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December 2013 MerlinScopes

Merlin Scopes December 2013   By  Kay
In the light of recent events there is more to the story than previously interpreted. Behind most lies, a little bit of truth is detectable as you have come to see. It is all in the beholders vision, intention and perception that the story begins to take on a life of its own. When in doubt, go with your gut.
When you are unsure of the motivation behind the teller’s tale take some time to go inward and submit the question to your higher self and your group of guides who are concerned about this issue.
There is a concern or the conversation would not have been brought to your attention. Revelations and inner growth of your most powerful self may come forth and be brought into the consciousness in a large and surprising way.
Keep yourself open to experiencing different cultures and understanding the width and wisdom behind ancestral belief systems and archetypes. These may hold hope and infinite promise of the unfolding hero and heroines in this complex and trying world.
This is a wonderful time to enlist the aid if all higher beings, Be inclusive in this and do not exclude assistance offered or inferred. This may not be of your belief system but out of respect for those who find their spiritual well-being in other deities we ask you to give them a simple Namaste.
Your Light Being
Mahatma Gandhi as well as Mother Teresa will help you in seeing past the religion or belief system of another and recognize the divinity that all humans share. The soul
Your Animal Guide
Bat will help you let, release and walk away from the person, places, things and attitudes in a clean and timely way. Once this is done a new opportunity or way of life may be revealed.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Golden Beryl will open your crown and solar plexus.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Ask others to be clear about their intentions and be wary of anyone who won’t give you the full story. Watch the eye and hand movement in business dealings with others. You may be feeling sentimental with family and take a stroll down memory lane. You may be mulling over in your mind what could have been different and why things are as they are.

This month has a very shamanic theme to it as you will see as you read into the animal guide section of this channeling.
Creative ideas are on are bringing on new avenues of ways to express lessons learned. These are coming from memory but hand chosen by your guides and teachers. These may also be coming from relationships with loved ones who have passed on.
Make a list of 17 valuable things or lessons that you have learned in your life beginning when you were a small child. This will require time for reflection. Perhaps going through old photos and reconnecting with individuals from your past through the internet of a phone call. To connect with those in spirit you only need to go into a quiet space and think of them.
When you feel that you have completed this list to the best of your ability and recollection make a list of those situations and people that you are most grateful for. Perhaps these life lessons didn’t feel like blessings or merit any value for you at the time but now you can look at them with a new perspective.
Try to make time to complete your sleep cycle as you are gathering large amounts of information that will assist you in some of the more difficult decisions and situations that you will be dealing with in the coming months. Just when you think all is lost your spiritual team of advisors will ride up like a knight on a white horse with valuable information and synchronistic events that will solve some problems and make you realize that some of these problems are not “your” problems at all. You will then be able to release them to the universe to be attended to as seen fit.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain is going to help you effectively recognize and accept you shadow side. This will help you in accepting and seeing the beautiful perfection in others as well as yourself. When you actually say and bring to light the dark thoughts and feelings that all humans have it makes it easier for others to also realize that the shadow is part of being human.
Your Animal Guide
 Dog will help you with your journey back into your memory of the 17 lessons learned. Be sure to express your gratitude for the unconditional love, service and guidance you will learn here as you journey with dog.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Quartz crystal of your choice. Hold this during your meditation and journey with dog</p>
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Your shamanic journey continues into your memory of relationships beginning with your first memory on this planet. Was it happy, sad, fearful? Who was with you in this strange new world? This will hold a key to the parade of other relationships in this lifetime. Do you feel like you are traveling with Christmas past? This next year will be a break though time in which relationships can be healed and fences mended so that you can create a happier future for yourself and teach those around you the same.

You have a strong inclination to tell yourself that everything you have done in the past was not a worthy path and the information wasn’t within your best interest. This is short sighted and you have forgotten that your path blazed a trail for others to walk. You cleared the way for many hopeful, what we will call immigrants, for lack of a better explanation.
These immigrants are workers of the Light who have found a new home in their hearts for the expanded consciousness of God. They have found a peaceful haven in knowing that in reality all truth and love is found within this heart where God resides within. There is no one above passing judgment, giving or taking away.
This is hard to make sense in the world so fraught with turbulence and mankind has a front row seat as a witness to all of the things you feared for so long. Many of you as messengers received these messages from the shadow and were chastised for bringing them to the attention of other. In hindsight your lesson this month is to realize that it was not so much the message as it is the way you present it.
 We ask you to build your prayer and meditation group. It does not need to be in person as you now have access to multiple forms of communication. Don’t allow yourself to be bogged down with principles and rules or who are the leaders and who are the followers. Just focus on your heart and communicate the messages that you hear, see or feel.
Your Light Being
Kwan Yin will assist you in bringing compassion into your everyday life and within your own heart.
Your Animal Guide
 Fox will help you get things done and said by using the most practical and natural knowledge and wisdom of the changing seasons. Just as the season changes so will your approach to communicating and blending with your audience to convey a better understanding.

