Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MerlinScopes for autumn


You may have been thinking seriously about making a move – in your career and perhaps in your home as well. This could include a long distance move cross country or simply mean a huge shift in your current work and/or living situation. Thoughts of family and where you originally came from are coming to the forefront of your mind; and memories of a place you lived or visited with family bring feelings of security and warmth. Take the rest of the year in stride reorganizing your thoughts and things to make yourself feel more comfortable and at home in your present circumstances. 

Aries Vision from Spirit

I see a huge beautiful tree emerging from the morning mist with many branches and lush green leaves glistening with dew. The veins on the leaves are vital and healthy for the most part; but some have begun to dry up and fade as autumn approaches and the cycle of the seasons is beginning her harvest. You sit below this tree with you back against the bark, legs outstretched and reading a book. This is the book of life which includes information and wisdom of your family as well as journal entries of your own life. 

The pages seem to be writing themselves; and you watch as each page is turned by the unseen hand of spirit. The pages turn until you get to the page where you are now in your life. This page is awaiting your next move. You are being encouraged to take a bit of a break and ask for assistance from the unseen as well as from natural forces of nature and your ancestors. What do you know about the laws of nature and the progression of life that will help you with the choices in your present life? 

Do not make any moves or decisions out of fear or pressure from others – including those who might be effected by your choices. Seek higher truth and take all matters under consideration. Will you chose to move forward or backward? Sometimes what appears to be backwards is forward. 

 Step away from your ego and the ego issues of those around you. You are especially susceptible to manipulation and being influenced by the desires of those you care about. When you feel this happening you may want to use the tree vision as a meditation which will help you make better choices based on your higher divine guidance. Seek your inner strength and step up to the challenge. 

Aries Light Being 

Gaia will help you understand and apply the laws of nature to circumstances in your life. Gaia or Mother Earth was created in chaos and discord and so these are natural, necessary and familiar processes. When you feel as if you have fallen short, you may be using man-made expectations of what a human existence on Earth looks like. Sit quietly and call on Gaia. She will bring Light Beings who have lived and achieved Ascended Mastership or an elevated status as guides. Some of these beings were known by names such as Davey Crockett and Sitting Bull just to mention two. 

Aries Animal Guide 

Buffalo is available to remind you that all things in life are sacred in both life and death. When you fall out of balance, call on Buffalo to ground your thoughts and energy. Buffalo will also bring you a dose of reality. 

Aries Mineral, Crystal or Stone 

Malachite will protect and clear your energy of man-made pollutants in the environment. It will also help you in vision work as part of your manifestation process of what you want to bring into your life. It will also amplify the negative as well as the positive thoughts and emotions; so be mindful when wearing this stone. 


Even if you tried, you couldn’t make this a better time to be still and erase past expectations and simply…allow. Allow yourself to feel the consequences of past decisions and choices with little or no judgment and accept these are things that cannot be changed. You need to take responsibility for them; but don’t become fixated on past behaviors. This is natural for we are all children in the school of life no matter what our age. 

We are here to be human and to learn through the choices we make. You can however, choose differently in the future. You are in a quiet, yet productive time of preparation. Focus on your heart chakra and proceed in love and trust even if you have no plan for your next undertaking. You are in a perfect position to receive messages and hints from your higher self and guidance from the divine. 

Taurus Vision from Spirit

I see you standing in a beautiful garden, peering down into a quiet pool of water. The water is dark and it is impossible to see below the surface or estimate the depth. Although occasionally, you see a golden fish fin or tail under the surface; and it seems like every time you look away for just a moment, you hear the splashing of the fish and almost see it jumping to the surface to catch an insect as a bit of a snack. You are so focused on catching a glimpse of the golden fish that you are not even allowing your senses to explore and experience the beauty of the plants, animals, and people around you. 

