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MerlinScopes Happy 2015!

Merlin Scopes January 2015 by Kay
Aries for the Month of January 2015
Protect your health this month. This includes physical, mental and spiritual well-being as they are all connected. You may have fallen out of sync with this reality and the balance may be off with an emphasis on the material in the past month or so.
You are being guided to pull yourself back a bit and allow yourself some time to just be. Perhaps you can hit the re-set button and things will look differently after a much needed time out. Rest when rest is needed. Pay attention to the signals your body and spirit are giving you.
If you find yourself being critical of another or falling into the victim mode this could be a sign that you are putting out too much energy and not allowing yourself to re-generate.
Space is a key word this month. Give yourself space to allow things to fall back into natural order. Give others space to allow them to succeed or fail on their own terms as this will make room for much needed lessons in responsibility and maturity.
Your Light Being
Confucius will assist you in re-gaining a sense of balance in the burdens of materialism and the true meaning of prosperity and wealth.
Your Animal Guide
Hummingbird will help you in hitting that re-set button and assist you in dropping any judgmental thinking about what you could have done better. As you turn your focus to the beauty of her magical being, you will also see the beauty in all.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Brown Jasper will help you find balance and connection with the Earth.
Aries – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
Stay open to messages from your guides and spiritual helpers. Especially if this is concerning health. These messages can come in many ways, so be open and alert to new information. Take time out from being on the go. Perhaps meet new neighbors or reconnect with the ones you already know. Make a point of smiling and saying hello to everyone you see on the street and in other public places.

Taurus for the month of January 2015
There may be an irritation surrounding a significant person in your life. This may be fueled by feelings of fear, or feelings of not being or having enough. This is not always materialistic although this cannot be ruled out.
Sometimes the material things are just a symbol for the desire for deeper appreciation and gifts of a different sort. Ponder this; and as you spend some quiet time, and ask for guidance and wisdom on the subject.
Focus on your heart as I am seeing this as the source of your point of creation in these matters. Stillness is required to move your heart into a higher vibration as the wisdom that you are seeking seems to be hidden in the left part of the heart. This along with deep breathing in a rhythmic manner is the message that I am getting for you.

Know that you are being heard, observed, and guarded by Spirit and by those who have great love for you and want to help you ascend to the highest levels of joy. In this you will find the answers you are looking for, and the path for revealing and expressing on this physical plane. Know that you are the Medium for Divine expression. Keep this in mind in all that you say and do. Hold yourself to the highest expression and standards.
Your Light Being

Paramahansa Yogananda will teach you the art of breathing and how this will help you release the hidden gifts that came with you when you arrived in this body. Don’t take this message lightly, as he is very close to the planet right now and is here in an answer to the collective call of humanity. He invites you to ask for him, and seek out his teachings, and you will be assured of his grace.
Your Animal Guide
Mallard Duck is available to help guide you through the rough waters. They are very adaptable and move well in water and on land. Study the Mallard.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Amethyst will help you calm your mind and protect you from any free floating anxiety.
Taurus – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
This is a time to surrender and bending your will to the Divine will. So many things have happened over the past year that were out of your control; and some things and people seemed to have slipped through your fingers. I am being shown a vision of you watching a beautiful golden liquid pouring over your hands; and before you are able to cup them to gather some of this gold, it flows into a large body of water that runs into a water fall.
Some things are simply not meant to be and those that are, will be recognized if you surrender and allow your vision to be one with the creator. All you need to do is let down your defenses and ask.

Gemini for the month of January 2015
I see a vision of you in front of a huge blackboard and you have just finished erasing everything on it. I also see you starting a new list. The Number 1 on the list is easy and you seem pleased. Number 2 and the rest, seem to have you putting your hands on your hip and going back to make slight corrections because you don’t seem to be happy with what you have written and you would prefer it to look slightly different.
It seems that there are some circumstances in life that are unavoidable; you can try to deny them and change the course, but this will only work to a certain degree. There seems to be things that you would like to change in your life; but in order to do that, you have to be honest about the situation and how you really feel about it so you can create the force to move the old energy out and give room for the new.
Honesty is what is required, even if you are the only one who knows the truth. Start with what is, and then you can move on to what you want it to be. It may be a relationship or behaviors that you would like to change; but in order to do this you must stop making excuses or candy-coating the situation. Bring it out of the shadow and into the light. Great and wonderful growth and expansion awaits you in this process!
Try to go easy on your legs and feet. You may need to take a walk once in a while to increase the circulation. It seems that you are holding a lot of tension in the lower part of your body. Pay attention to body temperature. If your lower extremities are cold, you may benefit from massage or reflexology.
Your Light Being
John the Baptist, also known as Elijah, will help you cleanse yourself in preparation for the crystalline, or if you prefer to call it the Christ energies that are coming forth for Gemini this year.
Your Animal Guide
A Sulphur–Crested Cockatoo comes forward for you. I have never heard of these before so, I did a little research. I believed it would just be a Cockatoo, but I was corrected. He seems a bit full of himself. He tells me you should study him because you are much alike in amazing intelligence, and you both can pick up negative behaviors when feeling bored.
His message for you is to feed the good behaviors with positive reinforcement. Call on him as he is helpful in introducing you to new entertaining intellectual pursuits that will be most pleasing. This can be a powerful and rewarding time for you!
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Quartz Crystal of any sort will bring your vibration to a higher level for whatever energies you need in your process. You will know which one is right for you.
Gemini – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
This can be a very prosperous week for you, as long as you remember to maintain the balance of wealth and service. Take into consideration those less fortunate. No matter what your situation is, there is always someone less fortunate than you.
Take a moment from your day and give gratitude in any way you choose. Recognition through prayer and energy healing for those less fortunate, not only in material wealth but in Spiritual well-being, might be the way
Cancer for the month of January 2015
A Shift in perception is called for this month. This seems to be a running theme with you lately. Have you been spending too much time chewing on issues of the past and asking how you could have made a difference? What if you would have chosen a different path, reaction or outcome?
It is exactly as it should be; so leave it alone and move forward. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and be surprised when the results are the same. One size does not fit all; and you would do well to take a closer look and see that what another dictates as “making it” or success, may not be what you need to fulfil that place in your soul that has been nagging you.
Be kinder to yourself and take as good care of yourself as you do your children and pets. Sometimes you may feel like there is never enough, which can result in over eating, drinking, spending, sex or other obsessive behaviors that will not serve you in a positive way, or heal the place in your being that is itching for help. I see a vision of you trying to scratch that one place on your back that you just can’t quite reach.
Don’t jump to conclusions or pass harsh judgment on others too quickly this month. It is kind of a knee jerk reaction that is tied to situations from your past, and you find yourself reacting in the same way. This situation will keep coming around until you learn the appropriate way of handling it.

