Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MerlinScopes for the week of Nov 23, 2014

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all in a great space and enjoying the holiday season. I know that we are all struggling with the state of the world and especially with the issue in Ferguson, Missouri.

I find myself asking, why Ferguson? There are so many other situations that seem as bad or worse and no one seems to be rioting. When I ask my Divine Presence and Master Teachers about this I am shown a scene of a group of souls in or about the year 1829. This group of souls were slaves and treated poorly as you can imagine. I see a great injustice that took place that has lingered in the consciousness of all those involved for all generations to follow.

I am also being told to expect other situations of this sort to take place over the next two years. I am showed this as little fires exploding in different areas of the country as well as something larger in The U.K., Spain, Canada and Russia just to name a few.

I am being told to tell you to turn inward to your heart which is where your divine Presence live. This will help keep you in line with your part in the unfolding of the New World. Do this when you are alone and especially when you are in groups. Remain as non judgemental as possible. Just open your heart and neither try to send or receive light. Just be that light.

Sending you love and blessings,


Here are the Scopes for the week

MerlinScopes for the week of Nov. 23rd Aries… The week of November 23rd

Don’t look at the glass and see it half empty. See it half full of blessings and know that there will be enough. Just use common sense in dealing with resources and don’t allow someone else to make all the decisions. If you allow others to make the decision and things turn out poorly then it makes it all too easy to lay blame for the outcome on someone else.

You may be tempted to see the down side of situations and of people around you this week. Try not to take your frustrations out on others even though they may not be living up to your expectations. Find ways in which you can offer a new perspective on a situation or perhaps a nonjudgmental understanding of another’s behaviors.

Taurus... The week of November 23rd

You have the opportunity this week to take a situation of a personal nature and see it through rose colored glasses. I see a vision of you holding up a beautiful kaleidoscope and turning it as you raise it to the sun. Then you turn directions and raise it towards the moon and then directly in front of you as you gaze through a big picture window in what appears to be a store front.

The message I am getting from this is that you are being given the gift of looking at situations through different colors and in a different light. Each color brings out a different emotional feeling for you and each feeling is positive. With blue you feel calm, red you feel full of energy and passion, green healthy and prosperous. The list goes on and on.

This may be a magical week for you. There may be some uncontrollable circumstances but you can color them and see them in any light you choose and make that your reality. It can see this as a positive situation and build something beautiful or you can choose to see it a less fortunate way. The choice is yours.

Gemini... The week of November 23rd

Pull yourself back to center as you might find yourself getting caught up in other people’s drama. Keep your opinions and judgments based on your experience and not what other people are telling you.

You may feel like you are being left out of some situation but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t allow yourself to become envious or let others achievements or activities bruise your ego. Your part of the journey has yet to be seen and the more you focus on other people’s stuff the less likely you are to see the opportunities that will be laid out for you when the time is right.

Keep your focus on your daily physical activities and especially pay attention when you are walking and driving. You may feel like the world is spinning and lose your balance. That’s just your mind jumping to far ahead in the future and /or spinning backward into the past. Stay grounded.

Cancer... The week of November 23rd

It seems that you are in a transformational period this week. This could be in a job, a relationship or a way of seeing something that you were very passionate about. I see taking a few steps back from a situation that you would generally be in the middle of. I see everyone in the room stop to see what you are going to do as you are still standing in the doorway carefully looking over every part of the room and the activities of the people involved.

It almost looks like these people are re-modeling the room. I see you pulling a pocket watch out and as you look at it, you carefully turn around and walk in a different direction with no plan in mind or any mission.

It is almost as if you are saying this is not what I want to do right now. I don’t want a part in this play anymore. Allow some time for retrospection because something new and a bit different is just around the corner. It doesn’t mean that you are going to cut and run, rather use this experience that you have had to this point and transform it into something even more meaningful.

There may be someone in your personal or business life that is self-motivated in an aggressive manner who may try to persuade you to get involved in something that you feel a bit sketchy about. No matter how charismatic this person is I would encourage you to wait on all decisions especially involving your money.

Leo... The week of November 23rd

You may still be feeling a bit emotional and edgy this week. This is a good time to get in touch with the mind/body connection and be more realistic about your goals. There is a time for everything and now is the time for you to focus your thoughts and energies on nurturing yourself. This will help you get back in touch with your own personal connection.

It seems as if you have been in touch with everyone else’s needs but you have left your own to twist in the wind. You might hear stories of how everyone else does something or how someone’s personal journey changed their life in a meaningful way. Others may try the same thing and get good results. Remember, you are here on your own journey and you require a delicate balance that may not fit into other people’s formula for happiness. Don’t feel out of place because you don’t fit into their mold.

Finances are also in the forefront this week. Keep your finances and emotions in different compartments and don’t mix the two as one has nothing to do with the other.

Virgo... The week of November 16th

This may be difficult to hear this week but it would be to your benefit to put your own financial burdens on the back burner and see the blessings in what you have. This may remind you that sharing with others in need will bring not only the spirit of the season forward for you but also send a message to the universe that you are ready to play the “Give and Receive Game.”

When you think of it as a game it makes life more fun and removes the blocks to prosperity through charity. It doesn’t have to be money. It can also be service of time or labor or just spending time with someone.

You may be struggling with worries and feelings of lack and the only way to help your mind shift into a more prosperous state of mind is through giving as if you have more than enough to share

Libra... The week of November 23rd

Take note of your energy this week. If you feel like you need a nap or rest then give yourself the rest it needs. This is a time to slow down a bit and look back over the summer months.

You have covered a lot of ground and need a bit of time to re-generate and formulate what your next move will be. You learned a lot over the past year and have some wisdom to share with others. I see the possibility of younger people or those who could benefit from some of your wisdom. Others will be attracted to your sweet Libra energy. If you are single this may be a good time you to meet someone who is on the same vibration as you.

Scorpio... The week of November 23rd

Ask yourself if you are keeping your integrity concerning someone that you have had dealings with in the past. Don’t let your ego give way to obsessive thinking and acting out of character.

Avoid letting yourself get pulled into a situation. Don’t get lost in someone else’s world of woe. If you want to be of assistance to them or help them, I would use caution in what you say as anything you say may be used as a weapon or some form of support for this person. This may not reflect favorably on you. Ask you guides and higher self to alert you to any yellow or red flags that you need to see. Chances are that you are not getting the whole story.

Go easy on your body. You may be having some aches and pains. Be gentle and use salt water baths, oils and scented candles to help ease the aches away.

