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Merlin Chronicles   for  April 1 2015

Hello my Friends
 It is a beautiful here today although the weather person is saying that we will have a cool down for April 1. Snow? It was 78 degrees today. That's the joy of living in Colorado. It is never boring.

 I thought I would pass on a Merlin channeling for the new energies of the month.

 My regards to all of you who are ridding out the waves of the new energies that are sorting  out and clearing a path that is like none that you have known before.
The Lunar Eclipse of  April 2015 is an energy that will bring real resolve for many that were affected by the Solar Eclipse in March. 
Many individuals felt this energy as a huge emotional wave of fear and anxiety as many  fell to the wayside and experienced the adjustment in physical energies were harsh and unyeilding.

  To put this into simpler terms I am speaking of people and animals who took advantage of their exit opportunities as they realized that their service could be far more effective on the other side of the veil. This is not just the doings of this most recent eclipse but the huge wave of release that has effected this planet over the past 13 months.

Many of you have been relocated and I hope you realize that this is not just  at random  or  due to circumstances but part of a very strategically planed movement. Some of you may have been moved out of jobs, relationships  and homes that have  put you in situations that you have yet to become familiar with.

You may be wondering why you have been herded in one direction or another and have been resistant to this. There is a need for you to anchor light energy in these places and you are a very important part of the process.

Remember that you are not alone in this work and that there are many on all levels of consciousness supporting you in ways that you are not even aware of. Your prayers and wishes are being heard.

Here are the MerlinScopes for April 1 2015
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Merlin Scopes April 2015   by Kay

Aries… The first week of April 2015
I see a vision of a donkey sitting on the ground and there are people trying to coax him to get up, but donkey is not having it.
Be gentle with yourself this week. Trying to carve out some “me time” may be difficult this week. Others may make you feel a bit on edge and you would rather just do what you want to do.  Those around you may feel like things need to get done and may encourage you push ahead. Know that they mean well.
Aries for the Month of March 2015
Do not take anything personally during this period. Others have their own problems; but nonetheless, this does not mean that they don’t care about yours. If you want a loyal friend, look within and realize that it is here the loyalty begins.
You have been in a bit of a rough patch or a funk and I wish that I could tell you that all of this is going to end right now; but you can expect this to linger a bit longer. In the midst of change, discomfort sometimes becomes an unwelcome companion. You may be tying up loose ends this month.
Try some deep breathing when you feel like you have run out of other options. You may have to come to terms with some old beliefs about material wealth and choose to let go of a few things so that you can move forward. It’s only stuff.
Your Light Being
Mother Teresa has some wonderful quotes that she would like to share with you. Do some research and ask for her gentle guidance in prayer and meditation.
Your Animal Guide
Snake has some wisdom to share concerning shedding of skin and re-birth. This is also a warning to be conscious and watch your step right now. Look before you leap. Sometimes the best action is no action.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Tiger’s Eye will help you ground and provide protection. It will help you deal with changes and bring more awareness into your consciousness.

Taurus… The first week of April 2015
Take it easy as you may be feeling a bit under the weather or a bit low on energy. Someone may be giving you some grief.  It is best to stay under the radar and let this pass. You don’t need the aggravation right now.
Take care with any issues involving your throat. Communication may seem a bit weird for lack of a better word. Try to go to sleep early if possible.
Taurus for the Month of April 2015
Don’t look for easy answers this month. Wait for Divine timing as all things will appear when you ask for them in a clear and concise manner.
Sometimes things need to fall apart in order to create what you really want. It could be that what you really want is not appropriate for you at this time or it could be some other reason. Look for signs and answers. You need to trust in blind faith right now. Know that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.
If others try to force you into a decision just smile and tell them that you will get back with them. I am confident the sign will come forth for you; and when it does, be ready to act in faith. Sometimes you have to jump into the abyss knowing that there is a soft place to land that is welcoming and created just for you.
Your Light Being
Saint Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles, also known as “Doubting Thomas” is stepping forward for you. He doubted the other Apostles who said that they had seen Jesus rise on Easter Sunday. He later had his own personal experience eight days later at the second appearance and doubted no more.
Your Animal Guide
Butterfly will assist and support you in patience. Think of the journey from a catapillar to a butterfly. If it is too soon it will wither away, if you wait too long it could be a missed opportunity. Call on butterfly to ask for assistance in Divine timing and wait for signs.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Sunstone will release ideas, situations, and people that may be draining your energy.

Gemini… The first week of April 2015
Make an effort to pull yourself out of, and away from, any negative attitudes and energies. You may be torn between wanting to help someone, and at the same time wanting to break away and take care of things within your own space.
You already know you can’t be effective in assisting others until you take care of and clean up your own issues. I am being shown a possible soreness in your body which brings to mind something from the past that you haven’t completely made a clean break from or resolved.
Gemini for the Month of April 2015
This month calls for absolute honesty. Honesty with yourself and others. Take a deep breath and sincerely focus on the seat of your soul.  This calls for prayer and meditation.
Great changes are going on and you have the choice to keep things as they are or to accept the inevitable and lean into these changes with grace and ease. If you continue to wrestle with this, the integrity of your own personal intuition will suffer.
You can put on a smiling face for the public; but when you are alone, the truth remains the truth. If you are grieving or unable to release yourself from a situation, this may be an opportunity to clear this from your life path so you can move forward. No one else can do this for you. The Collective is wrapping you in love and Music of the Spheres.
Your Light Being
Archangel Gabriel is at your service. You only need to ask for assistance.  Gifts of the spirit and rebirth are possible if you agree to let go of the past. You are not your mistakes.
Your Animal Guide
A white dove comes forward to assist you. She comes close to you and her mate stays back a bit. She is here to bring a healing and tell you her secrets of happy relationships with her mate and herself. It is very simple and basic; she says human beings make this far more complicated than it needs to be.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Green Tourmaline to heal your heart. This is also great for attracting prosperity.

Cancer… The first week of April 2015
Be willing to overlook some errors on someone else’s part. Let the energy die down. In a week or so things will look entirely different.
There has been a little bit of awareness this might be a good time to take some preventative action on behalf of your physical body, especially your heart and also around some circulatory issues that could become problematic in the future. Trust your guidance; and begin taking preventative action.
Cancer for the Month of April 2015
I see you have a desire to take a stand to release the past and all of its negative impact on your present course of action. I see a vision of you with your feet firmly planted in the ground. You are standing tall and have come to a decision. Pettiness and ego issues have no place in your future. You will do what needs to be done in the name of true happiness.
I see you receiving a download of information from the Divine and your Collective I Am Presence. The vision that I am being shown is of Cancer receiving an across the board upgrade. It looks like a ripple in time and produces great clarity as your entire being is elevated to a higher level.
You are in a wonderful space for receiving and no longer in a mindset to resist such a change. Your third eye is becoming stronger and I can see what looks like a film, or perhaps the veil, being removed and leaving a much clearer and accurate vision of the world.
Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is bringing forth a much needed vision and presence of undeniable love for all beings on the planet. He brings a sense of peace and forgiveness.
Your Animal Guide
An American Bald Eagle is stepping forward to offer you his power of flight and his eyesight so that you may be able to see the small things, even at a great distance. He is showing you how to stretch out your wings of freedom.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Lepidolite will help dispel any pollution or disruption created by electromagnetic things such as computers and cell phones. This will also assist in working with your third eye as it breaks up any blocks.

