Saturday, September 1, 2018

Merlin Chronicles  by   Kay For September 2018
I love the fall season. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I have been busy wrapping up outdoor projects before winter arrives and I am so blessed to have two beautiful daughters who help me with these projects. We are currently painting the garage. I appreciate the help and love spending time with them. They both have families of their own and are busy with work.

Now that the eclipses and retrogrades are over, I am beginning to feel a bit more relaxed and able to focus on taking care of my health and work. I am focusing on my passion which is channeling, readings and a little bit of singing when I have time. Singing raises my energy and opens my heart.

If you are in the Denver area, I will be at the Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo September 7 through the 9th. I will not be offering a public channeling, but I do have a booth ( #68). Me, as well as other Venders, will be offering readings at a meager price. You might want to contact me through my website or through Facebook to make an appointment or stop by and see if I am available.

As always, I will be a guest on lovely Elizabeth Lindsays radio show The 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11 AM Pacific time on where we always have a great time.

You can also find me at First Spiritual Science Church on the last Saturday of the month at noon for my Merlin Meditation and Channeling group.

You can always contact me on the form on my website or
Here are the Merlin Scopes!

 Merlin Scopes for September 2018

Aries Overview for September 2018
I see an opportunity for change. One project or situation has reached culmination, and this could be as far as you can go. Explore new possibilities.
Pay close attention to your options as one choice may not be a good fit. Don’t waste any time in removing yourself from the situation if this turns out to be the case. If you let go in a timely fashion, the consequences will be minimal. In this way, you will see that there are no wrong choices, only different ones and all having different challenges, and costs. When your decision is the correct one, you will immediately know that you have chosen well.

In all types of relationships, use a common sense approach. If you feel like you are always swimming up-stream, walking on eggshells, or trying to be someone you’re not, it may be beneficial for both parties to nip it in the bud.
Small favors pay off. Something as insignificant as a smile or a kind word can lift a person’s soul in a way that they will never forget what you did and pay it forward.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Lord Lin is encouraging you to connect with the God seed that lives within your heart. You have an excellent opportunity to harness the will of God.

Your Animal Guide
A Rabbit comes forward to assist in any problematic situations that arise and showing you how to maneuver around them. Call on the rabbit when you need to make a speedy and graceful exit.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Candle Quartz will increase your intuition. Fantastic for healing karmically damaged DNA.

 Taurus Overview for September 2018
I see a vision of you writing down facts and figures. Have you ever made a Vision Board? Vision Boards put your desires and wishes in a material form. You might also be able to accomplish this through journaling.

If you are in business for yourself or plan to be, this is a time to start a business plan or to set goals for the next month or year ahead. Some solid strategy could be critical to your success.
Speak up! Be sure that you let others know what you need. Avoid becoming passive aggressive and disappointed in not having your needs met. Put it all out on the table so others can help. I know in many cases it is easier for you to give than receive, but it is time to allow the universe to assist you. You can start by asking others to hold up their end.

Have you noticed that sometimes you don’t tell others what you want until you reach the point of no return and then all Hell breaks loose? Avoid expectations and be crystal clear about what you need so there will be no confusion. Don’t expect people to read your mind.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is offering his services to transmute some of your ineffective forms of communication so that you can create more abundance in your life.

Your Animal Guide
A Fire Dragon is stepping forward to help you create a path to liberty.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Molybdenite is a stone that will help you face your shadow.

Gemini   Overview for September 2018
You have made some significant advances during the past month in letting go of the stuff that holds no value to who you have become. There is, however, something that still needs attending. Spirit is saying”Go back and do it again.” I see you going back to tie up some loose ends in the relationship department. I also see you resuming a communication which could be something that you have written. Perhaps an email or article, a resume or something that you have documented.

There may be a new opportunity offered and choices. Go with your gut as well as using common sense. Ask yourself if you have traveled this road before and try to remember the consequences. No worries if you decide to pass on it for now, because there will be other offerings in the future.

Either way, I see you breathing in new possibilities and creative ideas. If you are single, this could mean a new relationship or a desire for a more profound commitment in the one you are currently enjoying.