Your stone or Mineral helper
Lepidolite will assist in calming your busy mind and open your chakra’
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Truth and the aftermath of can be difficult to swallow. Sometimes things just need to be said and you may be on the giving and receiving end of this. Try to handle this with grace. Make time for your friends and family. Your inner circle is will help you feel complete and build a basis for the month ahead.
This is a time of forgiveness and gracefully expressing you gratitude for all of those in your life. Especially the unwedded ones and those without a partner at this time. They may be feeling a bit empty right now. The collective consciousness has opened the human heart and soul to the Divine calling of a partnering.
This may feel like, and could well be a romantic partnership or pairing for many. This may also be a partnership with the Divine and in being an active participant in the union that the soul has waited for. The beginning of the turning of the tide. This is better explained as the agreement of the Union of the Spirit (Holy Spirit) and the soul.
We ask patience on your part for these individuals and to hold unconditional space without judgment for them as the pieces of the their hearts float gently back into place and mend in the complete oneness and become once again whole.
This December scope comes with a lesson and an exercise to help ease your way into the new year with a lighter heart and a clearer vision. You have been so busy defending yourself against many worst case scenarios and getting stuck in a cycle of self-abuse with your active imagination that we feel the need to set your gifted imagination on a healthier and more productive quest.
Here is a short meditation for you. We see you sitting at a table and your mind stretching out in a visualization of a large peaceful meadow filled with wild flowers and grassy hills. Within in this field is a long winding path that has been traveled by many. Ask to see all of the people who have been in your life over the past year. Include the ones you have helped and loved. Those who have helped and loved you. Now ask for those whom caused you unhappiness and those you caused unhappiness to. You will be surprised at who shows up. Each one is carrying a dry dead branch that has fallen from a tree. Stand on the path and meet each person with a handshake or a hug.  Now each person including you drop a branch in a pile while making a circle around them. Light the pile of branches on fire and when this is complete each person will leave the circle and go whatever direction they choose.  You may now say “Peace lives within my heart. I walk my path in peace.”
Your Light Being
Mother Mary The Queen of Peace who lives within your heart will assist you</p>
Your Animal Guide
 Panther will help you reclaim your power in releasing the negativity in shamanic clearing of the shadow and protect you as you walk back out into the light.
Your stone or Mineral helper >
 Azurite will break up blocks and allow new understanding to be seeded in your consciousness.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Allow yourself to receive love. There has been a lot of reasons not to trust some people in your live. Especially those who were closest to you at some point. We ask you to take a moment and take an inventory of your words and actions. Did someone who was not involved simply get caught in the crossfire and perhaps have reacted to your overprotectiveness as an unwarranted assault?  Things are not always as they seem.

