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Merlin Chronicles Dec 2011

12/9/11 Merlin Chronicles

Season’s Greetings! This is a very long written channeling but a large part of it is a channeled energy transmission meditation. The wise ones were very chatty this week and I tried my best to get this written up before the full moon eclipse but I had so many other activities that it took some time. The next meditation will come to you as a link so you can simply listen to it.

For those of you not familiar with me please read the following before the Channeling.

My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Animal Communicator, Advisor, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

My Guides

To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic appears to me. Sometimes other Masters Teachers and Light Beings wish to speak.

The Eve of the Lunar Eclipse

I feel my Master ready to arrive as I see Luvic, The lion who always precedes Daniels arrival.  He often visits others in the room and this time comes close to Jill’s left ear and seems to be whispering information to her that I am not privileged to share.  Only that he is sharing his feline wishes for here in the coming year.

Seconds later Daniel arrives and announces himself in a bold and gregarious bolt of energy that I have not experienced with him in a long time.


The eclipse will bring enormous light energy into the lives of many. This is a perfect day for music and concerts, dancing and sharing community love. This type of activity will flush out and move molecules. Move out the old energy which comes out at your feet. Yes …your feet. This would also be a great time for reflexology; a foot soaks or foot massage if one is not able to be involved in the festive activities.

Dancing and moving about moves this energy out down through the feet where it can be absorbed into Mother earth and be cleansed as she is well equipped to perform this action with her graceful beauty and ease.

Oh what shall we do with the new open space?

This new clearing will allow you to open your crown chakra and heart to a beautiful white /blue iridescent light coming down through the crown and into your brain. It is almost the color of third eye chakra, the balance of purple and blue but a crystalizing, glowing, quality to this color that also emits flickers of gold, silver, pink and green. This is the beauty that is embarking upon the Earth plane.

 This energy is presently focusing and will flow through the sinus and nasal passages. This energy will also touch all parts of your system. But at this moment we wish to speak about these passages. This is a very important part of your spiritual system.  Your clariscensient system. People are experiencing shifting in that area of their physical bodies.

Many have experienced sinus infections as of late. This is the process of clearing. It has become swollen as these areas needed to be cleaned out to allow clarity of new energy to flow through.

 Though many may not think of this area as sacred, it truly is as this is also connected to the ear area where the chakras in the ear area need to be cleared to allow music to be heard more clearly as tones are a crucial part of this next wave of swiftly emerging energies.

These are tones that have never been heard before by the human ear. These are heavenly tones. They are coming from the Universe and other planetary systems. What is referred to as the music of the spheres which is now flowing through what you call veils into this plane of existence on all levels! Call it an interactive exchange of energies and communication.

There will be new music written and created this year as in comparison to how the world of music changed in the 1960’s with the desire for a shift in consciousness that created  or should we say helped create the path we are on now. The only requirement is desire loved ones, only desire as Jesus said “faith as small as a mustard seed” will move mountains and planets. We will discuss seeds later in this transmission.

There shall also be new singers and musicians, writers and authors that will break the mold as those who fathered and mothered 2 to 3 generations of sonic vibrations.

There will be unusual sounds and rhythms that will be pleasing to the ear that will make great movement in the heart and stomach areas that will rekindle the creative expression that needs to come through on a higher realm than ever before where.

 Many will start relating to actually knowing, not just believing that the body and the mind are inter connected and one.  For the most part there will be no doubts. There will be a few of those who hang on to the old energy belief systems out of fear of losing control and ego.

 More and more people including those in government who have experienced alternative or supportive non-traditional methods of healing will bring attention to the mind/ body infinite truth. In the next few years there will be even more acceptance of energy and holistic healing. Government and insurance companies will realize that they can save money and lives by giving individuals empowerment over their own health and to work with practitioners. This will require tighter standards but these standards of care will be ultimately decided by real practitioners and not uninformed or old medical practice terms of care.

This will be supported by Doctors and surgeons who have actually themselves experienced near death experiences and have actually received assistance by the angelic realm or by those who have passed away. A realization that at times, they are receiving help from Souls on the “other side”. This give a whole new meaning to Doctors without borders does it not?

