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Merlin Chronicles by Kay April 2018

The Merlin Chronicles    by   Kay      April 2018

Happy Spring!
I noticed a couple of the Astrological Collective messages this month are influenced by male or father energy. I haven’t seen this happening throughout the past few years. As a whole, I think that we will be attracting the male energy back into our consciousness to enable to create more balance in our lives. We will become stronger and have more control over our own lives; this has the potential to balance co-dependancy issues or help balance those whose lives are too empathic. Those who have great difficulty in relationships or other situations where they are unable to know where they are feeling their thoughts and emotions or someone else.

 My Two Cents

The tension in this country and the world continue, but we still seem to be able to find joy in everyday things. I think that many of us are starting to recognize and cherish the small, precious and real things that surround us. Family, friends, pets and good friends are coming to the forefront for the people that I know.
At the same time, we are constantly tested and tempted to support politicians, corporations, musicians and TV personalities who think it is perfectly acceptable to bully high school students who are finally stepping forward to make a difference in this country.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anyone is that talented, funny or cool that would make me overlook their words and actions enough to support them in any way, especially financially.

Enjoy The Scopes!


 The Merlin Scopes by Kay April 2018

Aries     Overview for April 2018
Don’t worry about the little things in life right now. Take care of situations or responsibilities as they arise. Keep your mind on your higher purpose. If you don’t think you know what that is yet, you may attract a situation that calls for you to make a decision altering your life in some way. Always remember you have free will, and your destiny will be determined by the way you react and handle situations in your life.

Some situations can be a game changer or a new way of learning the wisdom of trying a new approach in career, health, or relationships.
I keep getting the message something is fractured; perhaps a trust or something you thought would always be available takes a different direction. Maybe this isn't always a bad thing. It might require adjustments on your part that can lead to a more effective way of using your energy.

Your Light Being
Lord Melchizedek will guide you on your new path if you choose to step into a higher vibration. He reminds you to have faith and most of all, trust.

Your Animal Guide
A German Shepherd has stepped forward to assist you this month. Loyalty and courage.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Merlinite will support you through many journeys’s. It holds the wisdom and knowledge of alchemists, healers, and magi.

 Taurus     Overview for April 2018
This is a wonderful month to simply “be” and recalibrate many things in your life. Perhaps you're thinking about moving forward in a new relationship or with a business opportunity or maybe you are making changes or re-organizing.
You can use this time to recreate ways to enter into a more satisfying way of living. You can start this phase by taking time to allow creativity and inspiration to come into your life. Creativity can be in many areas. It doesn’t always apply to the arts, but also to everyday living and in relationships. Remain calm and find time to meditate, take walks and spend time alone.

Reestablishing a relationship with your higher self, God, The Creator is important at this time. Stop looking outside for love, inspiration, and creativity. Connect your heart to the heart of the universe. Find your greatest muse! Try to adjust your schedule to have some alone time.

New opportunities are on the horizon. Choose wisely and do your research before committing your time and money.
There seems to be an elephant in the room that needs to be recognized. If you don’t take action, the elephant will continue to grow and create bigger problems later on.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is available to help you transform the old way of doing things into a new platform. It could be something that is somewhat the same but with a new twist.

Your Animal Guide
A donkey has volunteered to step forward to remind you your best course is slow and steady. Call on her to help you ground and get your bearings before you choose a direction.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will help you in your creative process and increase your psychic abilities.
Gemini     Overview for April 2018
You may be a bit conflicted this month. I see an amusing vision of you standing in place. One leg wants to stay put, and the other wants to jump into action and fix everybody's stuff for them.

You might have to work on making peace with your dual nature this month. When you can’t decide which direction to go, it might be best to stay put until you have made a better evaluation.

My hunch is the leg that wants to stay put is the one that is grounded and acting in your highest good. The other is under the influence of your ego who thinks it has the best solution for everything and perhaps everyone. In the past, you probably needed to act on these things. It is almost an involuntary reflex.
Instead of acting impulsively, you would benefit by sitting in your sacred space and learning to let go of the things you have no control over.

Ask the Divine, your angels, and the universe to help those in your life that need assistance, including yourself.