Your Light Being

Saint Francis of Assisi will assist you if you read his prayer or just focus on his name. He was a man of great wealth and gave it up to serve God, after seeing a vision.
This doesn’t mean I am suggesting you toss your empire to the wind and become a preacher, or start a new-age hippie cult. He will help you get in touch with your inner vision; and I am sure it won’t be the same as his, as this one is for you and you only!
Your Animal Guide
Wolf will help you return to your true primal nature that remains untouched by the current hype and old models of life in this environment of artificial intelligence, television, Facebook, Instagram and the like. She will connect you to the true essence, depth of oneness and unity, in this place we call Earth.
I see her standing next to you uttering growling sounds and howls as she tries to get your attention. Her heart is so strong and her entire body moves with each beat. She is magnificent!
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Use Magnetite especially in your meditations. It will align your chakras with the Earth and balance your perspective. It will also attract the positive and repel the negative, leaving you with a better feeling of trust in your own intuitive choices.
Cancer – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
Keep yourself open to the Divine, your guides, and Higher Self. Make time for messages that will inspire and help you on your path. Think of these messages as coming from a Muse, as this is the word that this voice whispers in my ear.
This is a week to relax a bit, as your energy seems a bit stretched to the limit and you can use a time out. Sometimes if we don’t listen to our body’s subtle requests, our immune system will say it a little louder with a cold or something similar.

Leo for the month of January 2015
This will be a lighter month for you. It is as if someone has lifted a huge weight off of your shoulders. Speaking of weight, those of you who are struggling with weight problems will find solutions and new ways of solving health problems. This is found in a change of perception and seeing the situation with new eyes.
This also is applies to your working and personal life. It is as if you are being shown the right direction and unusual ways of achieving your goals. Whatever your choice, you will be lead to your goal.
I see you dressed up like Alice in Wonderland and being dropped down the rabbit hole. You have nothing to lose by trusting the tools and situations that are available to you on the way. Actually, you have no choice but to use them. It is as if you are finally able to take your emotions and ego out of the situations at hand, and deal with everything from a higher level and perspective.
Someone may show up as a teacher for you, even though it doesn’t feel like a formal learning situation. Try to take things in stride. Watch and look for patterns of repetitive behaviors. Remember that everyone in your life is here as a reflection of the many parts of yourself.
Recognize and deal with situations where you may feel possessive or a bit jealous of another who you believe is out-shining you. This could be as simple as someone using some of your ideas. This person has no intention of making you feel small; but this could be the result all the same. Be flattered. I once heard an interview with Michael Jackson who said that when he got an idea, he took immediate action on it. Otherwise, he was afraid God might give it to the singer, Prince, instead! Nothing belongs to any one person. It belongs to us all.
Your Light Being
Saint Jude is coming forth for you this month. He is the Saint that many call on for miracles. His message for you is, for you to be the Miracle! Choose a miracle and bring your thoughts and mind to higher ground. You can start small and ask for his favor and signs to guide you on your way.
Your Animal Guide
Ant is coming forward as I see him on a sandy beach carrying a piece of sand that is looks almost as big as he is. You would think that he would sink under the weight; but he does not. He knows how to carry this load effortlessly with a common goal in mind. Study his balance and devotion.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Emerald will help open your heart chakra and calm your emotions. This is a powerful stone that can help you in many ways. It will increase psychic experiences and attract good relationships and loyal companions.
Leo – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
It is back to the norm after the holidays and you might feel a bit of a let-down when all of the excitement is over. This week might feel a bit bumpy, but try to just hang in there until there is an opportunity to feel like you are on solid ground again.
If you have suspicions about changes in the workplace and feel like some things are going on behind the scenes, you may be right. There may be a confrontation coming. Try not to get pulled into anything if you can avoid it.

Virgo for the month of January 2015
Stop worrying about finances and what you believe you must gain or what you might lose. Do you own a house or does a house own you?
I saw a vision of you walking in the desert and you were guided to a watering hole to drink deeply of the spirit as you will need this for the future. After drinking, you laid on your back and gazed at the stars. You then walked in the desert until you reached a tent. Inside was a guide of who appeared to be a Rabbi. He invited you to eat, drink, and pray with him. It was nightfall and there was a wonderful fire. He said, “I am in the desert and have everything I need, as God provides. It may be a desert but as I sit in this tent everything is provided; and when I am called to leave I will take what I need and move”.
He then wrapped you in a multi-colored prayer shawl and sang in a language that I do not recognize, as he danced around the tent. He directed you to walk through the desert into the mountains that revealed a lush forest.
The human conception of materialism is but a reflection of one’s own belief system which is carried by the collective on a more superficial note. You are being asked to help clear that field by releasing your own fears and sharing this truth with others.
Prepare for many messages from your guides and spirit. This is a time a great growth for you.
Try to avoid getting caught up in too many projects and take time to listen to your body and spirit. Pay attention to your immune system and avoid too much of anything. Things in moderation are fine. I am also being told this is a good time for you to buy a new vehicle, if you are looking for one.
Pay attention to the Mercury retrograde cycle (January 21st through February 11th). Mercury is the planet associated with your sign. Although retrogrades are mostly a good time for me, you may not share my enthusiasm. It is always worthwhile for astute Virgo to follow the patterns of Mercury and go within for answers.
Your Light Being
Lord Sandanda will assist you in interpreting dreams and signs from the Divine that will help guide you in the coming months.
Your Animal Guide
Butterfly says that there are changes coming. Seek guidance from him in shedding the old and blossoming into the new.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Aragonite will help you with patience and assist in keeping you healthy by slowing down your busy pace and getting rest when you need it.

Virgo – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015

Take a deep breath of gratitude as this will grease the wheels and get things moving in a direction that fulfils many. You are among them, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes you might feel like you want to pull the covers back over your head and not change a thing until you are forced, but your guides are saying that you should stop putting yourself on the back burner and take that step into the unknown.

Libra for the month of January 2015
Ideas are coming into your conscious vision. They are light, bright, and brilliant. You are receiving insight from enlightened beings and will continue to do so, as long as these plans include intentions to serve others as well as yourself.
Lately you have learned that you must be willing to receive so that you don’t push your body and spirit out of balance. This can sometimes result in an illness or perhaps a bone or tooth ache. Let receiving be a part of your daily gratitudes.
I see a puzzle with a couple of pieces missing. There is a possibility of some disturbing news that may hold your attention for a while as you try to make sense of it all. This is something that you need to digest before you can feel enthusiastic about moving on to your next project or course of action. This may be a part of the puzzle.

This news may be something personal or simply about the state of the world and human consciousness. Let your heart receive the healing that the universe offers with the wisdom that it will also bring, as this too is all part of the plan.
Move slowly and do a bit of research before moving too far ahead. The right people and actions will come forward for you as you move into the light of action.
Your Light Being

Lady Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary will ignite the three fold flame in your heart and enfold you with unconditional love. You may have a response that includes the reaction of your mind, body and spirit as you completely surrender. This is your choice whether or not to allow this process. You can actively seek it through meditation, receiving energy work, or through participating in art or music.
Your Animal Guide
The Dove brings you messages of love and peace. Peace and healing must begin in your heart, as you send your prayers out to the world. The dove is soft and sweet as she whispers in your ear in answer to a prayer you have recently made. I see her mate waiting outside your window. In unity they fly off together to their next destination.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Zincite will help energize you, provide courage and grounding, and support creativity
Libra – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
You are positively brilliant this week. If you are in the arts such as music, composing, or anything where creativity is key, do take advantage of this week. You may not be able to complete all of these wonderful thoughts, voices, and visions but do make note of them and save them for a later date.
Take care in signing any important or legally binding agreements this week. Consult a professional if anything seems questionable.

