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Merlin Chronicles by Kay December 2018

Merlin Chronicles                                              by  Kay December 2018
I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to do the November 2018 addition but my sister’s illness escalated, and the finally found out what the problem was. We made three trips to the E.R. in the past couple of months, and they would release her after a few days and plan more tests. They finally diagnosed her with small cell lung cancer on October 17th, and she passed away on the 21st.
This was a difficult time for me as she was my only sibling and we had been sharing a house for more than 20 years. I do miss her terribly. I think about her, probably 100 times a day. She has dropped by to give me messages, and I feel her presence often. I still have her dog Gaia here to keep me company. It seems like many of us have had to endure losses this year in many different ways. We have to remember not to lose ourselves in the process. Understanding that as difficult as it may be; this is an opportunity to make ourselves better human beings.

2018 has been a wild ride, and I for one will be happy to put it behind me and move forward into a new year. I am also moving into a new life for myself. The November mercury retrograde has been challenging to navigate. It seems like whatever could go sideways did.
I have been expanding my Mediumship and offering private Mediumship readings at First Spiritual Science Church in Denver donating all proceeds to the church.

If you would like to schedule a reading or Mediumship session with me, you can visit my website and fill out a form. I will promptly get back with you.
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Here are the Merlin Scopes for December 2018

Merlin Scopes for December 2018

Aries Overview for December 2018 
You might find your mind drifting back into places that no longer support who you have become. Pull your focus into the present when you find yourself reliving old situations, relationships and ways of thinking that don’t offer loving and positive solutions to current circumstances.

We do learn from our past mistakes, but we don’t need to carry them around like a heavy burden that we are saddled with for a lifetime. The message I am getting for you relates to loosening your hold on the past so you can move forward. Don’t let fear of losing what you have stop you from moving forward.

Your intuition is strong right now, and your connection with the Divine is right on target. Stop second guessing yourself and trust your relationship with your Higher Self. There is a plethora of wisdom gathered there to assist you in all matters. You may find yourself doubting your inner voice. In this case, return your thoughts and inner vision to your heart and bring yourself back to center. Focus on a positive experience when your hunches or intuition paid off in a big way. Recall how that felt.

Your Light Being
Sir Galahad was the purest of the pure of the Knights of the Round Table. He found the Holy Grail and offers to share the wisdom with you. Find Sir Galahad within and step into your strength and highest qualities.

Your Animal Guide
A Donkey has offered to assist you this month. He is strong and persevering in his ability to capture the hearts of those who appreciate his strength and beauty.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Emerald is a beautiful stone that will bring prosperity and healing.

 Taurus Overview for December 2018 
Something unexpected might come up this month. Resisting this change will only delay the inevitable. I see you flipping a coin as you decide which way to proceed. Trust your intuition and let yourself be in harmony with your higher self. Know that the choice you make will be correct.

If you are waiting for some news in the form of a phone call, a letter or email, release any anticipation as I am hearing from the Collective that some things take time to process. Relax and trust Universal timing. Whatever is meant for you will come.

Sometimes it is better to rely on yourself when it comes to business. Choose your associations carefully. If something doesn’t feel quite right or doesn’t ring true, then pull back from a situation. Freedom is a key word for you through this process. Too many players can make things more complicated than need be.

Healthy boundaries are critical at this time, in all areas of your life. You may have empathy for another person, but in truth, you may be enabling or holding someone back from learning valuable lessons that have been years in the making.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is accepting an invitation from your soul to assist you in correcting any negative energies or relationships that you may have been holding that are impeding your highest good. He will transmute this energy to a higher frequency.

Your Animal Guide
A Lioness has stepped forward to assist you in clearing your energy field. She says that sometimes you overthink so many things. Keep it simple and basic.  She acts accordingly through what is primal and necessary for the survival of herself and her pride
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Datolite will help assist in problem-solving. It will also connect you to your Third Eye and Akashic record retrieval which will spark your remembrance.

Gemini Overview for December 2018 
You have a great deal of imagination that can be transferred into creativity this month. Look for new opportunities or ways to tap into a market or idea that no one else has thought about exploring. It may be subtle, yet right in front of your face. Music or art may help bring your inspiration from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

Don’t waste any time thinking about what the future brings. Stand in the present so your busy mind won’t block you from receiving this beautiful, creative flow that I see coming in through your Crown Chakra.  Start each morning with a clean slate emotionally and mentally. You can visualize a blackboard and an eraser that you use at the beginning of each day.

