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Merlin Chronicles by Kay for November 2017

 Merlin Chronicles for November 2017      by Kay
Happy November!
The veil is always a bit thinner this time of the year, and so much is being revealed  I suspect that more things will be brought to our awareness on many levels, politically, socially and personally.

The cleansing effect of Scorpio has not gone unnoticed and for those who have acted in inappropriate ways in the past are being called out. This will create a huge shift in how sexuality must now be balanced and can no longer used by those in powerful positions. It is kind of like Halloween, no one is who you think they are.

Last week I did a radio show with Elizabeth Lindsay on 12radio, and we talked about the importance of clearing space. Making space for the new is important. I think that many of us will realize how essential purging is; not only on a physical level but also on a conscious and unconscious level. We all want more spiritual gifts or expansion of the ones that we already acknowledge and use for the greater good.

I suggest doing a clearing of the conscious and unconscious meditation. You can find some wonderful healing meditations on “YouTube” and ask for help and guidance as you start releasing those things that hold no value to whom you have become.

I dedicate the MerlinScopes to Brother Lawrence who passed this month after a long illness. We held different political views but we both loved sound healing and all things connected with energy healing. He loved the Scopes and if I ever forgot anything in his sign he would let me know.

RIP Brother Lawrence.


Enjoy the November Scopes.

  Merlin Scopes for November 2017

Aries…   Overview for November 2017
Let yourself be guided by the wisdom of knowing you get back, what you put out. What you get back may not appear to be the same thing you offer others, but know it will be beneficial in the end. Other people may not be capable of giving back, but the universe recognizes your effort, and you will be rewarded in other ways.

Take extra good care of yourself this month. If your body or mind becomes overloaded, you might lose sight of the important goals that are in reach.
Give yourself a break from people and activities that tax your energy. I am not suggesting you back away from giving and receiving love; love will help build your foundation of support. I am saying it is a good idea to look at your life with discretion and sort out which opportunities serve you best. It will be better for all concerned.

Your Light Being
Saint Anthony has stepped forward to assist you this month. If you find yourself at a loss; this could be any number of things including loss of courage, sobriety, faith, or independence.  If so, he asks you to call on him for support.

Your Animal Guide
A cute baby Donkey has stepped up. He is a bundle of love. He reminds you that although you are dedicated to service for others; don’t take on more than you can handle. He will help you find clarity and tenacity.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Garnet will help you harmonize your passions.
Taurus…   Overview for November 2017
Have you been spending a little bit too much time in your head lately? It seems like you have been chewing on the same issue for a while. It could be business or a personal relationship. With you, there is a fine line between business and personal.

There might be someone from your past popping into your energetic field. Take a look at that relationship; search your soul and ask why you would entertain the possibility of reconnecting. Don’t be fooled by a sad story or flattered by compliments. Maybe you want to reconnect just to have the opportunity to say “I told you so!” It might feel good in the moment, but it may not be worth it in the long run.

Get out of your head venture out and enjoy the company of others. They may be able to support you by revealing answers to some of the questions you have been spinning around in your head. It could be a flat out in your face answer or a moment of clarity and inspiration.

I have a little note about Soulmates. A Soulmate can be anyone in your life. A mate, a friend, a child, or even a pet. You don’t always walk off hand in hand into the sunset. They are here to teach you, and in some cases ground you into reality with love. But in some cases, soul mate relationships can present exasperating challenges.

Your Light Being
Edgar Cayce is offering support and wisdom. You may want to delve into the Akashic records. If you need assistance with this, ask him to help guide you to the right person or book.

Your Animal Guide
A Dove has come forward to offer support and gentle persuasion. Love yourself first and then share this love with others That way you will be able to offer it freely and without feeling taken advantage of.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Ruby Aura will cleanse your base chakra and heal old issues of abuse and fear of poverty.

Gemini…   Overview for November 2017
The Fool is my favorite card in the tarot deck. He is walking off a cliff without a care in the world. You are standing on the edge and gathering the courage to take that step into the unknown. Trusting the Universe to catch you can be hard sometimes, but I think this is what’s happening and it is a pivotal time for you. Exciting and a bit scary.

Born under the influence of Mercury can be a challenge when offered unsecured opportunities and this may be a bit out of your comfort zone. I am sure you will have a lot of mind chatter, but it is time to go with your intuition and your heart. Stay in the moment and don’t get ahead of yourself.