Hearts have healed as many old flickers of a flame of honesty has brought true feelings to the forefront. This process is not always pleasant but necessary at this time for you to move forward in new and exciting direction.
Think of all of the people who have exactly what they wish for in this life. Do you think that they do not continue to strive for something more? Appearances can be deceiving and luck and success are in the eyes of the beholder. It is, indeed a process.
If we could draw a picture for you it would be of you floating in the center of the central sun. The light penetrating your mind, soul and body. There is nothing holding you up or preventing you from falling. There is only the warmth of the sun and the subtle sound of the music of the universal angelic choir feeding your soul and cleansing your energy field.
Free yourself from the physical and ego that binds you to this mortal existence for a fee short minutes every day in preparation for something much bigger and better then you can imagine
Your Light Being
Call Abraham for guidance on a journey of the soul.
Your Animal Guide
Call on Lizard to help you release yourself from situations, beliefs caused by emotional and ancestral wounds that have shackled you from your past.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rhodochrosite will help you feel the love that lives within you so that you will recognize the love that lives everywhere around you. It is in the trees, the animals, and your community and from the Divine presence. This is not small or ego driven longing. This is The Big Love that has no words to express or define the feeing.
 In Matters of Love and Relationships
You may not always get what you want when you want it but it would be beneficial for you to be patient and know that there may be a reason or purpose that is not yet being shown to you. Trust divine timing in all of your relationships. Becoming demanding or nagging will only cause others to dig in their heels and stand their ground. Give more than you get and initiate conversation about issues that are causing difficultly in relationships. Learn how to use your words in an effective and graceful way.
Never underestimate the power of the Divine Creator. You may feel like you are walking on shaky ground and at war with your common earthly sense and your Divine wisdom. Both have served you but which one feels like the most fulfilling and of greatest service to the world today? You look as if you are opening Pandora’s Box and perhaps you are.
If you need courage, ask for it, if you need confidence, ask for it. You need only choose to move forward and all things will fall into place. Prepare yourself for huge changes either way. Will you choose more of the same mediocrity or the possibility of magnificence?
You feel a kind of push –pull creating a few false starts in your activities and future plans. These are but minor and needed adjustments as you learn to stop listening to the old ways and start supporting the wisdom and love that you believe is meant for everyone except you.
Do not worry about financial plans as you will work things out as you choose your path. You will make adjustments and create new avenues of prosperity if you choose to take risks and rely on the Divine.
seize the moment and make yourself open to all opportunities. Avoid becoming bogged down with other relationships as you have the opportunity to answer a calling to a much higher one than you ever imagined. All of the help you need is in ply. You only need to ask and the Universe will respond.

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness has come forth and is her to support your every plan and action. Be as the Son of God.
 Your Animal Guide
The song of the Dove will help you in releasing the past and preparing for the future. Her song is a prayer and invokes the Divine presence.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Emerald will open up your heart chakra and deliver inspiration and attract partnerships with compatible goals and growth

In Matters of Love and Relationships
Relationships are working this month. You will attract the perfect opportunities to spend productive and joyful time with those who hold the same principals and light hearted desire for fun this month. Some new relationships will blossom into deep friendships with a wealth of healthy interactions and inspiration. Supportive and fueled by a free appreciation and wanting what is best for one another.

You are not expected to save the world this month although your services may be in demand. By services we mean being a listener, friend, counselor, peace maker, healer and coordinator. There are many souls were in need who are seemingly barely hanging on by a thread. It is your position this month to assist them in the realization that they are hanging on to a thread that doesn’t exist.
You have even been given the grace this month to be able to step back and user inner vision to see where others are stuck and desperately hanging onto a lifeline that is no longer an option for them. Keep your heart open and use the words that come from spirit to assist them in seeking the answers from their higher selves, guides and the divine presence.
You will gain so much as you assist others in this emotional roller coaster that has been troubling so many. Do your best to keep a journal. Repeat your mantra,” I am the balance of the scales,” as there will be moments when you tip the scale whether it be emotionally, physically or when your mind works overtime. Make peace with your past and allow others to assist you in unfamiliar ways.
Your Light Being
Ma’at will assist you in balance and reprograming. Adjust your focus and keep your mind in the present. Listening your grip on old outmoded ritualistic thoughts and behaviors is critical to you ascension. Enjoyment is yours in the New Year !
Your Animal Guide
Eagle will support freedom in your work with the highest of the high and help you connect to the Great Spirit. You may even experience flying dreams.

Your stone or Mineral helper
Opal will assist you in seeing stepping into the higher realms where you can see into the vibrations and emotional field of individuals and humanity as a whole. It will also help you pull your energy and thoughts together to stay on task.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Remember to find time to attune yourself with your heart energy and converse with your higher self in preparation with the high eclectic energies associated with the season. You may meet someone special. This could be a new friend and also a new guide or teacher will come forth. This will be subtle, yet profound. Spend some time reviewing your relationships over the past year.

there’s a peaceful feeling in your soul but you may need to reach deep inside to get in touch with. The outer world is calling you to march forward in a vibrant and vigilant manner and this may be taking a toll on your need for peace and reflection. Be sure to reach in your soul and make use of the usual creature comforts that bring your sanity back into the middle of the road.
keep yourself in achievement with music that beats the same rhythm of your heart and this will help calm your soul and refresh your spirit. This month music plays a huge role in your developing new and creative options for the future. Feast your eyes on beautiful imagery combining the wealth of music and site. If vision is a challenge ask your Angels and guides provide you within your own inner ability of sight and sound.
Snuggle up with your favorite book and the companion that brings peace thoughts of happy in your life and the lives of others. Could be a dog, a cat or even the memory. The point is you have the ability to share your creative images and assist others in finding their happiness. Peace begins at home. Blessings to you.
Your Light Being
Your guidance this month comes in the form beautiful angel. An Angel that is everything that you would expect an Angel to be. Her name is Amazing and she is here to turn up the amazing within you. Call on her whenever you need clarity or when you are assist someone else.

