Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Merlin Chronicles and MerlinScpoes October 2013

Hi Everyone,
It has been a busy season for me so far and it looks like I will be keeping up that pace throughout October.The United States is going through a major cleansing. The truth and the real people behind the facades are coming to the surface. Don't get pulled into the sea of negativity and darkness.Be a light in the darkness and show the way to others.
If you are in the Denver area you will find me at :
Join in a joyous celebration of your body-mind-spirit with intuitive readers
& body workers in a warm and receptive environment.
Unity Temple
Saturday, October 5, 2013 (10am to 5pm)
1555 Race, Denver, CO
(between Gilpin and York, north of Colfax)
Free workshops by:
Brigitte Mars, Lisa Bolton-Yoder, Kay Dragon & Linda Kalyris

More information:  303/691-8824 or




FIRST SPIRITUAL SCIENCE CHURCH – ‘An Open Metaphysical Community’

3375 S. Dahlia St.  Denver, Co 80222   303.756.3226      visit
October 19-11:00am to 6:00pm        October 20-Noon to 5:00pm
$1.00 Entrance Fee


11:00 Tips on Eliminating Stress”  by Aurelia Taylor
12:00  “Channeling-Integration and Ascension” by Tami Harms
1:00   “Gemstones - Spiritual, Metaphysical & Healing”  by Phil Cantalano
2:00   “Infinite Awareness within Past LIves”  by Robert Blond
3:00   “Who Am I ? I Am……” ”by Brandy Zuy
4:00   “Soul Mates Using Palmistry”  by Mryna Lou Goldbaum

SUNDAY, October 20

12:00 “Wisdom from the Animals”  by Melinda Gillette
1:00   Metaphysical Darkness - Understand It & Learn to Avoid It”  by Rich Haas
2:00   “Learn to Do Basic Healings in 45 Minutes”   Fredda Laurel
3:00   “Understanding Trauma & the Benefits of Spiritual Healing”  by Dagmar Oktabcova

Merlin Scopes October 2013
This is not a month to worry about how you will pay the bills. Focus instead on how to use your time effectively. Understand that both of these issues are related but putting your attention on how to be more effective will help you gain more ground.
Keep a position of neutrality when it comes to disagreements with family or co- workers. There are no good or perfect answers and it is difficult to choose sides. Don’t take things too personally and consider the source. This may be someone who is using you as a sounding board are they talk out their own understanding of an issue.
We see you letting go of some things this month so that you may be able to travel light. This is always encouraged but don’t let go of the things that feel close to your heart. They bring you peace. Even if it is something that has to be hidden from others. This could be a stone, a picture or just a place in your heart for someone, you alone hold dear.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain can help you use the old worn out stories of the past to produce something of value.
Your Animal Guide
Elk is strong and will teach you to use your body efficiently.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Diamond for strength and endurance.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Allow relationships to fall into place naturally. This applies to all types of relationships. Some may come apart or wither, some may come together, and some may surprisingly go by the wayside.

Are you working on a project that requires writing? We of your Light Counsel suggest taking your time as you go through each step. Even if this is not a project that involves writing, it still might be a good idea to write down and record your steps as you move through each phase of your project. You can move mountains if you use the right formula and this may require planning.
You seem to be a bit dreamy and you might find it’s a challenge to stay on task this month.  Take your time and allow yourself time for your dreams This is a very creative process for you as long as you don’t use this time to think about the situations that didn’t work out well.
Use you time wisely and bring your awareness to a higher place in asking how it can be done in a more positive manner for all parties concerned .If you find your mind drifting back into heaviness and less than desirable thoughts pull yourself back to center. Back to a place of peacefulness and beauty that is stored in your memories
Keep things as simple as possible. Complicated does not equal good or worthwhile.
 Your Light Being
St. Francis of Assisi will help you find the most unique way to make personal changes in the simplest ways.
Your Animal Guide
Jaguar will assist you in recovering from recent social and spiritual challenges and can help you find balance in your life.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Apatite will bring clarity.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Steer clear of making judgments in social situations, especially those that involve conversations with people from different cultures or belief systems from your own. Remember we are all children of the earth.

Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Try to take two steps back and get an overview of the big picture. Always make sure that you leave a path for a graceful exit strategy.
 Take time to check in with your Higher Self and follow-up on any intuitions, dreams or visions. Before tuning in for guidance, identify and release any feelings of fear or anger.  If you have trouble quieting the mind or letting go of the mind chatter, ask for help and it will be given.
 If you are a student on the path of higher consciousness or perhaps you are seeking answers for philosophical questions, you are being encouraged to seek out classes on these topics. If classes are unavailable, self-study through reading books might prove to be an acceptable alternative.
 As long as the growth you are seeking involves developing a better human relationship with the earth, the community, and the divine; you will find help where ever you look.
Your Light Being
Archangel Zadkiel will help you clear your energies and set priorities.
Your Animal Guide
Pay attention to feathers of all sorts, especially those from black birds. Open yourself to communicating with these creatures of the air. They have a message for those who will listen.
Your Stone or Mineral helper</p></strong>
Kyanite will help you connect with your guides and ground spiritual energy. >In Matters of Love and Relationships
You may find joy in the freshness and stimulation of new friends and relationships. Enjoy this time together but be ready for a deeper level of understanding – the real low-down – to make an appearance on your radar. This is neither good nor bad. It just is. Your assessment of new information will serve as a compass to help you decide which way to go and how to proceed.

Making changes can be difficult but the universe is supporting you with a cast of characters. These individuals are different than the usual players but quite capable of getting the job done.
You find yourself giving in and surrendering to the ‘Powers that be, whatever that means to you. It is almost as if a huge weight has been taken off of your back.
 You have been busy trying to bring your thoughts, words and activities into a higher and more positive direction and the universe is responding and supporting your efforts.
This is a good time to focus on the holiday energy and coming festivities. It is harvest time for all. All things will come to the surface in a big way so make sure that you walk in integrity and compassion. Acting with fairness and not picking favorites is important right now. Love just to love… not because you think that one deserves it more than another. There is a bigger plan here and you are being asked to drop all of your preconceived notions and social reward systems. Spread the love!
Your Light Being
Mother Teresa will help you share unconditional love.
Your Animal Guide
The Ass (or donkey, if you prefer) teaches humility and helps carry your consciousness to the mysteries and rewards of patience and trust.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Stilbite will help you ground while you journey – giving you direction in your travels.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
It is time to let down that protective wall and loosen your grip on inhibitions in your personal, professional and public relationships. Love – no one is watching.

Your hard work is going to pay-off. You have put it all on the line with the ‘pedal to the metal’. You may have moments of doubt or guilt, but it is all going to work out. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Understand that all you have done and all of the roads you have traveled have only made you stronger, wiser, more compassionate, increased your intuition and given you that loud roar you possess when you jump in with both feet. You may have a difficult time balancing yourself because when you’re in, you’re in and when you’re out, you’re out. You might give a little thought to those that you have left behind and give them a call once in a while as this is a bit confusing for them..
Know that all will come in due time and watch everything fall into place. Friends are working on your behalf. Not just friends in the physical world but those in the higher realms as well.
 You are a host of Divine light and a channel waiting for the perfect project in which to align your energies.  Remember often to give gratitude for all of the love and joy in your life. The Divine within you will attract even more opportunities. You may even have to decline a few. Talk is cheap. Ask for solid proof and remember research and statistics can be easily influenced or manipulated to produce the desired results.
Your Light Being
Align yourself with Jerry Hicks as he would like to share what he has received since his crossing over.
Your Animal Guide
Bobcat will help you see though others and identify their true intentions. If someone is uncomfortable around you, know that it is not because you are an abrasive person but because you really see them. Don’t be fooled by outer appearances. Ask for help from Bobcat.
 Your stone or Mineral helper
Jet will protect you and repel people who are acting out of integrity. If you have this stone wear it daily.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Remember to honor your relationships with those closest to you. This is especially true for your number one relationship – the one you have with yourself and the god with-in.  Set aside some quiet time to commune with your God, your guides and those close to you. Spiritual nourishment is on the menu.

