Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Merlin Chronicles week of April 25th 2016

 MerlinScopes by Kay for the week of April 25th 2016

Hi There,

I don't know how the retrogrades are effecting you but are certainly effecting me in big ways. Saturday I came home from a fair and as I checked my email 6500 emails showed up so I spent most of the evening cleaning up that mess.

Yesterday my dedicated phone line was hacked and someone was using our caller ID and phone number to call people. Within a few minutes 20 or 30 people called saying that I had called them. I only use this phone for reading and have only used it to call someone who I trusted maybe 3 times.

Suddenly this line had call waiting which it never had before and when I was talking to Tech support I had to let him try to call me on that line to prove that this was happening . I couldn't tell you how many calls came in while I was on the phone with him. He changed the phone number and within minutes it was ported and the calls stopped.

So much for my crazy week-end.

Here are the MerlinScopes

Aries…  Week of April 25th 2016
It is a good time for new projects. I see you shaking off the old energies and loosening some of the cords that were created through emotional attachment to outcomes that either disappointed you or that you were just not ready for at the time.

Taurus…  Week of April 25th 2016
Your birthday month starts out with some new opportunities that you can either take advantage of now or use this time to research and prepare.

 Good news, which could be concerning relationships and the possibility of someone from the past re-connecting or reaching out. As always, it is your choice whether or not to meet them half way on this.

Gemini…  Week of April 25th 2016
Believe in what you see and not always what you hear. Don’t allow someone else’s bad experience become your own opinion of a situation.

 I do see that this person’s experience may come as a warning for you to be aware of but not to be in fear of.

 You might find yourself moving away from a situation that served you well but that you have out grown or become bored with.

Cancer…  Week of April 25th 2016
One step at a time is advised in any new projects or liaisons. Steady as you go in your progress and don’t rush.

This is important so you can make adjustments as you go rather than back tracking or this could cause a domino effect. Slowing down and being methodical might be a better method to find permanent solutions especially if you are doing some remodeling or restructuring a business.

Leo…  Week of April 25th 2016
This is a busy week for you and a part of you just wants this month to be over with so you can have some resemblance of normalcy in your life. Take your time an allow others to assist and sometime take over if need be.

Try to keep your house free of allergens that might create weepy eyes and respiratory issues. Could some of this be emotional? Perhaps, in some ways life as you know it is changing.

Virgo…  Week of April 25th 2016
There is a feeling of the paternal energies in your life right now. It could be your physical father, grandfather or even the spiritual father energy working with you right now. The male energies deal with abundance, self-confidence, loyalty, acceptance as well as rejection in some cases. This could be a healing related to these issues.

 New things are opening up for you spiritually and emotionally. This could create feelings of wanting to eat more to help ground. If you can, off-set this with exercise to help create a flow and grounding of Source and Divine energy. Expect a huge shift in your perception soon.

Libra…  Week of April 25th 2016
A new outlook on life may create the desire for shopping or changing your style.  You deserve it because you have been supportive of many others in your life.

 Know that there is a spiritual choir singing praises of your earthly accomplishments. These are love of life, balance, assisting those in need and releasing the old to the highest good. You are re-cycling energy.

Scorpio…  Week of April 25th 2016
Wait for another month or perhaps two before laying to waste some area of your life that feels as if it is no longer taking a positive course. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Pete Seeger song “Turn, Turn, Turn” comes to mind. It is just on the back burner now gathering momentum. Sometimes you get into an “All or Nothing” mode and this is your opportunity to learn diversity and how to incorporate it in a timely and rhythmic flow.

Sagittarius…  Week of April 25th 2016
Pay attention to your words this week. They can make you and others soar like and eagle or crash like that cartoon coyote chasing the roadrunner off a cliff.
When an answer or comment is required, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to give this answer some thought rather than running with the first thing that comes into your mind.

 Ask yourself if it is kind, respectful, helpful, and would this be something that you wouldn’t mind the whole world hearing on the 6 o clock news.

Capricorn…  Week of April 25th 2016
Make yourself available for some interesting activities. This could be in the form of an invitation or perhaps just deciding to try something that you have never explored before.  Maybe going to a musical or ballet, something uncharacteristic of your usual interests and amusements. It feels cultural.
Explore your capacity for love and what that word brings up for you. The results may be surprising.

