest a bit.

Adjustments can be made to anything that you started over the past 3 weeks. You might be anxious but you may have no choice but to wait and let the Universe run its course.

Find a place to sit and review your life. This would be a great time to take up a hobby that can help you create something lovely. Painting, drawing anything that gets your energy in the grove.

Gemini… Week of September 7, 2015 
This seems like a short week and time flies by quickly. You have lots of irons in the fire and activities and ideas that just won’t wait. Record these gems of inspiration even if you only have time to write down a sentence or paragraph for later use.

These are truly coming from higher vibrations than ever before. As I look at these waves of inspiration they look like musical notes that are vibrating colors training down and penetrating your aura. You can make them into anything you want in your spiritual and emotional field. Perhaps even in the material world. Play with this energy and learn how to use it.

Cancer… Week of September 7, 2015 
Don’t get too caught up in “Could have or should have.” The most important thing to remember is the journey and what you inspired to achieve in the beginning. Your purpose is still intact and ready to continue.

 Difficult choices are never easy and rarely come without some regrets. Let yourself believe in a better life and you will begin to see the brilliance in your world.

You might just allow yourself to let someone off the hook. This is sometimes easier and things will get resolved when you are feeling stronger in your convictions if need be. Chances are, the issue will work itself out with no actions on you part.

Leo… Week of September 7, 2015 
You might be experiencing a bit of “Happy Feet.” Sometimes you just might feel the need to change something or start a new path but you don’t know exactly what you want. You do however, crave a change! Try to spend some time in meditation or just in some activity that repetitive yet mindful. Perhaps cleaning, walking or some sort of craft. This will help you organize your feelings a bit better.

I see a vision of woman sitting in a circle sewing and talking with other women.  I also see a group of men working on a car or other activities and not talking just doing. Men and women do process things a bit differently sometimes. It might be something taught culturally or carried down from generation to generation.

 Perhaps the best thing to do is nothing at this point. Maybe talking or just being with those friends who don’t work with you or who are not invested in your personal issues can allow a safe place to work some of these things out.
Somethings do need to change and you are ready to make a move but something needs to be addressed before you can move ahead. Know that you are being supported by the angelic ones.

Virgo… Week of September 7, 2015 
Things will be moving forward this week even if you don’t feel ready. Try to keep yourself grounded and present in all things that you are doing. You may seem to be scattered and multi-taking is bit of a challenge right now.
Pay attention to the details and the things you take for granted like appliances, vehicles and communication.

 Anything you place your attention on right now will manifest in many ways so be careful what you are saying in terms of self-talk. Nothing will be taken lightly. This can go in either direction so choose well.

Overall, this is a very good time for you to express your gifts from spirit and any talents that you have developed in life. Stay positive and fearless.

Libra… Week of September 7, 2015 
You are usually pretty sure footed but this week you may feel a little bit smaller and the road may feel slippery. This is only an illusion. Perhaps there is someone who seems to be bigger than life because of some gift or talent they have.

Remember that someone else feels the same way about you and know that there are all colors to the spectrum of beauty and we all glow in our own grace.

Scorpio… Week of September 7, 2015 
I am being told by the Divine that you are canceling out some of your karma this week. This is the stuff that you held in for a long time. You have finally come to realized that this is not your stuff to hold on to.

 These are only reactions to things that were done to you and how you protected yourself in the only means that you knew how. I see you shrugging it off and feeling as if 50 pounds has been taken off of your shoulders. This is happy news for you an all who care for you. Congratulations!

Sagittarius… Week of September 7, 2015 
You are getting the opportunity to experience the Spiritual laws of Abundance this week. This may come to you in different ways.

The most important thing to learn from this is in looking deep within your own character and seeing the beliefs and attitudes which feed the consciousness of abundance or lack in your life. The good news is that you can change these things if you aren’t getting what you want.

Capricorn… Week of September 7, 2015 
I see some very strong subjects in your path this week. You may be thinking about your path and destiny very seriously this week. Sometimes you may feel as if you are not making a difference in the world but nothing could be any farther from the truth.

Know that there is a balance to all things and sometimes we are a bit out of balance and start seeing the world through the eyes of what others consider a fulfilling purpose.

You have gifts and talents and you don’t need to have or be the best if it is intruding on someone else’s happiness. This includes your own.
Make all of your choices of the highest and search for personal meaning and what makes your soul and spirit overflow with gratitude.

