Thursday, December 2, 2021

Merlin Scopes December 2021 …….  By Kay

This is my first post in more than 12 months. It has been a tough year. I have been dealing with cancer. Chemo and radiation at the same time and a simple procedure that caused me to code on the table as I went into cardiac arrest. I don't remember a thing about it.

First I had surgery and then less than two weeks after I got home my beloved dog Gaia dropped dead in front of me. I am still and will always be heartbroken.

I haven't been singing but I am learning how to breathe and use my voice again. I feel like I am making progress.

Finances have been interesting but I still have a roof over my head and food in my belly so all is well.

Enough of me! I hope you are all doing well and here are the scopes for  December 2021

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Be well and be safe my friends!



The end of the year is a good time to release any feelings of not being enough. You are more than enough and I see the possibility of someone coming into your life who will support you in some way.

I see a new awareness coming to the surface that will make you more aware of your intuition or knowing when it comes to making changes and preparing for manifestations that you have worked on in the past. Don’t second guess yourself and go with the flow.


Make efforts to stay in a positive frame of mind. I know that this might be a big ask in these difficult times. You might need to go to meditation or some kind of event that pulls you into a higher vibration.

Remember that the higher your vibration is, the more accurate your intuition will be on a daily basis.

There could be good news as it seems that some circumstances have changed leaving you in a better position to succeed. Sometimes change doesn’t feel great but know that this must take place to make room for your highest good.


I see your manifestations coming to fruition. Actually, I see you laughing because some of the opportunities or positive circumstances are raining down on you like cats and dogs. Keep your intentions pure and don’t attach any emotions to the outcome.

Make wise choices using your experience and knowledge. In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Pay close attention to your health this month and don’t push beyond your limits. Listen to your body!


The message that I am getting for you this month is to slow down. I know it is the season to be jolly but make sure you take a few steps back so you have time to re-charge. Also, beware of obsessive thoughts and worries. They rob you of the wonderful connection that you have with the Divine.

I see you surrounded by good people. People who get you. You are in the process of creating a harmonious new beginning in your life. See the joy in all that is around you!


Stay in the moment. When you find your thoughts focusing on the future or reminiscing about the past because the present is too uncomfortable, bring yourself back to the center. Perhaps your career or a relationship has been difficult and you seek an escape. Instead of going there in your mind, we encourage you to get involved in something creative or artistic.

You can most certainly take well-thought-out steps forward toward your goals but once you have planted the seed there is no need to hover over it waiting for it to reach maturity. Trust, have faith and know that the results will bear fruit when the time is right.


Virgo, stop being so critical of yourself. Yes, mistakes happen but chastising yourself will not change the circumstances and could, perhaps attract more opportunities to make mistakes. I call them opportunities because mistakes allow us to see the errors correct them. They are not meant to punish.

You may be involved in some sort of situation that will affect your finances and or personal life. Be diligent and don’t assume you know all of the answers and listen carefully to all prospects and possibilities. Sometimes our minds shut down and refuse to hear the truth of a situation if it is not what we believe or want to hear. Don’t be seduced by wishful thinking or empty promises. Be still, be quiet and listen to your intuition as well as logic.




 Perhaps enhancing your well-being has been a priority over the past few months. It is time to sort the wheat from the shaft. Keep what serves you and release that which no longer serves a positive purpose in your life. Always consult your personal Physician concerning any changes or suggestions.

You may be experiencing a power struggle about control issues. This could play out in many ways as you are all of individual personalities and life experiences. Perhaps you have a need to always feel in control or maybe you have fears concerning others controlling you. Release your fears and allow others the gift of helping you. Rest, relax and be at peace with your ego.

I see you right on the edge of some new opportunities. Allow the light within to serve as your support and know that it will attract what you need and perhaps a few surprises.


Cross your t’s and dot your eyes. Make sure that you read the fine print on any contracts or before agreeing to be involved in any projects. Focus on tying up the loose ends. Ignoring this could be the cause of some swirl of chaotic energy or situations. But in the whole scheme of things, even the chaos has a purpose.  You may use this as an opportunity to clear a path that will guide you to greater fulfillment and make room for positive outcomes.

This is a good time to let your intentions be known if you are trying to manifest a new project or perhaps a relationship. Send your intentions out to the Universe, your angels, and guides.  I hear the words new beginnings!


I think we have all met that person who automatically gives us an overwhelming feeling of connection, Déjà vu? Sometimes this makes your head spin. This feeling is not always followed by good intentions or happy outcomes. Sometimes this can be a warning from spirit to back away. This doesn’t always relate to people but also situations. The lyrics from a “Who” song that says We won’t be fooled again come forward. Be mindful.

Speaking of being mindful, your guidance this month invites you to meditate and remain neutral to those things happening around you. Your mind and spirit really do need some well-earned rest. I also see that if you stop trying so hard that some of the things you have been desperately working toward will gracefully drift your way. Let go and receive.


You might be able to improve your living experience through further education. You could be interested in taking some class or perhaps learning through the school of hard knocks. You have always had to work hard for what you earn but you have the strength and fortitude and this month some of those talents could pay off for you.

You have so many gifts and skills but one thing you might need to work on is your desire to deliver others from their difficult circumstances. By doing this you rob them of much-needed growth that we all need to survive and succeed in this physical world. Focus on your own circumstances because you are the only person you can change.


Healing is paramount this month and leaving the past behind is the first step. You may choose to rid yourself of some of the things that you have accumulated in the past that are gathering dust.

Another part of healing is taking a look at some of the emotional trauma that you are carrying. Some of this may not even be yours because sometimes you seem to attract damaged people or those who are in need of help. Helping others is always a good thing but being needed is not the same as being loved. You could take this desire to help others to a higher octave and become an example of positivity by showing others how you have helped yourself.


Some of you have recently stepped into a new situation, relationship, or environment. You may be wondering what is next. Have faith and know that you made the choice for a good reason that just hasn’t been revealed to you yet.

I can see some imbalance in the area of relationships. Including work and personal. Perhaps you feel like you are at a point of impasse.

Let go of your need to be right. Spirit shows me a vision of an old washing machine with a load of laundry that is off balance.  The washer and the laundry take on a life of their own and walk across the floor. At this point, it is no longer about, how are we going to clean the laundry. It has become a power struggle that no one can win. Pause, emotionally step out of the situation and assess what needs to happen next.

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