Your Light Being
Jesus is working closely with you. He says he is closer than your hands and feet. Accept love and healing. Rest your concerns in his arms.

Your Animal Guide
The whale will help you get in touch with your spiritual essence and truth.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Emerald will inspire you and help you find your balance.

 Cancer     Overview for April 2018
There seems to be an urgency this month to get things done and tie up loose ends. Try to make at least one day a week where you can retreat and relax. You need this so you can decompress.

Everyone wants information from you. There may be some things you are keeping to yourself. Are you doing this for the greatest good of all or just because you can? You might take another look at your motives. Perhaps someone could benefit from the information you have, but it might not serve your self-interest to share this. The decision is yours. I know you will make the right choice when all is said and done.

There may be some endings. It is more like a surrender than an ending. Know that whatever this is, and how it plays out, may only be a temporary set back and there may be something else you need to learn or know before you can once again move forward. Don’t fight the inevitable. You may need to go back and fix a few cracks in the foundation.

Allow others the gift of being allowed to help. Maybe this is the ultimate test of the Universe. If you refuse to trust qualified people around you or fear losing control, then how can you trust the Divine? Sometimes, what we fear most can become our undoing.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary invites you to rest in her beautiful presence and in her sweet smile to assure you all is well and you are supported and loved.

Your Animal Guide
A Giraffe has stepped forward to help you increase your ability to see the sweetest leaves on the high branches that are available for you. He wishes to help you expand your vision.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst will protect you and raise your vibration.
Leo     Overview for April 2018
Something you thought was lost may find it’s way back to you. It could be a relationship, opportunity, or just about anything in which you had invested a piece of yourself.

Don’t let yourself get too bogged down with details at work or in personal matters. It is as if what you need will appear when it is needed the most. Everything may look like a mess, but there is a method to this madness. I see everything coming together in a nice package with a red bow tied around it.
Take a risk; take a chance, and break out of your comfort zone. Perhaps an opportunity will arise, or maybe you will create your opportunity. I see you surrounded by ideas and possibilities.

We don’t learn anything unless we throw our hat in the ring or allow ourselves to become vulnerable. Life gives us many opportunities to learn, and the most important thing is to realize that everything is a learning experience and not intended to make us identify ourselves as a success or a failure;  the only way it defines us is in how we handle the lesson learned. Personally, I don’t see you failing.

Your Light Being
Mahatma Gandhi is here to support you with his loving presence. He wants to remind you he once said that a man is but the products of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.

Your Animal Guide
A Rooster is stepping up to offer support and remind you it is all in how you carry yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Onyx will help you center and support you.

 Virgo     Overview for April 2018
I see you writing a script. It is a list of achievements you would like to accomplish over the next year.  No need to be so serious. There is no wrong direction or choice. Trust your higher self, and you will be led in the best direction for all the right reasons.

There is something about Spring and the Easter season that breathes new life into you. There is also an opportunity to release remnants of sorrow, grudges, and disappointments from the past to make room for the new. I encourage you to go deep into your heart and allow these people and situations to come forward so you can move them out of your energy and bring in the new.
Speaking of energy, you would do well to pay close attention to how you use your energy and when you need to conserve it most. Listen to your body, soul, and spirit.

There may be many people wanting your attention, and you may feel like you need to accomplish a lot of things around the house. Take your time. It is important, right now, more than ever to take the time to process everything that is going on in your life during this season. Don’t give your power away.

Your Light Being
Lord Melchizedek is bringing you water from the Spiritual Well that will nourish and prepare you for the next step in your journey. Visit him in meditation.

Your Animal Guide
A medium sized sandy colored shaggy Dog has come forward to bring you comfort and loyal companionship. He is here to remind you to follow your instincts, your basic primal wisdom of the world.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hold a piece of Jasper in times of stress. It will protect and ground you.

 Libra     Overview for April 2018
You will find peace and inspiration in doing the everyday common chores and tasks, especially if weather allows working on projects in the outdoors. It is ok to put off the big projects until late Spring.

Guard your energy and know it is not only acceptable but necessary to say no and to ask for help when you need it. You will find inspiration and support in any community or group project in which you become involved.

