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 The Merlin Chronicles Nov 2010 Election Day
Recorded by Jill VanSickle at FSSC Denver, Co
Channeled by Kay Dragon
I just finished writing up my last channeling yesterday and here we are again. This is such a busy season. I give messages at The First Spiritual Science Church of Denver along with a few other very gifted Readers and Healers as we do every first Thursday of each month. We do platform readings and individual healings for a love offering. Everyone gets a message so it seems. Sometimes many messages.  We are at 3375 S Dahlia St. Denver, Co. It is two blocks N of Hampden from 7PM until 9PM.
A brief history may be in order here. The church was flooded by vandals in early spring this year and moving the old energy out to remodel this area has been a challenge. Seven of us. (Seven Sisters as one of the leaders of this group heard from spirit) did some clearing prayers and intentions in the basement Sunday to help move the process on a bit. This structure is very old and has gone through many changes. Perhaps the flood was a divine intervention providing the cleansing that was needed to sweep away the old and welcome the new.
I’m running a bit behind
Well it is now Nov 10, 2010 and still have one more channeling that I did yesterday to write up. Some of you may be wondering why I add answers to questions that people ask Daniel and other being that I channel. It seems that sometime, more often than not, the answers to the questions also are things that give others insights and answers. If you have questions please e-mail me at
About Me
My name is Kay Dragon. I am a channel among other things. For this publication we will focus on the channeling.  I give voice to the wise Beings of the Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always what I believe or agree with. Many times the information is outside of the scope of my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just the messenger and pass on the words as they are so given to me. 
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic  appears to me. Sometimes other Light Beings, Masters and Teachers wish to speak.

Questions of Sacred Spaces and Energy Clearing

Good Morning Jill. Luvic loves to put his paw on Jill’s knee. He seems to have a message for her today also. He seems to be scanning the area for extra protection today. Energies have moved here and changed around a bit. Yes you would do well to perform another healing on the structure upstairs in each room as some of the energies have moved upward.
Today is election Day. There are many confused people. Not knowing who to vote for. Some are not voting at all. We would like to say that it doesn’t really matter who is “voted in office” at this date and time as the issues and constraints in this country and the world are so narrow in the financial physical world that it does not matter who is at the helm the results will continue in the spiral that they are in now. Some see this as a bad thing but we don’t see this as such. We see it as a clearing and cleansing. It is just personalities. You would say it is just like a Miss America Contest. But all of the human issues will remain the same.
Do you have questions Jill? Jill answers yes, a question from a friend.
She requested information concerning a property in the Co foothills which is thought to be a sacred site for Native American Indians. Did our visit serve any higher purpose if so outline please. I do intend to continue to BioOscillate to help energize and clear the space and assume that intent will also work?
 In tent will work. We see this area surrounded by a large globe or orb as you would call it. This property is still guardian to sacred Native American customs, rituals and their religious beliefs. Some have forgotten this area. We would encourage the owner to allow one to bring a sweat lodge there and some sacred ceremonies. We are aware that the property value would be to the liking of residential areas but if one could keep a small part of this as a private sacred space would be most welcomed for the energies of that part of the mountain but also for the one who has purchased the land and has a history and karmic weave we would say with that property, as well as their family and ancestry. Intent for a possible person that you are thinking of to purchase the property would not be pleasing as the residing energies there are of Native American and natural keeping. The energies here are very intertwined with the nature kingdom. They would not fare well with unusual structures and unusual deities. The land would choose as well as the spirits that guide it that the property remains in hands or wisdom of Native American consciousness and they are very strong about this.
Jill asks another question from our friend who has another question concerning a man in another state on the East coast who has contacted her for her healing and spiritual wisdom.
Daniel answers:  He is a very curious fellow. This person appears to be a bit needy. He would like for her to travel to the East coast. There is a small group there, almost a sacred type society that she could shine light, wisdom and love on. There is some dark energy in those areas. It is not evil energies. More like old energy locked into old ideas and we believe that this person would like to infuse this group and this area with the new energy coming forth because he is a prophet of sorts. His body and his mind are telling him that something very large is coming to that area of the country and that it would be to their benefit to answer the calling of this energy and not to be quite so involved with the financial prospects and candidate process but to focus on the natural energies that are almost screaming within the bodies of these individuals.
We see a line along the coast of perhaps 10 people that are stuck in the dark energies they need a light if which our friend who is asking could be the starting catharsis in this process. It is like if you light 1 candle then that one will light another and another and on and on.
 There are many things happening in the area. We would advise great caution if traveling in that direction. Not only because of shifting of weather patterns but be aware of negative thoughts that are almost stuck in that area as if brought in on a wind accumulated and stopped and help captive by a natural wall. This coastline runs all the way down to where Florida coast begins. This accumulation of darkness. Much is happening on the East Coast. Much will change. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Best to stay inland for the time being as much light has been focused on the center of the country and is radiating out.
 We are seeing much light activity in Nebraska. Crystal light activity that is artificial, yes but also a natural source. There is we would say nuclear light involved in this process. There are experiments which are no longer experiments they are facts being tested and used in Middle America. We know that we refer to the diamond a lot. We would say that this is like a diamond. With many facets and the light spreading out, there are many layers to this process within the government. We don’t see this energy as being bad. We see it as connecting souls. There is an awareness of thing that are yet to come. This group is getting people ready for this a small bit at a time so not to shock them to badly so the transformation will be as comfortable as possible and will make this more acceptable within the thought patterns for the individuals and groups. This will reveal in a consciousness that is less selfish and more of “The One”. Jill said “We like this.” Daniel replies some don’t. Some of the wealthy are the most fearful people on this planet. More fearful then those who have lost their homes and are walking the streets with their children. This sound incomprehensible doesn’t it? But it is true. These are not happy joyful people and the more they fear the more loss of life, love and joy will occur in their lives. Understand we are not saying that money is bad. Money is good.
We speak of healing… The Hall of Records and Soul Review
Healing is an amazing god given right. The time has come upon the earth when many strides will be made in the name of God, the Creator, the Source, Aum, Allah, all of the names of choice. The lights are being switched on and The DNA, that part of the biological was hooked into a clock you could say being switched and changed as it was changed many years ago and more people are aware that they may stay here as long as they wish. That illness is not an acceptable form of handing childish behavior. It is not acceptable to use that as a way to negotiate your contract in this incarnation. Although it can be a tool. No matter what, you will work out that process. It is by choice. If you you may choose to do it through cancer or  through other means of course  you will manifest it in that manner and it will be up to you if you use that to assist yourself and others is entirely up to you but It will go into the hall of records and be reviewed.
 Your soul does the reviewing. Not so much as what your definition of God is or some group of exhaled beings... It is your soul that is your greatest critic and the greatest love of your life. Who will decide and chooses whether you will come back and revisit these issues to try to make them better or make a statement that will make a difference for your soul and for the souls of one. One may come back and commit murders and this still is a message to others and may be acceptable to that soul in review as revealing and making a great change in the earth and in humanity. Although it is a horrific act. This soul has done its part in helping humanity in consciousness to grow. Just as Judas did with Jesus.
Luvic Speaks of Communication with your Pets
Before leaving Luvic tells Jill to watch out for a little bump or irritation under her cat’s paw. It is an abscess. But tells her to take him to the vet. He is quite the hunter and protector of your home. He takes his role seriously. Luvic encourages Jill to tune into her cat as she sad he has been meowing in an unusual manner. Luvic said that all humans should connect with their animals in a way to allow them to speak to you. It may be in words or perhaps pictures or just a feeling or a thought. Just look into their eyes.  Your animals as they are more aware of social interactions among family members and can offer more effective means of communication. That is what animals lives are about, being socially aware. They are very keen as their lives and welfare depend on their ability to discriminate social behaviors.