Be open and receptive to intuitive messages and signs from your angels and guides. It is kind of like following bread crumbs through a forest, leading you on a path to finding something new and exciting. You have to pay attention as the clues will show up quickly and disappear as fast as they came. Like little blue birds eating them up.

If you are looking for a new relationship, this could be a good time to let down your guard and allow someone to look behind the veil. Just be yourself. Love who you are in this moment. If not a relationship, it could be a new group of friends or career opportunity will accept you with all of your beautiful, perfect imperfections. In fact, this might be what they are looking for. Be bold!

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is stepping forward to support you. She will help you get control over your emotions and productively channel them. She is showing me a vision of Marilyn Monroe and how she could have been so much happier if she could have expressed who she truly was rather than how others wanted to see her.

Your Animal Guide
A tiny Sparrow has offerings for you this month. Be the song in your heart. No one can take that from you. Be the source of your own happiness knowing others can disappoint you, but they can’t take away your contentment or peace of mind.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone will calm your emotions and connect you to your higher self.

Cancer…   Overview for November 2017
You might find yourself in a position where the truth is undeniable. You can’t live in the glow of past accomplishments anymore. It is time to take some decisive action. The foundation of what you built in some areas needs new support or rebuilding.

Now is the time to make decisions that will be a game changer; this is not a time to sit comfortably in the background. Lead by example with positive reinforcement and passion.

Some of your foundations may have been built on liaisons that didn’t have your best interests at heart or who no longer share your core values. You know who I’m referring to; those folks who stick around when things are going well but jump ship when obstacles appear. It’s is all well and good. You will come out of this stronger and better than ever!

The responsibility and choice is yours. Consider all things involved and choose the changes that you need to make.

Let your heart lead you in the right direction. Expect magical opportunities to open up once you have made your choice.

Your Light Being
Metatron is stepping in to offer his strength. Take a step forward and know that spirit supports you in your quest for stability and service.

Your Animal Guide
A Peacock has stepped forward in all of his beautiful glory!  Protection and awakening!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chrysocolla will dispell negativity and offer calm and inner strength.

 Leo…   Overview for November 2017
You have an opportunity to see the world from another’s perspective. What you think of as totally bizarre may be the norm for someone else. Try not to judge or be reactive. Objectivity will be a key word for you this month. Also, remember not to take anything personally. You have a tender heart and sometimes get your feelings hurt by the words and actions of others. Know it isn’t always about you.

Sometimes there are things or relationships you desire deeply. When the object of your desire is out of reach or your affection is not reciprocated, remember chances are you are being protected and prepared for something better.

Some people bring out your competitive nature; especially when it comes to material things. Know that things like social status, who you know, and material possessions and acquisitions don’t necessarily lead to happiness. If you find yourself getting ready to take the bait; realign yourself back into your heart and step into your thoughts of gratitude for what you have now. You will find peace in seeing the person you have become.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is working with you this month. He will help transmute any negative thoughts or experiences from the past and present that may affect your self-esteem or feeling like you are not enough. You are more than enough sweet lion or lioness.

Your Animal Guide
A yellow Bengal Tiger is coming forward to assist you in becoming more observant and to protect you from being affected by the ambition of others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Red Garnet will work with your heart energy.

 Virgo…   Overview for November 2017
It seems like the universe is going to give you a break after all of the stress and chaotic energy of the past few months.There is a lesson to be learned from your past and the choices you have made. Perhaps something or someone has re-appeared with the same old patterns. The good news is that you have the opportunity to recognize and break out of the cycle that has haunted you for years.

You are usually the one “doing” and your message this month is to allow the Divine Feminine to nourish you. Let someone else sit in the driver’s seat for a change. You may have had issues with receiving in your life. Let's call it what it is; control and not trusting those around you to meet your needs.

Perhaps you were left on your own or denied the support that allowed you to feel safe in a big world. You desperately want to experience the flow of support and goodness of the universe, but at the same time, you push it away by sending out the message that you can do it all yourself.

You have the opportunity to shift your perception and be on the receiving end. I am not telling you to shirk your responsibilities and do nothing, but perhaps, delay your “I can do it all” reflex.
You will be able to feel more comfortable with who you are and know that you deserve all good things!

