Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Merlin Chronicles 11/11/15 By Kay

 Hi there,

 I am just getting over a bit of a cold and getting ready for my class on www.12academy tonight.

It is 11/11/15 today and the energies are just a bit off a bit. I am excited to see what the meditation and channeled messages will reveal tonight.

Here is a short channeled message from Merlin:

Take extra care in all decisions that you make for the next two weeks. Be careful and give full consideration as to how this will affect not only your life but also in others.

Do not walk in with any false illusions on any part. Manifestation and alchemy are serious subjects and not to be used with without accepting full responsibility of the elements involved and the outcome.

For those new to this channeling in using the word alchemy what is meant is the changes that take place when a shift in consciousness occurs. This shift will create vibrations that expand far beyond what you have intended so always consider your intentions.

This new moon is powerful in relationship to the speed of your manifestations. Hang on to your hats!

I know this is a late notice but if you would like to join the class tonight I am offering an 11/11 discount of 15% this make it about $29 all from the comfort of your home.
And the coupon is NPHBEU

The class is limited 6PM Pacific time.


Here is the MerlinScopes for the week

Merlin Scopes…  Week of November 9, 2015    by Kay

Aries… Week of November 9, 2015 
Make sure you take a moment to smell the roses. Keep your thoughts in the clouds and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Be generous with supportive thoughts and compliments to others because there are some people who could use a bit of a boost right now and you have it within your power to make a difference in someone’s life.

 It may be subtle but it means a lot. Always know that every action creates a reaction and it will come back around to you

Taurus… Week of November 9, 2015 
Pay attention to your thoughts. This is a powerful week for you. There may have been a bit of a shake-up last week but sometimes this is needed to make us move our energies in a more productive and positive manner when we get stuck or too comfortable.

There is the possibility of some good things happening this week. You will become aware of the possibility of channeling the pieces left from the shakeup into something successful and rewarding.

Gemini… Week of November 9, 2015 
The Gemini Collective is asking for complete surrender of any thoughts resistant to releasing the past and those things that you are unable to change.
I see a vision of you going through a big cedar chest full of remnants of cloth and trying to find a way to use them but nothing seems to fit.

Go inward in meditation and ask the Divine within to make the choices of what stays, what goes and how to reassemble your new truth. Some things may have just gone out of style.

Cancer… Week of November 9, 2015 
I see a vision of the Yin and Yang symbol resting in your auric energy field close to your head. This perfect balance is there for you to access whenever you need it.

 Don’t take too much time pondering on the outcome of questions that you have concerning finances. This gives your ego a chance to inject fear or personal opinions that could affect the balance and color of the conclusion that you come to.

Remember that it needs to be in the highest good for all. With that in mind. I know that your choices will be good ones.

Leo… Week of November 9, 2015
I see a huge beautiful lion. I can see his heart beating and the heart seems to be full of emotions.

 He is allowing me to look through his eyes for a moment. This fellow seems to be in a zoo. Although he has plenty of room and is not caged, he is not able to do the things most natural for him.

 He doesn’t feel sorry for himself because he knows that this is his lot in life. So he watches people go by and gathers information based on their interactions and emotional responses to each other.

You may feel a bit like this right now. A bit isolated. Use this time effectively in watching what goes on around you. This is a time for gathering information to use in the future. I also hear the word service.

Evaluate what is needed to serve others in the world and ask for inspiration of how you could help this is the new road to success in the world.

Virgo… Week of November 9, 2015
Take yourself into a meditative state and bring your awareness to your heart where all of your dreams, visions, talents and gifts from spirit live.

See yourself walking on a road named Memories. As you walk along this road you come upon a beautiful treasure chest containing many things.
Pick out a few of these things and bring them back with you into your heart and conscious awareness.

These may be things that you can use to bring forth your own special brand of enjoyment or even a career path that you rejected long ago. You might even be able to combine it with what you are doing now.

Just something to think about.

Libra… Week of November 9, 2015
Take your time in preparing a new project or idea. This might be a good time to just write down ideas and let things take shape.

There is no rush as I am seeing this project in the form of a seedling that is just starting to sprout.

Certain things need to be worked out over the next 2 ½ weeks before you move forward.

