Sunday, July 8, 2018

Merlin Chronicle by Kay July 2018

Sorry these are so late!

I know that I am a bit behind but in my defense, I have had many projects and changes all happening at once so it seems. New siding on the house and a 6-day intensive Mediumship training with Tony Stockwell, bath remodel, changes in work and the list continues.

The overall energy seems to be thick and difficult to navigate. I feel like I am walking in mud up to my waist. I believe the Mars in retrograde energy may have something to do with it. I really didn't think that I would be affected this month.

Now here are the Merlin Scopes, Enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading them


Aries Overview for July 2018
You might be a little spacy this month so try to pull your mind into the present and avoid any activities that have the potential to result in negative consequences. Be mindful and use common sense; kind of like when you put your seatbelt on in the car before you drive off. There may be some intense energy.

Ground yourself and think about safety and consequences in all areas of life. Every action creates a reaction. Also, don’t overextend yourself. You may become tired and less conscious of simple everyday safety measures.

Some things need detailed attention. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You might look into some integrative movement practices like Yoga or Chi Gong. You can find some things on YouTube if you can’t find a class. Better yet, ask your higher self and angels to attract the perfect opportunity for your highest good.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is offering support on your healing path this month. Prepare your consciousness with meditations or spaces of time when you are in complete “nothingness”. Surender things you think you know, to allow new truths to become part of your conscious awareness.

Your Animal Guide
Eagle is offering to assist you this month. He says he will help you in creating a new flight plan. You can use this in any part of life that you would like assistance in changing the pattern or flow.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar will raise your vibration and assist in meditation.

 Taurus   Overview for July 2018
Wait until all is said and done before making a statement or judgment about a situation or you may get pulled into something you may regret. Observe and wait until all the facts are known. Keep your integrity and balance by not choosing sides.

Make a conscious choice to focus your thoughts and energy on gratitude. Remember that if you continuously look at what you don’t have, you will always be in a state of wanting more.

Try to think of it this way. When you come from a place of gratitude, the universe, and your higher self will attract more of the things that make you vibrate at a higher level. Believe it or not, it is easier to attract joy than it is to attract sorrow.

The energy of joy is light and is easily shifted into your personal life whereas suffering is heavy and dense. It may take a bit of work to release and move out the suffering, but it is possible.

You may be in a very difficult life situation, but you always have a choice in how you perceive and use this situation to your advantage. Your free will is something that belongs to you and can never be taken away without your permission.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha will move any obstacles inwardly as well as those outside of your control, to help you achieve all things that will bring you closer to goals. Call on Ganesha.

Your Animal Guide
A Lamb is stepping up to assist you this month. Purity and innocence will be an asset to you this month.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Diamond is pure light and very protective. It will also help you attract abundance.

Gemini   Overview for July 2018
You want what you want, and you want it right now! Sometimes you forget that the Universe knows what you need and is trying to help you get what you desire, but this can be difficult when you say one thing and mean another, or if you keep changing your mind. It is as if you are sitting in a restaurant and changing your order right after the chef starts preparing it and then has to start all over again.

Spirit suggests starting small and working toward the bigger stuff. The Universe offers you a partnership and the opportunity to ride in the passenger’s seat. You can take in the scenery and pay attention to the new directions. Notice some of the obstacles of the past moving out of your way so you may be able to lean into changes that are coming up.

Relationships seem karmic and perhaps prove to be a way of changing old patterns and ways of expressing what you have always believed them to be.
Someone’s behavior might take you by surprise, but then again, this could be an opportunity for you to recognize old patterns so you may find new ways of creating better bonds.

Your Light Being
Ganesha is pleased to be of service and offers to help you change some of the ideas that have created bumps in the road for you. You can call on Ganesha to walk ahead of you and clear your path. Always ask to passively (is possible) become aware of the lessons learned so you won’t fall into the same habits.

Your Animal Guide
What an interesting vision! I a Sea Gull come forward and landed on the back of a giant Sea Turtle who slowly but surely allows him to come along for the ride.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the month
Emerald will teach you patience.

 Cancer   Overview for July 2018
You have an opportunity to slow down and re-think your next move. All things may be up for consideration. Health, wealth, relationships, and careers. It is a good time to allow yourself the time to see the situation with new eyes in a softer more unattached way. What I mean by unattached is seeing it through the eyes of your soul and not your ego.

