Thursday, March 1, 2018

Merlin Chronicles for March 2018

Well, February may have been a short month but so much happened. After the School Shooting in Florida; I don’t think I will ever think about Valentine’s Day in the same way. I don’t others in this country will either.

I am very proud of the young people in this country for taking the lead in securing their safety and in shaping the safety of those children who will follow them. I see some amazing leaders coming out of this generation.
It seems as if teens have been quiet for many years. My teen years were in the Vietnam War era. We were vocal noisy and demanded change.

Look at how much they have accomplished already. You may or may not agree with the demands but you have to admit that they are creating change.

Enjoy the Merlin Scopes!


Merlin Scopes by Kay March 2018

Aries     Overview for March 2018
Don’t worry about not getting enough done. You are moving energy even if it feels like nothing is happening. It may feel like you are doing the same thing over and over and nothing is changing, but a subtle movement is what is required right now. Too much force might do more harm than good.

Be patient and allow yourself to recognize the transformative energies that have already happened in your life. Think about how you have positively affected others and spirit will give you clues and visions of some of the ways you will use your presence to help in the future.

I see your heart filled with unconditional love due to some circumstances that have happened in your life, or in the life of someone with whom you feel a kinship. Unconditional love is why we are here. You are on the right track.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is stepping forward and offering his assistance in transmuting old worn out patterns that no longer support the journey that is just over the horizon for you. Work in your heart chakra with the Violet Flame.

Your Animal Guide
Caterpillar is reminding you of the inner work that is required to earn your wings and become a butterfly.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Charolite is a transformative stone that supports inner vision and change.
Taurus   Overview for March 2018
You may feel like you are standing in the middle of quicksand, unable to move or extract yourself from a situation. In reality, you are only there by your choosing. You have everything you need to transport yourself from being in the thick of it, to standing safely on the solid, dry ground.

Perhaps you haven’t chosen a supportive group, or tend to surround yourself with people who are simply not in harmony with your goals and dreams of success.  You might want to take a moment and look at your situation from an observers point of view and not as one who is emotionally or financially involved.

You might have the opportunity to be involved in a project that involves giving of yourself in one way or another in an unconditional manner. What goes around always comes around. You are fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones involved in building a huge wave of love. Recognize this as a reward all by itself and without having an expectation of receiving something in return. This is the meaning of unconditional. 

Your Light Being
Master Jesus wants to assist you in learning the deeper meaning of cause and effect. He is helping you learn this through love and without judging yourself for what you see as your mistakes.

Your Animal Guide
Llama has stepped forward to assist you in being gentle and perceptive. Spend some time in nature breathing clean air. Volunteer with like-minded individuals.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will help bring your energy back to center.

Gemini   Overview for March 2018
Surround yourself with things and people you love. Creature comforts are important to the reunification of your emotional, physical,  spiritual and mental wellbeing. Reducing stress is all important right now so you can prepare yourself for the next level of development on your path.

Long awaited news may come from someone important in your life. Matters of the heart are playing a big role. You may feel super sensitive while watching movies or commercials. These are reminders that matters of the heart are not always for beginnings and endings; they are a beautiful constant that lives everywhere in your world, and all you need to do is look for them.

 I see a vision of you as a child skipping through a forest with a stream You are picking up plain and simple looking rocks and recognizing beautiful veins of color and shiny flickering flakes of gold and silver that you wouldn’t have noticed before.
Love life and hug yourself and others a lot this month.

Your Light Being
A Buddist Monk is walking down a dirt road in his bare feet. He is surrounded by Yellow light and is welcoming all sorts of animals to join him. Experience the basic and primal energies. Align your energy with the Tiger he tells me

Your Animal Guide
The Bengal Tiger of course. She knows how to walk alone but is capable of being social if she chooses. Create a sacred meditation room or space that belongs only to you. Prepare for new opportunities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Labradorite is magical and mystical! Wear it close to your heart.

 Cancer   Overview for March 2018
There has been a lot of letting go lately, and that doesn’t always feel good. There is always a balance in life, the good and the bad, the dark and the light, the Yin and the Yang. You have had harsh lessons in this area of late.
March is a time of mending and using gentle persuasion to create new ways of doing things and backfilling some of the losses that occurred during the winter months.

Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Don’t make any rash decisions and allow the universe to show you signs and opportunities to heal old wounds and open your heart.

Reward loyalty with the same in return. Don’t be overly impressed by fast talkers and flash. When I was a little girl, my Grandfather who was a farmer took me with him to visit one of his friends. The man gently touched my shoulder and said: “Watch out for Drugstore Cowboys.” I was about ten and thought he was just a crazy old man.

In hindsight, I now know what he meant by Drugstore Cowboys. They are the guys who dress up like real cowboys and hang out at the drugstore to impress girls. I can give you the general clich├ęs, like all that glitters is not gold and so on. The fakers and pretenders. You may be very vulnerable right now. Pay attention.

