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Merlin Chronicles for April 2017 By Kay

April 2017            Merlin Chronicles         by Kay

Well March just sailed by so quickly and it seems that most of the month were was eventful for me. I was very busy with clients, radio shows, fairs, training with my sister’s dog and trying to fight off some kind of strange dry cough fever thing.

I also was informed that two more people who are dear to me passed away. I think that I have so many things to think about in my life. This is going to give me food for thought throughout the summer.

I plan on doing some more classes on www.12academy and doing more music. Singing and toning calms and clears my energy and soul. When I add that to my channeling I have found some bonus benefits beside expanding my consciousness.

My blood pressure starting getting high so have kept a daily log. On the days that I do Channeled Meditations on the radio or in person my blood pressure drops from the 179/101 range to 128/79 which used to be the normal range for me. Getting out of my own way creates a a space for my body to function properly. I hope that it also works in the same fashion for those who I am channeling for.
I will be a quest on Elizabeth Lindsay's Show Angel With An Edge on April 19th 2017 at  If you are in the Denver area I will have a booth at First Spiritual Science Church Fair April 22 and 23rd Check their web site and I will have my channeling class at the church on April 29th 12 pm to 2 PM

You can always find me on


Enjoy the MerlinScopes for April 2017!

Merlin Scopes   by Kay     April 2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Don’t allow low self-esteem or self-doubt to hold you back from moving into higher vibrational thoughts and activities. I see a vision of you coming out from under a cloud and being offered an umbrella that will keep you dry and warm as you walk into the healing and inspiration of the sun.

Look for applause as you find new activities to entertain yourself and offer some assistance to those around you. When you do something for the joy of it, others will rally and respond to your efforts.

I keep hearing the word “recruiting “as a theme for you this month. Look for anything in relationship to this as the month progresses. Perhaps you will be recruited or you will recruit someone else to assist in some way. Release inhibitions that may have held you back in the past.

Your Light Being
Saint Jude is stepping forward this month to help you with those things you may have been deemed impossible in the past. Maybe there is a better way.

Your Animal Guide
A little Finch came forward. He is blue with an orange color on his sides and called a Lazuli Bunting. He is a songbird and named for the gem stone Lapis. Finch will help you find you passion and find the song in your heart.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lapis will open your throat chakra and protect and connect you with your guides.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Others may have thrown you for a loop and created some unexpected chaos in your life. Sometimes these things can be opportunities to see reflections within our own attitudes and behaviors.

This might be a period in which you go back a few steps and see what occurred in the creation of the little dramas and calamities. What was your part? This is a perfect time for this activity as Mercury the planet of thinking and communication will be in retrograde motion between April 9th and May 3rd.
Don’t get caught up in things that are not yours to fix; and don’t make excuses for others’ behaviors. They know better; and if they don’t, then it is time for you to let them take responsibility. This could be a cathartic experience for all 

Your Light Being
Shiva is stepping forward to clear, cleanse, and eliminate memorable journeys of the past that have outworn their usefulness. Time to cut cords.

Your Animal Guide
Beaver comes forward to assist you in building new boundaries.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Idocrase will free you from restraints that you may be experiencing from choices made previously in this life or in other lifetimes. These are simple beliefs that create dysfunctional patterns that don’t serve you at this time.

 Gemini…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
This month offers the opportunity to realize you get what you give. Try to see where you can offer assistance. It doesn’t have to be monetary. Actually, the gift of service, doing something for someone else, could be the best gift of all. Maybe you could help by cleaning up their yard, cooking a meal, or offering your expertise in some area. The energy of doing good deeds will come back to you. Living in gratitude is huge right now. Your gratitude will be infectious. If you want your business to get better, help someone with theirs.

This will also create a space for a pause to the constant mental processing those born under the influence of Mercury are known for. Sometimes it is a blessing and other times a curse. You are being encouraged to allow some space to quiet your mind for a while. Put plans on hold and allow some new fresh energy and ideas to form. You don’t always have to have all the answers.
Baby steps are appropriate now as you need to let spirit have the opportunity to add color, balance, texture, and clarification to your new self-portrait.

Your Light Being
Hermes wants to assist you in being in the present moment and in being of service. When I asked for the Light Being for you this month, he walked up with a saucer of milk for a little kitten. I am not sure where he is going with this; so I will leave the interpretation up to you.

Your Animal Guide
A Mallard Duck has stepped up and is swimming happily in a pond. Enjoy the moment and nature. Get out of your head and the house. Those who need help will be attracted to you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite will help you connect with the higher healing energies and Archangel Raphael.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Some of you may be feeling a bit homesick. Even if you are at home surrounded by family and friends, this might come up as a slight longing for something or someone.