Sagittarius... The week of November 23rd

What’s the harm in asking? Instead of sitting back and hoping or simmering under a strained smile just ask! If you deserve a raise, say so. If you need more help around the house or on a project, say something.

Your cheerful day to day attitude hides so many disappointments and sadly somewhere in your mind, you believe that this is all you deserve. Eventually the lid will blow off and you may do something that makes you seem passive aggressive. Then you will feel guilty and try to do too much to patch things up and the cycle will start again. Sound familiar?

Expect a fun filled holiday and surround yourself with those people and things you love the most. You need lots of hugs right now.

Capricorn... The week of November 23rd

I keep hearing the Christmas song”Joy to the World.” It seems that you are already in the holiday mood. This is a good week to accept invitations especially to go to places where you have the possibility of meeting new people.

You may have the opportunity to meet someone new in your life that has a message or that might open new doors for you. I am hearing that this could be in the areas of finances or communication.

Be open to hearing about opportunities with unusual people but always take your time before jumping into anything. Don’t sign anything until you have all of your questions answered I am seeing small print written in red ink.

Aquarius... The week of November 23rd

Open your crown chakra and listen to the information that your guides and teachers are giving to you. I can see this lovely communication and it feels so sweet and intimate. There may even be some messages from those who have passed over coming to give you news and getting information from you as well.

You may feel like things are moving slowly. You are correct and this is as it should be. I am being shown your aura and your crown chakra again. I see a large down load of information and energy passing through your energetic and physical body.

There may be some headaches and sinus issues as old energy is moved out and pushed through your field. Use a humidifier if you live in dry environments and try to breathe the moist air outside if you live near an ocean or lake.

Pisces… The week of November 23rd

Oh yes, it has been a long strange trip for sure. There has been some movement in your energy that may feel uncomfortable emotionally and physically.It is almost like sand shifting and resettling in new areas of your life.

Are you recovering from a stressful or disappointing situation? There may be some residue holding space in your cells and auric field. Drink lots of water and exercise if possible. The holodays may leave you feeling a bit sensitive. Reach out to those who know and understand you.

There is however, a memory of a powerful alliance that may be felt and tuned into on the inner most levels of your heart.

You are being guided to breathe in and raise your vibration to the highest and best of life and all of its offerings. When you breathe out let it be gratitude for all that you have and for all of your experiences. Repeat to yourself,”I am ready to allow life to take me to the next step.” As you surrender a feeling of completion fills your heart and you slowly start to build a new from the ashes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov. 17th MerlinScope

Happy Monday!

Due to the weather here I choose to stay in and cozy for most of the week. I did however go to church yesterday at First Spiritual Science Church of Denver. I am not a church person but I love this place. We have different speakers every week and this week Jeff Kowachik a local Chiropractor and all around entertaining guy spoke and I came out feeling not only entertained and upbeat but truly inspired.

Jeff talked about a workshop that he has been attending that requires the group to do a complete cleanse.

This sounds like what everybody is talking about, "cleanse" seems to be the new buzz word for the year,right? But he went on to share his journey it became much deeper than I had expected. This is not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. Jeff candidly shared his personal experience and how this process is clearing space to help those attending to move forward.

Jeff asked me to sing and without fully knowing what the subject matter was going to be about I intuitively picked an Eric Bibb song "Don't let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down."

As it turns out, the song worked perfectly as an introduction to the content of his talk. Isn't amazing how spirit works with and through us. Especially when we share it with other people and let loose of the reins allowing spirit to creatively flow through others. Sometimes life just, looks like a big puzzle to me and everyone has a different piece. When it is all put together the result is ...perfect.

I am so blessed to have an entire community of folks that all carry a piece of the puzzle. Take a look at your own life. Do you allow others to bring their part of the puzzle to the table? Are you surrounded by others who allow you to bring your piece of the puzzle?

Have a Blessed and Wonderful; week!

Kay Dragon

Enjoy the MerlinScopes!

Week of Nov 16th Aries… The week of November 16th

Take a different approach to fixing a new problem that seems to be creating a misunderstanding. First an attitude adjustment may be in order. Pull in your talons, step back, take a deep breath and see yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Receiving new information on a project seems to have turned your interest upside down may lead to hesitation. Follow your gut.

Taurus... The week of November 16th

Feeling a bit sentimental this week? Places and people from your past may be popping up in your mind or in your life. Wisdom comes from taking an inventory of the circumstances that brought you to where you are now.

I see you standing at a chalk board doing the math including the total scheme of things. It looks like algebra which was never my strong suit. Even though you have the total it seems that you are still looking at x as the unknown. Ask for guidance in finding this as this. The answer will be like a light bulb turning on as there is a place in your consciousness that you seems you to want you to know the answer.

Gemini... The week of November 916h

Take a breather from unloading your troubles in ways that are not productive and doesn’t assist you in clearing the air or fixing the problem. Talking it out is fine but it is time for action. Walk your talk

For instance, you may be upset about something or someone (maybe even yourself) and instead of facing the issue head on, you dump it somewhere else which serves no one. It is like putting a bandage on a wound that needs to be stitched. Shortly after, the issue arises again and you have to find somewhere else to dump it.

Avoid impulses to go rouge on family and friends. I say this with a great deal of love as many of my best friends are Gemini’s and share a place in my midhaven.

Cancer... The week of November 16th

Are you waking up in the middle of the night and stressing about things that you can’t fix? It is doubtful that you will be able to do much damage control in the middle of the night. Perhaps reading something fictional or listening to relaxing music will help you get back to sleep. Avoid the urge to get up and jump on the internet.

Pay attention to what you are doing with this time that you are awake. Be careful in cruising the snack drawer for a quick carb fix. Your digestion is going through a transformational period and will not appreciate having to work overtime. In fact it may just sit there till morning and put your day off balance.

Leo... The week of November 16th

Let what is really important surface this week. You know all is well but you can’t shake this feeling of indecisiveness which is so unlike you.

intuitively you feel as if something is about to break open or fall apart. Your higher wisdom is telling you to repeat over and over, “All is well, all is well.”

Visualize yourself standing under a warm flowing waterfall and allowing the water to rinse your body and then rinse your soul. Expect to be challenged in your beliefs but hold your truth near.

Virgo... The week of November 16th

Take a bit of recreation this week. You put a lot of hours into whatever Virgo is fixated on this week. Let your hair down and shake off stiff muscles with some laughter.