Your Light Being
Archangel Chamuel is available to help you become an open vessel to receive love and compassion.

Your Animal Guide
Queen Bee is offering her help in learning how to receive all the honey that you need. Know it is being delivered to you with grace and ease.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Jasper will align your Yin and Yang and balance your polarity.

 Libra…   Overview for November 2017
You will find peace and wisdom in turning inward this month. There may be some tough decisions concerning what is important, and understanding what lengths you will go to, in order to get what you want. You will find the answers within.

Sometimes looking outside instead of to your Higher Self will only leave you with anxiety and indecision which might lead to impulsive actions. If you spend your time comparing yourself to others or trying to be who you aren’t, you will find yourself spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Be your wonderful self!

Perhaps you would do better to look at the overall picture and see what is truly working, and what needs to be eliminated or put on hold for now. If you let go of the things that aren’t fruitful, something else that is better suited will come in and take its place.

Avoid overreacting or lashing out when you feel threatened. You might not even realize you are feeling threatened until the words come out of your mouth. Use a ten-second delay before responding; and chose your words carefully or you may find yourself regretting what you have said. Once it has been said, it might be difficult to repair the damage. You know how powerful words are. It is like throwing a stone in a pond and watching the ripples.

Your Light Being
The Lady of The Light is working with you this month to remind you of your divine nature.

Your Animal Guide
Llama will bring you strength, protection, and adaptability.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone will help bring new opportunities and intuition.

 Scorpio…   Overview for November 2017
They say history repeats itself, but being aware of this possibility allows you to break yourself free from the bondage of the past. Perhaps your ego might be pulling you into the old drama that doesn’t support you in your quest for what you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the victim role; This is past conditioning, and you can choose to allow this to sabotage your progress or shake it off and move forward with a new attitude. You don’t need to sacrifice your highest good by making a point to others.
Perhaps moving forward is bringing up old fears and thoughts of not being good enough, or worthy. You can claim your prize by being completely honest with yourself and choosing to see the past in a different light. You might discover these were only lessons that helped shape you into the powerful person you are now.

It is time, to be honest with everything in your life and take responsibility by owning up to being a party in some of your unpleasant outcomes. We are all guilty of this and can learn from our mistakes.

It doesn’t always have to be about someone else. Sometimes we think this keeps us safe from taking the responsibility for our success or failures. Success can be a double-edged sword, but don’t let fear hold you back from becoming even more amazing!

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is ready to cut away anything that is not in your highest good.

Your Animal Guide
Crow is coming forward to align with you this month. Look forward to mystery, intuition and practical magic.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will help you tune into your psychic abilities and open your channel for divine messages.

Sagittarius…   Overview for November 2017
Your intuition is spot on this month.  You know what you know; because you know it! Trust the messages you are getting and follow your heart. Someone or something may come into your world who has a profound effect on your life and how you communicate with others.

Perhaps you are feeling more connected to the oneness of humanity and the planet, and you might feel this way about many people. You are receiving a gift from the Divine, and you are being guided to explore this gift with great integrity and love.

I see a shift in your perspective. I see you diving deep into your core values and standing firmly on a pillar of honesty and revealing yourself to the world without holding back.

Some of you might have difficulty if you are employed by companies who don’t share your goals and perception of truth. This might also be said for family and social relationships. You may be more vocal about your feelings and idealistic thoughts. Gentle persuasion may be your best approach. Not everyone will be on board, but this is an opportunity to attract those who are in sync with your vibration.
There may be a desire to start re-building your core with a strong sense of clarity and purpose. You don’t have to change the world by only surrounding yourself with people who have the same values as you do, but it helps to have that inner core of those who share the same belief system built on truth and integrity.

Your Light Being
Sophia is also known as The Divine Spark is assisting you in recognizing the Divine spark within. I see her fanning the flame in your heart. I will leave it up to you to research Sophia and her relationship with the Divine.

Your Animal Guide
I see a big Owl with beautiful yellow eyes watching over you day and night. You are cherished and protected.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pyrolusite will help in transforming energies and will strengthen your aura.

Capricorn…   Overview for November 2017
Your heart is guiding you in a direction that will open your path to great joy and at the same time, feeling the sorrow of the planet. It is a divine balancing act that comes with spiritual growth and expansion. You are developing compassion on a large scale as you prepare for an awakening.