September was a month of highs and lows. This month you can expect more interaction in your community and opportunities to assist others in multiple settings which could include helping out with money or spending time together having fun. Be sure to eat healthy foods and allow enough time for breaks and getting sufficient rest. This is very important.
Be grateful for a busy month as this will leave less room to concern yourself with the other small yet irritating situations which  without any help from you, will come to a head on their own accord. 
 There is someone taking you very seriously and that someone is you. Let loose and give yourself a little time to mess up, not be quite so perfect, and just have some fun. There is someone who is going to approach you with an unforgettable conversation that may create a huge shift in your life. This may relate to your relationship with the Balance of the Universal Divine and your right to expect and accept love, appreciation, protection and generosity relating to all good things
Your Light Being
Joseph of Arimathea is calling to you and asking you to connect with him, especially before you sleep.
Your Animal Guide
Beaver will help give you stamina to get things done and assist you in attracting the appropriate community and spiritual team you need to build your new project and bring ideas into action. Beaver will also teach you about opening up the dam and letting others in.  Having an open mind is a good quality but use discernment as not all have your best interest at heart.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Amethyst is the perfect stone for you to wear or carry.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Be clear about what you want relationships to look and feel like. You are going through a period of transformation and the universe is listening.  Choose your thoughts, words and dreams carefully.

Happy birthday Libra ! Your year has come to an end.  As you prepare for the new energies of 2014, you will have multiple opportunities to cleanse and release the old stagnant ways of thinking as well as to clear material clutter.
You are being shown glimpses of what may come to be through dreams, visions and perhaps conversations with your guides, higher self and master teachers. These are gifts from spirit and your soul has been waiting until this very moment to bring forward your higher calling.
Have you been pondering writing a self help book, starting a new healing practice, or any kind of new career that deals with service oriented employment or volunteerism? You are now being encouraged to take action on these dreams that you have held so close to your heart. These visions can become reality if you choose to step forward. Avoid giving away too much of your plan to those who don’t understand what you are talking about. They will not benefit from your words and you may start doubting yourself and your true connection with the divine. </p>
Your Light Being
Lady Liberty will be your light being of truth and freedom. </p>
Your Animal Guide
Raven will bring you messages from the angelic spiritual realm and carry your messages of intention to the universe. Choose your words wisely
Your stone or Mineral helper
Beryl will help you eliminate excess and clear a path to your true potential.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
You are encouraged to enjoy the company of those around you in social situations and while participating in community projects that you are so very fond of. But keep in mind business is business and friendship is friendship. Try not to confuse the two or someone could get offended or overlooked as a result of your loyalties.

It is time to stand up, speak your mind, and make it clear where you stand on the issues. This is true for your personal life as well as in work or community settings. There are those who can benefit from your opinion and your perspective. If nothing else this will at least clear the air.

Balance is very important this month. Try to avoid extremes. This includes your choices and opinions of food, work and relaxation. You might find yourself bouncing back and forth between full throttle and laid out flat on your back. Keep your head clear and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

This is a wonderful time to make headway on a project that has been on the back burner for some time. The question here is what would you be willing to give up to bring this into your reality? This could be a career move or simply cleaning out that spare bedroom so you can make space for your new office.

Your Light Being
 Shiva will assist you in balancing your energy and in choosing your words wisely.

Your Animal Guide
 Crow will help you voice your opinion and lend a bit of magic if you see fit to accept this help with an open heart, mind and in gratitude.

Your stone or Mineral helper
 Vanadinite will help you connect with Mother Earth and assist you in choosing how to use your energy.

In Matters of Love and Relationships
 You can feel quite happy and content with a quiet space in the company of a book, music, or simply your thoughts. You’re being encouraged to use these quiet times to also dream into your existence those whom you choose to be a part of your gatherings and social groups for the upcoming holiday season.
The universe/divine source is speaking with you now, sending you messages about the collective consciousness and specifically concerning the needs of this world. We ask you to take time during your busy day to say your blessings and give thanks for those gifts in your life. It is not that we don’t believe you are truly grateful.  In truth, we ask you to do this because your voice and intention are so powerful that in prayer this vibration is carried to the infinite and when this is clearly heard you will benefit in many ways.
You are also being encouraged to realize your gifts and your power and how to use them wisely to your own advantage and benefit. It is not selfish to enjoy your God-given right to reap the harvest of your soul’s work.
Call on your leaders of light as we are here to assist you in all of your needs. We are your co-creators and passionate about our role in your life.
Your Light Being
Master Lantos is waiting for you to call upon his grace.
Your Animal Guide
Catbird will assist you in attracting those into your life that will teach you many things about the art of communication with yourself, others and the universe.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Pietersite holds the kingdom of heaven
In Matters of Love and Relationships
If you are already in a relationship your life may become a bit intense during the next month. There will be moments of unrest and instability in communication with your significant other or partner. Lay the truth on the line and try not to wait until the issue has grown to great proportions before seeking compromise or resolution.
If you are single and looking for a relationship, ask your guardian and guides to seek out appropriate companionship. A new connection may not last forever but could l be a precursor to a long-lasting relationship. This relationship may be with another person or could simply represent a union within the male and female within yourself. Either situation will be beneficial.

