Friday, March 3, 2017

Merlin Chronicles by Kay March 2017

 Happy March!

I know that I am a bit late. It has been an intense month as well as a short one! I am not saying that it has been a bad month for me on a personal level. Actually I have been busy in a very good way.

I seem to have come out of my reclusive Virgo nature and reaching out and in return the world is reaching out for me.

It seems that ever since I started 120 days of self-love that so many wonderful things have been coming forward. I am feeling better physically because I am taking better care of myself. I also went to a wonderful Qigong Wisdom Healing with Master Mington Gu.

 It focused on healing out vital organs with sound. I love to sing and I know that it is so healing so I had to find time to attend. I wasn’t disappointed. It was an amazing experience!

I celebrated Sunday at The Star Knowledge Solar Eclipse Ceremony in Golden Colorado with amazing teacher and singing and drumming that was world class.

A good friend encouraged me to do a channeled Tele-conference on Wednesday when Venus was on the Sun bringing the Psychic and mystical energies to a peak. Actually I seemed to channel all that day as I was working on the MerlinScopes and helping clients.

So here we are in the beginning of March and Colorado couldn’t be more beautiful and unseasonably warm.
I am happy to say that this will also be a busy month for me. I will be at The Body Mind Spirit Fair in Denver March 17th through the 19th.
I will be a guest on Elizabeth Lindsay’s radio show Angel With An Edge  March 29th at 12:00 PM  Mountain time 11:00 Am on I am going to be a regular guest once a month! Elizabeth is amazing and one of those people that you just become fast friends with. Part of my soul group!

I am trying to keep up with my activities on my website . If you live in the Denver area and would like to schedule a reading fill out the contact form and I will get back with you. You can also find me at where I am an Advisor and Teacher.

Have a great month! Enjoy the MerlinScopes!

Hugs, Kay

Merlin Scopes   by Kay     March 2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Although things may feel a bit different right now, remember this is only temporary; and that there is purpose in everything we experience. This might be a quiet time that allows you to look at the value of some of the things you have been holding close to your heart and examine what is worth keeping and what should be passed on to others or simply eliminated from your life. 

Things will be much easier going forward if you lighten your load. Don’t allow attachments to keep you from moving forward. This is also a good time for a new look. Perhaps a makeover or new style of clothes is in order.

There may be someone coming into your life that could use your assistance and wisdom. Isn’t it amazing when we realize how much we learn when we are helping others? It is spirit’s way of inviting us to learn life lessons we don’t have to directly experience ourselves but through others.

Your Light Being
Guatama Buddha is stepping forward to remind you there is a time and space for everything. This may be a time for learning, as you take time to sit under the tree of knowledge and absorb energy and wisdom.

Your Animal Guide
I see a long black Snake is dandling off of the branch of a tree. He is here to remind you it is easier to reach the higher planes of consciousness and a more abundantly comfortable life if you are willing to shed your old skin.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst will assist you with protection and heightening your connection with spirit.
Taurus…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Patience is the key this month. Don’t eliminate an entire project or completely dismiss someone or one thing from your life because of a few minor details. Some things can be corrected if you think about it in a logical way. Communication is very important and the key to success.

Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. This is a different wave of energy than you are used to. There has been a shift in your automatic response time and this seems to have you on edge.

Stay in the present as much as possible; and also realize everything you do will create a wave of situations in the future so keep your thoughts positive and your actions kind.

Your Light Being
Florence Nightingale, also a Taurus, is stepping forward to assist you. She was revolutionary in public health and nursing. She insisted that wounds needed to be cleaned, sheets wash, and fresh air in hospitals. It is hard to imagine no one had thought of this before, isn’t it? She has something for you. Meditate and connect with her. It could be a key you have been waiting for.

Your Animal Guide
A Starling has come forward for you. He will teach you about communicating in an effective clear manner and work with your throat chakra.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Brown Tourmaline will help ground you and align your meridians.
Gemini…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
I see a vision of you running on a hamster wheel. This might be a good time to slow the pace down a bit and pay attention to you footing. When it comes to your feet, this is not metaphorical; pay attention. If you find yourself feeling a bit tired or under the weather give yourself a rest and tend to your needs before others if at all possible.