Scorpio for the Month of January 2015
I see a vision of you walking on a huge calendar. You are standing in a square that is Dec 31st 2011. Yes, 2011 and the next square which you are being pushed onto by an unseen force is January 1, 2015. You are holding a bunch of things in your arms close to your chest. I am being told that they are books that are titled “Projects, Pictures People, Attitudes, Behaviors, Beliefs and Stuff”.
These seem to be things that you have carried with you since 2011. If you can sit a moment and take yourself back to that year, you may find some of these things. In the vision I see, you being forced to drop some of these books as you cross over into 2015. This is necessary, as you cannot continue to carry all of these things and staying in the same place is no longer an option.
You have been standing on the edge of a plateau for what may feel like a long time to you but in actuality, if you think about it, not so long really. I see progress ahead in this vision as you walk across the plains. The path is a bit winding with small hills and valleys. It may seem flat, but it is an upward slope and so gradual that you hardly notice that you are climbing. In the distance I see a mountain you are walking towards.
The message here is that small steps lead to a perfect destination. The path is winding and may seem as if you are not getting anywhere, but trust that you are moving in perfection as the path has interesting rocks and wild flowers on the side. Enjoy the scenery and don’t try to take any shortcuts even if offered, as this may not be in your best interest. The person making the offer may not have the expertise or experience to guide you in the best direction.
Certainly, reach out to the universe and ask for help and let others know that you need it; but always consider the integrity of the person offering. This person may mean well but may not be right for the type of help you need.
Your Light Being
I am hearing the Christ Consciousness through whatever name resonates with you. There are many names and masters for you to research. I see a master standing with you on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley. He is dressed in garb of Biblical times and carries a long staff with a hook on the end that looks like a shepherd’s staff. He awaits you in meditation and in your quiet time. Have a pen and paper handy to make notes of your visions and the words and impressions that you receive.
Your Animal Guide
Hawk is close by, to warn you of any dangers and guide you on a path. He only wishes to make you aware. He is here not to frighten, but just to offer a gentle message.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Iron Pyrite will block negative energy and assist you in business decisions.
Scorpio – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
This is a good time to get out and have some fun. Do whatever it is that you do to relax. It seems that sometimes you can even take things that are supposed to be fun and turn them into a job; so stop it and do something mindless.
You may run in to a situation that seems like you have done this all before. For some reason, this situation keeps coming back to be dealt with and only you can decide if this is something that you would like to entertain. Beware of false promises as I see someone talking out of the side of their mouth.

Sagittarius for the Month of January 2015
I see a beautiful lake and swans floating about catching fish and bugs. They are so lovely that they seem to be floating by in such a manner that they command attention and awe. They weren’t always this beautiful and sure of themselves. It took time to transform from the baby to the full grown beauty.
The key for you this month is transformation. In times when you are feeling unsure of others, or you begin to doubt your self-worth, go inward. Your psychic awareness is off the charts right now. There are many in spirit, as well as angels and guides who are at your beck and call right now. Closer than your hands and feet they say.
These Light beings are also encouraging you to surround yourself with those who support your strengths and make you feel safe in stretching out your wings and allowing yourself to fully emerge into the light as the amazing soul that you are.
It is graduation time; and you will be ready to move into a social or perhaps work setting where your skills will be more valued than in the past. It is time for you to see what so many other people see in you. You are ready to surround yourself with the people and tools you need to help yourself and those who may also need the help that you have to offer.
You don’t always need to be an expert in everything to help others. The truth is that we all are students and teachers. Someone may need your wisdom and compassion and you may be able to learn from their experiences. The key is humility, as it creates a comfortable space for people.
Your Light Being
Mother Mary is here to support you in love and compassion for yourself and others. She appears with a few small creatures at her side. I have never seen her appear to me in this manner. They are small animals – birds, cats, small dogs, and small wild things that I don’t know the names of. They are meek and humble she says and just love to be in her presence as she makes them feel they are highly valued. Perhaps this is also her message for you.
Your Animal Guide
Turtle will help you connect with Mother Earth and ground your desires and needs into practical purpose. Timing is very important; and she will help you in being in the right place at the right time.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Opal is a magical stone that will assist you in deepening your connection with your inner visions. This stone will take you on a magical journey to connect with the highest gifts and talents available to you – even those beyond your current awareness.
Sagittarius – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
I am being told that plans, schemes, and dreams will be in your path at this time. You may even catch yourself caught up in one of those day dreams that seems hypnotic, and excludes everyone else from your attention. This may mean that you are also needing a bit more sleep or that your dream time is being interrupted.
Try to make the dreams productive and keep plans to yourself and out of the hands of those who may have an opinion that is not supportive.

Capricorn for the Month of January 2015
I see a vision of you standing on one side of a seesaw. Your feet are planted firmly on the side that is touching the ground and you are standing there with a look of expectation. Or perhaps you are fearful that if you step away, someone else will come along and pull your end out of reach. You are asserting your sense of control by staking your claim. The key for you is in seeking balance and sharing the load to create a beautiful harmony.
Sometimes it is best to give a little and not expect anything in return. When you do, the results may be surprising in wonderful ways. Eventually the balance will come back your way and create a healthy equilibrium within you and in the world around you. This is a great lesson in charity and artful living.
If you give of yourself with expectations of return, you may feel as if you are being taken advantage of and start withholding your energy from those who truly value you and the help you have to offer. This does not always apply to money and services but also to emotional support.
You may also be blocking yourself from receiving, by being overly protective of your interests. Remember that no one can take anything, or anyone, away from you because nothing in this world belongs to you or anyone else. We are renters in this wonderful place called Earth. Give yourself the gift of unconditional love and the world will respond.
I also see some elementals around you, from the Fay realms saying it has been too long since you have come to play. Make it a point to have some fun. You deserve it! You have always been a hard worker and could use some time for rest and recreation. All work and no play makes you cranky.
Your Light Being

Lao Tzu is available to teach you the mastery of non-action. Sometimes this is required as a tool for mastery. In silence you will learn the wisdom of nature and the elements. You will also be able to hear the voices of those around you to understand what they are truly saying rather than what you expect to hear. He will help you clear your aura and unplug from noise in the world.
Your Animal Guide
I see a Dragonfly buzzing around your head. At first you begin to swat at her; but she is persistent and you finally allow her to land on your finger and you gaze at her gentle nature and beauty.
She is here to remind you that you have been taking things a bit too seriously. Even your meditations have been a bit serious and you may be going at it like a job. She laughs as she says this. Be light and go into your heart with a joyful expression. There is magic there for you and new adventures; but you need to lighten up before the door will open.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
I am being shown a beautiful Moonstone for you this month. I see you sitting by a pool of water and the stone is reflecting a vision that is intended for you. Meditate with the stone as you visualize a beautiful pool of water.

Capricorn – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015

You are optimistic and have lots of energy this week. It is almost like a big wind came through and swept away anything that seemed to be holding you back. This is a great week to move forward on any new ideas or creative projects.
Don’t compare yourself to others because you are unique. Other people will either like it or not. Don’t concern yourself with what others think about your creative process; but at the same time don’t try to push it on others who are not as enthusiastic as you.