Aquarius…  Week of April 25th 2016
 There is a situation that has an element of inconsistency. Know that wisdom and experience will bring the facts to light so tread carefully when it feels as if you are walking on a dark path.

Make sure that you bring all the facts and ask pertinent questions. Also expect those types of questions to be asked of you so be prepared.

Pisces…  Week of April 25th 2016
This feels like a good time for abundance and opportunities. This could be an offering of getting paid for something you love to do or even love itself.

Be sure to give gratitude in receiving gifts. It is very important and keeps the flow of grace and gratitude moving in your favor and that of others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MerlinScopes By Kay for the week of April 18th 2016

Merlin Chronicles      The week of April 18th 2016
  by Kay
Hi There !
I just love these Colorado Spring Storms. I would love them more if they didn’t happen on days that I didn’t have plans.
The Fair at First Spiritual Science Church was canceled due to snow this past week-end and we are re-scheduling it for May 14th and 15th.
I find the re-scheduling part a bit appropriate. Mars went into retrograde on Sunday and will remain there until June 28th.
I don’t know much about astrology. But I know a little. All of my MerlinScopes are channeled messages from the Collective.

Have a great week

MerlinScopes April 18th 2016

Aries…  Week of April 18th 2016
This could be a good time to re-react or re-invent something in your life. It may seem as if some things have gotten stale or lack passion.

This doesn’t have to be a huge project, it only requires you to pull yourself out of the attitude that you are stuck with the consequences of the choices that you have made. Some of this is true but you can improve your experience.

Taurus…  Week of April 18th 2016
Trust your intuition this week. There may be some things that are hidden in the fine print. You can’t put your finger on it but trust your gut.  This might be a good time to delay a new project until late summer. You have plenty of time.

Gemini…  Week of April 18th 2016
Take a minute to review your options in going into the next season. You might choose to look at relationships and habits that are no longer representing who you really are.

 This could be looking at how you react to someone else’s inability to take responsibility for their own behaviors and how you rationalize this. What is the payoff for you when you jump in to be the super hero and fix everything?

Cancer…  Week of April 18th 2016
You can’t squeeze blood out of a rock. Perhaps things are slow or not coming together due to energies and universal relationships that you don’t understand.
 Don’t try to make sense of it or place the blame on yourself or others. This too will pass and the Universe will most likely not drop you on your head.

Leo…  Week of April 18th 2016
It’s all about family and children if you have them. This could also be the four legged kids. It seems that they are requiring a bit of attention and time right now. If you have neither it could be in dealing with your own creations and a need to spend more time developing something that you have been working on.

Virgo…  Week of April 18th 2016
Walk softly and mindfully this week. If you are faced with a difficult situation it might be a good time to pull back and set forward on a new course of action. Self-deprivation for the sake of another can be noble but not always possible given your circumstances.

You may be doing a lot of soul work especially forgiveness work in your dreams. Emotions are running high so just allow them to run through you and don’t let them run you.

Libra…  Week of April 18th 2016
This could be a time when your loyalty is being acknowledged and rewarded or celebrated. When you choose loyalty a bond is created that is unbreakable.
 Be sure that you do not out another person to be loyal to another especially if that person is not rational in how they have sized up a person or a situation. You are the peacekeeper.

Scorpio…  Week of April 18th 2016
What feels like a failure is actually just a bump in the road. This is a time to evaluate what steps you are taking to create success in your life. Are you covering all bases and taking responsibility for your part in developing success?

 If you refuse to paddle, sometimes the universe will throw you out of the boat before you start swimming to shore.

Sagittarius…  Week of April 18th 2016
I see a vision of you sitting by the sea, writing a message, putting it in a bottle and throwing it out into the ocean.

 Eventually, a bottle comes back to you with a love note in it. Know that everything you send out will be coming back to you. Send out many love notes and see what comes back.

Capricorn…  Week of April 18th 2016
Look for answers from within this week. You know well what works and what doesn’t. Stop listening to others and second guessing yourself.

 This is also a time to slip into a quiet state and listen to what is going on around you. If you don’t like what you hear then make adjustments and balance yourself.

Aquarius…  Week of April 18th 2016
Your intuition is spot on and clear this week. Use it to your greatest advantage and if you can and take notes or journal about this.

 I see Merlin’s hand assisting you in writing down what needs to be saved so that you can look back and draw on the method when needed.

Pisces…  Week of April 18th 2016
I see a vision of you walking on a tight rope holding a balancing bar. Make each step count and slowly work your way back to the other side.

