Monday, September 19, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of September 19th 2016

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes for the week of September 19th 2016 by Kay

Happy Monday,

Please know that my comments before the MerlinScopes are meant to help you in you journey by sharing my experiences with you. It is not to be meant to be a rant.

Every week seems to be a different twist in this ever changing always interesting adventure in life on planet Earth. This past week has been no exception.

The energies and emotions leading up to the Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces September 16th seemed like a long strange trip. Some people were energetically drained. I was one of them.

I came across some people that were so overloaded that they were completely emotionally and mentally overwhelmed and manic. These people are in my prayers and I hope you will hold them in yours. It was an interesting lesson for me.

 As a Virgo I want to help everyone and will sometimes drain my resources trying to do so. That would be ego folks. If you are working from spirit you don’t become exhausted in that way. Even though my heart was in the right place I should have made the proper referrals and cut the session ASAP.

The intense political environment here in the U.S.A. is full of conspiracy theories, extreme discord and Social Media is fueling the fire. People have forgotten how to think for themselves and therefore believe everything they read without research or searching their heart of hearts or tapping into their own intuition.

I had a couple contacts try to convince me to tell them what to do with their lives. If you have had a reading or channeling with me you know that this is not how I work. You always have free will and choices. It is part of our partnership as Co-Creators with God or The Divine if that is the term you choose.

 I get in touch with the Divine, your Higher Self and guides and become a channel for the Divine. I also work to help you connect with them more effectively or remove the blocks that create any disruption in your flow with the Divine.

I also am not a Medium. I channel the Divine so If you are hoping to get messages or direction from a loved one who has passed I am not your girl. Sometimes a loved one will show up to lend support but that is not something that I normally work with. I will give the messages from the Divine or an Ascended Master.

Thanks for listening . I am hoping that you also have someone that you can share your thoughts and feelings with. Someone who you can show your soft under belly to.

Have a great week,

Enjoy the MerlinScopes!

Aries…   Week of September 19th 2016
Take a moment to enjoy the harvest and focus on the present time and all that it holds. Make plans with friends, enjoy some time at the park, the ocean or mountains. It doesn’t have to be anything planned or expensive in fact it is if it is not. Celebrate the things that money can’t buy and know that something special is headed in your direction.

If you have the opportunity to be around children or animals you could benefit from their life force and bring up memories of happy times.
A realization of your own personal power and the gift of innocent expectation is the message that the Collective has for you!

Taurus…   Week of September 19th 2016
Keep your promises and don’t react to difficult news or circumstances immediately. Sometimes it is better to say nothing rather than allow your emotions to dictate how you will respond to something to that has the potential to be hurtful. Remember not to allow your mind to create your worst case scenario of dramatic possibilities. You may have past memories to support these thoughts but try to shift your thoughts in a positive direction.

If you can, give these things a week to process before you see the truth and recognize that some things need time and space. Remember that the Divine has your back and only that which is for your highest good will come about.

Gemini…   Week of September 19th 2016
You may want to keep a distance between you and certain people that do not support your desire to live your life larger. A couple of opportunities may come forward. Sometimes you hold yourself back for the sake of those who can only assist you in growing to a certain level. There may be an emotional attachment or feelings of guilt in leaving someone behind. The choice is always you own as you have free will to decide. Either way, neither choice is wrong.

Pay attention to a few details with your physical health and prepare for meeting some new people or getting in touch with some that you haven’t seen in a while. I see you sprucing up your house a bit.

Cancer…   Week of September 19th 2016
You might start making plans for the upcoming holidays or the next birthday or event as you don’t like to wait until the last minute. Even though you may be dealing with a lot in your own life right now, take a little time to help another. When you do this there is always a lesson or blessing for yourself.

I keep getting the word completion for you from the Collective. This could be on a personal or professional level. Make sure that this is done on your own terms and not dictated by someone else. Then again don’t jump the gun and have the attitude of getting them before they get you. Listen to your heart and allow the term to end gracefully with love and healing.

Leo…   Week of September 19th 2016
You are starting to calm down and mellow out after that last eclipse and full moon in Pisces last Friday. Building up to this was intense but by the time the full moon was high in the sky you had surrendered to the fact that all things in this world need to expand and grow and as much as you feel attached ; it is time to release an allow your creation to morph into a beautiful butterfly.

Sometimes you need to let go and allow the things that you have procured since a seedling. They need more room and space to become productive and add a new light to the world in their own fashion.
Breathe and be excited about the next chapter which is right over the horizon!

Virgo…   Week of September 19th 2016
There is going to be another energy shift as this week may have you feeling a bit sluggish and concerned about health issues. Ascension symptoms are building and a bit bothersome at times. As usual, I recommend seeing a healthcare professional when you are not feeling up to par but also understand that as you shift emotionally and spiritually that the physical must also fall into place. It might require time.