Have a wonderful week!
Blessings and Love,
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided does not nor claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Merlin Chronicles
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at FSSC in Denver, Co 10/12/10
Channeled by Kay Dragon
I Say Yes to All The Gifts God Wants To Give Me !
The past couple weeks have been very eventful in my world. I visited my Aunt and cousins in AZ. It was wonderful to see them although I was very hesitant about making the trip. Their belief system is so contradictory to my own. I left Denver kicking and screaming a bit. This side of my family is very intellectual, scientific and a bit secretive. My Aunt does not believe in God. I am not sure what my cousin believes in. He is a scientist with a PHD in Chemistry and develops software for chemistry applications. I don’t think he is really sure what he believes in. He does have a heart and sense of community.  We visited some sacred places and did some shopping. The conversation was not quit what I have grown accustomed to in the past few years but I adjusted and was able to hold my own. They also are under the impression that higher education in the form of M.D. and such are the rule of all things concerned with healing and tend to smirk a bit if I talk about energy healing and the power of prayer. So I share little with them about my life.
Some of you already know this but some of you may not as I do not make this subject the theme of my life nor do I allow it to define who I am. I have Hepatitis C and have been HIV+ since 1991. I became very ill in 2005 and was told that my liver was failing and that I needed a liver transplant. I had been working a very demanding job, took care of my mother before she passed away, took care of my sister during her back surgery and tried to eliminate the Hep C with a combination of Medications that actually did more damage than good.
I was disconnected from my spirituality and my higher self at that time. I had left my spiritual work behind me many years before. I had come to believe that my self-worth and success was measured my how much money I made, what kind of a car I drove, home ownership and how well I could hide who I really was. It was a lonely life and it was a lie. No wonder I became so ill.
 When I was told that I needed a transplant I was very ill. I was down to a size 0 in my clothes and was told to expect the worse. My Transplant Dr told my daughter and me that my liver could never. The Hep C would continue to attack the liver and The M.E.L.D. (Model for End Stage Liver Disease) was at 13 and would continue to rise and that I would eventually get liver cancer.
I was ill for so long that my employer had to let me go. I had a choice, a fork in the road. I could accept the diagnosis, feel sorry for myself, lose myself into a world of pain killers and expect to die waiting for a liver or I could dare to ask God, The Creator, and The Universe for help. I did and help came from many unexpected places and people. People started coming into my life that did Theta Healing, Reiki, intuitive energy work Deeksha, Bars, Soul Retrieval, and Shamanism. I said yes to every form of healing work and started collecting certificates and working on other as well as myself. I got back in touch with the Creator, my higher self and my guides. I started doing readings channeling, writing and singing again. My life finally has purpose and makes sense me. This is the first time in my life I can say that I am happy. I have been graced with wonderful, like minded friends. I truly believe that I was divinely guided to the church I attend.
I am sure you are all wondering where this is leading and what it has to do with my visit with my medical model minded relatives. Well, when I came back I had an appointment with my Dr. I waited and hour and a half. He was really running behind and I was getting really impatient. He finally came in the room with a smile on his face and looking into my eyes very oddly. He informed me that my M.E.L.D. score had fallen to 6. The score only goes from 6 to 40. Six is the least amount of damage. He said well, you might not need a transplant. There is a new medication that will be released next year that has tested very well in eliminating Hep C and I think you would be a good candidate for this. You don’t have to come back for 1 year.
The point also being that I always felt a little “less than” when dealing with my extended family. They are financially successful, intellectually gifted, artistic, talented and respected. You know what? Today I think I’m over that! Look what God can do with faith the size of a mustard seed! I am the Co- Creator of my life. Ask and it shall be given!
 All I can say is WOW! What a gift!  Thank you! I Graciously Accept!
Oh, one more thing, my computer crashed and I lost most of my e-mail contacts. I learned a valuable lesson. Keep a hard copy of your contacts!  If you know someone else who usually gets the chronicles who isn’t please ask them to e-mail me so I can get them back on the
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this Channeling Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and the first to arrive. Well not really, his companion a lion he calls Luvic comes and sits close to my feet right before Daniel arrives. Daniel directs who gets through and who does not.
Daniel Speaks   All Souls Day
Good day Jill, it seems as if the church is filled with many souls today as “All souls Day” approaches. Many will be called her on Sunday and be watching the Service. Those in the physical as well as those in spirit. They will be listening what will be said. This will be important to the souls who have passed on. This will enable to assist them in doing the work that they do on both sides as they come back and forth. This is an important time for them to reunite and visit with loved ones. This is also a time for them to make decisions concerning the choice of back into the physical or not.
Many are leaving way for special one’s to come into incarnation at this time. Some of these are from other solar systems. The Bright Shining Ones.
The politics within this United States of America is very complicated at this point in time. Serious battles between the dark and the light and the gray areas. There is much gray area in this time. Something perfect will happen within (we are having difficulty with the word. We want to say theology. Something with ology) we will move on.