In your visions you have the ability to speed up the movie or slow it down. See your-self moving the button to a neutral place and then slowing it down ever so slightly. This is an opportunity to help you improve and analyze your steps and also be able to see those around you differently.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Merlin Chronicles by Kay 4/12/16

Merlin Chronicles for the week of April 11th 2016

Hi There,

It feels like getting anything done is like walking through waist high water. Slow but steady seems to be my moto right now. A lot of folks are recovering from flu and respiratory issues more now than I ever remember.
I have been lucky in that respect. Any way I hope that you are well and happily moving into the new energies easily.

The message that I have for you is to take time to be in touch with your body every day or as often as often as you can. Our bodies are reacting to other restrictions in our lives. These can be any kind of restrictions old and new.
Many of us are struggling with weight and it almost feels like we are becoming bigger to handle the energy that is coming into our energy fields. It is a form of protection and a buffer to protect this beautiful light from the harsh beliefs opinions and social system on planet Earth.

 The best suggestion is to exercise and move your body in a methodical and mindful way. Nothing too extreme. This is much like child birth and you are giving birth to a new you.

Here are The MerlinScopes for the week of April 11th 2016
In Loving Light,


Aries…  Week of April 11th 2016 
 You may be feeling a bit emotional right now. Sometimes emotions are a bit difficult for you. Know that this is a good time to be flexible and be in the flow.
You are used to being practical in most ways and emotions may take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it is good to stretch your emotional experiences. It helps you grow.

Taurus…  Week of April 11th 2016 
I see a lot of indecision. It is kind of like …yes/no… yes/no …yes/no! This could change two or three times within an hour. Honor this process and don’t make any definitive choices until you are clear.

 That being said, don’t allow yourself to be stuck in indecision. Focus on your heart and ask you Higher Self. You will get the correct guidance for your soul.
Go into meditation, where you are in nothingness and ask to be connected to your Soul Path. You may not see it with your conscious mind but it will surface when you need it as you have opened the gate.

Gemini…  Week of April 11th 2016 
There may be a need to pull yourself back into balance. What could you do to bring balance and clarity back into your life? I am being shown a vision of you sitting in reflection next to a pool of water focusing on nature and how nature creates balance.

 One side of you, the part that is connected to the Oneness understands this but the other more rational side fights to stay dominate in the illusion of the physical and social boundaries created in this life. Blend the two.

Cancer…  Week of April 11th 2016 
It may be to your advantage to go inward and take a second look at what feelings are fueling recent creations in your life. Why are you doing what you are doing? Are you blocking or sabotaging your success? What is your purpose and payoff? Is it only the payoff and not your passion?

 This doesn’t have to be related to the “Big Picture” or plan. This could be a recent activity that could be personal or in your professional life. It seems that one may be flowing into the other though. Another message is telling you not to cut off your nose to spite your face.

Leo…  Week of April 11th 2016
This is a week consumed with highs and lows. It may be difficult to separate and compartmentalize some if these emotions and situations but there is a need for this.

This is a week of releasing and letting go by choice or by other circumstances. It may not make sense but it is all part of the ebb and flow of life.

Virgo…  Week of April 11th 2016 
Use your energy wisely this week. The rest of the month will be busy with one thing or another so make your best effort to rest and reserve your energy.
A lot of focus on diet and what goes into your body this week. Know that this may be the time to initiate a dietary cleanse or change in your diet to revive your organs and overall energies.

Know that your angels are protecting and supporting you in ways that may feel like blocks in your progress but this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Libra…  Week of April 11th 2016 
Love is in the air and all around! If you are single you might have a touch of Spring fever or meet someone new. For those of you already in relationships this would be a good week to make the most of the time that you have to share with your partner. Flirtations abound!

This can also be more of a global or Universal feeling of wonderful free floating love that you may be feeling. Enjoy!

Scorpio…  Week of April 11th 2016 
You might be obsessed with something that sparks your intellect or taste buds this week. It may have you on kind of a high. It seems as if lately there hasn’t been too many things that have interested you but this week you have found that passion that has been hidden for some time and is bringing some new creative ideas.

Sagittarius…  Week of April 11th 2016 
Take a look and see if you might have been over-compensating in your personal life. Take a step back and watch your life just as if you are watching a movie and see what comes up in your life. I think a couple aha moments might surface. You might be putting too much stress on one area to make up for a lack in another. It just doesn’t work out well in the long run.

