Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes by Kay 2017

Happy 4th of July if you are in the United States!

I have a love/ hate relationship with this holiday. This year it seems to be less to my liking. It seems that my neighbors have little to no regard for people and animals when it comes to fireworks.

Our dogs have been nervous wrecks since Friday. This goes on until 3 to 4 am. This has been the worst year for fireworks yet. I try to be a good neighbor and refrain from calling the police. Even though I am losing sleep and the dogs are showing signs of P.T.S.D. 

Some of these people shooting off fireworks are the same ones who sign the petitions to stop dog fighting, prosecute animal abusers and such; But they think it is perfectly acceptable to terrorize their own pets or little fluffy next door because they are under the illusion that shooting off fireworks is somehow patriotic.

 My definition of being patriotic would be to go clean up the park that your family made a mess of after your family reunion or protecting our national lands instead of certain members of our government trying to sell them off. I can't imagine what our national monuments would look like if they were privately owned. Perhaps a bust of Kanya West on Mount Rushmore? A big gaudy Casino at Yellowstone National Park? I pray that this will not be the case.

Joni Mitchell when she wrote the song “ Paved Paradise.”

I try to be in the spirit but this seems to be more of a challenge this year. I try to keep politics out of these blogs but I am concerned about the direction of the USA.
I have never seen such a division in this country.

I usually try to keep my messages upbeat but I feel like this would be inauthentic and as always, I can only be who I am. What you see is what you get!

Yes, I am getting a little cranky with age. 

I hope you all have a wonderful July where ever you are.

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Enjoy the MerlinScopes!


Merlin Scopes   by Kay    July 2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
You might find yourself unable to focus as clearly as you normally do. This is not always a bad thing. Your imagination wants you to understand that it desires to be involved in the creative process.

The part of your soul we refer to as imagination does have a voice of its own and for many, was separated from the whole at some time in life. This could have been through cultural beliefs, a parent who meant well or traditional education. This essential part of your soul may have you longing for something, and yet you may not know exactly what it is you seek. Imagination is one of the keys to manifestation. 

So perhaps this is a good time to let your imagination take the lead and guide you into a positive space away from all of the noise and chaos of the world and into a place of peace and magic. You might be surprised and delighted by what you find. Dare to dream big!

Breathe in, enjoy, and recognize the beauty that is around you. Clarity will come as you slow down a bit and expend less energy on things that don’t make you happy. Create the things and relationships that do!

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Lady Nada wishes to assist you in finding compassion for yourself at this time. Be kind to yourself and swim in the ocean of love. She will send a beautiful blue light with the loving qualities of the sea to wrap you in and keep you floating as if you were in salt water.

Your Animal Guide
A Falcon flies in carrying a mouse in his talons. I find it interesting that he doesn’t eat the mouse. He says they are working in cooperation with you this month to help you recognize the order of life, as you understand it, may be changing. Sometimes friends and foes need to work together for a common purpose.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fluorite will help draw negative energies from your environment and balance your emotions and aura.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Let your heart be guided by the promises of a new and a better tomorrow. Center your thoughts and emotions and focus on what needs to be taken care of within your life. Things in your personal and professional life may be changing, but that doesn’t mean you need to chuck it all and head into a completely new direction. Take a long look at what is worth keeping and what needs to change or be eliminated.

You might find yourself in the middle of other people’s stuff if you are not careful. Do your best to refrain from the temptation to try to fix others or you may become the center their drama. Be clear and concise with your boundaries.

There may be an opportunity to expand not only your consciousness but also create opportunities for healthy relationships and business projects. If you’re thinking about being involved in a partnership or bringing someone on board this could be a good time to move forward.

Remember that old saying that all glitters is not gold. Make sure you do your due diligence and check any background factors that may affect this partnership. Always remember; what you see is what you get. Give yourself 24 hours before making a decision. Look at the whole picture and the potential issues that could affect present and future circumstances from all points of view. Listen carefully as there could be some things that you would normally not think of as being a big deal. This could be a red flag.

Make time for fun. This could mean picnics, long walks, and enjoying the simple things in life. Uncomplicated is a key word for you this summer.

Your Light Being
I see the beautiful Lady of the Lake is stepping forward to assist you in your dreams and interpretations. There could be some past life work that needs healing or recognition. There’s a feeling of love and attraction that is undeniable so allow yourself the luxury of basking in the current; just don’t let yourself get carried away.

Your Animal Guide
A little Bull Dog steps forward to tell you that she has your back this month. She is very intuitive and says she can smell deception.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst is a great stone for transmuting negative energy to positive. It is also very protective and will raise your intuition.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Sometimes it is better to take a long way home. This message relates to your intentions and taking the time to get a clear picture rather than acting impulsively.  I see you driving along and looking at the scenery. Could there be new ideas and options that you haven’t thought of before? Maybe taking a new approach could open new avenues of creativity and behaviors.