Leo… The first week of April 2015
As you already know, only peace can survive in an open heart that is full of light and determined to heal. Let your heart not be troubled by the experiences of the past or by those things that don’t belong to you.
When you allow your mind to wander into those places and remain for too long, all peace will be abandoned; and instead of a beautiful garden bearing fruit, you will be left with an environment full of weeds in need of water and fertilization.
When you find your thoughts entertaining someone else’s problems or focused on unproductive feelings, correct this ASAP.
Leo for the Month of April 2015
The Collective would like to tell you this is the time for you to begin a new energy building experiment. Take note of all of your emotions, behaviors, actions, thoughts and interactions with others as these might be creating blocks in your energy on the physical, emotional and energetic levels.
You are a great researcher and you are being asked to turn that skill inward for your own health and wellbeing. It is in your nature to be of help to others and to play the role of group leader. These are both very important but you have the opportunity to look beyond that which you think that others need and start focusing some energy on yourself.
This can be difficult as it goes directly to the core of your most tender and wounded issues. The ability to allow and surrender to this healing will not only enhance, but raise the vibration of your Mastery on the planet in this incarnation.
Your Light Being
Lakshmi has come forward to allow you to study the true meaning of prosperity and wealth. Just as she has four hands, you are being encouraged to release the focus on one direction in your understanding of this and look at all four sides. Research Lakshmi.
Your Animal Guide
 A weasel comes forward to lend you the power of observation on deeper levels. Along with the help of Lakshmi, weasel will help you recognize your goals. Call on weasel.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Labradorite will connect you with the Divine and assist you as you shed the old worn out thoughts, experiences and energies. This stone will protect you from the return of any negative patterns into your consciousness.

Virgo… The first week of April 2015
Let yourself be at one with the universe and all of nature on this planet. New beginnings are pulling you outside and in new directions to lay seed and see what takes hold.
Give in to desires to meet new people and experience new and old ways of embracing the world. They can be combined. Never let yourself feel disconnected or unrelated to the magnificent hum of nature and the blessing of the all.
You have always preferred to remain in the background; and yet wanting to step up in front. Yes the ground is a bit shaky at times; but if you fall, just get up and smile.
Virgo for the Month of April 2015
Let yourself begin to relax into the thought that you can actually balance work with play. It doesn’t have to be a world of all or nothing. Do leave yourself a little room for pleasure and fun. This will support your productivity by leaps and bounds.
Remember that you are in this life to experience all of the possibilities within and beyond those of your choosing. Be open to those things that are out of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear cause you to abandon your quest. Take time to go within and look at this fear and explore it and all of its beginnings. Is it rational or is it something that someone told you that you should be afraid of?
Do not allow the experience of others to be a map for your life to follow. The Collective is shifting the values that you place on what seems to be worth holding on to. Especially  in terms of Virgo emotional baggage and engrained perceptions of qualities and purpose. You might feel a bit like a fish out of water; but trust the process and allow the alchemical process to unfold and fill in the missing gaps.
Listen to your heart and all financial issues will be resolved. Remember to share the wealth to bring in more joy and increase the flow. Plan a little getaway in nature with some special friends to celebrate life!
Your Light Being
Merlin would like to assist and support your shifting views of consciousness and how this effects the material world. He is pretty insistent on this, so I would look for some magical signs and messages in your life. It would be much easier just to summon him in as he has told me that he is bound (as in an agreement) to work with you through this process.
Your Animal Guide
An owl has come forth to offer her assistance in uncovering the wisdom of old that will actually seem new to you. She insists that her messages and wisdom are common knowledge to all of her species and you would do well to ask for her assistance especially during the evening hours before sleeping when she can work on a relaxed and welcoming consciousness as you sleep. She will also lend you the ability to see anyone who may be lurking in the shadows of deception.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Phantom Crystal formations will bring things of the past forward and shift the beliefs and memories into learning experience rather than assaults or attacks on the ego. Even if there are memories of physical harm and pain, these can be used as tools and not blocks to growth and achievement.
Libra… The first week of April 2015
The focus for this week is commitment to a resolution. This may be something that you have been working on for some time. Energies are high and it kind of feels like someone left the gate open or the thought that skipping school would be fun.
This is a time to turn the earth in preparation for the growth of a new project or even that garden that needs tending. This is a time to prepare. Use your gift of balance to combine freedom with preparation. I think this would be called creativity.

Libra for the Month of April 2015
Sometimes allowing yourself to be underestimated by others can be fun.  Folks will be pleasantly surprised by your humility as you allow your talents to speak for you.
Listen to your heart when it comes to someone in your inner circle. It seems that there may be a red flag warning or at least a yellow flag warning that feels familiar. This may be a person, group or circumstance that you have never met before but all the same, it feels connected.
Just because it may feel like you have a past life connection with someone does not mean that you should jump in feet first. Sometimes these feelings may serve as a warning or may appear to you as a choice in asking if you would want to work through these issues in this lifetime. There is no right or wrong. It is just a choice.
The easiest road to your happiness is in being genuine and authentic. Hold fast to these gifts as they may be useful in response to unearthing information that may be just weird or unexpected about someone that you may have thought to be untouchable by such experiences or behaviors. I see you shrugging your shoulders in the realization that we are all human.
Your Light Being
Archangel Chamuel is stepping forward for you this month. Chamuel is humble and sees all in the eyes of god. Ask for help in finding solutions for practical purposes.
Your Animal Guide
A wasp comes forward to tell you that some things are best left to their own devices or you may get stung.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Azeztulite will raise your vibrations to the highest levels. Wearing it will help you become a grounding rod to bring these properties to the earth and assist in the process of shifting and evolution.

