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Merlin Chronicles March 30,2011

Merlin Chronicles

March 30, 2011

I apologize for the long introduction before the channeling but I have been silent for a while and thought I should share a bit about the past few months.

Today is a good day to start channeling again! I have not done any written channeling in some time. I have done some private sessions which were personal and turned into meditations.  It has always seemed to me that meditations lose their flow when given in written form. There was also the possibility that I would stop writing channeled information permanently but there has been a change in my decision. I have had a rest and given myself an opportunity for self-growth and speculation.

 Some new possibilities have come to the surface. What if all of the knowledge and wisdom is actually within our cells, or DNA, our hearts? Just waiting to be tapped and called upon. Perhaps our own creativity and imagination is the key to expressing this in the form of channeling in the spoken word, sang, played as music, singing, drumming, through art, healing and story- telling and written word. It sure makes it more interesting doesn’t it? I had thoughts of giving up channeling Luvic, Daniel, Jesus, Peter, The 7 sisters and let us not forget Merlin. Actually, Luvic is the only one that I actually see.

Some channelers only channel Michael or St Germain.  People ask me who I channel.  I give my usual list. They seemed confused and I started to wonder if I was missing a stitch. I spent some time thinking about that this winter. I came to a conclusion.

I channel me…The I Am, That I Am.  I am all those keepers of wisdom of all the ages, as we all are. Some of us are just more intentional in tuning into whatever channel of “The Absolute” that seems to have the Headline of the week or season. The wisdom and answers are not “Out There.” I am the mystic. You are the mystic, and we are given the freedom to express the wisdom of “the One” in any form we choose. What a fabulous time to be alive!

I am still going to channel whatever Light Beings chose to express through me. And I will always keep an open mind and let the Creator choose the message. I also reserve the right to change my conclusion as I walk along my spiritual enlightenment and love.

My name is Kay Dragon. I am a Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Singer and a channel for messages from Wisdom Beings of The Light. Sometimes the information that I receive is not always part of my conscious belief system but I pass on the message just the same... Many times I am not consciously aware of the scope of the information and it seems beyond my own understanding. I do however find the messages enlightening and try to receive the information that I channel with an open mind and heart. Please understand that I am just a messenger passing on information given to me.

 Blessing, Kay

My Light Beings, Teachers and Masters

To those of you who are new to this channeling, Daniel has been my main guide in the past. He was always present and arrived immediately after his companion; a lion named Luvic appeared to me. I just began Channeling again after a season of rest. I saw Luvic as usually but did not feel Daniel. Perhaps he was there behind the scenes. It seems that some other Masters, Teachers and Light Beings wished to speak.

The New Light Beings Begin to Channel

Today we will speak from the Higher Planes of hieroglyphics. The works hold the language of the earth, the heart and the sky or heavens as some call them. This is actually all within your bodies. The heart remains the keys to all that is.

The mind was in control of many things for many years and generations but as the shift has occurred, the heart holds the key. This key will bring about many fluctuations and changes as you have noticed there have been many issues with Mother Earth and within man himself.

There will be cases of, let us say mistaken identity. Some one might think that they are a certain someone, but they are really not that someone at all. They are someone else in deed. There will be cases of Scientists politicians, people in higher authority that are already feeling the shift and feeling rather insane. Although they seem sane to those around them they feel insane within themselves as their ideas and visions are changing. Many of them are becoming what many of you call clairvoyant and are seeing the possibilities of the future generations and what must be.

There are certain groups that we have worked with a bit more consciously. In America this would be the Republican Party as those who have good hearts and minds were brought up with values of this countries freedom which was necessary when this party was initiated. Times have changed. So many people have come to The USA for refuge, for healing and help that there has to be some sort of socialization and closeness…an overlapping. People have been able to keep themselves separate in the past, exclusive from others and the feeling of “Oneness.” This is rather disturbing to them yet at the same time it is a warm close feeling that they are not accustom to. They are not accompanied to being so close to someone else’s heart. Especially when that other is someone thought of as “less than” who these people believe they are.

The US Secretary of State has done much in developing relationships with other countries as her heart has grown a great deal from the political experience as well as her personal life. She is invaluable to the world right now .Some people may think that she has her own agenda, she does not. She comes from a place completely of the heart now and of the people and the planet. She knows things that may take place and what needs to be done to correct this. Yes her husband is doing a bit of advising with her.

This is quite natural between a husband and wife is it not? True spiritually commissioned marriage is so much more then ego. Much bigger.  She also has the support and backing of many leaders. She is in the perfect position. This is where she is supposed to be.

The East coast of the North American continent.

 The darkness that was shown to Kay in previous channelings is radiation. We would suggest avoidance of seafood products especially coming from the East coast and also some of the rivers may be affected to a slight degree. More is happening then is being said by Government officials as they are trying not to panic people and is acceptable as some people would take foolish measures and do things that would not be helpful at this time

There is a group of people from America, Germany, Norway and Sweden that are working on some of these radiation issues and how to avoid it from spreading. Right now it is very difficult to completely stop that from happening.

There are going to be concerned citizens that are going to realize that these power plants are not that as beneficial as once believed. They are not safe by any terms, from Mother Nature. She has her own agenda and she will move as she pleases. No one, especially man has control of her.

She is very separated from the human life form. Her priority is herself, growing and healing as many women are learning now to be strong. This is not selfish. This is self-preservation. She needs to meet her own needs to keep her power to exist. She will feed the earth although the core is separated from the soil, rock and other elements that you are familiar with. The Elementals are more connected and have a better relationship with her and the movements in the planets. They communicate with her more effectively.

More issues will come. We see north towards Alaska, between Alaska and Russia. We see a wall of water in that area.

