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 Merlin Chronicles by Kay  February 1, 2022

Happy Chinese New Year and Imbolc and New Moon!

The perfect time for new beginnings. Imbolc is the celebration of the beginning of Spring. It seems that in Colorado we hardly had a winter at all. Actually, we are expecting much-needed snow over the next 24hours so  I am watching the sky change as I write this to you.

I am excited about my channeling session tonight. I haven't channeled since COVID and my own cancer journey. The whole planet has been on a healing journey and it will be interesting to see what the Divine has to say about our individual and collective journey.

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 Merlin Scopes February 2022……. By Kay


Aries… You may be feeling the need to make some changes in your life but unable to recognize the best course of action. Sometimes doing nothing is best. I get a yellow light when it comes to making choices just for the sake of change. The change will come, but timing is essential. Perhaps you need to gather more information to align yourself with the proper source to assist you first.


Stay close to home if possible. You may feel a need for comfort or support in being surrounded by those things you already know. Perhaps this could be not as much physical as metaphorical for some areas of your life, such as social groups, career, or relationships. Sometimes it is wise to stay seated in your power and use your most vital qualities even if you crave something different.


There is also a message about being willing to entertain ideas from others who have had similar experiences. Remain open but choose wisely. I see the possibility of others trying to convince you to take things that they don't want and would like to push off on someone else. Again, this could be metaphorical; it could be energetic. Whether physical or energetic dumping, reject anything that doesn't feel in harmony with you. You are not the local landfill.


Taurus… Self-healing on all levels is vital for the months ahead. You may even be forced into taking some time for yourself if you are not proactive. 

You may experience some deep-seated issues that begin in a past life that extend into present life experience. You are offered an opportunity to cut some cords and clear away some energies from systemic beliefs. These patterns no longer fit your expression, nor do they emanate who you are becoming.


There seem to be some blurred lines in defining risks, rewards, and punishments throughout your life. These are not separate experiences. There are some beginnings and ending, but they are all connected and part of your journey. Focus on successfully working through some internal struggles that will set you up for some new opportunities for growth and happiness. 


Avoid drama as much as you can so you can. The drama will drain your resources and feed on your energy physically and emotionally. The drama you are holding looks like water behind a dam, and any more could cause the levy to break. I know you are tough and resilient, but now is a time to guard your energy.


Give yourself a big loving hug and a warm cup of tea.

You might also feel extra hungry, perhaps from letting go of past issues, and interpret this feeling as a space. Maybe pick up some new exercise routine if you can't stop the craving. Don't try to fill it up with empty calories.


Gemini… They say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. You might keep that in mind right now. Things may feel like they are at a standstill, and you want what you want right now. Patience is not your strong suit, and you are being tested.

The Universe urges you to use what you have to create in harmony with the circumstances. Trying to force your hand right now would be an empty victory and leave you wanting more. You are being called on to become creative in ways that you haven't tried or have forgotten. 


Know that there is a purpose in what you think is lacking. You lack nothing; it is all in your perspective. The Universe is listening, so remain optimistic and know that you are preparing for a celebration. Perhaps not the way you thought it would reveal itself but a reason to be joyful all the same.


I see the results happening in the Springtime. Until then, stay positive, make sure you get enough sleep and control the mind chatter. Be sure to clear your energy often because your feelings of empathy and picking up on the world's woes are off the charts! Work smarter and not harder as I see your stress level running high.


Cancer… Stay centered and focused this month. Pay attention to your moods and energy levels. Grounding and acceptance are essential features for you. Don't get sucked into comparing yourself to others or what they have accomplished. You are on a track of your own, so stay in your lane and respect the process.


Avoid people, places, and behaviors that could dampen your spirits or cause you to burn out. Not answering the phone or that email is acceptable. Reach inward for feelings of harmony and acceptance. You might find yourself challenged to stay in the present. Don't ask what you can do to make life better in the future. Ask what you can do now to prepare for changes coming up.


