Friday, March 18, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay weeks of March 14th and 21st

Hi There,
I am a bit short on time as I am getting ready for the BMS Metaphysical Fair at The Denver Mart on 58th and I 25.
I can’t believe that it snowed today. I am sure that I will get there safely and all the folks who need to see me today will also arrive safely.
I will be speaking about channeling at 2 PM on Saturday so if you are in the Denver are come by and check it out. It is a fun fair!

Blessings and have a wonderful week-end
 MerlinScopes       Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016    by   Kay
Aries…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
This is a time to seriously leave some things behind. We talk about releasing and letting go all the time. This has a much deeper meaning when you have things that have truly became a part of who you believe yourself to be.

Some of these things you may think of as defining characteristics, behaviors or companions in your life might choose or need to be released from your life so that you may be able to experience more. More life, health, peace, love, blessings, breath and other things that your higher self is hoping that you will be willing to make room for.
What seems difficult now will look easy in hindsight.

Taurus…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016
Healthy boundaries are in your best interest right now. Always take a moment or better yet a day to make a decision about something that will effect yourself, your business and your family. 

You do your best to see the highest good in others and keep your thoughts in higher vibrations so when someone steps out of that perceived vibration you might find yourself wondering what you did to create this situation. The answer is nothing. Others make their own choices and as long as you have been keeping your actions in the highest integrity, you can let go of the responsibility, pick yourself up and step forward to the next adventure.

If you have not stayed true to your standards of integrity, see how you can pull yourself back to center and do better next time.

Gemini…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Let yourself entertain the possibility of being content with you current circumstances. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and to try to guess what will be, to manipulate or use your natural gifts of rationalization is futile at this point in time.

There is a secret that the universe is keeping from you for reasons that only the Divine knows. Be in the moment and try not to look ahead. If you catch yourself looking backward, do it with the wisdom of seeing the unique purpose of your journey and how experience has played a big part in the unfolding of things that are yet to come.

Let yourself sit in the audience this time and wait for the curtain to open so you can be surprised.

Cancer…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Listen to the hum of the universe and the rhythm of the seasons. Repetitive patterns may emerge to give you clues and answers to questions that seem to be on your mind.

Don’t allow anyone to rush you into making decisions. Take your time and listen for answers. This may come in general conversations or elsewhere. In other words, pay attention to your surroundings.

Perhaps you should consider loosening the reins on others around you or on situations that you have taken on as a responsibility.

 If something is meant to be yours it will come back. Try not to be too restrictive or absolute as this only shows up in your energy and blocks your own good as well as opportunities for others to make informed choices. This is how we learn.
Leo…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Though it may not feel like it, alchemy is working in amazing and profound ways. Merlin has taught me that the new alchemy isn’t something that is done with powerful incantations and potions. It is done through the shifting of our consciousness.

There is such great power in forgiveness. Everywhere you look there seems to be social unrest, anger and hatred. Instead of adding fuel to the fire it is the power of forgiveness and love that will change the tides.

Know that you are on this planet in this time and place to be a leader in the changing of humanities consciousness. Whether you use prayer, affirmations, writing, music, art, interacting with children, adults or employees and co-workers remember to mind your words and thoughts. Temper your words and actions with great thought and intention.

Virgo…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Mixed emotions are in the forefront throughout this period. You might have the feeling that you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. When did the first one drop? Worry is just part of your nature. You may be feeling as if you are at a loss and are wondering what’s next. Will God really hold me in the palm of his hand? What about Mother Earth? A source that was lucrative may have dried up and left you wondering.  Physically you might have been feeling a bit fragile and unsure of which way the wind is going to blow.

Know that you are in a holding pattern and that your day is coming soon. Some choices are in the offering. It is time to step forward and be counted. Let yourself be happy in the moment.

You have been resting on the things that you are comfortable with and now that you have reached a level of perfection in some area of your life it is time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

It is time to take responsibility for what is to come next in your life. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities and act on them.

Libra…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
This is a time to bring out your best, not that you don’t always do that anyway. It is time to hold your head up high and lead by example. I don’t mean to do so in arrogance but in a way that teaches others to stand in their own power and integrity.