Aquarius for the Month of January 2015
Try not to be too anxious about the future. There is plenty of time for planning; and you must allow time for some of the things you have been working on, to come to fruition. They will mature and settle into something that will be lasting.
Just like a daffodil in a spring snow storm, you need to rely on perfect timing or the blossom will be short lived. Have you had too many irons in the fire? Perhaps it would be a good time to stick with one project and see it through rather than burning through all your creativity in a short time. One thing and one day at a time.
Pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors that may be obsessive and unhealthy. Too much of anything is not healthy. When you get these impulses, stop and evaluate where this compulsion is coming from. Do you have feelings of lack and fear? Are you feeling unloved or like a victim? Go inward and see where this is coming from and ask the Divine to show you a better way.
Know that there is a place for you and you will have all that you need in one way or another. The only way this will not come to pass, is if your actions and behaviors disregard the wisdom of your heart. Don’t try something simply because someone else thinks it may be a good idea.
Pay attention to the food you are eating and the integrity in which it is harvested. I know you cannot always know these things but I am asking you to be mindful when you are shopping and keep an inner dialog with your body rather than randomly throwing items in your basket.
Your Light Being
Isis is here to help you respect the feminine nature in the balance and assist you in issues of self-esteem. I see her infusing your aura with a supply of golden light kept within a beautiful pocket book or purse that is embellished with precious jewels of light and the word “SELF” engraved in silver. She says there is an infinite supply and all that you need is within.
Your Animal Guide
I see an assortment of birds for Aquarians; and for each individual, there is one bird in particular. Your specific guide is consistent with the town, country and environment where you live. I see one with a sparrow, small yet an amazing survivor who is able to make a home almost anywhere. I see a seagull for another who is close to the ocean who is able to find what it needs on land or sea. There is a Cardinal to remind some of you of your royal heritage. Just be mindful of the birds around you and meditate on them, study them, and talk to them.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Ruby will help keep your heart and your aura strong. Love, loyalty, and courage will be yours. I see Ruby helping you stand a little taller and aligning your body in such a way, that pressure (probably due to stress) is redistributed and individual body areas are relieved. You are probably not even aware of the stress you have been holding in your body.
Aquarius – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
I see you making a list of the things you would like to accomplish this year. There seems to be a bit of urgency as you do this. Remember you are not alone. Share the load and try to simplify rather than complicate your life.

Pisces for the Month of January 2015
You seem to be carrying the weight of the world or a huge weight of woes on your shoulders. I wouldn’t be surprised if your body isn’t responding to your emotional status in the form of a back ache or respiratory problem.
I encourage you to ask for help from spirit and your angels. Some angels come in human form and work at the usual places. They can be Moms, Dads, siblings or friends.
You have never been one to share your personal life and I would not ask that of you now. I would encourage you to share your thoughts in one form or another. If you are an artist or a musician you could share in that manner or in words if you are a poet or a writer.
This is a time of release and you need to clear yourself to allow new creations and adventures to flow freely through your being. Some things are destined to happen and as humans, we only have a small part in controlling them. We can, however, control and choose how we wish to respond to these circumstances.
Most of us go through life and have big or small plans and expect the universe to work around our comfort zone and desires. We have to take in consideration that we are not in control of others actions and that some things in our careers, lives, marriages and the like, can be changed without a moment’s notice. These monkey wrenches are actually character building opportunities for our use. We can choose to see ourselves as either victims or survivors with a mission.
It has been a wonderful yet challenging year full of uncertainties, new adventures and endings. You have always held a place in your abilities to solve your own problems, apply self-discipline of great magnitude in areas that are important to you. There may be a person in your life that you care for, who will challenge these attributes. Remember that these things aren’t as important to them as it is to you. This does not make them a bad person. Let this be a lesson in letting go and letting love rule.
Your Light Being
Archangel Jophiel asks you to collect your thoughts and worries and absolve yourself of them through an artistic project. No matter what it is, you will be assisted.
I am also seeing a vision of a young king. I don’t know his name; but he is presenting you with a beautiful golden crown. There is only two jewels in it; yet, there are carved places for more. He said that you have earned this and that you will earn more jewels in your crown as the year progresses.
Your Animal Guide
Raven says to pay attention to your dreams and visions. I am seeing a veil being lifted from your face and those things that were once clouds are turning into spirit. Be ready for new energies, guides and spiritual gifts.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Lovely Larimar is one of my favorite stones! It lifts emotional blocks, invites help from angels, heals, and encourages creativity. Wear this close to your skin.
Pisces – Week of January 1st through 11th 2015
This is a very powerful time for you as far as manifesting whatever you want so choice your words, thoughts and daydreams with consciousness.
I am seeing a vision of you looking in the mirror saying wonderful things about yourself and your situation. You are using mirror magic. It works!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes for the week of Dec 8th,2014

Hello and Happy Monday again!

I find myself getting really psyched about the season today. I was running some errands this morning and as I was thinking about how joyful I am to be able to live my life in a way that is fun, fulfilling and helping folks in the most natural way that I can. There is no strain or pressure to perform in a certain manner. no need to put on airs. All I need to do is be my self and let my intentions come from my heart.

Just then I felt chills up my back and this overwhelming feeling of joy embraced my entire being. I actually started laughing. I must have looked like I had just won the lottery.

Everything can change in a blink of an eye. In my case it was with the realization that the Universe has given me what I asked for. Perhaps not in the way that I would see it but in the way that fits me best.

At one time I was a singer and performed in a few bands and actually did some recording in some impressive studios. I was a very good vocalist and I still am but I never could find the right combination of people to support my art and inspire and compose with. I seemed dumbfounded that I would come into this world with such talent and not able to express it on a higher level.

I wanted to change the world, heal people and change the world with my voice.

I finally put that notion to bed and studied psychology which didn't really pan out as I expected either. Finally I started looking inward instead of searching in the world for what I should be doing and started doing something else that has always come naturally to me. That would be helping people and myself with my connection to the Divine Presence. Counseling ,(psychology) Channeling (voice) and actually helping the world to be a better place with these abilities. I still sing at the little Metaphysical church when I want to but I love being able to work with people in such an intimate fashion and I am greatful to all of you who have come into my life supported this joy for me.

Oh my, I am having a wonderful Christ season! How about you? What is your epiphany?

Here are the MerlinScopes for the week of December 8th, 2014. If you would like to see the scopes for the month of December check the blog before this one or look for The MerlinScopes on Enjoy! Kay MerlinScopes Week of December 8th 2014 Aries… The week of December 8th

Take a moment to focus on your own well-being. There are many things that need to be accomplished but none of them will get done if you are too stressed out to give each thing the attention it deserves. If something can wait until next week then so be it.

Give in to your desire to day dream especially in your down time on the week-end. Open your heart and see the world in a different light. It may be hard to see the Divine presence that we all share during your everyday life but you are being encouraged to greet every person who comes in contact with you in true Namaste clarity and knowing. This will raise your vibration and potential for joy by leaps and bounds. We all know what comes around goes around.

Taurus… The week of December 8th

My father used to tell me a story about “The Dog in the Manger.” There was a cow in the barn who was hungry and wanted to eat the hay that the farmer had put there for her but the dog who really didn’t care to eat any hay had decided that he would lay in the manger and wasn’t willing to share the hay with the hungry cow. Every time the cow would approach the manger to eat some hay the dog would growl and snap at her. He didn’t really need or want the hay but he didn’t want her to have it either. Maybe he was just afraid of change and what that might look like for him?