Scorpio… The first week of April 2015
Things are getting busier for you and I would encourage you to ask your guides or your angel of priorities to help plan your day. There is also a lot to be said for being in the groove and getting lost in a project that seems to be moving along quickly.
Make sure you take breaks and give your loved ones and pets a little time. Tell someone who has helped you with all of the small things “thank you”. You can sometimes be a bit stingy with compliments. I think you just forget to acknowledge them.
Scorpio for the Month of April 2015
Happy days are here as you continue to keep your emotions in a balanced and relaxed state. The weather has a great deal to do with your equilibrium. Underneath all of the pressure of the past few months I see this shining presence that has been waiting to come to the surface and be recognized.
This month is all about balance. Balance in what you put into your body, mind, and spirit and balance in what you do with your being holistically.
Exercise and expansion of your consciousness are keys to healthy bodies, emotions and spiritual well-being. Try to avoid locking yourself into too many commitments, so you have time to devote to physical movement and expanding your soul on the physical level.
I see a vision of a beautiful white light growing and glowing within your body, in the area just below your heart and above your solar plexus. It is beautiful and has an innocence about it and as I move closer to get a better look, it is warm and of pure love.
The glowing light asks you to take it into deep meditation with you to help it expand. It is quite spectacular! It tells me that it is new to your being and something that was given to you by the Scorpio Collective in Fall of 2014. I am excited for you!
Your Light Being
Elektra of the Seven Sisters of The Pleiades has stepped forward and is taking responsibility in the evolution of the star seed that is erupting within your being  ”Coming into your own” she says. The lightness of being will bring a healing to the shadows of insecurity and will magnify great hope for the future. There is no profit or future in comparing yourself to others. You have your own beautiful glow that is unique.
Your Animal Guide
A two-humped camel comes forth to bring fortitude and resources that you might need as reserves. Don’t fret; he says you have more than enough, whether it be talent, money, opportunity, or whatever it is that you need; you already have what is needed.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Wulfenite will help you integrate and accept the positive and negative aspects of being human. We all have a shadow side but have a choice in how we choose to use this. This stone can help you recognize the agreements you have made with other souls and the lessons you have agreed to. Wulfenite will assist you navigate the process.

Sagittarius… The first week of April 2015
Keep yourself in the protective silence saying only what needs to be said. The power of the word will carry a lot of weight this week. Be conscious of what you are saying, and who you are sharing it with. Someone may try to pull you into a fight that is not your battle. Stay neutral and keep allegiance to yourself.
Your energy will start leveling out and you may be able to rest a bit more this week. Spend some quality time with those who are close to you.
Sagittarius for the Month of April 2015
It seems that you have no choice but to slow it down a bit; know there is a soul purpose in this. This is an opportunity for you to just sit with yourself and be the observer. Observe without judgment, and release any emotional motivation, injuries of the past, or fears of the future. There is a situation you need to see just as it is, or would be, to someone who doesn’t have a part to play or a bone to pick.
Now is the time to start looking at your thoughts and seeing how these thoughts are playing out in relationship to events in your life. You are such a master creator. Your thoughts and words are powerful. Notice how all of these situations, as well as your health, shift as you change your perception of the events in your life.
I am not telling you to put on a pair of rose colored glasses. However, if you are unhappy about something and only focusing on this issue, you may fail to notice another situation brewing or someone who could possibly be in a position to blindside you. Be careful of what you say and who you say it to. Someone you least expect may put you in the crosshairs. Ask your guides and guardian angels for protection. Remain calm in the midst of calamity and become an observer.
Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is stepping forward to offer his protection and guidance in all of your dealings.
Your Animal Guide
A huge stag steps forward to assist you. I can see and feel the power of his heart as it beats. He will lend you his elegant power of perception as he stands high on a hill in silence watching the coming and going of all that moves in the trees and valleys below him.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Bloodstone will support your strategies and assist you in knowing when to move forward and when to retreat. It will calm you and make you more decisive.

Capricorn… The first week of April 2015
Focus on creative projects. This may also refer to finding creative solutions for difficulties in your life.
Spend a bit of time doing some art work, playing music or whatever kind of creative process appeals to you. As you do this, it will bring answers and problem solving ideas to the surface.
Capricorn for the Month of April 2015
You are being asked to take a long look within and see if you may be in denial or being dishonest with yourself.
Are you making excuses for behaviors and actions that are actually fear based? Have you become a bit too controlling and find yourself pulling away from people and situations because they don’t seem to agree with how you would like them to react? Rather than pulling away you might see this as an opportunity to grow and become more integrated.
Most people need a little slack and time to digest situations and energies that come on as strong as you do. Even though you mean well, it may be just a bit more than others can take in one dose. You might do well to take it back a notch but this does not mean that you need to cut and run. Just take a more gentle approach.
You might be dealing with issues that frustrate and make you angry. I would say to pull your energies back as these situations have a way of working themselves out and this is really not worthy of a confrontation. Not at this time anyway. Take a step back and allow the dust to settle and the fire to die down a bit or this could end up being more than it should be on the Richter scale.
Your Light Being
I see various nature spirits, with fairies being the most prominent, stepping forward to assist you. They also bring a cat forward to help. This is about the perfection of nature. Try to get out and spend time in a park or forest.
Also bring your awareness to the nature of a cat. There are no wasted movements. Cats are independent. Let go of attachments to ideas and situations that hold you prisoner to unhealthy things that do not serve you.
Your Animal Guide
A Kangaroo comes forward to offer support in the form of balance, strength and grounding. They are strong and adaptable and will support you in commitment and maturity. They will help you see situations through the eyes of the student, allowing you to be more objective and not taking things personally.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Chiastolite will help by transmuting difficult situations into harmonious energy.

Aquarius… The first week of April 2015
Reading for enjoyment and researching old studies will bring satisfaction and wisdom allowing you to find answers to current situations in your life.  
These seem to be studies in Archeology or ancient wisdom. I am being told to inform you there is something to be gained for you in books this week.
Look up an old connection to verify something that happened in the past. Maybe it is just a trip down memory lane that is needed.
Aquarius for the Month of April 2015
This can be a very favorable month for you. You are beginning to open yourself to new energies and opportunities. This may also be a changing of the guard as I see new Healing Ascended Masters and Light beings approaching you. This is a group of three – three new guides and teachers. They approach gently and softly into your auric field and mind. They would like their presence to be integrated and unfold in a comfortable and loving manner.
Their approach to healing is a bit different and they say that they will be working with your long time beliefs about wealth and lack of supply. Expect some changes in your own expectations and some new revelations in the Universal laws of supply and demand as well as ways to release any blocks in the Universal flow of these things.
Life is beautiful and you are in a good space to appreciate good friends and the natural things that you may not have noticed before. Enjoy fresh organic fruit to raise your vibrations to help integrate your new vibrational wisdom and knowledge.
Your Light Being
I see a mist of beautiful white light that almost looks like a cloud. It will only identify itself as the Holy Spirit preparing the environment for your new place on the path. This is a very beautiful and sacred process. It is almost as if it is revealing a beautiful new foundation of bricks that feel much softer as you walk on the path.
Your Animal Guide
An Elephant breaks away from her herd to pay you the honor of her grace and presence. She comes forward for you in all of her wisdom, ancient knowledge and power. She also has historical lessons and karma to share with you.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Diamonds will attract wealth and commitment.