 The sister speak now 10/10/10 Energies
The planet is now infused. If we were to show you a picture of it you would see a round circle surrounding the planet.  There is a golden cap at the most northern point with 2 other golden caps on each side with another golden cap at the most southern point of the earth. There are lines connecting these points. Much knowledge is being pumped through these lines. It is almost as if it is a liquid. This is in combination human and extra- terrestrial as you would call it. Some are unsure about the intentions on both sides concerning this procedure.
What appears to be a trumpet? A sound which is radiating through the earth itself and some of its inhabitants. For those who have an ear. This is a reminder to go to a space of quiet and listening to your heart and open it. Many are shutting down at this point in time. The political arena has much to do with this because there is so much negativity. Rather than clear it away, which is most difficult without removing those behind the comments we would suggest leaving your hearts open and your TV’s off. The news off. Receive the truth within your heart and through your body. The Whole political performance is just a diversion away from what is really going on behind the scenes. There is much going on now that will be revealed between now and 2012.
The Children of Our Time
A general discomfort is being felt especially within the lives of the young ones. The teen age children with the onset of hormones flooding their bodies and minds. Hormones are symbiotic with the seasons, patterns of growth and the brain. Something does not feel right to them. Something is amiss. Not in a natural way but unusual. They are trying to hold these energies back and seem to be lashing out. These children don’t have the experience or vocabulary to communicate the discomfort that they are feeling in their bodies and their souls.
 There is a great discomfort. There are Crystal children who somewhat know how to protect themselves from the adversity of this. They are unaffected. They are beacons. We hope to have more Crystal Children in place soon. Not all Crystal children are born Crystal Children or seem that way. Some of them at certain ages become switched on. Aged some at 16, some 12 or 13, some 21, some at 3. Their gifts from beyond become apparent.
 We would ask between now and the end of this month before “All Souls Day” that you communicate with those who have passed on or those who you would like to communicate and receive knowledge and earnest help from in your life especially in the direction of love and this help will be there for you. This is a good time for you to write down your experiences and take your time and notice the things that are happening around you. This is a good time to slow down.
 Jill asks for advice about her daughter
The Sisters suggest asking those who have passed on. If you put the question out there the advice will come to you. Go to that place in your heart when she was a brand new soul arriving to this physical being.
 Take your mind back to the first time you held this innocent, confused, disoriented, dependent gift that arrived directly from the highest of most high. Use this memory especially when you are most angry with her. Go outside and focus on something in nature like a bird or a tree. It is you that will bring the peace. Breath in the peace and as you breathing in the peace it will bring peace not only to your heart but also throughout your family. Then come back into the situation with clear spirituality and love.
 She is a child and she is testing limits. Testing this wonderful new strength she has found but doesn’t quite know how she is supposed to use it. It could become destructive but if you keep your emotional self in a centered place and your heart in the right place she will align with that. Remember how powerful a mother is. She has your DNA, your cells. She is a creation of your being. Who is the captain of this creation? Just as a sailing ship. Use the least resistant path to your desired destination. Use the wind! Create!
Mother must also care for herself first. Get out and have your own experiences that feed your soul, femininity, joy and intellectual self. You need to have a balance of fun laughter and joy to help balance the more difficult times. Don’t cover up or put a lid on your anger and feelings of in gratitude. Don’t be a martyr. This does not bring healthy solutions only more injury.
In this day and age children are somewhat left on their own. Parents may be physically present but their minds are elsewhere. You can’t fool children. To tell a child a “white lie” or say that you are not upset about something when you really are is such an unforgivable discredit to that soul. The child intuitively “knows” something is wrong but the parent tells that child that their intuition and connection with the parent is incorrect. And you wonder why the children have self-esteem issues, trust issues, tell lies, doubt their parents? You wonder why they bully and seem to be void of other people’s feelings.   You wonder why children lose their spiritual gifts as they age on this planet? You told them their instincts are wrong. Did you not?
 Why not say” Yes, you are right, I am having a problem right now but I rather not talk about it at this time but thanks for being so aware.
Take at least one or two hours a day to focus completely on your children. Do not let your mind wander to other things. Focus on your child. Balance this by having your own time for yourself. This way no one feels cheated.
We suggest working on hobbies with your child. For you Jill we recommend making purses and jewelry with Clair. She will open up to you in a much different way. This will open a new path into both of your hearts and give Clair wonderful skills and memories.
At this point Daniel came back and had a meditation and some suggestions for Jill
Love and Blessings,
This information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or emotional/mental conditions. Please contact a Physician or Mental Health professional for concerns of your health and wellbeing.
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Merlins Chronicles 10/13/10

