Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Merlin Chronicles Personal Revelations and messages from the Masters

Personal Revelations and messages from the Masters  1/7/14          By Kay 

The past couple weeks I have been thinking about my father. He passed many years ago but these days I find myself missing him more than ever. As I was walking my dog yesterday I started asking the Creator and my guides for answers to this feeling of longing as well as the feelings of unidentified fear that seem to surround these thoughts. As always, the answers came.

We really didn’t have a very close relationship and as I think back to my earliest memories I began to touch on how I felt emotionally. He was absent most of the time. His job required constant travel. He would leave early Monday morning and come home late friday night after my sister and I had gone to sleep. We would wake up and on the night stand would be a new plastic horse, a box of malted milk balls and a fifty cent piece for each of us.

Saturday morning he would go to his office and sometimes take us with him and after he would take us horseback riding. Saturday night Mom and Dad would go bowling and have a few drinks which would usually end a screaming match and slamming doors when they got home. Sunday was his time to do household chores watch football or play golf. Monday morning he was gone again.

As I got older our relationship went from bad to worse especially after he and Mom divorced and he had a new family and step daughter that he seemed to be quite taken with. She did all of the right things and I did all of the wrong things. He was a very successful self-made man and this new family seemed to fit his image of what his personal life should look like. His love and rewards were very conditional, restrictive and came at a price.

I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to come to the conclusion that I never felt safe, never felt cherished or unconditionally loved. I forgive my father as I realize that he came from a different generation and WWII had affected him in ways that I will never understand. Dad was also a functional alcoholic so I was never quite sure who I was dealing with. These were the days of the 3 martini lunches over business deals. He was very private with his memories of war and never shared them with me or my sister.

I finally realize that I am not grieving the death of my father as much as the lack of the supportive, loving and generous male influence in my life. Perhaps these unresolved issues have ruled many aspects of my life and hindered my acceptance of opportunities for successful relationships, prosperity, success and feelings of safety in the world I live in.

 I am resolved to continue exploring the aspects of this relationship and clearing a path to a fulfilling and rewarding life. I wonder if others are feeling this need to move out the old oppressive emotions and move forward. I have always felt like this during the new year but not with the feelings of urgency that My higher self and guidance is pushing me into at this point in my life.

This channeling From Saint Germain and The Brother hood of the legion of light

As you allow these issue to come forward you will feel a deep cleansing in your body mind and spirit. Your soul has come forward in answer to your prayer and your willingness to release these emotional blockages and move forward. Your soul has asked for the re-uniting of the male principle within your higher purpose and in your willingness to serve.

We ask all of you who have had similar experiences to come forwards and assist those new children of the light in knowing the true Universal Divine Father as he really is and not as humanity has taken on this misconception and confused it with ego, fear and miss-use of paternal power.

You don’t need to be a sage or world re-noun author to teach these new as well as the older children of light. The most powerful of you are everyday workers, teachers, parents, aunts, uncles and people just living life. You are the most important don’t you see?

  You must also personally experience and resolve these issues within yourself and sometimes you can do this by assisting others in revealing and accepting the useful information in whatever form you chose. You can be partners on this journey.

I would implore you to pray and ask for guidance in your quest to bring your individual light into service as this year is a powerful year for clearing the darkness and revealing the shadow.

Perhaps your shadow may not be a shadow at all but a misguided perception of who you think you should be. Actions of the past do not dictate who you are or who you have the right to be. This is a time for resolution and forgiveness.

Go into meditation weather sitting or walking and ask for your part in the play to be revealed and it shall be so.
Blessings to you

Friday, January 3, 2014

Merlin Scopes January 2014   By  Kay
Wishing you and yours a happy New year!

You have allowed worry to take up way too much room in your life and consume too much of your thinking mind and power this past year. Fortunately it is relatively easy to take the first step in reversing this process and in resurrecting simple truths even if you have left them behind or believed them long forgotten. Your intentions are the source that fuels your mind. Keep them positive and your thoughts will be also. Otherwise negative thoughts or worries can keep you in this arduous position. You have heard it before but until you are ready to raise your glass and give it up to a higher power, the results will remain the same.
Let go, love, and prepare for the future by laying the proper foundation of positive thoughts and words
Your assignment is to get a small notebook and keep it with you all day. Make a mark in this book every time a fearful or negative thought occurs and make a short note of its content. At the end of the day, go over these words and make corrections that are positive and up lifting. Say them out loud and see how this raises your vibration and that of those around you.
 This is the perfect time to let go of guilt or feelings of blame you may be harboring. Let your grip loosen and declare that you are starting a new pathway to a brighter future!
Doing this exercise once a week will move mountains. Expect some challenging thoughts to arise and one by one, dismiss them as they come to the surface of your consciousness.
Your Light Being
 Simon Zealot will assist you in remembering your intentions for the pure, simple and beautiful things that so easily fall away from your consciousness when your mind is consumed with money issues and feelings of lack.
Your Animal Guide
The Parrot will help you in finding new ways to revive something from your past. Listen and learn from others.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
 <p> Spinel of any color will assist you in grounding and renewal.</p>

