Thursday, May 9, 2013

MerlinScopes for May 2013

Hello my friends,
 I am so happy to bring you the new channeled messages from the Spiritual Teachers and Guide. They want nothing more than to assist humanity, the planet to heal and aspire to greater things. All of the MerlinScopes are channeled.The energies and consciousness of this planet are evolving more every day.If you listen to the news it seems as if the opposite is true. Remember that these things are being brought to your attention because they are being brought to the light. Your prayers, intentions and actions can absolutely make a difference. We are not alone in this quest for world healing and expansion of love. You need only ask for help from The Divine and the teachers who are there working on our behalf.  Enjoy the scopes!

Justin from The Shining Lotus asked me if I would be interested in reading a book to review a few weeks back titled The Dragon’s Harp by Rachael Pruitt. I am the author of a channeled blog called The Merlin Chronicles and he had a hunch that this might be something that I would find entertaining. Well, his hunch was right. I started reading it right before a scheduled eye surgery which put me in a face down position and limited my time spent reading. I was so enthralled with this book that I also ordered it on Kindle so it could be read to me by that annoying little computer voice. It is a wonderful fantasy book about the younger years of Guinevere and her relationship and journey with her own magical roots and her relationship with Merlin. Rachael Pruitt gives a pure detailed description of Guinevere and the other characters that opens the readers imagination to so many possibilities. She fills in the gaps of the story of the younger years and development of this Queen’s role in the Arthurian Legend. I am anxiously waiting to pick up where the story left off and see where the next book takes these characters.

MerlinScopes                        May 2013     by Kay

Aries…The perfect proportion of love and support can make you believe that you can do anything. You only need to look around you in the places that you are least likely to look.  These may not be the places that you have been focusing on but none the less, here they are. Right in front of you. If you are going to begin something new this month make sure that you have all of the facts and supporting documents in order before you proceed. There is a gift in the air that is beckoning you to stretch yourself beyond your usual scope of action. This is an opportunity to show the world and especially yourself that you are ready to accept responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others. You are finally coming to a fork in the road where you can choose to leave all of the past associations, thoughts and behaviors and finally recognize the path to a higher and brighter state of consciousness. Your motives have shifted in a positive way and your guides and teachers of the spiritual and material realms support this new found awakening that has surfaced. Time to slow down those wandering happy feet for a while and put forth the intention to build something.
The answers you seek are in your daily living and if you start paying attention to rhythm and harmonies in nature as well as anywhere you happen to be. This may even be someone talking in the grocery store or that angel that appears out of nowhere directing you to drive or walk in a different direction for some unknown reason you know that this is something you need to do. Surrendering to blind faith has been difficult for you but you are finally getting the message that if your intentions are of the highest so shall the support offered to you.
 Your May Animal Guide…I asked what animal could be most helpful to you this month and Master Lady Nada said the squirrel. She says that this is to remind you to respect the Father and Mother principles. Respect the seasons and use what the earth has made available to you in the place that you live. Use your energies and supplies wisely. Never try to carry more than you need lest you be taken down by a predator or other conditions because of an obsession with what you try to hold on to.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…The law of attraction state that you will attract the same energies and basic values as you have within yourself. Rekindle, refine and shine the things that you love doing or just being. Like Gandhi said “Be the Change that you want to create in the world” Be the interesting, engaging and fun person that you want in your life.
Your stone or mineral helper… This month is Azurite, Malachite. Great for meditation, cleansing old worn-out beliefs. You can do some research on the qualities of this wonderful stone or just hold or wear it and allow yourself to recognize the delicious shifts in your being
Your numbers … 1, 26, 14 and 32. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color… Golden with a touch of ruby red.

