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 The Merlin Chronicles Nov 2010 Election Day
Recorded by Jill VanSickle at FSSC Denver, Co
Channeled by Kay Dragon
I just finished writing up my last channeling yesterday and here we are again. This is such a busy season. I give messages at The First Spiritual Science Church of Denver along with a few other very gifted Readers and Healers as we do every first Thursday of each month. We do platform readings and individual healings for a love offering. Everyone gets a message so it seems. Sometimes many messages.  We are at 3375 S Dahlia St. Denver, Co. It is two blocks N of Hampden from 7PM until 9PM.
A brief history may be in order here. The church was flooded by vandals in early spring this year and moving the old energy out to remodel this area has been a challenge. Seven of us. (Seven Sisters as one of the leaders of this group heard from spirit) did some clearing prayers and intentions in the basement Sunday to help move the process on a bit. This structure is very old and has gone through many changes. Perhaps the flood was a divine intervention providing the cleansing that was needed to sweep away the old and welcome the new.
I’m running a bit behind
Well it is now Nov 10, 2010 and still have one more channeling that I did yesterday to write up. Some of you may be wondering why I add answers to questions that people ask Daniel and other being that I channel. It seems that sometime, more often than not, the answers to the questions also are things that give others insights and answers. If you have questions please e-mail me at
About Me
My name is Kay Dragon. I am a channel among other things. For this publication we will focus on the channeling.  I give voice to the wise Beings of the Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always what I believe or agree with. Many times the information is outside of the scope of my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just the messenger and pass on the words as they are so given to me. 
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic  appears to me. Sometimes other Light Beings, Masters and Teachers wish to speak.

Questions of Sacred Spaces and Energy Clearing

Good Morning Jill. Luvic loves to put his paw on Jill’s knee. He seems to have a message for her today also. He seems to be scanning the area for extra protection today. Energies have moved here and changed around a bit. Yes you would do well to perform another healing on the structure upstairs in each room as some of the energies have moved upward.
Today is election Day. There are many confused people. Not knowing who to vote for. Some are not voting at all. We would like to say that it doesn’t really matter who is “voted in office” at this date and time as the issues and constraints in this country and the world are so narrow in the financial physical world that it does not matter who is at the helm the results will continue in the spiral that they are in now. Some see this as a bad thing but we don’t see this as such. We see it as a clearing and cleansing. It is just personalities. You would say it is just like a Miss America Contest. But all of the human issues will remain the same.
Do you have questions Jill? Jill answers yes, a question from a friend.
She requested information concerning a property in the Co foothills which is thought to be a sacred site for Native American Indians. Did our visit serve any higher purpose if so outline please. I do intend to continue to BioOscillate to help energize and clear the space and assume that intent will also work?
 In tent will work. We see this area surrounded by a large globe or orb as you would call it. This property is still guardian to sacred Native American customs, rituals and their religious beliefs. Some have forgotten this area. We would encourage the owner to allow one to bring a sweat lodge there and some sacred ceremonies. We are aware that the property value would be to the liking of residential areas but if one could keep a small part of this as a private sacred space would be most welcomed for the energies of that part of the mountain but also for the one who has purchased the land and has a history and karmic weave we would say with that property, as well as their family and ancestry. Intent for a possible person that you are thinking of to purchase the property would not be pleasing as the residing energies there are of Native American and natural keeping. The energies here are very intertwined with the nature kingdom. They would not fare well with unusual structures and unusual deities. The land would choose as well as the spirits that guide it that the property remains in hands or wisdom of Native American consciousness and they are very strong about this.
Jill asks another question from our friend who has another question concerning a man in another state on the East coast who has contacted her for her healing and spiritual wisdom.
Daniel answers:  He is a very curious fellow. This person appears to be a bit needy. He would like for her to travel to the East coast. There is a small group there, almost a sacred type society that she could shine light, wisdom and love on. There is some dark energy in those areas. It is not evil energies. More like old energy locked into old ideas and we believe that this person would like to infuse this group and this area with the new energy coming forth because he is a prophet of sorts. His body and his mind are telling him that something very large is coming to that area of the country and that it would be to their benefit to answer the calling of this energy and not to be quite so involved with the financial prospects and candidate process but to focus on the natural energies that are almost screaming within the bodies of these individuals.