Pisces… The first week of April 2015
Keep the peace by staying out of an argument that involves two people that you care equally about. It is not that you aren’t interested in equality. It is just that it is not in your best interest to make any enemies on either side.
Pay attention while walking and don’t let your mind wander or you may twist your foot or ankle. Take care of any skin issues promptly so they don’t become bigger issues later on.
Pisces for the Month of April 2015
I feel a thunderous growl and shaking from the Piscean Counsel Collective. I see a vision of the ground trembling and the earth cracking open and creating holes in the earth. I see a vision of you looking into the holes inquisitively and waking up to the fact that nothing lasts forever and that at any moment lives can be changed forever.
Life is too short to alienate yourself from others. Sometimes it is good to collaborate with someone else or ask for help, even if you don’t think you need it. It can create a healthy co-dependency with others in the form of kinship and comradery.
Always trust your inner voice but remember that some of you family and friends also have the same inner voice and perhaps have experiences that might be valuable to you.
They may be able to save you some grief, or perhaps money, if you listen to them and your own inner voice in some dealings that are coming up in the near future. Try to sort out the facts and make sure that what you are wishing for or trying to manifest is really a good thing for you in the long run.
Delay any contracts or commitments especially if it has to do with a property or a possible move in the near future. Look at it from all sides.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain will assist you in transmuting energies that are not appropriate for you. He will deal with the energies that you cannot see. I see a vision of you walking along and about to step in a huge hole. Without your knowledge he places a bridge there and you continue on your path, none the wiser and unharmed.
Your Animal Guide
I see a little prairie dog poking his head out of a hole. He can see the underlying foundation of anything. Ask for his assistance in researching any new ventures or companions.
Your Stone or Mineral helper

Obsidian will enhance the truth and bring all flaws in any situation to the surface.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Messages From Merlin and Merlin Scopes March 23

MerlinScopes    Lessons in Unconditional Love     Week of March 23rd 2015

Hello my friends,
I hope you haven’t thought that I have forgotten about you. It has been a rough year for many of us. It seems that many of our loved ones have decided to leave the planet, I had such a loss and just needed to take a breath to digest everything that has happened.
On Friday March 13th one of my closest and dearest friends past away. This was completely unexpected. I still look around the house and in my computer and see reminders of her everywhere. She did my hair and makeup for my pictures. We talked on the phone every day.

Her name was Mary Kathleen Albi Ferguson. Just Kathy Albi to most of us. We met almost 10 years ago at a Medical Intuitive class and became fast friends. We took many classes and walked a spiritual journey of healing, laughter and support as we both went through darkest nights and brightest days.

We disagreed sometimes, especially about politics and the social classes. We were both equally passionate about how we thought life should be in the world. I tend to be a bit far left and she was far right. It used to really upset me as she so masterfully used her Cancer wit and emotions to push my buttons about these things. 

In fact I was very angry with her at one point and we weren’t speaking for about a year.I took something she said personally and I felt wounded by what she had said. I thought how could someone on a spiritual path have such limited views and I decided that I would be better off without these infuriating opinions invading my space. I thought I could surround myself with those who shared my opinions and be happier. This lasted about 1 year.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I missed her funny emails and her amazing wit. I missed the little jokes that only she and I shared. The good things that she brought out in me outweighed the things that I disagreed with. I needed her back in my life.  I had to send her 2 or three emails of apology and called her when there was a fire close to her ranch and I was concerned about her and her husband and the 50+ alpacas and other animals that she had acquired.  She loved all creatures and was a collector of critters. After this we were back to being Besties.

 We never talked about politics again. One very important lesson I learned from her is how to love unconditionally. I never gave up my views and opinions and I am sure that she didn’t either but one thing I know for sure. I am a better and more fulfilled person for having her in my life.

 If I hadn’t accepted her, just as she was, I would have missed out on the love of an amazing person. When it is all said and done folks, politics and opinions are healthy and help us change the world but  there must be balance and acceptance or else even our Light workers become ridged and limit our potential for growth and love. Isn’t that why we are here?     RIP Kathy I love you.

Here are The MerlinScopes
MerlinScopes         Week of March 16th, 2015

Aries… The week of March 23rd,   2015
The collective is showing me a vision of a beautiful tree that seems to be leaning a bit to the south so that it can enjoy the southern exposure. It is just starting to bud and I am told that this is this is The Giving Tree. What is given from the Giving tree is eventually given back to the soil and earth and so it begins its new journey.
Your soul is making arrangements to complete a cycle and thus will begin anew. Make yourself available to whatever spirit is asking you to do. This may be through dreams, premonitions, changes in likes and dislikes or changes in family or friendships. Be flexible and bend in the wind so you don’t break.

Taurus… The week of March 23rd,   2015
A new and improved breath of fresh air is beginning to flow through your lungs. Take advantage of this time because a new spirit guide is knocking on the door of your heart. This is a change of perception that will assist you in making that step towards some form of recreation or even vocation that could be a career or activity that is in alignment with the Universal laws of peace and prosperity.

Gemini… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Release, release and release is the message for you from the Light Brigade. It is ok to give a sigh of relief right now. The uncertainty of what could happen next is lifting and you are able to peek out of your protective shell.
This is not to say that all will always be well because life is full of challenges and heartaches. This is how we learn and grow into the fullness of our being. Your soul wants you to know that you are deeply loved and gives you recognition of how much you have grown. I see a badge of honor presented and placed in your heart.

Cancer… The week of March 23rd,   2015
I see a vision of you hanging on to the world as it spins at a rapid pace. You are barely hanging on and I see you looking backwards. Time may feel like it is going way too fast for you right now. You may be trying to take some time to look back and see how you could have done things differently.
Only use this as a learning tool and not a reason to discredit or dishonor your past actions and decisions. This is only to learn from and to use these lessons in the present and future. All there is, that is real and lasting is love.
If your actions and reactions are based on love and kindness then you have lived life well. If not always than you have time to work on this. This would be thought of as ego work. Whenever you are experiencing negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, self-pity or lack, know that you are living in the shadow part of your ego. Take a moment to ask for help and clear your mind of all thoughts as you seek the higher realms.

