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Merlin Chronicles 8/11/12

  Merlin Chronicles August 11,2012

 Hi everyone,
It has been quite a summer indeed. I am now hosting a radio show on Mondays at 11:00AM PT on . I have been pretty busy learning about the business of radio. This is my first experience so the process is a bit intimidating. Needless to say my blog has been put on the back burner . Well last week I was so happy to I got together with a good friend and have some private time with the masters. I love the energy when I channel. The only way I can describe this is a feeling of being in pure unconditional love. I am truly blessed.  I thank you all for reading the channeling and appreciating the messages from the Light Beings.
Much Love to you.

 This is only For those of you not familiar with me please read the following before the Channeling.
My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer,  Advisor for www.12listen and Radio Show host for www.12radio I am a clear and perfect  channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

My Guides
To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic  appears to me. Merlin is a very strong part of this process and has been involved since my early 20’s. Since a trip to the U.K. during the 2012 Summer Solstice he has become a much stronger presence. Sometimes other Masters Teachers and Light Beings wish to share information also.

Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not nor claim to treat, diagnose or cure any mental, physical emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health, finances and well being.

If you wish to be added or removed from this list please email and type in the subject line add or remove from list.
Aug 11, 2012
Daniel and Luvic come forward.
 Energy Healing
We recommend that when receiving energy healing for yourself or from anyone else that you include the back area of your body. This is a very important place of power and often ignored by many. In all energy or healing intention work such as Reiki healing, the radiant energy will travel to its desired designation and it is always preferable to focus on all areas of the body.  Masters and teachers do offer technique and experience but remember you are a child of God and you don’t need to hold a diploma to heal yourself or to help someone else. You only need intention.
Ancient Memory
 At this time, we highly recommend you start with remembering where the cerebellum is located and how its function supersedes the spinal column. This is an area that needs to be awaked to bring the call of life into perception. Ancient memory is stored here. Full massage and light pulse energy is recommended here. We recommend this massage and simple focused light touch of the areas of the back side of the body.
Pulling the Energy Through
 Begin with the bottom of the feet and move up to the calf and thigh area, the buttocks, and sacral area of the lower back. This technique is a very powerful conductor of emotional and electrical current and should be handled with great respect and loving care.
 Gently move the energy upwards in a massaging or simply a sweeping motion. This can be done by attaching your light energy through your hands to the person who is receiving or through physical contact with the body.
Release the energy at the top of the neck. Now place your thumbs at the lower parts of each side of the skull with your hands pointing upwards and holding the back of the head with your hands almost in of prayer like position.
Begin testing the energy. Trust your hands and the information that you are receiving. A pulsing of the energy between your hands will begin. Leave your hands in this position until your guidance allows you to move them.
Slide both of your hands upwards to the top of the head until your fingers meet above the crown chakra. Leave your hands in this position until you feel it is complete.
 From the crown, move your hands in a circular motion down around the person's body and hold your hands in front of your heart in Namaste position where the person's heart is also positioned. Feel your hearts connecting and interchanging love.
 Give thanks to this person and to the oneness of the infinite circle of life. This will achieve balance and internal development of beneficial relationships between the body and emotional component that sparks mental stimulation.
Let go and Let’s Love
There are many who are experiencing a lot of sorrow right now. We ask you to bring your awareness to our abilities to completely remove the cords that are hidden within your spinal area. If you become aware of little noticed deviations and discomforts that occur at your backside and spinal area try to remember to call on us to assist you in removing these old unwanted seeds of depression and sorrow. We ask you to breathe deeply in through your nose and visualize light going into these areas and blowing out any old tired dark energy that may be there. Fill these cleansed areas with green light and go about your day. If it is possible, spend some time outdoors among the trees, grass, birds and squirrels.
A beautiful way to connect with your oneness with the planet is to sit in an area with your back and spine aligned against a tree. You all have a favorite tree; if not, it is now time to acquaint yourself and introduce your light to this extraordinary being.
Think about the energies that flow from the Earth through the roots of the trees and into the branches and the leaves. Now align your spine with this energy and allow your head to be like the tree top and branches of the tree. High into the sky!
 Notice how it feels to be part of the root system going into mother Earth.  She may seem much friendlier and more welcoming to you as you are now part of the tree system. Feel the nourishment, support and the love of the great mother. This should bring such joy to your heart that can only be said of the greatest love you have ever witnessed. When you look at a tree from now on, you will think about it differently won't you?
A short time ago the planet went through a major shift in the personal and collective position in the universal karma of the consciousness of the whole. This shift of consciousness shed light on many souls. This light was fragmented and affected many in different aspects of the light.