Allow yourself to manifest something that you really want; don’t settle for something just because it’s easy. Taking your time and allowing your gifts of manifestation to unfold naturally, rather than trying to force a situation, is the best way to get what you want. This way, you will avoid tripping over the clutter created by hasty actions.

Remove yourself from any struggles that someone else is having. Although you would like to help; spirit says, sometimes these things are just none of your business. Plain and simple.

Money and partnerships are a little tricky right now. Take a little time to consider investments in planning for future commitments. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid making investments, only that a few things may need to be researched, tweaked, and explored before committing to anything. This may also have something to do with releasing one thing to enable you to move into another. Sometimes it is hard to let go of what we already have. Delays could be the universe's way of protecting you and helping receive what supports your soul.

Your Light Being
Baba Ji will assist you in taking charge of your life in whatever way is for your highest good. This may look a little different from what you had imagined, but allow yourself the joy in discovering that surrendering could be the key to taking control of events in your life.

Your Animal Guide
I seem to be seeing a lot of Dragons lately, and one has flown in on a yellow ray of light and is stepping forward to assist you. Critical information may be eclipsed by emotions if you are not careful. Step back a few feet and view the situation through your heart center as an observer who is not emotionally charged.

 Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Rhyolite will help connect you with your higher self and the creativity that will support changes passively, yet effectively.

 Cancer…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Resist the urge to get involved with people or situations that have not worked out for you in the past. There is the possibility of a repeating scenario emerging.
This could be an opportunity to choose a course of action that will support your sanity, happiness, and freedom from enduring the consequences that have a familiar ring to them. The faces may be different, but the issues are the same. A well thought out course of action could serve you best. Beware of flattery that seems insincere.

Buying into someone else’s manipulative behaviors may divert you from moving ahead on a project of your own that deserves to be brought into the light. Look carefully and see if allowing someone else’s problems, issues or struggle might be an excuse because you are feeling unsure of the responsibility or outcome of you own projects or business.

Timing is important, and the Universe might be testing you to see if you are willing to move forward and take a risk or allow someone or something else to distract you. The choice is yours as usual, and there may be an opportunity offered again in the fall.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is coming forward to offer you support in a healing of the heart. This is a wonderful gift and it will be to your benefit to sit with her for a few minutes right before you go to sleep.

Your Animal Guide
Antelope has stepped away from the herd and offers to host a magnificent adventure; if you trust his wild nature and are willing to become one in his fold of followers, he will guide you to greener pastures and help re-connect you with your body and the joy of your own primal nature.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will support you in stressful times and help you sort out some of the behaviors and choices of the past.

 Leo…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Honor yourself by being your own ray of sunshine. Take it with you wherever you go and adversities will melt away.

Resist the temptation to surrender to repetitive behaviors that are not emotionally or physically healthy and loving. Sometimes this can mean not only being aware of the usual forms of indulgences; but also the negative self-talk you may use to punish yourself regarding something you enjoy occasionally. This behavior is neither kind nor loving.

I am mostly referring to your dependency on obligations that sometimes cheat you out of your joy. Let’s make this a little bit clearer; this would be your tendency to feel responsible for everyone and everything around you. This could create a feeling of being a martyr if you allow your ego and emotions to get pulled out of balance. Sometimes when you get in that mode, you might feel unappreciated and unrecognized for your offerings. This can become a cycle.

Realize that when you offer to assist someone, especially when you do this without being asked, there is no karmic obligation on the part of someone else. If you do things for others; expect nothing in return from them. Just because you do the right thing doesn’t always mean that you will reap rewards from the rest of the world. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason and beyond understanding. Trust that higher forces are at work!

You can, however, expect expansion in your own heart and consciousness. How does it get any better than that?

Your Light Being
Ascended Master El Morya was said to have had a lifetime as Sir Thomas Moore. He was a dedicated man who loved God and his family. He is here to support you in matters of the family and faith. Look for inspirational books to help support your well-being and vision of the bigger picture.

Your Animal Guide
A Dove has come forward to open your heart and help you attract loving relationships and balance the masculine and feminine influences in your life.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone will be good for you for initiating a stronger intuitive connection.

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Don’t let yourself become upset over things you have no control over. Perhaps you might consider bringing some things to a completion and starting something new. This vibration almost feels like some long-lost friend that you haven’t been in contact with for many years. This could be something in the past that you enjoyed and now you have the time and right attitude to explore it on a different level. This could grow into something more!