 I see a vision of you sitting at a table looking at playing cards. It looks like you are playing solitaire and laying down 3 cards at a time.

When you find the card that belongs on the foundation stack you put it on. Another card that was under it is revealed that needs to find it’s place in a foundation.

 Deal with one thing at a time and wait until all the cards are on the table.

Scorpio… Week of November 9, 2015
Pay attention who you choose to associate with this week. Something isn’t quite right and you need to follow your intuition regarding any kind of paperwork or contracts.

Your intuition will pay-off and you might find a way to profit by shaking off any unfortunate things that have occurred recently and start visualizing a new avenue.
Odd as it may seem to you right now, many of you will be stepping into your purpose and creating a vacuum to pull others into finding theirs.

Sagittarius… Week of November 9, 2015
You might be going through a dry period and money and inspiration may be a bit low. I know and you know that you are a powerful being and able to withstand these times. Is there something that you need to become aware of?
I attended an interesting class with a woman named B.J. King who pointed out that when we use the word “want” that the Universe responds by keeping us in a state of wanting.

Pay attention to the words that you use and change them “I intend” and you may have better results.

Capricorn… Week of November 9, 2015
Be aware of all of your blessings and know that all that even the smallest of them are gifts from your higher self and wish to be acknowledged sometimes.
Take care of your body and your physical world. If you energy is low and you feel like you need a nap that do so. Taking care of your body is a lot like taking care of a house. You want to make sure that the foundation is strong and the floors are level.

Keep your eyes open especially in traffic or in situations where someone might not have the best intentions. Keep an eye on your wallet and don’t leave yourself wide open for something to be lost.

Aquarius… Week of November 9, 2015
It is time to focus on what needs to be done. Get your mind off of the things that can be done tomorrow or next week and you might even develop a plan.
Another idea would be to delegate some of the tasks that need to be done to others.

Surely you can release some of your tasks and allow someone else to help.  You can be quite charming and your sexual energy is very potent right now. Use it to your advantage but don’t misuse.

Look at your intentions and those of others right now. Ego and “I want” energies are pretty strong right now. Filter out what will serve you best. This may not always be what you want at the time.

Pisces… Week of November 9, 2015
You hit the ground running this week. There are lots of expectations that you would like to fulfill right now. I see that you have your hands in many areas and I see 3 top contenders.

As long as you are using this with the highest intentions then that is exactly what will come back to you.

Have patience and trust your higher awareness in business. It will either feel hot or cold.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Merlin Chronicles By Kay Nov 2015

Merlin Scopes        November   2015    by Kay

 November 2, 2015     

Hi There,
I know I haven't posted in the Blog for a month and I wanted to let you know that you can always find The MerlinScopes on

October was a busy month. I started a Channeling class on www.12academy which will be available on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. You can just call in and join the conference. It is $33 and here is the code You can join the class and get your meditation, general and personal channeled message from the comfort of your home.

I also was pleased to be a quest on The Jamie Dawn Show on www.12radio. You can find it on the Oct 14th show archives.

I also have a Channeled meet up group if you live in the Denver area. The next one will be Nov 28, 2015 and you can find the details on meet up

Oh wait, there is more! I started a meetup group in Aurora Co with my friend Tanya Hauck who is also my massage therapist.  We found that there are very few places in Aurora Co for people to get a taste of Metaphysical offerings.

We had our first group last week and our guest was Kandara (Fredda) Laurel. Next month Nov 18th will be Animal Communicator Melinda Gillette. Join us if you are in the area. For more information

So here are the MerlinScopes for the Month of November   Enjoy!

Aries… First week of November 2015
I hear the phrase ‘Sacred Contract’. This feels like a joyful energy. You seem happiest when you are busy. You may do something to help someone or even just have a brief moment of offering aid to another. It may seem like a Déjà vu moment. This could be a sacred contract in which you agreed to connect and resolve some issue
Aries… The Month of November Overview
You may be in good spirits getting ready for the holidays or just enjoying the changing seasons. You don’t have to celebrate a religious belief or any sort of dogma. Just celebrate the seeds of new life that are being planted and fertilized in your soul through your memories and past experience. These will yield stronger and healthier outcomes.