Our prosperity comes from within and is to be born of joy

 A new shift is happening in the heart area. The heart chakra is becoming larger and greener in color than ever before. Important also is the area above the heart. The high heart. This is also taken an opalescent quality in color and vibration. It also includes some natural earth tones to the colors which assist in manifestation on the physical planetary plane.

 This High heart connection to the throat chakra.

This is an important connection. The high heart and the throat chakra are not only in partners in vocalization of words and tones but in all ways of expression. We all have our own ways of expressing or own manifestations and ways of presenting our wisdom.

 This throat chakra does not have to be thought of in relationship of sound but in visions of your manifestations. See it happen but focus on the throat area. Some people do not have the ability to speak but this can be even more possible for these individuals as they have been doing this for many years. They can speak through their spirit.

 This area can enhance the ability for those individuals and groups to speak telepathically and be heard in a mighty way. They will be able to hear the vibration of the words being spoken and the emotional charge that is connected with the spoken word. All words should be spoken as if they will be heard on this vibrational level by everyone. The emotional intent is becoming more and more powerful. Nothing you say is trivial. All words should be said with the intent of all hearing.

Use your words as a healing tool

 Try to remember to speak of things of joy and peace. When these emotions cannot be used and one is angry, in fear, jealous, in guilt, physically or emotionally injured your intent should be to express these words as a way to release these feelings and not to add injury to another. Releasing these is important. It is the intent that should be harnessed and controlled.

 This is important as many people are become more empathic and can feel the thoughts and discomfort as well as comfort of others. They are not trying to tune into others. Properties have changed in the DNA patterns and this type of sensitivity is part of this movement.

 Experiences of the Physical Shifts

The shift of the universe is also creating a bit of a shift where the human chakras are located. See them as floating a bit higher. This may have caused some discomfort with people in their lower back and hip area as this is moving.

 Think of it as elongation of your legs and spine suddenly growing beyond your present imagination. Adults are suddenly feeling their bodies experience growing pains as they did as children. In actuality it is the outer body not the physical body that is growing. It is the chakra area moving becoming longer and reaching towards the stars.

An Energy Transition Meditation

·         Take 3 deep breaths

·         We wish you to visualize a large V with the smallest end right at your crown. The open space of the V reaching out and open to the entire universe.

·         See the magnificent colors of the bright deep blue iridescent with flickering, glittering , bright gold’s, silvers, purple ,green and pick falling into your crown like snowflakes on a winters night. Don’t worry about the black background of night as this brings birth and allows clearer creation of these beautiful highly illuminated colors.

·         See these colors pour like a liquid over your skull and now seeping through your skull into your brain. Rest here for a moment.

·         It is no directed to your pineal gland and resting before it moves on leaving a small beautiful seed here that will remain there always. It will be forever accessible whenever you have a question or a problem or you are searching or in healing yourself or another. It is the knowledge of all.

·         See the colors move into your eyes, your nervous system, the neurons start firing these colors flash! Flash! Flash! Crashing together and floating into the chakras located at the highest point of your ear and glowing there.

·         See it going into the Temples as this is the true temple of your soul.

·         Moving into your 3rd eye and shooting out to what is and what is before you as what is behind is of no importance and disappeared.

·         See these colors flow down your throat, you inner and outer skin. Your vocal cords becoming loose, softer, relaxed and easier to breath in the bright white light.

·         See these colors flow over your shoulders and over the areas of your back and top part of your shoulders where you have been holding so much memory and re-actions. Let them gently fall to the ground. Be at peace with whatever comes your way and know that you will no longer be a slave to old emotional reactions and leave this space open and receptive to a response of higher wisdom, compassion and love.

·         Now accept this energy into your high heart, the rest of your back and heart, flowing down your arms and shooting out through your hands. We will leave you hear for a few moments.

·         Bring your awareness to the rest of your chakras. The gut, back and spinal cord. Running up and down to your spine. Receives this flow through your reproductive organs, sacral and belly button area. A small area of black area will remain around the belly button area and this is quite natural as this is a place of birth. You could think of it as a womb or incubating area where birth of the creative mental, emotional and spiritual come to physical manifestation. Gestation period.