I see the lotus evolving in your auric field and reaching out to humanity. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You may feel extra empathic and want to spend a little time by yourself or in nature.

Sometimes when we feel a loss, we reach out looking for a place of solace and healing, and the universe responds with the blinding truth that is overwhelming. You might feel like too much is being revealed and feel uncomfortable with the world in which you are living. The feelings will subside as all of the energies fall into place. This is not a time to make any rash decisions. Be still.

Know that you are being called to perform a great service that will be actualized when you are ready. Acts of kindness will help you go through this process.

Perhaps you have not gone through a physical loss but a loss of some sort is taking place in your consciousness to make room for greater truth and love.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is supporting and holding you close in this period of great transition. She explains that the aroma of flowers or essential oils may also help you in this process of unfoldment. She shows me a picture of the life cycle of flowers and tells me of the nature of the seasons of life.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Horse is offering you the great wisdom of the ages and will carry you to your higher destination, offering friendship and help you feel supported and protected.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Brecciated Jasper will help you feel grounded and bring positive support for your emotions.

Aquarius…   Overview for November 2017
Looking back and chewing on problems or mistakes that you have made in the past is not productive. Don’t waste time or energy on these things. You may have taken some risks or made plans that fell through. Forgive yourself and all concerned and release this energy in whatever way works best for you. It could be cutting cords, seeing a good healer, a counselor going to a gym to work it out of your system.

Trying to repeat the pattern with a twist, in hopes of a productive outcome is also not moving forward nor is it a creative answer. Sometimes you just have to let that go and realize perhaps the universe was giving you a big message that something is no longer appropriate for who you have become, and perhaps never was.

Avoid repeating the same mistakes. Have you ever met someone and felt like you were lovers or best friends in a past life, therefore, you must follow your instincts to bring this person into your fold, and it turned out to be a hot mess? Oh, I have been there!

You may be tempted with the same kind of opportunity this month. Sometimes the situation could well have been a past life connection or someone put in your path to teach you a lesson. Question all of these inclinations whether it is personal or business. Put any actions concerning them on hold and sit back and watch for a while.

Your Light Being
Metatron is in your field and holds all the records for you to access. Check in and ask for guidance. He has information that could benefit you.

Your Animal Guide
A cute little Rat showed up to assist you in being resourceful and reminds you of the natural wisdom you have acquired through trial and error.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
A Clear Crystal Quartz will connect you with your own healing abilities and bring clarity.

 Pisces…   Overview for November 2017
I see you on a ship in a stormy sea. You are a passenger and don’t seem to have control of anything and are forced to ride out the storm. I see that you can keep your balance with the confidence that “I’ve got this!”I have been here before. You are in a heavy mist and pirates are threatening to board your ship. I see you hidden in the mist so they can’t see you.

Be wary of anyone who is not what they seem. I also get the message to keep an eye on your valuables. Make sure your house is locked tight, and your wallet is in a safe place. It is always easier to be proactive rather than regretful afterward.
Phone calls also play an important part this month. Someone may call you who claims to hold the key to future advancement. Don’t be hasty in reacting. I hear the word research. You will be called on to make decisions; so learn all that you can before choosing.
Make sure you have set aside enough time for yourself as sleeping patterns are very important. Make sure you zip your aura tight before bed. I see some disturbances that could occur while you are sleeping because subconsciously you are still searching for answers to your daytime problems and there is an overlapping influence into your conscious mind.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is offering assistance and crystalline energy for you this month. He is here to support and move objects that may be in your path.

Your Animal Guide
Chameleon is coming forward to help you blend in with the background so you can absorb information needed without being noticed
Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Opal Aura Quartz for purification, balance, and joy!

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Merlin Chronicles by Kay October 2017

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes   by Kay    October 2017

I know that I am a bit late this month. Life has been hectic and my energy has been running low.

It seemed like everything happened in one weekend. I had a 3 day fair, my granddaughter was in Florida in the path of Irma, my sister was having surgery on her carotid artery, my favorite aunt’s passed and her service was on Sunday and I was still struggling with a respiratory infection.

They say that God never gives you more than you can handle but sometimes I have my doubts about that. I had to make choices and some things were placed on the back burner.