Take your mind off of your own troubles by giving your energy to activities with higher vibrations. You can do this through many avenues including prayer, meditation, creative arts, assisting the homeless or those needing help, or spending time with pets.
You may wonder how spending time with pets fits into this picture. When you spend time with a pet, you are in the presence of loving energy unlike that of any other. It is plain, simple, honest and has the highest potential of unconditional love unlike that of human to human contact.
Feelings of helplessness that have plagued you off and on over the past few months will begin to diminish as you ask the Divine for help through your higher self.
<p>Help may come through many sources and arrive just as you were ready to give up. Sometimes giving up and surrendering is exactly what you need. It can be the key to the door that you have tried unsuccessfully to open for so long. You can kick it, bang your head on it, will it to open to no avail and just as you turn to walk away you may look on the ground and see the key or know the solution.
This is a time to open yourself up to new opportunities and ways of doing things. The old ways just aren’t working and it is time to step up to the plate. Search your inner self for the many talents, and gifts which you have not utilized or seemed to move forward with previously. Try a new way.  It is time to make peace with the past and start recognizing what you bring to the table instead of focusing on what you believe you lack. Ask the Universe for opportunities!
Your Light Being
Saint Germain will help you balance your power and clear any fear. This includes fears and worries belonging to past incarnations, the collective of mass consciousness or fears stemming from past experience or current beliefs. Call upon him often.
Your Animal Guide
Ant will help you remember and recognize the simple truth in life and reveal those who are not working for the good of the whole. This law for success must be followed and is not negotiable.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Selenite will anchor in Angelic contact and will help you with judgment and intuitive clarity.

Try not to rush into anything this month. Further investigation will bring up more questions that need to be addressed before you move forward with a project or a relationship. Timing is everything!
You have been working hard. Hard enough to deserve a time out to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This may mean just a peaceful night with your partner or a night out on the town. Let someone else drive for a change, if you know what I mean.
This is the time to shake off any energy, experiences or emotions you have collected over the past year. There may be someone who is feeling a bit envious or jealous. Remember that Jealousy is a very human emotion and natural. Send love and light; and release as you step into new creative ideas and activities.
Health is also an important issue right now. You must take care of yourself so you can care for others. Listen to experts but always make health decisions based on your internal source of guidance. Don’t just blindly follow others. Ask questions.
You are highly intuitive and always quick to give others a hand when needed. Give yourself a pat on the back as sometimes you may not feel gratitude or recognition coming from those closest to you.
 It is good to remind yourself that you do things out of service and will receive thanks and reward from the Universe and the Divine in ways that will be revealed to you a bit farther down the road. But know that your deeds, prayers and concerns for others have not gone unnoticed. The one who sits in the seat of your soul sees all and never forgets
Your Light Being
Moses will help you understand the powerful Divine plan. This could begin a new course of study for you
Your Animal Guide
The Flicker (of the Woodpecker family) will prepare you for creativity, new love and healing
Your Stone or Mineral helper
<p> Fuchsite will help you resist the urge to fall into the role of the savior who tends to rescue people. It will help you be of service without enabling dysfunctional behavior.

