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MerlinScopes March 2014

Merlin Scopes March 2014            By  Kay Dragon

Hello my friends, 

February was a wild ride and I am so happy to see the first signs of Spring emerging as I look out my door and see the little birds building nests and the tulips peeking out of the ground next to my garage.
The energies last month were very intense and caught many of us off guard. It  seems as if the harder I tried to keep things a float and nose to the grindstone the more exhausted and became.  Whatever could get lost, become more confusing or just not get done came to the surface until I finally surrendered and let the waves of the divine carry me where they will. I finally remembered the prayer, God let my will be thy will.
I apologize for the crazy font as I was in a rush to post this and ... .. Thank you all :)
Love and blessings,

Do not try to make sense out of out of the world this month. Nothing is as it seems now is it? This is a perfect time to practice passive manifestation. Sit back and watch as the world in which you know, shifts and changes.
It almost seems as if the Earth itself is in a bit of a wobble and that which seemed to have a certain place or rule in life in general, especially yours, is effected by this wobble.
Oddly enough you may find answers to some of these unknown energies and emotions that are effecting your life by listening to the conversation of others or in what they are sharing of their life with you.
 These conversations may come through friends or complete strangers but do realize that they are divinely synchronized to assist you in situations that you have been seeking answers for. Sometimes you are just too busy trying to find solutions in your own mind and leave little room for the answers to come. This is where your passive manifestation comes into play bringing messages and clearing the way in dreams and meditation so your higher self may call out for a more practical “in your face” approach.
Your Light Being
Buddha will help you find the quiet inner space that will open your inner vision and bring a new perspective to your life. This will assist you in living your life from within and not being swayed by outside influences. This may create huge changes in your life and your family life. Some may not understand this but the goal for you is to find peace, joy and harmony within. Not in what the outside world dictates. If you surrender completely to this you may need to fasten your seatbelt.
Your Animal Guide
Horse will help you find your way in the journey back to your higher self and Divine Guidance which lives within you.

Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Kyanite will help you in meditation and in connecting with your wisdom within. This can also be wisdom from the Angelic’s and Spiritual Guides.

Listen very carefully and you will hear the sound of change in the vibration of your consciousness that will trickle down through every fiber of your being. Career, love life and relationships on all levels.
Yes beauty is in the eye of the one who recognizes the love and grace in the object or person who is found to be so desirable. Remember that the person or object you see such promise and beauty in, are in fact, facets of the possibilities that you reflect and possibly have not recognized yet.
This is only the beginning of the process that will unfold and bring to your awareness the perfection that lives within your vast and deep wisdom that has only been brought to your awareness in the past year.
You may have been pulled off track by a distraction in your activities and emotional life. Perhaps in your attempts to breakdown a door that is not meant for you. This is only a delay. As soon as you come back to full center you will remember the door that is truly yours and recognize it as it opens easily without concern of the old paradigm. You will get back on your magical bicycle or mystical flying carpet and once again ascend to a higher state of love and beauty.
Your Light Being
Melchizdek. Who refers to the book of Job and says, welcome back of the Prodigal Son.
Your Animal Guide
Eagle will help you ascend faster into the process that you have just begun. You are so much more than you see. Along with this power comes great responsibility and the karmic repercussions, so if you call on Eagle use great integrity and respect.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Prehnite will help you in attunement to the Divine and clear a path for higher frequencies.

Spend as much time as possible gathering your energies. This will involve spending at least 1 hour if possible in silence and stillness of your soul. Allow yourself to bask in a receiving mode for higher wisdom, messages and healing of the Divine. Save your prayer time for evenings before bed and gratitude prayer when you awaken in the mornings.
Set aside this special time for you to receive the pure perfection of God’s love and reflection of what such tremendous love and peace feels like.  Your days have been filled with the thoughts of others and in trying to solve their issues. Surrender those who fill your mind and your own being to the higher love of God as you know it.
You know that you feel more comfortable with and organized approach so the suggestion here is to lay down the troubles of your loved ones and yourself before your nights rest and as soon as you open your eyes give thanks as the surrendering of the previous night’s prayers and requests have already been resolve.
This may not be resolved to your satisfaction but you are being reminded that there is a greater good with a plan that may not be what suits you but it is a personal contract and commitment between this group or individual and the Universal Collective as well as a personal Divine journey for that soul or group of souls.
For now, you are being urged to focus your attention on the issues that you can change. That as you know, is your own growth and journey.
Your Light Being
John The Beloved will teach, assist and guide you in your inward times where you will rely on nothing but the gifts of the Spirit and the promises of such that will be revealed. These things can only be taught and understood when one listens inwardly and hears with the soul of the child of God.
Your Animal Guide
Coyote is the trickster. Sometimes he even tricks himself. Don’t get caught up in your own traps. Look at where you may be sabotaging your own progress. Coyote is also entertaining and fun. Look for the lessons of everyday practical life in the mistakes you have made and see them for what they are, a part of the journey in this physical body and the gift of choice and free will. Don’t be hard on yourself but do take responsibility and resolve the chaos caused by your choices and action.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Opal will help you realize that what you put out will come back and so it is your choice of what you would like to receive.

