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Merlin Chronicles for January 2016 Happy New Year!

Merlin Scopes    January 2016! Happy New Year!    by Kay
Happy New Year! 2016

I am so pleased to be hosting the Ascended Masters, Angels, and Light beings for a new year. I am assured this will be a year to be remembered.

We are continuing to clear the old energies, especially patriarchal laws pertaining to religions and unwritten agreements that are no longer subject to rational thinking in various hierarchies in the new world.

This will cause even more disruptions in religions that still think Eve should be punished for eating of the tree of knowledge. Well, hang on to your hats because she is about to take another bite.

In no way, is this a reflection on the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and necessity of men in this world. Personally, I love men; but that being said, this will be a powerful year for women.
I am just passing on the message from The Divine Presence that I received during one of my channeling groups on Dec. 26th 2016.

This is a message from Kwan Yin for The Men of this world
This is a wonderful opportunity for men on a personal level to release some of the unspoken requirements that are given to them through ancestral information. There was a time for this; but humanity has evolved.

My advice is to meditate and look for information that is channeled within your soul and heart to receive the answers regarding your new role in this life. This can be a genuinely joyful time for you.

You have been preparing for this for many generations. As you read this now, I am wrapping you in invincible and unconditional love. I have so much love, respect and healing for you. So does Mother Mary. You will feel and see us near to you and your sons.

You will become better husbands, friends, fathers, lovers and leaders as you seek your information from your beautiful soul, instead of relying on the traditional ways or quoting it from a book that no longer is appropriate for the world that you live in.

Many of you have already made yourself available to the opening of a new part of your heart. I would ask that you become the new teachers to those just beginning this journey. Never forget your humility. This is a constant requirement and you may need to remind yourself often as this is the new way.

I did a group channeling on Saturday and we were told about the issues in Beijing concerning the air problems and that it is a Karmic issue. We were told about prayer and meditating in groups to assist with these problems. I was also reminded my Merlin about Masaru Emoto’s work in positive words and thought, prayer and intention in cleaning up contaminated water.

Then I received this email from a wonderful teacher and channel B.J. King from Oklahoma City. I told her that I would pass this one.

B.J.’s message:
Each year on December 31st the Karmic Board meets to offer Humanity an opportunity to ask for special dispensations to eliminate negative karma from the Earth and Humanity.
Please meditate (in groups if possible) as present yourself and your requests for the healing of karma of Humanity and the Earth especially in places where natural disasters and wars have occurred or are occurring.  The board will allow as large a portions as cosmic law allows at this time in answer to our asking.  If we don’t bother to ask things will not improve in ways that are possible if we request.
Aries… The first week of January 2016
You seem to be reluctant about sharing your truth with others who could truly benefit from your experience.

Whatever your reason is, always know that you are protected, loved, and guided by The Divine and especially by your loved ones who have passed on. Even if you didn’t know them, they know and support you.

Aries… The Month of January Overview
There seems to be a windstorm of activity and you might have people telling you to do this, or to do that. Know that they all are coming from love and wish to assist you because they care about you. This is a manipulation for their own convenience.

At the end of the day you can sit with yourself and have a conversation with your body. Your mind and memory will take you here and there, giving you facts and statistics and reviewing what others have said but your body is always true.

Perhaps you would like to use a pendulum or just talk to certain parts of your body and see the reaction you get. The information may or may not come immediately; but don’t give up because you will get an answer.

This could be very beneficial to you in the New Year. If you do this, some of the little minor issues may improve. This is not a license to throw away your Doctor’s number. Work with your Doctor and always get any condition assessed.

Your Light Being
I see a beautiful female form carrying a lantern. She wears a long flowing gown and colors of purple, blue and gold shimmer from the hem of her skirt. She is beautiful. She is lighting the way for you and clearing a path.  She tells me they call her Lady Light and her name is Aurora. She wants you to let her walk before you to light the way through the night.

Your Animal Guide
This is such a funny vision. Birds of prey were fighting for your attention. An American Eagle won the argument and he arrives carrying a field mouse which he gently sets down before me.

 He wants you to know that even the smallest creatures can be mighty and wise. After all, the mouse convinced the eagle to fight his battle and give him a ride, without eating him. This month both predator and prey will be at your assistance.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Wulfinite fill bring you emotional balance.

Taurus… The first week of January 2016
Let others be responsible for their own mistakes. If you continue to cover for them, they will never learn; and you will be taking on their karma and then feeling resentful about it.
Wonder why your back hurts sometimes? 