It is time to let go of anything that holds you down. I see a vision of you with a yoke around your neck and reins. It is time to take off the yoke and reins held by others and teach them to carry their own load. I say this in an empowering way.

Act as a teacher or proud parent who has supported those who have needed your assistance. It is time to allow them to contribute.

Scorpio…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Work in cooperation with another would be to your advantage at this time. There may be an opportunity to blend your gifts or style of work with another that will be complimentary and creative. This person needs what you have to offer as much as you need them.

If you are single this could also be an opportunity to meet someone new. This could be someone who is opposite of what you might think of yourself being but they have so much to offer. They can fill in the gaps or bring fresh new energy to your life.

Expect something new to emerge from which you have struggled with in the past. This may be a new way of doing things that is fun and takes the stress out of the actual process.

Sagittarius…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016 
Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. Stay on the straight and narrow. Stay focused on the things that you need to take care of for your well-being. Not just in areas of health but your finances and responsibilities concerning your career and professional life.

Step up to the plate and take responsibility in making some plans. Focus on the business at hand. This is not a time to give in to diversions or wishful thinking.

Some things may not have worked out as planned but you have the opportunity to re-evaluate the steps needed to succeed. Look at the facts realistically and make the changes that you need in order to get the results that you desire. You have everything you need to create abundance.

Capricorn…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
Take your gifts from spirit seriously. You need them just as much as you need to breathe. Remember some of your own difficulties and how you were able to pick yourself up and begin a new? Realization that you didn’t do this on your own is important right now.

Sometimes it is easy to forget our Higher Power, the Divine and what a big part it plays in our life. There may be a bit of a wake up and smell the coffee moment. This is just a reminder that sometimes things need to fall apart before you can build something new upon your foundation.
Gratitude is an important key to you renewal and recovery.

Aquarius…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
If you find yourself feeling angry or upset at the state of the world or within your own group of people it may be time to take a look inward and see what needs to be shifted or attended to emotionally.

You are usually pretty good at handling situations at a distance but you might be allowing your ego too much say right now. It is ok to state your views but not when you start shooting venom. This only brings your vibration down to lower levels and defeats your purpose. Spend some time alone in meditation and prayer asking for guidance and then speak your truth.

Pisces…  Weeks of March 14th and 21st, 2016  
You might have the opportunity to realize that you are being held captive by your own opinions and beliefs. Give yourself a little room and take a walk on the wild side.

Step out of your comfort zone to take a look at new ways of doing things. Your creativity may be held back by adhering to rules or family traditions and opinions. Letting go of some of those ideal might be just what you need to move in a new direction that will be fulfilling.

When people don’t honor their creativeness the dream can turn into nothing more than wishful thinking or result in addictive behaviors that are not healthy or productive.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter so you can incorporate that dream.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Merlin Chronicles Week of March 7th 2016

 Merlin Chronicles        By Kay       Week of March 8th 2016  

 Hi Beautiful Light Beings!

Happy International Woman’s Day!

I wanted to share my week-end with you. I am part of a group of five women who share an amazing bond. We don’t see each other very often. We don’t call or even email or text often. We do however go on Goddess retreats a couple times a year.

We go to the hot springs in the Mountains and soak away all of the stress and release energies that have become heavy and cumbersome. We talk, share stories, secrets, do energy work on each other say prayers and intentions for ourselves and others and indulge in nothingness.
We all seem to know when we are supposed to go and everything, I mean everything falls in to place perfectly! Right down to the minute.

We all have different occupations, gifts and lifestyles. I don’t even remember how all of this started. I do know that it has filled a place in my heart I will always cherish. It is almost as if the Universe conspired to have come together to support us and the many people we support. I am so grateful to these women and to the Divine who brought us together.

My wish and hope for you is that you, female and male each have a sacred group of people that you can have in your life so you too can set the Reset Button !

Aries…  Week of March 7, 2016
Take yourself a bit more seriously this week. Careful conservation of your energy and who you choose it with could work well as a defensive gesture.
Be generous with compliments and others will be eager to share more about themselves.

Taurus…  Week of March 7, 2016
 When you feel yourself getting nervous or feeling anxious you can shift your energy with the beating of your heart. Just focus on it or put your finger on your pulse as you enlist angels to bring what you are feeling to the surface. It is much easier to deal with something when you can see it for what it is and not let your imagination run the show.