The Merlin Chronicles     10/12/10 Freedom of love, faith and antiquity
Recorded by Jill VanSickle at FSSC
This has been a quiet week for me. It always seems a bit different after you come home from a peak high experience. It seems like I was gone for a week but only left for a few days. When I came home I was so energized and enthusiastic about cleaning my house and moving my crystals around to different places in my house. I really felt the need to change things up. I even got my little Buddha fountain out of the closet and set him up again. I haven’t brought him out in years. The universe has been very supportive in the prosperity and career paths of my life. I have had many opportunities to make a bit of money doing what I love best. It doesn’t get any better than that! Maybe shifting my energy by going to the mountains and changing things up cleared out some blocks.
 I’ll be leaving Friday to spend a week in AZ with my Aunt and cousins. She is a wonderfully gifted lady who has been on this earth for 89 years. She is the oldest sibling and managed to outlive her younger sister and 3 brothers. She has filled her life with music, art, theater, sewing and life- long learning. I am looking forward to spending time with her.

Daniel speaks
Religious freedom
Today we’d like to speak of religious freedom. Freedom of love, faith and antiquity. Love that is based on religious freedom. No strings attached. It is open, it is wise, and doesn’t require the mind, opinions or rules. But man thinking that they need order, separated these facets of love into individual religions. There was a time when this type of separation was needed. For though it was a separation there was a unity of beliefs what one could fit into their scheme or plan of how the world should be. Almost as a safe guard. Now we call upon you to develop more unity within the races and religion.
 Many people are turning away from religion.We ask you to pray for them, keep them in your meditations and intentions. When you are sending out love to the universe include these people who are in a holding station. They are waiting for the light to click on so to speak. Waiting for the light that will illuminate where they should put their own intentions and to define what spirituality is.
Dear God take us to the Halls of invention. That we may create peace, love, truth and guidance to those who are seemingly lost but not lost, to those who are in waiting.
We are showing this to Kay as a network of light coming from the Creator to all beings on the planet. Some of these lights have been blocked you would say. They would appear as a bright stream of light coming from the creator but when it comes close to the individual’s aura the stream becomes dark and blocked.
 We would ask you to send light to the auras of these individuals. Not only will this bring them spiritual wisdom and awakening it will also bring them healing physically and emotionally. This will also bring healing within their family structure.
Daniel asks what questions do you have Jill?  Jill replies, would you like to comment on the new energy sensations I have been experiencing?
This would be coming from … ( a little giggle) We see you holding various stones in front of you and this is almost like musical harmony coming through to you. The new energy is within the rocks and stones and it is awakening. As these gems and rocks and the earth itself has been infused with this knowledge and wisdom. It has always been there but the gate has opened.
This knowledge and wisdom goes through the earth itself then it goes through the grass the trees the leaves small animals to the large and to the humans which travels from the bottom of your feet to your heart which is also met from the light of the creator, the divine through the top of your head and comes together at the heart in a beautiful red white pink bluish green we could almost say all colors of the prism or rainbow. The energies meet within the heart bringing a new found joy, peace a new found knowing that you have.
 A new vision and hope for the future that is yours to create as you chose. Like a canvas like the condo that you are painting for your friend Vincent. This is an opportunity for your new creations. See this new creation while you are painting. The opportunity to decorate this condo was no accident. It was planned for you, by you. This is a wonderful time for you and all who are willing to create. We would suggest this to all Light workers at this time. Use art or any medium in which you love to create this space.
The 7 Sisters wish to speak
The planet is receiving instrumental information into the earth itself as it is a receiving station. This receiving station broadcasts to animals, plants and humans as Daniel said but it also broadcasts throughout the universe.
 Today we look at the small planet that has inhabitants similar to those on earth. They are very precious and innocent. They are feeling this also it is a vibration coming out of the earth into many dimensions.
 Young ones will start to feel differently. More children will be seeing with the inner eye and knowing. Having conversations with those who have passed on into spirit or those who others do not see and you shall also. You can also see just as you wake up in the morning as you open your eyes. You might see someone directly in your face. Take note of who that is.  
There are 27 planets involved in this new vibration and awareness. We would ask that when you go into meditation to make sure that you open your consciousness wider and wider until your head feel like it is going to stretch completely out more then you have ever before to embrace all of these planets. These planets will be instrumental in some of the changes that are coming through to the earth frequency. We see these freqencies coming through to the earth from the furthest northern part of the planet and working down through the core of the earth. Then the frequencies vibrate out from the core. Spend time reaching out to these places and also to the waters of the earth. We encourage you to bathe in mineral baths, streams and oceans as you will wrap these energies around you as a cloak. Te energy will seep into your aura and consciousness.  We would suggest going to the hot springs as often as you can.
Jill asks a question: Was I conversing with the galactic last night? I felt like I was pushing up from my crown. Is this the expansion you were talking about?
Sisters answer.
 Yes you were. The expansion experience is what humans get when those of the Galactic Federation wish to invite themselves in. Actually on some level you have invited them. The information will start traveling to your 3rd eye area. The more you focus on the 3rd eye area the clearer it will become. Your vision will become much clearer. Write down the information that you get. They have much to share with you.
Many are coming back from the 10/10/10 celebrations and bringing much information back with them.  They will offer many facets from the same diamond. Put them all together and there will be a harmony.
 We are envisioning peace in the Middle East. Please join us in this vision. It is difficult to see that vision when the media shows so many different things with an underlying message of hate form those areas. We wish you to send them love, peace and harmony and that they will accept their own true religion and their own true beliefs .That they will see the wisdom the Koran and the Torah has to tell them. The real truth. Not the twisted fabricated so called truth taught by angry men and women. For there is truth, beautiful truth in these books.
Peter speaks to Jill
Sacred space
Is their peace within your heart today? You have brought many wonderful energies back with you from the mountains. Especially from the stones. Hold them and you will feel our presence. Your dog knows this . She is quite attuned with these energies. You broke through a wall as you came into the town of Crestone. It was a shedding of old worn out stuff that you no longer need. This is a joyful occasion for us as you are left clean and easier to access. We are hoping that you will spend time again. There are 2 other areas near you that are quite powerful. The word that comes to mind would be Longs Peak and an area of meadow and mountain. Pueblo would be the word. It is more on the plains.
 But you can make sacred space where ever you choose. These are openings but every where you walk is a sacred space if you wish it to be. You claim it to be and when you do that the universe and all of its elements will support you in this claim. As it is so. Thank you.
Love and Blessings
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Merlin Chronicles 10/1/10 Crestone Co