Aquarius… Week of September 7, 2015 
You may need to shut down for a bit to gather your thoughts and unravel some of the emotional issues that have come close to the surface. You may be feeling excessively sensitive to the issues of the world and need to retreat and go on a media diet.

Don’t be surprised if you have some past life experiences come to the surface. This can also include thoughts or visits from those in spirit who are working on behalf of the world consciousness regarding these issues.

Pisces… Week of September 7, 2015 
Now that you have cleared some space and your energy has calmed a bit you can start looking forward to new projects and plans.

Always look to your heart for guidance and instruction and you will see the best way to proceed. It may be difficult sometimes but you are being asked to see the highest and best in everyone this week. Know that you are always protected. I see Michael sword and shield as well as a beautiful blue light surrounding you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Merlin Chronicles for Sept 1 2015

Hi  Everyone,

So sorry for the delay in the Blog, I spent a large portion of my day dealing with Microsoft Tech Support. I am happy to say the issue is resolved.

 I had a channeling meet up at FSSC and the people who attended and the energy was amazing. Everyone received downloads during the meditations and we experienced and expansion in consciousness that I have never reached before. That big full moon was huge in every way!

The next channeling will be Sept 26th  at First Spiritual Science Church if you are in the Denver area. If you are not, I will be offering a channeling class in www.12Academy on Wednesdays starting Sept 16th. If you want the classes but can’t attend some times I will be able to send you the recording. This includes your own personal channeled message.

 I will send more details soon. The classes will be limited to 5 to 7 people and I believe the first class is already capped.
This will be a continuing format somewhat like the meetups so no worries if you miss. You can always contact me on Facebook or through the website.

Merlin's message for Sept 1 2015

Many people ask me how to channel. I asked this question of Merlin. The answer is in channeling your own meditation. This is the instructions that he gave me to share with you.

Take 3 long cleansing breaths. Take your time and perhaps breath in, hold and release each to the count of 12.

This will keep your house in order. Your house is your physical body which holds the secrets and answers to all of the questions that you may have and even some that you haven’t thought of asking.

Let yourself go into a deep state of relaxation through your breath work and visualization. Whatever part of your body that resists this relaxation is where you should put your attention. Breathe light into the area and release any anxiety or issues in each area of your body.

Now start your meditation. Just start channeling your own meditation. You can do whatever your higher consciousness instructs. You may say it out loud if you like. The key is to have an open mind and no set expectations.

I hope that this assists you in aligning yourself with your masters, guides and Light being partners.

Here are the MelinScopes for the month and first week of September 2015

Merlin Scopes        September   2015    by Kay

Aries… First week of September 2015
Help shows up when you need it most. Let yourself be humbled by the Universe as it gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it.
This is a good time to share your softer side with a loved one.

Aries… The Month of September Overview
The Lords of Karma are offering you an opportunity to bring your energy to a higher level. This may feel like one of those déjà vu moments when you feel like you have been in this moment before.

You have been here before, but at a different level of wisdom which will affect the choices you make. In the past you may have made choices based on old fears in situations when you felt as if someone threw you under the bus.

Look inwardly and see if current answers or choices are based in old fear patterns. If the answer is ‘yes’ then you may need to look a bit deeper before making your choice. If you do the same things over and over you will get the same results.

Know that you are guided, protected and loved.

Your Light Being
Saint Jude is stepping forth to assist you in all of your needs. Call on him and you will not be disappointed.

Your Animal Guide
Squirrel is showing himself and offering to help you get prepared. It may seem like he is spending his days playing and teasing other critters; but he is well prepared for the winter months.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Gold Calcite will help you with meditation and assist you to pull your thoughts back to the higher realms.

 Taurus… First week of September 2015
Work on what needs the most attention right now. You may be tempted to spread yourself a bit thin. Stay focused.

Taurus… The Month of September Overview
Your heart is an open book right now. Don’t dwell on the past. There is nothing to be gained by it. Keep your mind on the things that you can change now and realize that all things in the past had their purpose and are a part of what brought you to the place you are right now.

This is a great time for romance. If you don’t currently have a partner, it is a good time to start looking or entertain your imagination with romantic novels and movies. You might find yourself fanaticizing about sweet encounters and stories of love. If you are a writer or composer, this is the perfect time to put pen to paper and express it in an artistic way

Your Light Being
Venus of course! She wants to remind you of the inspiration that love brings into your life. She is your Muse.