Taurus…Family and friends make this a month to remember. There is so much happening on inner levels right now that you find it a bit challenging to articulate what you are thinking and feeling. You are emotionally tender right now and very intuitive. You only wish that this intuitive sensitivity came with good news as you are very in tune with the feminine  shadow side collective consciousness right now which is experiencing a great deal of sorrow especially in the areas of women, family and children. You wish you could take all of the pain and suffering and put it in a big pink cloud and release it to the heavens never to return. Well you can and this is what we are asking you to do.
Make an intention in your heart and ask your Guides, The souls of those suffering and the Divine to assist you in this task. Be sure to include all of your sorrow for the world including concerns of your own family who may be experiencing illnesses and discord that leave children in a vulnerable and emotional sacrificial state. Make an intention to put all of this into the pink cloud and ask your angels guides and Archangel Raphael to do what they will with this energy.
 Release your responsibility of this energy. You are among those in your group who has been chosen to assist the earth and humanity to release and lighten the consciousness of the planet. This is why you are so emotionally raw and sensitive at this time. This is your birth month and this is your gift to humanity. How beautiful is this?
Your May Animal Guide…The crow. The crow is all about the shadow, transformation and alchemy. Ask the crow for help with this great task. This message comes from Merlin
In Matters of Love and Relationships…Don’t let yourself be caught in a trap of repetitive behaviors in a relationship that only leads to familiar unhealthy types of interdependent interactions. This places limits on you and others. Individual soul growth that comes from social relationships can only be acquired on planet Earth. Don’t waste your valuable time here. Don’t accommodate another’s dependency on thoughts and behaviors that create only more drama.
Your stone or mineral helper… The Aperture Quartz Crystal. This is a Seer Stone to help you see the memory of the Divine intention of what the world will be.
Your numbers … 22, 44, 17 and 93. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color…Azure Blue

Gemini…There is so much to get done this month. There is a lot of chatter going on in your head concerning how much you are going to spend, how much money you will need and your plans to get it. This is all well and good as you really feel as if you need something mundane to focus on to keep you grounded and connected to planet earth. You have a lot of these things to consider right now. With your own ingenuity there is no doubt that you will find exactly what you need. Take time to raise the earth and all of her glory as only you know how to do. Whether is by landscaping a wonderful water feature on your lawn or in your neighborhood or by spending some one on one time with her telling her how much she is appreciated. You can do this by visualization, telepathy or through using music.
 She generally loves drums but during this spring period she is really longing for more of a sweet sound of the human voice, crystal bowls, wind chimes or even a sweet song that you make up for her. Especially if there are children involved. There is a very strong pull for you to spend time with the Elementals. Mother Earth is in such need right now. She is in great need of love and nurturing right now. Gemini has the mental energy and sensitivity to telepathically connect with her and offer her grace. You also know that when you assist her that wonderful expressions of universal gratitude will be part of your personal experience.
See things as they are rather than how you would like them to be. Don’t deny or dismiss the messages you get from spirit. The action that you are being guided to take may feel as if you will be left feeling empty or stuck but in your heart of hearts you know that you will only be stuck if you don’t honor your guidance. This is your gift to humanity. How beautiful is this?
Your May Animal Guide… The Turkey will assist you in consciously releasing some of the things that you have acquired that you no longer need so that you can help the planet and make space for the gifts of spirit that can be channeled through you to help humanity and mother earth. This will be something of value to you. Give this up with the intention of giving up something for the good of all in the spirit of charity and unconditional love. This is being told to me in a vision of a Native American who is wearing an amazing headdress of many colored feathers. He tells me that he is a Chief of the Lakota tribe. His name is Spotted Tail and he is your Spirit guide this month. Go into meditation to connect with him.
In Matters of Love and Relationships… This is a time of sorting, cleaning and making room for new possessions and gifts of spirit, relationships and love. Try to let go of why’s and make a choice to let past problems be of the past and become more fluid in a relationship or chose to see it as a lesson learned and move on. Just make sure the lesson is learned and that you are not running away from an uncomfortable issue that will only come back to haunt you later on down the line
Your stone or mineral helper…Larimar and  Saracolite these will help bring harmony and balance.
Your numbers …13, 27, 19 and 46. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your  Color… Coral