Allow but don’t push yourself too hard. It seems like your body and mind need a break and would respond well to doing some things that involve personal care. Start treating yourself like that beautiful son or daughter that you lavishly and freely offer what is best for their soul and spirit.

Loyalty is a theme throughout this month. Know that if you expect loyalty from others, including the Divine, you must be loyal. Don’t judge another by what they can do for you, but by who they are; and recognize your vibration will attract or repel people and life lessons based on your level. Your vibration is the product of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and lessons. You can raise your vibration whenever you choose.

Your Light Being
Archangel Chamuel will assist you in learning to love your body and to heal your entire essence.

Your Animal Guide
Firefly says you need to learn to work in rhythm with the ebbs and flow of your energy. Flow with your energy and not against it.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the month
Angelite will raise your vibration so you may get in touch with the higher realms of communication.

 Leo   Overview for July 2018
Some things may not work out as planned. Trust that this is a gift to allow you time to rehash some ideas and approach your goals differently.

Some of the most successful and wealthiest people may appear to have it all, but in truth, some of them are the most broken and miserable people in the world. Don’t allow your ego to make your choices. Well thought-out and planned action is usually the best course.

There is a possibility of big changes coming, and you can choose to do nothing and remain as you are or take a different path in which you become an active advocate for a new reason to get up out of bed each morning.

Change and responsibility aren’t always easy, but at the end of the day, you can be satisfied with your decision or allow the wind to blow you in whatever direction it chooses. It could be as simple as changing the way you perceive your life.

Your Light Being
Merlin is directing my consciousness to Mount Shasta in California. Not all of us can travel there in the physical world, but we can go into meditation and ride the waves on expanded consciousness to attend the Summit Meetings of the Ascended Masters. Expand and study with the masters in retreat to ask about reaching your full potential.

Your Animal Guide
A Hawk is flying in low to assist and offer direction as well as mental stimulation in seeing the direction that suits you best.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Cinnabar will increase your dignity and power.

 Virgo   Overview for July 2018
I believe the Major Arcana of the Tarot is all about the Fools Journey. It seems like we reach a certain place in our journey and start all over again, stepping off that cliff and expecting the Universe, The Divine, God or whoever you choose, to protect and guide us on our way.

You are once again at that crossroads in your life. I am not telling you to quit your job or throw all caution to the wind. I am only saying this is an opportunistic time to start over with something in your life. Some things may have become stale and lost their magic, but you now can try something new. Be careful what you wish for!

There is a possibility of positive news or good feedback from faithful friends or those who are supportive.

Make sure you take time out to get the proper rest that you need to move forward. The coming months feel charged with electrical energy, and you need to be well and present. Make sure you are well hydrated.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Metatron is coming forward to assist you in a big way. It is almost as if you are going through a re-birthing process and he is assisting you by offering support and wisdom. “Stay the course”, he tells you to remember that everything must be Spirit and Service based.

Your Animal Guide
A big Crow has arrived with a shiny gold ball in his beak. Expect a change and pay attention to omens and signs as this will affect your future.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Brown Tourmaline will help you clear your energy and stay grounded.

 Libra   Overview for July 2018
Wait for signs before you move into unchartered territory this month. You might have a wonderful feeling about something now, but the best course is to pull yourself back a bit and see where the universe takes you.

Right now, all is not what it seems. Sometimes it is ok to go with the intuitive but in this case, take a balanced approach. There are some things that you need to learn about as you move forward. Research is important.

I see a horseshoe. It seems to have a lot to do with a journey that you have been on that may have taken you on a path that is symbolic to the shape of a horseshoe. It brings you back to where you started. You gathered a lot of wisdom and perhaps some street smarts along the way.

Whatever your endeavor I am seeing that success that may come at a cost. The cost is hard work; you are no stranger to this idea. You have wonderful organizational skills working in your favor.

Your Light Being
Lord Maitreya is stepping forward to assist you this month. He brings joy and peace into your heart so you can sort out what is important to you without the drama sometimes created when we take ourselves too seriously.

Your Animal Guide
A Flying squirrel has come forward to assist you this month. They are playful but still get the job done. He says “whistle while you work”.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Black Calcite will help you release stress.

 Scorpio   Overview for July 2018
Slow down and allow the magic of the Divine to pull you into the universal stream of consciousness. We are all connected, and you will benefit from taking a step back and allowing yourself to observe this process.

