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Merlin Chronicles By Kay February 2017

Merlin Chronicles           by Kay              February 2017  

Counting my Blessings!

 I have been so blessed to have Elizabeth Lindsay in my life! She has a radio show on called Angel With An Edge. Elizabeth was recovering from a surgery and I was so honored that she asked me to be the Guest Host until she returned February 1, 2017. 

Her show today was powerful and I highly recommend going to the archives to listen. I will be a guest on her show again February 22nd and a regular guest once a month from here on out. 

I am so happy. I love Elizabeth and feel so comfortable with her. We are both kind of edgy. So if you are curious and would like to get a channeled message, I will be channeling and you can tune in and ask questions in the chat.

The New World.. Not what we expected right?

 Every day a new challenge arises that tries to pull me further away from my goals, my joy and my greater good, sometimes my desire to continue my life on this planet. When I get those thought my Divine Self reminds me that I have a lot here to learn.

I am determined to ground myself and stay in balance. That doesn’t mean that I think that everything is just dandy in this country. Love, Light and La La Land. Far from it !

 I email my Congressman and Senator to express my feelings. I give thanks to all of my political warriors that are doing their best to wake up a world that had become fare too complacent. I refuse however, to allow somethings that I find repulsive to control my time and energy. Don’t give what you don’t want your energy. I am not saying ignore it … control it.

Every day I voice my gratitude to all things in my world. I say a prayer asking for Divine assistance and ask to be shown truth. Then I put up my light of protection. This is my armore that gets me through the day.

I recommend this to anyone who is empathic as most of you are. Close your eyes and breathe in the white light of protection into your heart chakra. Breathe in three times hold then release your breath. See the other colors of you chakras light up and see yourself in a bubble. This won’t cause you to retreat or ignore completely from all of the negativity but it will help you to protect your energy as you go about your day. It will help keep you from becoming depleted or overloaded.

 I still support what I think is politically and morally in harmony with my true self. Yes, I have deleted and unfollowed some friends on Facebook. But I have also made some wonderful new friends and deepened other relationships with people that I am getting to know better. 

Sometimes I feel like we are playing a shell game and the powers that be are controlling where we put our attention as we are always looking for that pea. I must question…what should we be looking at?

Well that’s what is up with me! Check out your monthly MerlinScopes!

Kay Dragon

  MerlinScopes        by Kay     February 2017

Aries…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Take another look at your goals and motives this month. Make sure what you are planning is in accordance with your desired and expected outcome.
There is a mysterious air about you. It is important to continue to hold ideas and intuitive hits you are receiving to yourself; and only share with those who are closest to you. Your success will come from your intentions. Always remember to include gratitude and this will catch the ear of the Divine Father and the Divine mother Earth.

This may be an opportunity to do some soul searching and clear out some things that have less meaning to you now. Your life has changed, developed, and evolved.  Allow yourself to become more flexible. Look for answers in books and from people who have experience or wisdom. There might be a Libra involved or someone with Libra qualities of balance, justice, and wisdom.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is here to support you in becoming aware of a new consciousness. The message he is giving me is the new consciousness is as different as the Old Testament is to the New. Explore this in your own way.

Your Animal Guide
The Eagle has come forth to support and guide you into a new way of thinking and stretching your consciousness and desires to a higher vibration. Work with him in meditation by becoming an eagle in flight.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Garnet will clean your chakras and create healthy boundaries and protection.

 Taurus…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Make sure you are getting all the correct information you need concerning finance and career goals. Even if you diligently seek out information from experts, do your own research and ask all the right questions. No question is ever stupid or unimportant.

Timing is very important. Take a moment out of your schedule everyday just to collect yourself and seek inner wisdom. This might also be a good time to back away from social media so you don’t scatter your energy. If something big is happening that could be life changing you should know, you will be prompted to take a look or something will be brought to your attention.

Stay grounded as you may be feeling a bit too much of other peoples’ emotions and issues. If this starts happening and you feel the urge to get involved in someone else’s drama… don’t. Focus on your own issues and make a difference in your own life. Rescue yourself. Others will find their own way, given the opportunity or when put in a corner.