The Merlin Chronicles  10/1/10
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at Crestone Co
Channeled by Kay Dragon
All is well
I am so blessed! I have wonderful friends who invited me to share their spiritual adventure in Crestone Co. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone seeking soul expansion and spiritual connection. We stayed at the” I Am Harmony B&B “   Make sure you click on the meditation areas as this is where I was channeling from.
I really hadn’t planned on joining everyone on the trip but after channeling last week and Jill’s arm twisting techniques (just kidding Jill) I decided to go. I have been working with Sara Wisemans book “Writing The Divine” and had worked on an exercise a few nights before were you write the name of a loved one who had passed on sending them thoughts of love and kindness. Then Sara tells you to notice signs from this person. I wrote down my Mother’s name. As most of you know I had mixed feelings about my daughter selling my mother’s house and moving to a new home.
I had no expectations about this trip. I wasn’t even excited about it. I just knew I was supposed to go. We approached Crestone and were greeted by a coyote that was on the other side of the highway. I slowed down to let him cross but he just stood his ground looking at us with no concern of the on-coming car in the other lane that also slowed after we passed him. I wondered what he had to show us. Jill and I arrived on Thursday and the owner (an amazing soul) took us all on a tour of her magical property.
The next morning I woke up and decided to explore the meditation areas and looked at the address on the cabin. I didn’t know the address when we arrived because our friends had given us directions and the property is so overwhelming when you drive up that you wouldn’t notice. It is 1361. The same address as my Mother’s home. I guess that is her way of telling me that she heard me and all is well, you are on the right path, in the right place.
Daniel Speaks
We speak of the 7 laws of wisdom and being. You all came here today to connect with the faucets that are unavailable to you in city life. There is no reflection here as humans reflect on one another and bounce back and forth. Your paths may become con fused because of the bouncing back and forth. This is a place of direct connection with the solar spheres within the White Mountain (Mount Blanca). Connect with the White Mountain from your heart and solar plexus. This is your umbilical cord to the creator. As a child of the creator you are also the creator. This land is sparse and under populated so the energies are unadulterated.
Jill asks about the past life regression we took her through a week or 2 ago.
Daniel answers.  Speaking of past life regressions this is helpful whether past or multi dimensional lives. You will bring back clues of lives in other dimensions. You have lives in other dimensions and some things are working well there. You can bring the parts that are working well into this life. The portal above your head brings opening to other dimensions. Many light workers have the ability to bring those realms into this one. Perhaps when you are sleeping you are visiting these realms. They are not physical. This is the only physical realm.
We would like to speak again of opening the heart. As you do this you will be open to other emotions. Although uncomfortable, you will learn from these. Emotions such as anger, sorrow, envy. After you have the emotional experience take time to look back and notice how this feels in your physical body. This is part of your humanness. You are blessed to be human. Those on the human plane were chosen to deliver. Many light workers are feeling imperfections at the surface. They have had a weak period. Wondering. These things are coming to surface because you must learn to love your imperfections.
The 7 Sisters would like to speak.
We would like to talk about humans who see other humans as special or Gods. You are all Gods. You are just as powerful as those who sit upon thrones. They take power but do not give. To worship another human being is to de-value yourselves. You don’t need to go to India. You are India!
The Galactic Federation forces are receiving messages from light workers. Pyramids as you would call them. Messages travel through them. Especially in light workers who are asking for higher wisdom for the planet. This creates a vibration of planetary brotherhood. Please look at this in books. The om consciousness.
We would like to speak of your dreams. Your dreams and power of intention will be achieved in full capacity as they are stronger than ever before. The process of fear elimination is clearing a path of possibilities in your physical life.  Your heart’s desire. Begin with simple projects and simple acquired possibilities.
The intention must be of a spiritual gift or creative intention that you will share as a gift with your community. The balance of relationship with your community and soul being is in perfect harmony. It will bear fruit on all planes of existence...
The Law of one will replicate in complete circular motion. Each individual adding momentum to the group and personal power of ( Fore giveness) the word means before giveness. Think of what this word means before using it so readily and without thought.
I looked up something on Mount Blanca that you can check out if you want. My friend Neil tells me not to look for validation but I’m such a Virgo Neil J
Love and Blessings
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Merlin Chronicles 9/28/10