Relationships can be hugely fulfilling this month. Remember that you are an individual in a relationship with another individual. You may be tempted to become emerged in another's world taking on their attributes and ways of thinking. Be the beautiful person that you are with all of your qualities and complications.

Your Light Being
Madame H.P. Blavatsky steps up to remind you that you are unique and a little “out of the box” just like she is. A pioneer in metaphysics. Touch base with her spirit of adventure. She made no apologies for who she was or her beliefs.

Your Animal Guide
Hawk is flying in to bring messages that you need to hear. You don’t have to like the news, but it is something that is important and needs to be recognized.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Epidote will enhance your connection with spirit, but it can also bring to the surface some uncomfortable issues that you have been avoiding. You would benefit by clearing a path for more significant growth.

 Cancer Overview for December 2018 
Your world seems to be spinning and has been for some time. It is time to respect your sensitive nature and pull back from issues you can’t fix. Your sense of responsibility is passionate but it feels like you have been burning the candle at both ends and this can only continue for so long. Put boundaries in place and don’t entertain others who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Doing their bidding will scatter your energy.

Find your happy place and fill your spiritual well in whatever way serves you best. Talking to a trusted friend or a professional could go a long way in helping you get your feet planted back on the ground.

When you don't honor those things within that are trying to get your attention you might become a bit cranky and take it out on the wrong person. Take care of your own needs first and then share with others.

Your Light Being
Gautam Buddha quotes that  “You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.”

Your Animal Guide
A Seal is stepping forward for you at this time.  He offers to help you with the rolling sea of emotions that you may be experiencing. “Embrace the wave”, he says, and you will deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Morion Quartz will stabilize your emotions.

Leo Overview for December 2018 
I hear the words “I need to” for you. I need to do this, or I need to do that. Procrastination will only make an issue become larger and more guilt-ridden. So, if you have something that needs to be taken care of, now is the time so you can put your attention on more productive things. You are a great organizer, so put your skills to work and a plan in place.

The phrase “finding yourself in a sticky wicket” came through loud and clear. Perhaps you or someone close to you may find themselves in a situation where an opportunity is offered but the conditions aren’t quite perfect, or there may be the possibility of failure due to to the circumstances or being unprepared. You will have to make a decision. You don't know unless you try.

Don’t feel like you have to know everything. It is OK to admit that you don’t have all of the information or experience to put your hat in the ring. Something that will help you in the future may come out of it even if it is not exactly what you want.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is stepping forward to give you the confidence to accept all possibilities. Support yourself as much as you do others. Know that there is a space of unconditional love that is available to you. Tap into it!

Your Animal Guide
A Rooster is stepping forward to assist you in all things related to good luck and pursuing your dreams.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fulgarite will help you manifest your dreams.

Virgo Overview for December 2018 
Pay attention to signs and omens. Slow down and focus, step back and re-evaluate all situations. You have so much going on right now. Also, pay attention to any Déjà vu moments when you feel a little spacy. You know, those times when you feel like “I have been here or done this or met this person before”. That is your higher self, tapping into Akashic records giving you a subtle hint. Ask your guides and angels for confirmation on the most beneficial way to handle the situation. One thing to keep in mind is that if it didn’t work last time, you may want to re-consider repeating the past.

You have the opportunity to break cycles and behaviors that don’t serve you. Look deep within and decide what stays and what goes. You must take responsibility for situations that you have created and take measures to change them. The Universe has so much to give you, but as long as you continue to repeat these cycles, you may be blocking your highest good. A change in your attitude about these things is key to understanding the easiest way to let go. Consider surrendering as being beautiful freedom that you have desired for a long time.

Life may feel complicated at this time. Try to keep everything as simple as possible. Don’t take on too many projects.  Allow yourself some time to catch your breath. Stay on top of any legal or financial situations.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is supporting you this month with her loving kindness. She asks you not to be so hard on yourself. Make your connection with her in Meditation. See the rose red color surrounding you.

Your Animal Guide
A Horse comes to support you. Connect to horse energy to free you from overwhelming emotions and situations. Call on him to assist you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Avalonite will connect your emotions, mental awareness, and ancient spiritual wisdom. It brings practical solutions to real life problems.