September was a rough month for all of us. Floods, hurricanes, shootings in Las Vegas and probably some I forgot to mention.
I am not someone who sticks her head in the sand, but there have been some days this week that I just didn’t watch TV or listen to any news.

On the upside, I am doing more meditation and prayer. I have been noticing more signs from angels letting me know that they are listening to my prayers. A friend and co-worker Katt has a radio show on www.12radio and mentioned something to me that I had been asking my angels for. It wasn’t anything big but it was enough to let me know that angels are listening. I hadn't told anyone else about this. I had been asking for a sign. I have also been seeing lots on 1’s.

Our faith is being tested but if you are quiet and pull back from some of the news feeding frenzies, the negative arguments on Facebook and Twitter you will be able to hear the angel and messages from God letting us know that there is a plan.
I will have a booth at The Althea Center Festival for the Soul on Saturday, Oct 7th 2017 1400 Williams St, Denver Co 11Am to 5 PM
You can also always find me on
I am also a monthly guest on Elizabeth Lindsay’s Angel With an Edge on the last Wednesday of the month at 11 am Pacific time

Enjoy the Merlin Scopes!


 Aries…   Overview for October 2017
Your intuition is at an all-time high. Know that it isn’t just the phenomena of psychic impressions but a deeper connection that lets you know you are loved and cherished by an omnipotent source.

Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing past life impressions or situations where people seem familiar to you even though you have never met. At the same time, know this process is a new vibration for you and these feelings of Deja Vu are here to help you navigate your way into new territory from gifts and lessons from the past.

Be careful not to get carried away with paying a lot of money for classes, training, or service you seek to improve your life or performance.

Sometimes the best teachers are the ones less known who recognize their calling. They are just as good as those who have achieved fame and material success but never desired to become one of those who is well known or famous. All that glitters is not always gold.

Your Light Being
Chiron has stepped forward to assist you this month. Forgiveness is the key to healing and success. Forgive those who have injured you, even if you are that person.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful White Mare comes forward for you. She is here to help you move forward into something new and special; if you so choose to take that leap. She will carry you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dendritic Chalcedony will help you focus, center and bring clarity.

 Taurus…   Overview for October 2017
Be willing to be like a Willow tree; know that the winds may blow, and your branches will bend, but if you remain flexible, you won’t break. Be strong and don’t give into fear.

Remain aware of everything going on around you. Your feelings about personal and business relationships may be driven by past situations that you perceived as incomplete. Are you simply repeating something that didn’t work out and expecting different results? Is ego involved in this? It is not wise to force anything or get pulled into someone else's drama just so you can remain in their inner circle.

There may be a new opportunity or a relationship that is not what you would normally seek. Allow yourself the opportunity to spend some time with this, as it may be worth looking into or exploring further. If it is not what you want, you can always walk away.

Your Light Being
Venus is offering her guidance and ability to see the beauty in yourself and all that is around you. Embrace your beauty and never feel as if you are second to anyone.

Your Animal Guide
A Marmot has stepped forward. She digs holes and works with the environment. She will teach you how healthy relationships work interdependently. It takes more than one person to build a good relationship.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Place it next to your bed to attract more love in your life.

Gemini…   Overview for October 2017
You may find yourself feeling a bit lonely in the beginning of the month. Possibly, you’ve been in a relationship or situation that wasn’t quite right for you. When a relationship like that is taken away abruptly, or when you decide to end it, there is usually a space of time when you feel a loss.

There is nothing unusual or unhealthy about this. I know this may sound strange, but you might even be feeling lonely for yourself. Sometimes you get so enmeshed in a relationship, whether it’s personal or professional, that you give up a bit of yourself to accommodate others or to reach a goal. When it ends, you find yourself wondering who you are.

Take this time to ask ‘what part of yourself has not been honored?’ Have you been chasing after situations or people that are not in harmony with your vibration, only to be left feeling shattered and unfulfilled?

Recognize how special you are and know you are as unique as is the blessing that awaits you. Start pulling back the pieces and once again become whole. See yourself as complete, and you will attract opportunities that are strong and compatible to your light. Accept nothing less!

The good news is that I do see new opportunities coming forward as you release and come to peace with the past. Release, surrender, and open the door to New Beginnings!