The Merlin Chronicles Sept.28, 2010
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at First Spiritual Science Church of Denver
Channeled by Kay Dragon
Signs and Synchronies
I don’t know about the rest of you but I have had an odd week. I have had been feeling pressure pulsating in my ears and crown area accompanied by a high shrill  sound, a bit of nausea, feeling a bit of vertigo, completely lethargic and avoiding my spiritual work. I was also feeling overwhelmed and angry about really stupid everyday things and questioning my path. I also thought that perhaps I was coming down with something so I canceled all of my social events and other obligations. That made me even more disappointed and isolated.
I did however have to help my daughter move out of my late mother’s home. I was overcome by nostalgic feelings of the past yet happy that my daughter was able to move on to a better home. I was hoping that this was the right move for her. After we unloaded my car we all decided to grab a bite to eat before the cable person came out to connect the TV and internet. When we finished our meal and walked to my car which I had locked automatically I tried to unlock it and the battery had gone dead on the remote. I felt a bit angry and overwhelmed but there was a Wal-mart right across the street and my daughter got batteries and got back to her new home right as the installer arrived. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. At first I was irritated by the whole situation. Then my sister reminded me that the last time I had driven my car that we went to a ranch in Niwot and this could have easily occurred there at 9 PM with no Wal-mart to get batteries and that this shows how the Angels really are present and assisting in everything that we are experiencing. Perhaps even orchestrating the events to let us know all is well, all is good even though I don’t think that it is sometimes. Look for the perfection in everything. I didn’t feel much like channeling today as I drove to the church to meet Jill but just as I came around the corner and pulled into the lot “In The arms of the Angel” was playing on the radio.
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this Channeling Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and the first to arrive. Well not really, his companion a lion he calls Luvic comes and sits close to my feet right before Daniel arrives. Daniel directs who gets through and who does not.

The Path of Integration
Good Morning this is Merlin.
There have been many shifts and changes. There is a shadow on one side of the earth and light on the other. This is a natural process as the shadow slowly integrates into the light. In Humans one side of the brain is being integrated by the other which may cause confusion and feelings that were thought to be left behind in the past are coming up to be shown in the light for transmutation. This is a slow natural process. Some of you may be having feelings of not being grounded in the lower bodies. You may feel as if you have a huge sort of hat of energy about the crown of your head. This is accumulative energies.
The best way to help this natural process is by breathing and just being. Deal with each vision and feeling as it comes up. Give it acceptance and see new visions of what it will be. Many Light workers are going through this experience now. This is why there hasn’t been many messages from them. Take integration, evaluation and “just being’ time for yourselves.
Pain is part of the process. Some light workers forget their humanness sometimes and this makes them less effective in working with people. This pain is a reminder to be compassionate with yourselves and others.
Some hearts close up from experiencing pain. Work on each other to keep your hearts open. Tears are OK and completely human.
Mary speaks
I am having a hard time getting through Kay today. She is blocking us by filling her mind with imagining responsibilities and tying to block out disappointment of not being able to do the things she would like to do.
We would like to speak of this. This is a practice that many humans do when they are disappointed or experience emotional feelings about a situation that they are not able to fix.  Seemingly not able to walk into their hearts desire at that moment. The heart shuts down. Trying to be an adult, strong and responsible. You may have learned this behavior to avoid seeming too vulnerable or make others feel more comfortable.
 It is good to show your disappointment and let your heart feel. When you close your heart to the sad things you close it to all things! This may also cause physical problems as well. Your anger or disappointment will then take another path of expression that is not a good example of your feelings.
We ask each one of you to go to your heart and speak with it. Make an agreement with your heart to stay open and to agree to understand it.  Ask your angels for help when you need to step back from a situation or a person. To carry the load. Do not shield your heart. Ask that the situation be taken in consideration by higher powers.
To be removed from this list contact me and type in remove.
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Merlin Chronicles 9/23/10