Your Light Being
Call on Tara. She is the Female Buddha. She will protect and shield you. I see her standing before you in a beautiful green light that goes from the earth to her waist. A yellow flame blends into the middle and a blue/gold glows in her heart and throat chakra. She is holding a lovely bunch of flowers as a gift of scent to you. Pay attention to the power of what emotions and thoughts come up when you smell flowers and other things. Seek peace in this. Perhaps oils?

Your Animal Guide
A small Blue Bird comes forward for you singing a sweet tune. Let that tune open your soul.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fluorite to clear your chakra and connect you with the Divine.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
It may be a little bit difficult to make a decision this month. I see the twins pulling in two different directions and putting a bit of a strain on your physical and emotional health. Don’t try to push yourself too hard. You will come into an agreement and throw yourself fully into a direction when it is time to do so. It is almost as if you completely wear yourself out before you surrender and the choice will become clear.

Sometimes you work really hard to get what you want and then after you get it, you realize it wasn’t really what you wanted. Perhaps it was the idea of something you sought and now you are wondering where this is going to lead you.

I am not a Fortune Teller and I can’t tell you which direction to go with this. I am being told this is your journey and no path is wrong. It is all a matter of what you choose to experience. It will depend on what you choose in relationship to what you crave… or what will feed your soul.

One thing to remember is when you get bored, you get cranky and impulsively say things that can hurt others. Put a little delay button on your brain before you speak. The truth is good; but knowing how to present it in an effective way is the goal you want to achieve.

Your Light Being
Mahatma Gandhi is stepping forward to be your ally in making peace out of pandemonium.

 Your Animal Guide
A Sea Turtle comes forward and shows me she is burying her eggs in the sand. Some will hatch and make it to the ocean and some will not. Don’t become too attached to your ideas. Some things are meant to fade away or become extinct; and the ones that are strongest will thrive.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Shattuckite will heighten your vibration and enhance psychic abilities.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
You might be feeling excessively moody this month. Sometimes your feelings just have to run their course. Especially feelings of fear or lack. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle or take on things that you know are not in your true nature. In doing this, you would be unwittingly going against your own good. Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean that it will be good for you. A big part of you knows better.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in matters of quality verses quantity. Your reputation and integrity will suffer if you don’t remain true to your initial purpose.

Expect some rough terrain and untraveled territory but all in all, you will survive and come out knowing it is a big universe and some rules do apply. I am talking about the ‘what comes around goes around rule’. So put out what you want to get back. The results could be very good especially when you give gratitude to those around you. Even those who have not reached their full potential yet. This is a great time to collaborate and support.

Your Light Being
The Hermit shows himself as your guide in the darkness. His message is not so much in staying to yourself but in trusting his light to show you the way. Actually this can be a blessing as working with him you will be less likely to become distracted.

Your Animal Guide
A family of Skunks ran forward to support you. Their message is ‘respect yourself and others’. The consequences of any betrayal will be relevant for a long time. Know that you are protected.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prehnite will bring unconditional love.

 Leo…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
You may be seeing things in a new light. Perhaps you have been distracted during the past months and now some new clarity is being brought to the surface. Make yourself open to new ideas and intentions as the old reasoning passes into the distance. It is good to help others; but be aware of your own circumstances first.

Change comes from within this month. Trust your intuition and don’t repeat mistakes from the past. If this is about relationships, be alert to that feeling  you get around someone you have just met and feel like you have known them all your life. Perhaps you have in one way or another. Maybe it’s a past life? Maybe this meeting is a message from you guides or higher self as a reminder? Sometimes these feelings are difficult to sort out. Don’t assume this person is your best friend or a fated relationship. Step back and see how it plays out.

Keep good boundaries and don’t jump into anything until you see what this is all about. This might even take a few months of observation to get the whole picture. Also be mindful of what and with whom you share information

Your Light Being
Saint Thomas Moore is coming through to assist and support you. Don’t lose sight of your core values to seek approval from someone else. Be true to yourself.

Your Animal Guide
A Bengal Tiger steps forth. He is standing between you and all others who may wish to veil the truth from you or try to manipulate you into their way of thinking.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Green Tourmaline will spark healing and accentuate all of the qualities of the heart chakra.
Virgo…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Enlist your higher self to bring back harmony and balance to your life. Disregard some of the past constraints that have held your ideals of prosperity at bay.

