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The Merlin Chronicles April 13, 2012

The Merlin Chronicles   April 13, 2012
Hello my friends,
What a wonderful and busy month it has been for me. I haven’t had the time to write up this channeling until today 5/4/12. The night before the Super Moon in Scorpio on 5/5/12
I was blessed with a get together out of town with some of my wonderful gifted Goddess friends in a special place. We go there to soak in the hot springs, heal each other, share our artistic gifts, channel, give each other readings, share all of our secrets and share our wisdom. We laugh, sometimes cry and help find ways to solve each other’s problems. We encourage and support each other. I am Blessed!
Luvic decided to channel a message and a meditation which really surprised me. He usually holds space and walks around the room visiting people. He has also been given a new title as he informed me. I have told you before that I don’t always totally agree with the information that is channeled through me and I hope that Luvic’s message is received in the spirit of love. I think that his message is that we as humans would do well to let the animal know how much we appreciate all that they do for us.
So without any more from me….Here is the channeling .

For those of you not familiar with me please read the following before the Channeling.
My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, A Advisor, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay
My Guides
To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic appears to me. Merlin is and has always been an important voice in my channeling, my personal, spiritual and metaphysical growth. Sometimes other Masters Teachers and Light Beings wish to speak.

Good greetings my Friends
Daniel is speaking, we like this place, Salida CO. The energy is clear here and we enjoy the pristine air and water. We also enjoy the energy of the ancient ones who have passed before us here. There are many spirits in the mountains in this area. We could tell you that they appear as a mist in the forest in the trees and on the mountains.
LUVIC (He now refers to himself as The Prince of the Animal Kingdom)
Luvic is present and giving his feline greetings to all here today. He wants to know why people would ever keep animals inside. All animals need sunshine and fresh air. We the animals want to keep you happy but we wish that you would allow us to live out our lifespan in the manner that we were brought into this physical manifestation for. We already have our own defense system, our protective fur and insulation and instincts. We also have our own gifts and promises.
 Sometimes you are keeping us from fulfilling our own destinies. Therefore we have acquired human diseases and attitudes of maladjustment. There will be many who disagree with this knowledge that I share. Many humans are wonderful loving beings and wish to keep and protect us this the best way that you know how. We want you to know that we acknowledge this and reward you with our loyalty and our love. We also are not in our hearts free. Do you realize how much we give up in making your life happier? 

Luvic's Meditation
·         Please close your eyes and stand in my place for a few moments.
·          Breathe in and Breathe out.
·         I am a large beautiful African Lion with the huge mane and a luxurious coat. My nails are sharp and long to protect me and I use these as my tools.
·          My teeth are strong and white and without cavities and are instrumental in my survival.
·         Become me for as long as you can. Feel my power and physical body.
·         See through my eyes.
 Now return to your own body and write down or just simply think about what you learned by becoming me. How does it feel to be wild and free to live in the moment?  I have so much to teach you and my wish is that you will visit me often my loving human.
 I thank you for this audience as I rarely speak during the sessions but Daniel and Merlin have encouraged me to do so. This will assist you in communicating with the animal kingdom and the heart of mother Earth herself with all of my love and blessings this is Luvic.

