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MerlinScopes November 2013

I just realized that I posted The Merlinscopes on but didn't post them in my blog! It has been a hectic couple of months and energies and emotions have been running high.
Before  you know it I will have the December issue here.
Thanks for you patience

Merlin Scopes November 2013   By      Kay

Give yourself enough protection in the form of leverage to graduate from the situation that you are presently in. We don’t mean this in the use of leverage that is used as a result of anger or emotional blackmail but as the kind that good karma can bring when you least expect it. This could come from good deeds, prayers or thoughts that you have sent forth into the universe in a selfless manner
Keep yourself protected from your own doubt and repression of love. If you want more love then give more love. If it is prosperity, then wish for more prosperity for others and support them in their goals in whatever manner possible for you. The universe responds to words but even more powerful are your actions.
When you want something bad enough, walk your talk and then allow yourself the loving support of the Divine by accepting the best outcome to the situation. The TV, radio, books and society tries to tell you what is best for everyone. But you are not everyone now are you? You are an individual. You are a piece of the puzzle but unlike any other.  Accept the intelligence and love of the Divine mind and allow the element of surprise to create higher and more expanded expectations then you have been holding on to.
Your Light Being
 Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is always available but you will notice him walking with you more closely this month supporting and counseling you.
Your Animal Guide
The Bat will help you break down and eliminate the old ideas and images that you hold for yourself and your belief system. Bat will help you resolve block of repressed emotions that hold you highest and best gifts hostage. This may seem like a dark period of time but bat assures you that the re birthing process is near. Ask Bat for assistance.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rhyolite will assist you in change. It will help you access your potential and can be a bridge to accessing the karmic records.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Sometimes it is healthy to pull back and have some time in which you can gather your thoughts and seek love and wisdom from the most precious relationship that you have. The relationship with the Divine, God within, and the unconditional love of all that is. Seek the soulmate within and then emerge from this loving, creative place with a new perspective and gratitude for the relationships in your live.

Make sure you are giving yourself enough time when planning you weekly activities. You may have some overlapping events and promises you have made. It is all about delegating time.
Sometimes you may think about mentioning something that you have noticed about another’s behavior or rational that you see as clearly limiting their pathway to success and happiness. Be careful in the words you use and how you see the situation. Sometimes it is better to simply bring this to awareness by asking pertinent questions so that a person may think that they thought of it themselves. You will be dealing with sensitive individuals who are feeling quite vulnerable this month. Our message to you is handle with care.
 In employment and career issues it is wise to be pro-active this month. There are opportunities for you and you should be actively seeking out the clues that the Universe is leaving for you. Follow the bread crumbs before the other creatures eat them up. If
Your Light Being
 Seek out the quotes, biography as you connect with Albert Einstein in your meditations. He has wisdom to share with you.
Your Animal Guide
 Study what you can about the peacock. If you have feathers you would do well to clear your energy with the features from this amazingly vocal and colorful bird. <
Your stone or Mineral helper
Howlite will help you connect to the wisdom keepers and past life information. Put this stone on whatever part of the body that resonates with this connection.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
 You have been feeling a bit edgy and curious about meeting new people and making new connections. You may have someone who feels a bit slighted about this so handle this situation carefully. You do know that you created this issue of emotional dependency don’t you? Was this a result of their fragile insecurities or does some of this have a core issue within you?  It is a time to learn how to create healthier boundaries for you and those who are in your life so everyone can grow a bit.