Get lots of rest and drink lots of water. Exercise is also helpful in releasing unwanted negativity and irrational emotions that may or may not be yours.  Go to the gym or clean house, walk the dog, embrace the season.

Have you been feeling like a sponge for other people’s emotions lately? Cord cutting and commanding that these energies leave your space never to return. AA Michael will help. Do your own little exorcism. This may be an odd term but is the word that what comes to mind from Saint Germain, the other Ascended Masters and Angels.

Libra…   Week of September 19th 2016
This is a glorious time for you! Autumn colors always look good on you. Orange, yellow, red and earth brown bring out your true essence and they attract thoughts, activities and creativity that pulls you back to center. The energy is sweet and you are beaming in the light of wisdom, life and feminine intuition.

Nip Complications in the bud by making a list and highlight your most important projects. There may be thoughts of traveling soon and for some of you thoughts of moving to a new residence.

Scorpio…   Week of September 19th 2016
Snap judgements could backfire and cause some explaining on your part. Talk less and listen more when those who have information gift you by sharing. This may be someone who you may think of as your lessor but sometimes great wisdom comes from those with simple explanations.

 Simple truth is the words that I am hearing for you from the Collective. Look for it in unlikely places. In yourself perhaps. You are becoming more transparent as the shift in consciousness unfolds and your identity floats to the top. Honesty and clarity is called for. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. People don’t forget integrity.

Sagittarius…   Week of September 19th 2016
I see a vision of you writing your own future. You get through one half of the chapter and seem to have writers block. What did you forget to expand upon? It is perfectly ok to pause here as you are working in a block of time that is filled with karmic lessons and releasing those things that you thought would make you happy.

 Especially those things that you were brought up to believe that made your place in society considered successful. Soul searching is the word that I hear for you from the Collective.

 What makes you consider yourself happy and successful? Do you do things for others for the sake of community and the right thing to do or with the expectation of some sort of accolade? It is always good to help others but try to align your reasons with your expectations. Be selective and make sure it is about your passion.

Capricorn…   Week of September 19th 2016
I see you opening a page of a big book that allows you a deeper glimpse into the oneness of the consciousness and nature of humanity. Pretty heavy stuff right? That’s what I thought too!

There is an angelic presence around you that seeks to assist you on a deeper level. We know that you are a spiritual warrior and it is as if the Calvary has come to your aid your cause.

 Prayers are answered you know, especially when intentions are of the same vibration. Always remember this.

They say to make you conscience clear. This may relate to forgiveness and finding that space in your mind of nothingness to achieve a better connection with them. Meditate or find a place in nature to clear your thoughts.

Aquarius…   Week of September 19th 2016
You may have a day or two of physical irritation on some part of your body but just know that you are being summoned by master teachers, guides and your higher self to take a rest and allow the dust to settle.

It seems that a lot of energy has been shaken up and I keep seeing this vision of you staring at a fish in a small fish bowl. Mesmerized by this.

This is like a meditation for you.  Fish life is simple and constant, he only requires water and food. Focusing on this type of existence for a couple days might be very valuable to you and give your mind and spirit time to recall the primal basics of life.

I am hearing from the Collective that this is a type of clearing for you and an opportunity to completely reset you entire system.

Pisces…   Week of September 19th 2016
You may be involved it a relationship which could be personal, business, financial, professional or family that feels like you have done this all before or that agreements have been made that keeps you in this cycle.

I am being told that you have the opportunity to change the terms or release yourself from this situation. You know when Master Jesus healed people and said: “Sin no more?” Well you have the opportunity to change the terms of this should contract and not repeat it.

The choice as always is yours to make but make sure and be aware that to be completely effective, you need to be sure that you will not make the same mistakes again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of September 12, 2016

Hi There,
 It seemed as if this week-end was an experience of intense energies and for those of us who are Empaths it may have been even more difficult. I had a booth at a fair and in the middle of it I lost my voice and I had to walk away from my booth early.

Even with all of my vitamins, oils, protection prayers, crystals, affirmations and calling in my Ascended Masters and Angels, I was depleted. Perhaps the Mercury retrograde and being in the middle of 3 eclipses added to the clashing energies. Having 5 planets in Virgo may have some effect on it also. But I don’t think that I was the only one experiencing a difficult week-end.

 I usually attract clients who are interested in empowering themselves and exploring their gifts but there were some there that weren’t interested in empowerment or spiritual growth. I am a good Intuitive and I believe it is my calling to empower and guide people in tapping into their own spiritual gifts and moving blocks that will feed the flow of creative energy.