Be open to the possibility of a partnership. Whether personal or professional this could bring a feeling of hope and gratitude in your life. Accept invitations and remember to look your best and bring your “A” game with you everywhere you go.

On a professional level, this could mean bringing your business cards, resume, or sample of your work with you. Expect the unexpected. There’s the possibility of chance meetings and new collaborations.

Music is a big part of the joy. Listen to songs that inspire you and get out to some concerts or musical events. Look for messages in songs. I am hearing Mozart saying that he has a message for you and it has to do with rhythm. Especially if you are learning something new or need to relax. Listen and lean into it. It will release endorphins that bring joy and clarity.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Serapis Bey is working for your highest good. Alice Bailey said he is of the fourth ray of purity, the teacher of harmony through conflict. That is something that has been very difficult for you to understand. He will assist you in recognizing this as a creative process.

Your Animal Guide
A Rooster is walking forward to offer his wisdom of living life instinctively. His message is of the masculine and rising of the Sacral Chakra bringing creativity and sexuality to the higher vibrations.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dendritic Chalcedony will remind you to stay in the present moment and not get too far ahead of yourself.

 Libra…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
I can see positive energy starting to move through your body; it is clearing a path focused on improving your health and energy level. Be sure to check in with a healthcare professional if you have any questions about any issues that haven’t resolved themselves after two weeks. Diet is very important, and your body will tell you what it needs through craving the foods or supplements needed to help support and heal. The Universe will lead you to the right people to help if needed.

Holistic approaches have always worked well for you in the past, and the power of your mind in attracting what you need and how to get it; is second to none.

I know you are always everyone's “go to” person and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember you are also a being who needs rest and support. I see you receiving some new information from spirit that might be creating a bit of a shift in the way you think about things. I am being told that it has something to do with “The Shadow.” How The Shadow creates growth and opportunity to heal through the acknowledgment, love, and acceptance.

Nature is a wonderful place for you to recharge and pull your energy from the fresh air and the sunshine. Also, a great place to release anything that is not of your highest good or simply needs to move on.

Try not to think too much. You might have a tendency to hold on to things in your mind more than usual. Nothing good will come from that except mental exhaustion. Perhaps that is what you need before you surrender and allow your soul to provide the solutions that you seek.

Your Light Being
Shiva is taking a step forward to assist you in removing any leftover energies that need to be released before a new cycle begins. Shiva says give these beliefs, attitudes, physical and emotional pain, and drama to God!

 Your Animal Guide
Armadillo steps forward to remind you to set boundaries; if all else fails; curl up in a ball and pretend you’re dead. Not really, just kidding, it means be unavailable. Turn off your phone or computer. They will figure it out on their own. Spirit will show them the way while you rest.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cinnabar will attract abundance

Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Things could take an unexpected turn this month. Sometimes changes seem to catch you off guard, even though you know that eventually, all things must change whether you like it or not. You might need to shuffle some things around or make some exceptions but I know that you are capable!

The best course to take is to recognize not all things will come about in the manner you would like to see. Allow the Universe some wiggle room to create what is ultimately in your best interest. I hear the words “shocking revelations!” This doesn’t mean that it will be necessarily bad, just surprising.

Your words are powerful so use them wisely, or you may regret the outcome. Honesty and integrity are important because someone you are dealing with will be able to intuit anything less and this will could affect your reputation and limit future opportunities. Be transparent even if you could get reprimanded or be embarrassed.

Behaviors or idle talk have the potential to hurt someone else in a manner that could break a treasured trust you have or lead to the loss of an opportunity. Once it is out there you can’t take it back.

Your Light Being
I see The Hermit card. He lights the way for you and expects you to follow without question and have faith in knowing that although there may be darkness all around you that you will be shown the way through the light of his lamp. Quiet contemplation and faith.

 Your Animal Guide
A Donkey has come forward to offer you help this month. Move forward but take your time in decisions. Let yourself be strong in your convictions and make sure that you know what those are. Know your strengths.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar will help heal your heart and help you through stressful times.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
You might be surprised by someone else’s behavior which may seem a bit out of character. The lesson here for you is that it is not healthy to put someone else up on a pedestal. This limits your ability to see who this person really is. For better or for worse.

You may not want to look behind the curtain because of this adoration; and when you do, you become very disappointed. Realistically, this is a person just like anyone else, flawed and wonderful at the same time. That is a lot of pressure to put on one human being. They get punished because of your expectations and not living up to who you think they are.

Take care in becoming too empathetic with others. This is a natural gift for you but sometimes things can go terribly wrong so don’t jump in feet first. You can’t save the world, and some folks just don’t appreciate the intrusion.