Try to balance yourself so you don’t burn out on what you love doing the most because you know that when you reach that point of going a bit too far that it will be hard to pull yourself back into that creative mode again. Don’t force anything

Stick with a program and try to get more exercise as your body may be collecting or pooling toxins in parts of your body Accept invitations especially if it concerns attending something new or different. This will open your mind and feed your creativity .

Libra... The week of November 16th

Balance is the key word for you in every aspect. This is no surprise as your sign is represented by the scales but this week it seems to be amplified.

Balance in your relationships, money and energy are all highlighted. Many times you let things slide but this week you need to bring up the balance.

This is a good time to ask for what you want or need in a relationship if you are feeling like you are not receiving all that you need. Asking for what you need can open a new levels and sometimes deepen a relationship. This also holds true in the area of career. When needs are not met resentment can fester and hinder your joy. You might also consider the opposite. Perhaps you need to add more balance on your end of a relationship or partnership.

Take a long look at the balance in your life and evaluate your needs and those needs of partners, friends and family. This feels like something that you need to accomplish by the years end.

Scorpio... The week of November 16th

I keep hearing an old rock n roll song by Gene Vincent called Be Bop a Lula. Check it out on You Tube if you like. This is a week of passing attractions. Old flames, old music and old ideas.

I am hearing another song that says everything old becomes new again! Maybe it is time to bring back some of the things that you have done, seen or heard and bring them forth into your present life now.

I asked your Scorpio higher collective how this will serve you and I was answered in true Scorpio fashion “When I want to share it I’ll let you know” You guys are so secretive.

Sagittarius... The week of November 16th

Take care of your legs and hips this week. You may get so caught up in other peoples drama that you forget to watch your step.

The collective is saying that you would benefit from making up your own Christmas list in a way that makes you feel like a little kid again. Bring yourself back to a time when all innocence still prevailed in your environment and in that beautiful creative imagination of yours. If you can’t recall a time when you had that magical feeling in your life then create one.

Sometimes being one of the big kids just sucks. Let your imagination wander and give it a rest

Capricorn... The week of November 16th

I see a vision of you sitting in a chair and holding your hand over your heart as a beautiful white and golden light begins to emerge from it. As you get closer to your birth month and day your heart will continue to open, slowly and progressively.

Take time to breathe and watch sappy movies as this will assist you in the opening that is happening in your heart. This is a clearing that needs to take place so that you may be fully initiated in the wonderful gifts of spirit that are coming your way in the coming months.

Aquarius... The week of November 16th

Take your body seriously this week. Don’t push or you may create a landslide of issues that will take longer than you would like to repair.

Allow yourself even more receiving this week. If possible take a little trip to somewhere peaceful that is filled with the beauty of nature. There is a need for peace in your life right now.

You may have a feeling of emptiness but I am being told to tell you that it is a part of something that you have released and that new room is being made for something better. Just allow.

Pisces... The week of November 16th

I see you in a little boat taking a ride through a spiral wave of energy. You may feel as if you are going around in circles in the same place but you are not. You are going deeper than you ever have before.

Instead of being focused on what everyone else wants or thinks, you will be in a period of deep inspiration and kindness to yourself who, is… the I am Presence, Christ, Buddha, God or whatever deity you see as your higher power. There are no words to express how beautiful this looks from where I am sitting.

Monday, November 10, 2014

MerlinScopes for the week of Nov. 9th

We are starting out the week in Colorado with a sudden change in the weather. Brrr We took the dogs for a walk this morning and by the time we got back the wind was blowing and the clouds were rolling in from the north.

Although many of us would rather have the sunny warm days there are always those who love the cold weather. I try to think of the cold weather as an opportunity to be challenged by new changes.

If you love to snow board and you live close to the mountains this is a perfect time of year for you. There are always those of us who are not into the slopes who find other ways of to deal with the winter months.

I try to think of it as a way to get closer to my divine self and learn to live with myself and those around me more effectively. After all, we spend a lot more time indoors trying to find movies and activities to share with the folks we live with during those days that keep us close to home.

The message that I am getting from spirit today is to adjust with the weather. I am seeing a field of wheat swaying back and forth with the wind. Be flexible and eat foods that are complimentary to the season that you are in. Stay focused on your feet as you ground yourself to the changes in Mother Earth. This will help you keep your balance no matter where you are.

Have a lovely week my friends


Aries… The week of November 9th

If you want to make things perfect, I would suggest that you move out of the way and allow the divine presence within to control the flow. Things may not be exactly as you would like them to be but they are moving in a more positive direction.

This is a good time to fill yourself with the spirit of giving and forgiveness. Perhaps you have some hobby of creative endeavor that has been sitting on the back burner for some time. Now is the time to bring it forward as you have the flow creation just waiting for an invite to come play with you.

Relationships need tending to right now as I am being show a vision of you looking at a garden and the plants are encouraging you to come spend time with them. This is in all areas of your life. Part of you seems to have been missing in action lately due to other projects that needed to be considered. Your presence and participation in your relationships has been missed by those who hold you ion their hearts

Saint Frances of Assisi is making his presence known in your life and he would like you to remember his Prayer of Peace and say it softly and often as your Mantra this week.

Taurus... The week of November 9th

Take a little tip from those who provide service in life. That could be your food server’s or anyone else who provides a service on a personal level. Reward those who provide you with service and you will also be rewarded. Food is especially important to you this week as you will be craving good tasting food that fills that place in your body that sometimes can be overwhelming.

I know that we are told to bless our food and this may seem redundant but this is the message that is coming through for you this week. Not only do you need to bless and give gratitude for your food but in your heart and mind but also for those who prepared and grew the food as well as the Earth and elements that made this lovely fuel for your life possible.

Food is not the only thing that you are craving. This is a week of desires and wanting sensual connections concerning touch and affection. This may be in the form of the obvious such as lovemaking or perhaps massage, a trip to the salon for a pampering or just good hugs.

Gemini... The week of November 9th

You are being reminded to center yourself and keep good boundaries this week. Sometimes it is easier to take on other people problems and join their cause than it is to work on your own stuff.

Use disgression in dealing with those who thrive on lower energies. I am not saying that they are bad people, just that they seem to get caught up in their issues which are like revolving doors. This could result in enabling unhealthy behaviors and end up being a waste of your time.