Every time you find yourself falling back into negative thinking, remove yourself from the current situation and put your attention elsewhere. Try losing yourself in a mystery novel or in a movie or in nature where you can release a lot of the everyday tension and absorb the beauty of fresh air and all things as Mother Earth intended.
Electrical currents seem to be causing some discomfort and nervous energy that may affect you’re your nervous system. A relaxing bath of sea salt, baking soda and Epsom salts will assist in releasing the toxins and removing emotional energy blocks. This will also help get you back in touch with your body and with physical enjoyment. This will be most effective right before you go to sleep.
Sometimes you find it difficult to accept presents, favors and invitations from others.  This may be a manifestation of a desire to control people or situations. At this time you are being encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to receiving.  Just say “yes” and “thank you” like the Universe is listening.
This is a good time to realize that even a small change in your behavior or response can rearrange the pieces of your life and move you in a new and positive direction. The “larger you” knows this but the” little you” still wants to call the shots and have things the way you think they should be
Ask yourself this question. “What if it everything could turn out even more incredible if I just let go of the reins once in a while?” Watch as things fall into place like a beautiful symphony.
Your Light Being
Paramahansa Yogananda will teach you the true meaning of humility and to be humble in your acceptance and recognition of the beauty and power of the Divine. To put it simply, “let go and let God”.
Your Animal Guide
Deer is loving and majestic, Deer will show you how to move the mountains that seem to block your path with gentle persuasion and love.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Muscovite will help eliminate stress and tension and will help open your heart chakra

You’ve had a very exciting year! Endings and new beginnings have been the theme echoing throughout your everyday life. Your patience has been tested, and your faith still remains strong. This is not to say that there have not been moments of fear and despair
This month you can begin working on projects that have been a long time coming.  At times it seemed as if these opportunities would never come, but here there are.
You are still a bit unsure but you have come so far in your faith and been dedicated to making your intentions manifest into your reality. It has been a long uphill road, but now you can come down the other side of the mountain with all of the momentum you have gathered and use this to glide into the New Year.
Always remember you will remain in the spotlight as others are noticing your charismatic energy and curious about your way of doing things. Remember you are a role model for those around you and you have the star power to be the leader of any project you decide to take on. Therefore, you are being encouraged to handle yourself with grace and integrity. Remain conscious of your thoughts and words and don’t be afraid to pause before speaking. This will help you avoid letting words automatically come out of your mouth that may not be consistent with your real message and intention.
Pay attention to your dreams and flashes of intuition. They could assist you and others.  Pray for those who don’t know that they need prayers this month. Be a covert spiritual warrior for them and the world. After all, look how powerfully your prayers for yourself have manifested. It is only fitting that you should share this gift.
Your Light Being
White Buffalo Calf Woman will assist you in your prayers for yourself and others. The keys are to stay in gratitude and a willingness to be of service.
Your Animal Guide
Buffalo will help you with prayers for abundance, peace and plenty for all.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Garnet will provide stamina and passion.

This is a very powerful time of manifestation for you. In the past, your dreams of transformation have been dramatic and detailed. You are being asked to keep it on the lighter side this month. Not saying that you shouldn’t wish for big things and changes; but rather you are being encouraged to put your energy behind believing and acting as if these things are already part of your life.</p>
In your wish list you may want to name those items you have already manifested. For example, “I am grateful for __________ and for ________in my life; and my gratitude is overflowing.  I send prayers of healing and ask for peace, true love, and prosperity for all beings on the planet, in alignment with the greatest good.” It only takes one second of truly feeling this “knowing” in your emotional body to make this a truth. It is a feeling of… “All is well so I may give to others”. The faith the size of a mustard seed, my love, is all it takes.
You have the opportunity to step into and own your power. Listen to the feelings and desires of your heart and do not let another’s overshadow your own. Do not sell your treasures so cheaply to those who only use them as tools to manipulate you and others.
We give you the courage to heal the tremendous pain you have carried for many years. This can be a time to lift the weight from your shoulders and invite others into your life to share this powerful shift in consciousness with you. You have protected your heart for so long and now is the time to begin to unravel the layers of armor surrounding it.
\ Talk to me often in meditation, prayer and through written petitions. Listen for instructions and I will guide you to ways to unfold this healing process and bring about the change that you have come to accomplish in this lifetime.
Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ and I bring with me the Holy Spirit in all of my blazing glory. I am That I am, and within is the key.
Your Animal Guide
The dove brings a branch of peace and the possibility of new love. This is a renewal of the spirit. Call on dove and you shall feel love.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Rutilated Quartz will help break through the blocks that hinder your ability to give and receive love.  It assists in releasing and is good for channeling.