This could be part of it. The best way for you to help is to simply listen, without judging or trying to fix it. Just support.

Taurus… The Month of January Overview
I am getting a message for you to make a firm commitment to helping yourself before helping others. This does not mean that you should take away from someone else what is due to them. This means making healthy decisions concerning your physical, emotional, personal health, and wealth.

If you have issues with co-workers or your boss, set up an appropriate time for a meeting to address these things. Support will come from surprising places. You don’t need to cut ties. Just address the situation to create a better relationship for all.

This also relates to sexuality and intimacy.  If you are not getting what you need in a relationship then it will be to your advantage to take steps towards making your feelings known. This can be a healthy motivator for making shifts in all areas of your life. It takes courage to do this.

If you are in a management positon or a counselor or life coach, this could be an opportunity to use some of the skills you have learned and perhaps teach others how to get what they want without burning down the house.

Your Light Being
I see Michael Archangel walking forward with his gem crested sword and shield. He is amazing in his presence and the nature of his work with you.

He has a bit of a stern look on his face and says it is time to organize your thoughts and not to let your ego light the way as that is a false sense of light and will result in faulty directions. Return to Source and ask without emotional intentions or trying to hear what you want to hear. Only truth will bring you happiness.

Your Animal Guide
I see a Dragonfly landing right on your nose, with a message to stay focused on what is right in front of you and not betting on possibilities.  There is magic to be had but you are focusing on the long shot when you need to deal with the short range issues right now. Ground yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Sapphire will bring you calm and peaceful thoughts.

 Gemini… The first week of January 2016
You might have some sore muscles this week. It could be a result of sleeping in weird positions as your dreams might be vivid and animated. It is almost like I see you running a marathon in your sleep.

Do your best to let loose of any problems before you go to sleep. See them in a balloon floating away.

Gemini… The Month of January Overview
Things are starting to fall into place and make sense now. I see you breathing a sigh of relief as the clock strikes midnight ushering in 2016. It may have seemed as if you were walking up hill through waist high water throughout 2015. If you look back to where you were one year ago, you will see how far you have come in so many ways.

You may have dealt with some intense physical and emotional issues throughout the past few months that are finally starting to ease up. You have been taking a great deal of personal responsibility for making your life align with a higher vibration and we applaud this.
I see you surrounded by a beautiful energetic field that I can only describe as looking like the aurora borealis. It is a softer and more feminine, mystical, intuitive energy that will serve you well in the year to come.

You will start reaching into deeper healing within your own world and I am being shown a wishing well that lives within this world. The deeper you go into your path of personal healing, the closer you come to the realization the well is within your reach and the possibilities are endless.

Your Light Being
Siddhartha Gautama is available for you. I could have simply said Buddha but he insisted because the name Siddhartha means “He who achieves his goal.”  He awakened from a deep sleep and was enlightened. This is an important aspect of your life in 2016.

Your Animal Guide
A Camel just stepped forward and has agreed to assist you. He can travel many miles without water and is very adaptable. He wants you to know that if something or someone leaves your inner circle or your side, you can adapt and know this is for the highest good. This could be personal or professional.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Fuchsite will assist you in not feeling resentful in service to others. Sometimes we all experience a time when we offer service to feel more connected and appreciated and when the praise or recognition doesn’t come, we feel like we are not good enough. Perhaps the person or situation corrected itself and no longer is dependent on you. Then this will help release both of you. Know your cycle is complete.

Cancer… The first week of January 2016
Amazingly, you got through the holiday with ease. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but in the eyes of those watching you, you did.

There is still some residue of feeling emotionally thin skinned, but this will make you more prepared for events that will be coming your way.

Cancer… The Month of January Overview
It has been a long haul and you have gone through many changes emotionally. All in all, this is a time to trust the Divine has your best interest in mind. When things don’t work out as planned, know that there really is a plan, just not the ones you had in mind.

The key is to surrender and allow a moment of quiet as I can see you receiving many downloads from Master teachers and Light Beings. Did you, perhaps forget for a moment, this is not just your personal journey but a journey that includes all of humanity?

Try to make quiet space for yourself. If you are in a management position, delegate some of your harsher duties to others. It is time to see things from a different perspective and you need to allow space in order to make that possible.