 Libra Overview for December 2018 
You are in a beautiful cycle that promises many benefits of your participation in group energy.  You don’t necessarily have to join a group if this isn’t what speaks to you, but entertain the idea of spending time with groups of like-minded people and with those with whom you share a kinship bond or desire. Perhaps it could be strangers or friends and family. Having fun and enjoying group energy will not only help you, but it will also help the planet. Anytime there are positive emotions amplified by group energy it creates a cosmic wave that is felt by many others.

Speaking of all things cosmic; I heard the words “cosmic consciousness” when I asked for your message today. There could be a moment of absolute clarity available for you to access through meditation or music. A change in awareness may be what you have been waiting for, and this moment in time is a rare and powerful gift!

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is offering unconditional love and support for you. Healing vibrations are surrounding you and those who are drawn to you right now. You are a channel for her peace and love. Don't be surprised if animals are attracted to you at this time.

Your Animal Guide
A cute little Barn Owl is offering support and protection this month. Something is about to be revealed.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
 Calcite Fairy Stone will help you in channeling and give you a positive attitude.

Scorpio Overview for December 2018 
Eyes are on you this month as you are in the spotlight and perhaps serving as a mentor or leader. You can’t expect people to do as you say and not as you do. Remember to channel your highest love when dealing with difficult situations. Kindness and integrity are paramount.

Use the energy from the Divine rather than your own. You may have a feeling of responsibility to control and provide for everyone forgetting that there is an all-powerful ally that is always available to assist you. Save your energy and use it sparingly or you may experience burnout. Delegate whenever possible. The Universe will provide those who will help you.

Manifestation can be tricky. You can ask the universe to align you with the highest good to serve yourself and others. By doing this, you will open channels of great importance that will validate who you are and the path that has been laid out before you. Synchronicity and joy are what I am feeling about this process. I see pieces of a puzzle floating in the air and all of the parts coming together by a hand of an unseen force.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha will remove any obstacles that have blocked your path. Some of these may be self-made. Surrender.

Your Animal Guide
A lovely Mallard Duck has come forward to assist you in matters of traveling between this world and that of the spirit world.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Molybdenite is a healing stone that will help you accept yourself and all of your imperfections.

 Sagittarius Overview for December 2018 
Happy Birthday, Sag! You may find yourself feeling a bit exhausted. Your body, mind, and spirit are asking you to be a bit more forgiving of yourself. Use this time to review the past year and all you have accomplished. Give credit where credit is due. Sometimes you push yourself forward in ways that are not conducive to your well being.

Look at your reasons for pushing your self to the max. Are you doing this out of a desire to fulfill your joy or to prove a point? There is no right or wrong way, but be clear with your intentions. I guess sometimes you need to be put in an uncomfortable position to help you achieve new goals and tap into your creativity. That being said, perhaps being grateful to who or whatever makes you feel like you need to create change and a new balance in your life will be worth your while.

When offered, take the easy way for a change. Seriously, it is ok to accept that helping hand. Perhaps it is a karmic boost that you provided for someone else or will in the future.  There is no right or wrong way as long as you reach your destination. I also see that a partnership of some kind could be beneficial for you.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain would like to help you with his violet light to transmute some of the things that seemed impossible to achieve. He will help you see the mountains that may seem daunting and blocking your path, as tiny speed bumps that are in front of you to help you slow down and notice any oncoming traffic. When the mountain feels too big, call on him.

Your Animal Guide
A Goose has stepped forward to assist you in creative projects. Call on him when you need some good fortune.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cassiterite will help you understand and work with the cycles and seasons in your life.

Capricorn Overview for December 2018 
Your intuition and divine guidance are right on target this month. You combine your intuitive hunches with your experience and wisdom in moving forward to new adventures and relationships.

The month seems to be shaping up in your favor. Choices are made, and in any case, it looks like you will create your path and success. You will have the will and energy to achieve a lot at this time.

The only caution is to avoid letting that old story get in the way of your happiness. You may have to sit quietly and go inward to retrieve the part of you that clings to the old ways before you are ready to release it. Get your ego out of the driver's seat and trust the process.
You may be anticipating a move. This might include your residence and/or your work.  The message I get for you is to cherish where you have been, but don’t look back with regret. You are divinely guided and prepared with the insight and courage that you need to make the changes you desire. All is well.

Your Light Being
Chamuel is available to help create divine love and joy in every part of your life. Listen for a soft loving voice and the color pink. You have reached a new level in working with your Divine purpose. Expect new teachers and guides to show up in your life.