·         Let the light go into your bowels and hips, your thighs and your knees making the repairs that are needed and opening chakras there.

·          Now the shin area where you hold much pain and memory through the bones.

·         When you are ready move to the top part of the ankles surrounding them with the lights like beautiful jewel ankle bracelets.

·         Let the top of your feet your toes be bathed in this light and move its focus to the bottoms of your feet. Visualize the light penetrating every energy point that corresponds with areas associated with every organ in your body.

·         Now we will end this journey as we see the tube that travels from the body to Mother Earth that disposes of the excess and remnants of unusable expired energy.

·         From the bottom of the feet bring up a white light traveling all the way up to the top of your crown in the shape of an egg then emerging with the vortex of light energy, the umbilical cord to the creator that proceeds from the crown to infinity. Filled with all of the love you will ever need.

Peter of the Elemental Kingdom

We also celebrate this time as a time of rest, darkness of creativity. Actually humans adopted this celebration from us. Consider, 9 months after Dec in which harvest of the crops begin and the gestation period of the human child.

 This is a season of celebration of the male and female energies as they come together to create the perfect or Christed one. It only makes sense that people would feel nature’s forces of energy and connect with it in a primal manner. This energy in its purist form is the physical manifestation of the Divine.

This is a time of recognizing your own gifts .Take the gifts that you already have and wrap them up like presents. Create like a toymaker creates gifts to last throughout the year.  We suggest writing down 12 gifts of that you already have and how you intend to use them. One for each month of the year. Seal this in an envelope and re-open and read what you have written on Christmas of the next year. Of all of these things that you want to create, read them aloud and see what this sounds like 12 months from now.

The Seven Sisters You may call me Maia

Time Travel

We have revealed time travel to humanity. It is possible. This is not a perfect time to bring this forward as few have evolved who could use this to actually do wise and wonderful things with it. We feel that many would go back into the past and make changes which is not allowed. This would result in blowing up the planet simply because of the energy that would be involved in going backwards to undo some of these things and it would create quite a mess.  There are few that are able to travel.

The time travel is not meant to travel backwards and forwards to alter the past or future. It is to be able to travel to other planets to learn about other cultures and how they exist in their communities and bring this knowledge and wisdom back to planet Earth and find ways to implement these things that would be for the betterment of humanity and assist in evolving as a race. That would assist you in becoming a contributing member of the Galactic Federation. As this is our wish for you. Our hearts go out to you and we love you more than you can possibly imagine.

Most humans don’t understand love as we do. They think of it on a personal concept rather than as a whole system basis. Our love goes out to you in a way that some understand and are starting to learn to but the evolvement of your planet is happening more quickly now but still light years behind our loved one’s here. That is why we wish to implement time travel but only to a choses few.

We have personal relationships, special relationships with our counterparts so we can create wonderful children but we do create different types of beings because when we do have the urge to make love as you call it to produce a child we have very different ideas in mind and we are very conscious of the ideals that we are putting into this child. What kind of person will this person be. This being already comes into the body with the love and values and beauty that we created into this child with intent.

Many years ago and currently people to arrange marriages. The whole idea of this was misconstrued. It became a political agenda or a financial arrangement to ensure family wealth. In actuality the true purpose is to produce an heir with love and perfect intelligence to bring forth a wonderful human being into the world.It is a different type of passion and love. 

I wish you Happy holidays and thank you for your love and lightwork. You are all raising the vibrations of humanity with your thoughts, prayers and meditations.

My Blessing to you all,

Kay Dragon

Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not nor claim to treat, diagnose or cure any mental, physical emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health, finances and wellbeing.

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Nov 2, 2011


I am so pleased to be able to get around to sending you a new channeling. I have been busy in a very good way! Making new friends, creating more opportunities, singing and helping others as I help myself on the path to happiness and greater spiritual awareness.