There will be opportunities, but overthinking and daydreaming about the future or wishing you could change things from the past may block Universal gifts. Let go of judgment and allow the creative flow. 


Get busy, clean your house of clutter. Make your environment warm and beautiful. Spending time with pets is also a great way to feel love. They are mirrors that reflect the love we have for them right back to us!


Interestingly, I see some of you making plans for some travel. What I am seeing is short journeys or in RVs. A trip may take place a little later in the year. Now is a time for relaxing, rejuvenating, and self-love.


Leo…Avoid getting yourself caught up in someone else's business. You are lovely when it comes to putting everyone else at ease and being the "Mom" of the world. Should you choose to meddle in another's dilemma, beware of one of your unresolved wounds. Spirit encourages you to retreat from this situation and let the person work things out independently or with someone else. Now is not the time for you to relive the pain.


 There could be some guilt attached to this scenario and things that you can't fix no matter how hard you try. Recognize the limits and boundaries of the situation. 

The Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Prayer is the most powerful tool you can access right now that allows you to cover every part of your life. You can look it up online see how others are working with the prayer. You don't need to do anything elaborate. The prayer is four simple steps. 


Repentance – JUST SAY: I'M SORRY. ...

      Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ...

      Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. ...

      Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.

Trust me; you will feel shifts and changes in many parts of your life.


Virgo…Your intuition is running high and spot-on right now. Trust your psychic hits, dreams, physical manifestations, and messages from nature. Merlin seems to be working closely with you this month, and his favorite place to be is outdoors. Get outside, perhaps to a park or anywhere there are animals. In particular, a squirrel wants to be acknowledged. Squirrels' message to you is that you will manifest whatever you need. These creatures work hard and play hard, just like you, but sometimes you need to remember to keep the balance, so you are not burning the candle at both ends.


We see possible opportunities coming your way. New is exciting and different but also a bit risky and unsettling. You are a bit of a control freak, so this could be a challenge for you. 

 You might realize that all of your control issues come from past relationships and individuals who didn't follow through for you. Maybe you put your faith in the wrong person or put too much weight on humans and forgot your relationship with the Universe. 


 Ask for the help you need and get out of the way! Stop saying I don't, and I won't. I can't; it has to be this way or that way. Those demands come from a place of fear and ego, and the Universe doesn't need you to manage the workload. She has been doing a fine job since the beginning of time.


Libra…February steps in like a breath of fresh air. I feel a wave of creativity and inspiration flowing through your heart chakra. The Universe tells me that this is a manifestation of your desires coming back to roost in a big way.


Perhaps you sent a wish list or petition out to the Universe in the past that you may have forgotten. Forgetting about exactly how you want events or energies to take place in your life helps the Universe to move your request along. Some things get lost in details, so it is best only to provide an outline and let the Divine fill in the how's and why's. 


I see you standing back and scrapping some plans making allowances for some things to fall into place naturally. I see a couple of blue feathers slowly falling from the sky and gracefully landing around you on the ground. Angels are interceding in some events in your life in a loving and supportive manner.


Your connection with your higher self supports your strength and you are capable of using your creativity in whatever form you feel most comfortable. Pay attention to music and bluebirds. They bring happiness and child-like joy to any situation.


Scorpio…Maybe you feel like you are forced into a corner, and it is time to decide. Some of this may well be overdue, and Spirit asks you to choose wisely and carefully.

 Most of all, don't let your emotions or ego get caught up in the way you move forward on the choice. Avoid harboring negative feelings even if you have a reason. Go inward and ask for guidance.


I keep hearing The Beatles song "Let It Be." Mother Mary seems to be a strong influence on your decision. Look for a sign, a whisper, or maybe a song.


You may have already made a decision and feel the full weight of the choice you made. Perhaps unsure if it was the correct move. There is no wrong choice, and it seems an ending is inevitable. It is time for a new direction as the current one is no longer a place you where are comfortable or in agreement. Consciously assess your needs realistically with patience and commitment. 