Leo… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Reliving old worn out thoughts about your physical self is not the way to make positive changes in your life. This will only cause your defensive blocks to start lining up and create resistance to any lasting changes that are trying to flow through your being right now.
This may play out in unproductive behaviors and thoughts such as addictive tenancies of all sorts. I would say whatever your drug of choice is, which may be limited to or include gambling, over eating, drinking, smoking, Too much TV or games.
This has always been a great buffer in the past and once again you have a choice to ask for help in revealing the true nature of your feelings or to hide them again. Neither is right or wrong. The opportunity will always be there for you when you are ready.

Virgo… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Leave your heart open even if every fiber of your being is begging you to shut it down. Now is the time to stay in your heart center and experience and breathe through the emotions that have been kept like a sleeping dragon for so long.
Expect to lose the “Spock” like logical reasons for the ways of the world and spirit. All things that come to pass are within our contract that is not only with spirit but also with our souls. Thus is the contract of Virgo to be able to push beyond the envelope and accept the messy and illogical feelings of our own hearts.

Libra… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Trust your instincts. You may be backed into a corner and have to make a tough but necessary decision. This decision has been placed before you time and again.
You don’t have to take any action at all if you choose not to. Only know that if you pull back into the same behaviors and reasoning that you will confronted with this situation again and again until you are comfortable with an outcome that is healthy for all concerned.

Scorpio… The week of March 23rd,   2015
There is a good opportunity for you this week. This can be related to career or a job. There is also an opportunity for you to speak your opinion in a clear and concise manner to a receptive audience. I see you balancing and weighing your options,
 Don’t let fear pull you off of your path but also remember that you need to take a long hard look at your goals. Are they money motivated or of the heart? Refuse to take anything less than what your heart desires. The heart wants what the heart wants. Money can’t buy peace.

Sagittarius… The week of March 23rd,   2015
If work or some situation is getting to you, make sure that you make time to release your aggravation in a kind and loving way. If you need to call in or say no to something than do so. Better to pull yourself out of the situation for a day then to be in a position where you may say some things that you may later regret.
Besides, if you call in or bow out you may feel a bit empowered. Sometimes you just need to feel a bit naughty. It might bring out your playful side and avoid your unleashing the kraken on someone else.

Capricorn… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Pull back your ambitions a tad this week. If you don’t you might pay for it at a later date. Don’t let your competitive nature get the best of you. You might appear greedy in a situation that tweeks the most competitive and insecure place in your ego. This can also be exhausting.
Dial it back a few notches or you might find the same people that used to run towards you running away from you. Be gracious and remember the Golden Rule.

Aquarius… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Be at peace and know all is well. If you worry about things that haven’t happened yet, you will not only will you be wasting your time, but you will be taxing your body and withholding the light that you have to share with others,
Know that all is well and as it should be. Take care with your knees as they may be places that hold stressful energy. If you are experiencing pain just know that this is how your body communicate and that you may be out of balance.

Pisces… The week of March 23rd,   2015
Let your wit be your best companion this week. You might be feeling a bit silly. Don’t withhold this and share this freely with others in your own fantastic way. Maybe it is a song, a poem or just in conversation. The world needs a good laugh right now and you can be instrumental in providing it.
Your life has come through some big changes both good and bad and you made it through all of them. This is a time to celebrate and share your wisdom with others who are struggling through their dark night of the soul.

Have a wonderful week and look for the Monthly Scopes next week.
I am also having my monthly Merlin channeling meetup Saturday March 28th from 12 noon to 2 PM at First Spiritual Science Church in Denver see

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Message From Merlin and March MerlinScopes

 March 4,2015

 Hello every one!
Sorry that I am a bit late in posting the monthly Message from Merlin and MerlinScopes. All of a sudden I have so many wonderful, wonderful things to do.  I am feeling extra blessed and hope you are too.
Today in my meditation I found Merlin in his cave listening to the wisdom of Jesus of the Christ consciousness. The light that surrounded Jesus was so beautiful and immediately brought me to a place of peace and love.

Today in my meditation I found Merlin in his cave listening to the wisdom of Jesus of the Christ consciousness. The light that surrounded Jesus was so beautiful and immediately brought me to a place of peace and love for which I have no words to express.

Merlin and a few other Masters had attended the gathering.  When I asked him how he was he said that he is always in the best place ! His head in the highest of the high and his feet planted firmly within the center of Mother earth.  I asked for a message for all of us and this is what he said. 

Every time you think that you can’t bear another minute on the path that you have chosen we want to make you aware that your plea is heard throughout the universe. I encourage you to look within your heart and ask to see the Book of Miracles.
You will be immediately taken to The Hall of Dissidence. Here you will find a library you will find walls of books and others looking through books just as you. You will find those of human consciousness who can relate to the same feelings that you have.

You will also notice beautiful Light Beings placed throughout the library to help support and answer questions for you. The books not only show you choices on your path of a physical nature but also of a change in perception.

I will not share any more experience of this and allow you to visit and find your own way around.
May your work be in the light of the highest!

I am going to have to think about this as I have never spent time in the Hall of Dissidence. If any of you chose to do this meditation and have experiences to share I would welcome it


Enjoy The Merlinscopes!

Merlin Scopes March 2015   by Kay

Aries for the Month of March 2015
Don’t try to take too many things for granted this month. I see a vision of you stepping down a spiraling set of stairs. The scenery appears to be in the mountains in springtime. All of the growth around you is green and has the essence, color and fragrance of tender new growth.
The steps are ancient and crumbling a bit. Pay attention to your footing in all areas of your life right now. There may be a need for repairs in the foundation of some of the major aspects of your life. I see some things crumbling and falling away and this is as nature has intended. There will be some choices to be made and unavoidable decisions must be made at this time.
If possible, try to get out of town or go on a bit of a romantic getaway. Even if it is just for a day. This doesn’t even have to be with another person if this is not an option for you or you feel in need of your own personal mini-vacation.
 If getting away is not an opportunity for you right now, you can curl up with a romance novel or a movie that causes the happy tears to well up your eyes and makes your heart remember the joys and agony of love. ‘Is it worth it’ you ask? That’s a big yes! It opens your heart!
Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is saying that he will be available to help you understand the law of cause and effect and to divine meaning from natural events. His assistance will facilitate insights into your life and the life of others; and help you make some great improvements.
Your Animal Guide
A  Green Sea turtle has come forth to offer her wisdom. She is quite old and has given life to many young ones. She wants you to remember that everything you need, you already have. Slow down and go within to the truth and wisdom.
Your stone or Mineral helper
A Fire Opal will assist you in creating changes and to make significant progress. Try to use this tool wisely as it will amplify your thoughts and feelings. This is not a stone to wear nonchalantly.
Aries… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
 I see a vision of you pulling yourself in a bit.  You may feel a bit of stomach or intestinal discomfort resulting from energies not flowing, but rather remaining stuck or unused. It may be to your benefit to let some of that energy out through exercise or expressing your concerns.
Use common sense in dealing with financial allocations especially with taxes. When in doubt ask an expert.