Change is abound and you are finally able to push your way out of the mud you have been stuck in for so long. It doesn’t matter if it is self-induced or if circumstances are forcing the changes. It is time and some of it feels like it is out of your hands. This is one of those times when you can actually see the merit in this. You do love control in most circumstances.
It would be quite valuable if you could make note of the changes and progressions between now and mid to late August. You can be assured that this will not be the last time you will be tested in your ability to look at a problem through the eyes of an outsider and allowing someone else to sit in the driver’s seat.
This requires the ability to loosen the emotional grip on a situation and to look at it in a detached manner. In other words. Let the chips fall but don’t take it all so personally.
 This is usually easier said than done for you but this is kind of like a game of Universal Monopoly. You get to pass go and collect $200 and have a chance card that allows you to skip that ‘lose a turn” square.
Did something shift with you? Yes it did. A little bit of surrender and getting back to business basics is good for you. Try to see and take responsibility for your past decisions and use this to guide in the future. Take that first step in starting a creative project that you have been putting off for so long It’s going to be good…really it is.
Your Light Being
Kali will help you with this time of change. Kali brings death to the old ways that no longer bring effective benefits to you. Remember Kali if very powerful and does not become emotionally tied to an outcome. So this may help you if you are unable to let go of your insecurities, fears or dysfunctional emotional ties to a situation. If you call on Kali expect powerful results so be sure of your dedication to the change you ask for.
Your Animal Guide
Rabbit has a lesson for you. Rabbit is fearful and sometime stands completely still and unable to move because of this fear. If you remain in the same position nothing will change. Remember what you fear the most will be attracted to you. If you expect the worst in situations and in relationship that is what you will receive. Purge yourself of fear. Write down your fears in private and then burn them. Return them to Mother Earth and release negative thinking.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Fuchsite will remind you that how you relate to other people is how you feel about basic attitudes in your own life. There is also a connection of one who has the mindset of someone who rescues others and eventually feels resentful or like a victim. This stone will help you step into your own power and worth and allow others to learn their lessons on their own.

So many things have changed in your world in the past three months .Many of you have talked about wanting change and now you have the opportunity and freedom of changing your path and making giant strides toward future opportunities.
Try to remember how you created these changes. You will be able to share this wisdom with others in the future. There is something in your current situation that could help you in relationship to finding new ways to use your free time.
You are very good at keeping your eye on the ball 24 hours a day. Exercise and other healthy creative outlet will be of great value in balancing your play/work time. You would do best not to get caught up in party plans with co-workers if it involves activities that are mostly focused on drinking as this could leave you wide open in an unhealthy relationship with co-workers .Be mindful of what you share with them.
Try to make play time with family and friends doing something that does not encourage talk about work. It is not so much as the conversation would become boring as it could cause burn-out later on down the line and your soul is fed by your creativity and fresh way of looking at situations. Eventually your emotional self may feel deprived and rebel.
Leave room for lucky encounters. This could be in relationships as in chance meetings which could be romantic if single or helpful to your career. You may also enjoy games of chance with a small group of friends that you enjoy as long as you are just in it for the fun.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain, when asked or invited into your life will assist you in feeling comfortable in new situations especially in the interaction of those in authority. He will also assist you in clearing space and helping you learn new modalities and technology.
Your Animal Guide
Hummingbird is adaptable and can fly in every direction. She is music, joy and pure freedom! Call on her if you feel yourself or others around you displaying ridged or judgmental behavior or thoughts. She will also help if you feel as if you are trapped in a situation that does not allow you to use your creativeness.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Azeztulite will stimulate your kundalini almost instantly. This can be a bit unnerving as this stone works almost instantly and will bring you to a state expanded consciousness quickly and should be used with care.