There is also a message about the possibility of an over-correction like when you are driving a car and you end up head on into something that you never wanted to be a part of or overpaying a bill that leaves you short on paying another.

Capricorn…  Week of April 11th 2016
Deep breath in, deep breath out. This will do a lot to shake off some of your nervous energy. It is a time to focus on what needs to get done rather than what you would like to get done.

If you have taken on some new duties or studies allow time to integrate rather than jumping in both feet first.

Aquarius…  Week of April 11th 2016 
I see a vision from the Collective that keeps focusing on your feet. It looks like arrows pointing down to the earth. Keep yourself grounded and sure footed in your body, mind and spirit.

Keep yourself in your protective white light bubble because there seems to be a bit of turbulence ahead. Some of this may be self-induced but these things happen for us to figure out and test out spiritual wisdom.

Pisces…  Week of April 11th 2016 
You might feel a little out of the loop or like some folks take advantage of you and you may not be getting accolades for the work that you do.
Know that all of the right people and Light Beings are paying attention and that you will see the rewards as you go with the flow and become non-resistant to the process. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Merlin Chronicles for April 2016 by Kay

 Happy Monday!

I am so ready to welcome spring and put all that snow in my rear view mirror! We had what I hope to say is our last snow storm this month leaving many with-out power.

It seems like so many folks have been dealing with allergies, colds, stomach issues and such. I experienced all of them. Mine was minimal compared to others so in this respect I am blessed!

The message that I am getting from Merlin this month is that this is a time to prepare for incoming information, new opportunities and relationships.
Don’t take yourself too seriously or get bogged down with you “I have to” lists. Recognize that the Universe has a sense of humor and you might find yourself the focus of one of those Universal pranks.

I am finally getting back on track and looking forward to a very busy month. I will be out and about this month. These are the places that you can find me.

First Spiritual Science Church Saturday April 9th 2:30 PM to 4:30 I suggest appointment 720 989-4883

First Spiritual Science Fair
3375 S Dahlia St Denver Co 80222
Sat April 16 10-12 Sunday April 17th Noon -5Pm

Dancing Spirit Fair at First Unitarian Society of Denver
1400 Lafayette St Denver Co 80218
Saturday April23rd 11 Am to 5 PM

Merlin Meditation and Channeling Art First Spiritual Science Church
April 30th 12PM to 2PM $20
And you can find me on where I offer online channeling classes and readings.

Here are The MerlinScopes for April 2016!
Aries…  Week of April 1st 2016  
This is a week of changes and transformation. Expect the unexpected and allow yourself the opportunity to challenge what you have come to believe. Surrender is not the ending that you think it is.

 It is a new way of doing things or expressing who you have become. Flow with the current and not against it.

Aries…   Overview for the Month of April 2016  
You may be focusing on money matters this month. Handle money matters with integrity and care. Do not try to keep yourself on a strict budget if it means relinquishing your power in a situation which could cause others to do without. Leave a little room for special circumstances.

There is an element in your life that may need some attention. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Keep your diet in rhythm with the seasons. Try to eat seasonal foods.

Make sure that you have gotten all of your commitments under one roof and not spread out in other places. This will make handling things much easier. It is time to minimize.

Your Light Being
Saint Francis of Assisi is stepping forward to assist you in all things especially the prospect of fair trade and financial assistance.

Your Animal Guide
Wolf immediately stepped forward to offer assistance in responsibilities of being Alpha in the pack.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aqua Aura is a man-made but still very powerful and described by Judy Hall as reflecting the alchemical process. It will free you from limitations.

 Taurus…  Week of April 1st 2016  
Pay attention to the wisdom of the universe. You are so good at digging your heals in when it comes to other people telling you what they think is good for you. Maybe this type of comment serves as a wake-up call that sparks you into action.

Watch and listen to ordinary things and conversations that have important messages from spirit for you. The universe is carefully placing you in situations that will reveal subtle answers to things that you want and need to know.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of April 2016  
Remember that whatever decisions you make should be made out of love. Love is much bigger. We are all connected by one thing or another and sometimes we forget about the most fundamental glue that we all have in common that is simply love
This is a good time for partnerships. Don’t block new prospects and opportunities based on past experiences. Learn from the past and use it as a guide but don’t allow it to be the only truth of what you expect in others.