Taurus for the Month of March 2015
Give gratitude for all the wonderful things and offerings in your life. Take advantage of the energies this month. You have finally made a breakthrough on levels that you have yet to recognize. There is no reason to need to know ‘why’, right now. Later, you can look back and see how this played out, and use the information in the future. For now, just take advantage of what opportunities and abundance is being offered to you.
This means saying yes to a lot of things that may take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you get a bit uncomfortable accepting help from others. In the past, it seems you may have been burned or taken advantage of by someone who had ulterior motives. This may have left you feeling a bit encumbered.
Realize when someone offers assistance, you still have free will unless stated otherwise in the agreement. If you offer a bird some seed and it takes it, would you expect that creature to return the favor? Does the bird feel obligated?
I see a vision of you standing with your arms open and palms facing up. You are smiling as you look upward at several gifts or offerings that are all in a uniformed fan shape floating in your aura above your head. The background color is a brilliant gold and each offering is of a different color.
The best thing is, you realize you don’t have to pick one thing. They are all there for you.
Your Light Being
Lakshmi is available to offer you the key to the door of wealth and abundance. Ask for her assistance and most important of all,  listen in silence and peace. It is difficult for her to be attracted to an aura that is broadcasting sounds and frequencies that are not in harmony with hers.
Your Animal Guide
Horse is here to help you go the distance. Strong and sensitive horse will help you break free of attitudes or habits that may have been keeping you stuck.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Moldavite will align you with your higher self and attract wealth and assistance from the Divine.
Taurus… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Pay your bills; and get your taxes and other legal matters in order. Settle things so you can release and move forward. Some of you may be focusing on things having to do with your house or residence. There may also be a person who is probably male that will be of help to you in an important area of your life.

Gemini for the Month of March 2015
It is time to get back to the basic truth; and you find yours within the belly of Mother Earth. In this vision I see you digging a hole that is just big enough to hold you alone. I see you pulling the dirt over and around you. The colors are magnificent. Beautiful swirling shades of brown and red surround and embrace your sacred sleep as you shut out the world.
 Mother Earth creates a safe place for you to go into your heart and speak to your soul. You experience an outpouring of love like a divine faucet from the creator that belongs to your soul alone.
It has nothing to do with the individual person this world has shaped you into or what you have been taught here by society and parenting. This is the pure essence of the soul that you came into this life with. I feel privileged just to be to be allowed a peek into your scared journey. This is a re-birth.
You are a powerful communicator and as a child of Mercury you are the link between humanity and God. This is a time for you to reject the superficial aspects of who you are, who you are expected to be, and who you aspire to be. It is time to just be.
This is an important time for you. Your communication with the Divine and with those in Spirit is tender and as natural as a breeze that you may feel running across your arm on a hot summer evening. Their message to you is for you to return to the soul and see what secrets are hidden there for you.
This is a time for meditation, soaking in water or just finding time to go deep within the depths of your heart and soul as often as possible. There is information there that you will bring forward into your aura to use in the coming months. This is done by pulling this knowledge and information from your heart and placing it in your aura for easy access.
Your Light Being
Hermes is available to help you go deeper into the messages of light within. He is very strong and loving as he tells me that you are his child and in his care you will flourish. Call on him.
Your Animal Guide
Pelican has come forth to offer his assistance in cutting cords, forgiveness and letting go of those things that are no longer part of who you are. This will take a huge weight off of your shoulders and release any negative aspects of competition or unhealthy habits or attitudes that may have held you hostage for so long.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Sugalite will assist you in your quest to delve into the messages that your soul has for you and attract angelic assistance.
Gemini… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Be conscious of how you spend your money. Don’t let some fast talking slick salesman try to sell you something by giving you a tall story. Always do your research and wait 24 hours before you sign on the dotted line.

Cancer for the Month of March 2015
Don’t allow yourself to fall into bad habits or compulsive behaviors that are especially tempting if you feel out of balance. There seems to be a place of need within your energy at this time. You have been here before and sometimes you are able to tough it out or fill this sense of need with positive and productive actions and behaviors.
Try to recognize these feelings and see them for what they are – a desire to grow energetically and emotionally. Instead of giving into your fear of trying something bigger and new, you might resort to going back to these old behaviors and reactions which you may regret later.
This could be anything from eating, drinking, spending, hoarding or basically too much of something which will only be a bandage that temporarily covers the real problem.
Try to keep yourself busy with basic tasks and activities that require using your mind and body. Cleaning, remodeling, working out at the gym, or whatever will keep you from letting that repetitive desire push you into the same thing that you have tried before. If it didn’t work last time or the time before that, or the time before that, wouldn’t you think that there is something a bit off in your approach?
Try delegating some of your responsibilities this month, even if you have to pay someone a little to get the job done. This will open up a bit of time for you so that you can play with some creative solutions or ideas that you would like to try that are new and different.
Your Light Being
Ganesh is available to assist you in removing obstacles that have been in your path that play out in the same repetitive pattern. Call on Ganesh.
Your Animal Guide
Eagle has come forth to share his experiences of what it feels like to spread your wings and fly free across the mountains and planes. Eagle offers a glimpse of the whole possibility rather than just a small narrow slice of what is now available. The small vision may not look like much right now, but when you look at the whole picture, things fall into perspective.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Garnet will help you release ingrained behaviors that are no longer in your best interest as well as give balance and energy.
Cancer… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama. The very idea that you can have an impact on a situation in which a person refuses to take responsibility for their own decision-making is ludicrous. You know better; and this week should be used for you to organize and prepare for a busy season doing things that really will make a difference.

Leo for the Month of March 2015
I hear the words batten down the hatches! I see a vision of you on the deck of a small sail boat on an ocean. This boat looks like one of those little bathtub boats that little kids play with, not exactly intended for an ocean journey. And yet, there you are just the same.
You seem to be happy in your task and doing all of the work yourself. You have a slight grin on your face as if you know something that no one else suspects.
There seems to be a decision in the works this month. You are being encouraged to go within and ask for Divine guidance as I see you being pulled in two different directions. One is of ego and the other is the path of your purpose.
Neither path is wrong and you are learning and growing just as you should be. At any rate, you will choose the path you are ready for.
 If you are ready to surrender to the highest path at this time, you will; and if you are not ready, this will wait. Don’t think that you have missed the opportunity. You will be offered this choice over and over until you allow the Divine to choose. You are here to grow and learn. This is not a race. Relax and know all is as it should be.
Your Light Being
Mother Mary is stepping forward and wishes to join your energetic field. In other words, she would like to make some adjustment in your aura if you would allow. The choice is completely yours and she will wait for permission before doing so.
Your Animal Guide
Lynx is stepping forward to assist you in seeing behind the curtain this month. You may get a peek of usually hidden things. Ted Andrews says the Lynx also has an affinity with the number 11; so take notice of the number this month.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Ulexite will help bring clarity to the path that is in harmony with your spirit and soul.