Are you holding on to something that could better serve someone else? Maybe it is a possession, an attitude or household rule. Just because you might be a bit unhappy doesn’t mean that everyone around you should also feel miserable. Actually if you stop focusing on your needs and join in with their happiness you will lift your spirits and change the rate and song of your vibration to a higher and happier level. Whatever it is, let go. You will feel less like the Grinch and more like that charming bull that we all know and love.

Gemini… The week of December 8th

I’m am writing this amidst the Gemini full moon. This week will be filled with psychic energy and visions that will assist you in clarifying questions that you have had for quite some time.

Some of these questions may stem from your wilder or younger years when the mysteries of life began to unfold in front of your face. I see a vision of you gazing at a book that seems to have come directly from spirit and opens itself directly in front of you. It is surrounded by little golden lights and the pages seem to turn themselves as you read each on with joy and wonder. I hear the words light of intention and the joy of imagination. It’s all about creating my friend.

Cancer… The week of December 8th

Remember, a little time to yourself means exactly that. It is intended to be time for you. Be conscious of your thoughts and when they start to wander away from your happy place and lean towards the dark side, you know that it is time to pull yourself back to center. Trying to control others or slipping into judgmental behavior is stressful and a waste of the small amount of “Me Time” that you will have this week. Let’s declare this love me week! Spend some quality time with yourself.

Take a breath and watch your words. If you keep saying that you are stressed then more situations to feed those words and emotional vibrations and more stressful situations will be attracted to you.

Leo… The week of December 8th

This is a good week for you. You may be recognized for your creativity and individual ability to think out of the box. This can be at work or in other places. If you are decorating, planning parties or dinners you can be sure that you will inspire a special festive ambiance.

Some of you may receive a bonus or some type of financial boost. This may also just be a thumbs up that seems long overdue but most welcome.

Virgo… The week of December 8th

The week begins on a high note. There is some opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones. The energy has shifted and you can feel it in many ways.

Take your time before taking a gamble on unchartered territory. I am not saying to turn down any opportunities but the Virgo Collective knows your method of processing situations and opportunities that are laid before you. Especially when they have a double edged sword. This is not all a bed of roses and I see vision of you jumping or being pushed out of the safety of a boat and thrown into the sea. Do you dog paddle until you are out of breath or roll over on your back and allow the big beautiful ocean to support you?

You are being encouraged to look at how much you have grown and transformed some pretty difficult situations in your past into the human being that you are now. You need to know within your daily existence that you deserve, all that is good before you can claim it with a clear conscience.

Libra… The week of December8th

Sometimes the weight of the world and the injustice that occur amongst humanity is a bit more than you can bear. If you don’t get enough sleep and spread your energy too thin it is possible that you may fall into a bit of a slump and experience some sadness as you see so many resources in the world and people who are unable or unwilling to participate in making life more loving and balanced.

The good news is that this feeling won’t last long as I see ta collection of Masters and Light Beings whispering loving words and music in your consciousness. There is a lesson or an awareness in this sadness that will help you to grow and expand. Know that you have a huge support system in spirit. I see you giving thanks and reaching an understanding by the end of the week.

Scorpio… The week of December 8th

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Choose your associations carefully this week. If you are in business be wary of those who shower you with compliments and tall tales of their achievements in helping people just like you.

I see a vision of you sitting on a big boulder in the middle of a big desolate piece of land. The landscape is sparse around you. A bird comes near and your aura doesn’t react as this creature is quite natural and has no hidden agenda. I also see a person, actually a group of 3 or 4 people approaching you and I see your aura become choppy and red.

I am being told by the Collective that these series of events are not meant to make you paranoid but to be used as an exercise to strengthen your aura and increase and expand your gifts of sensitivity.

Trust your auric reactions this week. If anything rubs you wrong or goes against the grain back away slowly and know that you have strengthened your connection.

Your digestive system is highlighted this week. Respect and support your body with foods that are friendly and fresh. Avoid stress eating.

Sagittarius… The week of December 8th

Perhaps the things that had you all worked up last month have become less important or you are just completely worn out the whole thing until you don’t want to entertain these issues at this time. I am over it perhaps would be the be the feeling.

You are being prepared to release your fears of the unknown and your mindset of settling for the comfort of the devil you know best rather than risking a change. This could work out perfectly actually as there is an opportunity for change in the future. Take a look at your abilities and talents as you have many. Trust in yourself and the divine within you. Don’t second guess yourself.

I see a vision of you with a slight grin on your face. Your hand is close to your side near your jacket pocket and you are holding an Ace of Diamonds that you will keep close to you in a safe place until you need to use it at a later date.

This is a good week to reach out and help others as this will relieve some stress, make you grateful for what and who you have in your life and get you in a holiday mood.

Capricorn… The week of December 8th

This is a good week to do as little as possible. Your body, soul and spirit needs time to recharge and rejuvenate. This is a good time to go inward and listen to music, go to meditations and receive healing in whatever manner serves you best. Avoid burnout on the job and in other activities.

Friends and others may ask favors that you generally would grant by giving of yourself and resources but this week you are being asked to remain still and care for your whole being as you would a young child as there are changes in the wind ahead. Boundaries are important right now.

I see a vision of you on a sailing ship holding a compass and looking ahead through a spy glass. There are big ships, rocks to navigate and land far off in the future but for now your best action is non action. Just feel the waves below you and listen to the rhythm of the ocean as it rocks your craft and carries you by the natural force of the wind.

Aquarius… The week of December 8th

Your world will be as you see it this week. Know that there will be times of inactivity and seemingly you may feel as if resources, relationships and contacts have dried up or gone elsewhere.

I see a vision of you walking in a desolate terrain that appears to have been reduced to dust through a fire perhaps. You may see nothing of value at first glance you begin to notice a few plants that are adaptable and find their water and food supplies from their deep, strong roots that look almost like the root of aspen trees. The aspen trees may be reduced to nothing and die off on the surface but the root system lives deep under the earth. Soon plants that we sometimes call volunteers or suckers will pop up anew and begin to thrive.

This is actually a good time for making new contacts that are strong and deep rooted that will lead to more of the same . Those other contacts are still there This is the Universes way of telling you that it is time to spread out a bit. Leave any fears you have in the capable hands of the Divine.

Pisces… The week of December 8th

You are indeed your best counsel this week. Search inwardly for answers that are important to your career and personal life. Others may mean well but they can only give you the usual conservative and safe response or compare your experience to their own. They may also give you conflicting or miss-information that just doesn’t feel right in your gut

You may have an epiphany when you least expect it and it will come as a result of listening to your own heart. A part of you yearns for a change yet you may feel that you are in too deep to change horses in the middle of the road right now.

There may be a standoff between you and another or a difficult choice needs to be made. I get a definite “you’re not the boss of me vibe.” I can’t tell you what choice to make. I send you positive thoughts and prayers of support in your willingness to be your own director.

Monday, December 1, 2014

MerlinScopes for the Month of December 2014

Happy December!