I don’t know why, but I am being told to tell you to explore the life of Grigori Rasputin. If any of you do this, I would love to hear about what you learned. Let me know! I don’t know that he is a master, but there is something there for you.

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Light has come forward to assist you in finding your way and keeping you on your path through these difficult days and nights.

Your Animal Guide
A Beautiful Buck has stepped forward. I see him drinking in a pristine creek. He is always aware of his surroundings and offers to help you become more aware of your surroundings and how to listen to messages from spirit.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Agate will help you in success in business.

Leo   Overview for March 2018
The universe supports you in any creative work you chose to do this month. Everything you do becomes a creative process in one way or another as this is your nature. Even the most mundane chores have a creative component to them in your world.

Look for something that is fun and artistic. You can be sure there are angelic beings who are taking great joy in sending you creative thoughts,  whispers, and pictures of lovely ways to liven up any project you choose. 

I see some things that are related to cooking or growing food. Perhaps some fun recipes or starting seedlings to plant in the garden later. Make sure that this is a fun project so that it doesn’t become a work project.

Be sure that you don’t spend too many hours working. If you drain your energy, it could result in a cold or perhaps a back strain. Make sure you also drink a lot of water and eat foods that support your kidney functions as well as digestion.You need time to rest and recover. Your energy is getting ready to shift with the season so prepare yourself with rest and good food.

Your Light Being
Archangel Sandalphon wishes to assist you in walking in beauty with grace and purpose. Look for all things associated with wings.

Your Animal Guide
Ostrich has come forward to offer psychic and spiritual protection so you can explore any new metaphysical modalities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite is the stone that heals the healer.
Virgo   Overview for March 2018
You might have an opportunity to get involved with a new group. I see the possibility of a community that seems in harmony with your interest and beliefs. After a long stretch of boredom, you may finally feel inspired and anxious to become a working part of this association.

There may be some changes or shifts in employment or in the way you earn your money, or there could be changes in a course of action that looks promising. You can always change your mind. New information may come forward that gives you a new perspective. Whatever the change, know that it will be in your highest good.

It is time to start being compensated for what you are worth. You must decide what your time and energy are worth; not only in work but also in relationships. If you are feeling uninspired, apathetic or unappreciated, it is time to step up and demand more. You don’t need to do this aggressively or make excuses.  Also, remember that this works both ways. You need to give others their due to keep the balance.

Your Light Being
Goddess Fortuna is standing before you this month. She turns the wheel of fortune reminding you that if things don’t go in a positive direction right now that this too will pass and better times will come around again bringing you good fortune. It is all in balance. Stay the course.

Your Animal Guide
Mongoose is here to protect you and give you the courage to pursue your dreams. Go after what you want.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aventurine is great for prosperity.

 Libra   Overview for March 2018
It is important to know your intentions. What drives your passion and what is the payoff for you? You may have altruistic reasons for the choices you make; but it is good, to be honest about why you have chosen a certain profession or way to serve. It is perfectly alright to have your selfish reasons for doing things; and if you didn’t get something out of it, I would wonder about the possibility of you being a doormat. In this case, I would advise against giving too much of yourself away.

People seem to be looking to you for answers this month, and it is to your advantage to answer them as honestly as you can.You are a good storyteller, and you can use stories about yourself and others to answer some of these questions.

Indecision can be a big problem for you and result in your seeking advice from others. Avoid asking others for too much advice as this can create discord between you and your connection with the Divine, your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides. Ask for guidance from your true source, and you will find the best solutions.

Your Light Being
Lord Lanto is stepping up to assist you in spiritual method and procedure.

Your Animal Guide
Hippopotamus wants to remind you to trust your intuition and be true to your higher self. 

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Royal Plume Jasper will raise your consciousness and align you with your crown chakra which will help eliminate contradictions in your life.

 Scorpio Overview for March 2018
Inspiration is a key idea and word for you this month. You may have been in a bit of a funk for awhile, but I see you being inspired and passing that energy on to others. Sometimes you forget the power your moods and words carry. Always remember you are a channel for the Divine. Always ask the Divine for the messages of the highest integrity and love to pass on to others. I am saying this because you may be asked to be the messenger for unhappy news in the future.

In your personal experience, you know that sometimes things don’t work out as you have planned. After the disappointment, you are always open to seeing the bigger picture and reasons that are beyond our initial emotional response.
Try to remain flexible as you may be asked to go from zero to 60 MPH in a minute. It doesn’t feel like this is a bad thing. You don’t want to miss any opportunities especially if it is something that will improve your environment, knowledge or spiritual growth.