Your Light Being
The solitude of St. Francis of Assisi is a place of peace where you can retreat, and revise your plans. I see the three of swords. He says there will be seven parts to your healing process, but he will help with these three. You will know what each of the swords represents. This might feel like pulling a bandage off, but so worth doing.

Your Animal Guide
A Sloth has come forward to offer you patience and virtue in the choices you are about to make. Slow decisions are the best and less regrettable.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Shattuckite will strengthen your psychic communication and offer great protection when you are doing metaphysical work or energy healing.
Cancer…   Overview for October 2017
Be generous this month. I am not just talking about financial help, but also being generous with your time, advice, compliments, guidance or uplifting another who is down. Where compliments and praise are due, give it freely without expectations; even if you might be harboring some negative feelings about someone. Become the bigger person and step up into the higher vibration. You will be surprised how this shifts the odds in your favor in many areas of your life.

There are some big opportunities available for you. The important thing to remember is to say what you mean and do what you say. Don’t be complacent or fall back into old habits that keep you from moving forward.

You have an opportunity to go big or go home. Timing is perfect! The choice is yours. Focus on how great your skills are and not how terrible your competition is. Karma is Karma. Accentuate the positive!

Keep your boundaries strong, or you may get distracted into somebody else’s agenda. Not to say that this is conflicting, just distracting from your goals. Do your homework.

 Listen to “how,” someone says something; the tone in which it is said; the body language, rhythm, and breath. Remember if someone gives you critical comments or reviews; don’t to take it personally. Use it to make yourself stronger and grow from it!

Don’t be overly impressed by one company or person who might try to tell you they have all the answers for you. You have done some pretty awesome things, and you are also impressive, but sometimes you lack clarity when delegating projects.  Again, do your homework.

Your Light Being
I heard the words “The French Monk”. I found Matthieu Ricard. He is still on the planet, and I have never read any of his books or listened to him speak. He teaches how to train our minds to be happy. He has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. I think I will also do some research on his work.

Your Animal Guide
Chipmunk wants you to know that you are protected and now is the time to investigate and explore those things that will help you improve your skills.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar will keep you grounded and protected and will attract harmony, peace, and higher vibrations.

Leo…   Overview for October 2017
Everyone has a story. There are no exceptions. How you let your story define your life is completely up to you. I’m not discounting some of the tragedies and sorrows in your life; but what if some of these things were placed on your path to help you develop and grow into a strong self-sufficient wonderful human being?

Spiritual gifts don’t always come wrapped up in beautiful packages with ribbons on top. Sometimes they are painful and feel unfair. Perhaps you’ve been feeling difficult memories and experiences lately.

You have the opportunity to work through many of these issues by offering service to others. The universal law of abundance is sending favorable energies to you in the form of giving and receiving. It is a good time to open your heart and allow yourself to receive love in all forms; this may come to you through offers of service, charity, or kindness which will increase your intuition and ability to sense what others are needing.

Remember in doing this, you also need to focus on loving yourself; so always stay grounded and be aware of your boundaries. You may be feeling more empathetic towards other people, but make sure you know when to pull back and recharge.

Pay attention to how you are spending your money. Make sure you put a little in savings as often as possible. Don’t overextend yourself.

Your Light Being
Mother Teresa is working with you this month. When she was in her physical body, she seemed to have an ample never-ending supply of energy, and in spirit, she still has this energy and is more than willing to share it with you. Use it wisely.

Your Animal Guide
An Alligator has stepped forward to assist you in setting boundaries. Pay attention to opportunities to renew your spiritual gifts and talents.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Adventurine is a great stone for prosperity. It will also help you in situations where you need to take the lead. It will keep you calm and help your heart heal from emotional trauma.

Virgo…   Overview for October 2017
Something that has eluded you for a long time is now within your reach and being offered. You are finally starting to attract the attention of those who wish to give you the assistance that could make a difference for you professionally or personally.

You have struggled with the dichotomy of wanting to be out front or taking a less responsible position and staying in the background where it feels safe. There is also the issue of believing that you’re not quite good enough nor have the staying power to succeed.

Virgos sometimes think they have to give 110% to be able to be good enough to start at an entry-level position even if you have a graduate degree and 20 years of experience. Sometimes you are good enough when you are just beginning because it is a gift that you came into this world with but haven’t tapped it until now.