Your Animal Guide
I see a beautiful Red Tail hawk bringing messages from near and far that require your attention.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Sardonyx will support you in partnerships and marriage.

Gemini… First week of September 2015
Give yourself a pat on the back for not falling into bad habits. You went through a releasing process and it is so much easier to pull yourself back to center.

Reward yourself with something relaxing and healthy. Things are about to get busy so enjoy the time that you have right now.

Gemini… The Month of September Overview
I see you looking through old pictures and projects that you were very excited about in the past. This is a prelude to new beginnings.  You have the opportunity to once again be inspired and simply be in love with life.

Don’t be critical of yourself by expecting everything you do to be perfect. This is a time to gain some knowledge and perhaps do some research about a project you are interested in. Don’t make any excuses to chuck the whole thing because some things aren’t to your liking.  This is part of the creative process.

Your Light Being
Michaelangelo has stepped forward to offer encouragement and lift the veil of doubt and illusion for you. Call on him by thinking of him. Perhaps look at some of his art.

Your Animal Guide
I see a beautiful Owl with a huge wingspan flying in to aid you in finding things that are hidden. Especially things hidden in the shadows.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Herkimer Diamond will clear blockages in your abilities and heal and attune your mind and body to the vibration of the planet. It will also protect you.

Cancer… First week of September 2015
You will start to see your finances taking a turn in a positive direction. This may be subtle; but you can feel the shift in your bones.

Cancer… The Month of September Overview
I see a sigh of relief and you will be a tad more relaxed. Share some time with a good friend who you trust. I’m referring to someone who is not invested in any business or financial decisions, someone who is just there for you.

If you can’t find that person, then it may be time to do some serious soul searching and ask yourself if you are cultivating relationships that are healthy and lasting.

Towards the middle of the month, I see a renewal of your energy as if a dense fog that held your life force down has lifted. This may make you feel a bit more social and I hear the word ‘gratitude’ as a running theme for the month.

Your Light Being
I hear the Beatles singing “Let it Be.” Try to spend some time thinking about the harmonies this group shared. There is a message in the chemistry they formed when each one added their own brilliance. I know this sounds a bit weird when it comes to Light Beings but I see George Harrison and John Lennon are on call for you.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Turkey Vulture flies onto a low hanging branch and offers wisdom in relationship to releasing the old in preparation for ushering in the new. This is working in all parts of your life including your physical body. It seems to be especially prominent in your relationship with the Divine. You are clearing away things that pull your attention away from your higher self.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Purple Fluorite is great for meditation and it seems to have a calming effect in your emotional field.

Leo… First week of September 2015
It seems like you will be feeling like your own true self and more comfortable with your body than you have in a long time. You truly are your own best companion right now; and it feels good. Stay centered and grounded in your own wisdom when others are voicing their views.

Leo… The Month of September Overview
Make sure you are awake and present when dealing with others. There may be someone who is waiting for you to make a small error or say something that could be used to discredit you professionally or in your personal life.

This may be because you have been tooting your horn a bit lately. Your victories are warranted and you deserve a bit of applause. You are emerging from a period where you felt as if you were on shaky ground and had fear of not being accepted as you are. Don’t allow someone else’s low self-esteem push you back into the shadows.

I see a lot of re-organizing and making your home cozy. When you are complete in this process, share your space with a party or get together with family and friends.

Your Light Being
Michael Archangel with his sword and shield is stepping forth to protect and guide you to the right people and destinations. All you need to do is simply invite him into your life

Your Animal Guide
I see a little Fox peeking out from behind a bush. She will help you navigate and find treasures in unlikely places. She will also help you in the art of camouflage whenever it would be to you advantage to blend in and watch what is going on without being seen. Hidden in plain sight.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Diamond is tried and true. It never loses its ability to shield you from negative energy and never needs to be recharged.

Virgo… First week of September 2015
Changing your attitude about work is a great way to start the month. Let go and relax a bit; projects will flow better and you will be able to have more fun with your co-workers. This will also help you to be more creative.

Virgo… The Month of September Overview
Try to be more spontaneous and relax. When you are all tied up in knots, it is hard to be courageous and expand your energies by trying new things. Have faith there is magic in the air and there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

This is not the time to focus your thoughts on the little things as they will fall into place if your heart stays true to the higher goals of what you know to be divine truth.