Gemini…  Week of March 7, 2016
This is a week of celebration as you see the truth of what paths lie before you. There is always choice and don’t be surprised if you end up doing three or four things at the same time.
You can make a choice to select just one but I think that this could prove to be boring.

I see a vision of you with an old fashion quill pen dipping it into an ink well. I would think that there is some importance in writing or art this week.
Follow through with something that is being offered. It may look like a big mountain to climb but you have the tools to reach the top.

Cancer…  Week of March 7, 2016
I have a vision of you sitting in a car that has high centered on a country road. The wheels are turning but you can’t go anywhere. You could back fill the dirt around the wheels of the car creating a solid road that you could drive off in by this using your own sweat and energy or you could spend a lot of money and hire a tow truck or crane which would still leave the problem of filling the hole in the road.

Neither approach is wrong but know that you will have to deal with the same issue if you throw money at it and take the easy way.

It is time to approach a problem or issue in a different way.

Leo…  Week of March 7, 2016
You have enough to think about without inviting other people’s issues into the mix. This is a good time to celebrate life and enjoy those visions and psychic impressions that have been showing themselves to you lately.

Creative listening or expressing your musical side would be a great way to do some manifesting. Be mindful of what you are thinking about when you are listing.

There is a peculiar sensation that is finding its way into life. Could it be contentment? Be consciously aware for just one moment when you feel that contentment; this is where you start your manifestations.

Virgo…  Week of March 7, 2016
Take yourself into a deep meditation as this can be instrumental in releasing the old and re-organizing new energies and creativity that has been waiting for space to evolve and expand in your life.

Let yourself become the keeper of the light that shines with in your heart. You don’t need someone else’s presence or approval to let your love shine brightly.

Libra…  Week of March 7, 2016
Something or someone may create a challenge in your life. How you handle this will be a marker of a new start or perhaps a repetitive circumstance of which you are familiar.

There is no right or wrong. We are all beings who have come into this life to learn of the Beauty and The Beast. Both have positive and negative qualities. We have danced with both. Some of you will choose to create a new out-come based on your reactions.

Scorpio…  Week of March 7, 2016
The opportunities ahead in this week are endless. It is always your choice to take advantage of the energies or not. Let yourself be the one who initiates assistance to another. It is within your power and ability and the energy would be clean and pleasing to the Collective.

This opens doors for you. It might work like a vacuum and allow some energy or information that has been blocked or kept in the dark to show itself. This is a wonderful time for manifesting and planning you next move.

 Sagittarius…  Week of March 7, 2016
There isn’t anything that you won’t do to help another. Just be aware of the fine line between being of service and getting involved in other people’s drama.
Take a look at what part you are playing in getting involved in stuff that another should be learning from and dealing with. Is this a way of escape to keep your mind off of your stuff? What is your reward in this? Be honest with yourself and make a list.

There may be a messenger with news as I see a hawk carrying something in his claw. I expect it to be good.

Capricorn…  Week of March 7, 2016
Take care of your health in a holistic manner this week. Don’t stress about the stress in your life.

 Remember as you talk about your health and life situation that you will attract some interesting things into your life. Some good; some not so good. This seems to be the way of life on this planet.

Acceptance of who you are and by the total sum of your life and experiences can be healing and bring peace into your life. Could you love someone unconditionally who has been through the same circumstances as you? I am going to take that as a yes!

Make your prayers known to The Divine and ask for support from the angels.

Aquarius…  Week of March 7, 2016
Sometimes you may feel like the world can be a slippery and unsafe place at times. There is some madness in the world that makes no sense at all and sometimes it can pull you off balance.

Put yourself on the negativity diet this week. Limit your exposure to people and circumstances around you that take your mind off of the truth that this world is a place of karmic balance. Karma creates chaos in its attempt to achieve balance many times. You may be feeling a bit more empathic this week than normal and you are feeling the pain of the world.

Separate your thoughts from these things. Maybe spend time walking your dog or cleaning up your yard. Ground yourself into the planet.

Pisces…  Week of March 7, 2016
Do not resist change especially when it comes to visit your personal life. Your personal life is huge and encompasses many aspects. There is always a bit of an overlap between personal and business.