It may seem nearly impossible to complete the things you would like to accomplish this month. There always seems to be something that needs more attention than the project you planned on getting done. Take your time and enjoy listening to your inner guidance especially when it comes to recognizing what really needs to be done, when and how much energy to put into each project or activity.
All is done in Divine timing and you are being asked to respect your own boundaries and timing. You will receive recognition in your own way by the one who matters most. That “One” would be the accumulation of your mind, body, soul, spirit and higher self who really needs this time to collectively become whole again.
It seems as if you have been spending more time in the act of balancing all of these parts of the whole and perhaps feel as if you have lost the memory of the mission. This is perfectly OK and you should know that this is part of your wisdom path and remembrance of the holistic approach to navigating your spiritual being in the physical world. Be kind and loving toward yourself and give you ego the long awaited rest it has been longing for as it also plays a part in the whole.
Your Light Being
 Marie Curie will help you achieve balance and assist you in seeing the shadow as well as the Light. The two must both be recognized and respected. Madame Curie was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize in physics and re-noun for her work with radium and the X-ray machine that helped so many. This wonderful discovery also played a part in her death from exposure to the same radioactivity that she brought into light. Call on her, even if you don’t know exactly why or what you would like assistance with as your higher, divine self and cell memory knows.
Your Animal Guide
Bear will help you go inward into the cave within the womb of Mother Earth and respect the wishes of your mind, body and spirit. This will give you the opportunity to accept changes, release that which has served its purpose, create a new image of yourself and prepare for the new emergence in the spring. Resist the temptation to rely on the opinions of others and seek truth from within.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Shattuckite will help bring your body into balance, increase your psychic and channeling abilities. It is also a good stone to protect you in your psychic and channeling journey.

Some serious attitude adjustments are in the plan right now. It is time to re-evaluate your issues in your personal and professional life. Some things have been a bit off balance and are in need of correction.
Are certain people taking advantage of your good nature and leaving you feeling a bit drained and pushed to the limit? Remember, you are the Divine presence of the son of God as are all those on the planet earth. There must be balance for this work to continue.
Also look at the flip side of this situation. Take your mind on a review of your personal relationships and see what could be out of balance and do your best to correct this.
As these corrections are made you may find new opportunities opening up and creative ideas coming to the forefront as your body, mind, soul and spirit are allowed to rest and receive a new breath of spirit.
 If you continue to give without receiving you may find yourself falling into a state of exhaustion or feeling a bit victimized. It is rather like, trying to eat soup with a fork.
Your Light Being
Call upon Merlin and he will help you balance give and take, the light and dark and give you the inner strength to demand your just due.
Your Animal Guide
Owl will help you see both sides of any situation and assist you in your dreams and meditations. Pay attention to all birds during this time but especially owl and other birds of the night.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Pink Thulite will help you in solving problems and recognizing the qualities of the dualities in life.
There is nothing you can’t do in the world in your role of witnessing. You are the Observer. You are the voice that recognizes the hidden occupation of unseen agendas. We now ask you to use your gifts for yourself and be the observer of your own spiritual growth. Look deep into your own higher self and put your worldly sense and ego aside. View yourself as you would a small child just beginning a new journey or path of excitement and challenges.
How would you support this young new bright shiny soul? Would you encourage this soul to explore more meaningful pursuits or resist the call to happiness and abide by the fears of the physical world who have only a few brave souls?  These brave souls may indeed be considered fools by many in the world today. The dreamers who dare to follow the guidance from within rather than seeking the wisdom of the higher self.
Step outside of yourself and take yourself a bit less seriously in the future and use this time to experience the essence of the creativity of the Source of all. Work with this wonderful shiny new soul as if you are designing an amazing painting, designing jewelry or art project that had no boundaries or rules. Ever expanding in its presence and possibilities.
Your Light Being
Call on Lugh to help you find that inner spark that your soul is yearning for. Even if you don’t know what it is that you seek.  Lugh will bring all things forward.
Your Animal Guide
Hummingbird will bring music, beauty, creativity and joy into your life.  
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Blue tourmaline will help bring spiritual freedom and dissolves blocks in your throat and third eye chakra.
You can keep carrying the load for everyone else if you choose but the result can be unexpectedly weird, abrupt and unpleasant at times. We encourage you to ask for help. Seek help from the Divine, those around you, community services if needed and those in positions who are qualified and able.
 We also encourage you to start expecting helpful behaviors from those in your work place and immediate household. You may try to be everyone’s everything but that leaves little time for you to feed your own needs and desires. This type of behavior and expectations of yourself could end up blowing up in your face and you will be spending a lot of time applying bandages trying to fix, yet more issues.
Slow down and take a little time to set your intentions for the coming season. Set your sights on a wonderful vacation and some mindless downtime. This is asking a lot as we see that your work does not end when you come home. You have great love and compassion for so many. Please save a bit of that fairy dust for yourself.
Your Light Being
Oromasis who is an elemental of the fairy kingdom and the I Am Presence of the Christ consciousness holds space for you and will assist you in aligning your chakras. You may also pray to be aligned with your Twin flame if you have not found this soul on this earth or in Spirit. This Twin Fame may or may not be in the physical body but will be at your beck and call to assist you in your life on Earth.
Your Animal Guide
Salamander is an amphibian and will go through changes. It needs the support of its environment and surroundings to assist with these changes as it is cold blooded and relies on the world it live in to supply body temperature, food and water. Call on Salamander to call in the assistance that you need as you go through your transformations and to attract the support you need.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 Vanadinite will help you ground with the earth and use your energy efficiently. Helps align chakras and achieve feelings of inner peace.