I am also seeing you assisting someone who may be having some difficulty. Perhaps a relative or friend who is dealing with an illness. There are many types of illnesses; not all are physical. Do what you can to help.

Some of you may feel the need to help as community service. Doing this is always an excellent way to celebrate your oneness with the world and give gratitude for your material and spiritual gifts.

Your Light Being
Your connection with the Earth Goddess Gaia is powerful. She encourages you to release your mental and material concerns to her. Her love for you is broad, and I see her reaching out to you with her Motherly love.

Your Animal Guide
I see you sitting there in deep thought, and a little Skunk runs by and surprises you. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and have fun. Call on him when you find yourself chewing on the same issue over and over.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Clevelandite will help you transmute difficult situations and change.

Cancer Overview for September 2018
You might find that before stepping into the future, making amends is in order. Amends may be either personal or business. It could mean, “sorry, my bad” or seeing something relating to your actions that you were not conscious of, from another's perspective.

Separating business from personal is sometimes a bit blurry for you. You are very sensitive, and everything feels personal. It could also refer to making amends in a contract. The importance lies in the effort to make subtle changes that will create a sound strategy.
It is time to start bringing some of your plans and ideas into reality. You don’t know if they are going to work unless you try. Talk it out with someone you trust before proceeding, then give it a go. It may be only temporary but the beauty of it is, you can always change your mind.

It is also wise to remember that just because everyone else is doing something successfully, doesn’t mean this is the formula for your success. We encourage you to look at what makes you unique and to keep that perspective.

You might be working on a healthy diet or a healthy bank account. Avoid anything that promises passive income.

You may have the opportunity for a short trip.

Your Light Being
Metatron is stepping forward to help you negotiate any issues that may be pending, especially if this issue is relating to real estate or personal property.

Your Animal Guide
Wombat will help you find the resources you need.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chalcopyrite will help you find the causes of any imbalance. The perfect stone for deep meditation.

Leo Overview for September 2018
You might feel a bit overworked and fragile as you often take your work home with you, chewing on who said what and how you could have done something better. If you would like some support, you need to say something. You do such an excellent job of hiding your feelings with a smile, so the rest of us don’t always know what is going on with you. Perhaps you don’t even understand what is going on with you. It would be wise to call a trusted friend who is a good listener so you can sort some of these things out.

You are working hard on your future and may have a financial or family plan based on a timeline. You might want to loosen up some of those expectations and allow the universal flow to help support you in the best way possible.  Be clear about what you want but make room for magic and miracles.

I see a vision of you in the flow on an inner tube floating down a slow-moving river. It looks just like water is uprooting the pebbles at the bottom of the creek and pushing you forward. You seem to be able to use the water to propel forward. There may be some emotional issues arising in your business or personal life; somehow, these issues will work to your advantage.

Your Light Being
Goddess Pele is offering you her heart and protection this month. She is proud and powerful. Call on her to shake things up.

Your Animal Guide
Hummingbird all bright and beautiful has come to bring transformation and magic into your life. Focus on the sound of her wings to bring you joy and when you need to remember the perfection of nature.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cassiterite will bring protection and help you manifest your desires.

 Virgo Overview for September 2018
Be clear about your motives and don’t act impulsively. Do what you can to buy time before saying yes or no to an invitation or opportunity. A decision made with faulty or inadequate information could be a waste of time or it can be fabulous. Do your research and be clear about your true desires from an informed perspective. What is good for someone else may not be suitable for you.

You might take a look at those hidden factors that may be blocking your joy. Prosperity doesn’t always come in the form of a new car or a fat wallet. You are deserving of more than enough to get by so do spend some time with your soul in searching for what abundance truly means to you.

For instance, if you have to work 80 hours to make enough money for a house that you love, that takes away the time you get to enjoy living in it. Ask your soul to attract and invite peace into your life, trusting that all things will come in a form that brings satisfaction into your world. What is prosperity without joy?
You may think about taking a new approach to deal with an existing ongoing issue in business or in a personal relationship. Doing the same thing over and over hasn’t given you the results that you desire. Consult someone in the know who can give you some fresh ideas.