Cancer…The gifts of gratitude are amazing and you have been remembering the wonderful gifts that you have been given in the past and how some of the opportunities seemed to fall into your lap. You have forgotten the hard work, brain cells and fortitude you put forth to create these opportunities because they were all coming from your passion and a place that knows no limits or boundaries. Do you remember how to get to that place?
This month we ask you to remember and research these moments of crystal clarity as if you are standing where you were in the middle of this rapid movement and universally orchestrated creation that came to be in the material world. You may have not recognized it but you were centered in a place of absolute peace as if you were in the dark creative protection of your mother’s belly.
We ask you to research by whatever means are available and your comfort level. This could be a past life regression, hypnosis, reading your old journals or just asking your guides and teachers to take your awareness back to this place so that you may do some deep level work in this area.
You may also be asked to share this gift with others who are struggling with creating their own reality in a way that will serve them and the Universe. This could be in a blog, teaching a class or just by sharing it with someone who needs this help.
Know that you are being guided and supported by the Universe in this process. Dreams are very important right now. You are receiving clues and messages in the unconscious moments of your daily life. Especially when you go into that daydream state of mind. This will be heightened when you are around water. Even if you are just staring at a pool or aquarium.
You like to be the person who is giving and you are uncomfortable with the possibility of owing someone else something and you may be afraid that you would not be able to deliver something that would be of greater or equal value. Let yourself receive freely. Others love to give and like to be recognized as giving from the goodness of their heart.  Just be “Love in Action.” Say yes to gifts opportunities, back rubs, invitations and fun.
There is a wonderful shift in emotional energy and you may be loosening you grasp on the reins allowing someone else to take a step forward and share the load. Don’t hover and allow this person or people to step up to the plate. You will be quite busy with other projects and need to use your energies wisely.
You spirit guide this month is the Galactic Brothers of The Federation.
Your May Animal Guide…When I asked about your animal guide this month I was taken to Spider Woman Rock by a Navajo spirit woman who is a weaver of life, reality and illusion. She showed me you standing in the center of a huge web that you have woven with you thoughts, desires, chakra energies and hopes and dreams for the future. I can see you as “The One” orchestrating this web just as the Galactic Brothers of The Federation channeled in the previous paragraph. She is here to remind you of the power of the web you are weaving. Be conscious of the fabric in which you use to make the thread of your web. Know that all of your energies especially sexual energy of the second chakra are to be respected and explored as well as Mother Spider.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…The message this month is not only in relationships of the romantic kind but also in those with family, friends and co-workers. You are being encouraged to seek out common ground from which you can begin to build a new foundation of trust and co-operation. Step back and let go of some of the control. Let someone else sit in
Your stone or mineral helper Quartz Crystals with Nephrite will assist you in recognizing past life relationships. Remembering the driver’s seat sometimes.
Your numbers …8, 43, 16. 32. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Colors… Gold, White.

Leo…It is time to let go of all the stressors, insults and injuries that you have experienced though out the past year. You conscious “doing” mind has let many of these issue slide but your body has stored them holding tightly until you us the karmic key that you hold in your creative vision to release them. Many of these are not even yours on a personal level but on a Collective level they belong to all of us. You are so sensitive and you energetically hold these harmful emotions that become you best protection and yet also at times your worst enemy. These Dark fearful emotions have made a home in your physical body.
We encourage you to do some bodywork. Energetic such as Reiki combined with massage, breath work, yoga, and exercise. Swimming would be ideal as human bodies are made of a large part water and pure spring or salt water will help cleanse the cells. With the body work come the emotional work that needs to be purged as well. Choose a way most comfortable to express and release these feelings. We suggest writing, painting, singing, storytelling or talking in a trusted group situation to clear the Throat chakra. You may want to seek the guidance of a counselor or self-help group to help sort things out.
 We also suggest a vacation. Especially in nature in or close to water and in the sun. Float on your back and release all to the workings of the Divine Feminine and breathe in the Divine energies of the Divine Masculine. Balance is what is needed here. Perhaps you lack the relationship that you desired with your mother and this has made you feel as if you need to work a little harder, please a little more, be more,  to make yourself and others cherish  you with the love and sacredness that you have always longed for and truly deserve.
 You now have the opportunity to release these false ideas that you have accepted as truth. You are loved. You are love. Have you thought that perhaps, all of this was by design to bring you closer to home and closer to me?

 I say this with all of my love and an invitation to awaken,
 Mother Mary.