Sagittarius…Last month may have been a bit stifling. Perhaps your energy was low, or you had obligations to care for someone else. You might feel like somebody left the gate open and no one is there to tell you can't, so by all means, kick up your heels and feel the freedom! This month, you might break that cycle as I see it beginning with enthusiasm and drive.


Spirit keeps showing me the energy of a horse. Horses are strong, beautiful, and wise. They also have excellent memories and signify movement, especially in the spirit realm. Perhaps you are tempted to seek out greener pastures. 


The Sag Collective is talking about "The Karma" card. Perhaps a decision that creates a deep spiritual connection between the past, present, and future will begin a new positive chain of events. You may be required to release relationships with some groups or individuals because this is an independent journey.


Perhaps you have wanted to grow professionally in a new or more expanded role. Now is the perfect time to stop procrastinating and make a move. You will receive encouragement and support from those who know you are ready for this move.


Capricorn… You are the only person who can unwind this mystery. Spirit encourages you to focus on your heart chakra gently and tells me that you need to decode a message. You might listen to crystal bowl music for the proper frequency. Messages from long ago are offering to come to the surface to be acknowledged and the negativity dissolved through understanding and love. I have a hunch that this could be unresolved issues from youth, and you didn't have the life experience or adult wisdom to understand what was happening at the time.


You have asked to move forward in your spiritual evolution, which plays a huge part. You are lovable, worthy, and resilient. Whatever the injury, Spirit wants you to know that you will be ready for a huge step forward once you address the child within. 


Perhaps you are doing the same thing repeatedly and not able to break the spiral of events or bring balance. That doesn't mean that you haven't progressed. You will continue to clear your path a bit at a time, and you will see the results in the form of greater creativity, joy, and relationships. By the end of the month, I see you breathing a sigh of relief.


Aquarius…Happy Birthday, Aquarius! We see your desire for safety and assure you that you are guided and protected in many ways. Remain alert and aware but trust the Universe to support and guide you. I see angels supporting and lifting your spirits this month, so don't hesitate to call on them and display your gratitude. You don't have to do everything alone. 


You might have some insecurities in some areas of life. Maybe it is your gifts and talents but be assured that there is no reason to worry. There could be opportunities to expand your abilities or knowledge. Perhaps a class or educational opportunity with exciting folks.


You may notice that other people seem to be moving forward, and this may feel like a challenge, but it is an invitation to move forward with them. You might be required to roll over on your back and show your furry little underbelly by admitting that you don't have all the answers and are willing to learn. You don't always have to be the most intelligent person in the room. Remaining open makes you more attractive and approachable, especially if you are open to a new relationship.


I see possibilities of new beginnings. These are not exactly new, but perhaps something you have desired over time that has come back for another look. Allow the Universe to bring this forward and step back and watch the magic. If it is meant to be, so it shall.


Pisces…When I asked Spirit for your message, I got a huge heart wave which felt more emotional than physical. Your intuition is spot on, and your ability to feel others' emotions is unrelenting. I liken it to having very thin spiritual skin. Your empathy is robust and accurate. What a blessing this can be if you have a partner or family member who has difficulty expressing their emotions or cannot verbalize their needs. You may, however, need to pull back and assess your feelings sometimes. Is it mine or theirs?


You might need to find some quiet place and time for yourself to breathe and ground. Spirit suggests anywhere in nature as the best place to gather the pure energy that you need to refill your spiritual well. Try to ignore the attitude that the clock is ticking and this thing is a waste of your time. 


You can carry a labradorite gemstone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to help protect your energy. Also, if possible, spend some time close to water, such as a creek. I see a forest or mountains rather than a beach. Connecting with the animals in these areas is also helpful.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

2022 overview of Channeled Merlin Chronicles and Scopes by Kay Dragon

 Merlin Scopes January 2022……. By Kay Dragon

January 21 update

I just wanted to add information about the return of Merlin Meditation and Channeling Sessions on February 1st (only one space available) and February 8th. If you would like to join us here is the registration info.

Happy Friday!

The moon is in Virgo today so I will be feeling in my element. I have already started cleaning and organizing Ha!