Rest easy knowing you have made your intentions clear to the universe. Perhaps you did this in the form of your actions, affirmations or in the form of written petitions or prayer. Remember that your prayers and requests will be more powerful and heard more clearly when you are aligning yourself with service that benefits humanity, the Earth and the Divine Plan. Walk your talk.
Take time to connect with your inner compass when you are not quite sure which direction to go. You may benefit from the opinions of others, but at the end of the day ask yourself if this is in the best interest of all. If the answer is ‘yes’ move forward but remember to take all of the necessary steps and do so respecting and acknowledging all who may be effected or concerned.
You may be feeling unusually sensitive and aware of the presence of someone close to you who has passed during this month. Enjoy the time you have to spend with this one and listen to what he or she may be trying to share with you. This time of year the veil between the worlds is very thin.
Your Light Being
The Christ Consciousness which includes, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and others are near to you and will assist if you open the door to your heart.
Your Animal Guide
Turtle is here to remind you to connect with the earth and to continue to move at a slow and steady pace. If you move too quickly, before your fruit has ripened, you will not reap the full benefits of its flavor.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Aragonite will ground you and assist you in healing your past.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Depend on your inner child to help you connect with love. When it comes to relationships, ask your inner child how he/she would like to be treated and what would be the most comforting and valued expression of love. Use this to help heal yourself and to connect with your loved ones.
Your inner guidance is true and totally spot on as you maneuver your way through the fall season. Look for integrating patterns that lead you to more conducive ways of teaching yourself how to trust your inner guidance.
We strongly suggest you use the power of music and sound to make a connection between your third eye and crown chakra. Music has a powerful effect and might lead you to identifying a Celtic connection and the music of the ancient past. If you could discover what this means to your vibration this could help you a great deal.
Give yourself a generous gift as a reward for all of your hard work this summer. Something a bit strange and unexpected may come your way and be just the ticket for what may feed your fancy. Smile and accept this gift without questioning the motives, the hows,or the whys. Gifts come in many different forms if you look for them and accept them gracefully.
 Your Light Being
Serapis Bey and Bridget
Your Animal Guide
Prairie dog will teach you to rest and rejuvenate your body when needed. A relaxing vacation might be in order.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Sardonyx, especially black, will absorb negativity
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Speak your truth in current relationships and with those people might become friends, lovers or co-workers. When you do this, there is little room for disappointment, hard feelings or unrealistic expectations.

Seek the company of those people and places that nurture and feed your heart, mind, body and spirit with new refreshing thoughts and ideas. Leave the worries and troubles of others behind as there is little you can do to fix them. There is a plan and a bigger picture even though you may not be able to see it. Trust the animals, especially those in the wild, as they know how to live fully one day at a time.
Clear your calendar for one day a week and arrange to use this day for limitless fun and folly! You can make a date with friends, family or just yourself to shake off the lower energies. You can get a massage, a salt bath or simply drive down the highway with the windows down to help clear the energy around you.
Let go of those material things that have sadness or longing attached to them. Donate, give them away or rid yourself of them in any way you choose. It is time to seek more acceptable memories that will be more agreeable to the person you have become.
Your Light Being
Quan Yin is available and wishes to initiate you to a more expanded way of loving and living.
Your Animal Guide
Whale will help you communicate with the voice of the universe.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Electric blue obsidian to heighten your intuitive abilities.
In Matters of Love and Relationships

Take a moment to look around and perhaps you may notice that someone is looking at you. If you are single, and even if you are not, it may be to your advantage to give others a bit more eye contact and a smile. This can shift the energy of a person’s day or brighten a whole room. 

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