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Merlin Chronicles Aug 18,2011

Merlin Chronicles  

My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same.. Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.  Blessing, Kay

Good Evening my Friends

I started my day intending to take a trip out to Journeys for Conscious Living In Arvada Co. These magnificent groups of souls are dedicated to improving life on this planet by gathering unlimited groups of brilliant members of the Light brigade. This group has created an event on 11/11/11and 11/12/11 at the Denver Merchandise mart, EVOLve Expo. Music, authors, healers, artists, futurists, heart centered community builders and more!

There will be many keynote speakers including Don Miguel Ruiz and Marci Shimoff. If you too would like to inspire or be inspired please attend. To register or for more information call 303 731-6695 or visit or email I will be doing readings and sharing a booth with Marcia McCaffery.

 I had a very interesting day today. I really hadn’t planned on doing much due to the heat today and getting ready for a trip top MO but I ended up channeling. I don’t seem to pick the channeling places and times as much as channeling chooses for me.

 That also goes for the Wise Light Beings who deliver messages through me. There is a rather funny story attached to that. I had a female presence channeling today. When asked for a name of who was speaking the response was “Rasshuawa.”  When the channeling came to an end she left saying, sianora.

I thought well, the name doesn’t sound Japanese and I wasn’t sure about the spelling. I googled the name asking for help with the spelling. It came up as a Japanese word alright it means “Rush hour” Who says the spirit world doesn’t have a sense of humor.   J


Alas it is another day of stormy energies, clashing, moving and whisking about. Shifting.

To the physical eyes this would look like lightning bolts. Although the sky is blue and beautiful, the clouds white billows yet the energies coming through are of golden in color and V shaped. One would say an upside down V. The conjunction of the two lines being the highest point.  Energies directed in certain directions.

There has been a call for changes and shifts although some people are not really aware that they have made these calls of the soul. They think that they are asking for other things. More concrete physical help.  Help with jobs and economics.

We understand these calls as calls for hope.  Hope is what we build on. Hope is the foundation, the platform in which we speak of as realistic dreaming. Liken it to the moment of conception when the sperm meets the egg. From which all physical and spiritual is built on.

Where there is hope there is light and living breathing life. Whenever you see or feel hope in your life please take one moment to honor that hope. Really feel it as a living being, a child or an animal. It is a living breathing being with soul and purpose. When you bring your attention to that piece of hope, nourish it and give it warmth, recognition a name it will grow to a wonderful adult. The light will shine brighter and it will crystalize in solid form. This crystal will continue to grow and spread into other parts of your life allowing you to nourish others. This will touch more people then you can even imagine.

There is a call for sympathy. For many people who have suffered. Sympathy and empathy are good. We ask you to assist those who are in a state of hopelessness. As we observe some experiences on the journey of those we love we may only be able to sit back and watch.  This may seem hard but we ask you to pull your emotional judgments and desires back. Silently sit back and watch and send light to the situation. This is why people are once again interested in learning Reiki.  Many people would like to help with situations and people who may not be open to suggestion and this is a perfect vehicle to assist in asking the Universe, Creator, and God to focus unbiased energy and attention to a situation, person, the earth and all she holds dear. People are asking for a higher sense of light to assist themselves and the world. There is a need now to take a step up.

Some of you have noticed that animals are paying more attention to you and tying to communicate by making their presence known. Some are even ignoring you to get your attention. We say talk to them on their level. Ask for help with this. Your guides will assist.

Bring your memory back to when you were a child. Go back to a day when you were bored because you had nothing to do, no one to play with.  All of your friends who you run and play with are busy. You are alone in silence lying in the grass. You are looking at that blade of glass, hearing nothing but the birds, animal and the wind .Feel the energies of the earth. These are the energies of the spiritual realm. You felt it when you were a child but didn’t have a name for it. Now you know that name. This is where you can speak to the animals on their terms.

There has been a physical shifting in the earth. We see a crack that has been shaking and moving from the North Pole Through the bottom of the ocean floor to the Southern hemisphere, creating movement in animals and people. This has been shaking them out of their etheric self. Shaking them out of their stuck patterns and routine behaviors.  Acting out.  Some of this is good.  Some is frightening and leaving some feeling broken.

We ask you to take some time every day and visualize yourself holding the Mother Earth in your hands. Hold her out about 4 or 5 inches from your heart. Talk to her from your heart as she truly is a living being you know and cherish. Just like you would hold your beloved child and talk to her.

 By doing this you will be speaking to all souls on earth, all grids, groups and relationships. You will be comforting, healing, loving and giving hope to all people. Much to your surprise, they will turn and look back at you as they mirror the love and support that you have been sending. Simply say:  “I love you, now love each other. I bless you, now bless each other, I am you” I am complete.

We see much stress and strife concerning Money and finances. We find this amusing. It is an exchange of power. It is not really real, an exchange for physical services. Liken this to a garden that has gone to weed and not given the proper form of nourishment.  The earth needs to be turned over in order to grow new avenues of likely hood and livelihood.  Planetary balance and energy exchange.

How this will play out is not what you would say written yet.  The situation is changing constantly.

The soldiers will be recalled which will actually lessen the threats to the United States and other counties. All counties have wasted vast amounts of money, lives and resources to play “Who is the Most Powerful” The focus will be on creating more jobs, futures, a planetary oneness where there is more balance and sharing.

We suggest when you are looking for jobs and careers to lead with you heart and the intent of service. This will not only fulfill and energize you but this will also give us the will to take care of you.

Those who come from a place of greed will be disappointed as the world changes. Those who live in their heart and come from the intention of service are never disappointed.  They know the balance of the Universal laws and fruition of the soul.


Love and Blessings


Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

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