I have missed writing my channelings but did dedicate some time to writing a healing chapter for myself. I was on Facebook one night and a friend popped in to chat about writing a chapter for a book she was working on. I wrote that chapter in one evening. The limit was supposed to be 2500 words. Well 2500 turned into 3000 the 4000 the 6500. So I really couldn’t submit it but it allowed me to process and let go of many old thoughts emotions and patterns that have no place in the life that I wish to create for myself. I send my gratitude to my friend for starting this process.

Since then many new opportunities have opened up for me. I’m happier, less judgmental and have made new space for more miracles in my life.

Love and Blessings,


For those of you not familiar with me please read the following before the Channeling.

My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

My Guides

To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel is my main guide. He is always present and arrives immediately after his companion, a lion named Luvic  appears to me. Sometimes other Masters Teachers and Light Beings wish to speak.

Mary would like to speak. Mary the mother of God. The female essence of the creator, of God.

 I am circling the Earth these days bringing wisdom to those who seek my heart, my soul and the heart of a mother. Those who seek compassion. I will come and work through those who seek and ask me. When one asks and seeks my assistance and compassion I will come to those and work through these individuals who seek these admirable lessons of life and wish to serve others through listening, reading, writing, connective action poetry , music or simply living a complicated life.

 Yes, complicated lives serve as examples to bring confidence and disorder to passive undriven lives that lack passion and purpose ask me for assistance for just one second you will have for a lifetime my heart beating into your world. My heart will be your heart and one heart at a time will be aligned with galactic intelligence, love, visions of peace and harmony, in perfect rhythm with the current of all that is good in this world. Negativity will be driven out from your cells. Others will follow suit as you will be a living example of all that is freedom and what the true meaning of prosperity is being.

Peter, the keeper of the Earth Dragon Lines would like to talk.

The dragon lines are weaving today.  Everything is moving to and fro and it is my job to balance the dark and the light of the planet Earth herself. I will connect Kay with the Galactics as I know she wishes to speak with them.

 It seems that Peter of the Elemental Kingdom seems to be the clearest and most trusted channel connected to the Galactic lineage for me to work through at this time.

Galactics  The Seven Sisters… The Pleiadians

There is no blockage that can stop the mind from receiving the amount of wisdom it has chosen to receive.  Energy clearing is a perfect tool and is used for clarification to assist a human in receiving messages that they are now ready to receive, see and hear.

If all humans were to put their minds a side for a certain part of the day we would speak through them. We do speak to them many times when they are sleeping. We can connect with a human and re-connect with each other during these sleep cycles.

The remnants of what is available to the human is contained in your dreams  which will give you clues of how to survive the coming days as well as the present shifts in the physical world and consciousness.

We urge you to write down your dreams in a diary and speak often of them with like- minded individuals to help you unravel the inner message from the deepest levels.

Many are quite concerned about what will happen when the Mayan Calendar sees its last days as written. What a beautiful gift this is! What a beautiful call to ascension for the mental, emotional, spiritual and group consciousness. Why many have found ways to create the quickening. There are many ways of meditation, changes in diet and herbs, uses of sacred geometry,  Channeling, prayer, affirmations ,divination, mediumship,healing modalities, sound and color healing and throat singing just to name a few to tap into the source at the Central  Sun and ways to communicate with the Galactics who are so pleased to be part of this

It is almost as if man, using their highest consciousness created this period of time , plateau we will call it to allow their consciousness to raise to a much higher level at an accelerated  speed and chose this measure of time for this process to be completed. This is the reason

This is a wonderful time to write down on a personal level… What truly does or could bring you comfort and pleasure? If all of the money were gone, all you had were a group of souls to surrender with?

This is still uncertain. There is no certainty to the dilemma or the contract. It may mean physical, financial, personal disasters for some as you have all witnessed.  Big changes in latitude on a Personal, physical and spiritual level. Those will be moving around. Sometimes it may feel like the world is moving but it is you, your consciousness that is shifting that gives you the feeling of sea sickness, unsettled. This may create thoughts of moving to another climate or place to take your energy elsewhere. We would suggest visiting that place and then bringing yourself back to the places where your soul groups are right now. Many soul groups are connecting and coming together at this time which is the reason you came into this body and asked for. The different tribes are coming together. It is not the tribes on a physical level who are fighting but the tribes of the spiritual level that are coming together now.