The ability to intuit what others want and need is wonderful, but some need to come to the conclusion on their own. At any rate, either they will, or they won’t. In some cases, it is better to wait to be asked for your input.

Don’t get ahead of yourself on a new project. Baby steps may be called for here. You might be doing all of the talking when you should be listening. Relax and breathe!

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is stepping forward to offer assistance. He wants to offer protection and will let you know when you need to back off when to be still and stay in the background to listen. You will get some subtle and not so subtle hints.
 Your Animal Guide
The whale will pull you back into balance. Always mix your consciousness expanding activities with the mundane physical duties. If at all possible, swimming or spending time near water is helpful. Balance and staying grounded or you might experience vertigo.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Ulexite is great for clearing away the inner chatter and bringing you into deep meditation.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
You may have been in a bit of an emotional funk, but the veil seems to be lifting. As the clouds clear, you may start feeling better physically as well. There seems to be a playfulness about your nature which has been on the back burner for a long time. Even if you have been playful it seems like a well-planned adult approach to play. Perhaps lacking spontaneity.

Perhaps your self-esteem has taken you to a new low. Or you have felt inadequate as far as being able to influence the behavior or moods or others. Know that you are not expected to raise everyone else’s consciousness.
 You can only lead by example and hope that others see the brightness that shines from your heart and want that for themselves. Be at the head of the parade and not pushing the crowd from behind. Don’t operate from guilt either. Guilt is a low vibration and is inauthentic and will only add resistance.

If you are thinking about making a move, you might start the planning stage this month. This could be back to where you came from physically and in a hometown or perhaps back into a career or profession you worked in before.
Don’t worry, it is not as if you are right back where you started from because you have learned so many new things that you can bring with you. You are so much more! Reclaim your passion!
Your Light Being
White Eagle supports you in clearing areas of your conscience that may be holding memories and beliefs that hinder you. Listening to drumming is helpful as well as smudging yourself and home with sage smoke or spray. Exercise will also bring these issues up to a conscious level to be cleared.

 Your Animal Guide
Prairie Dog says you need a little time in the sun to relax and play. If you can pull yourself completely away from worries and play with others it will help. Walk, run, join a softball team.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fluorite will offer protection and balance your energy. Especially if you spend a lot of time near computers.

Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Release any fear you may be carrying around concerning success. Are you holding yourself back out of fear of rejection or could it be the fear that someone else may judge you as harshly as you do others lately?

Remember that everyone is a spark of the Divine. The world has become so harsh and judgmental that you may have allowed some of these attitudes to become part of your consciousness. This is not who you are.

It might be time for an attitude adjustment in the form of a sit-down talk with a good friend that will be brutally honest with you concerning the attitudes that are feeding your fears. Perhaps sitting in prayer and meditation will help pull you back on track so you can enjoy the freedom of success in your life.

Have some fun! Enjoy the season with crazy childlike energy. You don’t always have to be the adult!

Your Light Being
Merlin wants to help you with a gift of alchemy in the form of an energy healing within your auric field. He says electronics can be sometimes detrimental for you if used too often. Go outside and clear your energy and thoughts often. It is a re-set for your personal electrical field. Drink lots of water too.

Your Animal Guide
A playful Panda runs forward tumbling and having fun. He is chewing on a piece of a leaf of bamboo and couldn’t care less about what everyone else wants. He is in the moment, and you should be too.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
A Clear Crystal to cleanse and fortify your energy. See yourself sitting in the middle of a crystal.

Pisces…   Overview for the Month of July 2017
Things may be upside down in your life right now. Situations that are out of your control seem to be the focus of your attention. Know that you can be there to support and assist others on their journey, but don’t take it personally if things don’t turn out as you would like them to.

You may have great insight into healthy foods and behaviors, but ultimately there are higher forces at work, and on some level, you know that you agreed to play your part in this journey.

Great love and compassion will be the gifts received from this. It may not always feel like a gift, but I have no other words for this. You are on a journey of finding out who you really are and how far you can ascend in this life.
Pull back or delegate some of your workload to make some time for self-reflection and free time that doesn’t require a lot of thought. When needed, ask for help.

You may be asked to step up and being the loyal friend, that you are, you will offer whatever support you can.

Focus on things and time lost can be healthy when you can see them without becoming too emotionally attached. These can be lessons that you can take with you in the future that will serve you and others well. I see you holding a family heirloom that looks like pearls. I am not sure what that means but I will leave this for you to explore.

Support may come from unexpected places.

Your Light Being
Saint Patrick is close and offering help with a matter concerning health and any travel that you may be planning this summer.

Your Animal Guide
Fox is peeking around the corner offering you the ability to be in the background, but using the information that you get in powerful ways.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Merlinite to transform energy and access Akashic records.

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