Thursday, May 3, 2018

Merlin Chronicles by Kay May 2018

May 2018  Merlin Chronicles and Scopes  by Kay

It has been a crazy busy month! I am running behind, and I apologize for that. We have been dealing with some remodeling and lots of issues around the home. I find myself loving and hating this process. Hopefully, things will settle down in July. Until then I will suck it up and work through it all.

I have some surprising changes in my channeling as it seems that dragons are coming through and want to add their energy to the shifts in our expansion of consciousness. I never wanted to channel dragons and have only seen a couple who partnered as guides and teachers to a few individuals. It just seems to synchronistic because my last name is Dragon. It seems so… Hogwarts, but then again I am channeling Ascended Masters and Merlin, so I guess I need to embrace this new energy.

Speaking of synchronicities, I have had many this month. We all need to be a bit more aware of what we are creating. Pay attention because we have reached a higher vibration. I think all of you who meditate and work on expanding your consciousness know what I am talking about.

I will do a live channeling at First Spiritual Science Church May 26th, 2018, but I think that I will take the summer off and perhaps pick that up again in the fall. My Teleconferences have been working better for as far as people being able to attend, and in the future, I may eliminate the live channeled groups and perhaps go to Facebook live classes.

You might be interested in the teleconference on 12academy on Monday, May 28th 6 pm, Pacific, 7 pm mountain.

Here is the link to register. It is only $29

Enjoy the Merlin the Melin Scopes!


The Merlin Scopes by Kay May 2018

Aries Overview for May 2018
May is a good time to stay busy working on practical things. Clean up, prepare, and plan for future projects. It may seem like you have to work at organizing your thoughts. That’s ok, just pull your mind back to the present so you can stay focused on the work you are doing. 

There seems to be a tendency to daydream or get caught up in the “could have” or “should have” thoughts from the past. These are only the shadows of the ego and not the wisdom of your higher self.
Perhaps you need to allow these feelings to come forward to be able to resolve or find peace in your heart and your busy mind. You get to pick and choose which thoughts serve you and which ones you let go.
You may want to check yourself; listen to your inner dialog and evaluate it from a place of non-involvement and unattachment. Almost as if you are listening to someone else. You might find it easier to release any feelings of resentment or sorrow and see the beauty in the workings of your Divine Soul.

Your Light Being
I know this is going to sound weird, but there is a group of Ascended Masters putting forth Saint Nicholas who was famous for gift giving to the poor and needy. He also is known as the rescuer of children, and I am sure that you know that he is known as Santa Clause. You may consider helping someone in the spirit of giving.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Pelican in flight has offered to assist you in forgiveness and freedom from emotional baggage.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sheet Quartz will help you access Akashic records to help you clear any residue from past lives that are affecting you now.

Taurus Overview for May 2018
Life changing events could be in the offerings this month. Pay close attention to signs and omens; they are revealed to help you recognize and avoid repeating past actions and patterns that have not supported you.

Look for a moment of clarity in the eye of a hurricane. There is a quiet, a calm in the eye. Use this to your advantage and keep your mind centered by being the observer rather than getting pulled into the middle of it all. Be conscious, as there are those who might want to pull you into the emotional mix.

Stick with the things that you know right now. I get the feeling you are overwhelmed. Wait for new information to arrive. You will know the truth when presented with facts. Don’t second guess or accept anything other than the truth. Wishful thinking or hunches need to be backed up by facts.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Lady Nada is stepping forward to help fill the space that has been created by holding space for others. She is here to bring healing, unconditional love, and peace into your heart.

Your Animal Guide
A Lamb has stepped forward to assist you this month in making sacrifices in your own life for the greater good of others. You will be fulfilled in the long run. Trust and have faith.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Tourmaline will ground you and transmute energy to a higher vibration.

 Gemini Overview for May 2018
Trust your intuition. Talking things out and asking others for opinions can be useful, but always remain true to your connection with the Divine. Look at a problem or situation from all the different sides, but don’t allow your original intuitive message to become diluted by other people’s experiences or biased opinions.