There are physical tribes from the planetary warriors and they have been attracted to the energies here because of the ability to create on this planet. This is not done on other planets in this manner. Aside from Earth, they are limited to their own planets and not allowed to create the chaos and experimentation as the have here. This gives them the opportunity to exalt their abilities in such ways as changing DNA. This is why diseases do come about. It is through the changing of the DNA chain. It is like when you hold 2 magnets together and they repel each other. It is the pushing of that. The negative pushing the positive side.

There is a theorist who knows of these things. We will put a picture of him in Kay’s head and perhaps she will seek him out. It is quite graphic but it does cause the physical illnesses which in turn also creates mental illness and anger when you have two magnetic forces pushing against each other the molecules, the motion of this is quit disruptive and the only way that humans know how to express this is through anger.

Fortunately many are light workers so there is a light in between that acts as a buffer. You can also ask to be a buffer, a mediator for those two sides to just hold light and hold space. Use no more! Use no judgment or emotion, nothing good or bad. Just hold light space between the two forces, they are neither good nor bad. They just are. A cat is a cat. A dog is a dog. Neither is better than the other yet they are different.

The Mother of 6 would like to speak. This is a time for the mothers to start tuning in more to their children. They world and lives of parents have become a busy place. Many worries about finances, jobs, relationships and money. They have many obligations so much as they have forgotten the contract and obligation made upon accepting a parenting role to a child.

When you wake up every morning we urge you to ask as a parent what is your goal in caring for and guiding this child today. You are a channel and acting as God for this child today. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Still yourself and see what vision, words or messages your body gives. This is a very confusing world right now and many children are being left on their own to the forces which are pulling them this way and that way.

We don’t tell you to sit down and talk to the child but just have the intention. Have the intention to be the light in the storm. You will make the correct decisions and you will know how to help your child.

All of the children on Earth right now are very special beings. They need gentle persuasion and love as they will be opening to higher vision then their parents, grandparents and ancestors. Age 12 is a very important age, also 16.

Saint Germain

There are many fallen angels these days. We don’t mean this in a negative way but in a positive since. There are more Angels on Earth right now then there has ever been in the history of this planet. Some are in the etheric some walking around and you can feel their presence. Some are so close to you that they are in your aura and speak through you and for you. They surround you, whispering into your 3rd eye area. Opening areas in your chakras.

We only ask you to have an open mind, heart and soul. Judge nothing! Not even pain. Just acknowledge and notice it. Don’t label it. Start using your eyes to see the other plain. As you would call it. See the Angels around everyone. The population of the Earth is much more than 7 Billion! Angels of a variety of colors.

Great changes in Game plan for the president of the U.S.A.  There is a thin margin there and we shall be working with him very closely and close to his daughters. As they hold keys for some of his decisions on a personal level but also on the level of being a father of a country.

Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not nor claim to treat, diagnose or cure any mental, physical emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health, finances and wellbeing.

You may contact me at


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Merlin Chronicles fall 2011

Oct   3, 2011

Merlin Chronicles, Fall 2011

 I am not going to talk much about what is going on in my life but only assure you that I am working through the same issues ...good and seemingly difficult as the rest of you.

 It has been a wild ride lately. I have been busy writing my chapter and plan to work on a class to share some of my method with others. I have also had opportunities to sing with some really great people with wonderful musical talents which bring me great joy.

 Peter of the Elemental Kingdom was the first to speak today and was quite persistent in telling how it is. He is an elemental who overlooks the Dragon Lines in The U.K   Specifically Ireland and Scotland. His style is pretty matter a fact and not very concerned about how he articulate his message as long as he gets it out.

 The meditation was more powerful in person but for this I will have to write it out as I have not mastered you tube channeling yet.

 As usual, Take of this what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Peter from the Elemental Kingdom

Welcome!  It’s a wonderful day…. If you don’t count all the crap they are throwing in the oceans and rivers.

Dragon lines are shifting again. Possibility of disruption, a little disturbance for some of the sea creatures and of course a bit of discomfort for the humans on the planet.