Your Animal Guide
I see a Blackbird on a branch singing with its entire being. Take delight in whatever you are working on right now. As you radiate joy; joy will be attracted to your song

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lepidolite will help support you in doing the work that your soul has come into this physical form to complete

Aquarius Overview for December 2018 
Keep your cool. There seems to be a lot of free-flowing anxiety out here so be sure to clear your energy a few times a day, especially when you find yourself feeling anxious or defensive. Pull yourself back to center and ground. You will re-align yourself with the Dragon Lines or what is known by many as the Ley Lines. I am being told by the  Elementals that there is some wonky energy that needs to be deciphered coming through the lines and affecting people in unusual ways. Your group seems to be more susceptible to feeling this turbulence.

Patience is essential at this time. Although you may want what you want right now, the universe may be reacting in ways that seem a bit different than what you usually experience. I am seeing what looks like a re-calibration taking place.

Try to relax and go with the flow. Swimming up-stream is exhausting. Become part of the current, and you will find a more peaceful and prosperous experience. You might feel a bit hungrier this month. Having a little taste of everything is ok
Your Light Being
Lord Metatron is overseeing your progress this month. He says there is a lot to be learned by watching others and connecting with groups other than those who usually attract your attention.

Your Animal Guide
A Leopard has agreed to join you this month. He will help by revealing dreams and subconscious hints. Get out in nature and make time for meditation and reflection.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dream Quartz will bring peace and lucid dreams.

 Pisces Overview for December 2018 
Trust your body. When you are feeling tired or like you are about to come down with a cold, know that you are receiving a message from your inner guidance to honor your rhythms and allow time for relaxation and recovery. I know that you have a lot of great ideas and plans, but you are being cautioned to remember that your body and spirit need time to recover.
Perhaps you have been working a lot of over-time or feeling “on fire” with a new creative project. Don’t push or force or you may get burned out and set your plans back. Take small steps and allow yourself the time to see the progress as it unfolds.

Dreams seem to be important this month. I see those who have passed on making a connection with you especially when you are dreaming. Try to keep a pen and paper by your bed so you can write down what you experience before you forget the dream.

You might receive some disturbing news that you didn’t expect about someone you know. Life is full of surprises, and you might find yourself saying: “I didn’t see that one coming!”

Your Light Being
Albert Einstien has been hanging around the entire time that I have been writing the scopes this month and insists on being heard. Remember, every action creates a reaction that must be accounted for in one way or the other. Don’t become emotionally involved with things or people you can’t fix. Become the observer, the Scientist, and the researcher.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful singing Canary perches on a branch and asks you to come closer so you can listen to her song. Her voice brings healing of emotional issues that are deeply seated. Connect with her and let the healing begin so you can make room for the new year with a fresh perspective.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Ocean Orbicular Jasper is a healing stone that will help emotional issues come to the surface for healing and acceptance.

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Merlin Chronicles by Kay October 2018

Merlin Chronicles October 2018
We all go through difficult times in our lives, and I am dealing with one now. My sister and I are very close, and she has been very ill. I have been trying to stay on top of my life while taking care of her and her dogs. I love them all, so it is a labor of love. I feel honored to be able to be here for her.

It is incredible how much help I have received from God and my spiritual team to be able to handle all of these balls that I have in the air. Just when you think that you don’t have enough energy, I ask my angels and spiritual team for help, and I get it.
She received difficult news from the Doctor and didn’t have all of the answers yet. The hardest part is waiting. We got home from the Doctors office, hugged each other and cried, and then my Virgo nature kicked in, and I started cleaning her room and everything else I could find. Other family and friends came forward in wonderful ways to remind her that she is loved and valued. t didn't heal her but she seems less depressed and more determined .

I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the Scopes this month but Saturday I sat down in from of my computer and did three days work in one. I am always reminded that no matter what is going on in my life that I am a channel for the Divine. We all are. When you need help, ask for it, and help will come.

Here are the Scopes for October 2018



Merlin Scopes for October 2018

Aries Overview for October 2018 
You may feel like you have been walking through waist-high mud when it comes to getting things done or getting new projects off the ground. There is a good reason for this. You are in a time of preparation which might look a bit like procrastination, but I would call it Ascension.