Make yourself unavailable for others’ calamities and OMG moments in their lives. Your body, mind, and spirit have bigger tasks to prepare for and you need to pull your energy inward.

Your Light Being
Sai Baba has come forward and he is riding a big beautiful white elephant. He is picking up the elephant’s foot and showing me how perfectly balanced it is. He says all four feet need to be on the ground and all directions need to be honored. He says ‘Pay attention to the big white elephant’
Your Animal Guide
A big wise beautiful White Elephant! Who else could it be clearing the bath and connecting you with old memories to assist you in the future.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Opal with its shimmering beauty will shift your energy and lift you spirits.

Leo… The first week of January 2016
I see some secret, positive negotiations in the works. Trust your instincts and don’t say too much. Let others do all the talking and see what comes of it before you sign on the dotted line or agree to anything.

Leo… The Month of January Overview
I see a vision of you sitting in a card game. There seems to be 10 cards in your hand and you are only showing one of them right now. It is almost like that children’s game “Go Fish”
That is a good move because you need to get a feel for what cards the others are holding. 

This month seems to be all about career, romance, and finding a balance between them.
There will be some good possibilities when the sun is in the sign of Taurus (April 19 – May 19) or perhaps there is a Taurus involved in your life that has something to offer you. All I know is that I see a big bull snorting and stamping his feet. He says he has something to share with you.

This is a good time to make projects soar far beyond what you had hoped. It’s a good time to look for a new position too. Don’t sell yourself short. Ask for what you want and know that you are worth it. Don’t be a people pleaser.

Your Light Being
Saint Thomas Aquinas is available to teach you the spiritual laws concerning faith and how to use them appropriately. Call on him

Your Animal Guide
Hawk is here to bring messages. They could be life changing messages that you aren’t aware of.

He is joined by his mate who brings balance and feminine essence to the delivery of such news. It feels intuitive and part of the ebb and flow of nature.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Idocrase will clear negative thought patterns and help you free yourself from situations you have been unable or fearful to leave.

Virgo… The first week of January 2016
Don’t let yourself get caught up in other people’s drama. It isn’t that you don’t believe them, it is just that you don’t need to be involved in the situation.

Someone might take something you say out of context by confusing the way it was said or blurt it out accidentally.  Be careful with your words.

Virgo… The Month of January Overview
There is another opportunity to move forward in your near future. It seems as if you have been allowing yourself enough leverage to free yourself from an outmoded belief system.

You have learned the meaning of looking beyond what you think are your limits. You no longer need to judge yourself on your appearance which seems to have held you back in many ways in the past. You are learning that past experiences can become the key to the future when you see them through the eyes of love and forgiveness.

Continue to work on your breath in your meditations. Count to 12 breathing in, hold for 12 counts and release to 12 counts with a sigh. Every time you sigh, do this with the intent of forgiving someone or even better, forgiving yourself.

I am being told it will benefit you to start this practice immediately because there is no time to waste. There is so much to be done to clear the path to a higher resonance and a sweeter vibration.

Your Light Being
Jesus is stepping forward for you. He has a carafe of blessed water and asks you to drink deeply of the water. He also comes with a rose for you. As you release that which blocks your ability to receive with the power of breath, replenish it with the blessed water.

Your Animal Guide
A Dove is here to bring you healing and love. She shows me her nest with four eggs in it. Prepare for new life she says.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Seraphinite will help cleanse your heart and create opportunity to receive spiritual enlightenment. Put it on your third eye.

 Libra… The first week of January 2016
Some physical as well as emotional issues that bothered you at the end of the year will be passing, and you will be back on track again
Keep yourself hydrated and take all of your sorrows and release them in the best way you can.
For some of you, it could be through art; others music or whatever suits you. The only rule is you need to make it fun.

Libra… The Month of January Overview
I see beautiful roads leading to many places. This might mean some of you will be traveling or if not travel, perhaps learning some new artistic expressions. They might have a connection with far away places.

You might collaborate with someone else on a project that is productive and fun. You gathered a lot of information last year and this is your time to shine. Some recognition that you weren’t expecting may come your way. This will encourage and take you deeper into projects that are both sacred and rewarding.

I see a new Light Being or master teacher entering your aura near your crown chakra. She is a beautiful being who would like to come closer and visit to bring fresh thoughts and ideas that will assist, not only you, but will be in line with service to humanity. It doesn’t have to be a big splash to make a difference. Huge trees start out as small seeds.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is here to help you access the child within and bring joy into your daily life so that you may help others remember their own joy.