Your Light Being
Mother Cabrini is stepping forward to assist you this month. There is a monument built for her in Colorado where she told the Sisters where to find water to supply the Orphanage on the mountain. Perhaps she is here to help you connect with your spiritual well that lies underneath the experiences and ideas that have become your beliefs.

.Your Animal Guide
A little Clown Fish is swimming by and asking to help you. Pick me!  Pick me he says. They are amazing little guys. They are Anemone fish. They have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones who protect them. Other fish who would dare to attack the Clown wish would be stung. The clown fish lives a pretty happy existence knowing that the host will protect them.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Soulmate or Tantric Twins Crystal has a powerful message about drawing two people together to form a relationship.

Gemini…  Week of April 1st 2016  
The truth will set you free! You seem to be on a fact finding mission this week. It is time to sort out the truths from the half-truths and the plain old lies. The lies may be a part of a cultural norm or perhaps the attitude that this is OK because this is how it has always been done as a blanket statement.

You may choose to let go of somethings or someone that no longer feels present and positive in your life. You will re-bound quickly.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of April 2016
Don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen as perfectly or as quickly as you would like them to in the beginning of the month. This may be a time of rest and the art of just…being.

You might tap into some interesting insights and recognize the all that you want may not always be in your best interest. Could something better is on the way? Pray for guidance and meditate on making space for these answers to be shown to you.

 As a child of Mercury it is sometimes difficult to get out of your own way so that you can hear the clear, calm voice of truth amongst all of the other chatter in the universe. You’ll know when the time is right and have the courage and good sense to weigh the risk.

Light Being
The Beautiful Queen of Peace has stepped forward and is showing me that she is collecting swords. These are the double edged swords of truth. She holds three. Perhaps there are three issues that you hold in question.

Your Animal Guide
A lovely penguin steps forth to carry your cause this month. He is very adaptable on the land and in the water. He would also like you to play more.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper         
Sapphire will calm your mind and release mental tension.

Cancer … Week of April 1st 2016  
Take advantage of the opportunity to show your skills and talents to organize and manage. Lead by showing compassion and solutions. Fear never breeds loyalty or trust. Lead as you would like to be treated if the circumstances were reversed.

 I see you as being in a time, right between one situation and the next. It is almost like that second between breaths when all is still and pure. You don’t think about what happened before the breath or what will happen after. You are just in that space of now. The present. You have set some things in motion so now allow them to unfold. Don’t stir the pot
Cancer…   Overview for the month of April 2016    
This could be a difficult month in some ways. The theme that I am hearing is releasing and letting go. Allowing is the most important and understanding that all remains in your life and serves a purpose as long as it suits both of you. When nothing is left to purpose or prosper it is time to allow a graceful and honorable ending or letting go.

This could fit many areas of your life or just in seeing the endings and moving on of so many situations. It is not for you to do anything but allow the process and know that new beginnings are around the corner.

Light Being
Djwal Khul is stepping forward to assist and support you in these interesting times. He will help you clear the path by making amends and loving away all that needs to be surrendered.

Your Animal Guide
A grey Lovebird flies forward to help you find the simple truth in love and live. 
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Jasper will balance you and help you connect to spirit.   

 Leo…  Week of April 1st 2016
This week might be full of chaos but in a good way. There seems to be a lot of activity, decisions and responsibilities that seem to have your name on them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sometimes you don’t ask because in the past it seems that you were disappointed by the answer you would get and stop at that point. Keep asking. Maybe you aren’t asking the right people.

Leo… Overview for April 2016
  Sometimes anger is a good thing. It can motivate us to make huge changes that we would have otherwise just been let go or fester into something bigger. Someone may have less respect for your work or your part in a personal relationship and you have a choice between turning your anger inward or to use it as a catapult to push you into a more satisfying situation.

Rely on your intuition before jumping into an opportunity that is offered. There is a feeling that it could be short term. But that may be just what you want. Short term. As always, you have free will. Make a choice out of wisdom and what is best for you and not from guilt.

Light Being
Sai Baba arrives riding an elephant. He says that it is a better view from on top of the elephant than on the ground. The elephant is here to remind you that you have a powerful connection to God and the Divine. You are able to see better when you ride on top of the force that creates opportunity. Trust.

Your Animal Guide
The Elephant of course. Clearing a path for you in a big way. They are basically gentle and family oriented. They take care of their young and old. Remember to ask for help from elephant in issues concerning family and your close community.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Black Obsidian repels negativity. It may at times increase the negativity within to bring these issues to the surface so that you may clear them and allow more room for love and healing.