Have an open mind and open heart as you see the past and the present come together and combine what you see in this world. Not all things are only good or bad. Bring the two together in harmony and allow yourself the freedom to recognize the beauty in each from a neutral perspective.

This month we remind you to keep a conscious effort to review the way you pray when Angels are invoked. Prayers are always heard but some Angels are more receptive to prayers that are said while you are in motion, or in written form, or perhaps in nature or in a poem or song. Focus on your heart chakra and pray with the innocence of a child and surrender your words of hope as you would release a dove.

Your Light Being
Madame Tussaud, who was famous for her ability to carve the likeness of royalty and other famous people in wax, is coming forward to assist you. She has never come forward before, so I find myself knowing little about her except her art, her tenacity, and her fearlessness. Meditate with her and see what gifts she brings to be channeled through you. I have a feeling it is based on some important spiritual laws that will assist you.

Your Animal Guide
I see a beautiful Leopard sitting in a tree looking out across the plains. Sit quietly in a high place and allow yourself to see what is coming into your life so you can take advantage of opportunities coming your way.

 Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Angelite brings peace and compassion and helps you in contacting the angelic beings that will surround you in love and guidance.

 Libra…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
This month will remind you that you are in partnership with the Divine. You are a co-creator and may have definite proof of this when something you created becomes significant and manifested in full form.

This is a time of perfect alignment of your higher self and the Divine Creator. I see a vision of you looking through your tool box and finding a tool that is shaped like a pyramid with a long shaft or handle. This is a key that doesn’t look like your typical one; but it is a key all the same. It is needed to make the rest of the pieces move and function perfectly. This may be metaphorical or some sort of sacred geometry.

Be mindful with your thoughts. Whatever you focus on can be a manifestation of what you create. My sense is that something good will come of this because I am seeing you counting your blessings and some sort of a celebration.

Your Light Being
The Goddess Hathor will assist you in finding joy in difficult times. You in turn, will be able to share this with others.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Moose has stepped forward to help you in being sure footed and kind. It seems that you have good wisdom to share with others. This is perfect for you. Especially if you are a communicator or teacher.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cinnabar is a great stone if you are working with community or a business that requires sales.

 Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Release your expectations of yourself and be willing to look for assistance in any area of your life you are having trouble with. Ask for guidance and don’t be afraid to be willing to be the novice at this time. You are always safe. A little vulnerability looks good on you.

Re-evaluate your intentions. It may be in your nature to be competitive; but don’t allow this to be the one thing that trips you up just before you cross the goal post.

Is your passion based on winning or loving what you are doing? Go back to the beginning and remember your true passion and what sparks it. Who are you serving and why?

Perhaps you are experiencing uncomfortable feelings based on promises that were unachieved or broken in the past. This could be hidden deeply in a place in your heart that has yet to heal. You have done a lot of work on this, but a bit more is needed at this time. Ask your angels and guides with help with this healing.

Your Light Being
Shiva is dancing and twirling, breaking up blocks that limit your joy. Call on him. Listen to music and dance!

Your Animal Guide
The Anteater stepped forward and wishes to help you find out what feels natural and brings out your own authentic way of doing things.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Yellow Calcite will help in meditation and assist you in relaxing.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
You might feel like you are finally shaking off some of the drama of 2016. This will continue as long as you don’t get caught up in repetitive thinking. You do have the power to change things and manifest; but some things take a bit of time. Racing ahead and thinking about the results too often can rob you of the joy of the moment.

Make sure you are living in the present and experiencing life to its full potential. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself or stay stuck on an outcome. Not only will you become a bore to yourself, but your friends and family, may become impatient with you as well this month. You might burn yourself out or start questioning your plan especially if you are looking for support from others. Look inward!

Come to an agreement with the Divine that you will do your part in the physical world and turn the rest over for the miracles of spirit. This is your part of being a co-creator. Remember you are a clear and perfect channel for the Divine. Flow with it!

A marketing concept may become successful and you may see results. This is not limited to someone in sales and such but also in marketing yourself. This could be a resume or other self-promotion. Something from the past may come back in a favor.