Your Animal Guide
A Robin just came forward to bring you hope of new seasons. There is a season for everything and in the deep dark winter you can call on him to bring hope for the coming of spring.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Beryl is a stone of new beginnings and will bring hope, forgiveness, and generosity.

 Scorpio… The first week of January 2016
You might have a sudden outburst of energy this week. This seems to go along with your mental and emotional moods also. You might feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place in matters concerning career.

You may have a desire to do something different; but you don’t know how to approach it. Be patient and wait for signs. Listen to music to clear your mind.

Scorpio… The Month of January Overview
You may start feeling frustrated by one or two of the opportunities that are before you. You might feel closed in and would like to see things flow in a more expansive way.

Know that things may not be moving as you would like them to because it wouldn’t be in your highest good right now. Be patient and try not to lose you temper. Try to find the humor in the situation and let yourself relax and go with the flow.

Something may seem to be falling away but I see it more as a re-direction.  This will allow you to seek out other options and be open to new possibilities. Sometimes you fear allowing others to take control or to play a bigger part especially when money and creativity is involved. I see a vision of you using an eraser.

 Could it be that you might feel your contribution would be undervalued or erased or could it be that you might feel your contribution would be undervalued or erased? Or are you going make to erase some of your plans and start over? You tell me, I only see the vision.

The past year may have been about apprenticeship and allowing others to lead so you may be more effective in the future. Only good will come from this. You are being reminded to move ahead with humility.

Your Light Being
Paul the Venetian will assist you in unconditional love. I saw him step forward with a scroll in his hand. This is for you.

Your Animal Guide
A little Red Fox has come forward for you. She is amazingly adaptable and will teach you her skills.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Cerussite is a record keeper and will give you information and attune you to higher vibrations.

Sagittarius… The first week of January 2016
Keep yourself well informed when it comes to any physical problems or medical procedures. This doesn’t mean you should expect the worst, only that you stay aware and know what questions to ask.

This may or may not pertain to you, but rather to someone you care for or a family member that requires you to become informed about these things.

Sagittarius… The Month of January Overview
You are especially sensitive to other people’s energy and drama right now. You are a natural psychic and empath so this isn’t surprising to you.

Try not to get involved in someone else’s soap opera. Are you really that bored? We know that you are extremely bright and sometimes get interested in their issues because you need a creative outlet of your own.

Perhaps it is time to do some research about something you could be interested in that would not include people you work with or a partner. You may be getting too involved in a partner or friend’s life, becoming enmeshed with their activities and energy.  Kind of like they eat garlic and you get the heartburn. Establishing and maintaining boundaries is in your best interest.

You might have had some stomach or intestinal issues that you want to address. It could be a result of poor eating or an imbalance in what you are putting into your body. Stress could also be part of the problem so ease up on the worry. It seems that your body reacts after the stressors are removed.

Your Light Being
Saint Frances of Assisi is coming forward to take on some of your strife. He tells me it was his honor to suffer the stigmata and he has volunteered to assist you with yours.
Do not worry about his pain as he no longer feels pain in the physical sense and knows how to transform pain into wisdom and light.

Your Animal Guide
A Dog has stepped forward. He looks like a German Shepard. He will offer you protection and is skilled in creating boundaries of safety for you.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Hematite will help you ground and give you self-confidence.

Capricorn… The first week of January 2016
Choose your words and thoughts wisely. This is a powerful time for you. This can be pleasantly surprising if you follow this advice. It is almost like you have the keys to the Universe. Wait… you do! Everyone does but your vibration has been kicked up a notch or two. Use it!

Capricorn… The Month of January Overview
Perhaps family matters have been in the forefront lately. Take a little time to re-evaluate your opinion of how swiftly one moment can make gigantic changes in the lives of many.

Your life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately and now the dust is starting to settle and you have new choices to make that are focused on you instead of others. You have the power to determine the degree of happiness in your life.

Circumstances have gifted you with reason to adjust your perception of situations and people in your life. Make the most of your world and it will make the most of you.

Your Light Being
Saint Jude, the miracle worker, is at your side and will assist you in bringing about the big issues that seem impossible. Call on him.

Your Animal Guide
Antelope has stepped forward to support you this month. He will help you avoid those negative energies that psychically tap your energy resources. Watch for opportunities and possibilities.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It will help you in loving yourself and attracting love, in that order.
Aquarius… The first week of January 2016
You are feeling a bit stronger this week and it is time to get back to business as usual. Spend some time catching up with friends that you haven’t been able to connect with during the holidays. These are probably friends who are also business connections.