Remain focused on whatever you are doing and try not to look backward too much. With some of the planets moving in retrograde patterns, the urge to look into the past may come up more often than usual. If you are looking back, make sure your thoughts are constructive and don’t involve any blaming. 
Otherwise you might find yourself planting seeds of self-sabotage.  Remember how powerful these experiences have made you and how much you have learned. No one becomes successful without a few failures on the way. That’s how we learn the rules.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi knows how to pull back and recharge through nature. Call on him to help you rest your nervous system. Back off of anything that creates drama. Somehow, others will find a way to sort it out without draining your energy.

Your Animal Guide
Hawk will bring messages from spirit. Be open to new ways of communication and new people with important news. This really has a Native American feel to it.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Thulite will heal and regenerate you!

 Cancer…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Don’t strain your brain. The harder you try to make plans or work on a creative project, the harder it is to allow the creative juices to flow. Relax and allow. You will be surprised by perfection of nature and timing. Not all situations in life are pleasant. Some are, however, unavoidable so release and allow. The more you try to hang on, the more exhausting things will become for all concerned.

I see the color blue around you this month, a beautiful sky blue. Attune yourself to this color and it will align your intentions to the Creative Divine.

Receive rather than control and you will always have your heart in the right place. Observe the small everyday things that need to be attended to and let the Divine deliver the big results. Don’t make big purchases right now. Save.
Something may happen that helps you appreciate life and count your blessings.

Your Light Being
Melchizedek is keeper of the blue ray and is available to help you connect your crown chakra with your heart. See a blue ray entering your crown chakra and resting in your heart. Sit with this with no expectations. Find that place of unconditional love and peace. Know you are protected.

Your Animal Guide
A Turtle has come forward and sits right next to your foot. Ground with mother earth and send loving vibrations to the planet and these vibrations will come back to you in the form of physical healing.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Yellow Tourmaline will stimulate your solar plexus and work with your personal power.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Make sure you read the fine print or look at all possibilities that could cause you to hit a snag in any contract or commitment you make. Wait at least 24 hours before making any decision if at all possible.

If you have children, young people or students on a new path that are experiencing challenges that they may reach out to you. Please remember that they need room to grow and experience a little failure before they reach success. Tell them your ideas but don’t do it for them.

You may be called upon for help this month and with this always comes good karma. This may not come from the usual folks you assist. In fact the universe would like to see you stretch your wings a bit and chose a charity or cause that you wouldn’t usually reach out to or volunteer with. There are many ways of assisting.  Find a way that is as unique and clever as you are.

Your Light Being
Great Feminine influences seem to surround and wish to nurture you with things that feed your sensual nature. Massage, foot rubs. Painting your nails, flower essences will help bring out the best in your nature. I smell lilacs, roses and honeysuckle. I know she has never officially come up as an Ascended Master before but Princess Diana is stepping up. This could be the reason you are being guided to charities as she was always drawn to those polite society often shunned.

Your Animal Guide
Panda shows up with a playful and loving nature reminding you that you need to bring your attention to handling only a couple things so that you have time for yourself. Pandas are also very spiritual animals; pull him into your meditation.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chrysocolla will help in meditation and in cleansing your chakras.

 Virgo…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Opportunities are knocking on your door this month. Start every morning and end every evening in gratitude. Align yourself with mother earth and nature as much as possible. Take into consideration the subtle beauty of all that you see. Also consider the results of the laws of cause and effect. As you give gratitude it will also come back to you. Ask for assistance in these difficult days of turmoil on the planet and do your best to pull yourself back to a heart centered place.

Be willing to seek out new associations and pay attention to those people and meetings that just seem to happen by chance. While you create a solid rhythm of intention, the Universe is adding the synchronistic sounds of a melody and harmony that seems to fall in perfectly with your higher vibration.
Be loving, kind, and generous even if others are not. There will be more clarity on this and you will understand this better soon. Things that remain hidden will not stay that way for long.