Your Animal Guide
Nightingale will give balance and teach you how to take control of your thoughts. She will reveal the hidden.

Your stone or Mineral helper
 Your stone this month may not seem very glamorous but it is the heart of all that you wish to achieve and help to bring into your life. The stone is one that you choose perhaps from your yard, or your favorite park, or perhaps this may be one that you have gathered from a sacred site and brought into your home. He is it lives in your home. This will be your cornerstone which to build a new and better foundation for all of your work the coming year.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
The harder you look, the more you miss when you are when you are looking into the souls and intentions of others. Remember that deep understanding begins with understanding yourself and forgiving the little things as well as the big. Humans are imperfect and living in a place where integrity is so misunderstood. Open your heart and your crown chakra to the possibilities of new reasons and explanations for the behavior of human beings.

Health issues are on the forefront for you this month. Many of you are sending and receiving healing wishes this month. This is a wake-up call not only concerning your physical health but also the health of your soul.
Some of you have forgotten the holistic approach to life. This is the dawn of an awakening for you to bring forth your memory of life filled with abundance and joy. Although there may be seemingly some challenges on your path, recognize that these are all part of the whole.
 If you take one thing away from another you will receive something else in its place. This is the natural law of source. Beneficial growth within your soul, physical body, emotional well-being and the connection with your higher self is what is turning the wheel this month.
Have you ever noticed that a wheel on an automobile as it turns? Different parts of the rubber are face down on the pavement at one time or another while the opposite side that was on the pavement collecting the dirt and debris just moments before is now on the top. So it is with the journey of life. One is dependent on the all and all is dependent on the one. There may be times when the wheel becomes out of balance and needs attention or a replacement. This is one of those times. Challenges become opportunities this month.
Your Light Being
 Mme. Blavatsky will be guiding you in the many areas of your life this month. She will show you how to navigate through the rough waters, through the channel out into the open sea with grace and protection.
Your Animal Guide
Porcupine will teach you playfulness and not to get caught up in other peoples Drama
Your stone or Mineral helper
Ruby will be a stone that will assist you in keeping you heart centered and providing you with strength of character and protection.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Your relationship with your significant other or family member be in dire need of support and mutual adjustment. Where one may need emotional and physical support another may need a not so pleasant, yet necessary come to Jesus meeting. You will be able to instigate these meetings and yet keep yourself in a higher state of being. This means you can do this without guilt, shame or feeling resentful as many times you do allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Those days are over. We see you trying align the sand. Appropriate boundaries will be put into place. Stay upbeat and smile through this. There may be obstacles that don’t belong to you. You cannot remove them for others. Your gift is in allowing them growth achieved as they remove them themselves. This will be their reward.

 You are willing to make sacrifices to expand your ability to pay for things that are important to your soul. Some of these things have sentimental value and truth be told you had your eye on since you were very young.
You have the opportunity to bring back some of the excitement and magic that you had many years ago. Even though you may be on a demanding schedule we encourage you to release your Ho Hum thoughts that you are living a dull and practical ,existence.
Take a deep breath and release this with a huge sigh of relief. Know that opportunity is waiting just around the corner. You are working towards a goal and with that, a great sense of pleasure will come from renewing your true purpose and your reason for accepting the situation actually right now.
It would be wise consider a vacation late spring or early summer where you can be alone with your thoughts and your creative process. Near water would be the most optimal place to receive new guidance to touch base with new and old guides and teachers. There will be something new and special in your relationships as a result of this magical encounter.
a new career path or calling maybe something that is calling your attention. This will be a passionate endeavor as you now know that whatever is worth doing must be done from the heart. You’ve chased the money tree in many different types of plans and schemes. This was the old way of thinking. Ask your higher self for guidance and opportunities that will support the new world.
Your Animal Guide
Squirrel will support you in preparing for the future and help remove any fears about the future.
Your Light Being
Your guidance and keeper of Light Wisdom this month comes from Grandma Moses. She teaches that it is never too late to open your heart and step forward as long as you bring your highest and truest self and that your purpose is to bring a gift to those she wanted to show appreciation to
Your stone or Mineral helper
 Peridot will assist you in clearing old belief systems that you have been clinging to and create a space for new and healthy expressions of your persona.
In Matters of Love and Relationships
To find someone to share an hour with may sometimes change your life .Love does not always need to be clingy or possessive in thinking of this person is mine and I am theirs. When you learn to appreciate the freedom of love will find you. This is the perfect time to let loose of the old conceptions of what your type is. .In doing this you may be chasing smoke or constantly developing attractions to emotionally or physically unavailable people. We recommend expanding your social group to include new friends and experiences.