Take time to rest and recover in-between activities and social events. Your body needs time to process the information that seems to be coming to you from the feminine side of your cranial cortex. This might be tipping the balance on your delicate Libra scale.
It’s possible this could result in unusual physical symptoms that could keep some people running to the doctor only to find that nothing is seriously wrong. I would never suggest that you refuse medical care.  If you feel the need to check something out, please do. l
 Rest and relaxation can do a lot to ease many of the symptoms. This could be eye problems, issues with the jaw, hip and leg, or lower back problems. It might include a bit of a tremor. Putting yourself on the receiving end of massage and energy work will also help a great deal to bring you back to center. This may be a time when you need to ask for help from a practitioner or Chiropractor to put yourself back in balance and alignment.
Do your best to avoid negative or overwhelming crowds of people right now. You are very sensitive and may lose yourself in the needs of others. Pick and choose only the activities of the highest vibration; your time and energy are valuable.  There is something or someone new right around the corner.
 It is a time of moving out of some of the old patterns and activities that served you and others in the past. Financially and energetically this could be the beginning of doing less and gaining more. It is all part of the karmic balancing that is happening in your life right now.
Your Light Being
Lady Liberty will assist you in balancing the scales and bring to light the choices that must be made in order to find your balance. She is strong yet compassionate. Ask for her assistance.
Your Animal Guide
Cheetah will help you remain flexible and open to new opportunities. It can also help you maneuver at great speeds when opportunities arise.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Jade will bring harmony, open your heart chakra, and attract all good things.

Try to leave past thoughts of your mistakes and missed opportunities behind. It is time to step up and look at yourself and possibilities from a different perspective.
What is needed now is to work with the under-developed part of the ego in a productive way. Make a conscious effort to identify and separate the small part of the ego that is critical and unforgiving of yourself and others. You already know that others are mirrors. If you see others in an imperfect light this will be reflected upon you. This also works both ways as you may see the imperfection in yourself and project that onto others. This can become a never ending cycle that seems impossible to stop.
Might I suggest throwing a wrench into the mix by being brave and stepping out of the shadows and back into the spotlight. You can do this without ruffling any feathers. Just be your true authentic self and the places and people that harmonize with this vibration will be attracted to you.
This is a perfect time to partner with other people on creative projects and this will be effective as long as you come from the larger Divine self and give the ego some other task to focus on. Make an effort to check in with both every day. This does not mean that the ego and Divine self are divided, as all is one. The ego is just your individual life experiences and expression of the whole. Try to be more compassionate with the ego and see how this will shift things in your life. You can think of the Ego as your inner child, if that helps, and spend a minute or two giving undivided unconditional love to the child every day.
Your Light Being
Mother Mary, Queen of Compassion will help you in being compassionate towards yourself. To be critical and conditional with love to your self is to be unloving and restrictive with the love of the whole. Call on her.
Your Animal Guide
Crow will help you look into the shadow side of your being and embrace it. Crow will also show you your authentic self, not the self that is dictated by a society in this manmade world.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Iron pyrite will energize and protect you as well as showing you the wizard behind the curtain. It will also promote confidence and self-worth.

