Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Merlin Scopes Sept 2012

I channel The Merlin scopes on every month and thought that I would share them on my blog this month. I will have a channeling out within the next week or so but until then enjoy the scopes. I am not an astrologer. These are channeled scopes.  I invite you to check out www12listen as well as  Blessings .... Kay

Merlin Scopes for September 2012        by Kay
Aries…  Have you been searching your soul lately and discrediting the reliability of your choices?   Are you blaming your restless spirit on poor planning or on just following the crowd? Perhaps something feels amiss. You are correct in this interpretation. If we could show you a picture it would be of a heart split down the middle. One side is glowing in a beautiful green light. The other side is grey and shows very little light. The glowing green side is where your attention has been. This is on the outer world and on other people. The other side is the part that belongs to you. You haven’t accessed this lately; and now is the time to expand your awareness and focus on yourself and your own piece of love in your heart that is for you and only you. Keep the light in your heart that focuses on your love of the outside world and for others at half blast. This month we ask you to keep your mind and eyes open. Keep your awareness of your own heart focused on the half that longs to be incorporated with the whole. Your first thought may be, “perhaps this is about finding a new physical partner.” In a way it is. The new partner is the whole you.  A new partner may distract you for a while but it will not diminish the heart palpitations of the energetic longing for true wholeness. Use your time wisely and consciously. Look into your heart and visualize the 2 sides blending and beating in perfect time.
Taurus…  Welcome to the beginning of a new cycle. You have been investing in your future and now you will see results taking place. Before you skip over the next step, make sure you know what you're getting into. Before moving on into the future, you can take a step backward to give yourself a moment to reflect on where you have been, and on where you are at this moment. You won’t need to ponder very long in your recollection if you allow your mind to go into a meditative state and ask the Divine to show you the significance of who you are here to serve and how it is significant to the geometrical and spiritual power of the pyramid. In the beginning you start with a strong fortified foundation in the physical earthly world to secure the balance and longevity. Brick by brick, circle by circle, you build upward in a spiral direction until you complete your journey at the summit. You gaze down at the power of 3 and what this means to you. Take time to reflect on your workmanship and balance your giving and receiving. When all is in proper order you will feel exuberant. If you are feeling anything less, take time to reflect and perhaps consult someone who has more knowledge in the area  you are struggling with. Make sure this person is not someone who is emotionally connected to you in a personal way. Sometimes those who love us feel pressured to tell us the things we want to hear.
Gemini…   It is time to let go of another season. Release your hold on your summer ‘to do’ list. Allow your mind to slow the tempo of the summer dance to the rhythm of an autumn waltz. Allow your mind to dream as this is a very practical time to enhance your ability to create a mystical moment in your life. It may not be the powerful Big Bang of alchemical moments but it may be just enough to give you an idea of how you can create a better plan for living your life. Bigger changes are on the horizon although it may be a bit hard to see what this change is going to bring in a long-term; and it would not serve you to know these things at the present moment. We hear your prayers but you don’t always recognize the help you are getting is the help you need, rather than what you envision you want. The best solution is to kick back and use that discriminating mind of yours to discover a new way of being non-judgmental, less critical, and more forgiving.  Open your thinking to discoveries beyond the Piscean Age self-talk And when you've completed that task, we would all like to know about it. So get it in writing or share it with a friend. If you Gemini’s do some research on what Piscean Age self- talk means to you look me up on my facebook page and let me know.
Cancer…   A decision has been made and you've done your best to inform yourself in the best ways of handling this matter. Don’t worry about when or how. It is done in the most important part of your heart and mind. You have finally let go! With that being said, we encourage you to remain open to changes just like the changes in the wind. When you work with the wind and not against it, your power becomes greater and the reliability of swift solutions will be assured. The most difficult decisions have been made. Don’t waste time looking back at what could have been if you had acted differently. This is a waste of brain cells and time you could be using in a more powerful and productive way. This could be a good time to release some of the negative influences in your life and circle the wagons along with those who support and approve of what you are doing. Negativity is what we call the emotional influenza and those with weakened support systems are more likely to absorb these viruses and their effects. You are naturally susceptible to others’ emotional energies whether they are right or wrong. If you are overwhelmed with these influences, we suggest turning off the computer, phone, TV and go for a walk or play with your favorite animal. Walk in nature and take deep cleansing breaths to clear your lungs and light body. Let the dust settle before jumping into any new projects if you can. It is important to complete the ones that are in play now.