We see a line along the coast of perhaps 10 people that are stuck in the dark energies they need a light if which our friend who is asking could be the starting catharsis in this process. It is like if you light 1 candle then that one will light another and another and on and on.
 There are many things happening in the area. We would advise great caution if traveling in that direction. Not only because of shifting of weather patterns but be aware of negative thoughts that are almost stuck in that area as if brought in on a wind accumulated and stopped and help captive by a natural wall. This coastline runs all the way down to where Florida coast begins. This accumulation of darkness. Much is happening on the East Coast. Much will change. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Best to stay inland for the time being as much light has been focused on the center of the country and is radiating out.
 We are seeing much light activity in Nebraska. Crystal light activity that is artificial, yes but also a natural source. There is we would say nuclear light involved in this process. There are experiments which are no longer experiments they are facts being tested and used in Middle America. We know that we refer to the diamond a lot. We would say that this is like a diamond. With many facets and the light spreading out, there are many layers to this process within the government. We don’t see this energy as being bad. We see it as connecting souls. There is an awareness of thing that are yet to come. This group is getting people ready for this a small bit at a time so not to shock them to badly so the transformation will be as comfortable as possible and will make this more acceptable within the thought patterns for the individuals and groups. This will reveal in a consciousness that is less selfish and more of “The One”. Jill said “We like this.” Daniel replies some don’t. Some of the wealthy are the most fearful people on this planet. More fearful then those who have lost their homes and are walking the streets with their children. This sound incomprehensible doesn’t it? But it is true. These are not happy joyful people and the more they fear the more loss of life, love and joy will occur in their lives. Understand we are not saying that money is bad. Money is good.
We speak of healing… The Hall of Records and Soul Review
Healing is an amazing god given right. The time has come upon the earth when many strides will be made in the name of God, the Creator, the Source, Aum, Allah, all of the names of choice. The lights are being switched on and The DNA, that part of the biological was hooked into a clock you could say being switched and changed as it was changed many years ago and more people are aware that they may stay here as long as they wish. That illness is not an acceptable form of handing childish behavior. It is not acceptable to use that as a way to negotiate your contract in this incarnation. Although it can be a tool. No matter what, you will work out that process. It is by choice. If you you may choose to do it through cancer or  through other means of course  you will manifest it in that manner and it will be up to you if you use that to assist yourself and others is entirely up to you but It will go into the hall of records and be reviewed.
 Your soul does the reviewing. Not so much as what your definition of God is or some group of exhaled beings... It is your soul that is your greatest critic and the greatest love of your life. Who will decide and chooses whether you will come back and revisit these issues to try to make them better or make a statement that will make a difference for your soul and for the souls of one. One may come back and commit murders and this still is a message to others and may be acceptable to that soul in review as revealing and making a great change in the earth and in humanity. Although it is a horrific act. This soul has done its part in helping humanity in consciousness to grow. Just as Judas did with Jesus.
Luvic Speaks of Communication with your Pets
Before leaving Luvic tells Jill to watch out for a little bump or irritation under her cat’s paw. It is an abscess. But tells her to take him to the vet. He is quite the hunter and protector of your home. He takes his role seriously. Luvic encourages Jill to tune into her cat as she sad he has been meowing in an unusual manner. Luvic said that all humans should connect with their animals in a way to allow them to speak to you. It may be in words or perhaps pictures or just a feeling or a thought. Just look into their eyes.  Your animals as they are more aware of social interactions among family members and can offer more effective means of communication. That is what animals lives are about, being socially aware. They are very keen as their lives and welfare depend on their ability to discriminate social behaviors.

Have a wonderful week!
Blessings and Love,
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided does not nor claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Merlin Chronicles
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at FSSC in Denver, Co 10/12/10
Channeled by Kay Dragon
I Say Yes to All The Gifts God Wants To Give Me !
The past couple weeks have been very eventful in my world. I visited my Aunt and cousins in AZ. It was wonderful to see them although I was very hesitant about making the trip. Their belief system is so contradictory to my own. I left Denver kicking and screaming a bit. This side of my family is very intellectual, scientific and a bit secretive. My Aunt does not believe in God. I am not sure what my cousin believes in. He is a scientist with a PHD in Chemistry and develops software for chemistry applications. I don’t think he is really sure what he believes in. He does have a heart and sense of community.  We visited some sacred places and did some shopping. The conversation was not quit what I have grown accustomed to in the past few years but I adjusted and was able to hold my own. They also are under the impression that higher education in the form of M.D. and such are the rule of all things concerned with healing and tend to smirk a bit if I talk about energy healing and the power of prayer. So I share little with them about my life.