You will be more connected than ever before. You may feel a bit awkward at first as your first inclination might be to push against circumstances. Surrender and allow this collective energy to sit in the driver's seat.

Spend some time having fun and relaxing. Outings with friends are always good. Entertaining at home might even be better as it seems like you might feel like spending some time enjoying your home. Perhaps working on some project or just chilling out a bit.

If you find yourself going from 0 to 60 on the anger scale, you know this is the time to take a break from any stressful activities if you can.

Your Light Being
The Christ Consciousness is available for you to tap into and learn by connecting and becoming “one.”
Your Animal Guide
A little Sparrow has come forward to remind you that your heart is opening and to be gentle with yourself. You will be back on track soon. You may not recognize it, but this is a time of great productivity.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Onyx will help relieve mental stress and help you ground and connect with Higher Self.

 Sagittarius   Overview for July 2018
Stay open to opportunities and possibilities. I see a vision of a beautiful warm wind blowing through your energy field and activating the forces of creativity. Be fearless and explore new ways of communicating and channeling your gifts.
Don’t let the disappointments of the past weigh you down. I see you dancing with your shadow side which may not always feel that great, but it can be healthy and productive. You have an opportunity to look past the mistakes you have made as well as some of the dark times you have experienced.

Pay close attention to the people who are in your life. They are your greatest teachers. Be aware of someone who could serve as a great mentor or help you in your emotional and spiritual growth.

Your Light Being
Michaelangelo is stepping forward to assist you in working through your shadow and bringing out the best version of yourself. Be brave and bold. Spend some time viewing his art as if you are in a meditation.

Your Animal Guide
A Red Rooster came forward to offer assistance and protection.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Brecciated Jasper will help ground you and bring emotional stability.

 Capricorn   Overview for July 2018
Know that no matter the outcome, your intentions will carry you through the Universe like a leaf in the wind. Seek that higher vibration in whatever you do and know that it will strike a cord that will vibrate through the universe.

Self-reflection is a wonderful tool. Take some time and recognize how much you have grown. That doesn’t always mean that life will always be easier, but when you know the basic principals of the Laws of The Universe, It will be easier to understand. You become empowered.

The Law of attraction will work nicely with your intentions.

Your Light Being
A beautiful Light Being who comes in with a multi-colored wave of light tells me she is the Rainbow Goddess Iris, and she will assist you in working with multifaceted energies and people from all walks of life.

Your Animal Guide
A Falcon has stepped forward to remind you there are many rhythms in life. Recognize them and use them to reach better results.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Orange Calcite will energize and cleanse your chakras.

 Aquarius   Overview for July 2018
Hold on tight because I see you on a roller coaster ride. The name “Odyssey” comes to mind. The Odyssey is a poem about a ten-year journey that a warrior took after the Trojan war.

Take a moment to search your mind about your journey over the past ten years. I see some of you putting this reflection into an art of some kind; written in stories or perhaps sharing this journey with another in hopes of helping them. Or perhaps you will write about this in your private journal.

Avoid overtaxing your self or working so hard that you burn out. Take some time to enjoy life and refresh yourself; this is a time for reflection and planning.

Your Light Being
Lord Metatron is looking out for you and is instrumental in changes that will be made apparent to you shortly. Ask for guidance.

Your Animal Guide
A Penguin has stepped up to remind you that you can have the best of both worlds. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month
Smoky Quartz will help you in meditation.

Pisces   Overview for July 2018
Remain passively optimistic about your world. You may feel like you are in a fog right now and unable to see your way through to the other side. Know this is a process.

Perhaps you may feel like you have been shaken to your core by some things that are out of your control. That is part of being human, and I applaud your sensitivity and ability to love.

You may feel like you are blocked in your ability to move forward or that all of your plans get shot down before you can get them off the ground.

Take a breather and don’t take anything personally.  Put plans on hold until you intuitively feel like it is time to proceed. Somehow, you may have forgotten to connect with your intuition or perhaps you are just tired. Rest and revive and don’t make any rash decisions right now.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada has stepped forward to bring you peace and compassion. She says that you will receive compassion through service and love for those who may be seen as unlovable by some people.

Your Animal Guide
 A Raccoon has come forward to remind you to stay curious.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper for the Month

Moonstone is a very intuitive stone that will help you in creating new ventures or a new path.

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