Gemini things may be taking a turn to the lighter side for you this month. Don’t stop believing in yourself .A project you have been working on or thinking about for many years could become real, tangible and work in to something you never expected. The only thing that might slow down or halt your progress is if you choose to take a right turn when you are so close to reaching your end results.
Either way, all is well as you often change your direction in the end stages of a project out of boredom, insecurity of the value of completion, restlessness or something else just catches your fancy. That is, unless you finally choose to see the project through. If you can bring your consciousness back to a place in your past when you actually followed through with something and recall the feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment that you felt. This may be something simple that you achieved as a child.
 We see you sitting in nature. Perhaps relaxing and “just being.” This could be near and ocean, next to a fountain, in a park or forest. Mother Earth is calling for you to come join her as she would like to share some her best kept secrets with you. She will help you ground which will help you sort out which project needs the most attention right now and how your time and thoughts will serve you and the consciousness of the community best.
Your Light Being
 Gaia will listen to your story. You can write it out, sing it, meditate or silently mention it in prayer. Just make sure it comes from the heart and brings light to all creatures of the earth. She cares not about dogma or beliefs that humans have formulated in their quest to make sense or see the “Great Plan”. We just want you to know that when you are communicating with her that you pay mind to who your audience is and not to waste words or thoughts on things she will dismiss. Better yet, let your heart speak and listen.
Your Animal Guide
Badger will help you remember how powerful you really are and assist you by giving that strong, fearless, primal support and focus needed to reconnect with your goals. Badger is relentless and never gives up.
Your stone or Mineral helper
 Sodalite will help you connect with the Divine Consciousness and bring truth. It will help you speak your truth and eliminate mental fog.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Refrain from judgment and do your best to accept people exactly where they are at. This is not a good time to pick sides. Have compassion and remember that all are right where they are supposed to be. If this was a perfect world and everyone had the same belief, the same religion, the same color that there would be no need to incarnate on this dense primitive planet. All are here to learn and grow through love, desire and yes many lessons are learned through hate, pain and war. Know all is as it should be, do your best and higher forces are at work.

Help yourself by bringing a little bit of love into your heart everyday. It only takes a moment to visualize your heart opening and the beautiful pink, green and golden light glowing and growing as you feel the love of the Divine coming in through your crown chakra and shining brightly into your heart. When this light fills your heart it only makes sense that the light has to shine out and light up the universe.
Take time to remember why you wanted to pursue your dreams, Was there a voice of a  higher calling that you have misplaced? When things don’t work out as well as you thought they would or when people don’t live up to your expectations try to be aware of the dark, small little voice that  that feeds into the collective negativity of the planet. Sadness and fear of what may come to be in the future may turn into anger, feelings of injustice and find you taking out your feelings in inappropriate places that will only serve to make you feel small and undeserving later on.
When you are id a defensive mode it is difficult for the Universe to bring you all of the wonderful gifts that you as the daughter/son of God should receive as your birthright.
This is why we are asking you to fill your heart with light. You heart knows the truth. Light is expansive and knows no bounds. So is the universal law and the only thing that can block this is your unwillingness to accept and be a channel of the light. When you build a fortress around your heart, your life, your love, your career, your willingness to serve,  you also block out healthy prosperity.
Your Light Being
Siddartha Gautama at your loving service. Come sit with me and I will help you find peace and balance in a world that challenges your soul, your body and the truth of the illusions created by minds that are far too busy and ambitiously seeking empty treasures.

Your Animal Guide
The Mallard Duck will help you balance your emotions and keep you from sinking into the bottom.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Green Kunzite for insight and to help you ground spiritual love into the physical.

In Matters of Love and Relationships
Those who always agree with you may not be your best friends or those who have your best interest in mind. Seek those who can gently tell you what needs to be said. You will know as the truth lives with in your heart. Don’t take others actions to seriously. It is difficult for most people to live up to your standards right now. This could be because you never live up to your own standards. Ease up and enjoy the love and companionship of friends and family during the holiday season.

