Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Merlin Chronicles Message and scopes

Messages from Merlin April 20 2015

Hello my friends,

I am on day 5 of my 21 day Prayer Meditation using Jonathan Goldman’s Ah Wave training. I wanted to do something to give back to all of the special people in my life and for Mother Earth. Know I am keeping all of you in my heart and mind as I do this.

I had first decided to pray for all of us but as I got on my computer to start my crystal bowl meditation this meditation that I had downloaded a while ago popped up so I listened to it and the message to use this My hunch is that this will assist in the changes and shifting during this phase.

Merlin Message this week

This week is of great importance, energetically there are new waves of consciousness moving into the realms of planet earth.
There is an easy way to accept this energy that will assist you in the difficulties that many of you have experienced in similar ways. Some of these ways include stomach aches hip, shin and back issues. Although you have tried every reasonable method of coping with this you have still not been able to completely eliminate the problems.

 It is a given that some of you are at an age that these things do occur which makes you even more vulnerable to the wave of the Collective consciousness. The very young and older are more vulnerable to these waves of consciousness. The little ones may show a bit of a problem with temperature and be afflicted my fits of anguish for no particular reason. I would recommend holding and comforting them.

Those born between 1942 and 1989 are most vulnerable to some of these issues as this was a time that women were encouraged step out into the world in a different role.  This was a natural and needed progression but it did create some side effects among off spring that is coming up to the surface. This created a distance in emotional nurturing and bonding. Some of you may have felt a bit on your own. These individuals sometimes have had bonding and relationship issues resulting from this distance that is now playing out in many the physical realm.

Many of you have rejected love and support that is available to you from the Mother within you. I encourage you to release your inhibitions .These are only protective walls that no longer serve you in on your road to fulfillment and healing. Allow yourself to become vulnerable as you will never be rejected by the mother within.
Peace and Love,

Merlin Scopes    April 26th 2015    by Kay

Focus on getting your finances in order this week. Make sure bills are paid and add a little to your savings. The question of wealth and money are in the forefront this week.
 You may have many mundane everyday things to deal with this week. You seem to have been in a spacy kind of mindset lately. Indulging in denial any longer would be in poor judgement.
 Keep it as simple as possible. There may be someone who is looking for help. You can’t be everyone’s personal banker so pick and choose carefully who you are going to assist and how you will do it in a way that will support responsible behavior.
The clouds are lifting and you can see a light as the sky once again opens to feelings that have long been untapped or just simply out of your reach.
Be careful not to get caught up other people’s drama. This can be the small everyday ego issues that people may have with one another. You don’t need to take up their cause. Allow them the grace to grow through their own adversity. Stay neutral.
You look like you are glowing in the freedom of remembering why you were so excited to be part of the world you have chosen to be in. It is a deep recognition within your heart that feels like an old friend has returned. I am hearing from the Collective that a wish will come try this week.
It is time to get out and be amongst those who inspire and light a fire within you. This is a perfect time to plan a get together with family and friends. There is a strong correlation between career and social agenda. I am seeing a lightning bolt in reference to this. The lightning bolt represents mercury and a fast moving situation. This could be a business opportunity or a new relationship in which you become fast friends.
Rest as much as you can this week and let the worries of the world fall to the floor. I see you dragging your feet a bit in social situations. Are your reason for doing this true and valid or is this because your self-esteem is making you self-conscious of your ability to be the perfect lion or lioness that you like to project to the world.
If you wait for self-perfection you might find yourself looking back and realizing missed opportunities to celebrate and share love.
Opportunities and ideas come quickly and easily to you this week. Realizing that you can’t do all of these things at once will be a challenge but necessary.
This is a great time to plan for the weeks ahead. There may be a Pisces involved as I see the fish symbol in relationship to this.
Take a deep breath and fill your spirit with divine love. I see mystical opportunities in fulfilling a part of your destiny. This is a very sacred and personal space of time for you.
Give yourself opportunities to live within your heart through meditation, walking through gardens and touching the spirit of wild life with the intention of a bonding of your hearts. I see a beautiful wise owl ready to assist you in this journey.  Lucky you!
You are winding down a bit after an intense week finally comes to an end. There is a sweetness and scent of flowers in the air. It seems that someone who has passed on is coming to be acknowledged and lend you support for the next leg of your journey.
This is in preparation for an enhancement of your senses and abilities. Merlin is saying that this is an upgrade of your staff as he points to the tip of his own powerful staff. I would say be ready to accept a boost in your powers and abilities. This is magical and new age alchemy!
I see a huge Viking Master in spirit holding a huge sword and shield. He brings thunder and lightning with him and he make the ground shake and quake! He comes to tell you that you are under the power of Thor at this time. Expect the Cosmic hammer to fall on all outmoded or unnecessary things in your life.
I see a vision of the earth trembling and the fruit being shaken out of the trees. After all is said and done I see blue skies and new growth. This may be a time that changes come about in your personal life or career. Prepare to experience a rebirth.
. This is a good time to take a breather and re-assessment of your life and goals Are the things you are doing bringing you happiness? Look at the past 10 months of your life and make a list of what you have accomplished.
Look to your heart and review the reasons and motivations behind these things. I hear an angel whispering in my ear that you may have a change in heart and a new perspective coming into play.

Accomplishment feels good. Even if you have only accomplished getting your house in order. There is a rhythm in the universe and you seem to be totally in sync and hooked into the beat.
Good timing this week will be a running theme. Expect the unexpected and continue to go with the flow.
Allow yourself some much needed fun. If at all possible somewhere near water. It could be a lake, a pond or anything resembling the attributes of water and the flow of life.