Jill asks “Like a tsunami?”

Answer… possibly but we have no real word for this. It is a large white wave coming across this area, in between the 2 countries. Watch the animals there. They will be effected and acknowledge. There will be people in those areas of Russia and those who live in the less populated areas of Alaska that have been bombarded with Government and HAARP.  

The ends of Russia have avoided this somewhat.  We see what would be a reflector of that energy. Perhaps a large dish that reflects that energy coming from HAARP. There are people that live in the Wilderness who will notice the changes. Some of these changes will be brought up on Social Network sites and internet. There will be talk of this. Whether it will reach you personally or not we don’t know. It will not affect this area (Colorado) physically but will be felt emotionally and in your hearts.

 The groups such as the “Mark” Group will see evidence and send energy involved in the grid that is monitoring this activity and try to keep this at a minimum. Yet they will not be interfering with the process that shall be. The I Am.

Conflicting Mental and Emotional Energy

We would like to speak of some of the people who you know who is feeling mentally off right now. They have been conditioned to mental activity and they are now aware that spiritual energies are shifting for them right now. Some of their mental functions are being pushed to the side in an unusual and uncomfortable way. This is causing varying amounts of confusion and in some cases chaos for these individuals and they don’t know how to read this. We would suggest a rest for these of activities involving  a great deal of thinking. We suggest involvement with earth activities including planting and connection with the earth and animals.  Avoid reading of any kind.  Focus on your own feelings.  Do heart centered meditations. Those who are very involved with mental activities, governed by their minds would do well to be involved in the ocean, the earth, children and animals at this time. Activities that are simple in nature. Simple yet powerful. The true nature of God comes through the simplicity and love of the earth’s creatures and the young humans.

You do know that humans are not indigenes to the earth? That is why with Mother Nature she does not support them. There is a Father and Mother. Mother being the Earth, Father defined as other energies that are within us and there is a delicate balance that has to be kept to increase longevity and that balance is tipped right now. The mind of man has gone far beyond, a bit quickly and the earth is reacting. She is not comfortably or pleased with this.

We are The Great White Brother hood.

Jill asks a question “How can we as mildly enlightened humans help humanity?”

Answer: First, by helping yourself individually. Meditate and connect to the God within yourself because you are God. Just as it says, we are all cells in the body of God. God is in every cell of you! Connecting with you on a daily basis and waiting for you to consciously connect and listen. No matter what the human condition. Even the drunk or drug addict on the street, God is within. No matter how you choose to live your life. The only negativity is your perception of activities and individual’s. How you label it.

First help yourself then work with the groups you are drawn to. It may be just a few people sometimes. Other times large groups just follow your intuition and inner voice as to what groups to attend and when. Follow in the Footsteps or imprints that will be laid before you. Close your eyes with intent and you will see them.

Jill has a question “Are we in the Shift?”

The Great White Brotherhood:

The shift is already happening if I were to show you a picture of what we see it would be of the round earth shifted downward and it is a shakeup in deed. It appears to be split in half with a tumbling effect.

The American Indians do know how to commune with the core Mother through drumming and through sound. The meditations and such that you do in groups are more of the father. Some of the Mother is brought in but mostly the father. You are sharing intelligent spiritual information and everyone having the human oneness.  This is good and we encourage you to continue this practice.

It is time to bring the Mother and The Father together in union, you may think of this as a marriage if you wish. This will take courage and dharma.

A New Way of Bringing the Planet to Oneness

 We would suggest bringing in the animals to the meditations.  Most groups have not done this effectively .They are starting to. We would ask you to do that more effectively by actually becoming that animal. Pick an animal, a different animal every meditation. Become the deer, the dog the mountain lion so you have a feel for what that animal is thinking and feeling. This will help get you closer to communicating with the core of Mother Earth as they are right in line with the ability to communicate with the way the earth is moving. As we said The Core Mother is not influenced or concerned with humans. This is also true of the music that you listen to. Listen to music often. Rhythm is important. Drumming to a heartbeat.

Jill has a question “the Aborigines native to Australia. They sing things into being. I have tried to sing my blessings.”

The Great White Brotherhood:

 This is perfect. This a powerful creating tool.

Jill has a question” I have heard that Mother Earth is leaving her position on the planet and that humans are going to have to take up this power. Is this true?”

The Great White Brotherhood:

  There would be some one section of channels that are from this dimension that are of different opinions and different Teachers. There is one group that would like to see this happen but Mother Earth is not just “giving it up”. She is very strong and powerful. This is her home, her body and physical presence. Humans are the ones who came here that are not native to this planet. She graciously accepted guests in her home. So we would say from our point of view, she will not give her position up.

Let us check with her….

Even the mention of this does not please her. She shows us molten blue liquid spewing from her center.

There would be some who would like to claim this power and we would suggest that perhaps you use discrimination when listening to this person or channel of information. It is more like a …. Corporate Take Over type of attitude. We don’t know who this is as they are not in line with our ways and what we know.

Bring Harmony and Peace to Your Being

Spring and summer will be a great time to take a trip. The winter was harsh. There was not much bad weather outside but many storms inside of humanity.

We are seeing a lot of bright blue this year. Blue stones, clothes… Not a light blue but a bright blue bringing in a new ray. Before it was purple, then violet which is all wonderful and needed but now it is time for new wave of energy.

Many people believe that purple ray is higher than the blue ray. In some ways, this is correct but the blue ray is particularly potent in manifestation. The purple and violet ray was needed for the spiritual cleansing to prepare the way for this powerful ray otherwise even more chaos would have been brought into the physical. There will not be anyone connected with that ray who is not ready for it yet as it can be very potent.

 I thank you all,

Love and Blessings


Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional or financial conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

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