Aquarius… The Month of January Overview
This is shaping up to be a good month for you. Intuitively you know that this can be a very good year for you, if you play your cards right and use your spiritual tools in an effective way.

Make sure to reach out to others who have profited from and/or supported your spiritual journey and all of the gifts that have surfaced from this. Be willing to accept assistance from these folks without concerning yourself with what they will want in return.

Expect new kinds of guidance to appear in your life. This could be new guides appearing to take you to the next level. I hear the word “Apprentice”. This could mean you will become an apprentice or take on someone or perhaps teach a class on something you are guided to share.

Your Light Being
Merlin steps forward to assist you in healing yourself and others. He is also here to remind you that you have all the skills you need at hand. You only need to ask your higher self to show the way.

Your Animal Guide
A large red blue tailed Dragon has flown in carrying a message. It is a scroll tied with a golden ribbon. It has decrees on it in beautiful hand writing. This is personal and for your eyes only. Go within and see.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
A Selenite wand will clear the air of unwanted energies and connect you with the highest vibrations.

Pisces… The first week of January 2016
This might be a good time to ask for a raise or look for a position that has potential for growth. I see a vision of your shoes becoming too small for your feet. You have laid out some excellent ground work and it is time to expand.

Pisces… The Month of January Overview
Some new twists and turns may come to the surface. This almost feels like a plot in a daytime drama. Be aware of those who want to know a lot about your personal life as I feel a hint of jealousy or envy focused in your direction.

Try to find the humor in this, because if you react in a manner this person would like to see, then you will be giving your power away. We all know you are a master at your craft and in your personal relationships. Know you are protected and respected and those who know you will come to your aid whenever needed.

Make sure you take care of any physical discomfort. Chances are these are just the effects of diet and stress; but listen to what your body is telling you. If you have some sort of ache or pain and a situation comes into your mind, this is something you need to pay attention too. The body/mind connection should be honored.

Merlin says ”Let yourself believe in magic and magical things will unfold in front of you.”

Your Light Being
Merlin is really getting around this month. He is at your side with Excalibur. It is not often that he is allowed to borrow this from the Lady of The Lake. He will cut through all manipulation and dishonesty.

Your Animal Guide
Raven brings magical meetings and messages. He shows me a book. I don’t know what this is about because the message is for you. So pay attention to his guidance. Perhaps there is something in a book for you. Maybe it is your book?

Your Stone or Mineral helper

Citrine will clear and transmute any negative energy and protect your aura.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merlin Chronicles Winter Solstice 2015

Merlin Chronicles Winter Solstice 2015 by   Kay
Hi everyone Happy Solstice!

The energy with the MerlinScopes seemed a bit different as I was channeling them yesterday. It seemed a bit deeper and the message that I was getting was to continue letting go and making room for big changes for all of us.

Here is a channeled message from Merlin followed by the MerlinScopes for the Solstice.

We are all creations of God’s garden and have different levels of hardiness, colors, flavor and rates in which we reach fruition. Be patient, be kind and bring peace into your own personal space as often as you can. This will be a much needed tool in the coming months.

Prepare for new beginnings and changes in your what you believe. All is not what it seems to be. Not only adults but also children will be given opportunities to develop higher states of consciousness. Don’t confuse gifts of higher consciousness with psychic abilities and mediumship.

This is part of the development but use caution in exploiting children. They need to experience being children and not feel as if they are different.  These will be normal abilities used to assist the individual and others in need.

The new babies are coming into this world shouldering great responsibilities. I see many Masters coming back into physical form to assist and to bring the world back into balance.

It will be a new world indeed!

Merlin Scopes…  Week of December 21st, 2015    by Kay

Aries… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
There may be some complications that you didn’t foresee coming your way. Instead of getting in a funk, use this opportunity to bring out your spiritual tools.

You are a life-long learner and you have been wounded before. Disengage from the personal aspect of this situation and ask yourself what you would tell someone else in this situation.

I am being shown a blueprint. You each have the blueprint for your purpose within your grasp. I see a vision of you turning your head around to see what part of your consciousness is needing attention. What have you left behind? Perhaps nothing.

