Monday, February 8, 2016

Merlin Chronicles week of February 8th 2016 by Kay

Hi There,
I just completed the MelinScopes and posted them on You can also find them here.
As you may know, I live in Colorado and was quite thrilled with the Broncos winning the Superbowl last night. The Broncos were not favored to win because out Quarterback Peyton Manning has had a lot of injuries and he is 13 years older than the North Carolina's Panthers Q.B. The Panthers are a good aggressive team. The Q.B. didn't handle the loss very gracefully.

In the end Peyton Manning allowed the team to do what they do best which is run their Defense. I learned a lot from this. Wisdom, patience, humility and working as a team give everyone around you hope and willingness to focus on a goal.

I can remember working for companies where they would want people to compete against each other and then wonder why they couldn't reach the common goal of sales or whatever they set out to accomplish. Most of the people that I knew that fed into that frame of reference were not very happy people and a lot of the developed illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer and Heart disease. I am not saying that this is the only cause but I don't think it helped much.  I worked on a team once where almost all of us, including myself were on anti depressants.

I am not of the theory that all competition is bad,. Of course in certain sports it is expected but when it becomes your only purpose it can be destructive and create a lot of anger turned inward.

Anyway...Enough of me!
Here are the MerlinScopes for the week

Merlin Scopes        February 8th, 2016       by Kay
Aries… Week of February 8, 2016
There are different ways to achieve a goal. The most effective will serve all parties involved. The key to a situation that needs a bit of tweaking is asking how much growth can be achieved for all those involved.
For those of you who are healers (everyone is a healer) it may be within a social group that needs to become aware of things that they never saw possible or to help them shift their intentions to one of service, purpose and harmony.
Be the one who creates destiny out of drama.
Taurus… Week of February 8, 2016
The helpful nature of those around you will offer a moment or for lack of better words…hold space for you to adjust your energy level to meet a higher frequency that is coming in your direction.
This could mean many things. Perhaps someone will take you to an event that allows you to get lost in art or music.
If you have children perhaps a Mary Poppins will appear to offer child care so you can have the space that you need to relax and allow your higher self a bit of room to expand. There are higher forces at work here.

Gemini… Week of February 8, 2016
I see leaves from a tall tree with beautiful colors. The veins on the leaves are colored in a reddish wine color and stand out. You are receiving blessings and life from the most high is the interpretation that comes forth. 
I see that you are finally looking outward in the four directions for assistance and direction. For some time it seemed as if the only option was to look down at your own feet to watch each step that you were taking.
There are no limits now. Only the ones that you create and we both know that you are letting that go and ready to slip into something of a higher vibration. Personal and soul growth overflows in to all areas of life.

