Thursday, June 1, 2017

Merlin Chronicles by Kay June 2017

Good morning!

I seem to be right on schedule this month. The holiday weekend last week really kind of threw me off a bit. I seemed to have lost a day.

This is a difficult time in our history. The Manchester attack has taken its toll on all of us. My heart breaks for the children and families affected. Actually, that is all of us. We are all affected. 

Now more than ever, it is important to keep out inner lights shining and not allow the darkness to win. Every morning I surround myself, my family, my pets, friends, coworkers, and the entire world in light and love. Sometimes it is a bit challenging because I feel myself tuning into the fear and anger of the political climate here in the U.S. I ask for assistance from my God, my Higher Self and take my consciousness to a higher place. The place where love lives. 

I quiet my mind if only for a moment and look for that place of love within my heart and start expanding it until I find the Collective Light Grid of Love. To me, it looks like a beautiful cloud of light and I can feel the loving intentions of millions.
I cannot control anyone other that myself but I know in my heart of hearts that we can influence the energy and hopefully the conscious of mankind. Although it may sometimes seem hopeless; we must keep trying.

I will be teaching a 3 part class on intended to teach you how to channel. This series will be on Mondays starting June 5th, 18th, and the 26th. It is $33 a class.

You can always find me at www.12listen.come or fill out a contact form on my website.

Enjoy the June Scopes!


Merlin Scopes   by Kay    June 2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. It almost feels as if there is a changing of the guard. Although activities, energies and relationships might be fading away or ending, there are also new beginnings. This is the natural order of life. I see a vision of you holding your chin in your hand looking back in a curious way. This is neither positive nor negative just inquisitive. You seem to be taking stock of all that has transpired.

Give yourself a rest for a week or two before starting new projects. I see a hand from the universe coming out of the clouds handing you a ball of light. This is an offering of something new and different. It looks like pure Spirit that you can form in any way you choose.

This new creation isn’t really compatible with your current energies; so allow some time to clear yourself and let go of stale outgrown ideas. This does not mean that the old ways are negative, only that it is time for something new.
It’s okay to sit in the backseat once in a while and not always be the one who is driving. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and look at the world around you and start pulling inspiration from the subtle gifts of your environment. If it is at all possible, plant some seeds and start a garden.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Hilarion is stepping forward to assist you and he is planting seeds within your consciousness that will assist you in exploring mental and intellectual pursuits that may interest you.

Your Animal Guide
A Bee came buzzing by to help you in matters of abundance and prosperity as well as work related issues.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite will help you in meditation and connect you with spiritual beings as well as those in other star systems. It will attune you to a higher frequency.  It is also excellent to put in a garden as it calms the environment.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Your appetite may be ravenous at times. This not only relates to food but also to other things such as music, shopping and other delights and indulgences. You may be a bit out of balance.

Keep a handle on your spending habits and let yourself delight in the subtle enjoyments related to good friends and relaxing in a space that feels safe and comfortable for you.

There is also a message that relates to giving out too much information to people that may not have your best interest at heart; or they may not keep that information to themselves. Take time to tune into your higher self and intuition and take care in casual conversation. Don’t try to impress anyone.
Be kind to your nervous system; it seems to be a bit overtaxed. Exercise and soothing music can assist you in finding your balance. Be mindful of caffeinated beverages.

You may be already be planning for some events in the fall. This is an excellent idea and you will be able to pull together the resources that you need during the period to support your ideas and choices.

Your Light Being
This is a bit surprising but Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has stepped forward to offer assistance. He was a great artist who designed the posters at Moulin Rouge and other businesses. He was the first of his kind to make things like posters into fine art. Perhaps you might be marketing something that you need help with or creating something that could be considered “out of the box.”

Your Animal Guide
A small black and silver Dog step forward to be your companion and guide you this month. He says the key is companionship, compassion, and a gentle spirit which will assist you in many ways. Though he may be small, trust that he knows where he’s going. A little bit of faith will go a long way.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone is a very intuitive and powerful stone for creating. It is a very feminine and can be helpful in meditation.

 Gemini…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Don’t get lost in details when it comes to planning vacations, parties, a night out with friends or just plain fun. Try to be spontaneous and enjoy the moment. I see a vision of you riding a roller coaster going down the hill with your hands in the air and your hair flying every which way. This is a time to show your wild side.