Tune into your highest self and make notes of ideas and future creations. Remember that doesn’t mean you are entirely off the hook when it comes to the mundane things that need tending to around the house. There is a difference between lacking motivation and divine timing.

Sort through things and make a list of what is absolute and needs to be done and ideas that are still in the creative stage. In your heart of hearts, you can feel the vibration of something powerful coming your way. Give thanks to the Universe and prepare to receive!

Your Light Being
Franklin D. Rosevelt just popped in with one of his quotes for you. “To reach a port, we must Sail – Sail, not tie the anchor- Sail not drift.” You can call on him anytime. He accomplished a lot during his lifetime and chose you to support this month. Reach out and perhaps study his accomplishments.

Your Animal Guide
A Meerkat has stepped up to offer his assistance this month. He may be cute and funny but don’t be fooled by this, as he is fearless and protective. He says this is an excellent time to be social and have a bit of fun. He is quickwitted and attentive. He will help make you aware of opportunities.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aegirine will help you in being your authentic self and supporting your immune system.

Taurus Overview for October 2018 
Give yourself time to look at what is really going on. Sometimes opportunities, relationships, and situations show up just in time to show you what you need in your life. Perhaps you bought into someone else's dream of the perfect place to live, relationship, or path to happiness.

You may have gotten stung by something that you thought would be a sure thing. Don’t let this experience leave you dazed and confused. There are valuable lessons to be learned. I know it would be easier if the Universe would send you a postcard instead, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Remember that you should be able to attract what you want and if you have to chase it down; it may not be what you need.

Enjoy the things that bring you comfort this month. Perhaps just hanging around the house and working on some projects that need attention. Wear comfortable clothes and relax.

Your Light Being
Lord Li Ling wants to support you this month in finding the joy in the simple pleasures in your life. The small things that sometimes are overlooked. A comfortable chair, a good night’s sleep, the birds that nest outside your window.

Your Animal Guide
 A young brown Squirrel has stepped forward and would like to bring some fun into your life. You might notice that all of the baby squirrels born during the Spring are all running about and learning to play and enjoy the fall season. They are living in the present and aware of all the wonders around them.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
According to Judith Hall, Fulgarite is formed when lightning sticks the sand. It will guide your soul home and will help with overall integration in your life.

 Gemini Overview for October 2018 
Change is inevitable! Try not to fight it. Someone might just come along and knock over the little red wagon that held all of your plans and schemes for a brighter future. Spirit knows a little bit more about what you need to fulfill the work you have come to achieve in this lifetime.

It seems the subtle and not so subtle nudges from the Divine have caught your attention, so she is taking things in her own hands. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate to others. You sometimes fear that in doing so, you will weaken your profile or even worse, be let down by those you hold a special place for in your heart. Those who deserve you will step up, and it is time that those who are not here for you to come out into the light. Especially those who have only been along for the ride when you are doing all the giving.

Don’t worry because those you release will be replaced by something or someone special and rewarding. Trusting the Divine is critical this month. Thinking that you are in control of everything, or anything for that manner, only makes the Universe laugh. Expect an unexpected gift!

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Lady Nada says she is honored to be of assistance to you this month. Expect prosperity and abundance in your life without labeling anything. Just allow the Universe to show up for you. Stop fighting your highest good. She brings the highest vibration of love. Trust.

Your Animal Guide
A big Ox is showing up for you this month to help move any attachments to those things that impede your progress. He also brings grounding energy.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Quantum Quattro is transformative activating 12-strand DNA and grounding Spiritual energy to Mother Earth.

Cancer Overview for October 2018 
Things are exactly as they seem. I hear that old saying; If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck;  it’s a duck. Don’t look for a silver lining or try to read between the lines.

Don’t be sentimental or afraid of hurting someone's feelings when it comes to the bottom line. Especially if you are dealing with anything that has to do with real estate or your home life. Perhaps you are thinking about hiring someone or bringing a roommate into your home.

. Be sure you do all of the appropriate background checks and remember that it is business.
Some changes in attitude could bring healthy changes to your life in many areas. You have remained in the same pattern for quite some time and may even feel stuck somewhere in your body. I see a vision of the place in your throat and the back of the knee. Be aware of confrontations and how your body responds.

Your Light Being
Thor, the God of Thunder, is available to help you crash through barriers in your subconsciousness that seem to be blocking your progress in some areas. When you call on him, expect earth-shaking results!