You are all disorganized and unattached to the earth as were in the days of the plainsman; they put their heads close to the earth. They slept with their heads on the earth and would know what she was talking about and what was coming. Whether it be movements in the earth or animals they knew. Now even if one was to do that the chemicals in some places disrupt that. They kind of disrupt your senses, especially your sense of smell. And your sense of hearing

We are here to try to clear some of that today.

We ask you to breath deep. Visualize the colors of the rainbow coming in and focusing in a vortex with the widest part at the top of your head and extending to the heavens.

The narrowest part coming down over your crown, brow, eyes, nose mouth and ending at the lobe of your ears. This is bit like a Large V shape in which the bottom of the V doesn’t come together at the bottom. It stops at the bottom of your ears.

Do this for yourself, your children, family, friends, mates, neighborhood and your planet, each individual yes each one. I know it seems like a lot but you can do it in a flash.

(Silence for a few minutes during this visualization)

See crystals on your ears .This will give you crystal clear reception.

 Stop listening to each other for 3 days. Only 3 days that is all we ask. We mean TV, internet, newspapers.

 Listen to the earth. We also would suggest a short tip if possible to the mountains or forest.

The Dragon lines…. There are some things that we really can’t explain using Kay’s thinking. The vision we show in her head is like a long black line in the earth could be like a river. Now opening it up, peeling back two edges and looking down at the core of the earth which looks like a golden glowing, sort of metal looking ball where she spins

 It has to do with the magnetics and it seems that the black is seeping through in that area. This is not a ma- made thing although some could be. This is just a process.  There could be a slip in her movement from this in Nov or Dec. This could be when winter comes.

The celestials are watching. They have great interest and are using scientific methods that far surpass my knowledge in what gadgets they have. They will not stop or change anything. They are here to observe and report.

My thanks to you! Make sure that you make some time for yourself to have some joy and merriment as I will be with you when you enjoy these activities. Think of me when you are dancing and having fun!

End of Peter’s Message

A New Master’s Message

Greetings to you! When she was asked her name she replied that she was not ready to reveal a name but tell us that she is a feminine energy.  Her color is a light beautiful green with shades of electric blue.

Now there have been some issues in the solar plexus area not just with Kay but with others. This is located in the belly button area, just above and below.

 This is a new energy (you might call portal) to connect communicate and meditate on.  This is the area of personal power and effecting women more than men. We would suggest holding your hand on this area and perhaps holding a stone that calls to you. As the messages flow through your mind, write them down. This will be special personal knowledge. Sacred wisdom for you.

I know that this is an unusual place to receive messages from the” highest of most high” to speak from. This is a newly activated sacred portal of reverence. One of many.  

Some have viewed this as a lower area of energy chakra and related this mainly to earthly desires but this is about to change as motivations are about to change among those on earth especially among light workers.

 A lot of power and wisdom will come through and be projected through this area; this is why some people are having stomach issues perhaps feeling nausea as some things are a bit hard to digest. These would be things of your past, present and future also things that are being said and discussed in the world right now. The changes.

 Some are caught in the gears of what used to be. The banks will fight this; politics will also be very surprising in the future. Be prepared for some very unusual things to happen of which we will leave open right now. The consciousness has not completely formed this yet. You do know that individually and collectively that you do have influence in future events don’t you?

There could be some assassination attempts .These are  not things that are planned in so much as some people are losing their balance chemically. This imbalance is affecting their entire bodies making their minds and bodies sick. The definitions of words, thoughts and stations in life that they thought would always be consistent and certain have become conflicted unreliable and creating chaos in the mind body connection.

This is not a warning but a suggestion. Please be aware of your surroundings when in public places. Pay attention to where you are and to those around you. Please activate this thinking among your children also. Try to be present and mindful.

Saint Germain

There is a gathering of Indigo’s and a few Crystals in certain places.  Young ones aged 10 ½ to 17.  I only use these terms not to label by attributes or personalities but for lack of a better explanation. We see them as the colors. Some are hues of purple and others crystal white. They have found safe places in the Denver area and many other towns and cities in the world where they can express their true essence and truths without ridicule or being placed on drug therapy treatment as they do not “fit in” with the mass. They have begun to gather and will continue a few at a time. As they gather, the teachers will appear. They will be wondrous and their gifts and abilities will far surpass those Light workers and prophets of these days.