The Universe awaits the opportunity to bestow gifts of healing, love and prosperity. It is a matter of spiritual law. But you may need to get out of your own way. This may require you to cut back on making snap judgments and care for yourself in loving and healing ways. Have you been feeling like others are given material comforts and attention and somehow you were sold short?  If so, you may be missing the point and working harder and harder to please others as a way of seeking the comfort and attention you crave.
This is a time to reflect on your relationships. Consider whether or not you spend time and energy with people who are unable or unwilling to support your highest good. Do they reinforce or negate your belief you are worthy and deserving of all good things? It is time to take a long look at the people closest to you. Though they may have some redeeming qualities, are you still feeling a void?
You can make a major shift in your life and receive a huge outpouring of love, prosperity and opportunity at this time by making some adjustments in your relationships. It will require a bit of soul searching on your part. Meditate on each person and circumstance. You no longer need to hold onto other’s ideas or opinions that are not consistent with your true being. You can also release any negative emotions associated with these people, circumstances or relationships as well. See each person or circumstance that needs to be transformed or released, as a balloon you are holding in your hand. Begin to release them one by one.
Remember you chose to come into this world to learn this spiritual truth; and these circumstances may have been part of the plan. The truth is plain and simple and requires only you love yourself. Many others may love you too, but the true reflection and payoff from the Divine will pour on you continuously when you let go of the idea that you must suffer the opinions of other people instead of honoring the truth of the one who is the giver of all things.
Get lots of rest which will help protect you from the negative effects of stress and specifically respiratory problems. There is some good news coming in the employment area if you are open to making some changes and are ready to take on bigger responsibilities
Your Light Being
El Morya will assist you in learning to expand your knowledge and ability to receive blessings through Divine law.
Your Animal Guide
Cheetah will teach you to be open and receptive to new opportunities; and can assist you in changing your perception and expectations.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Aragonite will help you stay grounded.
Take the vision you have before you and make a few changes in the picture that you have created. Leave a little room for the unknown. You can call it “The Serendipity Room.” This is the space for unexpected windfalls and opportunities of chance. You have done so much work on many levels and built walls around your expectations to preserve the integrity of your dreams and ideals. The only thing missing is the room for the divine to come in and open new doors and avenues that you have not thought of.
In the past, your ability to control some situations has served you and perhaps even protected you at times. I see a slight turn on your path that will require the ability to bend and fearlessly allow others to lead on occasion. This has been a difficult concept for you in the past, as you may not have had the easiest childhood and had to depend on yourself to learn the ways of the world.
you may have noticed that this idea of control has become a bit exhausting and left you feeling like you are spinning your wheels. I am suggesting that you would benefit from asking the Divine for assistance and gracefully accept it by getting out of the way.</p>
Spend more time thinking about how your thoughts and plans for the future could be expanded spiritually and feel more satisfying. Trust your intuitive process. Make decisions from your heart with the intention of being for the highest good of all concerned.
Patience is not one of your priorities; but this month practicing it could do so much to help you actually see the Universe at work.
Your Light Being
Saint Germain will help you transmute some of the energies that seem to be blocking your inner process on your path to personal and collective growth.
Your Animal Guide
Rabbit stands frozen when it is in a fearful situation. It can help you stop ineffective patterns from the past; and assist you to evaluate your next move using your intuition and nature.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Moldavite will clear blockages and connect you to the Ascended Masters.

As your birthday approaches there seems to be some unrest and anticipation that something is going to change in your life. You may choose to turn your back on a situation that has been beneficial to you previously, but that has simply played itself out.
I am being shown a picture of you sitting on a beach next to a large body of water with the salty air flowing through your hair and energetic body. This is a time to dream of creative projects and use some of the life experiences that you have encountered in a productive way. Not just to air your own feelings, but in a way that will assist others on their path. Think of the greater good here. You are being called upon to step up to the plate and take a new approach to old feelings in relationships. It is time to cut the cords and use this in a productive way.
Love is an ordinary emotion that sometimes becomes much more dramatic than it needs to be. If one is harboring guilt or angry emotions and holds on to these concepts for years, would you not consider this to be a waste of the life experience? I suggest taking these emotions and repetitive thoughts and releasing them to the ocean to wash away and leave you ready to make new triumphs and mistakes. That is what this experience is about. Consider it on-the-job training.
Prepare for new experiences; and release past expectations. Your new love may not be what you expect at all. It may be a relationship with the divine, perhaps with art or with music.
Your Light Being
 Archangel Gabriel will cut through all of the blocked energy and red tape.
Your Animal Guide
Raccoon is curious and resourceful. This will help you remain conscious to new experiences.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
A time linked shaped Crystal. It is also called an activator that will help you see the past or the future to assist you in making changes on your path.

This can be a fulfilling month for you. There is magic in the air and you know how to maneuver the universal energy. Once you see the pattern and how to step into your position as co-creator, you will be able to be where you are supposed to be, and exactly when you are supposed to be there.
There is a bit of preparation on this journey. You may be harboring some thought of self-deprecation and guilt that may be holding you hostage. Make a list of these feeling of guilt and reasons why you would not deserve only the best that a Son/Daughter of God should have .
 Write a letter to these feelings and thoughts.  Call it a Dear John letter if you like. This is a name for a letter that women used to write to men that explained why they needed to move on to a new relationship.
 Then proceed to explain to this memory or emotion how it made you feel in the beginning and served you and why you have the need to move on. Write this just as you would to a lover as you have clung to this notion as you would a lover. It did fulfill a purpose. It filled a void, as you lacked a better and more socially acceptable emotion to put in its place so this one seem to be the most acceptable.
This emotion and belief also kept you safe from venturing out and perhaps making the same mistake over again. Know that you are safe in the loving arms of the Creator and trust that all is well.
Your Light Being
Master Kuthumi will assist you in freeing yourself of all that troubles you and introduce you to more productive ways of thinking.
\Your Animal Guide
Dragonfly will help you make transformations.
Your Stone or Mineral helper
Larimar will help you adjust and harmonize with new vibrations that you have shifted into place.

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