Create a harmonious connection with your divine self and make your choices based on what is best for all involved. Sometimes you just have to be brutally honest

Cancer... The week of November 9th

You finally have a bit of time to unwind from the previous six weeks of intense energies and emotions. Now I didn’t say you would have all week but probably about 3 days. You may decide to plan a time out or your body and spirit may just flat line and let you know that it is time for a bit of a rest.

There are many things and perhaps people who have been demanding your attention and now it is time for you to pull some of that attention and especially love back to your heart.

Take a few moments to yourself, especially in the morning to focus your attention on your heart and see yourself pulling some of the love you have giving out back to your heart. This does not mean that you would deny someone else of this love as this love energy lives forever. This just means that you are bringing back to you for some needed healing and nurturing. When others need it, then as much as they need will return to them.

Leo... The week of November 9th

Emotions run high this week and you seem to be having difficulties in organization. Your thoughts seem to be scattered and don’t seem to fit in with the coming and goings of the rest of the planet right now.

Take a chill pill and remember that all will happen when it is supposed to happen and you don’t have to like it but getting anger and frustration is a waste of time. If possible, go to the gym, clean house or walk it off.

You need to release these energies of they may result in high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as indigestion.. I see a vision of you trying to hold on the world and control the spin. Your arms are latched on tight and your feet are dug in. I wonder if you’ll wake up with sore shoulders. Relax, let go and allow the Universe to move forward because it will no matter how hard you try.

Virgo... The week of November 9th

I keep hearing an Aerosmith song;” Back in the Saddle Again.” Hold on because this week, everything is about to pick up. It is almost as if you have been sleeping but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You are coming out of a period that appears to me as a or a whirlpool in the middle of a great wave swirling round and round and you are in the middle of this being tossed an twirled with no other choice but to surrender. It has seemed as if you haven’t been moving at all but what you don’t realize is that the you are in the middle of a great wave that started in the middle of the sea and is now back on shore and spitting you out on solid ground miles from where you started. You shake off the water and notice that you are all shiny and renewed. Maybe even more shiny and better than before you caught this wave.

Re-group, organize and put yourself on a schedule to balance all of the activities and opportunities that will be coming forth in the next few months.

Libra... The week of November 9th

I see a vision of you petting a big black dog and you seem to be petting it against the natural direction of the way the fur grows. This seems to be uncomfortable for you as well as the dog. Even worse, you are also looking at some things that are hidden under the fur that makes you feel compelled to turn your head away and yet you continue to pet this creature in the same manner.

Your soft gentle spirit is having a bit of trouble justifying some of the thoughts and judgments that you are feeling right now. With this being said, it is perfectly normal to choose to avoid people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable or feel like it goes against your grain. Most times you can handle awkward situations and people that don’t feel in line with your way of thinking but this week you are urged to politely bow out and be selective about who you share your energy with.

I want to add a little disclaimer here as I am a huge dog lover and in no way mean this to sound as if it reflects negatively on dogs. I am just explaining to you what spirit says and shows me.

Scorpio... The week of November 9th

This is a great week in terms of assistance and support from others. Things just seem to fall into place. Pay attention to the little things. It would benefit you and others if you let loose of the reins a bit and allow another to have some control.

You can delegate to others without losing your position of power or your place in line. Everyone has their own Divine light and allowing another to shine will not take anything away from yours. In fact it will increase it. It is the simple law of gratitude and service as you open a door for someone else another door will open for you.

Be open and receptive to excellent new opportunities in your career and personal life. If you are thinking about a new job or a new way of promoting your business this is an excellent week to start putting these plans into place. Don’t discount ideas and offers to help from others.

Music plays a big part in your life this week so listen, play, sing or dance as this will only increase your affirmations and your ability to manifest wonderful things.

Sagittarius... The week of November 9th

Trust your intuition this week. Your higher self and guides are trying to get messages through to you but you have been blocking the flow lately. You hold yourself to very high and strict expectations. Much more so than you would ever ask of anyone else.

This type of thinking keeps you in your head and out of your heart. Actually it is abusive behavior when you think about it. When you are abusive to yourself you are actually being abusive to everyone in your life and beyond. Have you forgotten that we are all connected?

Try to create a bit of space for yourself and address your fears. There are changes coming up and your higher self is whispering in a sweet soft voice that only you can hear. Look inward and ask for help. This is where you will find the strength you need.

Capricorn... The week of November 9th

Take extra precautions when traveling and especially if you are driving. Your thoughts may be racing in many different directions instead of focusing on what you are doing as well as other folks on the road. This also pertains to walking and biking.

You are being urged to bring it down a notch or two and allow your body, mind and spirit to be as one again. Back off of caffeine and energy drinks as this might test your nerves and interrupt your sleep patterns.

Take some time out of your busy day to “just be” and receive the many blessings of the universe. This will assist you in manifesting blessings which could be in the form of financial rewards. Just breath in the gratitude and give thanks and trust all is well.

Aquarius... The week of November 9th

Prayers are answered as I see angels floating around you ministering to any physical or emotional problems that you or a loved one may have been experiencing in the past few weeks. I see you taking a deep breath and as you release anxieties and distress from your entire being.

Oddly enough I see many animals who have passed on into spirit around many of you. They are here to show their undying gratitude and support. In some cases forgiveness, as animals hold no grudges and only grant forgiveness from the spirit level.

Pay attention to who you share your energies with this week as some may have tendencies to drain your energy and look for any red flags of unhealthy associations that you have shared in the past.

Pisces... The week of November 9th

This has been a time of strong boundaries which can be good in some circumstances yet unfortunate in other ways. On the positive side, boundaries can help you avoid getting caught up in other people’s emotions and destructive and addictive behaviors. It can give you the grit to say ”enough is enough” and stay true to yourself.

On the flip side boundaries can show themselves as stubbornness and refusal to see or listen to the opinions and wisdom of others who wish to assist you. This may make it difficult for you to reach out for help as you don’t want to appear weak or show your vulnerability.

There are some things in life that cannot be changed or altered and the undeniable truth can be hard to swallow. It is how we handle these situations that define us and create amazing new insights and opportunities to grow and share these bits of wisdom with others.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

MerlinScopes for November 2014

Merlin Scopes November 2014 by Kay

Hi Everyone!

I can truly say that it has been an intense year and I hope that things will ease up as we are now coming into the home stretch. Many of us have been going through huge changes in our personal lives as well as the shifts in the world we live in.

I have been going through a bit of "changing of the guard" in my meditations and in my channeling work. I feel like I am being pushed, pulled and diverted in many ways.I know that I better get this issue of the MerlinScopes out now before I am encouraged to change it again.

