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Merlin Chronicles Summer 2011

Merlin Chronicles 7/20/11   Channeling

 Greetings Light Workers!

I haven’t done any channeled writing in quite some time. I wasn’t sure if I ever would again. But here I am. I felt a strong need to connect yesterday and so glad that I did. The new energy was a bit overwhelming. In fact I stayed up until 2:00 AM writing songs and poetry, changing my website and business cards. I spent a good part of my day today writing and channeling. Please bear with me as I get my sea legs back and am in the writing groove again.

It seems my Guides Daniel and Luvic are busy with other things and a new rather large group of beings is now connecting and working through me.  There are 17 in this new group of Masters and Teachers. I was guided to change my website and business cards to a beautiful new color.

I don’t know about you but I have certainly been on an emotional rollercoaster since the eclipses this summer. My Virgo nature finds this new feature uncomfortable to say the least. I am doing my best to surrender completely to this new shift as I know it can only be for my highest good.

Ok I’ll keep saying it over and over.  ” This is for my highest good?” until the ( ????) becomes a (!!!!!) and eventually integrates and this becomes a simple matter of fact statement of truth. Or until  the wheels fall off    :D

Well… Here we go!

Channeling 7/20/2011

It is a delightful day on the Planet Earth today! We are pleased to be here today. There are many of us in attendance.

There is an enormous amount of light coming through the planet right now which is bringing the sorrow, regret, pain, and fears out from under the shadow into the light to be addressed. This is all of the healing process. Sometimes a scab is formed to allow the skin underneath to heal without intrusion before the fresh new skin can be seen again. This has been the case for many Light workers for some time.

Although it may seem as if things are falling apart, this is not of truth. Energies are shifting and changing. We ourselves are quite pleased with this clearing of mass consciousness.

You are clearing the conscious particles of evolutionary DNA. Re-stranding the part of the Light that was missing. Without this clearing this process would have been aborted. On one level or another you have all requested this re-alignment of subtle energy.

Many of you have been experiencing hot flashes of the physical instrument that could be expressed as a re-creation of the hot molten lava that formed Mount Kilimanjaro. Well, in reality the same principle is being used to re-create your physical, emotional and spiritual molecular essence and structure. The work of The Crystalline Counsel!

 Yes it truly is perfection when the “Father Principle” (Spirit) can work in perfect unison with “The Mother” (Earth) with all of her power and glory.

So in this present state of consciousness we say, “Think of yourself as Mount Kilimanjaro.” Releasing pent up energy and melting away the present molecular structure of ignorance and obstructed physical energy. Allowing the hidden parts of you structure to light that has never been witnessed before.

Another picture would be of a body of water with oil floating at the top waiting to be skimmed off. The spectacular life forms are still living below the surface and waiting to engage in the chemical process created by the Sun.

Question:  Who are we speaking with right now?

Answer: Saint Germain who I could see standing with many other beings He told me as I started writing this, “I am Saint Germaine and the Crystalline Counsel of 17 Masters and Teachers of subtle energies relating to movement and vertical shifts.”  I question the number and heard. “Yes, I said 17.”

This has been a long process awaiting communication as this vessel (My Body and belief system) needed to be cleared and emotional truths needed to be transmuted and processed before this Master could use this medium as a channel for communication.


All is of vanity so to speak. Not in terms that some humans would call vanity. We will call this human individuality. Pride in one’s self.  This cannot me categorized as good or bad in our perception of the term. You know this is an important and part of the human experience.

We spoke of the clearing process that many are in alignment with right now. Some are not. It is a choice. One can allow the clearing, embracing it fully and allowing the ego to make an alliance with humility. Learn from embarrassing emotional outbursts, uncharacteristic behaviors, exposing one’s most vulnerable weaknesses and feelings. Bring them out in the open and into the light for discussion and release.

You can also choose to continue to keep these emotionally charged experiences buried deep within your subconscious running interference with your capacity for greater light, love and growth. These emotions will continue to lay stagnant and seemingly dormant on the surface. As will you. We would liken it to putting a bottle cap on your Mount Kilimanjaro experience.