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is wrapping his wings around you. Allow yourself to ask for and accept his company in all your work.

Your Animal Guide
A Crane stepped forward to support you in financial prosperity and abundance. Call on him for assistance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Snow Quartz will support you in difficult life lessons. Patience.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Make time for fun this month. You have been through a lot and it may seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders at times. It is time to stop worrying about the future because this will only rob you of your energy and joy.

This is a good time to let go of some things. This includes physical items as well as ideas or beliefs that have the ability to keep you running in circles and gaining very little in return. For instance, if you have a storage unit this might be the time to clear it out or eliminate some things. If you are storing items you have not used in a year or more, you might consider finding a new home for them instead of paying monthly storage fees on items no longer useful to you. You might even be storing things for other people. If a large chunk of time has passed, it may be in your best interest to ask the person to pick it up. This could be quite freeing for you.

It is always good to be true to yourself; and it is also in your best interest to be flexible. You can work within your own integrity and tell people something has changed in a relationship or that you have decided on a different course of action. Sometimes this is needed, and as long as you are honest about your reasons, it will be ok. No excuses that don’t feel authentic to you. People will see right through it and you will not feel good about yourself even in a little white lie.

Your Light Being
Pu-Tai also known as the Laughing Buddha is working with you this month. After he made contact, I did a little research. He would go from town to town. He would put down his bag and start laughing and soon his laugh became contagious and his work was done. He would then move on to the next place.

Your Animal Guide
Elephant came forward to move energy and make space for March energy!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst will help engage the assistance of Light Beings and Angels this month. This will also help with your prayers as I am being shown Amethyst  will magnify your soul’s message especially during healing requests.

 Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
Sometimes life can be exhausting and you might feel the need to take extra naps. This is a great idea because you seem to be doing a lot of work during your sleeping hours. I can see those who have passed as well as Ascended Masters and teachers coming to support whatever cause you are working on.
If you are a writer or poet, some new revelations are about to come to the forefront. You are coming in line with a vibration that you haven’t experienced before. Although controversial in manifestation into the physical world, you will find the right place and audience.

Pay attention to signs or communication as this may lead those of you who are looking for a new career path to just the right fit. You might be a little fearful in letting go of what you are doing now; but that is to be expected when someone takes a step into the unknown. As always, know that the choice is yours. There may be comfort and safety in staying put.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain is working with you using his Violet Light of transmutation. It appears you are his chosen channel to send out energy and vibrations of forgiveness. He will work through you to help with alignment with individuals who have never worked with this energy before. It may be even as subtle as a casual conversation in everyday life.

Your Animal Guide
Hawk comes forth to support you in messages and invitations from those up high and the angels.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Carnilian will ground this high voltage of energy that is coming your way to keep you balanced.

 Pisces…   Overview for the Month of February 2017
There may be some uncoupling in some areas of your life this month. This doesn’t always mean a romantic relationship, but it could be one involving business, friends, maybe someone you really liked is moving away or your favorite grocery store or restaurant is closing. You are amazingly resilient and will find new things to capture your attention and expand your life.

Don’t let the world around you dictate your degree of happiness or your importance. It is almost as if you are being tested to see if you will stand up for who you are and claim your goodness. If something or someone in your life is making you feel less than fantastic, then do something to make yourself feel wonderful and appreciated.

This is not intended to push you in an unhealthy direction; but to encourage you to surround yourself with those who do realize and celebrate who you are and what you bring to the party. You might want to read some uplifting books in the self-help section that support your self-worth and give you some new tools. Words are very powerful; and you are very sensitive to them, so learn to use them in a positive way.

Do you see yourself as the door mat that others are allowed to walk on in their path to greatness? Claim yourself as the one who opens the door and allows them an opportunity to experience and explore greatness through your wisdom and friendship. Continue this awareness and you will see things shift in a lovely direction in your life. Use your words and imagination wisely!

Your Light Being
Kuthumi is stepping forward to support you in loving your life and recognizing that your purpose is experienced when all you do is of joy and love.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Seagull is flying around you and willing to find those things that you seek. Call on him to find what you need in the physical world.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Herkimer Diamond will tune up your chakras and heighten psychic 

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