You didn’t notice that the outside of the small pond is adorned by beautiful flowers that are feeding the butterflies and bunnies. What about the lovely couple sharing a romantic dance on the other side of the pond? It is time to bring sensuality back into your life as you may have been feeling a bit numb lately. When your body is in a state of numbness, you repel rather than invite nurturing experiences. 

Expand your conscious awareness and physical senses to include recognition and gratitude for the beauty that is right in front of you. If you listen, you can hear the hum of nature in her perfection. Breathe in all of this sweetness and fragrance of the flowers and the soft tickle of the butterflies and bees as they brush by your skin. When you bring your attention back to the golden fish, you may find more than just one fish. Perhaps many as you are now attracting the fish by becoming part of the natural order, rather than emitting a vibration of anxious predator-type behavior. Think about the fish and the garden in all of those things that you so desperately want in your life. 

Taurus Light Being 

Joseph of Arimathea will assist you in the expansion of you consciousness which will allow you to become more aware of the nature of all things and the secrets of the gardens at Chalice Well. Joseph was a wealthy man, not just financially, but in every way. Call upon him and he will assist you. 

Taurus Animal Guide 

You can trust Bear to help you in this quiet time of transition. Bear will ground you and help you become aware of your own power and divinity. He is very primal so you can expect some of those qualities to come to the surface as they need to be recognized and accepted as part of your nature. 

Taurus Mineral, Crystal or Stone 

Prehnite will help you connect to the Divine presence within you. This will reveal the next step on you journey and help bring your true desires and life purpose to the surface of your consciousness. It offers protection for your auric field and encourages tranquility. It will help bring you into harmony with nature. 


Count your blessings this month. This comes in the form of not only the large and small physical comforts that you have, but also by the number of people who need your help, encouragement, and support. This is truly an affirmation of your divine gift and a reflection of your connection with your divine source. 

Through service to others you will become aware of many opportunities and possibilities within that can be brought forward. They are coming in so fast that it would be beneficial to write them down in a special little book that is easily accessible. Many of these ideas will be usable in the coming months. Try to narrow it down to one or two projects that have the best chance of success given the circumstances and opportunities available right now.  
Seeing these little achievements will help build your self-esteem; and give you the confirmation you are seeking to commit to larger steps in career and creativity. It is time to seek out and perhaps create situations that allow you to be your own boss. If you are already in that position, it is time to take your career one step further and promote yourself more widely. This may mean taking a class or learning a new skill. Pay attention to side or belly aches as these could be associated with stress and scattered energy. 

Gemini Vision from Spirit

I see you as the cosmic Gemini twins, connected to each other, side by side at the middle of your bodies. You have two auras, two heads, and two arms on each side but only two legs. Both heads have strong opinions and both want to take off full speed in different directions. Your arms are stretched outward pulling and waving in different directions. Your two legs just don’t know exactly which way to turn. You continue this behavior to the point of exhaustion, and collapse on the ground in a cross legged position just as a child would sit in the playground to play marbles or jacks with a friend. The faces of your two heads turn to each other and a spark of reconciliation and perhaps remembrance brings a sense of peace that fills your being and I see a smile. It is as if you know that there is someone there for you, that always has your back and best interest. 

 A beautiful exchange of colors and light move back and forth between you; and the two auras become one beautiful light. You stand arms stretched out toward the sky until you reach a huge disk of light which appears to be the moon.  With two hands from each twin you begin turning this disc of light in unison; and in this moment you realize how powerful you have become by focusing on one thing and working in unity. You once again become one. 

Say yes to as many social events as possible as this is a wonderful time for you to fill yourself with the joy of being with others in groups. This is especially true for gatherings and events whose purpose is for the betterment of a community or the consciousness of the planet. You may even be the center of attention. 

Gemini Light Being 

Vishnu assists as the bridge between human consciousness and God or Higher self. He is part of the Hindu trinity and is of the Christ presence. He will assist you in bringing light to any dark corners of your life and in restoring order. 