I only have one space left for the February 1 Merlin Meditation and Channeling Session. I do these sessions through a third party  we do a group meditation, group channel and every one of you will get a personal channeled message. It is recorded so if you can't make it in person you will still get your message

Here is the code to register

I also added another session for Tuesday, February 8th

I haven't facilitated a channeled group session for quite some time. We have been through a lot since then, haven't we? I am excited to be back in the group energy and see what the Divine and Ascended Masters have for us!

I am pleased to be on the planet in this year of 2022! It has been a long tough year and there were times when I wasn't sure that I would be able or even wanted to continue on this journey in this body.

I planned on doing January 2022 but the Divine had other plans so this will be an overview of 2022. 

I attended church at First Spiritual Science Church today. The first time in a very long time due to cancer and COVID. At the beginning of each year, we celebrate with a Taize-inspired meditation for ourselves, our community, and the world. I was so pleased to be in the company of like-minded friends old and new.

Things were a little different. I look different. A couple folks didn't recognize me. I think it is the hair. Chemo stole my hair and I occasionally wear a wig or a chemo cap. Actually, I prefer the chemo cap. One thing cancer has taught me is that some of the little things like looking a certain way or hitting an occasional wrong note doesn't mean a thing to those who love and appreciate you. 

I was nervous about singing a Karen Drucker song appropriately named Breath.  I sang this song many times. Since the lung surgery, I sometimes feel like I am in a different body using all-new muscle memories and skills that I am still learning. I have decided to stop fighting the change and embrace the new adventure. I wonder how many of you are experiencing the same feelings with all we have been through?

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Thank you for reading the Merlin Chronicles and sharing my love for channeled messages!

Here are the Merlin Scopes!

Aries… I see that many of you have been skillful in working on your intentions, affirmations, and manifestations. You are being given the opportunity to discover how the Universe interprets your methods. You may see this play out in your relationships, careers, and everyday life on the small stage as well as the large.


You may need to make adjustments yet stay loyal to your original goal. You are also being reminded to make sure that your goals are truly what you desire and not the status quo. You may surprise yourself with new revelations in how you see your situation in life.


Perhaps you have kept yourself at an arm’s length when it comes to going “all in” with a relationship or partnership of some sort. Sometimes you are so analytical that this could even refer to a commitment involving a pet. Overall, I see you looking for deeper commitments in 2022. You may desire more intimacy and having something special that belongs to you and you alone.


Taurus…I have a vision of you standing in a peaceful landscape at twilight with your arm extended to the sky and your finger pointing to a star. I see you learning to balance life’s circumstances with your lofty goals.


The universe handed you some difficult challenges last year which may have you spinning like a teacup ride at an amusement park. The Collective is encouraging you to ground your feet in the earth while you look to the Divine to solidify your connection for wisdom. Hold your vision and feed your ambitions and goals with love and purpose.  Many gifts of spirit await you this year.


Try to carve out some time for feeding your spiritual needs. Possibly try to arrange a spiritual retreat where you are not taking care of everyone else’s needs. We know you are so good at making everyone else comfortable but you need time to refill your cup. Take an opportunity to receive and clear your mind of the daily list of chores.


Gemini…I have a vision of you juggling six or seven aspects of your life. You don’t seem to be struggling in fact I see this as a joyful activity. You have lots of balls in the air and it is important to remember that all things in life require rhythm so you need to acknowledge the flow. Not too late; not too early.


You have had some issues with trust in the past so it is important to surround yourself with a cast of supportive members who will help you achieve your goals.


Partnerships are important right now so if you are not getting the support you need from those around you don’t be shy about asking for what you need. It is time to be assertive which is different from aggressive.  You can’t expect others to know what you want without being made aware. Not everyone is as intuitive as you and they may need some guidance concerning how to be a dynamic couple, friend, or professional partner. You are so quick-minded that sometimes you lose patients and interest leaving others to guesswork at best.