Try not to think too much and get out of your own way. You’re being called forward in service. It is not about succeeding or failing; it is about showing up.Yes, it will require some hard work, but you are quite capable of delivering.
Balance is important in this process. There seems to be a lack of balance within your life in some relationship. Don’t allow yourself to do all the giving. You avoid conflict so you will have to think of a tactful way to balance and correct this issue. It will be a win-win situation. Ask someone with experience for help.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ consciousness is stepping forward to assist you and is supplying you with all you need to create the changes within needed to expand your contract of service. Call on him often.

 Your Animal Guide
Coyote has stepped forward to help you regain your sense of humor and not take things in life so seriously. Have fun and play; even work can be play if you love what you’re doing.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Jasper will help align your chakras and release stress.

 Libra…   Overview for October 2017
Pay attention to your thoughts. Have you been obsessing about things in your life that you have no control over? Don’t allow yourself to go down that deep, dark, hole of regret. “Should have” and “would have” are in the past, and it is time to release them and allow yourself to look into a new pattern of thought.
I know you have heard the saying “Let go and let God.” I see this coming from a place deep within, and it doesn’t mean you should let go and go whichever way the wind blows or allow others to take responsibility for the decisions in your life. Recognize  God within you. You can get ideas from others, but you must make the decision and take responsibility; right or wrong it is your powerful affirmation that reveals you as powerful co-creator.

Get all of your health maintenance scheduled so you can bring to light anything that needs attention. Avoid extremes in your diet. Sensible choices are best and will provide all of the things you need to replenish your nervous system.
There is no doubt the world is in difficult transitions.Use your intuition and connection with God to your advantage and gather the wisdom that you can use to assist yourself and others in the future.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha is stepping up to help you move some obstacles that may be self-inflicted ideas and beliefs that need to be pushed aside to make room for the new!

Your Animal Guide
Cheetah is stepping forward to remind you that some opportunities are time sensitive. 

You may be asked an important question which requires a timely response
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Labradorite is magical and powerful for manifesting!

Scorpio…   Overview for October 2017
Focus your energy on staying grounded and taking care of your physical body and your environment. Big changes are imminent so changing some of your basic habits will make these transitions easier. Holding on to those things that are causing stumbling blocks on your path is giving you a big message that a clearing is what is needed to create a healthy path in the days to come. Holding on for sentimental reasons is not productive or healthy.

You might find yourself also seeing a relationship splitting off into another direction. There is nothing to regret or grieve as this is a natural result of growth and doesn’t necessarily mean you will be breaking up with someone or some group; only that you or another may be branching off in a different direction to explore and create in some way or another. Perhaps a goal has been met, and it is time to replace this with a new one.

Assuming you will listen to the messages from your body and environment about letting go, I see smooth sailing ahead for you. I see a beautiful open space which might even allow you to be able to breathe better and not feel like you constantly need to protect yourself or build walls and boundaries. Perhaps some of these boundaries you have been holding close are in truth, part of those things that you need to release.

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is stepping in to assist you in feeling protected and cherished. Call on him and ask for his assistance.

Your Animal Guide
A Seagul has come forward to assist you in taking advantage of the bounty that nature has to offer.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Orbicular Jasper will help eliminate toxins and help with breathing.

 Sagittarius…   Overview for October 2017
Take your time and surrender to the peace that exists in your life. I know this might be asking a lot of you, and there are so many things going on in your life right now. One day you may be on an amazing high because everything is working in your favor and then the next day you feel like you’re riding a runaway horse over a cliff. A bit dramatic, I know, but we live in dramatic times.

Try to hold yourself in your own power of truth. Avoid reacting to some of the things that are happening in the world right now and what people are saying. If possible, take time to consult with your higher self before opening your mouth or posting that message on social media. Perhaps a 20-minute delay.

Sometimes we really are riding that runaway horse, and Fear is his name. You have the power and strength to pull back the reins and guide him and the rest of his herd in a safer direction. Recognize your power of leadership.The world is full of chaos, and we seem to be living in a world of extremes.

When things start spiraling out of control in the media or you feel yourself pulled in several directions; step outside and take a deep breath. In doing this, you will be able to see the signs clearly and hear the messages that come directly from the Divine, from God and receive direction from your angels.

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha tells you to go into meditation and visit his sacred garden and the pool of images. Sit in peace and see how your reflection changes in this peaceful place. Then go back out into the world and tend to your daily duties.