Gemini Animal Guide

Lynx will reveal many things to you if you will still your mind and body and pay attention. This can be secrets about yourself or about someone else. Lynx holds ancient knowledge and will also assist you in healing, especially if it involves the stomach area. Is there something hidden there that needs to come to the surface and be cleared? 

Gemini Mineral, Crystal or Stone 

Opal Aura Quartz will bring hope and help to unite and balance your auric, physical and emotional energies. 

Cancer …
It may seem as if you have been chasing your tail over the past couple months. You have been feeling out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone meaning your immediate environment and the inability to have your usual control over every little detail has been shaken up and you have been forced to allow something bigger then yourself to be behind the wheel.
You haven’t been pleased with some situations for quite some time and now you are seeing the results of the power of the universe at work. If you don’t change, the universe will make that change for you. Some times through unbearable situations we learn to tap into the creativity and inner strength that is within all of us.
Patience is not one of your strongest qualities but you have been forced to take a back seat and watch the universe at work. You have had to let go of things that no longer serve you or just those things that don’t have a place in your world.
The message here is to try not to be judgmental or angry. Just let go and allow everything to fall into place for you and all concerned.
Be careful what you wish for. You rubbed the Genie’s lamp and what your wish is will come to be truth so be specific and accept that there is the possibility of a bit of calamity when you wish for change.

Cancer’s Vision from Spirit…
I see you chasing a cute little pink pig. Actually he looks just like a piggy bank. No matter how you try the little fellow alludes you. Just his shape alone makes it difficult to get a good hold on him. You are running through a forest and he hides and dodges your every attempt to grab him. There is a river and I hear you saying that this is a prize pig and you want to keep him on your side of the river. You have made a nice corral for him and you want him to stay close to you but he always seems to get out of the gate to roam the forest and dig up unusual items from the forest floor. These things are unusual and charming. A gold ring, a tea cup from an antique set, silver and more things. You collect these thing and stand by the river and just gaze at it. Soon you look down and the pig is standing next to you. You walk back to the house and the pig walks along side of you. He goes back into the corral for the night. Perhaps it would be easier if you didn’t worry about him crossing the river and just let him roam trusting that he will return.

Cancer’s Light Being…
Moses will support you in dealing with all situations at hand. He is an amazing and charismatic leader and will assist you in bringing the situations in your life and environment into order and functional. He will also teach you how to delegate authority and power when needed.

Cancer’s Animal Guide…
Spider will help you by weaving your web to catch opportunities. Spend time meditating with her and using your breath expand your aura as far as possible! See what wonderful things you will catch!

Cancer’s Mineral Crystal or Stone…

Peridot will help you release past patterns circumstances and people so that you may move forward and attract what you really need in your life.

Bright prospects seem to be a good possibility this month as your intuition is right on target and you are able to see beneath the surface of a situation that you have never thought about before. It isn’t your imagination and I would advise you to proceed according to the best interest of all involved but you do need to think of your own interest first.
You seem to have the insight and ability to see 3 to 4 months ahead and this would be a good time to start planning. Take subtle behind the scenes action as you keep in your mind that the universe will be jogged by your movement and adjust things according to your intentions so keep them high and of light. Remember to say “This or something better”.

Leo’s Vision from Spirit…
I see you in a canoe on a calm serene mountain lake. It is a sunny day and perfect for this or any activity related to nature. You have packed a delightful picnic lunch and have plenty to eat and drink. You are past the halfway mark to reach the other shore when you stop to take a picture as you want to remember this moment in time. As you decide to proceed to the other side you realize that that one of the oars seems to have dropped in the water and although it is not sinking, you have difficulty trying to reach it. You are using the one oar that you have only makes the canoe spin you in circles as you are only paddling on one side which is only creating a ripple that pushes the other paddle that has gone adrift even farther away from you. There is not a person in sight to help you and so there you are. Eventually you resign to eating and your lunch as I see you sharing it with some of the birds and fish. You listen to the swishing sounds of the water and the rhythm of the wave on the shore. I see you calling forth your higher self and nature to assist you in finding a way out of this dilemma. As you do this two people appear on the dock and throw you a line so that you may pull yourself to shore.
Keep your thoughts and observations private and stay on the sidelines as you watch things play out. Be flexible and gift yourself with the ability to enjoy whatever is available to you at the time.