The Meditations

The Meditations on the solar plexus and bellybutton area are important to your development and survival of the changing financial world and ways of successful living in this new world. The old institutions will no longer stand as the only road to success.

The indecisiveness, limitations, and inability to serve and speak ones truth make this a difficult to consciously accept this old mold of corporate careers. The result being emotional instability, physical illness, disease and possibly drug dependency

Take 10 min a day and meditation on the 2nd Sacral (orange chakra) combined with the 3rd Solar Plexus (Yellow in color)

This will call forth many issues to come up to be cleared. Not all of them will be pleasant but the most powerful gift of the Light worker is the art of courage and infinite trust in the universal process, the “knowing” that the ultimate outcome will be perfection. You must clear the way for truth and wisdom. Remove the emotional and intellectual clutter this may even be physically as well as emotionally and mentally painful. These beliefs are deeply embedded through the generations.

This is a process so be gentle with yourselves. Write, sing, play music, draw paint to express the feelings and emotions as they arise to be recognized and cleared. 

  As you do this you will begin receiving the information to create a new living in this world. A new place for yourself that will bring joy to your heart and assist the consciousness of the planet.

Your 2nd chakra controls creativity, basic needs self- confidence resilience and faith. Combine this with the 3rd solar plexus ability to show strength in adversity, strength of character, courage and ethics. Never before has these chakras been so powerful and such clarity revealed. The collective have called for clarification. The banks, governments, corporations powerful humans have no real answers to rectify this situation.

Remember the passage”the meek shall inherit the earth?” Be meek in your problem solving. Do not demand and seek answers from your human leaders. Outward actions, anger, finger pointing will bring no resolve.  You answer is as individual as it is collective in personal and group resolve. Go within. Create your new financial world with service as the pinnacle.


This world has re-created itself many times over the past millions of years. There is so much misinformation and confusion and manipulation traveling through your society through the media and internet. They would like you to believe and accept that there is only a narrow and dark path and that only those who hold the largest purse have the means to provide the match to light the candle to lead you through these seemingly troubled times. We ask you to send compassion and your light to these individuals as they also live in fear of lack and know no other way.

 Successful transition will come from going within and activating these centers, opening doors to a new innovative yet simplistic methods of information that are harmonious to you own individual talents, dreams and possibilities and gifts of your universal inheritance.

Love and Blessings,

Kay Dragon

Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Merlin Chronicles Aug 18,2011

Merlin Chronicles  

My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same.. Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

Good Evening my Friends

I started my day intending to take a trip out to Journeys for Conscious Living In Arvada Co. These magnificent groups of souls are dedicated to improving life on this planet by gathering unlimited groups of brilliant members of the Light brigade. This group has created an event on 11/11/11and 11/12/11 at the Denver Merchandise mart, EVOLve Expo. Music, authors, healers, artists, futurists, heart centered community builders and more!

There will be many keynote speakers including Don Miguel Ruiz and Marci Shimoff. If you too would like to inspire or be inspired please attend. To register or for more information call 303 731-6695 or visit or email I will be doing readings and sharing a booth with Marcia McCaffery.

 I had a very interesting day today. I really hadn’t planned on doing much due to the heat today and getting ready for a trip top MO but I ended up channeling. I don’t seem to pick the channeling places and times as much as channeling chooses for me.

 That also goes for the Wise Light Beings who deliver messages through me. There is a rather funny story attached to that. I had a female presence channeling today. When asked for a name of who was speaking the response was “Rasshuawa.”  When the channeling came to an end she left saying, sianora.

I thought well, the name doesn’t sound Japanese and I wasn’t sure about the spelling. I googled the name asking for help with the spelling. It came up as a Japanese word alright it means “Rush hour” Who says the spirit world doesn’t have a sense of humor.   J


Alas it is another day of stormy energies, clashing, moving and whisking about. Shifting.

To the physical eyes this would look like lightning bolts. Although the sky is blue and beautiful, the clouds white billows yet the energies coming through are of golden in color and V shaped. One would say an upside down V. The conjunction of the two lines being the highest point.  Energies directed in certain directions.