I am being taught in my meditations how to ground the energies and information that I receive into my body,specifically into my heart so that I may have a more personal and unique experience with the "I Am" presence. It seems the more I do this, the more my writing and interpretation of the words and visions I get from the Divine shifts and grows into something bigger in my own experience and I am getting new instructions on teaching and counseling and I feel as if this must be happening on a larger level and involving more of you.

I wonder,how your world has been expanding as of late? I know if you are reading this that you are a seeker of higher consciousness and a fellow traveler of the light so things must be happening in your life.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share some of your experiences as I would love to listen! You can always find me on facebook or reply to the blog.

Again, let me remind you that I am not an astrologer as I lack the patience that my talented friends in this field have. I just channel the information that the masters give me to assist the 12 waves of beings living on this planet.

Blessings and Love!



It is best to try to find a balance if you want to keep your friends. I am not saying that life has not been a challenge as of late; but it is now time to re-focus and perhaps pull yourself back to center. Be in the present with those whom you are with at the moment.

You now have the opportunity to lighten up as the past few months have been intense. Let go a bit and allow someone else to drive for a while. Allow yourself to receive or you may end up feeling undervalued and start feeling like a victim. Remember, if you are feeling “used” that you have a responsibility in this situation too. Have you offered too much or done things with expectations of your own?

This will be a month of regeneration, especially within your environment. Sort out what you don’t need. Move things around the house to see what feels right as far as balancing the energy field in your home or work environment. Perhaps you have made a move in your home or work place.

You feel more connected to your environment than ever before. This is like a sacred aha moment and may make you feel as if you have unlocked the key to the universe!

You are actually starting to notice the relationship between your physical surroundings and your own personal energy field, emotions, and energy.

Your Light Being

Lord Lanto will assist you in serving your higher purpose. He will help you get back into your heart of hearts and bring remembrance of simpler times. I see him giving you a gift of “Time.”

Your Animal Guide

Bobcat will help you find time to pull yourself into a quiet space. Find time to spend in the peace and quiet of a forest or countryside. Trust your intuition and listen to your guidance as you are extra intuitive right now.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Labradorite will assist you in recovering from disappointments of the past few months. This will also assist in aligning your aura and heighten your intuition.

The week of November 2

The keyword for the week is allow. Maybe you like vision boards or visualization, affirmations or perhaps dancing under the moon while you chant or sing in a drum circle. Do whatever fills your soul and enhances your personal power. The point is that you can make your intention and then let it go so the universe can make it happen! This is a great week to go after what your heart desires. Make the intention in any way you choose and then let go of it.

This may be a bit challenging for you as you have some concerns about letting the Universe choose the best course for you. Let it go. Write it on a paper and burn it or put it in a shredder. Don’t get too caught up in how you receive… Just allow! I know you can do it!


Take a moment to remember that your opinion is only one of many. Test the waters and put a delay on yourself when jumping to conclusions and voicing your opinion about situations that really are not your own personal battles. Even if you think that these are your battles, I urge you to handle yourself in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. Think through the whole picture and consider the possibilities of how your words and actions might affect others. Are you speaking from your higher self or from a shadow side that is crying out for love and acceptance?

The “Golden Rule” comes into play this month; keep in mind that anything you do during this period will pack a wallop. The good news is that if you conduct yourself with compassion, peace, love and fairness that you can change the results of any situation into a win/win for everyone. Remember, you will reap what you sow so make it delicious, healthy and beautiful.

Pay attention to messages from your higher self and the universe. These may come through in many ways. It could be plain and simple like a phone call or through synchronistic situations. Listen to your gut, your intuition, and put your ego aside.

Your Light Being

Ascended Master Kuthumi will assist you in appropriate ways to respond and interact with others and show you the rewards of conducting yourself with consideration and tact.

Your Animal Guide

Swan will help you pull your thoughts together and ground. If you are feeling a bit out of it and unable to finish anything, swan will help you in approaching one thing at a time and to stick to your priorities.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Topaz will attract abundance and help complete goals.

The week of November 2

See things as they really are and not how you would like them to be. It is time to take responsibility for some of the cracks in the foundation of a relationship or project you have been working on. You can try to adjust your approach in how you will handle the situation from here on out, but remember that the foundation has already been laid and is a bit compromised. So please handle with care.

This does not mean that all is lost; but rather you will need to be mindful of the sensitivities of the relationship from here on out. Don’t get bogged down with guilt or blame as this will only complicate things further. Don’t burn bridges as you may regret this in the future.


A change of heart has brought some peace of mind this month. Last month was a time of trials and tribulations. If you made some clear decisions about changes you wanted to make within your own thought process, then you should be feeling a bit more social and at ease with who you are at the present moment.

Stay clear of any”walking miracles” as you may be approached by someone or something that just seems a little too good to be true. Someone or something that holds a charismatic quality can lead you down a path that may pull you in and distract you from your own god given path and talents. Keep your feet on the ground and your focus straight ahead.

This can be a month of choices in your path as I see a split in the road. There are other factors and people standing in the middle. One is offering the gifts of the road on the left and the other offers the gifts of the road on the right. Make sure your choice is the one that serves you in a holistic manner including your body, mind, spirit and soul and not just the ego. The one that serves only the ego will be powerful yet short lived and put you back into the dark side of your emotional daze. If you find yourself making decisions based on fear, remember that this also is fueling the ego.

The best way to make the choice is to go within and seek the power of your true heart. A meditation that includes a visual journey of you walking to the path of your spiritual well could help you in so many ways. The answer may not come at that exact moment but I will come. Watch and surrender to the music and messages of the Divine. They may come through music, other people, books or other endless possible ways. Just listen.

Your Light Being

Archangel Michael will help you cut through the illusion of what it is and what it is not. Bring him into every situation. He asks “Why do you make it more complicated than it needs to be?” His energy is strong and decisive. Nothing about him is candy-coated as he is God’s warrior who is here to protect and break down walls of falsehoods and illusion. Give him great respect and abide by his messages.

Your Animal Guide

Opossum says that you can use his abilities to play dead or na├»ve to a situation so you can gather information. Others are more apt to show their true selves when they don’t think anyone is watching or suspicious of their intent or motivation. On the other side of the coin, someone may also be more apt to help you if they think that you don’t know as much as they do and face it, we all have something to learn from everyone we meet. Humility is important.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Ulexite will bring everything into focus and under magnification. It will help you choose your path and help you see someone else’s true intentions.

