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Merlin Chronicles 5/13/12 at M.R.S.

 Merlin Chronicles channeled by Kay Dragon at M.R.S. Fredda Laurel’s Meetup group 5/13/12

This has been a busy and exciting time for me. I am getting ready for my trip to the U.K. where I will be channeling with a wonderful group of enlightened and awakened individuals. I ask for you to bear with me as I needed to break this channeling up into 2 parts. I am not sure when I will complete the rest of this. I am going to try to completed before I leave. I have also been enjoying the company of family coming into town and preparing the house for a new puppy who will be arriving soon. I do hope that this protion of the channeling serves you.

This is Daniel wishing you peace as you have come here today to bring forth your hearts that are so open and searching for truth.  We will be pleased to assist you with this.

Broken Hearts
There are many hearts that are broken now. Not in a way that a human understands a broken heart, but broken in how you think and believe love is supposed to look and feel, the way you see love in accordance to the human laws of understanding. You are thinking rather than feeling – pulling the definition from what you have been taught and told and from ideas you see in the movies and read in novels. You give no recognition or credence to true instinct. We ask you to pay attention to what you feel and be sensitive to your reactions and your gut instincts. Be aware of your body’s relationship in this courtship of light, love, expansion and healing.

Lightworkers, what do you physically feel when you intentionally focus your attention on the Light grid? What do you feel when you visit that level of consciousness, where all beings with the intention of changing the world through the power of illumination and love, meet? Expand your heart consciousness to reach this level.  We encourage you to explore and play in the joys of this moment. We also would assist and support you in gaining the benefits from anchoring your physical body so that you may act as a conduit to share this joy with your family, loved ones, pets and community.

Take for instance the animal kingdom and how it has a perfect balance. This may seem callous in the human understanding. Life is based upon instinct. You also paid attention to this instinct at one time. Now as mankind changed and your needs have shifted, it is now called intuition. We see it would benefit you greatly to turn everything off for one day – a week if possible. Perhaps only one hour if you can as this will bring you back to center and in touch with your intuitive and instinctual self.

Sit somewhere in nature. There is so much static and you are sensitive to the confusion floating through the world right now. Communications are crossed and so much mental illness is created in sensitive minds. There are mistaken identities as far as understanding who you are and who others really are and what they represent. Take time to center yourself and clear. Listen. If you can do this 1 hour a day, whenever you remember, for a period of 6 weeks, it will yield so much in your life.  Even if you don’t do it every day, it will yield results if you are doing it when you can and as often as possible. Keep a journal and remember to take note of the time of day which is especially important.

This is especially true for Indigos who are particularly sensitive and overwhelmed by the free floating fear in the environment. Indigos are restless and reject rules and common sense suggestions from parents, authorities and mates because they are sometimes unable to know the truth of what they perceive and the messages their their bodies are receiving. That would be a reason for activities that test limits and rules. They are not really sure the information they are getting from people and situations is correct. Their instinctive message center, so to speak, is already overloaded.
Masters and Guides:
We see some of you have had visitors from the spiritual realm as of late which often can be received as a tap on the shoulder, something falling, a smell of flowers or seeing a shadow as well as other signs. Some believe this could be a relative or another loved one who has passed on or that it is another person remotely visiting them. All of these things are possible, but we are here to tell you it is your most loving and loyal Guides and Masters. That is why you are present at this channeling or reading this transcript. Your Teacher would like to work more closely with you.

We like to do this in a way that is playful and less dramatic. We encourage you to talk with each other and form your own groups to enrich your channeling and intuitive abilities and to support the information you are receiving as well as sharing and helping one another. This practice is just being in touch with God the Creator, The Source, The I Am Presence or whatever name you choose. There are many facets and instruments one can use to do this such as prayer, songs, books, healing, intuitive exercises, using crystals and participating in discussion groups. These tools just assist us in remembering and actively listening to the One.

The seven Sisters would like to speak: We have talked among the other Beings and we have become aware of issues of ego in the human behaviors. You may whole heartedly believe your cause is noble and just but sometimes ego somehow gets in the way. Not just in the way of the kind of pride in one’s beauty, knowledge, education, experience or accomplishments. There are some who are holding on to distractions of the ego and evading their part in assisting their light work by not taking their responsibility seriously in using and sharing the spiritual gifts they possess. Some of these individuals are afraid to step forward and lack the basic foundation of trusting the Creative process and refuse to believe there is a powerful Creator and guides who love them unconditionally. To you we say….Get over yourself! Take that step into absolute trust and nothingness.

There is also a part of the human training that has been driven into the consciousness of most human Beings since birth. They are taught that to be humble is to hide their gifts of art and spirit. True humility has courage and closely listens and respects the feelings of others while leading them in a direction of truth. The truth is, they are all capable of doing the great things they see wonderfully accomplished people do. A humble person teaches, encourages, mentors and creates opportunities for others to build and share their gifts. A humble person celebrates in the accomplishments of those served. A humble person graciously accepts gifts and uses them to help make the world a better place.

You have gifts because you have asked for them. Please do not disassociate yourself from these gifts or hide in the shadows due to feelings of unworthiness or guilt. If you make beautiful art, write beautiful poems and stories, teach, make music, heal or have great wealth do not be ashamed or feel guilt. You have been given these gifts to use them wisely and to share them with others in a responsible and loving way in order to perpetuate the joy in the world. When you become aware of the uncomfortable feelings of envy from others, know they are misunderstanding and they are focusing on your gifts rather than exploring and developing their own. Send them light but do not accept their feelings of unworthiness. To do this would be allowing them to lead you in a negative direction. We ask you to lead by example. This may be a bit lonely at times but as you bring your light into dark places, you will illuminate many and attract those in harmony with your light and song.

Some of you have emotional wealth. We refer to this as being an Empath. We ask those of you who share this gift to start using it in a more responsible manner. You may feel obligated as it may seem quite natural to automatically give your energy away or to jump in and help when you sense that someone is in crisis. We encourage you to pause for a moment and ask your higher self and guides if you are being called upon to help. We are aware the concept of what this gift has to offer is new for many of you. You always felt the emotional presence of others but didn’t know what to call it or what to do about it. Sometimes you have given your energy in many ways only to feel drained and sometimes used as a scapegoat for taking responsibility for drama and issues that were never yours to contend with.
We wish to assist you in the appropriate ways to use this gift. When you step in to help just because you can, we see this as is an ego-centered behavior. We do not say this to insult your character but to correct and define your sense of the word charity.

Stepping in to assist may be stunting a person’s ability to grow and heal on their own terms and to recognize their own ability to achieve their full potential, maturity and empowerment. In this case you may be interfering between the individual and the higher self. When there is nowhere else to turn we surrender to the true God within who will always be available. This is where perfect healing begins and ends.

This was a live channeling at The Metaphysical Research Society in Denver Co and lasted quite a while. For the sake of time and attention I will break this into part I and Part II as this was a long channeling and the audience had many questions.

My Thanks and Blessings

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