The Merlin Chronicles 9/22/10
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at First Spiritual Science Church of Denver
Channeled by Kay Dragon
Endings and new beginnings The Autumn Equinox 2010
Jill and I usually don’t channel this close to a full moon but today we made an exception. We both felt the nudging of the Universe and the message of the wisdom keepers today. Lots of endings and new beginnings. My daughter is moving out of a home that had belonged to my mother who passed in 2003. The house has been a constant in our family since 1969. We will no longer have a reason to revisit the neighborhood where my children spent most of their lives, the holidays, the celebrations and sad times. This is a bittersweet transition for us. The last family gathering there was after my Mom’s funeral. I’m sure this is a positive move for my daughter and this will tells me that it is time to let go and move in a new direction as individuals as well as a family.  Wonder how the new occupants will get along with the spirits in the house.  LOL !  Yes, it has always been just a little bit haunted. J
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this Channeling Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and the first to arrive. Well not really, his companion a lion he calls Luvic comes and sits close to my feet right before Daniel arrives. Daniel directs who gets through and who does not.

The Age of Opportunity
Daniel Speaks
Hello, this is Daniel. Many are connecting today. We speak today of the Age of Opportunity. The opportunity is to now move forward with a clear conscience and head. Past energies are falling away. Old ideas and feelings of quilt are now passing. This does not mean that we do not have compassion for others. You can still love and assist others on their journey. But you do not need to let their journey become yours. Does this sound hard? I may be for many in your society.
Remember the 1960’s when consciousness began expanding and hearts felt love in way that they had never felt before? All began to feel a sense of global responsibility which was farther than this world and all throughout the universe. We have watched children of the Earth grow just as you would teach a small child about love and responsibility for a friend or a pet. Humans have evolved in such a way. For others to learn you can love them yet bless them on their own path. We know this lesson is a struggle for many of you.
The Seven Sisters Speak
Communications are a bit difficult today as many groups and individuals are reaching out and connecting with the universe and the Creator today. Some do this consciously but some are not aware that they are doing this. This is a given and natural process that is within the body itself. In the cells.  In the DNA. This is part of the ancient art of culture to connect with planets of origin in which the needed information is downloaded for a chunk of time or a season as you call it. This information is stored within each individual and group. The information is given on a basis that will last through out that season.  One only needs to tap into this on a daily basis through the heart center while in a quiet time. If this is done before sleeping the unconscious mind will release the information and incorporate it into your daily life.
Release and Heal
Great shifts are in store for all this year. We encourage you to write down your thoughts, wishes and beliefs as often as possible. This assists in communication with the Creator and Angels who are here and always willing to assist. Manifestations of these things will become quickened and clear.
 We encourage you to discuss these things as they occur with people and your soul group. By sharing this information all will benefit. This process will be beneficial in releasing worn out beliefs. See this as an expansion of golden light in your head. Just light, a nothingness. This will also release emotions that are effecting you physically. These emotions effect the endocrine glands and causes hypersensitivity on all levels. Write them down whether you voice to them or not. Your soul will tell you what you need to do.
Jill asks “Would any of my past life experiences help me now?” “Can you tell me about my past lives?”
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness answers this and takes Jill into meditation.
Close your eyes and in your mind see the world turning. Now see the world stop for a moment and see it turning backwards. See yourself getting younger, as a young girl, then as a baby, then in your mother womb. Now see yourself at the point of conception, now in spirit looking down at the Father and Mother you have picked for this incarnation. Now turn around. You will a big double door leading to a room. Open it and walk in. The library is filled with shelves containing many books but there is a table with one big beautiful book. It is engrave with gold. This is your book. Think of your question and open the book. Now come back to the room bringing the information back with you. This is an opportunity for you to use all of the information from your ancestors that is available to you. All of the things they learned are yours. All of the gifts, talents and wisdom
As we said, this is a day of opportunity. To collect your past experiences and use them in a positive way. Release guilt sorrow and anger. We wish you peace joy and happy downloading!
I will not tell you about Jill’s experience because it is her story to tell if she chooses to share this in the blog.
I also wish you peace and Love
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Ripple, the Light, the Gift, Places of Power