Some of you already know this but some of you may not as I do not make this subject the theme of my life nor do I allow it to define who I am. I have Hepatitis C and have been HIV+ since 1991. I became very ill in 2005 and was told that my liver was failing and that I needed a liver transplant. I had been working a very demanding job, took care of my mother before she passed away, took care of my sister during her back surgery and tried to eliminate the Hep C with a combination of Medications that actually did more damage than good.
I was disconnected from my spirituality and my higher self at that time. I had left my spiritual work behind me many years before. I had come to believe that my self-worth and success was measured my how much money I made, what kind of a car I drove, home ownership and how well I could hide who I really was. It was a lonely life and it was a lie. No wonder I became so ill.
 When I was told that I needed a transplant I was very ill. I was down to a size 0 in my clothes and was told to expect the worse. My Transplant Dr told my daughter and me that my liver could never. The Hep C would continue to attack the liver and The M.E.L.D. (Model for End Stage Liver Disease) was at 13 and would continue to rise and that I would eventually get liver cancer.
I was ill for so long that my employer had to let me go. I had a choice, a fork in the road. I could accept the diagnosis, feel sorry for myself, lose myself into a world of pain killers and expect to die waiting for a liver or I could dare to ask God, The Creator, and The Universe for help. I did and help came from many unexpected places and people. People started coming into my life that did Theta Healing, Reiki, intuitive energy work Deeksha, Bars, Soul Retrieval, and Shamanism. I said yes to every form of healing work and started collecting certificates and working on other as well as myself. I got back in touch with the Creator, my higher self and my guides. I started doing readings channeling, writing and singing again. My life finally has purpose and makes sense me. This is the first time in my life I can say that I am happy. I have been graced with wonderful, like minded friends. I truly believe that I was divinely guided to the church I attend.
I am sure you are all wondering where this is leading and what it has to do with my visit with my medical model minded relatives. Well, when I came back I had an appointment with my Dr. I waited and hour and a half. He was really running behind and I was getting really impatient. He finally came in the room with a smile on his face and looking into my eyes very oddly. He informed me that my M.E.L.D. score had fallen to 6. The score only goes from 6 to 40. Six is the least amount of damage. He said well, you might not need a transplant. There is a new medication that will be released next year that has tested very well in eliminating Hep C and I think you would be a good candidate for this. You don’t have to come back for 1 year.
The point also being that I always felt a little “less than” when dealing with my extended family. They are financially successful, intellectually gifted, artistic, talented and respected. You know what? Today I think I’m over that! Look what God can do with faith the size of a mustard seed! I am the Co- Creator of my life. Ask and it shall be given!
 All I can say is WOW! What a gift!  Thank you! I Graciously Accept!
Oh, one more thing, my computer crashed and I lost most of my e-mail contacts. I learned a valuable lesson. Keep a hard copy of your contacts!  If you know someone else who usually gets the chronicles who isn’t please ask them to e-mail me so I can get them back on the
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this Channeling Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and the first to arrive. Well not really, his companion a lion he calls Luvic comes and sits close to my feet right before Daniel arrives. Daniel directs who gets through and who does not.
Daniel Speaks   All Souls Day
Good day Jill, it seems as if the church is filled with many souls today as “All souls Day” approaches. Many will be called her on Sunday and be watching the Service. Those in the physical as well as those in spirit. They will be listening what will be said. This will be important to the souls who have passed on. This will enable to assist them in doing the work that they do on both sides as they come back and forth. This is an important time for them to reunite and visit with loved ones. This is also a time for them to make decisions concerning the choice of back into the physical or not.
Many are leaving way for special one’s to come into incarnation at this time. Some of these are from other solar systems. The Bright Shining Ones.
The politics within this United States of America is very complicated at this point in time. Serious battles between the dark and the light and the gray areas. There is much gray area in this time. Something perfect will happen within (we are having difficulty with the word. We want to say theology. Something with ology) we will move on.
 The sister speak now 10/10/10 Energies
The planet is now infused. If we were to show you a picture of it you would see a round circle surrounding the planet.  There is a golden cap at the most northern point with 2 other golden caps on each side with another golden cap at the most southern point of the earth. There are lines connecting these points. Much knowledge is being pumped through these lines. It is almost as if it is a liquid. This is in combination human and extra- terrestrial as you would call it. Some are unsure about the intentions on both sides concerning this procedure.