I see you trying to look into the future or reference answers from your past. Ask your angels and your Higher Self for a clean slate. I see a vision of you in front of a big green chalkboard with an eraser. It is time to find a new frame of reference. Start by dealing with the present situation. If you need to seal up a crumbling foundation; start there and build upon it one step and one day at a time.

Instead of facing a problem head-on; it might be more compassionate for you or someone else to go around it. I am not saying avoid it; but why swim through sharks when you can glide across the water in a boat.

Your Light Being
The Lady of The Lake is offering Excalibur to you. It is a blade of truth. You can accept this blade if you are ready to deal with absolute truth and resist the temptation to fall back into illusion or fantasy.

Your Animal Guide
A white Pelican is available to help you free yourself from self-doubt and guilt. Forgive yourself and others to improve your vibration. He also wants you to change anything that may be affecting your health. Call on Pelican if you are struggling with any unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dendritic Agate will calm your environment and attract abundance.

Cancer Overview for May 2018
Your will has always been strong, and this has helped you plow your way through adversity. Eventually, you achieve your goal in whatever area you wish to manifest.

Now is not the time for this kind of strength. The power that is needed is of a passive nature. Release any two-fisted hold you may have on situations that have been taking up a lot of space in your mind.

Erase and re-frame the thoughts and pictures in your mind. It is almost impossible to create lasting change in your life when you support negative thoughts.

You have an opportunity to pull back the calloused protective layers and allow healing to take place on deeper levels so you can live productively and love freely. Give yourself this gift.

Your Light Being
Lord Buddha is offering his love and intellectual wisdom of what peace truly feels like in your life on a deeply personal level. Peace is not just a word. It is a willingness to recognize and live in the light of your highest good. Surrender and relax into the Divine. Trust the Universe to catch you if you fall.

Your Animal Guide
Gopher will help you take responsibility for your growth, and this means pulling back the layers and making deep evaluations and changes to assist you in moving forward.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Calcite will clean negative energy and dissipate stagnant energy.

 Leo Overview for May 2018
Focus on the positive and let go of any illusions about others living up to your high standards. Digging your heels in is not a good approach in healthy relationships. Be willing to reach an agreement that can feel like a victory for everyone concerned. It is all about negotiating this month.

A change in your approach will help take the sting out of bad news or telling someone they are irritating you. Always put yourself in the other person’s position and imagine what they are feeling. Someone may have rubbed you the wrong way or hurt you. Take some time to explore your reaction. Is it affecting your assessment of your self-worth? There seems to be a huge lesson connected to this situation.

Be conscious of not passing that feeling on to someone else. Move slowly and delay any response or opinion you might have that could set up an uncomfortable situation. How you choose to handle confrontations will define your character. Keep your cool and live to win on another day.
Opportunities arise and should be explored. Be sure you are coming from your passion and not only from financial desires.

Your Light Being
I see a vision of the Immaculate Heart of Mary relating to the sorrows, joys, and love for humanity. She is available to assist you in healing all areas of your heart and will help you learn to heal through service.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful white Dove has come forward to offer peace, love, and healing. Honor your spirituality and let your words and actions come from intentions of love.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Lace Agate will bring peace and healing to your throat chakra.

Virgo Overview for May 2018
There are possibilities for new partnerships and collaborations in May. Make sure you remain open and willing to alter your plans. It seems like something different may be in the offering in areas of friendships and business opportunities that may have a lasting effect on your lifestyle. Watch for the open-hearted people who have a similar vibration to yours.

You may get some unusual messages or information that could potentially set you back, but always remember when these things happen it could be your Higher Self or Spirit correcting the path of your journey. I feel a new phase of awareness and see a vision of a road that is breaking off to the left. My assessment is this could mean liberation.

It should be easier to make a commitment or enter into an agreement at this time. Ask for clarity and most important, purpose, in any action that requires contractual or verbal agreement.

You might need a vacation or just something to make you feel loved and good about yourself. Find ways to balance what you are giving out and what you are receiving. Are you eating unhealthy foods or partaking in unhealthy activities to make up for the support you feel you are lacking?