Leo…   Have you wasted too much time finding ways or excuses to stop you from moving ahead? Some parts may be broken and others will understand your need to ask for what you're worth. Look at others in your position in the world. Do they accept less than they deserve? Perhaps some do; but do you want to be one of those people? We suggest you take some time for perhaps a mini vacation or just some time on your own in a quiet place to look into your heart and decide what will really make you a better person. By being a better person we do not mean giving yourself away in society or in a relationship that lets you shine but does not allow for the compensation equal to your skills and abilities. The lion needs love and to feel that love through appreciation of your hard work and giving nature. Speak to someone in your field or in a position where you would like to see yourself. There are some common denominators here. Make note of these and also make note of the differences. Look at the checks and balances in your miracle manifesting ledger. At the end of each day, are you in the red are in the black? The key this month for you is mobility – not sideways, not downward but upward. This may be like feeling your way around in the dark. This is excellent exposure to the unknown; and the possibilities in this space are endless.
Virgo…   Happy Birthday Virgo! Even when things are going your way you find ways to make it more stressful than they need to be. Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Get ready because it could be raining shoes. Face it, this Chicken Little approach has not been very productive now has it? When the cloud passes and they sky becomes bright and blue, the sun will be much brighter and a lot more conducive to appropriate and productive manifesting. When we give you what you want you act like there is something wrong. You are sure that the stork must have landed at the wrong house. Stop wasting time worrying about what could happen if you don't follow the instructions right down to dotting the I's and crossing the T's. The universe just doesn't work that way. What do you think you deserve? A lot, I would guess. One of the most powerful moments of manifesting occurs in between two positive thoughts. Yes, it is that empty space when your mental mojo is turned off for just a second. The best way to learn how to use this is to take some time to relax. This means no working vacations and reading books that are designed purely for entertainment and not a “self-help” or “How To.” Just plain and simple relaxation. Make this your birthday ‘Month’ not just your birth ‘Day’. Say nice things to yourself, go somewhere there is water and just float. If you can't do that, take a salt bath and add a bit of rose oil to get into your feminine side which will help you nurture yourself. Treat yourself as if you are taking care of your only daughter or son. How would you have this child experience his/her life? How would you want them to see their soul and spirit and place in this great universal place we know as love? Would this child rather be a key player or an observer? Either is okay as long as that is what the heart wants.
Libra…   Happy Birthday to you too Libra! I have to tell you that the channeling for Libra this month is a bit different. This is being channeled from a very powerful presence… Ezekiel   …….This is a special time for you so remember to use this window of opportunity to produce the most powerful effects. Use this time to heal the wheel within yourself. To cling to old worn out possibilities is fruitless. The Wheel we speak of is in the center of your solar plexus and as you go through each wheel within your body (there are more) you will participate in cleansing the truth of your biological being and releasing the pockets of doubt which have provided uncertain comfort for many years. Upon this purging you will allow hidden abilities to come to the forefront. We encourage you to also enhance this within your physical temple by enlightening the cells of your body through your diet and drink more water than usual. Harvest time is the best time to add fruits and vegetables to your diet but we ask you to do this thoughtfully and gently with superb gratitude and knowledge of the vibrational and physical gifts of Mother Earth’s gardens. You have many spiritual helpers and Masters close to you and mixing energies with your aura this month. We expect that you will be doing some very important healing, and metaphysical, supportive or creative work and we will be near to assist and support your  dealings this month as you will be assisting souls in need.
Scorpio…   Change is in your life for a very good reason. If you never changed you would still be an infant. In every aspect, growth is in the picture for you – materially, emotionally, spiritually and in your career. It is time to shake off the disturbances of the past as they are just weights keeping you from moving forward. Shake it off just like a dog walking out of a pond would shake off the water. You have been sitting in that muddy pond for long enough and it is time to release what had you stuck and get back to living again. It is time to share yourself with the world. Communication is very important now.Your need for human contact is starting to overshadow any reason for staying stuck. You know change is not an option but spiritual growth is. What have you learned in the summer months? If there is wisdom in what you have learned? Now is the time to share it by any medium you choose. You are beginning to feel that things are turning in a new direction. You are taking back the driver’s seat behind the wheel. Although you are turning around as you back out onto the street with the on-coming traffic, there is a smile on your face. It’s about time don’t you think? Trust your intuition and ask your guides and the Divine to help with the big changes coming up. Open your chakras, especially your crown and throat; and breathe deeply.  Be at peace with your life and know that only good will come from positive changes.