Leo’s Light Being 
Babaji will help you to in using you mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual energy properly for the greatest results and healing. Through breathe work and awareness of your body movements you will be able to stay centered and more focused.

Leo’s Animal Guide 
Whale will help you connect with your deepest truth and knowledge of how your body and mind are wired to create rather than passively follow others.

Leo’s   Mineral, Crystal or stone
Amethyst will help you transmute negative thought patterns and energy. It will help balance hormones and boost your immune system. It will help bring emotional balance and help you “walk your talk.”

Let yourself be a part of the whole. This does not mean that you need to go out and start up or join a new religion or get involved in the most popular new age craze for expanding consciousness, weight loss or method of  spiritual communication.
This simply means just being your own unique individual ray in the light of the sun of spirit. It is a good time to take a step inward and get a deeper and more personal relationship with your Divine self and the “I Am” presence that is the living God within you.
 Look for opportunities to experience and absorb your own healing on a soul level. Even if you are considered an expert in some field or you are the person that everyone goes to in a crisis or for support. You can only help as much as you are able to perceive. This is a perfect time to clear an opening to have your own personal healing experience so that you may be of greater assistance in the larger picture of consciousness.
  You are very good at giving but not as open to receiving. This is not necessarily only on a physical or social level but also on a spiritual level. Your natural inclination for serving others is a noble and respected pursuit that has always made you a channel of sorts in assisting those in your life.
 Now is the time to go into deep meditation, take some classes that feed your sole in whatever you choose. This could be spiritual development or music appreciation, going to an art gallery or perhaps taking a class from someone you have always admired. Just Be.

Virgo’s Vision from Spirit…
I see you dressed up in mountain climbing gear. You are prepared and have all of the tools and supplies that you need secured in a tightly packed pack that you are carrying on your back. This is not a burden as you have chosen wisely in what to bring and what to leave behind.
You are at the base of a small mountain and as you take your ice axe out and start chipping away the rock seems to crumble at your feet. You continue and the results are the same until the entire little mountain has crumbled which allows you to walk on soft flat ground.
You see that a larger mountain is behind in the distance. You walk forward towards it not knowing if the larger mountain can be concurred using the same method but you walk on towards it just the same. There is a completion and a new and bigger task at hand but you have all of the tools that you may or may not need to achieve this new adventure.

Virgo’s Light Being 
Lord Lanto will help you with achieving balance in your newly created energy as there is still some karmic balancing to be contended with. This is especially true in the areas of giving and receiving. Call on him often.

Virgo’s Animal Guide 
Hawk will act as a herald this month. When you see this bird of prey this month know that he brings tidings and support from the higher realms and wishes to remind you that you are loved protected and most of all…You are seen and your prayers are heard. If you are single and open to finding a new mate ask hawk to search for this person and arrange a meeting. You may also ask hawk to help with any matter nothing is too small or mundane for hawk as he can see the smallest creature hidden beneath a blade of grass.

Virgo’s Mineral, Crystal or stone 
Magnetite will help balance your chakras especially the lower ones that may be getting too much energy. It will help you release anxiety It will also aid you in meditation and attract positive and loyal companions.

 You are being encouraged to go deep within and seek the wisdom the Divine has been holding in you heart of hearts. Take in, not what you see with your own eyes but also in the reflection of what is shown to you in the eyes of others. You have touched many lives and left an impression.
You have such great integrity but occasionally someone around you will test your limits. Watch out for red flags and avoid responding in a way that will make you feel uncomfortable with your response later on. You are your greatest critic and will see the small flaws in your dealings with others. Stand in your own power and be true to yourself and you can never go wrong.
This is a great time to start using your positive affirmations and researching methods of attracting prosperity and all of the wonderful things life has to offer. You may have been surrounded by those in a poverty consciousness lately or perhaps listening to too many negative media rants. Shift that! You know how!

