Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Merlin Chronicles By Kay August 2017

Merlin Chronicles and MerlinScopes for August 2017

We sure are living in interesting times. I have probably said that to you before. We will be experiencing two eclipses this month. One will be on Monday, August 7th which will be a partial lunar eclipse and then a total solar eclipse on August 21st. You can find tons of articles on the internet about this.

 I am not an astrologer so I will leave that to the experts like my friends and co-workers on 12radio. I found an interesting article by Allison Rae here is the link

I also recommend listening to Mark Husson's and CA Brooks Simpletales show on www.12radio.I know that they covered some of information and possibilities on their shows this week. You can go into the archives. I am sure that as the Total Eclipse gets closer, they will have more to say about this.

I avoid prophesying and focus most of my gifts from spirit on helping individuals and groups with readings that expand their consciousness, healing and giving messages that your guides and teachers, the Divine wants to help you with.

Your message from  Spirit today is this. " Please know that all of your prayers are heard and the Divine sees your struggles. Center yourself, go inside your heart and find that place of peace where you will be nurtured and enlightened on all things."

I will be leading a Merlin Meditation and Channeling on August 21st at 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain time on  12 Academy. It is a teleconference. I am excited to see what the Divine has to tell us. Everyone gets a channeled message! it is only $29

 You can go to this link to register.or go and look under all classes.

Should you live in the Denver area I will have a Merlin Meditation and Channeling in person on August 26th. go to this link for details.

I will also be doing a channeling and a How to Channel class in Littleton at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. A wonderful place to teach! I will give you more details next month.


Enjoy the Merlinscopes for August!

Merlin Scopes   by Kay    August   2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

Don’t allow other things to distract you from your main purpose this month. Set your goals and stick to them as much as possible. If you find yourself thinking about totally unrelated things such as what this person said or how you handled another situation; know this is your ego trying to redirect you. Pull back to center and refocus.

Let go of things unrelated to the issue at hand.This four week period has the potential to be life altering, and your conscious mind may want to cling to things that would keep you in the past. Go deeper into your unconscious and align yourself with the gifts of strength and passion. Make time for meditation.

It might be wise to seclude yourself while working on a project and not share the details until you are ready. Well meaning friends or family may bring up doubts and fears that could slow down your progress.

You may entertain the idea of starting an art project or something you can infuse all of your passion into. This could be something amazing. Done correctly you can express feelings of anger, resentment, and disappointment with out saying a word; that is unless you put it into poetry or in a song.

In my inner vision, this almost looks like a sculpture; and I see you smashing it after completion. Doing something similar or representative of this releasing ritual may create space to pull you back on task.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary would like to assist by carrying the heaviness in your heart and would like to know if you are willing to receive your God given grace?

Your Animal Guide
Owl has stepped forward to assist you in remaining strong in your vision and truth. She will watch out for anything coming your way that you may want to avoid.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will clear your chakras and increase your ability to attune with the Divine.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

I keep hearing that old song “Love the One You're With.” That can relate to many different situations in your life, depending on what is going on right now. This is about making the best of a situation at hand. Don’t get lost in the past. Release old alliances and vows to those people, behaviors, and ways of thinking that no longer define who you have become.
It doesn't mean you should ignore the things you learned in the past. You are being reminded to take those lessons seriously and be aware of any “red flags” that might capture your attention in new circumstances. Be aware of gut feelings, intuition, and feelings of Déjà vu.

Be aware you might need to take some responsibility for things that may not be working as well as you would like. The good news is that you have the ability to change them. It all starts with changing yourself, and all things will follow. This is a time to focus on yourself so “Love the One You're With” is you. Love yourself and your life as it is right now, today. Gratitude will release the flow of wonderful things to come!

Your Light Being
Hindu Goddess Kali has stepped forward to assist you in facing your self-made curses and obstacles. She liberates the illusions of the ego.

Your Animal Guide
Butterfly has come forward to help you recognize all of the beauty that is within you and your life.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Peridot is very protective. It will light up your heart chakra and release what no longer serves you.