Virgo…  Week of April 1st 2016
Keep your mind on the job at hand. Don’t lose track of your goals. You might need to pull back from social engagements and other things unrelated to your goals.  Be loyal to your ideals. Other people’s ideas may be interesting but realize that you are an individual and have always been the kid who colors outside of the lines.

Virgo… Overview for April 2016
You may feel as if you are coming out of a fog. Your energy may be low for a good reason. Sometimes we need to slow down and make time to see what shadows live within and give recognition to those shadows that maybe lurking around us.

Be sure to keep yourself in your white light of protection as you seek to shed light within the shadows in your own heart, emotions and energy field.
Sometimes when we do deep shadow work we become beacons that attract others who might be not have your best interest in mind. Nothing to fear, just be aware of those who might be false.

 This is also a good time to stay out of other people’s drama especially when you don’t have all of the facts. This could back fire.

Call in Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut through anything that is not in your highest interest.

Light Being
Merlin is walking in through a mist carrying a lantern to shoe the way. He will assist you in seeing only what you need to see in the present moment and not too far ahead. This will keep you on track and focused. Too far ahead may distract and over whelm you.

Your Animal Guide
Crow flies forward as an omen to let you know that something that you have been working towards is becoming your truth. Watch for signs and expect changes.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone to enhance the magic and attract like-minded people.

Libra…  Week of April 1st 2016  
 You may have had some difficult times in the past and some of these difficulties could lead to creative endeavors and outlets that may bring you into a new expression of your work or personal healing.

It may be possible and to your benefit to let go of some of the obligations that you have with other people unless it is fun and creative.

Libra… Overview for April 2016
 It is time to lighten your load and re-evaluate how you spend your time.  There could be an imbalance that needs a bit of adjustment in order to some relief to a situation that you may be dealing with.

You might be taking on too much weight that belongs to others. I am not saying that they don’t need help but you want a bit of joy in your life so you can share it with others.

Perhaps you could delegate or have suggestions to help that don’t involve your participation. Give yourself permission to have some fun and re-connect with that child-like feeling that you had as a carefree child even if it is only for a day or two.

Light Being
Saint Germain is working closely with your group at this time to transform some of the energies that have been clustered around you. This will assist in freeing up some time for you.

Your Animal Guide
A Komodo dragon stepped forward to assist you in bringing in some new energies and spiritual gifts that will create new opportunities and abilities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Red Beryl will help you remain positive, re-charge relationships and work with you base chakra.

 Scorpio…  Week of April 1st 2016 
Use your own past experiences to bring yourself into a place of trust. Hindsight is and amazing thing and when we use it appropriately it can be a wonderful tool. Tap into a situation in the past where you gave up all of your known capabilities and then something magical happened.

Scorpio… Overview for April 2016
Don’t allow your mind to go into the worst case scenario. You know in your heart of hearts that possibilities are not always probabilities. If you allow yourself to look on the brighter side you are bound to find solutions rather than more problems.

This is just another reminder that you will find what you are looking for whether it is good or bad. Take a different approach and bend the rules of understanding when it comes to logic, poles and statistical understanding. You will find support on both ends.

No matter what the issue may be, health, popularity, wealth or something else, know that the truth lives within you and all you need to do is consciously ask for the guidance that you need in your situation and it will appear.

Light Being
Jesus of the Christ consciousness is stepping forth to assist you in shifting your perspective.

Your Animal Guide
Giraffe is stepping forward to help bring your ideas to a higher vibration. He will help you find the places and people that you need to assist you in any kind of search that you are working on.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Opal Aura Quartz will help you ground your connection with the Divine to assist you in many ways.

 Sagittarius…  Week of April 1st 2016 
Be gentle with yourself this week. Don’t allow yourself to volunteer for an extra shift at work or take on more than you can physically handle.

I see a shifting of energy that is just starting to take place so allow some time to do absolutely nothing. Relax watch a movie, nap take in energy from the environment.

Sagittarius… Overview for April 2016
Have you stayed in a position or relationship without asking for what you need for too long? It may be time to stand up for what you want and what you are worth, Perhaps fear of the unknown has held you back so you have resigned yourself to settling for what is offered.

No matter how good you are in a relationship or in a position you will continue to get what you get unless you are willing to step out of the boundaries and ask for more.