Libra’s Vision from Spirit…
 I see you looking into a beautiful antique mirror. Your mind starts traveling backward as you see the changes in your face and expression over the months and years. You also see the people you have interacted with, loved disliked or felt neutral about and wonder what would have happened if you would have made a left turn instead of a right or have more tolerant or kinder or said no instead of yes. This looks like a movie with so many possibilities and endings.
In the lower right hand of the mirror you see a reflection of a small child in the corner who is curled up in a fetal position surrounded in a dark sort of cloud. In the upper right hand of the mirror is a beautiful yellow golden light. You take your right hand and dip into the beautiful golden light and hold a ball of it in your hand. You start breathing deeply and as you do the light surrounds you and contracts and expands until all you can see in the mirror is this beautiful light. The child also disappears into the light.
I hear the message.....” A shift in perception can change everything”

Libra’s Master Light Being 
Isis will assist you by bringing harmony, balance and creating interest that will lead to a deeper level of self-knowledge and wisdom of the feminine nature of the Divine presence.

Libra’s Animal Guide
Badger will support you in aggressively dealing with any problems that could arise. This also includes healing yourself or others by any means. You may need to be the one who takes control of a situation.

Libra’s Mineral, Crystal or stone 
Iron Pyrite will protect your energy field from any undesirable energy and act as a physical barrier. It will also assist you in seeing the deeper truth beneath another’s words and behaviors.

Scorpio has been struggling with many issues this season. Health is a number one priority on the list. Make sure that your words and actions support the desired outcome.
Let Divinity of all sorts be your mantra this season. See the divinity within and surround your life with those who support the same. Use words, look at pictures and make this a daily part of your life. Magic is truly alive and well and only needs to be recognized and supported.
You have great potential to make great changes in a positive direction if you choose to allow your conscience to be your guide. Especially when dealing with others. Don’t allow feelings of low self-worth color the way you respond to others as you must remember that we are all one and what you do to and for others is the same as doing that to yourself.
Take a look at the methods you have been using in handling many areas of your life. Are the results that you are getting to your liking? If not start asking all of the wonderful Light Beings and Masters surrounding you for assistance and direction. They are telling me that a hand written invitation would be nice.

Scorpio’s Vision from Spirit…
I see you rolling a huge globe. It is slightly taller then you. Another person is on the other side of this globe and although you are both rolling it in the same direction you appear to be going in a circular motion like an old record on an antique phonograph. The globe is acting the same as the needle on the phonograph and you can’t seem to break out of the groove and go forward.
Eventually you fall to the ground exhausted and surrender to limits of your physical body and ambitions. You roll over and start rolling down a green grassy slope that takes you to a river at the bottom. You are on the side of the back with one arm in the water as you look at the clear running stream you see a golden nugget and pull kit from the water.
You look at the golden nugget, put it in your pocket, shrug your shoulders and happily start walking down a path that offers many possibilities.

Scorpio’s  Light Being …
Djwhal Khul is available to be your companion this season especially in working with water. He encourages you to explore the teachings of Doctor Masaru Emoto in working with water. Pay special note to his work with intentions and the alchemy of emotions and the effects on the physical environment. Consider the possibilities!

Scorpio’s Animal Guide 
Bear is here to support you in setting up strong boundaries and will assist in healing matters. Pay close attention to your dreams and take naps often as you are working on so many levels. Take time to be alone.

Scorpio’s Mineral, Crystal or stone 
Red Chalcedony is a great healing stone and especially helps in healing cuts. It will assist you in dream time and absorb any negative energy. It will also support positive and thoughts.