I caught myself putting November in the subject line because November just whipped by.Life has been interested with many comings and going in my world. Maybe it is just me, but I it seems that many people and pets choose to pass away during of shortly after a holiday especially one that has religious significance.The last remaining uncle on my father's side of the family passed away, and some good friends list their beloved dog.

I have been struggling with my own beloved dog and his health. My sweet sugar faced Doberman of 10 years has Congestive heart failure. I have been spending more time at home and turning down some invitations just to be around the house more. He has become a bit more needy and very vocal about his needs for snuggles and just sitting in the pack with me, my sister and his sister dog Gaia. When he has had enough of me on the computer or talking on the phone he will bark until I come sit on the couch and stroke his sweet little old head.

During the holidays I always feel the presence of those who have passed on, including pets. Maybe those of us on the in the physical who are close to transition are given the grace of a loving escort of those in spirit who are so close and present during this time? I like to think so.

On a brighter note, Here are the MerlinScopes for the Month of December 2014 and the week of December 1st. Love you all and keep you in my heart and prayers!

Merlin Scopes December 2014 by Kay Aries

You might be thinking about the past and how you can make adjustments in your finances in this coming period. It seems that over the past few months it was necessary to accept some things as they were and allow things to come about in their own time and place. There is a purpose guiding this process. Now you may be feeling a bit more in control as you have a new and optimistic attitude about the future. There is a feeling of peace now as you are able to take action from a place of power. This is not fueled by ego, but by a shift within your own consciousness that is well thought out and intends the best for all concerned. Fairness and equality will reap their own rewards as you will feel more at peace and relaxed about the process.

There may even be a change in your walk and how you carry yourself as something has shifted in your environment that allows you to be in harmony and in rhythm with the season. Your sleep has also improved as worry has been replaced by visions of dark starry nights and dreams of better relationships.

Buy something lovely for someone in your life who needs to know how special they really are, even if you have doubts they are deserving of the gift. One act of kindness can change a person’s life and path.

Your Light Being

Saint Germain will help you shift your perception of the world and the people in your environment. This shift occurs as you follow Saint Germain’s lead instead of listening to the ego voice. You will be able to come from a higher purpose within yourself, creating excellent balance and support.

Your Animal Guide

Fox is able to adapt to its environment and to the seasons by changing its color. Fox will help you adapt to new surroundings, people, and tasks.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Ruby Aura crystal will clear your base chakra of old survival energies. It will awaken passion and help protect you from some illnesses.

The week of December 1

This week has the potential for amazing growth as you begin to recognize the ebb and flow of the energies related to the important things in life. These include loving yourself as the Divine ‘I am presence’ that you are, and finding love in those around you and love for the planet on which you reside.

You are being reminded to check in with your inner spirit before making any decisions. This especially relates to choices that will affect those around you. Remember to put your ego – that voice that brings feelings of fear, possessiveness or desire to control – on the other side of your consciousness. Just give it a task to do that will keep it occupied, as you would a toddler while the grownups have a conversation.

This is also a good time to start searching for a new job or career that is not as stressful or perhaps more fulfilling than what you have done in the past. If you are retired, this could be a volunteer position.


When I asked about Taurus for this month, I got a little chill running up and down my body. This was not the bad kind of chill but one that made me feel giddy and like letting out a giggle. There are things in life you want to experience that will give you a similar chill. I can’t really say what it is; but I can tell you that something in the form of a big shift is coming your way.

If you have the opportunity to do public speaking or some type of performance this could be a very good time for this. It seems that December is a very optimistic time for you especially in social settings and in your career.

It is almost as if you have been sitting in a dark tunnel over the past few months and have not been ready to venture out and see the light. Perhaps there has been some fear associated with what you would find. There are elements of self-discipline, responsibility, and denial that hampered you.

You have been tethered by your stubborn ways of thinking long enough. When you do emerge you will realize that no one is perfect and taking responsibility is everyone’s challenge in trust. You may find that you have a complete change in perception regarding a situation or attitude that you have been bound to for years.

I see you dancing in the middle of a circle of people. Each one has a dance card with your name on it. They are all dancing different steps and you are twirling around and around. As you do spin you see the same faces each time you go around. With each pass, you notice different features and feelings about each person and experience a full range of emotions including love, anger, sexual attraction, fear, and jealousy. This continues until you recognize your own face in each one – sort of like viewing a hologram. This leads you to a feeling of gratitude. You stop, bow to each one, collect your dance cards, and skip down a dirt path.

Anyway, I am being told to tell you to dance, sing, go to parties, and be the center of attention. Whatever setback you may have experienced in the past will now give way to self-confidence and the thought “What was I thinking?”

Your Light Being

The Lords of Karma are inviting you to write a letter of petition to assist you in burning away some of the negative karma that you have been hanging on to like a badge of honor. Complete this, preferable close to the full moon but definitely by New Year’s Eve.

Your Animal Guide

Owl will assist you in seeing through the darkness and revealing the truth in relationships and situations in which you have been kept in the dark.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Green Kunzite will help you emerge from the darkness and accept the support of others who have similar experiences.

The week of December 1

This is a good time to do some shopping for gifts. Not only for others but for yourself. You finally feel a bit enthusiastic about life and see the possibilities that are before you. If you just go with the flow and trust your inner voice you may just fall into some sweet bargains and perhaps meet some interesting people and opportunities. Another message for you this week: If you want people to take you seriously, you need to walk your talk.


This month comes in like a cool clean breeze. Take a little trip with someone in your circle. This doesn’t have to be a romantic getaway and maybe just an afternoon day trip.

I see you sitting in a busy place. Perhaps somewhere in a shopping mall. You are spending a great deal of your time people watching. You can learn a lot by simply watching people interact.

You will be surprised at how easy it is for you to pick up on other people’s emotions and thoughts. Some of these people have beautiful children and great love in their lives but fail to recognize how blessed they are. But you see it don’t you? You see the potential in all of these folks. Some are stressed and allow themselves to be overcome with negative thoughts and feelings of low self-esteem and worry.

This is a gift as you may see some of your own thoughts being mirrored back to you through these people. I am not going to tell you that it is all “their stuff” because some of it is shared by all. Human beings often bounce these thoughts and feelings around.

Try not to absorb any of those thoughts but don’t bounce them back to others either. I am hearing from the collective to tell you to shield yourself in a blazing white light that has the violet flame at the outer edges. Do this and you will loosen your own load of troubled thoughts and will do humanity a great service.

You are being asked to step up and claim your part in this paradigm shift. Sometimes it just seems easier to pull your head under the covers or allow yourself to be distracted by activities that are neither healthy nor productive. I am hearing a very stern voice saying ‘either step up or move out of the way’.

Some of you are already stepping up and are in place. There are more changes and intensity of energies coming and the collective is looking for light workers to herald the way. They are not asking you to take to the streets, as much as they are asking you to be a beacon of light in the fog. The rewards will be astounding.

Your Light Being

Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is here to assist you in the birthing of a new proclamation if you choose to do so. Nothing will be forced upon you. She asks you to watch for the scent of roses.

Your Animal Guide

I see a Red Fox. Foxes are very wise and amazing survivors. They live right under our noses in the city but are rarely seen .They raise their families and hunt for their food behind the scenes. Fox can assist you in keeping yourself under cover until you wish to be seen. According to Ted Andrews, there are 21 different kinds of foxes. In the Tarot deck the 21st card is ‘The World’. This is a new world opening up for the betterment of all. Meditate on Fox to assist you.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Stillbite is great for protection and will support you in metaphysical work.