There are never enough words to explain the differences in each life and light of each individual on the Earth. So the Divine has found a way to express the many facets of each and every soul’s expression of divine love. It is far vaster than anyone could ever imagine. Not only does it expand across this Earth but it expands across the entire star system of which we are connecting to right at this moment.
We would like to address the issues of many light workers and channelers who have been experiencing pain in the heart chakra area and in the physical heart. This is a time of great expansion. The energy is very powerful and it is a good time to occasionally rest the heart and allow this to open. This may feel serious and a bit scary. By all means always consult your physician. This can be serious and scary if you do not recognize the whole body concept. If an issue is found follow your Doctor’s advice!
 Many have had tests and found that there is nothing wrong on a physical level or it is something correctable. This of course is good news.
There is no exact science that can measure or evaluate the energies of the heart opening on a spiritual, mental, emotional and ancestral level.  The theory and data within the practice of Western medicine does not understand or have a diagnosis that deals with the universal truth that is opening hearts right now.
 Your heart is opening right now. Some are opening with grace and ease. Some are opening with the help of spiritual practices such as energy healing, sound healing, meditation and pure intention. Some energies are bursting through like water breaking through a dam. This is a powerful upgrading process. We refer to this lower part of your heart as the diamond area which contains many facets of the love energy that you are receiving from so many others.
 This area may feel as if it is expanding. You may even feel as if your ribs are expanding. When you start feeling this physical sensation we suggest that you  rest and simply relax and allow your body and spirit to assimilate this energy gently  rather than experiencing this as if on a collision course. Please do not panic. Relax and allow the sweet energy to flow through. Be gentle with your bodies and allow for relaxing activities to release stress, toxins and hormones. Because of the light work you continue to do, more energy been attracted to you. This is the Law of Attraction. You already know this.
Changes and Choices
 Some of you are involved in many groups bringing light to the planet. You may have to make some choices in what groups will be most important in your purpose as the energy continues to grow in intensity. All of these like-minded groups and individuals are serving a purpose. All are goodhearted.
 Now is the time for you to ask for our help in placing you exactly where you are supposed to be at this time. Ask to be guided to those you will be partnering with. This may be in the areas of the arts, health services, transportation, ecology, safe efficient cheap energy, child care, financing, health, music, entertainment , fiction, non-fiction, perhaps grant writing and other areas that will assist in transforming the human spiritual mass consciousness. This is limitless! This will assist the new ones coming to earth. This will make an easier transition.
Walking with The Walk-in’s
If we could show you a picture of this it would look like white clouds that form spirits floating to earth from the heavens. They are the light bodies coming to earth. Some of these light bodies will take form within the trees and in the animals. Some will take place as what you call Walk-In’s. There are some humans who have agreed to allow another essence of great light and wisdom to share or become the principal person in souling or you may say in-fusing into the physical form.
The purpose of this is to allow wisdom and knowledge of the light realms to conduct important work to be done on the physical level. This will only take place with permission and when it is pertinent. Some humans will be semi-conscious of this as in the case of a channeling. Some others may be knocked to their knees and may not really have complete memory of their past life in this body when this occurs. But we will say to you that most will embrace this in a very loving and simple way where the body will not be affected or altered in a way that would leave permanent damage. In fact many physical bodies will be healed and made perfect by this process.
There may however be some back problems due to the energy that is moving in as the Light Beings energies enter and mingle with your light body and physical energy. Now this is not to say that anyone would take over your body or your mind. In most cases this will be collaboration as you have expressed your willingness to serve the Divine and in service for the good of all. Many new talents and gifts will come in with this new energy. It will be…an upgraded version of you.
Music is very important and vital to this process. Finding the correct rhythm that will work with your body and in-sync  create a bridge between you and the Divine that will allow your teacher to arrive. We see this as kundalini energy moving up your spine. Rhythm and tone is very important. Also the music you make with your own voice is very important. Crystalline sound which includes finding the proper crystals and elements of the Earth it resonates with your process. This can be crystal bowls, drums and other instruments.
The Seven Sisters Report
The Earth to shifting .Some would prefer not to acknowledge this but Mother Earth needs to adjust and you could almost say that she needs to burp! She needs to release energy in certain spots. We are assisting with this as we have agencies in areas in Alaska, at the top of the Earth and at the bottom of the Earth to help release some of these energies so it won't be such a sudden abrupt shift. Small earthquakes rather than large distructive quakes like the Indian Ocean quake and  possibly another in the same area but not the exact same location.
There will also be another shift coming from another section which will also move the land. Loss of life will be minimal. It will open up some areas in the Earth that are probably under the water but there will be evidence of interplanetary life and ancient times that will be referred to as probably ancient astronauts. This will not be revealed for some time although there will be a leak of this information within a circle. Someone will believe that this is important information and will not be motivated by financial reasons or seeking fame. This person will be very excited about sharing this find with others.
The flood of tears that was left for and laid in my name could be thought of as life force to assist in changes. I am being told by our mediators Daniel and Merlin that I must introduce myself. I am known to you as Jesus the man who was on the Earth.
Those tears are an opening.  Like a valley of tears which opened up this planet to new energies and possibilities. This may have seemed like several years in your mind. Your time experience is like a flash of light for us. Although we have watched you grow and assisted you when you asked in prayers, thoughts and words. We hear you.
You know that you are not of this place but you are in it. I wish to help you bring in the heart energy. This place you call home. To bring you communication, and healing from this loving place that you call home. You may not really know where this is or what it looks like but you will recognize this place as you acknowledge the Father-Mother essence of your home and of those who are still there. They are also getting in touch with you using the same method that I am about to explain.
 I will demonstrate this as if you have 100 people in meditation on the Eastern coast of a country and a matching 100 people on the Western coast all in perfect harmony. Each group has the same intention of love and are telepathically giving permission to open themselves to the light, love, wisdom and healing of each group. This is what it is like between you and your home. Whether you choose to call this place a planet, a star system, an essence, a level of conscious life, your DNA or simply your heart is for you and your home to decide.
Focus on your heart with no intention.  Just go back in your experience and find one feeling  of unconditional love and acceptance.  Many of you have had memories of sorrow and sadness with friends, family, communities and society that caused you to shut your heart down.
Some of you were just  children who have had experiences that felt evil or unsupportive that made you feel as if you did something wrong at a time when you were just beginning to open your heart . This was a result of someone else’s inability to accept love and when you are a child everything is about you. The feelings of these other individuals mirrored back to you and made an impact. This effect began to mirror back and forth in other relationships until you became what you feared most. What hurt you most. Closed an unable to receive and give love that is not compromised and that is conditional.
It is now time to shift this and open the gates: To open your heart in a safe place:
·         See yourself walking through a tunnel. Throughout the tunnel are many closed doors.
·         Breathe in and as you breathe out see all of the doors open.
·         Walk through and look in the doors. Exchange and mingle with the many energies and colors that you see or feel.
·         See this as liquid, air whatever you chose. I refer to this as my life force and blood exchanging with your life force and blood. This is an exchange of the energies of our hearts.
·         Stay here in this place and experience this as long as you wish.
·         Return to your own heart now with the memory of the energies of love and acceptance that you connected with  when you were in the tunnel with the doors wide open. Feel the love of the individual and the many, the millions and bring this back with you. Leave the doors open.
We thank you for the gift of your presence,
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.
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