Spirit wants to remind you to slow down, be more of an observer and use the information gathered to expand your understanding. Also, do pay attention to your sleeping patterns. I detect a nervousness or restfulness that may need some attention.


Cancer…I am hearing the rumblings of some things in your life that might be in need of repair. Mostly around your home base which could also include vehicles.


Home and health are important to you right now and this trend will continue throughout the year. The interesting part is that these things in need of repair, take on a life or personality, almost whimsical which makes me smile. Should you look at things in a different fashion, without attaching any negative labels, you will discover the truth of how all things that are part of your life, are an extension of your energy and not at all random but connected.


Renegotiations may be in order in business as well as personal life. Sometimes you spread yourself thin. Priorities may have changed from last year and those things that were so important a year ago are not so now. You could find ways of delegating power or perhaps it may be time to pass the mantel?


Leo…You have the opportunity to do some healing and a grand scale that appears to be an expansion between you and Universe. “Expansion” was the word I received for you when I asked what Leo needs to know this year.


Perhaps you have old beliefs or methods from the past that had been tried and true, or were they? Perhaps it is time to ask yourself how this is working out for you? Some changes in the way you perceive your path or your purpose may be narrow and exclusive. I see this energy or thought pattern as a wheel and you just keep going around and around with it and going nowhere.


 Maybe it is a good time to stop talking and start listening. The Divine shows me a more expanded version of who you are and not so much who you think yourself to be. Explore all opportunities.


Virgo… 2021 seemed to be a year of clearing the playing field. I get that in some way, individually and collectively you were taken down to your bare bones. Understand that this is a necessary process in order to move forward to a higher vibration. Energetically, you feel like a whole new you. There is a sense of completion of the past.


 Letting go of the sadness has allowed you to plant new seeds and shift your perceived notions of who you see when you look in the mirror. I see this as almost a magical transformation in giving you clarity and insight for yourself. You always have that insight for others but sell yourself short. That is changing.


You might find yourself recognizing your importance in the world, not in an egotistic manner, but with a healthy dose of self-respect. You generally are happy to accept yourself as a supportive person and stay in the background.  You may still be in that supportive position but now, with the understanding and wisdom of your value in this role. Without a Watson how would Sherlock Holmes survive?


Expect burdens to be lighter and less intrusive. I see you walking in the clouds, light as a feather!


Libra…There are some things that you would like to create or manifest this year but you need a little bit of a push to bring your desires into the physical. Don’t assume that all will be sorted out in your favor without examination of the facts. We ask you to explore your past experiences and a healthy dose of common sense in dealing with financial and health issues.


Divine Intelligence is always working on your behalf but remember that you may need to put some of your long-held views in the past and allow the Divine to awaken some new information that you may have been blocking. Last year was difficult and some of you experienced devastating losses that have put you in a protective mode. You have the opportunity to welcome new beginnings but not without some endings.


I am seeing the desire to change some things in your home. I see this process taking a few months to complete. Perhaps you desire a move or simply move things around in your home. Minimizing your baggage and footprint.


I see a vision of you outside in nature and the trees and breeze are whispering words of guidance and encouragement. The feminine nature of the earth will help guide and heal your soul. Be sure to consult her and include her in all decisions.


Scorpio…If you are not sure about how to move forward on a project or in a relationship you are being guided to hold your ground and wait until you get all the facts.

You are being given the opportunity to let go of the injuries of the past. Perhaps it is time to simply accept that all of the pain was part of your journey and learn to use these lessons wisely.


 I see a vision of you venting your anguish and anger by shouting it over and over in a huge canyon. Releasing the energy feels better at the time but does nothing more than echo the feelings right back at you. You will find that this behavior may create self-fulfilling prophecies such as “I will never be recognized or heard.” Change the narrative this year. Simple shifts in your thoughts and verbiage bring great changes!


Sagittarius…Instead of taking on the world in big chunks, you are being encouraged to take things in smaller pieces. When you resolve the small issues it provides a stronger foundation for the whole.