New opportunities have you feeling a bit out of step right now. The question you may have is should I move forward or go back?  Going back is not possible but focusing on lessons learned from previous situations can be quite useful right now. Education is in the forefront right now. This could mean that you may seek opportunities for a certificate program or traditional educational classes right now.
There are also those of you who are able to teach and offer educational training to others. .The universe is giving you a strong message that it is now time to grow and expand. Growth is not always as graceful as you would like it to be but you can shake away the worldly opinions and state to the Universe that you are now ready and willing to accept expansion and growth with grace, gratitude and ease.
 We also suggest during this process that you not become overly concerned about restricting calories and trust that you are taking in just what you need. Does this make sense? Do be sensible and avoid unhealthy foods but keep your mind clear of “limits.” Especially obsessing about it.
Research options that may be available to you that you have not been aware of in the past. Ask for help and you will find a way.
There are different places to pull your energy from. You can pull this from your heart, from your physical body, from your current physical environment and from your past. We suggest taking and inventory of all of these things and using everything in your tool bag. You have more to offer than you think.
Keep your eye on the prize as you become aware of a completely a new perspective on your life story.
Your Light Being
 Brahma the lord of sheep and sound will teach you many things if asked.
Your Animal Guide
The ant will help you in pulling together all of your resources and energy to achieve your goals. Organizational skills, new methods and teamwork will bring success.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Fluorite will help your organizational skills and cleanse your aura.
Take it easy on yourself. Your expectations of reaching the ceiling could make things more difficult in your relationship with yourself and others. When others can’t live up to the expectations that you set up for yourself the may feel a bit inept.

 The Latin Proverb  “ Veritas vos liberabit.”  The truth shall make you free! This quote  can be defined in many ways in a person’s life. You may be holding your words and not speaking how you truly feel about a situation for fear of losing a friendship, a job a marriage or other comforts or securities. You may be holding on to an unhealthy behavior, relationships or even holding on to things like social status or elite memberships in organizations who no longer have the best interest of the whole and hold limitations on your growth as a soul in this lifetime.
To accept these small yet seemingly important things that hold so much value to you at the price of sickening your soul is not going to help shift the situation or allow you to stand in your own power. The definition that we would like to make you aware of this month is of being truthful and honest with your soul. Is your soul free and light?

Seven things you should remember this month:
1)      Be open and accommodating to the souls who grace your presence.
2)     Take a moment to thank the love in your heart. Do this often.
3)     Release yourself from those who would bind you to their drama with grace.
4)     Treat your soul with love and respect. Ask, is all well with us today?
5)     Take the little things into consideration but don’t make them into big things.
6)     Give yourself a big hug, often.
7)     Start making big plans and dreaming big dreams.
Your Light Being
 Carl Jung who revealed information about Archetypes and the collective unconscious, synchronicity, dreams and so much more. Research some of his theories and connect with his consciousness.
Your Animal Guide
Butterfly is the key to transformation and freedom of flight.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Bloodstone will ground and protect you as well as assist you in your dreams. This would be a wonderful stone to take to a sound healing concert.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Relax and accept the attention you have received lately. Has there been a spark of sensual energy in your field lately? Do what you will with it but know it is well deserved. The laws of attraction, even though you may not be working on relationships are in play.

Another dark night of the soul could be in store this month. Mother Earth is in her season of  death and dormancy preparing for the next season of re-birth. It is natural and necessary for growth and expansion. This serves to remind you that the birth of a new consciousness lives within your being. Take deep breaths and make your daily living a simple as possible. Pushing yourself may result in physical issues that force you into situations that require being still. It would be much easier to check in with your body and energy level and trust the answers you get.
 Don’t allow yourself to be cohersed by others. You know what is best for you. Leave plenty of room for stretching yourself in simple ways. Stretching in matters of intellectual interests and new discoveries. Read, watch documentaries or scientifically based shows that are grounded in fact yet feed your imagination leading to wonderful possibilities and this will help renew your confidence in the human race
 This is a quietly creative month for you. Within the darkness of your unconscious mind allow your God spark to re-ignite and feed the fire of your creative desires which have remained dormant as of late.
Support an honor your body and mind when you feel like need to rest or simple do nothing except read a book or just relax and listen to music. Your nerves are a bit frayed and you are in no mood to suffer fools right now so some solitude might be the best course of action to avoid feeling guilty for something you may say. Try to remember that not everyone can see the simple truth as quickly as you do. Some souls need to walk their path to learn what you so plainly know.
Your Light Being
 Hermes will assist you in revealing the light of truth as you remain in the stillness of your dark, quiet and protected cave in which the womb of new insight and life is growing into maturity,
Your Animal Guide
Squirrel will help you find a safe place to gather your treasures.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Muscovite will help you connect with the Angelic and Higher realms.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
 Make yourself accessible to those who need your guidance and trust. In doing so you will also be working miracles within yourself. Focus on the pink flame within your heart and you will attract love and angelic assistance in all of your pursuits.