Spirit is always working with you; and you have been coming closer to the enormous Collective Light Grid lately. This is the collective consciousness of the God in all of us. Perhaps you are doing this intentionally through meditation or some other practice that opens your psychic and spiritual awareness. This could also be happening through dreams.

Your intuition is much stronger and you may be feeling a bit emotional as you are merging with the love and oneness of others in a powerful way.
Just allow and don’t push yourself too much. Don’t hesitate to ask others to take up a couple of your tasks. Chances are you are owed a couple favors.

Your Light Being
A huge Divine Light has appeared and I see Metatron stepping forward to assist you in getting your balance and finding peace in situations that are difficult to bear. Know that you are not alone or forgotten.

Your Animal Guide
Moose is stepping forward to help you connect with the Divine and stand tall and strong in the face of adversity. Ask for an intervention.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Malachite will help you ground spiritual energies.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Don’t allow negative thinking to take root in your consciousness this month. Seeing the worst will attract just that. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your work or in another relationships this could be the perfect time to change your thought process. You are usually an optimist!

Getting caught up in competitiveness could back fire and leave you with undesirable consequences. Go back to your original Source and sit in the seat of your Divine purpose so you can remember what is real and worthy of your attention.

You can’t hang on to something that is not yours to control. You might be caught up in someone else’s life lesson. Release and ask spirit how you can serve best and your intuition will guide you to the truth and your next step. Trust and don’t try to manipulate. Don’t claim any part of the drama. Release it.

Your Light Being
Lord Lantos is here to help you navigate through your group consciousness at its highest level and relinquish all ties to that which is not supporting your true self to your fullest potential.

Your Animal Guide
Walrus has stepped forward to help you acknowledge or offer opportunity to use gifts and talents that you are unaware of or have forgotten.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pietersite will remind you that you are spirit having a human experience. Great for meditation!

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
This could be a month in which you reinvent yourself. Spring energy encourages you to wake up that lazy, sleepy little place in your heart that has been at rest for far too long and verbalize your intention to create.

Music, art, business, marketing, or whatever is in your creative toy box is ready to come out and play. Only good can come from this.
A Giant step forward is possible; but you must rise to the occasion and be the co-creator in order to claim your place in this opportunity.

The only thing that can hold you back is your own fear of exposing yourself and your inner thoughts to the scrutiny of others. There are some people who will applaud your efforts and some who won’t. Listen to your higher guidance and don’t let the judgement of others shape your purpose.

Your Light Being
Lord Melchizedek wants to help you in opening yourself to a higher frequency.

Your Animal Guide
A big scruffy tough looking Tom Cat stepped forward to help you live in the moment. Don’t take it all so seriously or you will be miserable. Act on opportunities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Smoky Quartz will help you ground and raise your vibration.

Libra…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Conserve your energy and allow others to assist you when you need it. Your body and spirit are giving you a message to slow down and spend some quality time on self-care. If you are seeking answers, the best source is within. Meditation and spending some alone time will help refuel your energy.
This may be a good time to sort through some things that need to be donated, sold, or chucked. This creates a feeling of new beginnings and space to create.

There may be a situation involving someone close to you who may be of some concern. This may be someone from your past or they could be in your life now. There is a feeling of a soul connection with this person. It seems old or something that you have dealt with in the past and now have another opportunity to choose to handle this differently or in the same manner as before.

Offer what you can but don’t go over the moon with this as this person may have some things to learn on their own. How you handle this situation is important and will have an effect on your life. This may teach you more effective ways of communicating.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Kuthumi is stepping forward to assist you in shielding your energy and keeping your light bright even though there may be storms all around you. Call on him

Your Animal Guide
A little Black Bird has come to the edge of your window and is looking at you through the window pane. Pay attention to signs from nature. Listening to sounds of nature will assist you in settling your nervous system and in connecting with your spiritual awareness.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Crystal healing wands will assist you in focusing healing in particular spots.
Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
This may be a time of great opportunities. This could be something that you didn’t see coming in this lifetime. Make sure to make time to connect with the Divine and verbalize gratitude for all that you have. It is time for you to collect and acknowledge the gifts that have been put aside for you. In deep prayer or meditation you will be able to make a clear path for these energies to become an effective part of who you are in this life.

Don’t let yourself bury your feelings deep inside. Sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed and you are being encouraged to expand and explore every moment. Just like you can’t un-see something after you saw it; you can’t turn off this light after it has been turned on. It is like a dam that has broken and spilling water after a swell. Let it flow.

Accept Divine guidance and perhaps messages from those who have passed away. They want to assist you. Messages may come to you from unusual people and places.

Your Light Being
Saint Teresa is stepping forward to offer her wisdom and grace. She comes with a beautiful bunch of wild flowers that have a fat honey bee buzzing around them. When love, nature, and bounty come into your life, remember to share with others, with no expectations of getting anything in return. One act of kindness can go a long way in bringing sweetness to a world that needs so much love.