I see you taking a step forward as if you are going somewhere. Perhaps some of you will be moving to a new job, new city or a new level of consciousness. There is movement and a vision of nothing which is unusual for you. You are usually a planner. “Nothingness” leaves room for “Amazing.”

Taurus… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
You seem a little un-decisive at this time. This may even irritate some of those around you who are waiting for you to make up your mind. Don’t let others impatience provoke you into making choices that you are not comfortable with.

 In some cases it is best to do nothing until you are inspired to make a choice as these things, given time, always show themselves clearly to you.
Unless it is about what to eat for dinner. Then if you can’t decide let someone who is perhaps, more hungry than you decide. Seriously, you may be that spacy.

You are receiving a lot of downloaded information and becoming more aware of energy in a way that you have never experienced before.

I am also being told to tell you not to paint yourself into a corner. Make sure that you have a clear and sensible way out if you need it. This can relate to many things. Even a contract or a relationship. Someone might want you to get into a binding agreement. If so, seek legal advice.

Gemini… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Luck is on your side this week. I see a lot of gratitude and the source of such wonder being revealed to you. Know that the future is wide open for you and that you can make it as lovely and as expansive as you would like.

I see Angels working to assist you in so many ways. I see one in each corner of all the directions working on behalf. This is especially true if you are feeling any insecurity that stems from a loss or lack of love of someone who is a parental figure.

 Allow yourself to rest in the support of the angels as they feel your sadness. This may also be effecting your self-esteem and you might go back into self-defense mode. It is just a revisiting of unresolved threads of old thought patterns. Pull on that thread and it will release.

Know that this is a lesson that you choose in coming into this human form. The deeper you feel the more likely you are to attract those in the same vibration. You can be of assistance once you stop wondering why you are bound to this project. It is all about love, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Cancer… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
You will most likely have a wonderful holiday even though you may start out the week feeling like a grump.  You may find yourself taking a self-inventory about all of the things that you don’t like about yourself.

Lucky for you, there is a full moon on Christmas day with your name on it offering assistance in releasing some of these ideas. Make sure that you do release these old beliefs.

 Don’t give them away in the form of making comments or observations of others that are the same things that have haunted you. Doing this would only bring them back to you full circle as we have all experienced this before.
This can only be productive if you do it in the spirit of helping ease the pain of another.

Make yourself more available to those who are in need of your help. Your intuition will guide you in this process. Sometimes the one who whines the most is the one who needs to learn how to be more independent.

Leo… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
You could be overflowing with enthusiastic ideas and opportunities if you will only take a look outside of the box and realize what the universe has to offer you.

Don’t just settle out of desperation for something that doesn’t recognize your skills and intellect. It is respect in every form including monetary.
Some of you could be looking at promotions and new positions. You need to be clear about your messages to yourself and the Universe. Mixed messages will result in mixed blessings.

Let yourself be the one who chooses them and not them choosing you.
I am hearing the words Father Healing for you in this solstice energy. 

This is a highly emotional and sensitive period of time for you. Are you still seeking approval from a conditional patriarchal feeling that still lives within your unconscious mind or within your cells? Ask for Divine awareness and healing.

Virgo… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Get ready for another shift. Do not worry about being prepared or being good enough to step into a new reality. If you wait until you think that you think you are ready it might be in your next life. There are opportunities that are coming your way within the next 30 to 60 days. You can always decline. The choice is always yours.

You have the opportunity to accept and love yourself, just as you are with no changes. This is a tall order, I know but this is part of your life lesson and purpose.

Moving from one level to the next will be an easy transition. It may feel like this is a lateral move but actually it carries a strange new vibration that will be of some use to you in the coming year.

Great mysteries will fall into place so easily that you will forget that it has taken you a few lifetimes to come to this realization.

Libra… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Don’t worry about the little things. They have a way of working out. You don’t always need to be the person who fixes all of the problems for everyone. Sometimes they just need to work them out for themselves.

I see a vision of you standing outside of a beautiful doorway. There is a sign on top that is engraved in bright red and green colors and an arrow that says reverse your energy and cure yourself.

I also see a revolving door and people walking in looking exhausted and coming out rejuvenated. Perhaps you may already know the meaning of this. If not, you might find it in a meditation or day dream.

It might be a good idea to brighten up your surroundings with some new art work or changing the vibration with music.

Scorpio… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Be true to your word and avoid little white lies even if it is to make someone else feel better. Your integrity is at stake and others will not take you seriously and might overlook your goodness because of this.