Celebrate those around you by acknowledging them and being receptive to their interest and love for you. Sometimes you might be torn between letting your light shine and dancing like no one’s looking, or hiding in the corner like a wallflower.

It’s time that you gave some thought to this constant drama that seems to be replaying over and over in your life. Some of this is just normal stuff that everyone has; but look a little deeper and see if there might be something that makes you feel uncomfortable and exposed. Look for the root of this scenario.
Good times are possible this month. 

Take time to enjoy and actually live your life with passion. Be present and accept yourself in your brightness as well as in your shadow. Combined together, these two things make you who you are and you don’t need any excuses. This is what makes you shine!

Your Light Being
St. Francis of Assisi is stepping forward to assist you this month. I see you walking down the path and he is walking down the road with you. He is here to help you in walking down the path that is always true to yourself.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Red Tailed Hawk swoops in to assist you in understanding the nature of all things wild and their primal instincts. He holds a mouse in his beak that will be taken back and fed to his young. There is no anger, no malice or guilt in this action. He does what he needs to do to keep his species alive and thriving.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Petalite is a stone used for protection and will assist you in meditation. It will also help transmute and cleanup ancestral karma.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Allow your energy to return to its former station. Lately, there seems to have been a bit of a shakeup and your focus seems to be going everywhere; not leaving enough for yourself. This relates to the business of taking care of yourself. Always remember that a successful business owner always pays themselves first. Perhaps this would be a good time to put your feet up and honor yourself with the day of rest. This feels like a day of completion of some effort or activity. A well earned reward.

In the next week to come, you will have your hands full juggling issues pertaining to the future and also incorporating some of the tools and tactics you have used from the past.

Make sure you have a lot of clarity and examine your purpose. Remember you reap what you sow in the garden of life. Pay attention to the small details as these are key to creating a larger portrait of your intentions. Don’t get caught up in glamour and glitz. These things fade but those who express true humility, fidelity and consistency will last.

Your Light Being
There seems to be a connection between you and the Elementals this month. When you are outside or perhaps just looking out your window you might feel like someone is watching you. This would be the elementals and nature spirits wondering if you ever take a time out to think about them. They seem to be quite curious about you.

Paracelsus, a metaphysician in the 16th-century, named the elementals. Call on this master to assist you in understanding the gifts of nature the nature spirits have to offer. This may be more beneficial than what you are currently aware of.

Your Animal Guide
A Hummingbird has come to rest on your finger. Although she may be sweet and beautiful she is also very strong. Make your home and your appearance a bit more colorful and inviting. This will attract beautiful bright beings and people into your life.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Tourmaline will help you attune to a higher vibration. It will also offer protection and can be used in healing.

Leo …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone else’s agenda sway your behavior or actions. You may realize there is a way you can change a course of action and but there is something about it that doesn’t quite feel right. You are aware that something about this isn’t quite in line with your comfort zone and you want to give it a second thought.

You may be offered a compromise but remember that karma is karma and what you do will come back to visit you later on down the line. Something just might not feel right with a situation and you are the one that you have to answer to in the end.

Don’t make excuses for someone else’s bad behavior. You are not responsible for their poor choices or lack of common sense.It is time to check your personal boundaries and make sure you are not defending someone who is not being completely honest or not taking responsibility.

Bring your focus back to yourself and your own positive attributes. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Giving your personal power to others is not going to assist anyone in the long run and may leave you feeling used. Focus on your own accomplishments and stop being a crutch for someone or something else because eventually, the weight will be too heavy and all will come falling down around you.

You might find out something surprising about someone that you wouldn’t have expected.

Your Light Being
Gaia or Mother Earth, as some refer to her, is calling you to come closer. She has secrets to share and comfort in her connection with you. She shows me that she would like to see you focus on the color green in your aura and let it flow and encompass the earth within your auric field.You become one with her in this process.

Your Animal Guide
A big Black Cat has stepped forward and wants to assist you in being comfortable with you own body and choices. He also would like to help you play more. Stop comparing yourself to others. Who cares what they think?

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Apache Tear will help transmute negativity.

Virgo …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
There are some things that are meant to happen in life. How you handle these things are a testament to your character and also shows how you have evolved in recognizing possibilities that could open new opportunities if you choose to see the value and entertainment in the crazy-making in life.

You are in a tremendous period of expansion which can be a bit intimidating. The truth is you have backed yourself into a corner and must choose to ride the wave or let it pull you away with the current.