Your Light Being
Jesus is seated within your heart and soul as a willing participant in your every need. Focus on your heart, and solar plexus during meditation in a place of conscious nothingness, expect nothing and receive jewels of wisdom.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful fluffy tailed Red Fox is offering wisdom and aid in learning to live by recognizing perfect opportunities and how to enjoy them by playing a bit more. He says if it isn't fun; why do it?

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Bornite will help you create your world. It is also excellent for attuning to your psychic abilities

Libra Overview for September 2018
Be patient with yourself and others. Your energy may be a little low, which is perfectly natural for your body to let you know when it needs a bit of a rest. You might have scheduled several things or have a deadline of some sort to meet. Take time to go outside and enjoy the trees and birds.

You may be working on healing some family issues. In doing this, you will assist everyone who is part of your family unit. Opening conversations with loved ones gracefully and taking a less confrontational approach works best.
A passive way of healing yourself and family comes through retracing emotional baggage, and core beliefs that you have inherited from your ancestors. Sometimes this conditioning may have been passed down through your DNA or soul experiences. We see this as a blueprint and ask you to take this blueprint into your meditation to see how you may correct some of these issues. In doing this, you will make corrections for yourself and those who have been unknowingly affected.

Some of you may not have a remembrance of your biological family, but you still have a sense of your ancestors and the bits and pieces of those from your past that have affected you in this lifetime. The meditation will help you in healing yourself and opening new expressions of self-love. By doing this, you are playing your part in healing the planet. You will create balance. Softly affirm, “I Am Love.”

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is stepping forward and welcomes you to ask for her assistance. She talks of the Sacred Blood and offers to guide you through a healing process that has been used for many generations for those who would listen.

Your Animal Guide
A Honey Bee is zooming around and offers to help you organize and bring new life to projects, especially if it is a group effort.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pink Phantom Crystal will help in communication with others and support self-love.

Scorpio Overview for September 2018
 You have been working long and hard without getting the feedback you would like to receive. Sometimes it may feel like appreciation and accolades supporting your work or in your relationships seem lacking. You might feel like your affirmations are unreliable.

Spirit has heard your anguish, and you can expect good news in relationship to your gifts and talents. You may have the gift of art, music, mediumship, or even more valuable, you may be contributing as a good friend or supportive family member. Look for the signs from the Universe and Angels telling you that you are on the right path and making a difference.

Are you ready to make some changes? Spirit is making references to diet and exercise. Perhaps it is time to change what you are eating or change your exercise routine. Doing this will not only help you feel better but also raise your vibration. Merlin is telling me that you can expect another significant step in the evolution of your soul, and your earth body may be challenged in this process so prepare! Reprogram your mind to accept only that which is in your highest good!

Your Light Being
Merlin is offering to assist you in preparing for significant shifts in your energy and consciousness. Pay attention as there will be signs and intuitive premonitions.

Your Animal Guide
Coyote can be a bit of a trickster so pay attention to anything that doesn’t feel right. Take care with financial transactions. Perhaps change passwords on accounts and review bank statements more often and more carefully.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chinese Red Quartz helps you heal from ancestral karma and teaches forgiveness for yourself and others.

Sagittarius  Overview for September 2018
Not long ago I told someone to stop beating up on my friend. As you have probably already guessed, the person I was talking to is my friend. Occasionally we go into that frame of mind in which we feel like we are not good enough, not thin enough, or a million other “not enough” thoughts.
No one is perfect; and yet, we are all perfect. We are learning what we need to learn at our own pace and in our own time. Sometimes things start moving quickly, and fear once again comes to the surface to try to slow things down. Trust me; you are ready.

Perhaps a situation didn’t turn out like you thought it would and your expectations fell short. I see you making a small self-correction and understanding the process with a different train of thought. One of those “aha moments” helps you pick yourself up, and get right back on that pony and ride.
Out of the discord comes sanity and reason. You could be the person that pulls all of this together by being the stabilizing force that brings those needing help and leadership back to the center.

