Thursday, February 1, 2018

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes by Kay February 2018

I am going to keep this part short. I have had the flu and bronchitis for the past few days, and my energy comes and goes. I pretty much missed the Supermoon as I spent it wrapped up in blankets snuggled up to a dog.
My sister got it first so for a couple of days we were both in bad shape. I found it amazing that her 18-month-old Doberman who is usually bouncing off the walls just settled in and hung out with us; being quiet and patient. The older girl is always happy to have someone to be close to. It is wonderful to have someone in your life who “gets you” and connects with your rhythms. Pets are the best!
I had lots of plans this week but my body demanded attention and I haven’t been in any shape to get much done. It is times like this that I realize that sometimes you just need to surrender and let nature have its way.
I hope that you had a better eclipse experience then I did and that your February will be full of love and fun!

Enjoy the Scopes!

Merlin Scopes for February 2018

Aries Overview for February 2018
The Divine wants to remind you that when you whisper, the world leans closer to you to listen. Sometimes you can get your point across by using a softer approach.
 You would do well to work with the current of the universe. I see a vision of you swimming upstream in a fast moving creek with the intention of grabbing onto a branch on the bank and holding on until you feel like you can be in control of the situation.
Trust is a big hurdle for you this month. Try to redirect any thoughts of fear by picturing a blanket of trust that is laid out before you like a picnic tablecloth in a lush green park. Visually start setting the table with what you want, and who you want to share it with in the future. You may want to enrich your relationships, personal life, career or spiritual growth. There are no limits; only the ones you create.

Start with gratitude for where you are right now and feel the positive energy building. You will feel the shift in your situation: and reliable assistance will come forward when you need it most.

Your Light Being
Jesus is surrounding you with love and helping you align with your spiritual power. He will help you understand how to use your charisma to raise vibrations.

Your Animal Guide
Alligator has stepped forward to assist you with boundaries Don’t take things personally. Think about your choices before you make decisions.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Orbicular Jasper will help you with patience.

 Taurus  Overview for February 2018
Make the most of this month by lightening up. Release anything that doesn’t reflect who you are or who you aspire to be. You may want to do this in your home, work or even your website or profile on Linkedin.

It might be a good idea to go to a comedy club or do something that makes you laugh. Laughter will increase the release of endorphins which help eliminate pain, make you more attractive, and brighten your aura.

Plan an outing with friends or do something that you have always wanted to, but have denied yourself in the past. Stretch your limits and try something new. Claim this Valentines’ month for yourself. You could write inspirational and beautiful things about yourself on 28 pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Pull out one of them every day and let this be your focus. Know that this is all about self-respect and recognizing your beautiful divine nature.

One very strong message is coming through for you that relates to how sometimes you take a step back and dim your light so it can match others. You might do this out of loneliness or be feeling the need to belong. When you do this, those who match your vibration, or the vibration that you seek may become blocked. Release and leave some space. Be patient. Dim your light for no one!

Your Light Being
White Buffalo Calf Woman is stepping forward to offer assistance in clearing pathways for you. She asks you to go into meditation and journey with her.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Eagle came swooping in carrying two smaller birds on his wings. He will help you rise to great heights: soar with him.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will help absorb stress and negativity.

 Gemini   Overview for February 2018
I keep hearing a Jimmy Cliff song titled “Too many rivers to cross”. The one thing that stands out in the song for you is; no matter what you are going through, the last verse says “I merely survive because of my will.” You might be passing through a period when your energy feels low, and it seems as if nothing ever works out the way that you expected. We all go through these times, but push our way through to the other side.

Make sure you listen to your body and use this as a guide in making your way through this period. I see the sun coming out in the middle of the month and you leave your cares behind. Until then, listen to music, take a day or two off to do whatever feels good. Self-care is important. Let go of the past; if some things didn’t work out for you, know that it wasn’t meant to be or perhaps it was only meant to be for a season.

Once you receive the “All Clear” message from the universe, that the time of doom and gloom is over, you will reluctantly but bravely let go and move towards the unknown.

Your natural curiosity will help tease your attention towards a new opportunity. It is like you will wake up and remember that you are needed here, you rely on others, and they rely on you. That is the symbiotic nature of our humanness. It is love. A bigger love. Don’t ask “What is in it for me?” today; ask “who can I connect with on my path and assist on my way home to you Divine One?”

Your Light Being
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has stepped forward to say that emotion is like a craft at sea, salty and sweet. One of his quotes is “Life is nothing to be very serious about. Life is a ball in your hands to play with. Don’t hold on to the ball.”

Your Animal Guide
A Seagull has decided to bring out your playful nature and keep you in the mindset that there is land ahead. Even in times when you feel alone, have faith there is land ahead. Keep sailing.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aragonite will help you ground and break up energy blocks.