This can be a time of great success which may be disguised as a complicated issue. The answer is always within reach. Look in the usual places which always start by asking within for assistance and direction.

This inner wisdom will be supported by those you know and trust. You know who those people are. Don’t waste your words on those who want to compete with you. Stop trying to make them like you. Their approval means nothing in the bigger scheme of things. That is ego and you need to let that go. You are here to serve the greater good.

If you take a path of service you will be rewarded in many ways that you never expected. Trust divine timing and expect to meet a new person, group, or opportunity that will offer soul growth and support for you on your path.

Your Light Being
Lord Krishna has stepped forward as he is throwing colored powder everywhere in celebration of Holi. He says celebrate the heart overcoming the ego.

Your Animal Guide
Zebra peeks out from behind a large group of plants to help you to embrace a new way of seeing things. New information is yours for the asking.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Use Angelite to attract loving and protective influence of the winged ones.

 Libra …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
You might find yourself in the company of people that irritate you. It could be that you have little patience right now. You might think about saving a little time for yourself. Perhaps reading, watching movies that lift your heart or doing some activity that doesn't involve interacting with many people.

 I wouldn’t sign any contracts or make any big promises right now. Don’t overload yourself with too many commitments. Later in the season plans and greater opportunities may be offered. There is also a message that relates to your overloading yourself physically. Perhaps carrying something that is too heavy could have an effect on your back or legs.

Use this time to be open to allowing the universe to put things into perspective. Plans may not be going as you thought for a very good reason, there seems to be higher forces at work. See the bigger plan or at least be open to being shown the possibilities.

The end of the month may seem lighter and you may be ready to come out of your shell and enjoy the gifts that have come to pass. Gratitude for the gifts will bring more good things into your life.

Your Light Being
Ganesha rides forward on an elephant moving all that has been out of your reach a bit closer by removing obstacles.

Your Animal Guide
Cheetah has stepped forward to help you move gracefully through this month. Remain flexible. This might be a good time to take up yoga.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pink Chalcedony will center you and bring a feeling of joy within your heart.

 Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Sometimes the body will tell you in no uncertain terms that it is time to make some changes in your lifestyle. Perhaps you need to slow down a bit. I see a candle burning at both ends. This could also mean that it is time to start paying attention to the food you are eating and your exercise routines.

When you are tired or not feeling well you may sometimes take it out on those around you. Slow down and take special care in the manner in which you relate to other people. Think before you answer. It may not be what you say but in the tone that you use. It might be best to get some rest, heal or do whatever you need to do to restore your energy before any type of confrontation.

This is also a time, to be honest. Truth is very important at this time as I see you in sort of a cosmic boomerang and words and actions have more power that usual. If you say something out of line or if you have done so in the past it might be wise to apologize and explain.

If you feel like you are being taken advantage of then it is time to open this for discussion to avoid passive/ aggressive behaviors that won’t make you feel good about yourself. Sometimes it is better to pull the bandage off and feel the sting all at once instead of dragging it out.

Be as kind to others as you would like them to be to you. Have you been kind to yourself? Are you doing things to support your happiness and feelings of self-worth? It’s time to nurture your child within. As an adult, you may find it necessary to be demanding or even harsh. Reconnect with the gentleness within.

Your Light Being
Aphrodite has stepped forward to help you honor the Divine Feminine within that seeks love, approval, and appreciation.

Your Animal Guide
A White Rabbit has come forward. He will help you in being able to move quickly when you need to.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Seraphinite will cleanse your heart chakra and open your third eye.

Sagittarius …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
Try to go with the flow this month. If you try to push back too hard, you might end up expending a lot of energy and accomplishing very little as a result. Especially in work and relationships with yourself and others. This includes pets.

The best place to put your energy right now might be in taking care of the things you do have control of. Things like your environment and personal space. This could also help by keeping your body moving as much as possible so you can catch that wave of energy that the universe is offering. Doing this will help you avoid becoming stuck mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Remember the holistic approach to living. Everything is connected. Some things that feel frustrating or like a delay or block will move forward in a holistic way. Recognizing this can work wonders in your favor.

Move with caution and use your intuition as well as your experiences in dealing with people and what they have to offer. Look for signs; red flags or something familiar may be alerting you to something you need to know. If it looks like a duck; quacks like a duck; walks like a duck; Hello… It is a duck.
Just because you feel like you have known someone from a past life does not always mean this is a situation or relationship you would like to entertain again. Be the observer.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is stepping forward to assist you on this part of you journey. Watch for omens especially in nature.