Take time out to follow your own instincts and advice. You take yourself for granted sometimes and leave little time for clarity in dealing with your own circumstances. Take time to breath and look at your own divine purpose.
Do you think that everything will simply fall apart if you step back for a few hours or days? The truth is just the opposite. You will have time to take a look at the relationships in your personal and professional life and great clarity will come to the surface if you allow it.
 If you allow some things and people simply fall into place in your mind. Fly or fall. You will be able to have some pretty profound ” Aha” moments regarding the way you are handling things and how they really are.
Some people don’t do well when they are being “handled” and no one knows this better then you. Especially in the areas of career. Tune into your Divine guidance or if you like, you can look at your B.S. meter and see who is just telling you what they think that you want to hear and what the truth really is in regards to how it will affect you.
By the end of this season I feel that you will be more relaxed and have a plan of action which may be a plan of non-action in place.

Sagittarius Vision from Spirit
I see what appears to be a clip of the movie”Ground Hog Day.” You wake up carrying the same accumulation of problems and responsibilities that you had when you went to sleep. I see guides and angels trying to get your attention as you sleep but you are still wrapped up and regurgitating the pain and responsibility from the days and weeks before.
I am also being shown a vision of you going off to you daily duties which is focused on building a long wall out of stones. Every day you add more and more stones, going back and forth from one side to the next, a row at a time. I wish you could see what I see. From where I am standing I see this amazing wall is beautiful and ancient. It curves and winds and is surrounded by the most gorgeous county side of green grass, peaceful  lambs and other animals grazing and enjoying the day as they watch you in your busy work. It seems like even the bees are attracted to you but you pay little attention to them. They almost see you as an inanimate part of the wall as you never bring your gaze up to see the beauty of bid them a good morning or a good afternoon. It looks like the Great Wall of China. A voice says, Love what you are doing in the moment, alas there will be only a beginning and ending and no good or powerful memories of the journey in between. If you cannot love it…Leave it for someone else to do.

Sagittarius Animal Guide 
Alligator will help you with strategy and patience. Lie quietly in the water and watch the coming and going of those around you. Timing is important. Laughter is also a good way to see an old situation with fresh eyes. Gator is here to remind you that perhaps, that this is a repeat performance that you have done before. Don’t beat yourself up. Try to find the amusement of it all and when the timing is right you can forge a new path.

Sagittarius Mineral, Crystal or stone
Citrine will clean and balance your aura and will also attract prosperity.

There seems to be a stench in the air. Could it be the smell of burnt rubber on the pavement? You are in such a hurry to get everything done and make things happen around you. You have amazing perseverance and you channel this in the right way the payoff can be amazing!
This is a very creative time for you right now so use the natural energies around you to your advantage. Remember that there is a season for everything and try to stay in the moment and not push anything or anyone to hard or too fast. You wouldn’t turn on the lawn sprinklers in winter now would you? You also wouldn’t try to make a chocolate cake out of flower alone.
This is a good time to collaborate with others to help take a new project or idea to a higher level. You will have to relinquish a bit of control but the results may astound you.

Capricorn’s Vision from Spirit…
I see you standing in a line with several other people passing small red buckets of water. You all seem to be hard at work attempting to contain a house that is on fire. Try as you might the flame continues to grow higher and higher as it consumes everything in its path. There is only a small water faucet that supplies a little bit of water so there is a line of people waiting in line for their bucket to fill. It seems that these folks would rather allow the house to burn down then to call the fire department.
When I asked them why they aren’t asking for help they responded with shrugging shoulders and saying they didn’t know, it has always been this way. It seemed like they are unwilling or unable to explore other alternatives or join forces with other resources to save the house.

Capricorn’s Animal Guide 
Call on Blue Heron to assist you in recognizing and attracting new opportunities. Heron will also assist you in taking a deeper look at your own motives and attitudes. You may need to get out of your own way.

Capricorn’s Mineral, Crystal or stone 
Chiastolite will help you release fears and assist in intellectual pursuits. It will also help in keeping in the path and recognizing your soul’s purpose.