Water is calming, cleansing and nourishes. Give yourself a pat on the back as you have completed some large goals. You may want to feel free and unattached to any type of genera or type of practice that requires you to adhere to strict rule that frankly, just don’t make any sense to you.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Merlin Chronicles 2nd week of April 2015

April 6,2015

Hello my friends,
I don't have a channel today but I do a have and observation as well as the Scopes. I also wanted to let you know that I will be a quest on Dave the Mystic at 8 PM mountain time tonight.

I am hoping that you had a great holiday week-end. I got to sing an interlude at First Spiritual Science Church in Denver and had a wonderful dinner with my family.

It seems that suddenly my grandchildren have grown up and they are off working or spending time with boyfriends and girlfriends during this holiday. I missed them but I understand how life changes when you have to become a grown-up and have responsibilities like rent and car payments.

A big part of me wishes that I could pay for everything and then they would never have to grow up but that would be irresponsible and unhealthy. I sit here today realizing how blessed I am with my kids and their children. I am not sure how that happened. I did everything wrong. I mean everything. I was a hippie. I was irresponsible and not available many times. I carry a lot of guilt from those years.

Then I have some friends who did everything right. They were responsible, present and gave their kids everything. Some of them have children that have not adjusted well as adults. Some of them didn't even make to adulthood due to poor choices in life style.

One thing I do know, I was never raised in any type of formal religion but I always prayed that my kids would be ok. They bounced around between me, my ex-husband and my mother and step father. None of us had an ideal lifestyle and I often wonder how they become such functional adults.
I think the power of prayer had  more to do with it than anything else.

That being said... Her are the Scopes for the second week of April enjoy.

Merlin Scopes        The second week of April 2015    by Kay

Aries… The second week of April 2015
This is a time to be inclusive with others and share yourself a bit more freely than you have in the past few weeks. Sometimes shutting down can be an effective survival skill but when the tool becomes a door that blocks the flow of give and take, love and responsibility, then all becomes stagnant and unable to grow. Open up to the possibilities.
Taurus… The second week of April 2015
Open your heart to a great flow of new energy as the tide has turned and you are in a perfect position to make some important decisions within your future plan.
 Be open to a bit of travel and meeting some new and interesting people.  You do feel a bit restless a little individual socializing would be good for your personal repertoire.
Gemini… The second week of April 2015
You may have a friend or someone close who is in need of your help. It may be emotional support or even financial. Take your time in choosing how you will help. Avoid reacting immediately and allow spirit and your higher self to sort out the best ways to assist.
Cancer… The second week of April 2015
Lost moments in time are lost forever. You are feeling a bit sentimental and would like to mend some fences. This is a perfect way to insure and support new growth.
Sometimes these things can be fleeting and be lost as quickly as they came but this lesson will stay with you and create a stronger wisdom into the true purpose and path on this journey that you have chosen.
Leo… The second week of April 2015
Your soft fury underbelly is showing right now. You may choose to let the sentimental side of you show in private while indulging in a movie or a book. However it may be hard for you to contain yourself when you are with others.
Take time to read something just for fun. You can’t take on the weight of the world. Those of you who are empathic are having a difficult time right now. It is your responsibility to protect yourself by indulging in activities that will assist you in creating boundaries.
Virgo… The second week of April 2015
Some old, I mean very old energies and situations are coming to the surface to be handled or cleared. There seems to be no avoiding these issue right now as these situations and people are right in your face.
You can chose to act like nothing is happening and hope that it will go away but every time this person or situation comes up it will be amplified. Take measures to resolve these issues even if it means seeking the assistance of an energy worker, counselor or Shaman. This can be a great time of learning and expressing your true self in an amazing way.
Libra… The second week of April 2015
Gentle spirit that you are. You may be called on to unearth some difficult issues that seem to be bothering you and others around you. This could be an attitude, old belief system of behavior that has become accepted as part of living as it is on this planet.
Use your eloquent words and heartfelt gifts of diplomacy to bring reason to the situation. It may take time for your voice to be heard and trust that it will not fade out into the abyss.
Scorpio… The second week of April 2015
Release yourself from old programing concerning the way that you think that other people see you. Don’t see yourself at all. Just be yourself and allow yourself to enjoy life as it is and not as your think that it should be. If you get too caught up in what should be, life will pass you by without ever experiencing the subtle beauty of the everyday expression of life.
Sagittarius… The second week of April 2015
I see you allowing a sigh of relief as you move into the change od seasons. This is a time to relax a bit more and try not to be so vigilant with yourself.
I see a bit more feminine energy and emotional shift coming into your energy field. This means that you may become a bit more intuitive and focus on some artistic ideas that are pleasing to your eyes and spirit.
Capricorn… The second week of April 2015
This may be a time of review for you. Looking at the past and just how far you have. Come. This is something that is needed as sometimes you get caught up in comparing yourself to the others who share similar yet different paths.
Know that all paths are unique and of their own making just like no two snowflakes are ever the same, the individual journey of all souls on the earth share some things but no two can be absolutely alike.  
Aquarius… The second week of April 2015
I see a vision of the energy of love moving out of your heart and circling around from left to right, making a complete circle right back into your heart.
This is beautiful and so pleasing. Just what you need right now as I see this building your auric field as well as your physical body. I see changes in your cellular structure that shows karmic situations that need love to heal so that you can move on to more pressing matters…. Pretty cool!
Pisces… The second week of April 2015
New hope for the future has finally knocked at your door. This is a new gift for the planet, or so I am being told. You may have to do a bit of re-shuffling to present the new and improved vision of who you are but it is time to step into the new

. If you don’t chose to do this willingly your physical body will work in conjunction with your soul to make the changes needed to fulfil your lessons on this planet. This could play out as some sort of restriction. Listen to your heart and not those who have the own reasons and agendas.

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