This is a good time is ask for more or to start looking in a totally different direction to fulfill some of your dreams that may not have even come to the surface yet. As I believe you already know, your body is the reactor and will let you know when enough is enough.

Light Being
Master El Morya is stepping forward in a beautiful blue robe. Look for this color this month. He is here to assist you in making you aware of new possibilities and more freedom. Call on him.

Your Animal Guide
Porcupine moves slowly and is well protected.  He has stepped forward to ask you to take your time and don’t let anyone else pressure you. Lift yourself up emotionally and know that only good will come of whatever situation you are dealing with now.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Emerald is a stone that resonates with your heart chakra and love.

Capricorn…  Week of April 1st 2016
Time to wake up and smell the coffee. No matter how well-meaning you are or how good you are at manipulating others, even for their own good. Know that it is time to let go and let the Divine reveal its relationship in a certain circumstance. This is how you will serve your purpose. It is passive but effective.

Capricorn… Overview for April 2016
 Something may have happened recently that has caused you to re-evaluate your philosophy of giving and receiving love. You like to stay on the light side whenever possible but something or someone may be pushing the boundaries of your faith.

A change in your perspective is required no matter which way you look at it. You can either flow with the new circumstances or behaviors or turn in a different direction and ask the divine for assistance.

At any rate, you and your faith are being challenged and the choice as always, is up to you. The questions that you must ask yourself concerning this situation is about your health and well-being and that of others. The truth is always found in assisting others but not at the risk of your own health and well-being.

If you are in a situation that is grievous to you but fear a separation of this situation because of financial or other issues you are being asked to look again and trust that you will be supported. Do you really believe that the hand of Spirit will drop you? Things may be different but it will be in the highest good for all concerned.

Light Being
Mother Mary holds you close to her heart and I see her holding a golden thread that connects the two of you. Relax in the glow of her love.

Your Animal Guide
The cutest little Basset Hound has just stepped forward to remind you of your loyalty and help you let go of the stress in your life. A bit of an adventure outside would be good for your energy and soul.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
A Yellow Labradorite is wonderful for channeling as well as healing stomach and gall bladder issue.

Aquarius…  Week of April 1st 2016
Make sure that you keep your physical, energetic and emotional boundaries strong and intact. Your natural empathetic nature to all of the community issues may tug at your heart and seek more of your time and energy than you have available. Try to keep your energies loyal to those closest to you that are aware of your boundaries.

Aquarius… Overview for April 2016
This is a good time for financial issues. Maybe you got a good rate on a re-fi on your house or something that you have been working on is a starting to pan out.

Start preparing for bigger and better things. There are several angelic beings available to assist you. I see them coming in on a big wall of what appears to be clear water.

They tell me that a good practice for you would be in softly staring at water while keeping your mind clear and open so you can connect and align with their divine energies and god minded presence.
So much love here!

Light Being
Archangel Michael always available to assist you and offer guidance on timing which is going to be very important to you. Align with Divine timing through him.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Lion has stepped up to make his presence known to you. He will help you in situations that you might feel a bit uncomfortable in addressing.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will assist you in promoting you psychic abilities and healing.

Pisces…  Week of April 1st 2016
Let your hair down and have a little fun this week. It is as if you have been in a dark room and someone turned the light on to all of the possibilities that are in your energetic fields as well as in you physical space. It might be a great time to get out in socialize with a new crowd or re-connect with an older group of people.

Pisces… Overview for April 2016
Something that you really want may show up in your live as a lesson. How you handle this situation or person will predict what will evolve or fizzle out.
Sometimes it seems like we are being blocked at every turn but just know that this is the universes way of saying that this is not ready yet. Take your time and don’t try to force anything.

I know that you might be saying “I did my vision Board and all of my manifestation work and I am sure that this is exactly what or who I want!” The Universe replies” Not just yet!” There are some powerful forces at work here.
Don’t feel like you are being punished. It is kind of like someone buying you a Corvette but you’re only 15 yrs old.  Remain positive and connected to your guides and angels. Likes attract you know!

Light Being
Kali …The Goddess of time is showing up very powerfully twirling swords to let all others know that this is her domain and time.

Your Animal Guide
A jaguar with amazing eyes stepped forward to offer protection and wisdom. Her eyes look like a beautiful glow of yellow light.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Cinnabar is good for attracting abundance.

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