 Gemini…   Overview for the Month of August 2017
Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into accepting anything less than what is in line with your highest good. August seems to be a time of releasing old patterns for many it seems.The Universe is offering an opportunity to clear a path to a higher love. Real love.

I see a vision of you looking at a reflection of yourself, and I am told that this is in the sacred pool at Avalon. Your reflection and the song of your soul creates a ripple that causes the Lady of the Lake to respond by raising her arm from the center of the lake. Clutched in her hand is Excaliber. She offers you this magical opportunity to use this mighty sword to cut away all memories, expectations, wounds and emotional cords that were created in this life and others.

She urges you to take Excaliber into your meditations and remove any and all dishonorable energy that has haunted your ability to create a sacred space of self-love.
Visit the pool of Avalon often and pay attention to what you see, and listen to your words and feelings of judgment. Is it kind? Is it loving? You will learn that how you love yourself is a reflection of how others will love you. Put yourself on a pedestal!

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Lake of course. She invites you to seek wisdom in meditation in the middle of her lake. There is a portal there that will assist you in a deeper state of consciousness where you will receive love, joy, and healing.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Bengal Tiger stepped out of the forest to meet you. They are shy and elusive by nature. She will assist you in many ways if you call on her.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Malachite will ground positive and negative energy into the earth. Handle your thoughts carefully when wearing or using this stone

 Cancer…   Overview for the Month of August 2017
Some things are indeed a bit murky, and the vision of what will come in the future may be beyond your sight and intuition. In fact, it may keep you guessing and wondering about the validity of your intuitive senses. These are the most powerful times in soul growth. Many things depend on how you handle yourself so it would be advisable to live your life as if you are living in a glass house. Integrity and honesty with yourself and others is key.
Trust that your actions and the will of universe merit a positive outcome.

I see you delegating some duties, and this is to your advantage. Although you may struggle with letting someone else behind the wheel, it has the potential to free you up to do some other interesting things that your heart desires, and a rest that your soul needs.

With this gift also comes with a reminder in being resourceful and conscious of sharing sensitive information with only those who are trustworthy.
In the long run, I believe that previous hard work and luck will reveal some just rewards exactly when you need it.

Your Light Being
Lakshmi is here to remind you to always account for what your soul gathers. Who taught you the most valuable lessons in this life? Use wisdom and kindness, and you will be rewarded in meaningful ways.

Your Animal Guide
A Horse is stepping forward to assist you on your journey. Take care of your physical body as you will need strength to support you. Also, choose those around you that are supportive and strong in faith.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone will help you with intuition especially if you are beginning something new.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of August 2017
I see a vision of you in a small sail boat in a cove that is an inlet to the sea. You are making an effort to secure the vessel, so it is sea worthy by moving things this way and that way. You may even consider leaving some things on the shore so you will have the balance to support your journey.

August is a time of creating your own personal vehicle. Perhaps you are starting a new venture in business or your personal life. The fact it is on water tells me there are a lot of emotional attachments lying beneath the surface.

The most important thing to remember is you are being divinely guided in how to make your ship worthy of the weather and currents in a big ocean. You cannot control the weather or the ocean, but you can prepare yourself for natural and extraordinary events that may occur.
You are being urged to take a look at anything that needs to be balanced or corrected. Physically, cognitively and emotionally.

We all need an ego; if we didn’t have one we would just be a world full of jelly fish. My apologies to jelly fish, if they do have them. Using our ego to help us become the best version of ourselves is productive. This is a challenge for all of us. Perhaps you might consider changing the way you see the world around you and within. The possibilities are limitless, and so are you.

Your Light Being
Merlin has stepped up to assist you in making big changes in consciousness, and he may even bring a surprise or two your way. Having fun and participating in celebrations can be very productive.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Flamingo has stepped forward to help you deal with your emotional baggage. Releasing it a little at a time is better than a big blow out.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chrysanthemum Stone is good for emotional balancing and dispelling character flaws.