Your Animal Guide
Camel steps forward for you. Know that things are progressing in your life and that you will have enough to go the distance
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Snowflake Obsidian will absorb negativity.

 Capricorn…   Overview for October 2017
There seems to be the possibility or desire to start something new in your professional life or in the area of personal relationships. You may feel the urge to move forward into new territory.

Know that things may not go as you planned or that this may take more time than you thought it would. Either way, there are many lessons to be learned. Be conscious of your expectations. Try not to have any or be too attached.
I know this is easier said than done; and somehow, even when you are holding this thought in the back of your mind, disappointment may occur on some level. You may not have all of the information you need to proceed with this. Explore and ask lots of questions to see if this is truly something you want. In fact, the more questions, the better.

Be patient and try not to rush. This opportunity may not be quite ready for you yet. If someone is pushed into a corner and required to give a yes or a no answer, the answer will probably be no. Don’t force; allow things to unfold.

Your Light Being
Archangel Gabriel will assist you in new beginnings. Sometimes those things we think could break us can become a powerful promise of significant gifts
Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Reindeer has stepped forward to assist you in being resistant and flexible in the face of adversity. She is very strong and she says she has the gift of gab and ability to communicate with all social classes.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cerussite will ground you and make you feel comfortable in all social situations.

 Aquarius…   Overview for October 2017
I see a vision of you in a forest surrounded by trees which is usually a good thing, but the look on your face tells me you feel as if have many things are closing in on you and you seem to be on a timetable. Remember to communicate with all those to whom you have made promises of time or energy. Do this promptly so you can reschedule or shift things around to fit everyone’s needs. Don’t just tell people what they want to hear, to avoid dealing with a disappointing immediate response. The later response would be worse.Be creative.

People will be as loyal to you as you are to them. Fidelity and service in all forms are required to keep you on your path of successfully attaining your goals. It doesn’t matter what you have chosen to dedicate your life to as long as your intention is in providing a service to the universe to make the world a better place.

Be flexible and choose your battles wisely. Expect unexpected changes. You know how to ride them out, and you will come out of it better than ever.
Sometimes a “no” is a good thing that will keep you on track and going in the right direction. Don’t take it personally. It is like a traffic sign that says “Dead End” or “Right turn only.”

Your Light Being
Merlin is working with you. I see him moving energy with his staff this way and that with a gleam in his eyes. He seems to be delighted in the changes he is making in your vibration and activities. A test of courage and commitment he says!

Your Animal Guide
Owl is watching through the night and will shield you from energies and thoughts that do not belong to you. Pay attention to those things or people that might tempt you with negative influences.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pietersite will remind you of your spiritual journey and connect you with the Akashic Records.

Pisces…   Overview for October 2017
You may find yourself with very little time between jobs, projects, and relationships; but when you do have even a few hours to yourself, take the time to pull in some energy from your environment. You have been expending a great deal of energy lately and had little time to recover.
The environment, trees, and elementals are always available and willing to give you life force energy. Just make yourself available for a few minutes in a quiet, peaceful and receptive space.

The Masters and Elementals tell me you have been busying yourself with too many thoughts and it makes it difficult for them to get in. Try to empty your mind. Take a seat on your porch or in a park and invite the energy in through breathing or visualize it coming in through as light rays into your chakras.

Pulling in this energy is not limited to working with only the outside of your house but also with the angels and Ascended Master inside your house. You have said many prayers for yourself and others; lit candles visualized healings, counseled friends and family, and cared for and loved pets. All of these healing creations are yours to use as you please. Directing this energy toward yourself will not lessen the effect on others, but instead, will strengthen it.

You have found your authentic self, and the universe applauds you! Through this, you may be offered an opportunity or receive some recognition for your work or some efforts that you have made from your heart. There is a good chance you have stumbled upon the universal keys to abundance. I think you have found that you will always be supported and have more than enough. This feels as natural and normal to you as taking a breath.
Your Light Being
Merlin of course. He dictated your overview channeling from above and is demonstrating alchemy and the positive powers of energy!

Your Animal Guide
A Cuckoo bird has come forward to help and support you in new beginnings. Feel the new vibrations. He shows you how to move time and walk through the world.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Amber will protect and ground you.

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