Leo… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Move slowly into the energies of the hustle and bustle this week. The veil between the physical and etheric plane is thin and you seem to be in both places as your day begins. I see a vision of you touching the face of the Divine. This is quite beautiful from where I sit.
You are very sensitive and can be easily overwhelmed emotionally; so be sure to make some time to step back and differentiate your energy from that of other individuals.

Virgo for the Month of March 2015
The angels and light beings are working very closely with you this month. Your energy level is much better than it has been in a long time. Opportunities and ideas are coming at a rapid rate so try to be as organized as you can.
There are some things that are just in the informational stage and need a bit more time to come into fruition. Try not to rush or hurry through anything as you will have enough time, even though you may feel an urgency to jump in feet first to into every opportunity that is offered.
Take the time to look inward and choose which offerings truly feed your soul and produce happiness. You can be productive and happy at the same time. Don’t lock yourself into anything right now.
This is a good month in terms of earning power. Money and resources will come from the areas in your life where you have offered the highest form of service. This may come from a talent or gift that you love that just keeps bouncing back into your life.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain will assist you in transmuting old energies that I see as end of the trail or just fragmented energies that are not ready to let go.
You may not be able to shake these energies; however, Saint Germain with the aid of the violet flame will help you transmute them into clean energy that you can use to create something wonderful. Just ask!
Your Animal Guide
A Shark has come forward to assist you. This is one of the most feared and misunderstood creatures on the planet. Ever moving and unable to stay still, the shark will help you navigate the shallows as well as the deep waters this month with grace and ease. The shark makes no wasted movements. Call on Shark when you have many things to do and need energy and direction.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Muscovite activates the heart chakra and will align you with angelic communication.

Virgo… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
You seem to be caught up in your thoughts and plans right now. It is true that some planning needs to be in place; but be flexible as plans change.
You may say something to another that stings a bit. Sometimes the truth needs to be told and can help someone grow, even if it doesn’t feel good in the telling. Come from a place of love and integrity and tell the truth and do not feel guilty.

Libra for the Month of March 2015
Take a deep breath; you are putting your life in order. This is in preparation for the things you will be doing the rest of the month. I see you shuffling a lot of papers and getting organized. This could be in many different areas depending on what your desires are.
Those who are looking for new jobs will be reviewing job experience and finalizing resumes. Those who teach may have found some new subjects or new approaches to teaching a class. Those who are writing books will arrange, review and edit. Put things in order; and check and double check.
You have a strong desire to move forward. You may still be in the planning stage; but none the less, you are being nudged by your own internal clock to get going. The tick-tock is telling you ‘get ready to leap forward’.
You are always in sync with the seasons and you are preparing to move forward into a new one. I see a vision of a new little plant just coming out of the seed in the area of your high heart chakra. Prepare for these new emerging plans as you would prepare a garden. Clear the ground space and wait for the perfect time to plant.
Hydrate with pure water often; and slip into meditation to listen for instructions.
Your Light Being
Call on Cordelia to set the space and help you prepare the garden of your soul for a new infusion of growth.
Your Animal Guide
Beaver is stepping forward and offering to assist you in the mundane everyday physical activities associated with building your foundation and managing on the material level. Call on the beaver who instinctively know how to organize his time and energy.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rutilated Quartz will break down the barriers between you and the spiritual information you want and need. It will also assist you in making changes that will be useful in completing your responsibilities and duties.

Libra… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Don’t worry if you are having memory problems right now. It seems that you have a lot on your plate; so take your time and center yourself each morning before you get out of bed.
Pay attention to a loved one in your life who may be having some emotional or physical difficulties. They may not ask for help because they do not want to be a bother; but you can assist all the same.

Scorpio…for the Month of March 2015
It feels as if a huge weight has been removed from your shoulders. It seems like you have choices now; where as in the past few months you may have felt some restraint.
It is time to get out and socialize and mix with people and activities that are of interest to you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are beginning to see a bit of it.
Getting out and mixing with the energies of others will do you good. Just remember to keep your bubble of protection in place. You belong to a very empathic and telepathic group of souls and are very sensitive to the energies of others.
This sensitivity includes the shadow as well as the light. This could be the reason why you tend to hibernate some times. Too many energies can set you off in unusual and unproductive directions.
As long as you are aware of this part of your nature, you can protect your energy field and take control of the situation rather than reacting to it. Mature Scorpios are amazing in their ability to ground in social situations once they are aware of what is going on.
Get out and socialize. It would be a shame to keep all of that Scorpio wit and gift of conversation to yourself.
Your Light Being
Saint Christopher has come forward to assist you in your travels locally and afar. He will assist you by making you aware of the same energies that Christ used and still shares with the world today. Accept his offer and feel the loving presence flowing through your being.
Your Animal Guide
I see a bear coming forward who tells me that she will volunteer to be your helper this month. She has two small twin cubs in tow. She wants you to know that you are protected by a fierce and loving force. She also says that you should pay attention to the number 2 or twins.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Shattuckite will increase your psychic abilities and assist in opening your third eye a bit further.

Scorpio… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Clean, clear, and make room for some new fun in your life. This could even be a work project or something new that is going to stimulate your intellectual interest.