Business may seem a bit slow and I see you looking at your wallet. No worries. Just be sensible and things will loosen up toward the end of the month.

Don’t try too hard or push to get things done. Respect your energy and Divine timing. Take care with relationships and nurture the positive instead of pointing out the negative. 

Your Light Being
Merlin would like to spend some quiet time with you. If you can get outside for a bit, he would enjoy this because it is easier to connect with you without distractions. He will help you learn how to be more effective in shifting energies.

Your Animal Guide
I asked for an animal representative and a Seal came forward to help you in any creative projects that have been sitting on the shelf. It is time to test the waters.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Blue Quartz will help you calm yourself and connect with spirit.

Taurus… First week of November 2015
I see a vision of you holding a pumpkin pie. Even if you don’t like pumpkin, it is a message from your Divine self to embrace the offerings of the season and the Earth.
Your digestion will be much healthier if you focus on eating seasonal foods, from the areas where you live if possible.

Taurus… The Month of November Overview
Know that if some things don’t go the way you would like them to, this was not something or someone who was meant for you. It is also possible your timing is off.

Don’t push or try to force a situation.  Perhaps the situation was just there long enough to help you or someone else grow or evolve in some way or it may be something that you are not ready for yet.

The good news is a situation that is more complimentary is not far away and could be right around the corner.

Your Light Being
Aphrodite is here to support you in delegating your thoughts in positive directions. Remember to feed the positive and starve the negative.

Your Animal Guide
A huge American Eagle has flown in to offer assistance. Eagle will help you fly freely above any issues that you are struggling with and show you how to leave any emotional attachments at lower elevations. You will be able to evaluate from a higher perspective without being emotionally charged by the outcome.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Muscovite will help you access unconditional love for yourself and others. It will stimulate your heart chakra.

 Gemini… First week of November 2015
This is good time to release whatever seems to be holding you back from you greatest good. Don’t let someone else’s attitude get a rise out of you or give you permission to take a step backward.  

Gemini… The Month of November Overview
If you keep doing the same things over and over you will get the same results. The collective is showing me a vision of you looking at yourself in a 3 way mirror.
A loving compassionate voice whispers suggesting that you love yourself for who you are and as you are. You don’t need to create distractions from your scars that were created from soul growth; nor should you feel like making excuses.

You are a beautiful being who has stepped up to the plate to live the tough lessons in life so that others can have the choice in learning from your experiences.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ consciousness holds you dear to his heart and is creating a beautiful expression of healing and love for you. Custom made. Just for you, special one.

Your Animal Guide
A Doe peeks around the corner and she has agreed to be your companion this month. In your meditations she asks that you look deep into her eyes. She has messages and gifts of great compassion, not only for you, but from you.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Calcite is a record keeper and will bring forth the past so that you can release and make more room for future light and higher vibrations.

 Cancer… First week of November 2015
You have a renewed sense of freedom this week. You may have been tied down with responsibilities over the past month and you are more than ready to shake that off and devote some of your time to your passion.

Cancer… The Month of November Overview
The Collective brings a message of harmony in relationships. Pay attention to the balance of power; and think about where you may be willing to compromise.

Are you seeing those around you in a positive light or do you feel like you need to control them because you know what is best for them? Maybe you do; but remember you need to leave a little space for others to learn on their own.

Make sure you are taking care of your own spiritual and basic needs; but don’t obsess. Be kind and forgiving with yourself. This will increase your capacity to give and receive love.

Your Light Being
White Eagle is stepping forward to assist you this month. He will assist you in connecting with your soul’s journey. He says that sometimes we get all caught up in, the things in modern life and the gadgetry (as he calls it) and we forget to connect with the true source of communication – the beat of your heart that connects with the heartbeat of every living being including Mother Earth.

Your Animal Guide
A big Black Cat steps forth to connect with your inner being and physical preparedness. He will help you combine the two in achieving balance of your natural abilities.
Never forget or make excuses for your primal needs. Meow

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Shattuckite will awaken your third eye and bring clarity, and support your metaphysical studies.

 Leo… First week of November 2015
Be willing to accept help when offered. You don’t always have to be the strong one.
This will in no way take away from the power and experience that you have. This will leave you open for new opportunities.