The week of November 2

Don’t give up. So many times you have simply let go of the reins when there appears to be a curve in the road and you can’t anticipate the destination. There is a good chance of your being promoted to another position or more like a graduation that will allow you to go on to a higher grade and expand your experiences on the road to happiness. This may be literally but more likely, in the areas of lessons you are here to learn on planet earth.

Patience is key right now so stop trying to look around the corner when you haven’t even constructed the building yet. How can you get an accurate vision when you haven’t gone through the steps that will determine the outcome?


I see you sitting at a card table with a full deck of cards in your hands. You have been shuffling and shuffling. There are three other players that are unseen as yet, but you seem to know who they are. I am being told to tell you to take a little more time to shuffle the cards before you deal them out. Give thought to who needs what and how many cards each player needs.

Have you been withholding from one or overly extravagant with the other? You are being encouraged to sit with this a bit longer as some great changes are coming forth and you will be forced to show your hand at some point.

Some of the players will be unhappy and others will be pleased. You need to look at this as you would a game of chance. It is not personal unless you make it that way; and who needs that? This can be in a personal or career area of your life.

Finances may be a bit stretched to the limit but you will find ways to balance the numbers. This may require that you participate in a job or money making project you haven’t done in a long time. Relax, it will be temporary and can be interesting.

What about the cards in your hand? I see a strong hand with many possibilities. I see a lot of red cards of Kings and Queens and aces that you have been holding on to. You even have one up your sleeve. Have you forgotten about some of your gifts or have you been keeping them hidden and not sharing them with others?

Your Light Being

Saint Francis of Assisi will help bring you back to the true and natural gifts of the soul and nature.

Your Animal Guide

Otter is here to remind you to lighten up a bit. You are very good at giving to others but uncomfortable with receiving gifts or compliments for yourself. Ask otter to help you be a bit more playful so even though you are working hard, you are efficient and feel like you are hardly working. This will help release the flow of all things in your life and leave you with joy and balance.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Chrysoberyl will help release negative patterns and align the crown and solar plexus to aid in self-esteem issues, forgiveness, and compassion.

The week of November 2

This is a good time to take a mini-break and allow yourself to receive ideas and information in the quiet of your mind and heart. Turn off the TV and phone and get off the computer as much as possible.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in other people’s opinions. They may be bringing their own agenda into the situation.

Look for ground level opportunities this week. But be wary of some. You have been through all of the schemes where the “leads” and clients are already burned out so watch for the appropriate red flags.


Feeling sentimental about a certain person or time in your life will surely make you a bit on the emotional side, as you walk down the path and look at the choices you have made and what the alternative outcomes could have been.

Try to remember this is just like watching a movie and you don’t need to re-live all of the feelings associated with the situations. Your guides and higher self are bringing forth this opportunity to pull your thoughts back to you own soul’s journey. You do have parts to play such as the mother, daughter, son, father, wife, husband, and employee and so on, but these are only roles in the play and not meant to define your soul’s path. It goes so much deeper than that.

The purpose of this life review is to prepare you for new avenues and exciting opportunities. You are being asked to use spiritual discernment to collect the tools and gifts acquired which have brought you through to this time in your life.

Surely, as much as you would like to run through this A.S.A.P., understand this time is sacred and will take as long as needed until you have wrapped your head around the truth.

Has your chosen path wandered a bit off to the left in the past few months? Are your wishes in sync with the Divine Laws of Service? You might start getting involved with a service organization which will help others. Remember this will only fulfill that space in your soul if you approach this in a manner that gives you the realization that giving and doing must come from the desire to give anonymously and without recognition. Always remember that those closest to you are also in need of your energy and commitment and must come first.

Your Light Being

Mahatma Gandhi will accompany you on your soul path journey and bring your inner voice of peace and truth back into being.

Your Animal Guide

Jaguar is here to remind you to keep your integrity in-tact. Don’t say yes to something that makes you feel like you are compromising your values.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Calcite will help you clear negative or stagnant energies. It will also help restore your motivation.

The week of November 2

This is a good time to reflect on who you have become and how you got here. This is not a time to judge your choices and attitudes that brought you to the place you are in right now, nor is it a time to celebrate these things.

This is a time to “just be.” Give your lofty expectations of yourself a rest this week and take a bit of a break from goals and struggles. Just love yourself sweetly and completely for one week. Any time you catch yourself being self-critical when you look in the mirror or run into an old friend who seemingly has a more successful and happier life than you think that you have, stop and turn your focus inward with love.


Stop procrastinating and step forward. It is time to set things in motion. Your fears have held you back long enough. Seriously, what is the worst that could happen?

You have been doing a little dance .Two steps forward and two steps back. Maybe it is time to try some new moves. You know how to do it in your mind but the reality of someone else seeing and judging you scares you. Stop worrying about what others think and don’t compare yourself to them.

Remember that the light comes from within. We are all connected but everyone has their own personal signature and cannot be compared to others. Don’t be in the mindset that you want to be like this person or that one. It is impossible and your unique light will set you apart from all of the rest anyway.

Communication is a key to your happiness and success. Be careful to choose your words wisely and honestly. If you are a writer then it is time to move forward even if it is writing in your own journal or perhaps a blog. There is great power in your words so make sure that you change any negative self-talk or opinions and attitudes that could have begun earlier in life.

Think about any person, teachings or situations that you believe may have resulted in a faulty perception of who you are and what you are capable of achieving. The sooner you realize that these people or circumstances have no power over who you are, the easier it will be for you to break down the walls that seem to be holding you back. This is all in the past and I urge you to let go of those impressions. Truth be known, no one is holding you hostage but you.

Remember, if you are coming from the light in your heart and your intentions are made of such, then eventually your light will outshine any doubts that others may have about your choices or actions. They just don’t see your brilliance yet; so make a practice of spending at least 10 minutes a day in meditation focusing in your heart where the is nothing but light and unconditional love.

Do… do something! There are opportunities available and if you procrastinate for too long, the door may close on these. Not that there are not many others, but this is one that you would like and it will increase your skills and self-esteem.

Your Light Being

Shiva will help you happily break down the wall and open your eyes to new opportunities and the truth that has been there all along.

Your Animal Guide

Call on Badger to aggressively support you in breaking down old worn out patterns of behaviors and thoughts about worthiness and success.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Okenite will help in clearing and completing karmic cycles allowing you to forgive yourself and others.