Look at the people you have aligned yourself with and make some clear boundaries as far as how much of your energy they are allowed to get from you. If you find yourself thinking about them often and their real or imagined behaviors, then you are giving your energy away. Stop it!

Those of you who are single and looking may find romantic opportunities.
I also see the element of lightning around you. A Quickening is coming in some area of your life. Be prepared!

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha is here to support and give you understanding from the depth of his wisdom.

Your Animal Guide
A resourceful Raccoon has come forward to let you know you have everything you need to achieve what it is you aspire to do. He will also make you aware of anyone who may try to deceive you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hematite will help ground you and repels negativity.

Libra Overview for May 2018
Keep in mind everything you do should come from your highest good. Sometimes you forget how powerful your words are. People are listening and taking what you say to heart. Be conscious and mindful of what and how you address others in the world. I see a vision of you with an amplifier in front of your mouth, and every word you utter is carried through powerful sound waves stretching far and wide.

You can use this as a tool of healing power or a weapon. Being mindful and asking your higher self, angels, and guides to inspire and assist you with this gift will bring you a supportive awareness and you can avoid any regrets later.
Leave room for activities that bring you joy and fill your spirit. It is kind of like leaving room for dessert. Whether it is a walk in the park, gardening or having lunch on the patio with a friend, treat yourself. You may also notice there is a nature theme in this message. Outside activities are good for body and soul.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is here to support and help you release any confusion you may be dealing with in your life. She is here to lift the fog.

Your Animal Guide
Ground Hog is here to help you adjust to a higher rate of vibrating in the world. It seems you have been given the gift of a higher state of being.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cinnabar will help you attract prosperity and align with abundance.

 Scorpio Overview for May 2018
Picky, picky! You seem a little Virgoish this month and seem to be focusing on the little things. The small details or imperfections might be a source of annoyance. You might have lots of activity on the home front. Perhaps cleaning, purging or remodeling. Pay close attention to all of the details when hiring or working with others in all areas of life. Your attention to details will pay off.

The full moon in Scorpio may have left you a little thin-skinned or perhaps more aware of psychic impressions in a way you haven’t experienced them before. Be aware of new information coming from unlikely sources.

You may also be receiving messages from those who have passed on into spirit. It is a natural part of your unfoldment. Make time to rest and allow yourself to receive the support your body, mind, and spirit require during this period. Welcome naps and times to do absolutely nothing related to work so you can be open and receptive.

You may feel like a character in a movie dealing with the dark and the light. Take one thing at a time; give yourself some space to digest the new information you are receiving.

It appears as if you had your beliefs and experiences put into nice little boxes and were comfortable with it. The only problem is we can only stay comfortable for a certain amount of time before something blows the lid off of the boxes and we have the opportunity to grow again.
Your Light Being
Merlin is working with you this month. I see him examining an ancient stone, and he seems to be communicating with it. Bear in mind crystals hold many memories of the past and also, in your case, information about your future. Ask him for help with this process.

Your Animal Guide
A Camel has stepped forward and tells me he is available to help you by carrying you through this process. He will see you through the long haul.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Okenite will clear the path on your journey and help you understand the karmic explanation for your journey in this incarnation.

Sagittarius Overview for May 2018
You empathic nature is on high alert this month. It is not healthy to think that you have to be everything to everyone. Give yourself a break and perhaps even a good cry before you make some decisions concerning what you will and will not do for others.

You are aware you put yourself in the position of saying yes to everything and then sometimes end up feeling a bit resentful and judgemental, not to mention exhausted.

Take a couple of steps back and see the situation from an emotionally unattached view. You have nothing to prove, and the only person you need to compete with is yourself; be a little kinder to your competition.
If you are chasing financial gain, you might want to ease up a bit. Sometimes it is like chasing a dog who got out of the yard. If you stand still for a moment or even start walking away, it will start chasing you.

Assuming you know what others are thinking is not an effective way to create healthy relationships and can also be somewhat unfair or disrespectful to others. Slow down and think before you speak.