Cancer… Week of February 8, 2016
Beware of things becoming lost in translation. If you want to get a point across or if you have information that needs to be passed along make sure that it is well thought out and only brought out after you have reviewed the consequences.
I am hearing that this is not a week to simply delegate things that you don’t know about. Do your research or have someone in the know teach you what you need to know about a process so you don’t get blind-sided.
Leo… Week of February 8, 2016
Spend some time in contemplation but also allow some fun in the mix this week-end. Going out for a movie might be a good idea and give your busy mind a rest.
Something has just passed through and left your individual world. Understand that everything is just passing through. Nothing is for keeps.
Now it is time to re-invent yourself and find a way to make yourself stand out from all of the rest. Spend some time reading articles and doing some research concerning your situation. You can always bring in a professional to help if you feel the need to do so.
Don’t sell yourself short.
Virgo… Week of February 8, 2016
You can dream of doing things but nothing is actually going to happen until you actually get out and do it. Remember those guitar classes you wanted to take but thought you were too old to take 2 years ago? Wonder how good you would be by now?
The point is that you are a bit of an introvert and this is your challenge in this life-time. Work on it this week. Perhaps just a baby step.
Libra… Week of February 8, 2016
I see one of those pretty little candy conversation hearts in the middle of your heart. It seems to be radiating and pulsing. Perhaps a little Valentines Celebration or get together would be fun.
Know that a little bit of love can go a long way especially where two or more are gathered. This doesn’t have to be romantic love. It can be love for the planet or some group or cause that you feel drawn to.
Scorpio… Week of February 8, 2016
This feels like an exciting week for many of you. I applaud those of you who are getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things.
Making new contacts and meeting new people can be fulfilling for you this week.
Is there a little bit of an attraction this week? I am not saying that you will have all kinds of people trying to hook up but that you will have a magnetic energy this week with people and animals.  Hopefully with finances also.
Sagittarius… Week of February 8, 2016
I see a vision of you reaching a constant flow of energy coming in through the one hand and out the other.  This is a beautiful reddish color with flicks of gold in it. This is excellent because nothing is getting stuck.
Many things are beginning to clear and prepare you for bigger and better things on your path. I know you might question this now but watch for the magic.
Also take good care of your hips. Perhaps yoga or some kind of stretching to help your energy flow even more.
Capricorn… Week of February 8, 2016
Sometimes you can feel lonely even when you are not alone. Perhaps you might think that the perfect person or job might change that feeling but in your heart of hearts you know that this is not the case.
Chances are if you are not already involved with someone that you will go out and look for someone to fix.
In reality it is your connection with the Divine that lives within that is tugging on your shirt sleeve.
Be love …don’t look for it!  Then you will find it.

Aquarius… Week of February 8, 2016
I get the feeling that you are right at home this week. Changes and shifts that feel a little uncomfortable yet entertaining makes lively company when you are the commentator.
World events may have you baffled and at the same time highly expressive on a social level. You will be great company and the focus of any group activities so get out and enjoy the limelight!

Pisces …Week of February 8, 2016
I see you standing on the deck of a ship that is going through some rough waters yet you have a good sense of balance because you have traveled through these waters before.
It seems to be pitch dark but you have your handy dandy little lighter to show you exactly what you need to know.

You may not be able to see the big picture but you will be able to see all that you need to know. For some reason this is all that the universe wants you to see and focus on at this time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay February 2016

Happy February 2016!

I realize that I am a little late in getting this out to you. The energies have been very intense as I think many of you have been experiencing some of the same.

I am a member at a little Metaphysical Church. We have a healing room and many of us volunteer our services offering energy work for those who wish to come into the room and receive. We do this before service begins and at the end of the service.

This past Sunday I worked in the healing room before service and it seemed as if the there was a running theme which was matters of the heart. People of all ages.

The service began and near the end I was scheduled to sing an interlude acappello. My friend Penny, the pianist at the church gave me my note and sat down in the audience.

Suddenly I had this feeling of being so alone. Normally I would never feel this way because this congregation is filled with wonderful people who truly care for me.  The energy was so intense. I sang “You Raise Me Up.”  It is a wonderful song originally composed by Secret Garden.

It didn’t come out as I had planned. It was more like the song sang me. When I got to the end I was experiencing so much pain in my back thoracic and heart area that I didn’t think I was going to be able to get back to my seat. I think I hid it pretty good. I could hardly breathe. I thought that this was going to be a 911 call. You know how it feels when you fall in a public place and pray that nobody was looking? It was kind of like that.

By the time that I was ready to go back into the healing room I was Ok. Wonderful Aurelia was in the healing room and she knew what was happening. It is all about our hearts opening.

I don’t know about the rest of you but along with my psychic abilities becoming stronger so are my empathic sensations. For lack of a better explanation, I feel wide open.

As a collective group I believe that we all received a huge download and we are still processing the energies. I see these as Gifts of The Spirit. We need to be gentle with ourselves and allow our bodies to adjust to the big block of energy that we are receiving. I think it is almost like sticking your finger in a live electrical socket!

Here are the Scopes!