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

Helping others elevate their positions will help elevate yours. It is the universal spiritual law that pushes you onward and upward when you bring others in to expand the space where you have experience and knowledge. Knowing there is room for everyone is liberating.
You may be teaching, or counseling others. You may not even know you are doing this. Perhaps you are just filling the role as a good friend, a mother, father or sister. The Universe is listening; this may create a place of advancement or expansion in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

You may find yourself involved in creative projects. You have gotten the message it is time to expand in one way or another. Pay attention to the manner in which you express your needs and what your expectations are. If needed, bounce ideas off of a friend or a professional before putting them in front of your audience. Be willing to listen to what they are saying.

Listen to messages received in meditation from your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides. No matter what the opinion of others may be, move your ego to the side, go inward and listen carefully to the messages you are receiving.

Your Light Being
Melchizedek is stepping forward to assist you by offering initiations to give you a helping hand when you need it the most. Call on him. Seek new opportunity and state that you are ready.

Your Animal Guide
Firefly or Lightning Bug flies forward to assist in illumination of your heart and sparking your passion.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will help you ground and align your energy. It will also assist you in locating places in your body and emotional field that need your attention and healing work.

 Libra…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

You might find yourself needing to adjust your schedule one or more times this month. Having the freedom and ability to change your activities and course of action will work in your favor.

Planning activities with others can be problematic in some ways, but you always seem to find a way of working through them. Community efforts can be fun and rewarding. I see you being inspired by a high minded group or a higher purpose. Enjoy this lovely energy that will stay with you long after the event or encounter has passed. A little bit of this energy will remain within your heart forever.

.Reaching out to someone who needs your assistance is a way of showing your gratitude for all of the wonderful things and people in your life.

You might find yourself waking up early in the mornings, perhaps at the crack of dawn. Try not to mull over things from the past that you are unable to change. Go through your gratitude list. Look how far you’ve come! You might also find creative solutions by spending some quiet time listening to spirit. Journal!

Your Light Being
Babaji is stepping forward to assist you as you have requested the type of assistance in which he is very familiar. He wants you to know your intentions and prayers are always heard and held in high regard.

Your Animal Guide
A Whippoorwill steps forward and offers to assist you in your communication with spirit. Pay close attention to natural changes in the rhythms of the seasons around you. Listen to the words and sounds of spirit in the wind and in the early morning songs of the birds.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite will connect you with the light grid and the experience of oneness. It will help protect your aura and bring peace into your environment.

 Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of August 2017
It might be beneficial for you to do some checks and balances in the areas of your physical as well as your financial health.The two of these are closely linked. The power of your thoughts about your physical well-being will be reflected in your financial health.

Spend some time doing things to support your physical body and this could open up new channels of prosperity and abundance. You might go for a walk every day, make changes in your eating habits, or start doing yoga. Maybe just make changes in your appearance such as hair or dress. If you spend most of your days in sweats, this will reflect in the way you think about and present yourself.

You may find yourself becoming a bit irritable, and perhaps this could be a good time to pull back from some of the people you associate with on a regular basis. Go inward and start searching for what you truly want in your life. Rekindle your passion and your purpose. After you regroup, you might be in a better space to socialize again.

I see a vision of you dog-paddling upstream and expending a lot of energy. Sometimes it’s just easier to roll over onto your back and allow the buoyancy of the water to carry you to the shore instead of struggling using ineffective methods; relax and allow Spirit to guide you.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is stepping forward to support you in this period. Ask for guidance concerning the truth in the power of thought and how this can improve your life.

Your Animal Guide
An adorable little Chick has shown up to remind you to stay heart centered. Get out of your head.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue-green Obsidian will help you get to the bottom of any problems. It will also open your third eye.

 Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

There may be an opportunity you have desired for some time in the offering. It is the combination of desire and purpose that creates relationships that serve the greater good of all concerned. Good fortune and material prosperity are made possible with this kind of partnership.

Consider making your needs clear so you will avoid any accidents or misunderstandings when communicating with others. People can’t always read your mind.

There seems to be a lot of buzz in the air that concerns you so it would be best for you to keep yourself up to date on events and in the loop. Pay attention to those intuitive hits and listen carefully.