Your Light Being
I see a vision of Jupiter the ancient God holding a lightning bolt. The truth concerning storms is in the cleansing that it creates. Lightning is a negative current that attracts the positive current from the earth which creates a powerful current that helps plants grow. Know there is a purpose in the storm.
Your Animal Guide
Hyena Steps forward to assist you in your intuition. He also says that you are ready to step into a situation that may intimidate you. Ask for help and support from community.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Brecciated Jasper will help you ground and bring clarity

 Sagittarius   Overview for March 2018
There are new possibilities on the horizon. You have worked hard, and it looks like some things that remained stuck for a long time are moving forward. I see a vision of a gear that was covered in rust and someone finally puts some oil on it so it can move forward again.

Don’t let fear take the wheel. Sometimes you expect the worst, and even though others tell you that good things are coming your way, you might waste a lot of time disrespecting yourself and your abilities. That takes a lot of energy away from your real goal. Sometimes your “Once in a lifetime opportunity” comes calling and you look the other way out of fear of disappointment. You don’t know until you try. Step into greatness!

You give 150% on every project and in your relationships, so much that you forget to save some of that for yourself. Don’t stress yourself out to the point of exhaustion. Slow your mind and enjoy the process of living.

Your Light Being
Mary Queen of Peace is inviting you to step into the glow of her comfort and love. Know that all of the love that you create in your life for others is love that is created for you.

Your Animal Guide
Porcupine is stepping forward to let you know that you are always naturally protected and intuitively guided.

 Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Emerald will bring patience and inspiration.

 Capricorn   Overview for March 2018
March could prove to be a good time to retreat and gather your energy for the activities that will be coming up in the next season. You are always planning and expending energy; this could be a time to reflect on where you are and where you have been. Don’t force or push anything forward until you have taken the time to prepare yourself fully.

It is important to complete one project or complete one relationship before moving on to the next. Rest, relax and re-fill your spiritual cup. I see a vision of you releasing some old experiences that don’t need to continue to influence who you have become today. Clear these fears as they come up; and if you feel like it will help, talk to someone who will be completely honest with you. Perhaps someone that isn’t emotionally attached to you can help you gain a fresh perspective that is not colored by wishful thinking or telling you what you want to hear.

You don’t want to make any rash decisions, and sometimes the best course to follow at the moment is none at all. If it is not a completely enthusiastic “Yes”; then it is a “No”. There will be plenty of time and opportunities in the future.

Your Light Being
Archangel Gabriel is supporting and protecting you through this period of great healing. Your healing experience can be amplified if you call on Gabriel who is saying”Be mindful of what you wish for!”

Your Animal Guide
A Barn Owl is volunteering to be your supportive animal guide. Pay attention to all things related to angels and birds. These are signs that you are indeed sheltered from the harsh elements under the wing of an angel.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lapis will open your third eye.

Aquarius   Overview for March 2018
I see you feeling the weight of the world, and somehow, the experiences of the whole of humanity are integrating into your being. Understand that some things are not under your control. Allowing these overwhelming feelings to encompass your life is not healthy or productive for anyone. I know that sometimes it is difficult to step back from world issues, but it would be beneficial to guard your emotional energy.

Some things that happen in the world are hard to live with, but we all must try. These events seem like fate; and in some respect, they are, as this is how humans create a change in consciousness. It is like a splash of cold water in the face that awakens you to the reality of what is truly happening.

Pull back a bit, turn off the news. Take some time in nature and rebuild your light grid. I see places in your energy field that need a bit of repair, and now that you are aware of this, I see you consciously repairing this right now.
Also, pay attention to your bones and joints. Perhaps a change in diet or activity may help release some of these issues.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin and her wealth of compassion are offering a healing for you. She will give you an emotional, as well as a physical healing, so you can regain your composure and be more effective.

Your Animal Guide
A big beautiful Dragon with colors of deep purple, blue and silver is stepping forward to let you borrow some of his strength. He wonders why you haven’t asked for his assistance in burning away all that is not productive from your aura.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Azeztulite has a very pure vibration. It will raise your consciousness.

 Pisces   Overview for March 2018
Happy Birthday, Pisces! Life has been a bit stormy over the past year, and you deserve a break. I see you wearing a fireman's hat on your head, and you are holding a fire hose; you have been pretty good at putting out fires. You might choose to hand that hose off to someone else and take a step in another direction that is more creative and less burdensome.

It may be time to step back from other people’s drama and take a risk at becoming involved in your own life, whether it be in career or personal relationships. It can be risky, but it can also be rewarding.

There could be an opportunity to get involved in something that you tried before that didn’t pan out at the time. You are getting a push from spirit to move forward on it. Perhaps you are, or always secretly wanted to be a writer or an artist or an actor.

You could use a break from reality. A positive break in the form of a vacation, science fiction, fantasy books or movies to take your mind off of life as it is now.

You are always the one giving, and it is time to learn how to receive. Don’t block gifts from the universe.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is offering you the gift of changing and transmuting energy. You might want to clear up some past relationships or beliefs around money or love.

Your Animal Guide
Weasel is a strong ally; trust your gut when it comes to others’ intentions. Step back and let others do the talking and you will see behind the curtain.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Galena will bring harmony and balance.

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