 Sometimes when you get passionate about something you end up organizing or managing. You are wonderfully community minded but sometimes need to be reminded that you need a balance. If you are not conscious about this, your body will remind you in not so subtle ways.

You might find you have an interest in the environment and how it can play a huge part in health and well being. If you are already practicing or receiving energy work, acupuncture or herbal medicine you may be introduced to something new or something from the past that is coming back into your consciousness for a second look.

Your Light Being
Kuthumi is lending a hand and calling your soul group into action. Unconditional love and loyalty are important healing tools. Spend time with your soul group in meditation or meet with them in person and consciously treat humanity to healing in the interest of pure love. Prepare the earth for the changes that are to come.

Your Animal Guide
Snake has come forward to help you shed your spiritual skin. Don’t be surprised if your skin is a bit dry. Coconut oil is good for dryness.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Smoky Quartz will help you ground and raise your vibration.
Scorpio       Overview for April 2018
You might be feeling a little anxious. Are you living in the future instead of the present? When you find yourself becoming stressed about the future, pull your mind back to what you are doing right now.

Pets are a great way to keep yourself grounded in the present. You might not have one, but perhaps a friend does. Notice when you are petting a dog, cat or another critter you are paying attention to what you are doing at the moment and if you are not, that animal will give you a nudge or do something to get your attention. The same can be said for children. Find the joy in what and who you have in your life. Emphasize the blessings and gifts.

Be available for those around you. Someone might need your assistance, but be too embarrassed, insecure or depressed to ask you for help. They might not even feel worthy or important enough to ask. You can brighten someones day in surprising ways.

You know this works both ways, what you bring into the world, comes back to you. It is the same as tithing. Even if you don’t have much to give, maybe you can give your time. It keeps the love, gratitude, and blessings in balance and perfect order.

The important thing to remember is you have something worth giving.  Sometimes you forget this and go out seeking things you believe will add value to who you are or make you more deserving in some area of life. You are loved, and your presence is important to others.  Remember “You are enough.”

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is available to offer you love and healing on higher levels than you have ever known.

Your Animal Guide
A sweet little Blackbird is sitting on a branch singing the most beautiful song for you. She is singing your praises and about being patient in waiting for her eggs to hatch. She say’s you are also birthing something precious and new.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Apatite will help you release negativity and increase your psychic abilities.

Sagittarius       Overview for April 2018
Don’t let your fears get in the driver’s seat. You have made tremendous strides in the past year and now is your opportunity to strut your stuff and become comfortable with where you are right now.

Maybe you are in a leadership position in a cutting-edge technology or learning something new that will carry you through the next step of your journey. I see your guides and angels celebrating and doing “high fives”.

Trust is a big issue for you right now. Be willing to accept assistance from others and delegate responsibility. You are in a position where you need to trust your instincts and intuition concerning the universe as well as other people. Don’t take anything personally and know your validation is coming daily in ways that are unique and different. Your life and the way you process things emotionally, intellectually and spiritually has forever changed. You are now learning new ways of digesting information.

I feel a lot of masculine energy coming forward to assist you in having the energy to accomplish many things right now. Encouragement and confidence come from within. The masculine energy also attracts prosperity and abundance. We are all made of masculine and feminine energy. Work with the masculine principles now.

Your Light Being
I see the Light of the Christ Consciousness shinning on you and assisting you in new life, new starts, new ways of being. It is a beautiful golden light surrounding you and attached directly to your heart. It shows me a whole different definition of “being born again.” It is beautiful and positive.

Your Animal Guide
A Sandpiper is stepping forward to be your spirit animal this month. He has a lot of masculine energy and encourages you to get out and shake your booty, walk, work out whatever helps you ground your energy.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sunstone will help bring you positive energy, clear negativity from your chakras, and attract abundance!
Capricorn      Overview for April 2018
Sacred knowledge is yours for the asking. There seem to be many things in the offering right now. Finally, it seems as if you have been able to catch a break after a long dry spell.