Your Animal Guide
A Marmot came forward to offer his assistance. He will help you avoid drama and bring your social life back into balance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lepidocrocite will bring clarity and intuition.

 Leo Overview for October 2018 
Let go of old beliefs, grudges, and ideas you have been hanging on to for many years. You might have a notion of what abundance or the perfect love might look like, which is only an opinion; and opinions can change. Control is a big issue for you and not easy to re-route, but it can be achieved if you pay attention. When you find yourself in that space, stop and look at it with new eyes and try a different approach.

You will notice as you are releasing these old patterns that some unusual and unexpected gifts may appear. Accept them with grace. Not everything has strings attached. Don’t try to focus on the future right now. Perhaps you are not supposed to see what is coming so you won’t trip yourself up. Stay in the present and allow some of the seeds you have planted to bring new growth.

Take a look at the people in your life. It is a perfect time to delete some of those folks from your Facebook account. What about those whom you have been faithful too that aren’t resonating to the same energy and allegiance as you. Think about cutting them loose. People pleaser that you are; you might be giving a lot of energy to those who don’t appreciate you.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is here to support you in all of your relationships including your love life. If you feel a lack in this area, she will assist you in your search for someone who connects with your soul.

Your Animal Guide
Blue Jay is coming forward to support you in attracting loyalty and endurance

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Limonite will help you ground and make you a force to be reckoned with in any battle you may have.

Virgo Overview for October 2018 
You may be called upon or perhaps you volunteered for an extra service-oriented activity this month. Do your best to make time to ground and keep yourself healthy. You tend to be all or nothing but this is a time to call on your Higher Self to create a balance so that you have the energy to perform what needs to be done.

There is a lot of activity swirling around you; some might be a bit chaotic. Visualize yourself as being in the eye of the hurricane.  You can find a bit of peace within the storm. Don’t allow yourself to be emotionally charged by the energy of another. I know this can be easier said than done but do your best to pull back from everything and only internalize that which is positive for all concerned.

Your values will be tested this month. Perhaps in a family situation or with your spiritual beliefs. Avoid that little voice that tells you that you are not strong enough or good enough or that you lack faith. You know you can get yourself into unnecessary drama and a tizzy at times.

Ask yourself what is in your heart and proceed with those values in mind. Ask your guides and angels for assistance and don’t forget to breathe.
If all else fails, do what Virgos do – clean, organize, and whatever it takes to feel grounded.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain will come forth to transmute any relationship problems into solutions. This will assist with soul growth as you can gain greater insight into your life purpose.

Your Animal Guide
A Lark stepped forward to help bring joy. They are beautiful singers and know how to connect you with the joy within.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Quartz with Ajoite is a very high vibrational stone that will heal karmic wounds and replace them with love.

Libra Overview for October 2018 
Don’t second guess yourself. You seem to be procrastinating about making a choice. Now is the time to decide. Taking responsibility is not always an easy thing, but it is something that needs to be addressed somewhere in your life. Most of the time these are just natural changes.

Sometimes it may feel like the most appropriate choice is self-centered, and you may be concerned about how it will affect others. Don’t let your indecisiveness cast a cloud over your head. It is time to choose and move on. You can’t please everyone all of the time.
Complete anything that has been left open over the past few months. You are in your birthday month, and this is a great time to get ready for a new phase in your personal and professional lives. Trust that the Universe will assist you in every way possible. I see spirit is willing to help you move forward once you have claimed your direction.

Your Light Being
Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, is honored to be a guest in your consciousness this month. He has such a beautiful vibration of healing and prophecy. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing big events before they happen!

Your Animal Guide
Crow is a bit of a trickster but has excellent communication skills and acts as a familiar for some. Ask him to find what you need to hear or see.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Celelandite is a stone for times of transformation. It will help you through these times of change to bring in a new chapter.

 Scorpio Overview for October 2018 
Your desire to get a project off and running is now possible. You may have been planning, manifesting, and working towards a particular goal and now it pays off. Don’t delay anything that needs to be put into action. You are intuitive by nature so listen to what your Higher Self is telling you. Now is the time.

Don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Things may have not always worked out as you would have liked, but remember, you have been in training and discovering your talents and gifts. Remember to keep yourself in a positive state of mind. Don’t allow your ego to decide and tell you what is and what isn’t possible. Amazing things happen every day.