The week of December 1

Focus on the gentle side of life. I see you snuggling with a kitten and sharing in a bit of communication. This is an exercise to help you connect with divine unconditional love. This is probably metaphorical but a great idea for getting in touch with that soft fluffy place in your heart. If you don’t have a kitten or puppy handy you might go visit the local shelter.


Steep yourself in holiday spirit and joy this month. Even if this isn’t your tradition you would benefit from the rise in the vibration that others are sharing. This is a good time for you to honor those who have passed on, as well as those who are not able to share in the joy at this time. I see those in spirit close to many of you at this time. Know that your intuition is strong and spot on this month.

You have a project or two in the works and seem to be driven to complete them as I see you tying a red ribbon bow on a big blue box. Remember that everything needs to be done in a timely manner. Don’t skip steps or try to manipulate the situation or you will find the red ribbon bow will start to unravel and you will have to start all over from scratch.

Avoid getting caught up in materialism this month. This means not putting yourself in debt by getting extravagant gifts for those around you. You don’t need to put a pony under the tree or buy a giant diamond to say I love and appreciate you. Many of those around you would be just as happy with an honest ‘Happy Holiday’ hug, card, cup of tea or lunch.

Watch the caffeine intake this month as I see your body is very sensitive and getting ready for a detox of sorts. This could mean many things like a change in eating behaviors or cravings. I am being told by the collective that if you pay attention, you will notice your body does this every year at this time. I am being told to suggest you take care by selecting more foods that support your immune system and getting some extra sleep. This will help you avoid seasonal colds.

Your Light Being

Archangel Zadkiel will assist your body, mind, and spirit in cleansing even in those areas hidden from your awareness. Release and move some things out so the energy in the New Year may come in.

Your Animal Guide

Dragonfly is magical, and beckons you to follow to the place where magic still lives within you.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Blue Lace Agate will bring peace and help you in areas of communication and with all that is related to the throat.

The week of December 1

Resist the temptation to overspend. This is not the time to put the cart before the horse and assume that you will have the money to cover it next month. Always have a plan B. Make sure that you are available and willing to give of yourself. Small group activities are favored. Release tension by being around those who allow you to be yourself.


It’s all about how you see things in your life this month. You know that you attract situations on the same vibration as you are; and this month you will see some of these situations come to pass.

This does not mean that you need to be critical or judgmental about how you are manifesting situations and people in your life. Realize that some of the people and situations come to you as opportunities for spiritual growth and are put in your life as challenges. The most important thing is not what has been attracted to your energy, but how you handle these things

You may be asking ‘why? this month and ‘What if? You are being encouraged to turn your thoughts and energy towards seeing how you have handled difficult situations. Perhaps you didn’t always handle them as you would have liked. Maybe you lacked integrity at times. But the point is, you are here to learn to accept and appreciate your imperfections. This will also help you forgive others and in forgiving them, you forgive yourself.

Your Light Being

Maat is the goddess of truth, integrity, and justice; and she will help you in any issues concerning integrity, protection and legal matters. She will also help reveal integrity or its lack, in those around you. Meditate on Maat.

Your Animal Guide

Sparrow will help awaken your memory of your self-worth. Have you felt uncomfortable around certain authority figures? Ask sparrow to help you recall your dignity and self-esteem.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Carnelian will give you courage and motivate you.

The week of December 1

You are usually the positive one – the one who sees the glass half full and recognizes the potential in every situation. This week you are struggling to keep your emotions and attitude on the sunny side. Something or someone has shaken your tree and knocked you out of your happy place. Time to decide if you want to have a week of “Oh Sad me” or “Oh yeah, I am bad me and I am all over this.”


Try not to give into thinking small in terms of career and desires for the future. There are many successful people who do things in different ways and it is a waste of time and energy to compare yourself to them. Don’t let fear or thoughts of lack keep you from moving forward. This is backward thinking and the kind of thing that will keep you in the same place or actually take you a few steps back.

It will be helpful to take a little time out to re-connect with the Divine source within. You remember this is the all powerful, all knowing, all loving place that you go to when your mind is finally ready to surrender. Go inward and ask for the guidance and tools to bring forth the best possible version of you.

I see this as a birthing process. Can you imagine how terrified your soul was when your body was coming out of the birth canal? Not knowing who would be there to catch you and how to survive as you took your first breath was indeed our first experience with fear. I am being told to suggest that you take yourself through that process in a meditation and make a written account of what you experienced. This will assist in the process and you will see things fall into place in a different way.

Avoid giving in to the urge to over spend, over eat or other behaviors that entice physical endorphins and encourage temporary pleasure or euphoria. Over-doing it now, will require that you deal with the consequences later. Go inward and seek the inner satisfactions and pleasures to fill your well.

Your Light Being

Metatron will help bring you back to task and give you an instant connection to the Divine presence within when asked to do so. Metatron awaits your requests and will assist in all areas of life.

Your Animal Guide

Fox is usually invisible but will be seen when she wants to be. Fox is telling you that it is time to be seen and available. Let others see and share in your gifts.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Larimar will help you smooth out your energy. It will also help remove self-imposed blockages and fears.

The week of December 1

This may be a difficult week and things may not pan out as you would like; but you are being guided to go with the flow and not fight any changes that are happening right now. This too will pass. Hold tight to the intention of the greatest good and your perseverance will eventually pay off. Be kind to yourself and don’t stress your body. Relax a bit. If you do for others without any expectations of a payoff, your good deeds will not be in vain.


It is time to take the first step on a journey with a destination that is not being clearly shown to you at this time. When I say one step I mean one step. This is not a race. Take one step and wait for further messages and instructions. This is a test in faith and in trusting the Universe to support the next step.

I see a vision of you suspended on one step in mid-air. There are no steps that can be seen behind you yet another is now offered. I see your right foot in mid-air wanting to put your foot on the step, and yet hesitant as you don’t know where it is leading and you seem concerned about the step that you are on being taken away.

You’re sure footed but a bit too much in your head right now. Trust that everything that you need to know will be there when you need it. Some of you may be considering a new career move or starting a new course or journey. I am told by the collective to suggest you don’t sign anything right now as the offering may change after January 15th.

Your Light Being

I see Hermes carrying his guiding light to offer his services to guide you through the shadows.

Your Animal Guide

Badger will help you cut away any cords that hinder your progress as well as offer an aggressive approach to healing that needs to take place within to help you move forward.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Sunstone will bring light and joy to your vibration and will help you create healthy boundaries.

The week of December 1

Let your heart not be troubled. When it is, you create your own inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People always ask about their purpose, and I have seen that sometimes our purpose can shift and look like something totally different than we thought it was. I see you walking a winding road where you are unable to see around the corner until you get around the turn. Trust.


You are being challenged to release negative thoughts about the past and to change your language and reactions to more positive expressions. If you can’t make it positive then keep it neutral.

Next month everything will probably look much different than it does now. The key to getting through this period is to be patient and just let it flow. I see you sitting on a rubber raft in a body of water. You have floated out a bit too far and you don’t have a way back. Trying to paddle with your hands seems to get you nowhere. It might be better if you enjoy the scenery of gulls and passing sail boats until the tide comes in and brings you back to the shore in a gentle, natural, and loving way.