 If there is something that you cannot or aren’t willing to do then find a tactful way of being honest about your feelings. Even though you may feel like it might make you appear weak or mean, your honesty will go a long way in achieving your goals.

Re-evaluate your motives and desires. Is this really your desire or is this the opinion of someone else?

This is a good time to soak in bath salts and allow your energy to be safely brought into harmony with the nature of water. Sometimes your sensitivity to the dark side of human behavior and thoughts make it difficult for you to trust and receive love. Nature is always honest and true.

Sagittarius… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Love, love, love is in your energy field. Perhaps you have slowed down enough to feel of become cognizant of all of the love that surrounds and is part of your life.

I hear the word “Grand” like the Grand scheme of things. This is something for you to ponder. I am being told that it is smaller than a grain of salt but bigger than the sky.

How do you find this? Go within and find a sacred space to decide what is really important in life.

This is your Solstice meditation:

Breathe deep and allow your emotions to rise and actually touch your tongue and taste how each one feels. No matter how each one tastes or feels you are being asked to bring your light of love from your heart to each feeling as it arises and wash and blend each emotion with your love.

This is where I will leave you as I am only the channel for your instructions. The experience is yours.

Capricorn… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
You have endured some hardships this year. Perhaps with your health, your work or with loved ones. A new vibration will be working in your favor as the winter solstice begins.

I am seeing a vision of your third eye and seeing a shift in direction. The colors and energies where moving in a clockwise motion and now seem to be moving in a counter clockwise motion.
 The colors are becoming more brilliant. This process has laid in wait for many years and is now moving into your new reality and physical being.

You may feel a little dizzy as this process does affect your physical balance a bit. Go easy on alcohol or any type of mind altering drugs or experiences. I wouldn’t even suggest going on rides in amusement parks until this process completes.

Ground the energy in as much as possible with yoga, walking, cleaning house or spending time with nature. This is a blessing and opportunity for deeper work spiritual and emotional expansion on a physical level.

Aquarius… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Just because someone doesn’t want to hear what you have to say doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Sometimes people ask questions about things that they really don’t want to know the answer to.

Sometimes it is better to have that 10 second delay to check in with your higher self before answering a question for someone. It is perfectly acceptable to tell someone that you will get back to them when the answer becomes clear. Even if they seem desperate and you want to help.

I see a vision of a Light Being bringing a gift of light that looks like a pearl. It is large and beautiful. This is going to come into your energy field through your throat chakra.

You may feel some unusual physical symptoms in you upper neck and back of your head. I am hearing the words “The Mouth of God.”
 Be conscious of this part of your body. 

You might benefit from seeing an Energy Healer to assist by putting the body in the appropriate position to ease bringing this energy through. If you can’t do this go into meditation and ask the Divine to assist you.

Pisces… December 21th, 2015.   Winter solstice
Reliving your past can be productive if you can do it without blame for yourself or others. This seems to be happening for many so we might as we deal with it in a positive manner and get some results.

Things that are gone are just that, gone. The only thing left or that lives on is the affect that it had on yourself or others. You can only be the Master of those feelings and beliefs that affect you personally and chose how to deal with them. You can evolve through strife, pain and not getting exactly what you want when you want it.

If you can step back from the emotional content and use each situation and experience to assist yourself in becoming a better person, you will be able to achieve wisdom and growth.

With this in mind, you will have learned to pick your battles and be able to allow differences of opinions and see them as different levels of spiritual growth and choices in what souls come into the physical body to learn. I am hearing the “Peace through acceptance.” Be neutral.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Merlin Chronicles by Kay December 7, 2015

 Merlin Chronicles         by Kay        December 7, 2015

We are in the countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah began yesterday. I am not Jewish or any religion but I love the lighting of candles. I always have. It brings me peace,

 Early in my studies of the spiritual world I used to listen to my guides and teachers from within who would tell me to buy different colored candles and light them saying a specific prayer that was channeled to me.

 I think this was one of many dark moments in my life and the candles and messages gave me hope and let me know that I wasn't alone. There was light! I only needed to provide the spark to create the flame.

I really didn’t know anything about any religion actually because I wasn’t raised attending any church. My father and mother were both of different religions and obviously felt like neither were a good choice.

I remembering asking them about it and I was always told the same thing as they did when I asked about me not having a middle name. You can chose your own when you grow up they would say. I was highly suspicious and thought I was just getting blown off.