The week of November 2

It is time to let go of illusions and see things clearly and in present time. You have been swinging back and forth between the past and the present and through this, some things have taken on a completely different truth as you look back and then focus your attention on the future.

It is a good time to come back to center and into the now as a bit of an emotional or physical crisis may be better addressed if you can pull the realities and truths that you have acquired throughout your experience, into present time to help bring this situation to a productive conclusion.


Don’t sell yourself short or feel like you need to fit into the expectations of what the in crowd dictates as the best and most beautiful right now. So many things that were cool in the 80’s or 90’s are so funny to look at now. Remember those crazy spikey hair do’s? Every one jumped on the band wagon. I can remember having my hair cut and styled downtown before getting my driver’s license picture taken. The guy doing my hair assured me that the “messed up” style was all the rage. It wasn’t until a grocery clerk who was checking my I.D. cracked up laughing that I decided not everything everyone else thinks is cool, is cool.

Don’t get caught up in unproductive mental gymnastics or get lost in activities that pull you away from the things that you desire to complete this month. I see a vision of you dipping a drinking glass into a creek and then walking back to an empty swimming pool and dumping the water into the pool attempting to fill it. You return to the creek time and time again.

You have always done things a bit differently and felt authentic in your choices and style. In your heart of hearts you know that you can always come up with your own unique way to achieve the best results. Even if you feel like nothing is happening and that you are doing the same thing over and over, as if you are on auto pilot, trust that things are happening. You may be sorting your way through all of the choices and then you find yourself coming back to the basics.

Your Light Being

Kali will give you the courage and that extra push that you need to accomplish what you would like to see done this month. If you call on her, I see you standing in your power, pleased with what you have completed and put in motion this month.

Your Animal Guide

Hummingbird will help you in exploring any pain you are having by helping you find your own personal method of healing. Ask Hummingbird for assistance.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Obsidian will help you block negative emotions and create boundaries. It will also ground and protect.

The week of November 2

If you have been giving love unconditionally without expecting anything in return, you can expect that love will return to you during this time.

I see a vision of you standing on a giant scale. The universe is making adjustments in bringing you love and light in whatever areas are needed most.

You may receive messages, calls, or emails from people who care about you that have been busy with other issues. Some of these visits may be coming from loved ones who have passed.


You may not be able to appreciate what the universe has in store for you this month. You may have cooked up great plans and ambitions but it seems that you are being pulled or pushed in other directions.

I see you walking on a treadmill, one foot in front of the other, at a slow, steady pace. Three balloons are tied to the guide rails on the treadmill. You seem to be writing numbers on a small pad of paper and as you check something off the list a balloon bursts, then another and another.

This may seem a bit disheartening in the beginning; but I see as the balloons burst one by one, you pick up the pace and seem to get more focused on the run. You begin to pay attention to the beating of your heart and become totally in the moment. As you do this, I see your energy field becoming stronger and healthier. Surrender to the moment and your mind, body and spirit will come together as a whole.

You may have big plans; but the Universe has other things in mind for you. As soon as you let go of what you think you want to accomplish, or the life plan that your ego has formulated, the sooner you will find freedom to more creativity and divine personal joy.

Don’t be a people pleaser and keep clear boundaries. You need to save your energy to look within and get some clarity in your own life and decide what your own needs may be. This does not mean that you will be cutting yourself off from other people. Just keep healthy boundaries. If you can’t do this, you may end up feeling taken advantage of which can be a pattern of co-dependent behaviors.

Your Light Being

Jesus of the Christ Consciousness will assist you in surrendering your will and becoming at one with the Divine will. This doesn’t mean completely abandoning all that you have hoped for, just moving in a direction pleasing both of you. I see it as weaving a beautiful tapestry.

Your Animal Guide

Bobcat will help you respect your intuitive process and show the true power which lies not in fame and outer appearances, but from within and working with the presence of spirit. There may also be a need to explore some training or craft that would assist you in your journey.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Fuchsite will assist you in releasing any attachments to unhealthy co-dependent relationships. It will also help bring to light the realization of the truth of the matter in which you choose to help in those relationships. It is a cycle that needs to be addressed to help you move into a fuller more expanded consciousness.

The week of November 2

It would be wise to admit that it would be to your advantage to ask for help. You are so busy controlling situations that you may lose an opportunity to play a valuable yet important part to in a small collective group of individuals.

I see you shielding yourself in armor and deflecting all attempts to listen to the universal chattering and offers to play and explore in creating something new and exceptional with others rather than being stuck in doing things the same old way which only brings you to a certain level of success. Could ego be holding you back?


You are being asked to look at what got you into your present situation. This is a time to look at your goals and to make choices of a different sort in the future. Make a more conscious choice that includes true happiness and reciprocal joy and cooperation. Make sure that your next move (and there will be one soon) will be a well thought out and decisive choice.

I hear the word caution here. Listen to your gut and those closest to you that truly have your best interest at heart and not your ego. Don’t allow yourself to volunteer to carry a bigger project than you can comfortably handle or you may end up with a back ache. Seriously, your body will let you know.

Ask for help in recognizing and protecting you from yourself when it comes to being the “I can do it” person. You have powerful guides and angels in your corner and they hear your every prayer.

Remember, it is only business. Make sure that you take your time with any decisions and look at the motives of all who are involved in business situations. Remove any emotional content from the equation because there is no place for it when it comes to business. If you don’t look after yourself who will?

You may inadvertently hear something about a situation or project and it may take a little time to sort out your feelings about an important issue. There may be some information that isn’t being shown to you. Be patient as all will be revealed in time.

Your Light Being

Archangel Michael has your back this month. Anything hidden or that is not in your best interest will be addressed at the perfect time.

Your Animal Guide

Turkey Vulture says that as one door closes and passes away, another new experience comes forward. There may be some feelings of loss; but know that all of this is not without purpose.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Green Tourmaline will inspire your creativity and pull all aspects of your divine self together.

The week of November 2

Take yourself seriously when it comes to listening to the aches and pains in your body. You must make sure that sleep is of the highest priority in planning out your day. Headaches may cause difficulty. Be sure to unwind at the day’s end.

Release and let go. Spending a day at a spa or getting a massage would do wonders for you in every way including creatively as you may feel a bit stuck or like you have hit the wall and can’t move forward. That’s just your body and soul letting you know. It is time to turn your focus on your own wellbeing.


Time to take a good look backwards and re-evaluate the patterns in your life. When we are young we learned that if we act a certain way or say a certain thing that we could get our needs met. This is a natural part of survival.