Cancer Overview for February 2018
You may have been in a reclusive mood over the past few weeks, and now it is time to reemerge and share your gifts with others.

Cancer, like other water signs, is feeling a bit emotional right now. Don’t let your actions be driven by fear or lack, but from a place of giving to a world in need of much love right now.

You have put time and resources into a project or relationship that is important. Remember all things take time and patience and there is probably a good reason for this. Divine timing may pay off in an unexpected way.

I see a great heart opening accompanied by a wave of emotion. Sometimes these feelings are unconscious, and you simply react without questioning where the feelings are coming from, and sometimes the words come out of your mouth before you have time to think it through.

It is difficult to undo something after saying it. Words are powerful and can heal as easily as they can cut someone to the bone.
People will be attracted to you for healing and support, and this will require an attitude of neutrality. Integrity is a continuing theme for you this month so expect to be tested. What do you want people to remember the most about you?

 Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi asks you to remember to make yourself an instrument of peace and bring light where there is darkness.

Your Animal Guide
A Horse has come forward to help you balance your sensitive nature and use it productively to support yourself and others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aqua Aura Quartz will break through limitations.

 Leo Overview for February 2018
Pay attention to your energy. Don’t use it all up in one project. You have the potential of keeping yourself busy with a few different activities at this time. Make sure you plan out your time leaving a little extra for some unexpected situations that might come up.

I am not a Doctor and cannot give medical advice, but I am getting the message that it may be to our advantage to increase your fluid intake to help flush out your system of anything that might morph into a cold or flu. I am also seeing a clove of garlic and a bunch of parsley and rosemary. Maybe you can put together a juice, soup, or healing potion if you study herbs or better yet, ask your body what it needs. As always, ask a medical professional if you have any concerns.

Relationships are a bit tricky so make sure you are coming from the heart when giving advice; otherwise, others might think you are being a bit bossy.

Your Light Being
Gaia, the Earth Goddess, wishes to work with you this month. She encourages you to look into the properties of plants and how they are used to heal.

Your Animal Guide
A small Worm has stepped up to help you recognize that progress, even if it is inch by inch, is still progress.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar has wonderful healing properties that work with the earth energies to remove blockages.

Virgo Overview for February 2018
Tell it like it is and not the way you would like it to be. Absolute truth is paramount during this period. Practice working and living in relationships where you can be more authentic. You always want more authenticity, so you need to be more authentic.

Sometimes you completely look the other way or do everything you can to avoid confrontation. Learn graceful ways to express your truth and how you see others in the world. It is not always what you say but how you say it. You don’t want to ignore the fact that your good friend is walking around dragging a piece of toilet paper on their shoe. How you give this person the information can either help or embarrass.

There is a difference between balance and control. If you try to control a situation, for instance, a diet and become too regimented;  this could be a recipe for failure. Balance and common sense is the key to success. You also have to make room for the Divine to assist you in whatever you are trying to achieve. Even if you are someone who likes to plan with Vision Boards and such; leave room for God or if you prefer the name Source who sees you in a loving, parental way to guide this process. Make room for surprises and magic!

Your Light Being
Merlin is here to support you in acquiring what you need and to use patience in working with seasons and timing.

Your Animal Guide
A Muskrat came forward to help you use your resources effectively. It is time to sort through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t use. Recycle. Pay attention to your dreams.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lapis will help open your Third Eye and increase your intuition.

 Libra Overview for February 2018
Keep your eye on the prize. You might feel a bit pressured to put your oars in the water and move forward on a project that has been hanging in the air. Don’t push or force anything, simply allow and accept the information that comes forward and don’t worry about it. Wait for the green light from the universe and know that some things need to fall into place.

Don’t allow yourself to become the rescuer and get sucked into other peoples drama and karma. Remember that we are all here to experience the things in these bodies and no matter how difficult the journey may look for others, the experience needs to be theirs.

I am not saying you shouldn’t lend a helping hand, only that sometimes the best course is to allow others to find their solutions. In doing this, you empower them. You can always stand off to the side and support them as a loving friend or advisor.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is stepping forward to support you in being of service in larger platforms. Be aware of opportunities to give your gifts and talents in groups. Writing, talking or facilitating.

Your Animal Guide
A Frog jumped forward to assist you in feeling comfortable where ever you are; on land or in the water you are comfortable transforming your skills into other areas. Eat clean foods and do things to detoxify yourself to assist in this process. A frog is also very vocal and communicates and harmonizes with others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Rhodolite will support intuition and works with your Base chakra to help you feel comforted and safe.

 Scorpio   Overview for February 2018
Save your energy for the things that are necessary rather than scattering it in too many places. You may need to make a priority list.

I see you going through papers and doing some research. Try to remain open and receptive to all the information. Try not to make assumptions or move forward on a project or a course of study until all of the facts are reviewed and understood. 