Your Light Being
Your own Divine Higher Self appears as a perfect accumulation of all of the Ascended Masters and the Rays of the Rainbow. Feel the love within yourself. Hold a mental mirror in your heart and look deeply at yourself with spiritual eyes and the love of the Divine.

Your Animal Guide
Giraffe steps forward to help you achieve your goals. You are going to receive invitations and opportunities so learn to stretch your time and talents. Time management is important. Expand your vision.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Black Calcite is a record keeper and will help bring forward those things that will assist you and those you want to release. This could be Karmic or emotional feelings. Don’t get stuck on any one thing. Let these things pass through.
Libra…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
This is a good time to focus on yourself. Do things that you love just for the sake of doing them. You don’t need to have a reason to reward yourself.
Go inward as much as possible. You don’t always have to answer your phone when it is ringing or answer that e-mail. Don’t let other people’s energy effect your self-care. 

Sometimes you need to shut down and connect with your higher intuitive self to find the answers you are seeking concerning your future.
Your past is so much a part of your present state of mind as well as your future. Your experiences have shaped your strengths as well as your beliefs, opinions and wounds. 

Take the opportunity to step back from your busy schedule to spend time with yourself and also to socialize with family and friends. Perhaps you might take a look at some of these ideas from a new perspective.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is stepping forward to assist you in connecting with and helping you remember the feminine aspect of your being. This may make some of you feel a bit sensitive and vulnerable; but rest assured you are ready for this. This is not more than you can handle.

Your Animal Guide
I see an Inch Worm has come forward to help you remember the past half of your life as a story that will help you manifest your the future. Try to get your hands into the earth if possible. This will help you ground and clear any negative energy. If you have a garden, spend some time weeding and/or preparing the space for the next stage or season. If you live in an apartment you might buy some herb plants to care for or sit in the park.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Petalite also called the Angel stone, will help with attunement and spiritual purification.

Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
There may be an opportunity to re-visit the dynamics of a relationship. This could be personal, business, or spiritual. There is something that is out of balance and it is a perfect time for you to go inward and intuit what part you may be playing in an adverse interaction.  Always select the Divine as your first source of information; but you may also need to seek information from others on how to proceed with this process.

If you or someone else is feeling the pressure of being unappreciated or feeling drained, then it is time to create balance and feelings of fairness.
The best place to start is within yourself. Step back and ask for guidance. After this you will notice things will start falling into place and instead of struggling to find the means to support your desires, opportunities will be offered.
Look for opportunities in education this month. It will keep your mind and energy fresh.

Your Light Being
I see Michael Archangel with his sword assisting you in creating fairness and balance in all situations. As you know, sometimes his adjustments don’t always feel all warm and fuzzy; however, it is needed for your growth and this is nothing that you can’t handle
Your Animal Guide
Llama is stepping forward to help you by sharing the load. He is pure in his intentions and guided by spirit.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fluorite will help you ground, calm, release negative energy, and relax and it will protect you.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
You might have lots of ideas and mental activity going on right now. Big creative ideas and opportunities might be offered or be swirling in your head. Slow down a little bit and take it one step at a time so you don’t burn out.
Your body needs to absorb and assimilate the energies. This would be a good time to do a cleanse.  Detox tea is always wonderful to flush away the winter energies and prepare you for a busy summer. You can also do this with intentional breathing. Slowly breathe in light and breathe out stagnant energy.  Water is also important.

When someone you haven’t thought about for a long time pops up you might want to re-connect. Make sure you take time to go over the relationship and decide if this is a road you really think you want to travel on again. Talk it out with someone else. This may not even be a person. It could be a situation, a type of work, or social group that pops back into your life or consciousness.

Your Light Being
Green Tara steps forward to assist you this month. If you call on her, she will help relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. She is the Buddha of compassion and action.