 Maybe they were listening to their inner guidance because I don’t know how easy it would have been for me to embrace my own inner voice and channeled messages that have always brought pure and simple guidance to me.

Perhaps if I would have been told that a spiritual leader, bible or whatever other book said that it should be this way or that I wouldn't have searched on my own.

I am not saying that the road was easy. I had to find my own way through trial and error. It was everything but easy.

 My first meeting with Jesus the Christ was powerful and nothing like that has ever compared. I saw him as clearly as I see anyone on this planet. He walked me through the crucifixion. There are no words for this experience. Many Ascended Masters have introduced themselves to me since then.

Perhaps my road was difficult so I would be able to assist others by taking the brunt of many life trials so I could relate and help others find the voice within themselves. 

I am so honored and pleased to be of service to all of you. Know that you are cherished and loved. There is a light for you.

On that note,

Here are the MerlinScopes If you want to see the Scopes for the whole month you can look at the previous blog or look on


Kay Dragon

Merlin Scopes…  Week of December 7th, 2015    by Kay

Aries… Week of December 7th, 2015 

I am hearing the word Values for you. This is a time to assess what is important to you. What is the most treasured of all you possess? I think that you might find the answer to this in a song or a story. Expect an Aha moment.

Taurus… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Don’t be afraid of information that might create or require changes in your life. It may not hear what you want but it might be what you need.

Be open to allowing the universe to take the wheel and reveal some new opportunities. Blessings in disguise.

Gemini… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Don’t fuel the fire by allowing feelings of fear and resentment to set the mood for this holiday season. You may have made some less than happy choices in the past but know that these choices are part of being human and resulting in making you the wise one who you are.

You may feel as if others have let you down but know that your expectations may have had a little to do with that.

Cancer… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Remember the spiritual laws concerning love. The more you give, the more you will receive. Appreciate those in your life who have been there for you as well as those who have just come into your life.

Something you have been working on is starting to pay off. Be proactive but not aggressive in your approach.

Leo… Week of December 7th, 2015 

You may be feeling like you are ready for a change. You might be feeling anxious and uncomfortable with work or in your relationships.

Take a hard look at why you are feeling this way. Is it due to the lack of stimulation or excitement? Is there anything that you can do to change this? Maybe the change you are looking for is within.

Virgo… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Stop doubting yourself and move forward in your own light. The past is the past and it is time to set new goals. Use the visits from Christmas past to transform your life into a new direction of peace and service.

Continue with your journey in integrity and recognition of the success that you have achieved on a soul level. Don’t compare your success and failure to others. You have no idea what darkness others deal with in their lives.

Libra… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Good things are in store for you. Try not to think too much or concern yourself with manipulating to make things go the way you would like to see it. Allow things fall into place in natural order.

This is a great time for business and creative projects. I see opportunities to collaborate with others and create harmony.

Scorpio… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Take care of your body this week. Make sure that you get enough rest and I am hearing the Collective talking about your breathing.

 Pay attention to your breath. There is wisdom is focusing on your breath. Emotional experiences that have been held down as well as those new energies and ideas that are waiting to come through to assist you wish to be recognized in this manner.

Sagittarius … Week of December 7th, 2015 

This is a great time for travel and fun. When you are having fun, everyone benefits.

Unlock the secrets of your heart and follow your intuition fearlessly. Even if you have never thought of yourself as being psychic or intuitive you will start seeing a bit behind the veil into other dimensions.

 Capricorn … Week of December 7th, 2015 

Get that concerned look off of your face. You know that there is only so much that you can do and then you have to let it go and turn it over to the Divine.

Ask for assistance from the Angelic realms and pay attention to your dreams. I am seeing a vision of you sniffing in the air. This can mean a couple of things. You may be very sensitive to the scents around you and they can affect your moods and physical well-being.

This can also mean that if it smells like B.S. that it probably is.

Aquarius… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Your energy is a bit better this week. Make sure that you use it wisely and protect yourself from over exposure to negativity and environments that might be too stressful for your nervous system.

Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Make sure that you have a little time to be with yourself in a healthy way. This means avoiding the state of the world such as time on the internet or TV.

Pisces… Week of December 7th, 2015 

Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can be replaced with a stronger foundation. This might even mean totally dismantling some thing or perhaps a relationship before building a new one.

This may feel a bit unnerving and feeling like you wish that you never started this project but trust that it will be worth it in the long haul.

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