Perhaps a certain person or situation is not in your best interest in which case the universe and guides have your back. I keep hearing that old Leslie Gore song “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I want to.” It might not feel very supportive at the time but all comes together like a symphony.

Don’t underestimate your ability as a magnet of popularity. This may come as a pleasant surprise to you when you realize how many people have fawn memories and appreciate you just being you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Merlin Chronicle March 2016

Hi there my friends,
I am in such a wonderful mood. The weather has been beautiful and I am getting ready to head out for a week-end in the mountains with some friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough.

Message from Merlin
It seems like a lot of folks are still releasing and clearing a path for new energies and opportunities. Some of you have decided to leave situations that no longer suit who you have become.

We congratulate you and ask you to take your vision a bit further. I am being shown a tapestry or what you might call a vision board.  This is just a physical way to map out and help you choose a new path.

Don’t get too caught up in details and please remember to add something that includes a happier, healthier life for all on this planet.

Omit anything negative or limiting. This creates confusion and can cancel out your vision. Bring a peaceful presence into your being as you do this,.

This can be done in many ways. You might cut out pictures, sew a tapestry, draw or paint. It might be beneficial to draw a path, not a straight on but one that leaves room for opportunities and flow.

Thank you and now here are the MerlinScopes for April 2016

Merlin Scopes       March, 2016       by Kay

Aries… First Week of March 2016
Don’t assume that others always have your best interest in mind. Use your light of protection when dealing with others. This isn’t something you need to be paranoid about. It is just common sense. Listen more and talk less.

Aries… The month of March 2016 - Overview
I see you waking up to new possibilities. Actually these have been here all the time. Release whatever has been blocking your vision in connecting with other dimensions.

By this I mean guides, angels and master teachers. They have been waiting for you to pay attention to the ways in which they can help you with activities that you might consider simple and not big enough to ask for help with.

Your connection with the higher realms is here to help you in all aspects of life, especially in day to day workings. By checking in with your higher self, guides, or angels on a daily basis, you will be strengthening your connection and effectiveness of working together as a team.

Your Light Being
Madame Helena Blavatsky is stepping forward to assist you in making the connection with the “Others.” I am not even sure what this means; but this message is for you and not me. Seek her guidance in meditation and especially when you light a candle of intention.

Your Animal Guide
A Rat came forward to offer assistance. He is black and white and rather cute. He will help you find passages into places you weren’t aware of and assist you in seeing the true nature of others.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Smoky Quartz will help you ground your spiritual energy to be more effective in using your gifts in a purposeful manner.

 Taurus… First Week of March 2016
Make sure you are paying attention to signs and signals. It may not even need to be subtle signs like a gentle voice when you are in meditation or a dream. It might be more like a Yell!
It could be your friends or family members trying to keep you from walking off a ledge. You have been here before; but sometimes wishful thinking can get in the way of common sense.

Taurus… The month of March 2016 - Overview
This is a good time to start looking for new ideas and opportunities to increase your financial health. You might consider a new or part-time job or hiring someone else as an employee that will create more income for you.

I see a vision of you playing a shell game. You know the game that has three walnut shells and only one has a pea under it. You are the one moving the shells, but it seems as if you have forgotten which one has the pea. I see you picking up one on each end and both are empty, which means the pea is in the middle.

This may be advice for you to stay in the middle. Don’t be fearful of moving forward but don’t jump ahead before the time is right. Keep a strong course and try to stay in the middle and wait for instructions from your higher self. You will know the message is right when you don’t feel any emotional attachment or fear.

Your Light Being
Goddess Kali has stepped forward for you this month. She will help you keep your ego out of the way when making choices. She is very powerful as she dances through your life making adjustments. Welcome her!

Your Animal Guide
An American Eagle comes into the mix. She is holding a twig in her beak. ‘Building a foundation’ she says is the best way to attract what you want in life. It starts with your foundation and keeping your thoughts on the present moment.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Jade will attract good friends and good luck, and help to keep your heart chakra open.

 Gemini… First Week of March 2016
Have a good conversation with your body and see what it has to say to you. I keep getting a vision of you looking at your feet. Pay attention to what this means to you on a personal level.

Here is an interesting little exercise. Get in a relaxed state; look at your feet and ask “whose feet are these?” Pay close attention. The answer may surprise you.