At last things are looking up and moving forward. You have been in a holding pattern for some time and now you can relax and start working on some creative projects rather than being in survival mode
.The pattern of life has been somewhat of a challenge for you over the past two years. Perserverance is something that you are very good at and you have amazing survival skills that you know how to use when you are backed into a corner.
 For some of you it may have seemed that you were down to your last resource. When this happens something clicks into place and the Universe pulls a cosmic rabbit out of a hat or so it seems. Actually, you have done the work and only needed to wait for the right people and opportunities to feel the glow of your powerful primal attraction.
You have made a couple errors in judgment when you forgot to trust your intuition and fell into fear or lack. Fortunately these were short lived and we commend you on recognizing this and correcting the situation.
 Take a breath of fresh air as you are now in a new energy and the path will be much clearer now. Remember the Universe has an abundance of money, love, opportunities, talent and happiness.
Your Light Being
Ganesh is assisting you in moving the material, emotional and karmic clutter.
Your Animal Guide
 Elephant of course !  Get a picture of an Elephant and look deeply into her/his eyes for a few minutes. They are deep. All wise and loving. What a gift!
Your stone or Mineral helper
Diamond brings clarity, white light and healing on many levels.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Trust your instincts when it comes to new people in your life. If you are looking for a partner stay grounded and don’t get ahead of yourself if you have met someone new You don’t need to jump into the first relationship with the first person that comes your way. Be in love with yourself first and those who resonate with that love will be attracted to your heart. This is the same in dealing with business and other relationships.

It s a mixed bag this month. There are many things to be sorted out this month with family and at work. Television, movies and books other than the self-help kind could be a well needed distraction. Sometimes the answer can be right under your nose but you may not see it until you step back and return to the issue later with fresh eyes and a new perspective.
Career opportunities are promising right now and you know how to show yourself in the best light. Just try to remember to use the 1 minute rule. Wait 1 minute to speak  when you are unsure if the next sentence you are about to say will be taken in the spirit of helping and not leaving the other person feeling threatened or defensive.
Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating properly as those who are in your immediate family or circle of friends are having issues that you simply cannot fix. This may be difficult for you as you are always the “first responder” when someone is in emotional crisis.
 Take some long needed personal time. If you cannot manage to do this for yourself sometimes your body will do this for you in a less attractive and undesirable way. I may be more pleasant to set aside some time for yourself and have a bit of fun and relaxation rather than a meltdown .You are in need of some time alone to process your own issues.
 We appreciate your willingness to serve those who others would turn away from. You have so much love and light within your life and share it so willingly. Remember that you can step back sometimes and allow the large capable hand of the Divine to hold and help those in need.  (smile)
Your Light Being
Lady Portia will help you with opportunities and balance.
Your Animal Guide
 Owl will connect you with the feminine mystical energies that live within.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Jasper will support you in times of stress.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
You may initiate a deeper connection with loved ones this month. Close family members and friends are high on your list this month. You would do well to let others in and show your true feelings about life and love. But, make it personal. You are always entertaining and rarely reveal the vulnerable person inside

For far too long you have allowed your decisions to be based on old ideals and perceptions of what you think that you should want rather than what you really want. This attitude is like a broken record that has kept repeating over and over but never seems to get you out of the repetitive cycle of wanting more but not knowing exactly what it is.
 Do you feel like others are taking advantage of you? Perhaps they are. The question here is” what are your motives in allowing this behavior that leaves you feeling angry and victimized or thinking, what’s in it for me? “Perhaps you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by the wrong people and for all of the wrong reasons. We advise you to let yourself be easily manipulated this month.  Yes, we said let yourself be manipulated by the Universe, spirit, your guides and most important, your higher self
Do not try to make a list of what you do not want or what your absolute needs are. Free yourself from all of the mental models of operation that you have used in the past. Your world is changing and requiring you to become more flexible and approachable to opportunities and people that you would have never considered before.
The people and activities of the past are no longer a welcoming place for you to spend your time, your energy or your money Going back to this lifestyle is no longer an option. It is almost as if you have awakened from a dream but most of you have had to go through some difficult times in reaching this new level of conscious living.
Spend your holidays with people who really matter and in activities that truly fill your heart. You are on a journey of great transformation and learning to live in a more meaningful way.
Your Light Being
Mary Queen of Peace fills your heart with true love and appreciation of every creature in the world.
Your Animal Guide
Armadillo will help protect you and assist you in building proper boundaries.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rose Quartz in dealing with relationships
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Remember the old saying that if you keep sleeping with dogs you’ll always have fleas. Make healthy choices in your relationships. Learn to recognize those great people who support and care for you. Sometimes you may be blind to the ones who care most for you or perhaps unbalanced relationships seem more exciting to you.