Do turn some of your attention to your physical body. This is your birthday month so health concerns might surface in true Virgo fashion. Diet and exercise are important and you know you must have a healthy body to accomplish the things you aspire to achieve
Your Light Being
Archangel Chamuel is stepping forward to offer compassion and to support you in your safety and in matters of love. Know that love is all around you; and if you connect with Chamuel this will become clear.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Giraffe has appeared as she reaches for the tender leaves growing in the highest places of the trees. She will help support you in accessing higher knowledge, wisdom and food for thought. She also is telling you not to limit yourself or accept less. Don’t sell yourself short. Take calculated risks and challenge yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Alexanderite will expand your creativity and is a powerful manifesting stone.
Libra… First week of September 2015
Your natural gifts for balance and fairness will come in handy this week. There may be a situation that calls for the velvet hammer. You always know how to set boundaries without completely breaking someone’s spirit.

Libra… The Month of September Overview
You are highly in tune with the oneness of the universe and the guidance of the Light Beings as well as those in spirit who are coming closer to Earth to offer their assistance and also to learn from us.

It is a reciprocal arrangement we have with the Light Beings and distant travelers of consciousness. They learn as much from us as we do from them.
We of Earth sometimes get the notion that we are so small in the whole scheme of things and that we have little to offer. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Even master teachers become students in our dealing with life. That is why they are so exceptional. They are always learning.

Make sure you are open and receptive to first-hand information coming through in dreams, synchronicities, songs and whispers. Trust your own intuitive process.

This is also a time of great healing which may be a bit uncomfortable. Know that you might feel a bit of physical or emotional discomfort as you release the old energies; but this will pass.

Your Light Being
The Ladies of the Pleaides are close in consciousness and they are orchestrating some shifts in the karmic ebb and flow of our plane. They ask you to be open to being a channel for information that you know nothing about. This may surprise you. They see you as a perfect match to assist in this process.

Your Animal Guide
A Rooster is stepping up to assist you. He is there to remind you that you are always protected and in a circle of the Christ Consciousness or what some may call The Holy Spirit. Seeds are being planted and you can assist or resist. As always, the choice is yours.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Chrysoberyl will support new beginnings self-worth and confidence in who you are.

 Scorpio… First week of September 2015
Ease up a bit this week and allow yourself to release some of the tense energy you have been carrying in your shoulders and solar plexus. Some time in the sun, if at all possible, will be beneficial.

Scorpio… The Month of September Overview
This is a month of completion and shifting to new ways of doing things. Change isn’t your favorite thing but you do know it is inevitable. How you deal with change and perceive it, will foretell how the changes will go for you when the dust settles.

You might be saying goodbye to someone or something and you know intellectually it may be a bit overdue. Sometimes in our hearts we may be praying for a change and when it in comes to fruition, it feels like an assault to our ego or leaves us feeling a bit empty.

Realize it will mean that you have the wonderful opportunity for starting over and the opportunity to learn new things will appear. Remain humble and approachable because this can be the way to something or someone bigger and better.

Your Light Being
Saint Thomas Aquinas has told me he is available to support and guide the way to a new understanding of the spiritual and universal laws that will help you slip right into the pocket of the Creator.

Your Animal Guide
A big Crow comes forth to present mystical remedies as well as basic songs of the earth. He is being carried on the arm of a Native American Warrior on a beautiful painted pony. The songs are found in rhythmic drumming or sounds of nature that are repetitive and signal changes of the seasons.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Herkimer Diamond will clear your energy so it will be easier to make steps forward.It will also strengthen your gifts from spirit.

Sagittarius… First week of September 2015
Magical interventions and opportunities are in the air this week. Would you object to having a new complication or challenge if it also means more money and clout?

There is always your private life to consider. Don’t sit back and watch the adventures others are having while you feel like you are putting 115% of your life force into your work or other projects. Balance is important.

Sagittarius… The Month of September Overview
This is a great time to have some fun and socialize, if you can manage to pull it off. I see a vision of you rolling dice and I keep hearing that song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

Carve out a bit of time and select your companions based on how much fun they are for a night or a week-end. This will allow a break in your conscious mind which seems to be all about business or other serious activities.

Make time for meditation and focus deeply within your heart where the Divine lives within all of us. There is a place within that has a wonderful garden and a bench where you can sit and ask for and receive guidance. I think yours might need a bit of dusting off.