The Merlin Chronicles Sept.2, 2010
Recorded by Jill at FSSC Denver
Channeled by Kay
The Ripple, the Light, the Gift, Places of Power
Hello my friends. It’s been quite a week for me and for you too I imagine. I have seen so many changes occur in many lives this week. I have been witness to changes in residents, jobs, friends, and some people simply leaving there physical lives. Although none of these things are happening to me directly, some of the changes are happening in my family and to friends. This reminded me that we are all one and what effects one is felt by us all. I was very sad today driving to the church to meet Jill thinking about a young man who was so talented and loved by many who passed away last night following a boating accident Noah  simply jumped into the lake from a boat when his feet  landed on  a sandbar which caused irreparable damage to his spinal cord and brain. He lived in an induced coma days 3 days before he chose to move on.  I only knew of him as he was one of a set of twins that my daughter had babysat for when she was a teen so I heard so much about him. She and the family had remained friends all of these years. Noah was the father of two and was 28 years old. He and his brother had just recently signed a contract with a Nashville recording company and had quite a fan base. When he jumped into the water that day how could he have known that this action would intercede for so many and just how far that ripple effect would reach. Noah was an organ donor. He continues to gift the world with not only his music but also the gift of life.  A ripple that is good and bad, happy and sad. We all make a ripple you know.
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this Channeling Daniel is my main guide. He is my main man. He is always present and the first to arrive. Well not really, his companion a lion he calls Luvic comes and sits close to my feet right before Daniel arrives. Daniel directs who gets through and who does not.

Daniel Speaks …. The Gift
Good morning! This is Daniel. I am walking down The Halls of Love here today and of those who have passed into the light. It is different here for them here on this realm and they are making their adjustments. Many have chosen to work from this side now. There is still much that they can do on the light side that will assist you on your side. The gifts that they had in the physical are even more enhanced on this side. These beings can choose those of you in physical form to share these gifts with. Please remember that these are the gifts of the spirit. These souls were chosen to assist you in accessing these gifts. They are and were in human form here to teach others…To serve. These gifts are for all who reach out for them. You can connect your hearts and desires to these beings that can help you realize and unfold you gifts.

Many don’t know who they really are or what their mission is when they come into the human body.  That mission is held deep within the heart. The birthing process is traumatic and the density of the body is awkward and communication is limited to touch and emotions. The soul is taken from a sublime realm of infinite love and expansion to a limited compounded form that relies on others to care for them. To adapt to this world the beings focus shifts into survival and getting the needs met of the one. This can be humbling and frightening. The message is buried within the heart. To assist you in the realization you can focus on the heart and see the message in an envelope that opens and unfolds gracefully.
Crystal Children as you call them are the exception. They know and start working towards their purpose from a very young age. They are protected from the influence of the outside world and are aware of their ability to manifest. Some may say that Crystal children are only of a certain age group but this is incorrect. There have been many throughout time. You gave them different labels like prodigies and such. Consider Beethoven, Michael Angelo and many more.
The Connection
You can align yourself with a great one from the past. One who can assist you in the qualities you would like to covet and achieve. Perhaps one who expresses color, beauty, ideas or fortitude? There are so many on the other side waiting for someone to accept their knowledge. Not for the purpose of worshiping them but to connect and be influenced by them.
Places of Power
There is a place of power in Crestone, Co. This is rock, a vortex which is a place to meditate and receive energies and information for your soul. Be sure to wear protection and ask your guides to control which energies are appropriate for your soul growth at this time. We would suggest this practice in all places of great energy such as Sedona and Mount Shasta just to name a few.  We ask you to approach these places in silence and look into your heart and you will know what to ask for.
There are diverse energies there. None are bad but they are not all in harmony with the path that is laid out for you.  Transmuting is what it is. One could almost explain if you could see the different grids going in different directions yet still connecting with each other. Ask your guide what energies are good for you. Let your guide be in control of what you receive.
Some people go into these places wide open. Being open is a good thing but your higher guides will know what energy is good for you.

Mary Speaks
Hello my Dear ones. I come to you in love and peace. We would ask that you intentionally cover the world in love and peace. Much is changing as is in the plan. Do not listen to opinions. The media will show you many opinions. See these opinions as a comedy show. Give them no credence and they will not affect your emotional field.
The Pleiadians and The Great White Brotherhood are here.
 We are observing right now. We are keeping an eye on China and North Korea. Rebellion is about to start there. We are sending light and visits to the inhabitants there. The armies cannot keep us out. We are enlightening individuals who will become groups of higher consciousness. Watch what develops there in the next 18 months .We are making visits to the mountains in China. The essence and goodness of his holiness still lives in Tibet. They can’t take that away. It is like a powerful loving thought form as you would understand it that he left behind. Anyone who visits there will feel it. The thought form is still there and he feeds it more and more from where he now sits.
His next successor is but an infant right now .The moment that the Dalai Lama chooses to leave the planet all of his information will be downloaded into this child. It is real. Believe it! This is very ancient, secret and sacred. His successor will be more understanding of the world as it stands today and be more out spoken then he is.  This is a very bolder society. We are sending Light to many cities in the world now. Especially Los Angeles.

For those of you who are having difficulty in fully accessing the brilliance and clarity of your 3rd eye?
Some of you are hiding or coping with your shadow of unhappiness and anger my medicating with alcohol drugs and other mind altering activities. We suggest illuminating these activities for 28 consecutive days and embrace these feelings. These feelings are not bad. They are human. Let them come up to be cleared accept your humanness. Learn to address these feelings and this will open the light of the eye to greater clarity and light. When you become anxious we suggest exercise and breathing, talk to the stars and trees.


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