Mixing oil and water can be a difficult, sometimes impossible task. Yet when done in a warm relaxing bath, both oil and water serve a complimentary function as they cleanse, relax, rejuvenate and moisturize and protect the bather on so many levels. Mentally emotionally and physically one is benefited my these two opposing substances that used individually repel one another.
You are in an emotional state that could benefit from thinking about this action. In its practical usage you could draw upon this when dealing with family and community situations. Presently, it may seem that there is no way that the two sides could possibly have any positive qualities.
Our vision for you this month is to take a different approach to simple things. If you are left handed, try writing with you right hand sometimes, If you usually take your first step with your right foot, use your left. There are many things that will shift in the midst of this type of movement. This is intended to move your mind and enable your thoughts to release old patterns concerning health, attitudes and belief systems that are holding some of your greatest creations and experiences hostage.
The most amazing thing will happen as you create new opinions and become an open channel for new experiences, opportunities, people and love in your life. This will create a New Harmony and rhythm in your everyday life you will be using your whole intelligence. We suggest that you draw a bath with warm water and an oil of your choice as you ponder the possibilities
Your Light Being
Pablo Picasso, the great artist will help you experiment with different approaches in using your brain effectively and how to use your creative process to heal and especially in working with depression. Explore his art and life.
Your Animal Guide
Snake will help you Shed your skin and release the past so that you may reach higher levels of understanding. Transmute energy and change your consciousness. </p>
Your stone or Mineral helper
Chrysoprase will support you with creating new pathways in your creative process and build bridges to opportunities you may have thought were no longer in existence.</p>
In Matters of Love and Relationships
Open your heart to those with different beliefs and opinions than yours. Sometimes the individuals may be living in fear and are incapable of expressing themselves in any other way. You can be the port in the storm and calm that will help them. You may need to do some damage control concerning a close personal relationship. Are you feeling flirtatious? This could be a good time to stand under the mistletoe.  
Frustrations at work could make you a bit cranky. Some well-earned time off is needed with the focus being on yourself and your companions that have no relationship to your work. Your mental and emotional facilities are in need of some rest. A complete clearing of all things work related will be a bit of a problem but do the best that you can.</p>
There is a need to clear some space and to allow some new information to be transferred into your subconscious. You are in the process of receiving a download of creative Divine energy from the Collective Consciousness. You need to make room for this as there are many requests and contacts with others to be made in the sleeping hours.
This can be easier explained as you may sometimes meet someone for the first time but you both feel a connection as if you already know each other. Some relate this to past life situations of which we will not discuss at this time. The truth for many in these exciting and powerful times of shifts and transitions is that you do have a connection or a similar attraction as you have come into contact with this prayer, emotionally charged thought or desire in the Collective.
 You may have also been in the Divine classroom with the master teachers during your sleeping or meditative ours. In this , we encourage you to clear your thoughts and of the business of other peoples stuff and make a conscious effort to ask your guides to assist you into going into “nothingness” in your sleep and meditation hours.
There is one more way to clear yourself in which was the subject of the first paragraph. This would be Fun, laughter, music, dancing. Move your body and share your fun with those who love you for who you are, not what you are!
Your Light Being
Michael Archangel will help you clear a path and bring back the Divine Child that lives within you. He will help restore your sense of wonder and childlike capacity of silly, non-judgmental fun.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Smoky Quartz will pull out any negativity that may be residing in your auric field. Clear it often.
Your Animal Guide
Otter will help you have fun in a community that lives to have fun! Lay on your back, Trust the support of the body of water beneath you and soak up the Sun.
In Matters of Love and Relationships >

Small groups are fun and easy to manage this month. Choose your companions wisely when you are out for a fun night or a weekend. You don’t need to be a caretaker or fix anyone else’s problems.  Funny how they have a way of working things out. If you are single and looking for a new romance accept party invitations to parties where there will be some new people that you don’t know. If in a relationship enjoy small gatherings with other couples or family. 

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