What appears to be a trumpet? A sound which is radiating through the earth itself and some of its inhabitants. For those who have an ear. This is a reminder to go to a space of quiet and listening to your heart and open it. Many are shutting down at this point in time. The political arena has much to do with this because there is so much negativity. Rather than clear it away, which is most difficult without removing those behind the comments we would suggest leaving your hearts open and your TV’s off. The news off. Receive the truth within your heart and through your body. The Whole political performance is just a diversion away from what is really going on behind the scenes. There is much going on now that will be revealed between now and 2012.
The Children of Our Time
A general discomfort is being felt especially within the lives of the young ones. The teen age children with the onset of hormones flooding their bodies and minds. Hormones are symbiotic with the seasons, patterns of growth and the brain. Something does not feel right to them. Something is amiss. Not in a natural way but unusual. They are trying to hold these energies back and seem to be lashing out. These children don’t have the experience or vocabulary to communicate the discomfort that they are feeling in their bodies and their souls.
 There is a great discomfort. There are Crystal children who somewhat know how to protect themselves from the adversity of this. They are unaffected. They are beacons. We hope to have more Crystal Children in place soon. Not all Crystal children are born Crystal Children or seem that way. Some of them at certain ages become switched on. Aged some at 16, some 12 or 13, some 21, some at 3. Their gifts from beyond become apparent.
 We would ask between now and the end of this month before “All Souls Day” that you communicate with those who have passed on or those who you would like to communicate and receive knowledge and earnest help from in your life especially in the direction of love and this help will be there for you. This is a good time for you to write down your experiences and take your time and notice the things that are happening around you. This is a good time to slow down.
 Jill asks for advice about her daughter
The Sisters suggest asking those who have passed on. If you put the question out there the advice will come to you. Go to that place in your heart when she was a brand new soul arriving to this physical being.
 Take your mind back to the first time you held this innocent, confused, disoriented, dependent gift that arrived directly from the highest of most high. Use this memory especially when you are most angry with her. Go outside and focus on something in nature like a bird or a tree. It is you that will bring the peace. Breath in the peace and as you breathing in the peace it will bring peace not only to your heart but also throughout your family. Then come back into the situation with clear spirituality and love.
 She is a child and she is testing limits. Testing this wonderful new strength she has found but doesn’t quite know how she is supposed to use it. It could become destructive but if you keep your emotional self in a centered place and your heart in the right place she will align with that. Remember how powerful a mother is. She has your DNA, your cells. She is a creation of your being. Who is the captain of this creation? Just as a sailing ship. Use the least resistant path to your desired destination. Use the wind! Create!
Mother must also care for herself first. Get out and have your own experiences that feed your soul, femininity, joy and intellectual self. You need to have a balance of fun laughter and joy to help balance the more difficult times. Don’t cover up or put a lid on your anger and feelings of in gratitude. Don’t be a martyr. This does not bring healthy solutions only more injury.
In this day and age children are somewhat left on their own. Parents may be physically present but their minds are elsewhere. You can’t fool children. To tell a child a “white lie” or say that you are not upset about something when you really are is such an unforgivable discredit to that soul. The child intuitively “knows” something is wrong but the parent tells that child that their intuition and connection with the parent is incorrect. And you wonder why the children have self-esteem issues, trust issues, tell lies, doubt their parents? You wonder why they bully and seem to be void of other people’s feelings.   You wonder why children lose their spiritual gifts as they age on this planet? You told them their instincts are wrong. Did you not?
 Why not say” Yes, you are right, I am having a problem right now but I rather not talk about it at this time but thanks for being so aware.
Take at least one or two hours a day to focus completely on your children. Do not let your mind wander to other things. Focus on your child. Balance this by having your own time for yourself. This way no one feels cheated.
We suggest working on hobbies with your child. For you Jill we recommend making purses and jewelry with Clair. She will open up to you in a much different way. This will open a new path into both of your hearts and give Clair wonderful skills and memories.
At this point Daniel came back and had a meditation and some suggestions for Jill
Love and Blessings,
This information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or emotional/mental conditions. Please contact a Physician or Mental Health professional for concerns of your health and wellbeing.
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