Sagittarius…    It is almost time to celebrate. The worst of the situation has passed and you can start writing a new book of what your life will look like when you are standing in your own power. The secret is to know that you are standing in that power right now. Visualize yourself standing in what you think is the most powerful place on the Earth. Imagine standing straight with arms in the air, palms facing upward, and attracting the light to you like butterflies to a beautiful flowering tree. See the light surrounding your head and flowing all the way down to your feet; and as you do this, notice the changes in your heart. Is there just a little feeling of joy in your heart? Fear has been all around you for the past few months clouding your clarity and judgment in some cases. Now is the time to release these fears.  Feel these heavy fears sliding off your shoulders and simply falling onto the earth and dissolving into the ground. When you practice this a few times, you'll be ready to step into your own power place with no inhibitions, sorrows or guilt of your own or anyone else's. You know that you are reading the right signals when you are offered secret information. Perhaps, someone wants to share their guilty feelings in this situation.  Wait and see how this pans out. You'll be surprised at how powerful and on target your intuition is when you are no longer fixated upon the fear surrounding this and all situations. There is a huge lesson here, right?
Capricorn…   Some of you may be struggling with your soul purpose and wondering why you are in the job you are in and why you cannot move into more meaningful work and still pay the bills.  We understand this dilemma. You have been given gifts to serve humanity yet your gift is not paying the mortgage or putting food on the table. Be still and listen for signs, music, and opportunities. Ask for help with this in a loving, humble and accepting manner. Now you are asking “Is this what I signed up for?” Well, some are called to serve, using their gifts in an occupation directly healing by energy work or giving spiritual counseling.  Others are given these gifts to take with them into the most difficult and unconventional places. This could be working in big corporations, or even with people who are living on the streets and using drugs. You might find yourself in some of the darkest and most unexpected places you could imagine. Yet this is where your light and works are needed most. When you become anxious or depressed about where you are at, ask us for guidance and help. You may or may not be someone who is a professional light worker.  However, you are among those we value the most – those light workers using their gifts in the world among the people. Just by being there you bring light where there once was none. How powerful is that? You are like soldiers on the front line of the Divine Heart. Ask Raphael to guide you. Trust your body as your compass. Subtle energies are very powerful and informative.
Aquarius…   Mysterious words are powerful weapons. Keep your positive thoughts in the forefront. Future planning is a good place to start. Some homework will also help. Get a vocabulary book and find some words for love, light, joy, peace, prosperity and all things of this sort and start using them in emails, letters, blogs and conversation. Write poetry with it or use it in any situation that you can comment on. Make sure your heart is open and your body is in a protective ball of light before you even start. Then sit down or exercise, walk, clean house, dance, do yoga, and remember to dream, dream, and dream! It is time to stop worrying about money and who you want to be, when you grow up. Keep your private life private. Do not share worries or concerns with co-workers or neighbors. This is a perfect time to get a massage, go dancing and share Divine principles you know are truth. This will assist you in staying on your course of manifesting great career opportunities and expanding your own individual gifts. Whatever you do, remember others are watching so use your powerful words wisely and with counsel from the wise ones. Your words hold weight and can pack a punch. They can also be a boomerang. By the time the issue or emotion comes back to you after gathering great momentum, you may not even be steeped in this thought or emotion anymore. Do you really want to visit this again?
Pisces…  Open your eyes to the possibilities all around you. There are so many things you have never given notice to. If you keep your feelings hidden, no one ever knows exactly who you are. That can be lonely or lead to a lot of misconceptions. You have put a great deal of time into creating what promises to be an amazing gift in the eyes of others but you seem to ignore this and minimize your abilities and talents. Past programing and situations that made you feel less than successful are still getting in the way of you stepping forward and using the spiritual gifts and talents that you brought into this life. It comes so easy to you that you may sometimes not see it as a valid way to express prosperity and receive notable rewards. Time to go back and heal these old wounds and make peace and forgiveness with Mother Earth as the feminine is the missing component to manifesting in your life in a big way. Invite her into your meditation as well as any woman who has influenced you in your life. It’s time to heal some old wounds and misunderstandings. Is this where you learned to keep your real feelings and hopes and dreams hidden? Release the fear and move forward. Get together with a group of friends that you trust and feel safe sharing with. Just for fun.

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