Make a list of things you would like to accomplish. Start with the small things and graduate to the big things later on. The small details will build on a solid foundation. You might think of this as your spiritual business plan.

Your Light Being
I smelled roses and I was guided to Saint Teresa as your Light Being this month. My friend Elizabeth Lindsay talked about her on her radio show “Angel With an Edge”.  I double checked with the Little Flower, and she assured me she is your Light this month. Call on her. She has great compassion.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful little Finch got my attention and would like to share his energy with you. He is naturally joyful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Diamonds are pure and powerfully protective.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

There seems to be a lot of focus on finances. Sometimes you press a little bit too hard and expect everything to happen at once. Remind yourself this is a process. Especially when you are asking spirit for help. Prayers seem to be answered in Spirit time rather than what we consider time to be.

Research the Universal rules of abundance.  Be open to new opportunities and ways of receiving. Sometimes you get so focused on this as a problem that you actually might be pushing away new possibilities.

Don’t be focused on this as a problem or on how you want it to happen.  Open yourself up to allowing this to happen and trust that you are loved and cherished by the Divine. Claim your heritage as a child of God and get out of your own way.

I see you choosing to have a bit of fun and put some of the things that are weighing you down on the bottom of the list. This is perfect and exactly what you need to refresh your energy and capture some new ideas. I see you running free with the wind in your hair!

Your Light Being
Lady Portia is coming forward to help you clear some lower energies that may be blocking your highest good.

Your Animal Guide
An Eagle is available to support you in seeing the bigger picture from higher places.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone will increase your intuition and help set new intentions.

 Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

Let your heart not be heavy. Some situations and old relationships may be coming up to pay you a visit. You always have the opportunity of recognizing these feelings and thanking them for being part of your experience in this life and releasing them.

The highest order of recognition is in having gratitude for being chosen to live in this world. Playing in the material world is a gift, but it does come with its challenges and price to pay.
Make room for changes and new experiences. Sometimes, starting a new relationship or a new way of living can be difficult. Perhaps some of the experiences of the past may be coming forth to remind you of lessons you would rather not repeat. You can use this as a guide for making different choices in the present and future.

Go into your heart center and focus on the beauty and excitement of one of the new experience that you entertained and welcomed in the past. Rekindle those feelings and consider the possibilities!

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is stepping forward to help you transmute old energy to productive and exciting opportunities.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Mallard Duck has come forward to remind you to stay in the present and enjoy the opportunities that are within reach.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Lace Agate will bring you peace and stimulate your throat chakra that will help you release any old blocked emotions in this area.

 Pisces…   Overview for the Month of August 2017

There may be a circumstance that is unavoidable and out of your control. I see a vision of you hanging on a limb of a tree at the river’s edge. The current will surely pull you away if you let go, so you hang on even tighter. I see you looking over your shoulder, and you would like to cross the river, but you dare not try to swim, and you don’t know what is downstream.
There could be a place that is easier to cross. You seem to be in a position where you will need to trust, let go and see where the river takes you. If you do choose to let go; I see you making it around the bend to a place that is more hospitable and perhaps, you won’t even need to cross the river to get what you want.

All in all, this is a big moment for you. You have the opportunity to earn a great amount of good karma.There may be some difficult situations, but I see your energy ascending and growing taller and taller as plans unravel and the Divine starts weaving a new fabric. I see a reflection and the vastness of the Universe in your eyes. This has the probability of becoming a moment of great realization and spiritual growth.

I keep seeing the Wheel of Fortune card. Karma, destiny, good luck, bad luck; it all depends on the choices you make. In this case, I am being told to go with the flow of the river. After all, you are the fish.

Your Light Being
I see Queen Elizabeth stepping forward in her amazing style and fashion. Her dress is woven in gold, crimson and blue. She recreated herself in a big way. So can you.

Your Animal Guide
Owl holds great wisdom and ancient knowledge. She will give you the ability to see through the night when you have to chose which direction to walk.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hematite will keep you grounded and help you in making crucial decisions.

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