You don’t need to take up a new interest with the sole intent of using it for material gain. Instead look for something that is just fun and interesting. Your nervous system could use a break. I feel a bit of diversity would help refresh your energy and prepare you for a busy season coming up.

On a personal note, this is a time for forging new relationships and revisiting old ones that have been on the back burner or didn’t end well. Communication and honesty are key to moving forward and will enrich you personally and professionally.

Your Light Being
Archangel Ariel is working with you this month to assist you in reclaiming your energy. Also, call on Ariel, a healer of animals, if you have an animal in need.

Your Animal Guide
A Crow has stepped forward to bring you a gift. It looks like a shiny gold ball. If you have gold, perhaps a ring or other jewelry this will assist you in feeling grounded.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Black Calcite will help you recall old memories of trauma at the cellular level so you can release them.

 Sagittarius Overview for February 2018
Don’t wish for something unless you are prepared to get what you want. Even if you do want it when it is offered, you might feel a little overwhelmed, which might bring up some negative thoughts about acting on or seeking out new opportunities.

Some of the thoughts may be coming from past conditioning or being around someone who is a “Debbie Downer.” There are responsibilities attached to opportunities, but if you have been working toward something for a long time you will never know unless you take a risk. Ask for support from your spiritual team to guide you to all the resources that you need to be successful. Don’t rely on support from someone who thinks they might have something to lose.
No one said it would be easy. Be prepared to give 100%. Remain humble and authentic.

Your Light Being
Lady Liberty is standing tall and proud. Call on her for the freedom from any situation or attitude, memory or belief that may be blocking your creativity and success.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Little Blue Bird has come forward to give you patience and endurance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Jasper will help release stress.

Capricorn Overview for February 2018
You might be caught up in some illusions that are not supporting who you want to be. You might feel stuck and have a million reasons why you can’t step into the circumstances or opportunities that could help you achieve your heart's desire.

Look at the big picture! You may be focusing on your problems and feelings of lack or what you see as your short-comings. I am not sure that the rest of the world would agree with this.

Look for those people who support and care for you. Those are not always the people who say yes to everything you do. They also support your success by telling you when you are right on or when you are in fantasy land. It can be a bitter pill to swallow, but beneficial, if you don’t take it personally and use it as a tool to better yourself.

Your Light Being
Saint John The Baptist is bringing his light and might into your life if you are inclined to ask him for assistance. His energy is very powerful, and you will feel it transforming your energy and environment.

Your Animal Guide
There is a giant Eagle who wishes to assist you in freeing yourself. He says that you can expect a mystical experience.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Okenite will clear your path. It will give you insight into your present karma and the importance of how this can affect your future.

 Aquarius Overview for February 2018
Don’t let yourself spend too much time on projects you need to get done. You can chew on it in your mind forever, and still think that it could be better. Don’t get stuck on it; do it and move on to the next.

I see a vision of you holding your heart. The world is a tumultuous place and not as friendly as it once was. Make sure you take time to align your energy and ground yourself in the morning hours. Your sensitivity to the emotional health of the planet is extreme, and this is something you might want to keep in mind.

I am being shown a simple method to pull yourself back to center. You only need to close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and slightly rock from front to back in a rhythm that connects you with your higher self. Don’t force it; just let the Universe gently sway your body. Focus on the gratitude you have for your heart which keeps beating and allows you to create and play in the wonders of this material world.

Your Light Being
Mary Queen of Peace is offering you a rose to absorb any negativity in your etheric body. Close your eyes and see this rose wither away after it has done its work.

Your Animal Guide
A Mama Raccoon is stepping up to help you this month. She will alert you of any deception and help you in resourcefulness.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lapis will balance your third eye and support intuitive expansion and acceptance.

 Pisces Overview for February 2018
Don’t always believe what you see. That can lead to dangerous conclusions. You may pull away from a project or collaboration with someone based on false assumptions. Step back and take another look, and then decide.

Look for commonalities, trends, or repeat performances. If something happens turns out to be disappointing and keeps recurring in your life, you may want to look at your contribution. It may not just be bad luck. Perhaps there is something you can change that will shift the balance in the situation. Is some of this your creation? Search for a thread that could lead to a conclusion and make changes if needed.

I see opportunities for something fresh and new, especially if it is something that enhances your skills. Be open to other opportunities but not too hasty to rush in and commit until all the facts are known.

Be cautious of the concepts that use the words “passive income”, especially if you are being asked to invest. Be very clear and don’t get caught up in wishful thinking. Ask someone that you know who will be brutally honest before becoming involved.

Your Light Being
Lakshmi is available to assist you in plans of prosperity and abundance. She will help you raise your energy to the level that attracts abundance.
Your Animal Guide
A Long Horned Owl offers protection against deception and offers wisdom.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Selenite will open your crown chakra and help in meditation.

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