 You are not off the hook. Whatever the choice may be, the situations and opportunities to grow and clear will be occurring more often with increasing frequency. Some of them are coming through dreams. Expect the unexpected! Your own Reality Show. Cameo appearances and surprise guest stars may be willing accomplices in your own personal episode of Karmic Clearing Universal Productions. Sponsored by… Your own Higher True Self who answers your prayers.

 In our intent to create Divine Peace we aligned with your wishes and orchestrate  situations to re-enforce the light with-in you which will make a larger opening within your heart and other chakras that more Divine light may come through you. This will attach you closer to the grid. You will be more evenly focused on the new coming of what will be. The new love and guidance that will be communicating through your hearts.

We commend you for tapping into the individual higher consciousness groups. There are many groups that can be accessed at any day and time. Whenever you chose to meditate there is also a group somewhere in the world who is also in meditation with the intention of accessing higher consciousness and love. Set your intention on joining these beings in these groups focusing on love and healing themselves and the planet. When your intention is of love, only love will be allowed to attach to your energy. Only Light can come through.

Music is still and will always be important. It is perfectly OK to listen to sad songs that help you reach the depths of your heart and soul if you use this to bring the pain and sorrow to light and clear and release it. This is most helpful for those who have buried their sadness deeply within their bodies. Some so deeply that they are hidden in their bones, organs and fat cells. Music can assist in the healing process in these cases.

In answering the question about “Whose thoughts are these anyway?”

We say that a lot of collective healing is taking place on a massive level. Those who are of empathic nature, psychically graced or under the influence should be aware and take these thoughts with a grain of salt. If it doesn’t feel like it’s yours, it probably isn’t. Some of the groups who have in the past thrived on anger are beginning to release these opinions but do not know about laws of spiritual alchemy in transmuting energy so we ask that you as Light worker take on this tasks as you have been trained to do.

Kay was watching all of the drama and anger in people who are outraged and feel like justice has not been served in the Casey Anthony trial. Even though the trial is over people are trying to find her, to chase her and play out their anger and hate. We do not judge this but only ask you to ask yourself” What part of me is Casey Anthony?” Those most angered by her behavior are the ones who need to look more closely at these issues within themselves. Hate just like any creation will always return to its maker.

The Media phone tapping exposed.

The exposure of the media’s phone taping to create news stories is also exposure of the darkness which now being brought to the light. The people who have been harmed by these practices are public figures but are in need of the same privacy that ordinary people are allowed. This has a vibration that is similar to rape on a different level but a violation of privacy.

 It would be better and more meaningful if their personal stories were brought to light by their own wiliness to share and to be in service to others living in the shadows of their own sufferings. To assist the collective.

Question: Would you expand on any of the Kehak energy of Crimson circle.

I ( Kay) doesn’t follow Crimson Circle or any other channelers. I used to go to The Mark group which I loved but I haven’t attended for some time. In all honesty I don’t take much time to read. I know I really should but I have enough difficulty in sitting still to write this.

Someone I know told me that I have been a Human Doing instead of a Human Being. I’d say that is an accurate observation.

Answer:  Particles of light bursting into flames. The color of the Sun. They are small portals of energy in different places. We visualize this as a shopping mall. There are all of the major retail stores surrounding the inner walk ways, stairs and smaller shops that for this purpose we will call them kiosks. These Kiosks provide service for people with special needs not provided by the larger stores. Say, if you wanted a watch battery you would have to visit one of the little stores in the same mall but not affiliated with any of them.  These services are held in the fold of the larger stores who provide easy access and referrals to the smaller shops.

For lack of better words we say that the larger all-encompassing stores surrounds and grounds the parameter of the small units. Each unit is unique in its information, knowledge and wisdom. You would go to this unit or that one depending on which flavor of light you are seeking.

I hope this made sense to her and some of you. In chatting with her after the channeling she said that the question was meant to address the various channeling groups. There are many groups in the world and all have their purpose and particular audience.

Love and Blessings,


Have a blessed, fun and beautiful Summer!

Love and Blessings,


Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

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