Breathe in the goodness the world has to offer. Take time in nature and connect with the Earth and all of its beauty and allow it to infuse your spirit with life force energy and purpose.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is asking you to surrender to her healing light and love. Only good can come from this. She is so sweet and loving in her spirit and touch. Ask her for healing where ever she finds a need for transformation.

Your Animal Guide
Anaconda is wise and powerful. She brings healing and spiritual connection on the deepest level. She says she brings healing of the spirit, soul, and cellular level.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lilac Quartz brings emotional healing that will allow you to remember you are a powerful spiritual being.

Sagittarius Overview for October 2018 
Know that you are in the right place at the right time.  Although, you may not always feel like it. Some plans may not go as you have expected but know that you are divinely guided. There is a plan that is unfolding. Release any expectations and allow the Universe to reveal precisely what you need to know in a timely fashion. Enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

Just like good wine needs time to breathe, so do you. Find time to relax and benefit from simple pleasures like nature, friends, good food and family. You will be able to recharge your energy and be more open to suggestions from your angels, guides and teachers.

You are being gifted with the opportunity to develop your skills and are being encouraged to take advantage of this. Go out on a limb even if you feel a bit shaky. Nothing will happen if you don’t make that leap.

Your Light Being
White Buffalo Calf Woman brings greetings of raw truth and lightness of being. She has come forward to help you step into your greatness and acknowledge the power of the feminine, your intuition, and healing power.

Your Animal Guide
A Black Cat has stepped forward to assist you in taking a risk and stepping into your power.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Goethite resonates to the number 44. It is an angel number and also increases your metaphysical abilities.

Capricorn Overview for October 2018 
You are being asked to slow down and take your time. Sometimes we are so anxious to make an opportunity or a relationship happen that we forget that it doesn’t all happen in one day. There is a need for adjustment and there are issues that need to be considered. A few kinks also need to be worked out before you proceed.

Some news or developments may come about that will assist you in decision making. Make sure that you get all the facts before you jump in and say yes. Ask for signs from the angels, and if it all feels favorable, then move forward.

If you are on a healing journey, there may be some setbacks. Try to be patient and allow your body to do what it does best. Support your journey with nourishing healing thoughts and unconditional love. Listen to or play music that feeds your soul.

Your Light Being
Melchizedek is taking a big step forward to help you connect with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit contains all of the wisdom Teachings of Jesus including manifestation and healing. Don’t take his offer lightly.

Your Animal Guide
Crocodile is coming forward to help you birth a new awareness. He also tells you to consider advice from others before agreeing to do something. Err on the side of caution.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Annabergite will enhance your intuition if you place it on your third eye.
Aquarius Overview for October 2018 
Merlin tells me you have mystical influences attracting good magic in your life. You could be building new relationships and business connections based on high minded values. A beautiful combination that can bring about fantastic results not only for you but for all who are involved.

As long as your intentions are of high vibration, this could be a magical time in your life. Those of you who are writers will be able to channel some fantastic wisdom that can be shared and somehow creates community.

Try to be open-minded and versatile when hearing others’ opinions. There may be some value in what they are telling you. I see a light bulb lighting up as you receive new messages from your intuition, angels, or spirit.

Perhaps you could busy yourself with some project around the house to allow spirit to give you essential information. I find that a lot of my inspiration comes when I am cleaning the house or working in the yard

Your Light Being
Merlin is here to support you in your transformation and creating a different perspective that will bring grand results. Truth is important. Seek truth above all else.

Your Animal Guide
Mother Spider is bringing new birth to your creations as well as a new web of relationships that will serve you well.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Eudialyte will align your chakras and help you acknowledge any poor choices in the past. You will be able to gain a new perspective and realize the wisdom you received.
Pisces Overview for October 2018 
Sometimes we all struggle to make things happen and manifest to create a better life. When we get into the frame of mind that we judge ourselves for not making it happen as we would like to see it, we create the opposite of what we desire.

The message I am getting for you is to go back to square one and write a paragraph about what your motives are. Put the paper away and look at it three days later. Maybe you will write a little more or change what you have written, hopefully in pencil.
Try something new. A completely different approach to what you are trying to create. Make sure that it comes from the heart.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha will help you remove obstacles that are deep in your subconscious mind. He is also showing me the process of elimination in all areas of your life.

Your Animal Guide
Koala Bear comes forward to tell you not to underestimate yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Lazulite will bring balance and boosts your self-esteem.

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