 Perhaps collectively, all of us should start paying more attention to the voice within and making regular assessments to check in with our bodies, higher self and emotions on a daily basis before we help others. This is generally a rule that we all forget from time to time. There is no guarantee that this is a perfect solution but it is a start. We also need to keep our intentions and Ego in check. Maybe I wasn't listening to the real reason that I was called to be there.

I believe we are all going through huge shifts and changes and our bodies and emotions are responding in unusual and sometimes uncomfortable ways. We can all be supporting and loving to each other but in the long run we need to be loving and supporting to ourselves.

Love Yourself!

Here are the MerlinScopes! Enjoy!

Merlin Scopes for the week of September 12th 2016 by Kay

Aries…   First week of September 12th 2016
This is a good time to put some of your plans on hold and wait until you have gotten a bit more information before going forward.

It has something to do with the pulse of the universe. I know this may sound odd but spend some time in meditation. I am not talking about long meditations, just long enough to listen to your own pulse and listen or feel the Universal pulse so you can set your intention to be in rhythm with the One.

Taurus…   First week of September 12th 2016
Your thoughts may be on financial wealth this week. This is a great week to align your energy with the Divine vibration of prosperity. This may require aligning your intentions with a higher purpose. Ask your angels for assistance with this. Have you been focusing on someone elses drama rather than your own well-being? Too many cooks in the kitchen! Step back and let the master chef take care of the perfect meal.

Gemini…   First week of September 12th 2016
Try not to create more problems in your life that you really have. Take care with words and thoughts concerning your financial and physical condition. You might create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

 Be cognizant of the direction of your thoughts. You might experience mood swings so don’t allow the highs or lows to dictate any important actions or decisions that could affect the flow of things in your future. Only share your feelings with close friends. This is not a good time to act on anything big. It could back fire.

Cancer…   First week of September 12th 2016
Pay attention to those whom you get involved with. It might be time for you to step back and let the pieces fall where they may. Step back and use some discernment. Your intentions may be the best but you could be just adding fuel to the fire.

Take a vacation from drama and control and release all things to God.

Leo…   First week of September 12th 2016
I keep hearing that old Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” But you get what you need. You might be spending a lot of time in your head trying to work things out for yourself or others.

There are some things that remain hidden because you are not ready to see them just yet. Perhaps you haven’t asked the right questions or right people. Try not to fall into that need to be right all of the time. It won’t serve you in the long run and there may be something to learn by holding your opinion and seeing how the truth looks from where someone else sits.

Virgo…   First week of September 12th 2016
Don’t let situations or current circumstances affect your self-esteem or opinion of yourself. That is only Ego trying to pull you into places where you don't belong. Do you really want to be what other folks want you to be? Feeling like you don't fit in with the cool kids? Well, you never were and that's what makes you so unique. Just be… Don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t make any big decisions right now. Some things may not be what you expected. Disappointment may actually be a Divine intervention and a wake-up call. Keeping your integrity rooted in who you are and in your personal gifts of spirit is most important

Libra…   First week of September 12th 2016
Allow yourself receive in all shapes and ways. This could be in the form of compliments, financial, emotional support or sincere appreciation for things that you have done. Know that your acts of kindness do not go un-noticed and they stretch far and wide. Being grateful brings gratitude back to you.

Scorpio…   First week of September 12th 2016
Are you ready for a shift? An energetic shift may be working its way into you auric fields and effecting your physical body. It seems to have a bit of an effect on your nervous system. Watch the caffeine and sugar.

  Some more invitations could be coming this week so be prepared to share some of your time in the weeks to come. Poor Scorpio, sometimes you always look like the cat who just ate the canary even when you have done nothing at all. Fortunately as soon as you start up a conversation folks realize how warm friendly you really are and you settle right into the fold.

Sagittarius…   First week of September 12th 2016
Take a minute or two to adjust to the changes that are developing in your life. Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow and keep your mind on today. Embrace this time of nothingness. The wheels are turning even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Time to shift your thoughts to more positive outcomes and ideas of change as being healthy and prosperous and accepting the promise of things to come.

Capricorn…   First week of September 12th 2016
Don’t push yourself or try to find easier ways to get things done that are not tried and true. Respect the rhythms of your body and spirit. When your body asks you to slow down and rest then do so. You might disappoint a couple people but you really need to respect what your inner voice and body is saying. Boundaries are in order.

Aquarius…   First week of September 12th 2016
Call in your angelic teams for assistance this week. They will help you get the information that you need to form a perfect answer to a situation that has become a cornerstone of your relatively intellectual, witty wisdom that you have gathered through self-examination and experience.

Pisces…   First week of September 12th 2016
All may not be as it seems in some areas of your life. This might pertain to an individual that you have let into your personal life. Look for small things that will give you more insight to this situation.

 You might wonder if you really know this person at all. Chances are, there are some things going on and you may or may not be able to help. Do keep your eye on the ball. Co-dependency doesn’t look good on you.

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