Your Animal Guide
Camel is stepping forward to teach you the art of living in the desert and trusting there is an oasis ahead. He will also help you use your resources in a responsible way.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite will help you connect to the universal grid that will help you in deciding what actions to take.

Capricorn …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
You may have been in a bit of a slump lately. Have you thought about the Universal Law of attraction and abundance? I know you know about this;  but you might just need a reminder.

Do you feel like you have paid your dues? You may feel like you have given a lot in the past. Given a lot and may, therefore, expect a retroactive payout. But perhaps this is not working out as planned or expected. Don’t allow yourself to go into a pout and feel like the world has forgotten you. This will only slow your progress down even more. There is a higher purpose.

Maybe it is an opportunity to take some classes or do some research. Maybe find a mentor and be open to new ideas that others have. Sometimes it is hard to evaluate and observe the self and it is through others that we are able to make adjustments that will shift our actions into high gear. I see a lot of opportunities for higher learning. Perhaps there is a small detail that you are missing or overlooked that you can find. I am sure that what you seek also is seeking you.

Look at your intentions and how this will serve not only you but the world in which you live. A mental readjustment will bring you back to center; and your joy, passion, and memory of your purpose will return. This will be a shot in the arm for you and put you back on track.

Your Light Being
A vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe stepped forward to assist you and remind you that you are never forgotten no matter what your state in life is. If you judge yourself as being less valuable because you are not as successful as you would like to be, or as society would consider worthy; know that this is simply not true. You are loved and valued. You are a child of God. Claim it!

Your Animal Guide
A Stork steps forward with her long elegant legs. She brings with her an egg which signifies a new beginning but also it represents patience as you are waiting for the egg to hatch. It must be kept warm and safe to ensure it’s birth.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Green Sapphire will open your heart chakra.

Aquarius …   Overview for the Month of June 2017
It is important to realize that not everyone is going to see the world in the same way as you do. There are different opinions and experiences that couldn’t possibly be identical to yours. Try not to take these differences personally.  Avoid the temptation to poke the bear or you might end up on a collision course that could take a while to come back from.

Although you may think your way is the only way and true path; others may not appreciate your attitudes or the way you express them. Take a moment to explore your investment in some of your beliefs and the desire to want others to see things the same way. Does this come from a place in your life where you felt injured, unsupported or not heard?

Ask the Divine if your vision is one that will support society as a whole or if it only is one that will support you. There is nothing wrong with supporting and making you feel safe, if that is what is necessary to assist you on your path. We all are walking our own paths and doing the best we can.

Some sort of art project could be beneficial and put your busy mind at rest. Use beautiful vibrant colors. This could be in decorating, colorful music, or anything that catches your fancy. Release tension and do something that supports your creative side.

Your Light Being
Lord Buddha is assisting you this month in making peace within your heart and soul. This also means making peace with the world that you live in. Change begins within. He is surrounding you with unconditional love.

Your Animal Guide
Whale is speaking to you this month and wishes to help you expand your consciousness and also create balance in your life. Time held in deep meditation will bring great wisdom.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Diamond is a powerful protector and a great stone for transmuting energy.

 Pisces…   Overview for the Month of June 2017
I feel a spark of creativity awakening in your heart chakra. New projects fascinate and pique your interest. Make sure you separate the ones that will give you the best results. This is not only for you but in situations that involve you and the interest of others.

Some of you may be considering changing jobs or expanding areas of academic study so you may move forward in some manner. Avoid becoming scattered or losing interest in one project and jumping to the next without thoroughly doing your due diligence.

It seems that a choice is imminent; but it is for you to decide which direction you should take. There may be some internal conflict involving being faithful to a person or situation that has served you well and the offerings of something that might be better.

This could also be the possibility of a physical move of your home or business. Consider all of the options and know that this opportunity will not be the last offering. You don’t need to jump on something right now; consider all consequences.
There is a feeling of abundance of prosperity tied to this; but the scales must balance out and a look into the future should be your priority.

Your Light Being
Saint Joseph asks you to call on him in matters of home, traveling, career and conquering doubt.

Your Animal Guide
American Eagle soars overhead and invites you to take a look at the world from great heights. If you are wondering what a certain choice or path may look like, ask for his assistance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Hematite will help ground you and assist you in any legal situations. It will also help you focus.

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