Merlin Scopes        February 1, 2016       by Kay

Aries… Week of February 1, 2016

This is a good time to go through papers. This is especially true for legal and business documents, and anything that has to do with money or property.

Get as much organized as you can so you can keep it simple when you need to access it quickly.

Aries… The month of February 2016    Overview
There is a difference between losing what you love and loving what you lose. Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to something until it is no longer accessible. Then we suddenly imbue it with importance and decide it is worth fighting to keep. In reality, if you really loved it, you would have given more attention to it or taken better care. It is ok to grieve a loss but eventually it is beneficial to let go and leave it in the past so that you may find a better future for you and the object in question. Take a deep breath and let go with love.

Your Light Being
I really don’t know much about Kryon. Lee Carroll channels Kryon. The message I am hearing is to let go of what you think your reality is and allow yourself to receive some new information. Be open to new guides and chance encounters.

Your Animal Guide
A huge South American Snake comes forward. He is very wise and comes to help you manage your intuition about your physical body. He has ancient wisdom to share with you. He is a shaman. Listen to your dreams.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Shattuckite will help you raise your vibration and increase your intuition and connection to source.

Taurus… Week of February 1, 2016
Take things in stride this week. I see a vision of you and your footing seems to be a little unsure and off balance.  Take care of one step at a time. Don’t skip any steps.  Among other things, this can mean if you are prescribed a routine or a medication, follow through with it.

Taurus… The month of February 2016    Overview
Relationships both personal and professional are in the forefront. You can feel changes on the horizon, but realize they are still a short distance away; you just haven’t gotten there yet. Be patient and don’t push.

Keep your focus on the present moment; otherwise you might miss some important information or opportunities. Stay focused on the now and leave the planning for long term goals until later.

If you focus too far into the future, it’s easy for your ego to be your guide instead of relying on your connection to higher self.  You can keep things simple and clear if you stay focused on listening for the messages that are pertinent now. This also helps you develop trust that your inner source will continue to guide you whenever you need assistance.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is available to teach you the truth of what it means to be in the present .The joy of being in your own body and enjoying the things that connect your body to the spirit and to the Earth. She says this includes food, clothing, and colors. She also says Spiritual Release. This has a special and individual meaning for you.

Your Animal Guide
I see an Owl that is hunting. She has a mouse in her beak and is here to explain natural order and remind you there are natural laws we all abide by. Call on her to assist you in activities and knowledge of Earth-bound activities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Wear or keep around you a Smoky Quartz to bring you peace and absorb interesting energies.

Gemini… Week of February 1, 2016
Keep yourself focused on the prize this week. There may be some physical issues that make you a bit irritable; but you can push through this and shine.

Gemini… The month of February 2016    Overview
You seem to be of two minds this month. I see a vision of the twins having very strong opinions and desires and both are committed to different approaches. It might help to write out a list of pros and cons so you can meet in the middle and compromise.

It might be beneficial to start showing more gratitude to your body and the gifts and opportunities it has allowed you to experience in this world. I see your body talking to you this month and demanding attention. Perhaps you might honor it with massage, exercise, or by just saying thank you and acknowledging how beautiful and perfect it is.

On the lighter side, I see the cartoon “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.” Perhaps you will be waking up from what seems like a deep sleep and wake up to a world you love.

Your Light Being
Ganesh is stepping forward to help you separate what is real from illusion.

Your Animal Guide
Turtle steps forward to assist you in keeping you grounded and can help you slow down enough to see the beauty of all that surrounds you. This includes seeing the beauty within yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chalcedony will help you bring mind, body, and spirit together.

Cancer… Week of February 1, 2016
Things are starting to fall into place but you have a few loose ends to take care of. Make sure you cover your basic needs and then see to the needs of someone else. Pay attention to digestion; and balance what you are putting into your stomach.

Cancer… The month of February 2016    Overview
The word “Talk” is a running theme for you this month. I see a lot of activity and communication concerning your physical body and career. The two are interconnected and need to be addressed.