Sagittarius… for the Month of March 2015
Be gentle with yourself this month. Your physical energy is a bit low and you need to honor the message your body is giving you. You always give 110% to those around you so no one is going to feel slighted if you pull back a bit. In fact this will be an opportunity for others to feel good about jumping in and taking some responsibility for some of the duties that you usually perform.
Pay attention to the feminine energies this month. This could be physically if you are a woman. This could be a time to get your annual checkups. Also a time to celebrate being a woman. Sometimes women are concerned with earning power and not being compensated as well as men in the workplace. This lessens the value of a woman’s opinion of herself and the world forgets the sacredness of the journey of the feminine.
The role of Mother and nourishing the young into adulthood is a sacred journey. Whether you are male or female, the essence of the Mother is within and all around you. This feminine energy is a dark quiet place in which a new life is formed and is protected in the womb until it is ready to emerge into the world. It takes both the mother and the father to create a perfectly balanced outcome to ideas and plans. A balance of spirit and earth. Honor both.
Pay close attention to your ideas and keep them safe from the opinions and influences of others. You need time and a quiet safe space to create.  If you ignore this need, your body will let you know in no uncertain terms that you need to get more rest and time to do nothing for a while.
Your Light Being
Gaia, Mother Earth is here to assist you in finding the flawlessness of perfect timing. Trust her.
Your Animal Guide
A black seal has come forward to offer assistance in your dream time as well as in your waking material world. Seal can maneuver between the ocean depths and the shore. Call on him to assist you in creativity and balance. Water is a very powerful conduit to spiritual growth and psychic abilities.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Chiastolite is a wonderful stone that transmutes negative energies. It eliminates fear and helps ease in moving from one situation to the next.
Sagittarius… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Things are going to change whether you like it or not. Try not to go into a spin or give into fear. You have waned change for awhile, and now is the time to embrace and use your flexible nature.
Don’t get caught up in “What ifs”. Just allow things to fall into place; but at the same time claim your space in the work place and at home. Don’t allow yourself to be someone else’s doormat. Make sure you don’t allow room for someone else to claim credit for something that you did.
Capricorn… for the Month of March 2015
There seems to be delays and rescheduling that takes place this month. Try not to get frustrated. Frustration is not healthy for your physical or energetic being. It is what it is.
Let things play out as they will. You can either choose to be angry and resentful; or you can realize this is just water under the bridge. There is a purpose in all of this madness.
It may be time to hit the re-set button on some projects and plans. Know that right now you have the opportunity to practice the art of surrendering. This is only a moment in time and nothing that will define your path and purpose. So surrender.
This is also an opportunity to evaluate your desires. When you leave this earth, all that will remain is the love you shared with others and the impact you made on the planet and the people on it.  Spirit is asking you to go deep into your soul to reactivate the memory of the plan in place before you arrived in this body.
There are challenges that were put before you and using the gift of creation is one of them. What is your purpose for creating and what will your desires bring forth? Is it only for you or for others on a wider and higher level? Are you being gracious and respectful of others?
Seek the beauty within your heart and the satisfaction received from the realization of visions of a higher purpose. When you surrender to the greater plan, you will notice that all things fall into place. They may not look as you expected; but the joy and satisfaction will exceed your expectations.
Your Light Being
This is most unusual for me. Joseph Merrick, who was known as the Elephant Man, is coming forth to share a wealth of knowledge, spiritual growth, and wisdom he received as he did his part in opening the doors to compassion, true wealth, and beauty in the consciousness of society. As you can imagine, he suffered a great deal. He was horribly disfigured and suffered in every possible way; yet he was kind and intelligent. His agreement to serve as a teacher on this earth required sacrifice. He is very shy and a little reluctant as he is quite humble. He invites you to research his life, if you are so inclined. I am quite honored by his appearance and hope that you are also
Your Animal Guide
A bat has come forward to assist you in learning about the beauty of creation. He is helping you realize all creatures big and small are beautiful and play a part in the balance of the planet. Spend some time in nature if you can. Just embrace and feel the wonder of being!
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rhodochrosite is the stone of selfless love and compassion. It will help heal issues of the heart and attract love on all levels.
Capricorn… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
The Angelic Kingdom is available to assist you this week.  They want to remind you that when you ask for assistance and favors, they will always respond in one way or another. Pay attention and you will see. One of the best things to ask for, is how to communicate with them in the most effective way so you can recognize their wonderful presence

Aquarius… for the Month of March 2015
Think big this week. Are you ready to ask for that raise or a promotion?  I know you will do so with tact and grace.
Those involved in publishing and speaking may receive a bit of a boost as I see your work being shifted to a higher level. It may feel like a bump in the road but in all actuality you will land on a higher playing field.
Speaking of play, this is very important for you to remember to play more. Carve out time for play or you may start feeling like a bit of a recluse and resentful. It reminds me of that one person that always seems to live in your neighborhood when you were a kid. You know the one with a manicured lawn who lives alone and is always yelling “Get that cat off my lawn!”  You don’t want to be that guy so have some fun.
Your energy may not be as high and consistent as you would like this month. Take care in avoiding colds and respiratory stuff this week. You know this always seems to come around when you are feeling anxious or sometimes guilty about something; so let go of and just do your best.
Your Light Being
Confucius is stepping forward to assist you in social skills and the wisdom of just being present. He is also here to assist you in the love of the written word. You might want to go to a bookstore and see what catches your attention.
Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Chestnut horse comes forth to offer you a ride into the past. Horse will be the vehicle that offers strength and grace in visiting the past so that you may sort things out and set the record straight. There are some gifts for you there.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Hematite will help you balance and align your Chakras. If you are looking for a raise of a better job it will help you with self-esteem.

Aquarius… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
Small talk with a friend can result in some big shifts in perception and unveil things that you didn’t know before.
This could be information about how other people see you as well as things that someone shares with you that is of a very confidential nature. This person may see you as a safe place to express this information and you must honor their confidences. Nevertheless you may find yourself asking, “what do I do with this?” You may end up wishing you hadn’t heard it. Too Much Information!

Pisces… for the Month of March 2015 
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. The energy around you feels amazing and infectious. Good things come to those who are passionate about what they do.  You are no exception even though you may feel a bit taken advantage of sometimes.
This happens because you are so conscious of doing those things that you are passionate about and everyone wants you on their team.  Sometimes you need to pick and choose your activities, and this month you are being encouraged to stop and enjoy the scenery. Only take on what you want to, so you can prepare for your next year.
This means clearing the energies and actions from last year. Last year was a year of big changes. Both good and bad. You need to take a bit of time to re-evaluate what is important to you and why.
If possible take a little time for a mini-vacation with someone you can just be yourself with. I see some adjustments taking place within your cellular structure and throat chakra. Are there some things that you would like to be able to say and share in this incarnation that have not been addressed because you are conscious of how this may affect someone else?
This may be something that needs to remain unaddressed at this time due to the possible fallout; but do find a way to deal with the energy created by this so your physical body does not become blocked, especially in that throat area.
Your Light Being
Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, comes forth to remind you she loves you just the way you are! You are her child just as her son is a part of you and always will be. She points to the three-fold flame in your heart. Look for balance and unconditional love in your heart. She will also assist you in dealing with children, as some of you need some assistance with this.
Your Animal Guide
Walrus comes forth to remind you to listen to the sounds of nature and to the guidance that comes forth in these moments of clarity. You are also being guided to heal your issues with money. Money is not sacred and you should not feel guilty about asking for it. You perform a service and need to be compensated as an energy exchange.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Topaz will help you recharge and motivate. It also lights a path to generosity and good fortune.

Pisces… The week of March 2nd through March 8th 2015
You may start thinking about, and looking for ways to improve your health. Seek out ways to create outlets for pent up energies as your body adjusts to the changes of the seasons.
Clean filters in furnaces and other equipment that carries air born particles and dust. I see the use of certain oils on your skin and in an infuser could be of benefit not only to your health but also to your mood.

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