 Some received this in joy and opened their hearts to new exciting opportunities to share their service with the community. Others were baffled and confused and unfortunately had never been loved or supported in a fashion that gave them the ability to open their internal higher self to the connection with the Divine.  For a few individuals, the all-powerful light of love was uncomfortable and filled them with fear, confusion, and mental and emotional instability. These individuals who were already seeing with external eyes with a distorted perception acted out in fear and desperation with uncontrolled violent behaviors. We feel great compassion and send love to those individuals who are so stuck in their internal beliefs and ancestry that they cannot see the light awaiting them at the end of the path. Although their behaviors were considered heinous and vicious, these people were in soulful pain.
We wish you to know those whose lives were cut down by these acts of violence remain in the highest love and teachings and are held with the most noble and highest regard and reverence. They ask you to pray and send light to those in their lives who remain in this physical existence, to lead them on a path of light and service. Then, their hearts will know that their loss was not in vain.  Help them release hate, anger and vengeance and dedicate their purpose to a higher calling in the names and memory of those among the group beyond the veil. These precious ones are in a place of love and they understand the discordant nature of the mental and emotional state played a huge part in the cause of their demise.
Many of you live in areas that are powerful vortexes and light grids. This energy is powerful and may create more emotional instability to those sensitive to these frequencies. Mother Earth’s indiscriminate movements and vibrational messages are felt more strongly among those who are sensitive to her charm.
Those who are not accustomed to centering their thoughts and emotional fears within the core of their physical, emotional and spiritual divinity are subject to behaviors that are not normally within their usual style.
To put it simply, those who have not found the God within or faith in a loving nurturing higher power, are in need of your prayers, intentions and light. We ask you to send light to the North, the South, the East and the West in an attempt to touch and ignite the flame hidden within the hearts of these lost ones.
We know that some of these acts have been particularly heinous but to prevent more of these situations we ask you now to send forgiveness, love and light to these perpetrators and to all who may become influenced by these energies in the future. This will assist in the elimination or severity of these events. We ask you to pray for divine intervention that perhaps a spiritual community, a teacher, a book or some leader of spiritual truth and wisdom will come into the lives of these and light a spark. The spark lives within them. The spark of is with us all.
Mary Magdalene would like to speak:
My message and mission this month is to release all the memories that may be surfacing, troubles, and thoughts that bring you sorrow, pain and grief. Some of the feelings that are experienced as waves of sorrow and insecurity may stem from lives before you even came into this incarnation.
It really is a blessing to be in human form at this time. There will be times when you may feel you do not want to continue this journey.  Actually this is a positive affirmation that you are in the perfect position. This will allow you to release all of this past programming. To turn back now with another ride on the merry-go-round would gather more centrifugal force which would be even more uncomfortable on the next ride. Those times that you need assistance and help or when your heart is overburdened and you cannot bear another minute, please think of me. Pay attention to your thoughts and the world around you and something will happen to let you know that you will achieve your goal in this life.
These goals are not the same as you've been taught in your schools or by your parents or by others on this earth.  The real purpose in this life is to learn to love unconditionally and to forgive yourself as you have forgiven others. Only then will you be able to experience perfection and complete joy. You will find me in every brook, every flower of love, in every field of green that grows within your life.  I give you my unconditional love and blessings in this journey.
Mary Magdalene.
The angels are singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”.  What a beautiful sound their voices make. Listen to the words of this song. This may be a very unlikely time to say this but what does the energy and emotion of The Christmas Season bring to your mind? Do you feel  love, gratitude, peace and perhaps understanding?
More now than ever Bethlehem needs your prayers and loving attention. This is the birth place of Jesus. It is not about worshiping one God or another, nor is it about worshiping me. Don’t focus on the outside persona. Go inward and rejoice in the energy within you that is me, the Holy Spirit. You are coming of age. Behold, I walk the earth again! You can see my feet. Just look down at your shoes and my feet will be within them.  I am that I am! This is what I long to hear you say.
 The more you pray for Bethlehem,  the geographical place, the more you pray for the one birth place of the spirit of Christ within you and all people. Please don’t confuse this with the religion. It is not a religion.  It is the light, the love the abundant truth of who you really are and what you can achieve in this place.
Quiet your mind and space and search through the nothingness until you recognize that time or space in your memory when you knew my spirit walked with you. I walked with you from within as there was no one else there but you. You all have that memory. Search until you find that place. Once you rediscover this memory, visit it often and the transformation will come about more quickly for you. You will feel this change in your aura. Your life will change. You are so much more.

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