Keep a distance from those who would shake your confidence. Stress eating is a possible downfall as are other reactive behaviors and patterns that are not in your best interest. You may be feeling stress from circumstances you view as positive, as well as from those you see as negative or undesirable. Work for balance and try to keep yourself centered to deal with the various stresses that may affect you this month.

Some new information concerning an opportunity may have you entertaining new possibilities. Proceed with caution and investigate all those involved and everything about new offerings.

Your Light Being
El Moryra has stepped forward to take the pressure off of some of the decisions that you think you need to make. He will help you recognize the will of the Divine to show you the way.

Your Animal Guide
Kangaroo steps forward. She carries something special and hidden in her pouch. She reminds you sometimes it’s wise to keep things to yourself and to not be an open book to all people all the time. She will guide you in this.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Citrine will energize you mentally and physically.

Leo… Week of February 1, 2016
Go easy on yourself this week. Take time to visit with friends and put anything that has troubled you on the back burner. Visit those who lift your spirits and share similar interests.

You might also use this time to putter around the house and do some decorating or work on some crafts. This is a good time to gather information.

Leo… The month of February 2016    Overview
Take a step back and look at a project with new eyes before moving forward. I see a vision of you playing the shell game. This is when someone has a pea under one of three walnut shells on a table and they keep moving it around. You have to guess where it is; and no matter how you try, it always seems to be somewhere other than where you thought.

Could it be that something is going on under the table that you are not able to spot yet? Keep watching and wait for the moment that the truth is revealed. Follow your instincts and listen to tones in which words are used.

Your Light Being
I see a beautiful woman gazing into a crystal ball. She tells me her name is Izaello, pronounced (Is aye ello); but you can call her Isabelle. She is a Light being working within the realm of Michael Archangel.

I almost felt like I was going down the rabbit hole as I gazed into her crystal ball. Wow!  Take a peek for yourself. She says she will assist you with the help of Archangel Michael in seeing the unknown and protecting you through your intuition. Ask for her anytime.

Your Animal Guide
Owl immediately came forward to offer assistance. Honesty and visibility are important. Aspire to have these qualities and insist on the same from others. This is especially true in your business dealings at this time.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Tiger’s eye will protect and increase your psychic abilities.

Virgo… Week of February 1, 2016
Lighten up your diet. You may be feeling the effects of eating spicy or sweets a little more intensely than you have before. This change will also affect your skin so pay attention to any outbreaks.

Try to make time for some fun or relaxation. Reduce your stress by getting your mind into a good movie or book that keeps your mind busy.

Virgo… The month of February 2016    Overview
Be gentle with your energy this month. Know that you have opened a new portal that has given more clarity and power to your manifestations. You may have noticed some of the effect of this over the past couple weeks or days. These also collect momentum and can be felt on the physical level.

Your intuition is very strong. This is not just a period of heightened awareness; this is the result of growth. Know that whatever you do, including and especially healing or clairvoyant work that stems from the heart, that you will feel these openings on all levels.

Life seems to be moving a little faster. You might need to make decisions without the usual grace period you would prefer to speculate the possibilities and evaluate the potential consequences.

If you don’t get an immediate yes or no, do nothing. These opportunities will come around again when you’re are better acclimated to your new way of manifesting

Your Light Being
The Lady of the Light and Saint Germain are offering services this month. The Lady of the Light will send brilliant light and life force and Saint Germain will help adjust and temper the brilliance by adjusting it to each individual.

Your Animal Guide
I looked into a body of water and a Manatee showed herself with a young calf. She is here to bring a message of nurturing your body and spirit. Care for your own self as you would you own child.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fire Opal will help with your solar plexus and lower back. If you have been feeling some stress, your adrenal glands may need a bit of a boost. This is also a very protective stone.

Libra… Week of February 1, 2016
You would do well to do some work with your Etheric Body this week - in short, your aura. Wear colors and stones and eat foods that resonate and mimic the colors of your chakras.