I see your life is reflected as if building a house and starting with the foundation which includes your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial fitness. You may need to set some firm boundaries with others who take you for granted not because they are mean people, but because you are always willing to jump in and share your expertise. You tend to heal situations and in 2022 the healer is being asked to accept healing for the greater good. Heal yourself and you help heal the world is a good motto for you this year.


You will do well to stay in the present, the here and now. You may have some challenges with that as I see you in a highly intuitive phase which seems to include visitation or messages from those who have passed.  Be aware and sensitive but don’t get caught up in the past.


Spirit says that this is part of the process of your evolution. Wear these new sensitivities like a loose garment and don’t become enmeshed. Keep your own agenda. Stay in the driver’s seat.


Capricorn…I see a vision of you circling a house and trying to patch everything up with duct tape and as soon as you fix one hole another pops open elsewhere and a stream of energy escapes. Perhaps a situation that you have tried to control is no longer feasible. You expended a lot of energy in 2021 and you don’t have much to show for it.


You have been energizing yourself on willpower alone and forgetting that you cannot move mountains but spirit can. Step back, reassess the situation. Let go and reserve your energy for a battle you can win. We encourage you to go with the flow and stop beating your head against the wall. Rather than forcing, try to allow and you will notice the shift in the Universal energy.


You still may not get what you think you desire but you will be aware that the Universe does have a plan and all you need to do is step aside, trust and release the flow.

You may experience some separations and endings but trying to rebuild burnt bridges or forcing your wisdom on another who does not recognize the merit is fruitless. Also, remember that there are seasons that no man or woman can control. Just do your best to navigate.


Aquarius…You will do well to find alternative methods to untangle some inner personal struggles. So, it seems there are some that have been haunting you most of your adult life. Recognition of the core issues can be valuable and insightful.


Spirit is showing me a vision of you sitting with your hands, palms facing up, and conscientiously closing your hands softly into a fist and then releasing your hands to the palms-up position.  Getting in touch with your body and an awareness of how the emotional and physical are connected is key. They show me that some of the emotional baggage is caught within your physical body and waiting to be released through some type of exercise or practice that works with subtle energies.  I am feeling a bit of PTSD. This doesn’t have to be related to a big catastrophe. Sometimes events that don’t trigger one person can be the undoing of another.


Last year you may have tried to deal with the imbalances in less than healthy ways. Some of you tried using the path of least resistance but weren’t effective. I can’t tell you what discipline will work for you as I only carry the message. I encourage you to do some research and explore different methods, I am seeing this as being something more non-traditional rather than purely a Western approach. You may need to enlist the help of a professional who doesn’t know you to assist. Someone with no expectations or knowledge of your past.


There may be a disappointment concerning a relationship or professional arrangement. You may want to pull your energy back and listen to what the person says. You know that when a person tells you who they are that you should believe them. The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow but it will set you free.


Pisces… 2022 is a time to share power and responsibility. Last year you may have been waking up to the fact that you don’t need to do it all alone. There is no true partnership unless you accept and ask for the support of others. Keeping the responsibility to yourself may feel safe in some ways but at the same time, could create resentment. Only you can change the dynamics.


 Perhaps your environment is made up of people who you think are not capable or that you feel will disappoint you if asked. You are being asked to have the courage in finding the true balance in your relationships. Trust that others will step up if invited to be a part of the solution.


You have the possibility of stepping into some new surprising opportunities. Exciting right!  I know some of you have recently moved or perhaps a move of sorts could be on the horizon. There may be a few disruptions and adjustments that feel a bit uncomfortable concerning issues around the changes. You will need time to sort this all out and regain a new sense of home.


The Collective is talking about Kundalini energy I would encourage you to explore the wisdom and workings of this energy. Kundalini’s energy can sometimes start out as an unfamiliar or uncomfortable feeling that eventually, as it progresses, results in an expanded state of consciousness.

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Have a wonderful month!


  Merlin Chronicles by Kay  February 1, 2022 Happy Chinese New Year and Imbolc and New Moon! The perfect time for new beginnings. Imbolc is ...