We all have a dark side and here some learn to use these behaviors as tools of manipulation in some circumstances. In other words, saying what people want to hear to get what we want. All that mattered was getting what we wanted. Exploring and playing with words is part of the human experience.

I see you sitting in a life review of your past and seeking great validation from your past behaviors and soul contracts. We learn from each situation and can choose to carry forth with honor and a healthy respect for the dark times in life or use at as a reason to feel unworthy of great love and success.

The angels are supporting you and ask that you see your dark and murky days as triumphant levels of learning and great strides forward to self-illumination. You are also being asked to see these same things in others who are still experiencing their shadow experience. See them with great love and compassion as they are doing the best they can. Give forgiveness and you will get forgiveness.

Notice how the word “great” keeps coming up? This is to let you know that creativity can be born through many a rough and ragged road. Sometimes when there is seemingly no one left to lean on, and nowhere to turn, you can use what you learned in your dark times to create great and wondrous things to express what your soul would like to share.

Know that in sharing this that you will be able to assist those who need encouragement but lack the strength of self-acceptance and worth to reach out to another. Perhaps they feel “less than” and you may be able to assist somehow.

Your Light Being

Archangel Zadkiel will assist you in finding compassion for yourself and others so that you may assist the world in the trying times.

Your Animal Guide

Armadillo is urging you to get in touch with and show your soft underbelly. It is time to open up and face the world so you can sort out and face your fears and shadow side without guilt or blame. When you hide in your shell you not only shield yourself from the negative things in life, but also the good.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Sapphire will ease your mind and release tension as well as attract prosperity. It will assist you in grounding your energy and help you focus.

The week of November 2

Give yourself a little break from leaning on the material world for peace and comfort. Financial freedom is not always freedom from loneliness or depression. You will recognize that all things come at a price and you must choose whether or not you choose to pay. If there is something that you are striving for financially, or in your career, that doesn’t pan out or is delayed, just know that there is a reason that you may not be aware of yet.

Seek the wisdom from within and develop a compassionate relationship between your mind and your heart. You have been keeping the two separated for some time due to past experiences and fear. This will feed your soul and bring you back to center.


This will be a month of great gratitude and service. In the United States this is the month of Thanksgiving where the country takes a day off in the middle of the week to come together with family and friends from all over the country to give thanks and share a meal and a day with one another. Each member adds to the mix and in families and friends this could mean a lot of diversity and experiences. You will be aware of the many blessings that you have this month as fate has somehow smiled on you in strange and unusual ways.

You can finally release all of the woes of society for a bit and simply live in your own moment of peace this month. Actually, your body needs it. It is time to release the toxins which have built up in your body and hampered your immune and nervous system. You can do this with foods but most of all within your daily activities and thoughts. Relax, treat yourself to a movie, a good book and perhaps some kind of mindless fun.

Some pieces will fall into place for you and whatever and whoever you need will be brought into your consciousness. This may be just in the nick of time. There may also be a hint of partnerships in the future. It may be in conjunction with the result of resent circumstances that are pushing you to take a new approach to something.

I see spirit guides and teachers around many of you. They are waiting to be invited to play a part in your decision making process. There is also a new level of creative space available. How you choose to step into this space will depend on your free will. I hear a voice saying that this is a character building experience.

Your Light Being

Call on Melchchizedek for help in stepping into your new level of mastery and consciousness. He does wish to be asked and he wants you to know that his door is always open for those who choose to enter. Listen for the music and know I am here.

Your Animal Guide

Moose will assist you in moving into a new cycle as you have achieved. You may be stepping into a leadership role. Remember to support others around you with kindness and inspiring words.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Citrine has the energy of the sun and will assist you in reaching the higher realms through your crown chakra.

The week of November 2

This is a time of preparation. Time to clear the path to herald in the new season so that you may make better use of your time in the coming months. Don’t try to do it all at once. Take rest and drink plenty of water.

Stay close to home if possible. Stay grounded by eating foods that are in season and grown locally as your body needs to make some adjustments. I am seeing possibilities of joint and bone issues especially in the areas of knees and all areas of the legs.


Take other peoples’ complaints with a grain of salt. Their problems are exactly that, their problems and if you take sides you may end up being the bad guy down the road as things heat up and eventually unravel.

Keep yourself as calm as possible which means cutting back on foods that make you a bit jumpy like processed and sugary foods. Sometimes you just need to rest or put off some things until a later date. Your body and spirit needs a rest from time to time and if you don’t pay attention to this, you will not be able to complete projects with the integrity that you pride yourself on.

This is not a time to jump into projects or relationships that are not tried and true. You may feel as if you need to move your game up a notch and you may get offers that sound pretty good but you are being encouraged to stay at your current pace or even pull back a bit until the dust settles and you have more clarity.

There are some things that have not come to the surface or that are hidden from you right now. If in doubt about a situation or offer, run it by a friend. Call the one who will tell you like it is and not how you would like it to be.

Time is money and money is time! You may be thinking about how much time and energy you have been putting into your current situation. This month you will be making some decisions about how much you going to give and how much you are entitled to receive. You are balancing the scales.

In younger Pisceans I see a longing for a change as you may be feeling tied down to a path or responsibility that has begun to lose it’s appeal. By the end of the year I see you standing with arms stretched, expanding your energy and being able to breathe freely.

Your Light Being

Saint Germain will help you transmute energies, beliefs and situations that no longer bring the opportunity for growth. Ask for his assistance.

Your Animal Guide

Cat will bring you the qualities of agility and the ability to see things in new and different angles. Cat will also work behind the scenes to explore and bring any hidden agendas or secrets that you need to know about into the light. Cats are extremely psychic and stand at the doorways of the underworld.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Blood stone will increase your intuition, protect and help you keep your feet on the ground.

The week of November 2

Take good care of your respiratory system. Perhaps some extra vitamin C and getting plenty of sleep will help. This is a good week to spend some quality quiet time with yourself and those closest to you. Rest and prepare for the next 6 weeks, as you will need a good strong sense of what you want and who you are going into the next wave of energies coming your way.

You may be feeling very sensitive and a bit sentimental which is perfectly ok as you show your vulnerability to others every now and then. You don’t always have to be the one behind the wheel and calling the shots. The energy feels very feminine and your spirit helpers are asking you to indulge yourself in this energy. Your psychic energy is also very clear so pay attention and show gratitude for these gifts.

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