Sweetness and light are what is in store for you this season. Energies from the Christ consciousness are making themselves know as they enter your crown chakra and carefully fill your cells with golden light and settle within your heart. You may feel a bit of energy and perhaps discomfort in your heart area as this process takes place within your being.
Loving is good. But you are being encouraged to “Be Love” and attract the goodness that love shares with all. You may ask, “What’s in it for me?” We say, everything. Many of you have been working with your shadow in recollection of difficult times which you felt alone and abandoned. These were times of great growth, healing and achievement. There were no outside sources to dull the pain or fill the emptiness you were experiencing.
The dark clouds will lift and the sun will shine again as you recognize the blessings of these difficult times in molding the soul that you are evolving into. You are making space for new insights and gifts of spirit. Although this may not be the last time you experience this modality of emotional and spiritual ascension, know that your path is under your feet.

Your Light Being
The Sacred Heart of Jesus is working with you to open and assisting you in manifesting more love and expanding the love of the Divine through your heart and physical presence on the planet.
Your Animal Guide
Call on the dove to assist in spreading the love that the Divine has to share with the inhabitants of the planet that needs the support of love and peace of the dove and Christ consciousness.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Aragonite will assist you in grounding the love in your heart chakra with the Earth. It will help you center and raise you vibrations to a spiritual level.

Take off the mask and let your true self be revealed. You may have been keeping yourself seemingly in the dark as far as the eyes of others can see but they only see the mask and don’t realize that your eyes are uncovered and taking in all that the rest of society is experiencing. They are also unable to see what is going on behind the mask.
This can be a valuable tool but when used too often can make others feel uneasy or unable to connect with you in a meaningful way. A big smile may be hiding a frown or a frown hiding a smile. Sometimes it is good to allow others to get a read on you so that they may offer valuable connections that may help you move forward.
You have been in a bit of a holding pattern and become so used to this that you are not sure how to jump off and set out to explore other offerings and experiences. This can create a numbness in your soul and spirit.
Truth be known, you are so sensitive and effected by the world around you that you have created a buffer zone which is perfectly within reason. We only suggest that you pull up the mask and peek out at the good things that are being done in the world by some of the consciously aware.
Your Light Being
 Arch Angel Haniel will help you recognize all of the good things created by humanity and attract joy, beauty, harmony and good friends. She works with moon energies and favors astrology and the energies created by the movements of the planets
Your Animal Guide
Dragonfly will help you see through the illusions and break through the patterns that hold you hostage and help you see the things that need to be changed to assist you in your ascension.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Turquoise will help you release old soul agreements and allow your soul to express its true creative self.

Your psychic awareness and out of body night travel have increased as of late. You will have a great stone removed from your path that will make your road a bit smoother and easier to navigate through the up and coming waters that lay ahead.
Trust your intuition and physical body to let you know when something or someone is a bit off kilter. Pay attention to your body and the little ache, pains and shivers on the back of your neck.
Helping others is virtuous but to do so and feel anxious, trapped or resentful is nonproductive not only to you and the one you are helping but it also sends conflicting messages throughout the universal flow and creates karma that is restrictive and unfulfilling. It is acceptable to say no or to decide when enough is enough as long as you do this in a graceful and loving manner.
Do not over extend yourself socially this month as you may need some alone time to recharge, attend to your soul growth and introspection. Never feel guilty about caring for yourself first.
Your thoughts may be shifting into the future and what you would like this to look like. You need time to dream and explore other ordinary people who live extraordinary lives. Dream on and open you mind to assistance.
Your Light Being
Merlin will assist you in choosing or altering your current path but be very sure that you are ready to make big changes. You need not know what you want to change as your possibilities, gifts and talents that you have never known are transparent to him. Call on Merlin. He must be invited.
Your Animal Guide
Octopus will help you explore new possibilities especially in the unseen worlds. Pay special attention to your body in the area of agility. Some breath work would benefit you as well as spending time in or close to water.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Diamond is a stone of deep commitment and will help release fear that need to be released before starting out on a new venture. It will cleanse your aura and reveal your true light.

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