Your Light Being
I see Chief Geronimo gliding in from spirit to offer help in aligning your soul, spirit, physical, and emotional body with the Divine. I actually see him making an adjustment in your spine to create a clear pathway. He’s so cool!

Your Animal Guide
Hawk is your spirit messenger this month. He turns to show me his red tail and to tell you that the color red is important for you this month. It is your job to wear the color or do research to find out why this is important.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Agates will help you realign your body and clean up your aura.
Capricorn… First week of September 2015
This week seems to feel a bit like a daydream. This is not always a bad thing. If you take time to bring the creative energies in deliberately through meditation, this will make the process easier. I see a creative overflow. Enjoy the process and put it to work at a later date.

Capricorn… The Month of September Overview
I see some interesting energies moving about your ankles and feet as your body seems to be searching for a channel to ground the energy you have been calling in. Make an effort to get a reflexology session or some physical process that moves energy and releases toxins. Putting your feet up when you are relaxing is always a good idea too.

I see a little bit of disappointment you may feel as if you have been deceived or led astray. In all actuality it is just the way things are. Sometimes people change their minds; or circumstances shift. As long as you keep your integrity, you know that all things will fall into place and be as they should be. You might need to clear the air.

Your Light Being
Jesus has stepped forward. I see him in the night, with stars shinning behind him. He has a shepherd’s hook and seems to be herding a couple sheep in a direction that is a bit away from rest. I don’t know his purpose in this, but perhaps you will.

Your Animal Guide
A Dragon has flown in with a huge wing span and colors of red, blue and gold. He says he will assist you to bring forth new energies of the heart and to shift energies that remain into wisdom and purification of intention and purpose. This Dragon is powerful and took me by surprise. He looked at me tapping one claw and told me I wasn’t typing fast enough!  

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Merlinite holds the wisdom and knowledge of past life Akashic records accessed in shamanic journeys and magical rituals. Because this amazing Dragon came forward and he has guided you to Merlinite, I think I would already be on my way to the gem shop to find one, if I were you.

Aquarius… First week of September 2015
 It might be a good idea to stay close to home this week. Your energy seems a bit compromised and you may need to respect not only what your body is telling you, but also what your spirit is telling you.

Aquarius… The Month of September Overview
What is being relayed by the message for the first week of September seems to be the theme of the month, at least in part.  

You may be feeling a bit of exhaustion. This is just an emptying process that needs to be completed before new energies can come in.

Be aware this is a natural and normal process of growth and you can expect not only renewed energies of the spirit, but some improved higher vibrational gifts that you can share with others if you choose to do so.

This is definitely a process of re-birthing your version of who you are and how you want to share your energy with the world.

Your Light Being
Master Metatron came in with a huge presence to assist in pulling you out of the past in every way, and moving you into the future, as surely as he would move a piece on a chess board. This depends on if you are ready to become a part of the higher vibrations. The choice is always yours of course.

Your Animal Guide
I see a bull stepping forward to move any obstacles out of the way of your progress and prosperity.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Moonstone is a stone of new challenges and opportunities. It calms emotional turbulence and increases psychic awareness.
Pisces… First week of September 2015
Mild irritations will work their way out in their own time; but that doesn’t make it any easier when you are waiting for a clear path. Breathe deep and know it is only a matter of time. Try not to lose your temper in your frustrations. Everyone is just doing the best they can right now.

Pisces… The Month of September Overview
It might be challenging to accomplish all of your goals in this time frame. Realize you have wonderful ideas and I see the creative forces are in your favor right now.

Know that timing is everything and I feel that a much bigger manager is running the show and writing the chapters in an order you may not have intended.

The advice I am getting for you is to let it ride and flow with it, rather than trying to walk upstream.

Know that all is taken care of and you only need to put one foot ahead of the other to bring the spiritual abundance into the material plane. As long as you are in integrity, you will be given more than you expected.

Your Light Being
Moses is stepping forward to remind you to walk in faith. Be ready to receive what is yours. For instance, if you are asking for money, then buy a wallet or somewhere to put it.

He will help you find the things in your life that will help you manifest your desires. But remember the spiritual laws of the universe suggest it must be for the good of all.

Your Animal Guide
 A big Brown Bear stepped forth when I asked who would volunteer to be your animal guide at this time. Bear will help you ask for what you want and look through all possible places to find it. He is unstoppable.

Your Stone or Mineral helper

Rhyolite will help support change; but it will not force anything to happen. It will also help you deal with being patient and calm.

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