Gemini… The month of March 2016 - Overview
Don’t allow old memories of who you were long ago to pull you back into feeling insecure and defensive. You have gone through an amazing transformation.
Enjoy the light around you and keep the self-talk and thoughts of who you are now positive and productive.

If you take a step backward, you will just have to pull yourself forward again. However, the choice is yours; and perhaps you need to re-visit some things before you feel entirely free to take that step though the next door.

Your Light Being
I see a beautiful woman in spirit holding a small bottle of light. She is lighting the way for you and tells me that she is The High Priestess of an order of feminine wisdom and healing.
 Her name is Andromeda. She has several other women assisting her; and she has chosen you to guide for the purpose of your own resolve and that of humanity.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Dove flies forward to remind you of the sweetness in the world. Sometimes it is difficult to see; but she will assist you in remembering.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Phantom Quartz will help you connect with the Akashic records.

 Cancer… First Week of March 2016
This is a good week to slow down and catch your breath. I see a vision of the ends of your nerves which look frazzled and tattered. Do your best to be in the moment and enjoy the environment.

Try to focus on you own needs or you might begin to feel unsupported and unappreciated. Get a massage or something that feels good physically.

Cancer… The month of March 2016 - Overview
There is no reason to fear big decisions. Perhaps they are not as big as you think. Some things are inevitable so lift up your head and take them in stride.

There may be something weighing heavily on your chest. Take a moment to release any hard feelings that you may be harboring. This includes any feelings of guilt or self-doubt, as you may be remembering times when you felt inadequate in situations that you were unable to avoid. This is a waste of mental energy and serves no one.

Take a moment and just sit in a quiet place in nature. This could even be in your yard or car. Remember some of the good people that have passed through your life and give thanks. Know that someone will be doing this for you someday. Feel the love.

Your Light Being
Master Kuthumi is stepping forward to assist you in achieving resolve and peace within your emotions and consciousness in your environment.

Your Animal Guide
A little Sparrow flies in to offer help. He really is quite adorable. He will support you in opening your heart and life to new love. This could be personal love or love of the planet.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Moonstone will help calm your emotions and connect you intuitively.
Leo… First Week of March 2016
You may feel like you are taking a step backward; but this is just another opportunity to realize how much you have grown. This can be on a personal or professional level.
Keep an open mind and don’t try to second guess what the Universe has in store for you. Sometimes the element of surprise is exactly what is needed
Leo… The month of March 2016 - Overview
Continue to re-wire your brain and the attitudes that go along with it as the progress from last month’s changes become clearer and easier to process.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of discord to create harmony. Let things fall into place as you are starting a new cycle. More new changes are on the way.

You might find yourself looking back and wondering if you made the right choices. Would you have really done it any differently considering where your heart was at that time?
Make sure to call old friends and keep in touch with the people who were part of the big changes in your life.

Your Light Being
Lord Brahma has come forward to assist you. He holds a list in one hand and the world in the other. He seems to be making decrees as he reads the list. His presence is powerful. He wants you to know that your prayers and intentions do influence the world.

Your Animal Guide
Llama steps forward with a soft yet protective presence. She says that your life is pregnant with possibilities. Be patient.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Bloodstone is said to be an audible oracle stone according to Judy Hall. It gives off sound as a way to guide and increase intuition.

 Virgo… First Week of March 2016
Be conscious of cloaking yourself in the white light of protection. Be clear and honest when dealing with yourself and others.

Don’t settle for a short or incomplete explanation. Make sure you get all of the facts. Energize your ability to see the dark as well as the light. Wishful thinking may take you down the most difficult path. Reality hits home
Virgo… The month of March 2016 - Overview
This could be a busy and exciting month. Don’t trip yourself up with thoughts of the future or getting stuck in the past. There is an opportunity to move forward into new and exciting places with new people. Don’t allow lack of self-esteem of laziness get in the way.

One suggestion is to wake up every day meeting it with enthusiasm and asking for new opportunities. If you do this, be prepared; because the universe will bring it on full force. I suggest you keep your sense of humor because some of these opportunities may not feel like your choice. However, this will help you realize that you do indeed have choices.