Leo… The Month of November Overview
You are highly sensitive to the vibrations of the emotional field. This includes not only human feelings, but those of the animals and mother earth. You may feel like you want to stay in the house wrapped up in a blanket and not answer the phone.

Few people can actually get away with this kind of behavior, so the message is to embrace these feelings and become the channeler of these vibrations. First you need to detach your emotional self from this.

Visualize yourself surrounded by the violet transmuting flame to shift the energy into something more productive you can create with.
Create something useful and healing for yourself and the world around you.

Your Light Being
Kali is stepping forth in all of her strength and power to remind you the cycle of life and changing season are never ending and it is to your benefit to use these to empower yourself and fulfill your desire to lead rather than being lead.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful White Stallion has come forth to remind you that life is a journey and it is better to ride through the storms in grace and in good form.
He is a leader and at the first sign of trouble he leads the others through to higher ground. Call on him and he will share his name with you.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Tourmaline will help you transform dense energies. It is used in healing to clear blockages and negativity.

 Virgo… First week of November 2015
Do your research when it comes to dealing with others who offer services. Make sure you are reading the small print; and make a list of questions to ask before proceeding with any project or relationship. Look for signs.

Virgo… The Month of November Overview
Patience is the key to trust and faith. Take a look around at your situation and see how you can improve things on a personal level.

I see a vision of a wagon wheel that is stuck in the mud and you are trying to push the wagon out. Your best move maybe in doing nothing.
Just wait and trust the right people or situation will come forward to assist you in this. In the meantime, take some time to day dream and look at how this situation was created. What part of it could you have done better?

Before you know it, the spiritual auto club rescue service will pull up and bring just what you need to move forward. In the meantime know that there is something that needs to be known or created before you can move forward.

Your Light Being
Hermes will assist you by holding a guiding light before you. Notice that he carries a light in front of him on the path. You may not be able to see the destination but you will see as much as you are prepared for.

Your Animal Guide
A big Brown Bear stepped forward to offer guidance and protection. Have clear boundaries and don’t just settle for anything.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Rutilated Quartz is said to be able to illuminate your soul to enhance spiritual growth.

 Libra… First week of November 2015
This is a good week to decide what projects are worth getting involved in and which ones should be rejected or just put on the shelf.
This is a time to get real with yourself. Be honest about your intentions and ability to commit before moving forward.

Libra… The Month of November Overview
Abundance and wealth may be in the offerings this month. There could be an opportunity that is very appealing in the air. Use your famous Libra scales to weigh the positive and negative of the situation. Try to look at solutions, the costs and the rewards.
Take care with who you become involved with in this process. Something may seem too good to be true.

If all is revealed out front, then there may be hope for a group effort. Watch for signs and listen to your B.S. meter. Ask your angels to reveal all things that may be hidden.

Your Light Being
Fortuna will help you in your manifesting work concerning the Universal rules of prosperity.

Your Animal Guide
A Red Fox steps forward to assist you. Foxes live all over the city. They hide in plain sight. They see things that many humans miss. Ask for his assistance to show you the truth.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Zeolite can be used to attune to the energies that will heal a person or when placed in the earth can bring healing to the land.

 Scorpio… First week of November 2015
I see a vision of you in a desert at night where it has become cold. You are moving towards the warmth of the campfire and begin gazing into the fire. You seem to be on a spirit journey and you are seeing visions in the fire.

This might be a good time to do some candle work. Just get a white candle and lightly gaze into it asking for visions for your healing and growth or anything else that may feed your soul.

Scorpio… The Month of November Overview
You may be shown some glimpses of your future and of markers on your soul path.  Remember this is only a piece of the story. Your Higher Self may think that you need a little carrot under your nose.

This could be because you might be concerned with money matters and looking for ways to manifest more. Know that so you shall.

Inform your lower energies that the higher self is taking over and making the decisions concerning wealth and finances.

Your Light Being
Metatron has stepped forth to assist you on this journey. He will take you on a Soul retreat in a meditation or perhaps a dream.

Your Animal Guide
Crow immediately came forward to assist you on your journey. He can be a bit tricky sometimes; but there is a method to his strange ways.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Diamonds will assist and protect you. They never need to be re-charged.