Spend some time looking back on the past and how you will do things differently in the future. Allow yourself to rest a bit this month. You are a bit stressed and your body is reflecting this state of mind. I am being shown the possibility of fluid building up around your joints which could cause discomfort. Rest, laugh and be gentle with your body. Avoid contact with those suffering from respiratory illness right now. Build you immune system by following common sense rules.

Your Light Being

Ganesh will help you recognize all self-imposed beliefs or memories that keep you imprisoned in denial of the possibilities that are yours for the taking.

Your Animal Guide

I see a big black cat waiting for you to call upon her. She is full of mystery and magic. Cat will help you find your independence and adaptability.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Chiastolite will help you break negative behavior patterns and support you in changing and resolving conflict.

The week of December 1

I see you looking through books and searching for some type of information. You might seek advice from someone who knows about a certain subject that you want or need to know about.

I am being told to tell you to look in all of the corners because there is something about not having all of the information or that perhaps someone is not telling all that they know. Ask you higher self or angels to reveal what you need to know. Perhaps you may be the one keeping information. Look at your situation and decide where this could be.


You are being encouraged to get out of your head and back into your intuition as a means for gathering information. You may have everything mapped out as to the way that you want things to unfold, but the universe may have a completely different plan in mind.

Expect messages this month. This can be the usual ways which include e-mail, text, and phone calls or could also come as messages from spirit or be telepathic in nature. Your body can be enlisted as a messenger. Even pain or discomfort can serve to get a message through to your consciousness. At any rate, I would suggest listening to your higher self whenever possible. Although messages on the subtle or physical levels can be ignored, they will tend to persist until they are acknowledged.

Look for bits and pieces of communication from those in spirit and from the collective consciousness, as you are being awakened to a new vibration and need to address some personal issues before this new wave of energy can settle in your cells and energetic body. Be open and receptive to new ways of communicating and resolving issues. Be like a willow and bend.

Your Light Being

Mother Mary will help you learn to be compassionate to yourself.

Your Animal Guide

Hawk is available to bring messages in a clear way. If you see a hawk, then the message is even more important and profound.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Prehnite will bring you peace and protection.

The week of December 1

This week starts on a high note and feels like a breath of fresh air. You have reason to believe that something good is on the way. There will be an offering of sorts in the near future. You have let go of the past and no longer choose to give your energy to something that has ended. Don’t force anything. Let go of any expectations and ride the wind.


Things seem to come together effortlessly this month. I am not saying that you won’t be busy, just that it won’t be as difficult as it could potentially be. I see a vision of you standing with your arms wide open and willing to work with the universe. You are far above the ground. In fact I cannot even see the ground. You are about to walk across a tightrope. I am hearing from the collective that you are wearing magical shoes that allow you to feel the vibration of the rope so you will know that your footing is correct.

It seems that something has happened that has made you a true believer in the power of letting go, at least a bit anyway. This has been difficult for you because you love to be in control. You have reached an understanding there is a fine balance that must be maintained. The tightrope must be adjusted to a certain tension, almost like a guitar string, in order to have the correct vibration.

You are also being warned to beware of repeating past unhealthy relationship patterns. You may have people in your life who remind you of past relationships that turned into unhealthy or co-dependent situations. If you feel attracted to someone or believe you know this person from a past life, you just might, but not in the way you think. This could be history repeating itself as a test to see if you recognize the flaw and potential pit falls. Are you ready to move towards a new and healthy way of co-existing with people that have a new vibration? Don’t let the past knock you off of your tightrope.

Your Light Being

Archangel Michael will provide protection and courage. You may have some emotionally charged issues come up from you past that may set you back a step or two. Ask him for help.

Your Animal Guide

Gator is here to remind you to take your time in making assessments, judging a situation or making a decision. Always take time before acting or re-acting, especially if the circumstances are emotionally charged.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Boji Stone is very powerful in clearing blocked emotions.

The week of December 1

you may be feeling a bit thin-skinned this week. This is not a bad thing. You have many angels close to you this week as the Christ energy is strong for those of you born at this time of year. The angels are ever so close to the earth because of the songs and stories of Jesus.

Take it all in and invite them into your life and service. I can hear angelic music around many of you. It has an essence of being “New Born.”


I see a vision of you standing alone with your shoulder leaning into a wooden dam. Rain and snow have filled the lake beyond its capacity and it needs room to grow, to flow into another lake or river. As much as you try, you can’t hold the water back. I see the dam bursting and carrying you about a quarter of a mile downstream.

The message here is that you cannot hold on to anything or anyone in this physical world. Everything is just on loan and we get to enjoy it for a while and try to build a better knowledge and gain wisdom through the relationships we have with these worldly gifts.

Be ready for change and try to move with the rushing waters. I eventually see you grabbing a piece of wood and going with the flow as you jump on and ride it down to a pool where there are people laughing as they are sharing the same experience as you.

Watch your water intake this month. Make sure it is in balance. Also take an inventory of acidic foods that you may be eating. I am being shown that this could be the source of skin irritations, or digestive or joint problems.

Your Light Being

Athena will assist you in using your strength in productive ways. She will teach you how to use the elements and situations that seem to be out of your control, to your advantage.

Your Animal Guide

Dragonfly will support you in transformation by aligning your energy with the elemental kingdom and allowing you to see the illusions in your life.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Cathedral Quartz will attune you to the collective and raise your vibration.

The week of December 1

Lay low and collect your energy this week. You may be feeling a bit lethargic and I would encourage you to listen to the message that your body is giving you. Pull back from those who seem to take too much of your energy without little or no reciprocity.


Are you refusing to see the truth in a situation; or are you dimming your light so that another can shine? Maybe you are willing to compromise your values and your gifts to keep the peace in a situation.

You may be doubting your intuition because you didn’t see a circumstance coming or that a person or situation was spiraling out of control. The truth is some events are meant to remain hidden. Knowing something will occur in the future does not necessarily serve anyone or a higher purpose.

It is time to take a deep breath and a long look around you and decide whether you will stand up and be counted or be one of the hive. Neither choice is wrong depending on what experience you wish to have in this body. Spirit will support you no matter what you choose. You have been asking for guidance and it has arrived. I see many who are in spirit surrounding you dropping little hints. Perhaps papers that you find on the ground or other messages. When this happens take a little time and tune into the message and the messenger.

Spirit is also urging you to take a look at some of your companions. Some of them may not be coming from a higher vibration and this is perfectly ok, but you might find yourself choosing to distance yourself from some of them.

Your Light Being

I see Shiva clearing a path for you with a beautiful light blade of brilliant blue.

Your Animal Guide

Panther will help you re-claim your power and assist you in hearing the voice that is within as well as communicating with those in spirit, if you wish.

Your stone or Mineral helper

Aventurine will assist in emotional recovery as well as balancing your mind.

The week of December 1

You may feel cravings this week. This includes food cravings as well as craving the company of others who support who you are and recognize your worth. Go inward and get in touch with the real issue. Being with those who support you is always a good choice and you will benefit from their insight. The food or drink may only work as a bandage and will only cause you to desire more.

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