A recent disappointment may actually be a saving grace. This may have been a person or opportunity that kept you from growing and expanding your consciousness and capacity for Universal Love. Trust that the Divine has made an adjustment on your behalf.

Your Light Being
Master Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is here to bring light to the shadows and dispel any negativity. Call on him.

Your Animal Guide
Owl has messages and will be your wing man in social situations. Call on him to be your back up and give you the ability to see behind the scenes.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Aragonite is a wonderful grounding stone for you.

Libra… First Week of March 2016
Remember to take care of your own personal space before offering to help others. I see this week as a time to re-boot your energy. You may be experiencing a more difficult time with this than usual.

Don’t let this concern you; it is just a deeper process preparing you for bigger things to come in the near future.

Libra… The month of March 2016 - Overview
This may be a time of quiet contemplation. You might find yourself reaching out to others for a bit of an energy boost. Usually, everyone is calling you for a bit of your ever present spark. Call in favors.

Relax and refuel as much as possible this month. Time spent in meditation or just doing nothing can be extremely useful. It will be your port in the storm.

Try to avoid people who have a personal agenda that serves only them – not you or others. Keep your energy as pure and clear as you can. Things may not always be to your liking; but remember that there is a bigger plan.

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha will assist you in finding your “I Am” presence space so anything that is of the outside world will be unable to affect your inner peace.

Your Animal Guide
A red breasted Robin flies forward to assist you in hope for the future. This may be an omen of the birth of something or someone new.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Citrine will ground any negative energy. It will also protect your aura.
Scorpio… First Week of March 2016
I see a vision of you sitting in a box pushing on all four walls trying to get out. Eventually, you sit down and busy yourself with a drawing or something entertaining. Suddenly when you least expect it, I see a little speech bubble appear over your head like in the cartoons. It includes a message with the information you need; and the walls just seem to fall down on their own.

Try to release control and allow the universe to let things fall into place. Your struggling is not going to make much difference in the long run. It is like trying to force spring or summer to happen in mid-winter. It will arrive when it chooses. Your job is to prepare yourself for the shift.

There is a bigger picture here and it is time for you to trust in the higher intelligence that encompasses us all.

Scorpio… The month of March 2016 - Overview
If you allow yourself to go into a consciousness that says “there isn’t enough”, then that is what you will experience in your life. A part of you knows better. Perhaps you confuse someone else’s experience with your own. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Know that you are an individual with an endless connection to the presence of all creativity and abundance. Start accessing creativity and explore new ways of doing things. This could be a new way of marketing that you have a hunch about, or it might be giving yourself permission to express something in a new and creative way.

Your Light Being
Lord Lanto comes forward to offer you balance and courage to choose the appropriate timing, methods, and resources.

Your Animal Guide
I see a lovely Donkey stepping forward to assist you in listening to your intuition. Donkey is also a beast of burden. Small yet strong and able to carry heavy loads a long way. The donkey agreed to carry Jesus when called upon to do so. Call upon this donkey, when the load seems too heavy.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Prehnite is a great stone to use in your meditation to help you contact the Divine within.

Sagittarius… First Week of March 2016
Are you still feeling lucky? This would be a good week to ask for a raise or start looking for money in new places. Perhaps there is a new job in which your skills will be recognized and you will be well compensated. I see abundance in all forms around you. Abundance is not always money but also love and family.

It may take a bit of digging; but if you are determined to improve the quality of your life, you can find it. As always, it is your choice.

Sagittarius… The month of March 2016 - Overview
It seems that things are finally starting to move forward in many ways. I see you walking on a path and ahead of you a large amount of clutter blocking your way.

A big wind and bright white light blows through the valley that you are in. It is as if the path is finally open and all of the clutter goes to the side, clearing the way for you. It is almost like Moses parting the sea! In some ways it might feel like that.

Health issues will finally get addressed this month. There will be less drama by finding out what is going on rather than guessing and letting your mind go to the worst case scenario. This is also true for dealing with other areas of your life.

This could be a great time to sharpen your skills and take a class to improve your life or productivity.
This month feels like a gentle loving breeze. Finances pick up this month and so will your energy. Good friends and good fun!

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha is willing to work on your behalf to remove unnecessary blockages and obstacles. Call on Ganesha.