 Sagittarius… First week of November 2015
Don’t allow worries to steal your energy. This is a time to find diversions to keep yourself interested and engaged in everyday life.
Don’t let someone else’s agenda take precedence over your own. Boundaries my friend.

Sagittarius… The Month of November Overview
No one and nothing can take your power away unless you give your permission. Keep your body shield up and your mental focus direct and on point.

This is not the best time to multi-task unless you are feeling like you can absolutely handle it. Only say yes to what you really think you can achieve and to what you want to do. Don’t compromise your integrity.

Baths in salt water or lavender would be good for you to relax and just allow the energies of Mother Earth to nourish you.

Your Light Being
This is a first for me….I see a beautiful goddess that will only describe herself to me as The Gypsy Queen. She wears a beautiful multi-colored skirt and is dancing nonstop. Twirling and twirling. Her dance moves stagnant energy in a big way. She is here to help you move energy in unusual ways.

Your Animal Guide
Raccoon stepped forward to offer his services. He will help you hide any changes that you are trying to make until you are ready to reveal them.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Cerussite will help you ground

 Capricorn… First week of November 2015
There may be answers to issues that are effecting you and yours in your family history. You are given the opportunity to get personal messages and “Aha” moments that explain a lot of things that have happened in your life. It is up to you to connect the dots

Capricorn… The Month of November Overview
I see a vision of you standing upon a high hill or mountain. You are looking back at a winding path that you walked to get there. It seems like a time of rest and reflection is in order this month.

There is a new found freedom in your step even though you may have just signed on for more responsibilities. This somehow seems to suit you and gives reason to make some positive changes in your life and daily routine.

Some things are worth letting go of – rigidity and ritual.

Your Light Being
Saint Germaine is offering to help you transmute your energy and to assist you in clearing your energy for your new journey.

Your Animal Guide
I see a huge white Polar Bear rolling around on top of a frozen lake. Bear will help you learn to use your emotional energy more effectively. Make sure to make time to play!

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Wulfenite will help you work with and accept your negative feelings as well as the positive. There is always a place for the shadow.

 Aquarius… First week of November 2015
Embrace your colorful past and don’t try to gloss over some of the more interesting choices that you have made in your life. No need to try to impress anyone because this will only show your weaknesses. Be your wonderful outspoken unapologetic self.

Aquarius… The Month of November Overview
Make sure you take some time to fill your spiritual well in whatever way suites your soul. It is almost as if you have hit a wall. It isn’t a roadblock; but it is a time to let the energy that you have been putting out to catch up with you.

If you are a writer or artist you may feel like you have been in a period of writers’ or artists’ block. Know that this is just a time in which your creative process is morphing into something more. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Know that the flood gates will open and the gates of communication and creativity will swing open and be even more receptive than ever.

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha will assist you in learning the virtue of patience.

Your Animal Guide
Lucky you! Starfish wants to assist you in waiting for the perfect timing. Take your time and look for opportunity.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Green Tourmaline will help you open your heart chakra with compassion and patience.

 Pisces… First week of November 2015
Your world may feel like it is transforming. Your best qualities are floating to the surface like cream floats to the top. Explore the beauty in your life and the grace that has been given to you. As you do this, others will respond in kind.

Pisces… The Month of November Overview
This might be a good time to look for a different course of action in dealing with something you thought was very important at some point in your life.

You may have believed this ideal defined you at one point and you are being offered the opportunity to see who you would be without this weight around your neck and free from expectations that may have become unrealistic. Maybe not even what you really want.

Ask your angels for assistance in setting a new course. They are showing me the possibility of a new opportunity. For some of you, this could mean a new job or study.

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is spreading his wings over and around you to protect and guide you as you seek information that can only come from your heart. He protects you from all outside influences.

Your Animal Guide
I see a beautiful Dog. She looks a bit like a wolf and she tells me that she is wolf. Wolf has a pack and pack order. The strongest and smartest are the only ones allowed to procreate to keep the strength in the lines.

She is telling me that she will assist you in bringing your best qualities to the surface so you may create your strongest gifts.

Your Stone or Mineral helper

Green Calcite will help dissolve old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

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