Your Animal Guide
Elephant came in trumpeting before I even started this channeled message. He is filled with strength and joy. Call on him when you need strength, he says. Also when you need to be heard!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Malachite absorbs negative emotional and physical energies and amplifies it. Be sure to cleanse your stone by placing it on a quartz cluster in the sun. It is powerful.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
A change of perspective may be required this month. Everyone has advice and messages for you. They only want to help. Don’t let this distract or detour you; some of these things may have validity. It is always good to take your own internal inventory reviewing the past and considering how things worked out for you. This will help you see the possibilities for the future.

Perhaps you are the person who is always offering help to others but never accepts it when offered because perhaps, you believe it might make you feel weak, obligated, or fearful. Perhaps at the same time, you seek love and companionship. How can this ever come to you if you can’t receive support and kindness when it is offered you? Could you actually be assigning those labels to others without knowing it? This may not be your issue; but it is being used here as an example. Search for your own possibilities for the shifts that will assist you in more joy and happiness.

Luck comes into play this month as there are things that have been put in place through your actions in the past. Count your blessings

Your Light Being
Merlin is offering a magical twist in your world this month. Remember how powerful you truly are. He invites you to come sit with him at his fire on the beach close to the sea. Take your mind to this place and smell the sea breeze and listen as he reads his scroll to you.

Your Animal Guide
Sea otter comes forward in a playful pounce with his big beautiful eyes full of life! He is a messenger from spirit inviting you to experience new kinds of fun.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Angelite invites close contact with angels and brings their support.

Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Sometimes our intended and thought out plans don’t happen as we were sure they would. Sometimes these things happen as an opportunity to take the undesired results to a higher level and work with what we have.

Perhaps in your psychic visions or intuition, you may have seen things playing out differently. This is just a reminder there is a Divine plan that is mutable and changes its vibration to meet new challenges and to fit the sometimes harsh lessons to require soul growth.

This is a reminder we are co-creators and not the only ones who have the power to see what is in the best interest of the overall plan. Sometimes the best interest will feel like a shattered glass or burning it all to the ground before we are ready to accept a new direction and simple truth and love.

This could be a change of your blueprint or a time to petition for a change in your cosmic contract with the Universal Karmic Board. If this all sounds unfamiliar to you I suggest writing a letter to God or to the ascended Masters stating your circumstances and asking for assistance for the highest good for yourself and the planet. Try to be specific; but ask for the highest good of all concerned.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Adonis is stepping forward to assist you in connecting with and realizing our galactic connection with the universe. Call on him for assistance. He has so much wisdom to share with you about true beauty.

Your Animal Guide
Seal has come forward to assist you. He will help you release the disappointment you may feel when you are not always right. How else will the Divine and nature be able to impart wisdom to you if they can’t get your attention? He will teach you how to find a more effective way to listen. Look for good times coming your way as a change is coming.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moldavite will help in changes of consciousness and healing of the earth.

Pisces…   Overview for the Month of March 2017
Release and receive is what I am hearing. It means letting go of one thing to receive something more valuable and in rising to the same vibration as the person that you have become.

Don’t think the growth is over as I see other periods of growth spurts in the areas of consciousness and spiritual gifts. We know that sometimes, ok almost always, with this type of growth, comes some discomfort. However, I see this as being less intense and easier for you to recognize and remedy. You have many spiritual tools available to you and people who are willing to step up and assist.

This may be a good time to cultivate new relationships if you are looking for this. Don’t rock the boat by offering too much information in the beginning. Let others do some fishing before they find out more about your heart, experiences, what turns you on, and weaknesses. Keep an air of mystery as you find out more about them.

Don’t look in the mirror and think this is who you are. There is an inner image that is not seen with the physical eye. There is so much more in you and those who are vibrating on the same frequency as you will recognize it.

Your Light Being
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is offering his guidance and keys to accomplishments of storytelling and poetry which was his passion. He says if you choose to work with him, expect a change in your life that leads to a more colorful and romantic view of life and its circumstances.

Your Animal Guide
A very large Moose has stepped forward to become one of your tribe. I think he wants to be a permanent guide. You can have many. He states he has a far reaching presence and will assist you in difficult time as well as in good times. He will help you in experiencing your strength, knowing your best qualities and in supporting others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Red Tourmaline brings a greater understanding of love. This stone works with the Sacral Chakra.

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