Spiritually something is calling you home in a big way. You may find a feeling of fulfillment through music or connecting with others who help you raise your vibration through healthy activities. Some movement of your body will help release inertia that has collected over the past few months. Yogananda is making his presence known right now, and he is encouraging you to practice Yoga or some spiritually based physical activity that will help you increase your awareness.

Find books or classes that feed your soul. Don’t take any uncalculated risks or big moves right now; this is the time to do your research and wait for the right information and circumstances to come forward.

You may be a bit thin-skinned during this shifting energy. It may be that fearful child within feeling exposed after being hidden deep in your consciousness or in your body. Bodywork such as massage and Reiki will help prepare you to deal with the aftermath positively. Perhaps a trusted friend you can confide in or simply being able to listen to music and let the tears flow.

If you find yourself feeling passionate about changing something or speaking out, or if you become angry or emotionally hurt for some reason, wait until you are acting from a place of peace and love. Don’t let your emotions take the lead.

If a decision has to be made ask your Angels or Higher Self to give you a sign, especially if money is involved; this is not a good time to give loans.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha Is busy clearing a path through your consciousness and your life in many ways. Don’t resist. Let go of thoughts and beliefs about yourself and who you think you are and let the Divine have room to show you who you can be.

Your Animal Guide
A lovely long-legged Stork is stepping up to bring new inspiration and creation to your life.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pyrolusite will reconstruct, transmute and repel negative energy.

Aquarius      Overview for April 2018
The world keeps getting weirder by the moment, and I am here to tell you to expect more of the same. It is never boring. You, however, may be able to have some control over what is coming your way.

Thinking about what you don’t have or expecting more bad news will not shift your ability to attract abundance and love. You do know likes attracts those things, situations, and people that vibrate at the same frequency.

Look for the precursors that come before big changes and prepare yourself for the unexpected. Don’t prepare fearfully; Keep an open mind. I feel this is somehow going to work to your advantage in some way.

Have you ever just spent a minute or two looking at yourself in the mirror? That wonderful face and the soul that lives within you has brought you so many opportunities to enjoy life, love and share your light with others. Acknowledge and love that reflection in the mirror. You deserve it.

Ask for light, love, and above all, truth in all areas of your life.

Your Light Being
Master Melchezadek is about to step into your life and give you some advanced lessons in the Laws of the Universe. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well and prepare yourself mentally and physically for a boost in your vibration because it is on its way!

Your Animal Guide
A fat little Prarie Dog just popped his head out of his burrow to remind you to take some quiet time for yourself. You don’t always have to answer the phone or that text especially if you are feeling vulnerable.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Howlite will calm you and prepare you for attunements from your angels and guides.

 Pisces      Overview for April 2018
You may be thinking about several different angles to invite more prosperity into your life. Don’t be surprised if some of these things pan out for you. There has been a lot of emphasis on family; especially if a father figure is involved.
You don’t even need to be part of a biological family to be a part of a family group. Perhaps it seems like a family because there is a common element or philosophy shared by all those concerned. At any rate, it has felt like home to you in some way.

The take away from this is, although you are a part of the family, you are also an individual with your personal goals, accomplishments, likes, and dislikes. There seems to be an awakening that involves the male essence of your mind asking you to explore your values. I think you will be pleased to discover the person you have become; this looks like an inventory of your soul is emerging for you to ponder and explore. It is beautiful, and I see a treasure of wealth that is yet to be brought forward to fruition.

You know the universal laws and how to use them. If you feel like you have forgotten some of them, you might want to break out some of the old books written by the pioneers in the field of metaphysics and laws of success. 

Perhaps this will be a month you can sit back and start reaping some of the rewards you have worked for and lived. There seems to be one in particular that your guides and The Collective are bringing forward in your consciousness that has been carefully placed in your Pineal Gland. Meditate and use music and sounds that support bringing this forward.

Your Light Being
Paramahansa Yogananda has messages of life and love for you. Relax, breathe and invite his wisdom into your heart.

Your Animal Guide
A Mallard Duck has waddled forward to offer his wisdom. It is time to move forward with any project you have been working on; especially if it is a labor of love. Be playful and spontaneous! You can do this and also be productive!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Jade will open your heart chakra and attract prosperity.

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