Take yourself seriously and address any health problems that may be looming in the out skirts of your energy field. I see some interesting little formations on the edge of your aura just off of the side of your crown chakra.
Try to take things in stride and don’t allow political or social propaganda take the joy out of the season or the skip in your step. Seriously, these types of energies can fester and tend to find a home in the hip area. Try to release this energy with exercise and perhaps taking a break from the TV and internet.
Sometimes it is good to pull your energies back and heal shower yourself with love and laughter. The world will still spin and perhaps some miracles will take place in your own world is you simply “become love and light” for a few days. Keep your light strong and begin fixing the planet from the inside.

Aquarius Vision from Spirit…
I see you sitting on a beach. You are focusing your attention on swatting an annoying fly that keeps landing on your nose. Then you start picking at a sliver or something on your big toe. Your face is red and you look very annoyed. You are so busy with this that you don’t notice the tide coming in. A huge waves comes in and washes you out to sea. Suddenly the fly and the sliver on the toe seem like very small problems. You finally begin to feel the wonderful salt water as you are bobbing up and down in the sea. Over your shoulder you see 2 dolphins jumping and playing. You follow them to the floor of the ocean and there is a small beautiful castle made of sand. You are so intrigued with this that you don’t even ask how a sand castle could survive the ocean water. You open the door and a tiny golden sea creature comes out and you find your way back to the top and the whole landscape looks different. You see the beauty and harmony in the nature of “just being.”

Capricorn’s Animal Guide for 
Call on Hummingbird to bring the beauty and innocence back into your heart. Perhaps you have become hardened and a bit cynical. Hummingbird will bring balance back into your live and help you navigate some changes that are coming your way.

Aquarius Mineral, Crystal or stone for autumn…
Vanadinite will help quiet your mind and ground you to Mother Earth.

It’s all about gratitude. Perhaps this may be a hard pill to swallow right now as you may have seen a side of someone that may lead to distrust. Well, call in your ego and be grateful for the lesson at hand. Separate yourself from the actions of others as the more you work with gratitude, the more your soul will ascend by leaps and bounds.
Try to keep you distance from any drama at work and don’t take any sides. You don’t know the whole story yet. There are some under lying currents that have yet to be revealed.
This is a perfect time to celebrate with friends and or someone new that you have met. It seems that a new relationship may be over the horizon and more towards the beginning of the year.
 You have called for Divine intervention and in response you have been invited for a come to Jesus meeting in the boss’s office, which, of course is The Divine presence within or Christ Consciousness or whatever you resonates with your belief system. This is a good thing. You have a golden opportunity to achieve some amazing insights and wisdom.
Music will play a huge part in this as your mind will be able to get out of the way when listening to the inspirational notes and harmonies that you will attracted to this month.

Pisces Vision from Spirit…
I see you holding a handful of golden wheat still attached to the steams. The wheat is full and heavy ready for harvest. You begin carefully and mindfully picking the wheat from the shaft. As you get below the surface you see some that aren’t of good quality and were perhaps stunted in their ability to get nourishment from the sun.  Just like in one of the cartoons I see a balloon above your head saying” well, that was an idea that didn’t develop into anything.
You shake your hand and all of the wheat that is ready falls to the ground and you pick though the remaining plants removing the ones that spoiled yet saving the ones that are green as you take them bake in the house and put the stalks in water in the window where they are in the full sun.
The wheat on the ground is eaten by birds and the rest go back into the ground to emerge in the spring. A voice says… bring the new underdeveloped seeds in and we will nourish them. I see the stalks develop more each month through-out the winter. A bit at a time.

Pisces Animal Guide for autumn…
Call on whale to help you express your creativity in whatever form you choose. Better yet go on a journey with whale in meditation.

Pisces Mineral, Crystal or stone for autumn
Jade will help you expand the love in your life by expanding your heart chakra. It will assist you in learning to give and receive love in a healthy way.

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