Your Animal Guide
A White Dove with a beautiful gentle spirit comes forth in friendship and unconditional love.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Labradorite will raise your vibration and provide protection.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
I see a vision of you with lightning all around and through you. Use this energy wisely. Be gentle with yourself this month. You may be feeling strong and ready to rule the world and in many ways you are. But don’t over-do it.

The past few months have taught you to strengthen your boundaries. Let go of complicated matters and realize that you need to monitor your energy output as well as how much you take in. By taking in energy, I mean getting all wired up about situations that you cannot control or situations that others really should be taking care of themselves.

Watch for opportunities to socialize and relax. Walking in a park or going for a mellow slow-paced drive will do so much to satisfy your need to pamper or just focus some loving energy on yourself.

You may experience some déjà vu moments this month. Especially when you are in the sun and allowing yourself to connect with nature.

Your Light Being
The Beautiful Lady of the Light has you in the palm of her hand. Feel free to have a conversation with her concerning your hopes and dreams. You may find that the things you thought you really wanted may change to something closer to your true vibration. You may also notice a feeling of internal peace.

Your Animal Guide
A Goose stepped forward to guide you to interesting and fun places. If you have the opportunity, spend time with friends and family on a day trip; it will be fun and memorable. This may also be a lucky time for you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Angelite will deepen your connection with angels and your higher consciousness.

 Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
The wedding of your body, mind, and spirit is at work at this time. Resist pulling these apart in ways such as indulging in negative attitudes or behaviors that threaten your balance and tap your energy. This can be as simple as over indulging in certain foods, alcohol, or drugs. This can also be in spending too much time on the internet or in the company of people who are stuck in lower vibrational energies such as obsessive complaining or negative thinking. Perhaps they may be the ones who are over indulgent.

You may need to take a step away from some people or create a healthy diversion to stay in balance. Music is a good way to shift your energy especially when you seem to be required to be in a situation that you can’t easily get out of. You can always put on headphones and allow the music to heal your entire being. It is the best medicine when dealing with emotional balance and spiritual devotion to higher consciousness.

This is also a good time to redecorate your environment. Maybe a new coat of paint on the walls, new drapes, or clothes. Plant a garden of herbs.

Your Light Being
Mary Magdalene will assist you in making changes in amazing and unexpected way. Make sure that you are ready for changes. Once you call her in to action, she will move energy in your environment in a powerful way!

Your Animal Guide
A Mule steps forward to let you know that you are strong and capable. He is a beast of burden and will help take on some of the load you have been carrying.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Fluorite will help you claim and rebuild your energy.

 Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
I see a vision of you watching the movie of your life. Every once in a while I see you stop the movie and ridicule yourself by pointing out what you should have done at that time. In reality these were times when you made the most out of your experience as a spiritual being who was given the gift of living in the physical world. There really was no right or wrong way. It was only a choice on which road you would like to travel and experience this journey.

This is a time of just allowing yourself to be. A time to live. This is not a time to evaluate how well you have lived, like a contestant on a reality show. This is an opportunity for great expansion in the book of life, the book of the human experience.

This may not sound very interesting for you but know that your decisions are valuable. Every time you share a bit of your life story with someone else, you are living within your purpose.

Your Light Being
Joseph of Arimathea is stepping forward to assist you in linking the events of the past to the present and opening new possibilities for the future

Your Animal Guide
A Pelican with a mouth full of fish has come to help you in sharing forgiveness for yourself and others. Changing the past is impossible but forging the future is possible.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will clear your chakras and make room for new adventures in creating.

 Pisces…   Overview for the Month of April 2017
Trust your intuition and never discount that nagging feeling that you may have about someone or something. You don’t need signs or omens. You know because… you know!

There may be someone in your life and personal space that could be a bit controlling and sometimes color the power to decide what choices you make. I am not saying this person is some sort of bully, only that you may take this person into account when you make decisions.

There are some situations that are appropriate and this action is expected. Say, if you have a child. This however, feels like a lack of boundaries or perhaps you hold yourself back out of loyalty to someone or something.
You really don’t need to know who this person is because they are not the real issue. You setting healthy boundaries is the answer to this. It is plain and simple and you are good at following the rules so this can actually work out well for you.

Remember not to under value yourself or your skills. You have everything you need and then some. Use this time to work on your personal power. There might be someone who you have always allowed to make you feel somewhat submissive or less powerful than. It is all an illusion! It is like comparing apples and oranges. You operate in different worlds.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is stepping forward to help you in stepping into your partnership with the Divine.

Your Animal Guide
A big Bull stepped forward stomping his feet and snorting. He is determined to teach you how to empower yourself and stand your ground. He is also available to help you with abundance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Calcite cleanses your energy!

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