There has been a call for changes and shifts although some people are not really aware that they have made these calls of the soul. They think that they are asking for other things. More concrete physical help.  Help with jobs and economics.

We understand these calls as calls for hope.  Hope is what we build on. Hope is the foundation, the platform in which we speak of as realistic dreaming. Liken it to the moment of conception when the sperm meets the egg. From which all physical and spiritual is built on.

Where there is hope there is light and living breathing life. Whenever you see or feel hope in your life please take one moment to honor that hope. Really feel it as a living being, a child or an animal. It is a living breathing being with soul and purpose. When you bring your attention to that piece of hope, nourish it and give it warmth, recognition a name it will grow to a wonderful adult. The light will shine brighter and it will crystalize in solid form. This crystal will continue to grow and spread into other parts of your life allowing you to nourish others. This will touch more people then you can even imagine.

There is a call for sympathy. For many people who have suffered. Sympathy and empathy are good. We ask you to assist those who are in a state of hopelessness. As we observe some experiences on the journey of those we love we may only be able to sit back and watch.  This may seem hard but we ask you to pull your emotional judgments and desires back. Silently sit back and watch and send light to the situation. This is why people are once again interested in learning Reiki.  Many people would like to help with situations and people who may not be open to suggestion and this is a perfect vehicle to assist in asking the Universe, Creator, and God to focus unbiased energy and attention to a situation, person, the earth and all she holds dear. People are asking for a higher sense of light to assist themselves and the world. There is a need now to take a step up.

Some of you have noticed that animals are paying more attention to you and tying to communicate by making their presence known. Some are even ignoring you to get your attention. We say talk to them on their level. Ask for help with this. Your guides will assist.

Bring your memory back to when you were a child. Go back to a day when you were bored because you had nothing to do, no one to play with.  All of your friends who you run and play with are busy. You are alone in silence lying in the grass. You are looking at that blade of glass, hearing nothing but the birds, animal and the wind .Feel the energies of the earth. These are the energies of the spiritual realm. You felt it when you were a child but didn’t have a name for it. Now you know that name. This is where you can speak to the animals on their terms.

There has been a physical shifting in the earth. We see a crack that has been shaking and moving from the North Pole Through the bottom of the ocean floor to the Southern hemisphere, creating movement in animals and people. This has been shaking them out of their etheric self. Shaking them out of their stuck patterns and routine behaviors.  Acting out.  Some of this is good.  Some is frightening and leaving some feeling broken.

We ask you to take some time every day and visualize yourself holding the Mother Earth in your hands. Hold her out about 4 or 5 inches from your heart. Talk to her from your heart as she truly is a living being you know and cherish. Just like you would hold your beloved child and talk to her.

 By doing this you will be speaking to all souls on earth, all grids, groups and relationships. You will be comforting, healing, loving and giving hope to all people. Much to your surprise, they will turn and look back at you as they mirror the love and support that you have been sending. Simply say:  “I love you, now love each other. I bless you, now bless each other, I am you” I am complete.

We see much stress and strife concerning Money and finances. We find this amusing. It is an exchange of power. It is not really real, an exchange for physical services. Liken this to a garden that has gone to weed and not given the proper form of nourishment.  The earth needs to be turned over in order to grow new avenues of likely hood and livelihood.  Planetary balance and energy exchange.

How this will play out is not what you would say written yet.  The situation is changing constantly.

The soldiers will be recalled which will actually lessen the threats to the United States and other counties. All counties have wasted vast amounts of money, lives and resources to play “Who is the Most Powerful” The focus will be on creating more jobs, futures, a planetary oneness where there is more balance and sharing.

We suggest when you are looking for jobs and careers to lead with you heart and the intent of service. This will not only fulfill and energize you but this will also give us the will to take care of you.

Those who come from a place of greed will be disappointed as the world changes. Those who live in their heart and come from the intention of service are never disappointed.  They know the balance of the Universal laws and fruition of the soul.


Love and Blessings


Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in a private reading or energy healing work contact me at or visit my website at   or find me on Facebook!

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