You may be restless and feeling a bit uneasy. Try not to fill your idle time with nonsense in the form of spending money that you have not yet earned. You may regret this when Christmas shopping or unexpected cost arise in the next 2 months.
 Also avoid becoming emotionally invested in political arguments or sensationalized news stories. This could result in others seeing you as argumentative and they may start avoiding you. When you hear someone say something that would normally trigger you to engage in this push pull type of anxiety walk away if you can and change your focus to something of a joyful nature.
 Unless you really can do something to change the flow of the world in a positive direction we suggest leaving it alone. Better yet bring your focus back around to music and the arts. Exercise is also a great way for you to release the feelings of anxiety and injustice that seems to be roaming the world consciousness in a huge way right now.Ask your higher self and guides what you can do to shift the energies and turn this anger and outrage to an experience of growth and maturity for the planet.
 Take yourself into deep meditations often this month. Do the kind of meditation that focuses on relaxing and releasing tension in all of your body parts beginning at your toes and working up throughout your entire being. This will bring you to a place of joy and peace.
Your Light Being
Mother Teresa will assist you in realizing that some of the biggest changes in the world start with the smallest contributions. It begins with a thought.
Your Animal Guide
Sea Gull will help you in communication and social behavior.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Amethyst will help transmute negativity and clear the path to insight.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Make yourself available to invitations and social gatherings. This is a wonderful time to expand you social circle and meet some new and interesting people. You may even re-connect with someone you haven’t seen for some time. 
This is a difficult yet interesting time for many people. A time of surrender, releasing and leaving behind the expectations of what usually happens next for people. This leaves the human mind in an uncomfortable void in the ego department but we see it as ripe for planting new seeds of growth and wisdom. Even your closest and wisest friends are going through trials and possible loses of things that are not so much financially important but of things close to the heart.
You are the port in the storm for many as they seek consultation and a friendly hand supporting their back right now Although you have many of your own crosses to bear it will be your mission to assist those who need your help at this time.
 The simple truth is by helping others you will help to ease your own limitations and suffering this month. It is as if you are holding space for many knowing that when you need it, the space will be held by others for you when you need it.
. Don’t let go of your dreams ,although it seems as if they are put on the back burner right now in actuality they are blossoming behind the scenes with the help of your unseen administrators working in ways that you could not even imagine right now.
Make notes ion everything that is happening right now to you and to those around you. There is wisdom in these happenings that are yet to be reveled. They will surface when you are able to relax and enjoy mindless fun or a routine activity that will free your conscious mind in a surprising way.
Your Light Being
Merlin is more than pleased to be at your beck and call !!! Bring on the woes and work of the many as I have big shoulders and can transform the heaviness to a light of pure gold!
Your Animal Guide
Crow will be your seeker this month. When crow arrives expect a magical encounter. Expect the impossible to become possible.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Phenacite will activate your crown chakra and prepare you for transformation. This would also be a wonderful gift for those who may be in the process of spiritual transformation of the conscious mind to assist that connection to the “I Am” the Divine presence

In Matters of Love and Relationships
If you have a partner right now you may not be able to spend a lot of time with them so make the time that you have loving and supportive. There will be other people and situations that require your time and energy so do the best you can, drink lots of water and know that this is an expansive time for you and all those around you. 

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