Your Light Being
I see Saint Anne who was the Mother of Mary and the Grandmother of Jesus. She is stepping forward to hold you in the light of knowledge and peace. She is keeping you in the palm of her hand. Meditate with her and seek her wisdom. She knows how challenging it can be living in human form and trusting the God within.

Your Animal Guide
A Pigeon is assisting you. Unexpected messages.  Keep your mind focused on the destination and know that there might be some difficulties; you will arrive with the support of those who love you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Brazilianite is said to be a stone used for manifestation. According to Judy Hall, it is a stone of a high vibration that is connected to Atlantis to help unleash your gifts of Spirit and release past life rooted feelings of victimization.

Capricorn  Overview for September 2018
You have overcome obstacles that had you in gridlock last month. You might say that in some ways, you are feeling blessed and immune to any negative vibes. Even the most challenging people and situations are not enough to burst your bubble. It feels like a whole new phase of life.

You are breaking a cycle that has been with you for some time. The realization that you need to give, to get, is becoming apparent in every part of your life. As you boost others in their success, the Universe recognizes the positive energy and the wheels that once seemed stuck, are once again starting to roll for you.

You might consider launching new projects, perhaps a new job or career. There might be a new spin on an old project that takes on a life of its own.
Be like a willow tree and be willing to bend with the breeze as there will be signs that are subtle and sweet. Let go of stubborn ideas and be ready to consider the new.

Your Light Being
Winston Churchhill is your Spirit teacher this month. One of his quotes “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Your Animal Guide
A Walrus is stepping forward to offer assistance in showing you the parallels that exist between your ideas in love and abundance. You can have it all.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Ocean Orbicular Jasper helps you in matters of self-love and transmutes misuse of spiritual gifts.
Aquarius  Overview for September 2018
You may have been feeling stuck or as if you have reached a plateau; like something is preventing you from seeing the next peak to climb. Perhaps this has to do with your spiritual growth, career, or even a health issue that you are trying to push through to the other side.

You are usually the person that everyone goes to for answers, but now it is your turn to receive the love and support that you have given others. I see this information coming, not only from a single trusted source but also from a community or group that you are currently involved with or one that is becoming available to you.

I see a vision of a golden thread that goes through your heart and connects with many others, creating endless numbers of souls which are different from each other, but you all share a simple truth and goal.

I get a very positive and fulfilling feeling that comes from communicating with these groups. It is a place of support and expansion.

Your Light Being
Melchizedek is supporting you in creating a ladder to higher states of consciousness and connecting you to those who are also ready for this level of ascension. The more, the merrier! There is power in numbers.

Your Animal Guide
I see Grandmother Spider creating the web of life. She will assist you in the manifestation of the life you want to create.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Eilat Stone will help you balance the male/female energies and clear your Akashic records to reveal your soul memory.
Pisces  Overview for September 2018
Letting go is your theme this month. Release patterns and connections that are no longer giving you what you need. Perhaps they never did, and you continued to hang on hoping for the best.

I see you grieving over a loss and feeling as if you have put many days, hours or years into a project or relationship that isn’t turning out as you had expected. You may feel like God or Goddess has turned a deaf ear to you.

Tune out the sound of your own voice and listen. Listen to the lesson and not the results. Perhaps this was a journey that opened your heart and eyes, taught you boundaries, or prepared you for something bigger and better.

You have grown tremendously over the summer, preparing yourself for expansion and maturity. Look at all of your behaviors and activities and focus on the ones that allow you to receive as much as you give. Walking into doors that continually close right when you are ready to walk through can be exhausting and play havoc with your self-esteem. Try to realize this only means that it is not your door. Let spirit guide you to the appropriate gate.
It is an excellent time to buy some new clothes and make plans with people who know who you are. It is time to call in your soul family.

Your Light Being
Archangel Gabriel is offering his service in healing any injuries you have suffered through your emotional body. The Ego does have its place in your existence, but he is showing me changes that are occurring as your ego learns to take a back seat in your evolution. Call on him when you are feeling too much.

Your Animal Guide
Bluebird is singing sweetly and would like to assist you in seeing the beauty in who you are. Speak your truth and see the beauty that surrounds you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Novaculite is excellent for cutting cords. It will align and ground your energy. 

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