Find some music or guided meditations that vibrate to the frequencies of your chakras to add velocity to the foundation of your aura.

Libra… The month of February 2016    Overview
I see a vision of you with a deck of playing cards. These cards represent many areas of your life. This includes activities, people, purpose and how you spend your time, energy and money.

You are changing the order and priorities of these. This doesn’t mean that some are better than others. It just means that some are within your ability and time frame to work with and some are not.

Take time for general care for your own well-being and make sure that you come first in the new order. Your energy may be feeling a bit strange and different in intensity. Just breathe through it and ask for messages from spirit concerning what you are feeling and how to deal with it.

Your Light Being
Metatron is offering service whether you want it or not.  He seems to be pulling the strings on members of your soul group as you are going to be needed for a special purpose in the future.

Your Animal Guide
Prairie Dog is stepping forward to assist you. It is all about community he says; and also about knowing when to bring yourself out into the sun and when to protect yourself by stay underground and sharing with just a few others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Quartz, especially a wand or spiral quartz, is resonates with you this month. It will help you focus and ground healing energy in specific places within your body.

 Scorpio… Week of February 1, 2016
Separate yourself from the rest of the group for now. This is a time for introspection and healing. I see a vision of a new dawn breaking and the message that with every new dawn, new souls are born onto the earth.

Scorpio… The month of February 2016    Overview
Let yourself be given a new purpose and begin with a new affirmation. The entire month may have you waiting… and waiting some more. Be prepared to use this time productively.

Accept only what you know to be your truth. Others may see things differently, not because they have low expectations of you or themselves, but because they don’t want to be disappointed.

This can be a great time to use the creativity you know is within you to listen quietly to your own higher truth. Coming from your heart center I hear… “I know, because I know, because I know is what I hear in a beautiful melody.”

Your Light Being
Lord Lanto is coming forward to assist you in helping you with your reasoning skills. I see a yin and yang symbol that he wishes to use to help you find more balance.

Your Animal Guide
Whale has come forward to help on your journey right now. He says he is your totem for the entire year. Others will come forward to assist; but whale will take you to the deepest depths of your soul in preparation for an expansion that is deeper than you have ever dreamed.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Keep an Opal near to help you in expanding and protection.

Sagittarius… Week of February 1, 2016
I keep hearing the song recorded by The Eagles. “Take it Easy.” Give yourself a little more time to get to work or appointments this week.  You are being pulled in so many directions it makes it difficult not to snap at people. Try to get more sleep.

Sagittarius… The month of February 2016    Overview
You have a lot to contend with this month. Some old thoughts, feelings, and visions have come back to haunt you. This is your challenge this month. You can choose to ignore the significance of this; however, I find it difficult to believe you will be able to do this. The mind, body and emotions are very powerful teachers.

I think you are really feeling a challenge offered by Saturn moving through your sign. This opportunity, to allow yourself to make a commitment to bringing your highest power to the table, is resurfacing. It’s going to be right in your face until you respond in a way that helps you feel more in command in your life. You are learning what it means to feel deserving and in command, without feeling guilty.

Your Light Being
I see a hooded Druid-looking fellow walking into a cave. It is Merlin of course! He is inviting you in to observe. He has a young apprentice with him. He says the young boy’s name is William. He also appears as a girl when needed, and is then called Willa. He wants you to see that whatever you think your opposition is… it is always within your Will.

Your Animal Guide
A Bat flies forward and says that he is honored to assist you in releasing your fears. He will help you attract more positive groups of people who support and love you just as you are.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Apatite will help you connect with your psychic gifts as well as past life recall.

Capricorn… Week of February 1, 2016
Go easy into the energies of this week. Do your best to listen and not jump to snap judgements about other people and their behavior. This doesn’t mean that your intuitive hit is not correct, only that you need to find out more before anything is said or done.