Might I suggest, this could be a wonderful time to read or re-read The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. You might even just look up some of his quotes if you don’t have time to read the book.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is available to ground and help you recognize the important virtues in life, your blessed connection with God, love, family, friends and the Earth. Make time for them and set your priorities based on the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Your Animal Guide
Giraffe will help you see the larger picture.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aquamarine will give support when you are feeling overwhelmed.

 Capricorn Overview for May 2018
Pay attention to your words and expectations; how we use them can become our greatest gifts or our most powerful nemesis. Take care and check yourself often. Take an inventory of the attitudes and words you are using concerning yourself and others.

Realize everyone is doing the best they can; you included. Raise your vibration in whatever way works best for you. Music, nature, exercise, being with animals, friends, or movies are just some of the things you can tap into in touching base with the best version of yourself.

You may be attracting people who seem to feel like you are someone they can tell all of their troubles to. It is possible you can’t avoid all of them, so do what you can to respectfully listen.

Don’t get emotionally on board or give your energy to someone else's problems until you know all of the facts. You might end up expending a lot of your energy on an issue that is not yours to fix, and this will only frustrate you. Don’t take on someone else’s karma.

You might be considering a move or simply making some changes in your home. The universe supports you in making changes, and this will help you stay on track and inspire you as you plan, organize, and create new space in your environment.

Your Light Being
Michael Archangel is available to help you make some of the tough choices you may have this month. He is also adding an extra layer of protection as you may be distracted or unable to see through others’ intentions.

Your Animal Guide
Rats are resourceful, intelligent and organized. Your helper this month says he will help you in clearing clutter from your life. He also encourages you to be more diligent in recognizing how you are using your resources.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone is intuitive and will enhance your psychic abilities.

 Aquarius Overview for May 2018
Many of you have already mastered your trade, skill or talent. There might be some supportive information that could increase your knowledge. You don’t need to be the Director of a college or the Master of a Mystery School to be able to impart your wisdom to others.

Many of you are great teachers, and at this time you are being asked to be students. Part of being a good teacher is in being a good student. A good student knows how to receive information with an open mind and heart.
Allow yourself to experience the joy and wonder of learning something new and amazing that you can share with others. You are part of a group the Universe has carefully chosen to expand your wings and deepen the depth of your knowledge. I see a vision much like Dorothy’s journey in Oz; ruby slippers and all!

Your opportunity may not jump out in front of you. You might need to ask the universe for assistance in manifesting opportunities for your greatest good. In doing this, always take a moment to recognize and give thanks for all of the wonderful gifts you have already received. Grace and gratitude will go a long way in building a new bridge to higher wisdom.

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Light is here to walk with you and send light into any dark areas that might be hiding untapped wisdom. You are ready for this journey now.

Your Animal Guide
A Barn Owl has come forth to offer protection and to watch over you in the darkest of times when you may be distracted or simply too tired to watch out for yourself. She also comes with great wisdom and a feeling of a Motherly appreciation and caring for you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hematite for protection and grounding.

 Pisces   Overview for May 2018
You have been working on creating a plan of action to manifest the things you desire. The Divine hears your intentions and wants to help support you in your creation. Make sure what you are asking for is in your highest good and in the highest good for all of those who will be affected by this goal.

You also need to be willing to let go of your plans and allow the Divine to take care of the details. You might be in a position of being asked or forced to give up some things in your life to create a better way of living for yourself and in some cases, others that you care for deeply. You may be asking for an intervention. When you do this, you must release your ideal situation and allow the universe its course of action.

Change can be difficult and paralyzing. Sometimes we need the Universe to give us a swift kick to move us into action that comes from necessity. If such a thing happens, be willing to embrace it and recognize there is a higher power who is directing these challenges. Remember the prayer “ God let my will be thy will.”

Volunteering or lending a helping hand will be appreciated by others and is a generous gift that will also allow the universe to be bountiful on your behalf when needed.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is busy transmuting your energy in the form of thoughts, past actions, and beliefs that no longer define the person who you have become. He is very pleased with this work and grateful you are ready to make this leap into new vibrations.

Your Animal Guide
Mouse will help you sort things out and release the old. Recognize your strength and seek opportunities. Don’t allow fear to become part of the equation.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Amethyst will protect and transmute negative energies to a higher vibration.

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