 Your Animal Guide
The Elephant of course! Elephant is clearing your path and especially your mind.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Yellow Sapphire will attract wealth, and stimulate the third eye and intelligence.

Capricorn… First Week of March 2016
It might be to your advantage to make some changes in your schedule this week. Try to add some activities that will bring some fun into your life.

If you have been spending a lot of time around someone or something that drains your energy, it may be a good week to do something that will infuse you with that enthusiasm that you are so famous for.

Capricorn… The month of March 2016 - Overview
A very serious issue may be monopolizing your thoughts. Although serious, this is something you can completely address and influence. However, some of the potential solutions you may be considering might result in changes you are not willing to make at this time.

Never dismiss the opportunity that comes to you through a vision. You are well connected to the Divine. Sometimes you may forget this and give your power away to the outer world or to lower human consciousness.

Turn your eyes inward and release all stress related to this situation, even if it is only for a second or two. This is the moment you connect to the spark of universal creative force and find your truth.

It is like a seed that will create the opportunity or wish. It may not happen today; but in the future it is more than just a possibility.

Your Light Being
Merlin is choosing to come forth to assist you in the alchemy of consciousness. He is developing a new course for you and calls it “How To Make It Happen.” Seek him out!

Your Animal Guide
I see a baby Duck just breaking open the shell that has surrounded and nourished it with safety and warmth. Perhaps it is time to break out of your shell and surround yourself with the people and situations that you aspire to become one with.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Blue Tourmaline will open your third eye and throat chakras and open your awareness to psychic visions.
 Aquarius… First Week of March 2016
Excitement is in the air this week. A shift in your energy or the energy around you can either put you in a spin in a good way or spiral out of control if not contained or channeled properly.

It is always a matter of choice. There may be some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. I’m also being told to tell you “don’t shoot the messenger”.

Aquarius… The month of March 2016 - Overview
Make sure you keep both oars in the water so you can get the most out of each day. This means balance. If you only focus on one oar or one way of thinking or doing something you will be going in circles. The end result will be a slowdown in your progress.

You have a lot of things going on and you need to be able to multi-task and be flexible. Flexibility is not always your strong suit even though you are the mascot for the New Age. You can still be that mascot and get stuck in a mindset or process that is going nowhere and needs to be re-directed.

Consider closing doors on people who don’t receive information and energy as gracefully as one should. Some of these folks can be energy vampires and put a drain on your resources
Your Light Being
I hear the word Devi and I see a beautiful Being whose essence comes in all of the colors of the Chakra’s. The colors flow from this being as a beautiful flowing garment. Meditate and ask for the assistance of the Devi.

Your Animal Guide
A cute little Skunk has stepped forward to assist you. Head held high and music notes all around her head. She will help you stay focused and repel those who do not belong in your energy.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
Staurolite or Fairy Cross, according to Judy Hall, is said to be tears from the fairies when hearing of Christ’s passing. This is a wonderful stone for protection, relieving addictions, and helping the mind, body, and spirit connection.

 Pisces… First Week of March 2016
I see a joyful week for you doing something you have been attracted to for some time. This can be something that you have planned for a year or so, but just wasn’t able to move forward with until now.

It is time to start moving on those plans and putting together a social event that will help fill some of the gaps that you were left with last year.

Pisces… The month of March 2016    Overview
This is a month of mixed blessings. For the most part you may receive great news concerning a person or project you have assisted or helped upon the way.
On the flip side, you might realize it is time to release this person or project to a different level of learning. This can work two ways. Sometimes we hang on to a person or situation too long.

Sometimes the universe helps things along by creating circumstances that remove something from our lives gracefully, or not so gracefully. It is all in your perception and how you want it to exit. High note or low?

Your Light Being
I see Mother Mary moving forward and into your energetic space. When you see roses or a beautiful red color, think of her and her loving presence. Know that she is emotionally supporting you in healing wounds of the past.

 Your Animal Guide
Black Bird comes forward. He says he is taking on the job of protecting you and your home. Not that you need it; but it is good to know that nature is assisting you and working on your behalf. It might be nice to return the favor and get a bird house or something to that affect.

Your Stone or Mineral helper

Wulfenite will help support you through negative situations. It will help balance the shadow and the sunny side. Not canceling each other out, but integrating them into your being.

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