Capricorn… The month of February 2016    Overview
Some things are changing in your life. There are some new beginnings and you may be leaving some things behind. Both past and present opportunities and activities are valuable and are preparing you for a higher calling of the same type of work but more evolved. You have heard that saying “A horse of a different color.” Well, this is what it looks like for you.

Walk into your new story with enthusiasm and joy. Have no expectations. Expectations may create disappointment and disillusionment. Honor your past experiences remembering the joy and service you were able to give in this place, position, community, or relationship that you were involved in.

Leave behind the baggage or negativity that no longer has an influence in your life. Also, disregard the comments or manipulations of others who have their own agendas and may think it is fine to use you to achieve their desires.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is stepping forward with a beautiful smile on her face. She wants to remind you to keep your consciousness and thoughts pure. Come into new situations as a Virgin. When she became pregnant with Jesus, she could have listened to the opinions and judgments of others; but instead, she relied on the angels and Divine to help her decide.

Your Animal Guide
A Donkey steps forward to give you the strength of being an individual and only being lead by your inner self.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Calcite will help you clear your energy and your environment from negativity. It will move these things out of the way so you can connect with your higher consciousness.

Aquarius… Week of February 1, 2016
I am being shown a vision of you looking at a list. Could this be a list of priorities or accomplishments that you would like to achieve?

What I am really seeing is a list of qualities you have gained through experience – things you have learned. Sometimes it is much more empowering to make a list of the things you have learned and how they made your life more meaningful, than to think of harsh expectations for yourself and others.

Aquarius… The month of February 2016    Overview
The collective is pointing to your lower legs and feet. Take time to appreciate and honor your feet and lower extremities. So much energy gets stored and remains until you consciously release it in whatever manner serves you best.

This is also an indicator it is time to clear out some tension created from dealing with situations or people that you finding irritating. You may be very thin skinned right now. If you need to take a break when you are feeling overwhelmed, find a healthy diversion.
This irritation could stem from politics in the world or at work. There may even be politics in your household, unless you live alone. Maybe take a mental health day or better yet take a week off to release and recharge.

Your Light Being
Gaia the Earth Mother is volunteering to assist you in releasing those things that don’t assist you in your ascension. Give your tension to her and she will take care of it.

Your Animal Guide
A young Reindeer stepped forward to help you in achieving your goals and steering clear of people who are in a negative space or wanting to pull you into their drama.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Citrine will brighten your day and raise your energy. Wear or keep it close to you. It will also affect anyone who looks at it while you are holding or wearing it.

Pisces… Week of February 1, 2016
Let yourself be guided by your heart and not your experience this week. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is not productive and can be damaging to your charm. It can also cut off the energy of your charisma.

Sometimes it is good to be vulnerable and open even though your experiences have not all been sunshine and roses. Open your heart.

Pisces… The month of February 2016    Overview
Give a little bit of love to yourself. This could be in the form of buying something for yourself, treating yourself to a night on the town, or just surrendering to an indulgence you usually resist.

It seems this is a time to celebrate something. I see a bit of a happy dance going on in your life right now. It might just be a small hurdle but I am telling you congratulations from Spirit.

Sometimes these hurdles may not feel like huge accomplishments, but more like a burden. This is one that will pay off and you can see results in any number of ways.
Perhaps you have decided to become larger in your consciousness and put your bruised ego in your rearview mirror. Forgiveness is huge and when you truly forgive, there is a relief that brings many blessings to your door.

This is such a powerful healing tool. Life is a process. Of course there is a beginning and an end but what goes on in between is powerful and magical in the changes that can be accomplished with a single thought.

Your Light Being
Saint Frances of Assisi has come forward to assist you in following your path. It may not be the most popular path in the eyes of others; but that is between you and the Divine.

Your Animal Guide
 A Narwhal swims forward. I have never gotten one of these creatures before. He will teach you the value of community, balance, and magic.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Argonite will help you ground and appreciate your body.

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