Your May Animal Guide…Turtle will teach you the proper art of protection and patience. This reminds me of an old Janis Joplin song Turtle Blues. She knows how to use her protective shell. She is considered sacred by the Native Americans as she has been on this Earth for a long long time. She knows the gift of endurance. She carries her home with her where ever she goes. She has everything she needs. Truly a Goddess! She will teach you how to connect with the Divine Feminine within... She lives on the Earth and in the water. She is adaptable and lives on while many of the faster creatures succumb to the elements and predator.  She is wise and gives birth to many babies. She will help you in many ways. Research Turtle medicine.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…This is a time for fun, romance, new friendships and the deepening of the existing ones. Watch romantic movies and spend time in fun places. Moonlight beaches, social gatherings or even amusement parks. Go anywhere that you can be a part of a lighter energy. Know that all is in perfect order.
Your stone or mineral helper… Bityite will help you become more aware of synchronicities and collective energies that effect you on a personal level. It will also help you chose the best way to react to situations
Your numbers … 7, 2, 21, 27. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Colors…Yellow and red

Virgo…You are being called to step up and into higher service. Even though the “little you” is whispering words of fear and intimidation you know that there is something bigger and better. Virgo knows the art of being the Hermit. This is the only way you can listen to the Divine truth that speaks from within... So many voices and opinions in the world and right now you are being bombarded by an overload of opinions and waves of emotions. Turn down the noise and tune into your heart.
Spend some time outside in nature and talking with others who are doing the same. Just a small chat or hello with a neighbor or passer-by will pull you out of the depths of your own thoughts and worries. Have you forgotten how to delegate all of these issues to the higher authority of the Divine? You will have to remind yourself of this often. The incoming spring energies require a physical as well as emotional adjustment so try to be gentle with yourself and lower the expectations that you have set for yourself a tad.
Your intuition is right on target and the Divine within you is asking you to trust and step forward as opportunities and ideas arise. Stepping up and putting yourself out there does require courage and come with a bit of responsibility but you have procrastinated long enough. We understand that it is only natural what you can see rather than what could be. There is security in the position you are in now and it might help you to gently incorporate your true passion into what you already have. Ask your personal guides for help.  It is time to step into your gifts and stop downplaying your ability to be the person in front instead of accepting a supporting role. Don’t just settle for the mundane. Yes you will have to accept all of the responsibilities that come with the role but once you get started everything will fall into place. Step out of fear and into the light.  It is important to delegate and ration your time wisely. Make sure you get enough rest and bring more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
I am Hermes Your protector and guide this month.
Your May Animal Guide… Ask the mountain lion to come forth and assist you in taking on your new identity. The mountain lion is an excellent hunter and very observant. Lion never wastes time or energy and balances mental and physical skill with grace and ease. Prepare yourself on all planes and be ready to pounce. Research and meditate on the powers of the mountain lion.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…Keep your heart and mind open to new alliances and people that you may have dismissed or not resonated with in the past. We are all different and new opinions, skills and activities can bring so much into your world which has been a bit dull lately. Time to experience the new and accept and appreciate the differences in others.
Your stone or mineral helper Faujasite will assist you to be more spontaneous.
Your numbers … 11, 19, 67, 1. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Colors…Bright Kelly Green and crystal white.

Libra…Go with the flow and try not to plan too many activities. There are times when you need to have plans and schedules but this is a time to lay back and move with the energy of the season.
Celebrate the art of relaxation and reflection. This is a wonderful time to honor you mind and body. Even when you find a relaxing activity you seem to find a way to make it into a job in which you are doing it out of obligation rather than joy. Actively use your gifts of descress to pick and choose what business needs to be attended to and what can wait.
I am being shown that the power of pyramids is in your energetic field this month. I am also being shown the energetically magical powers of a black cat. They encourage you to meditate on the magical wisdom of ancient times in Egypt. The power of the Goddess.
Do this through meditation, music, books, movies, dance, jewelry and gemstones or however you feel is the best way for you to connect with this wisdom. Warm baths, salts and oils will also assist in this. There is something important for your growth and well-being from this time period.
If there is an issue that you have been on the fence with now is not the time to make a decision. Wait until this month comes to an end. There is more information needed and you may change your mind many times before the month is through. This is especially true in relationships particularly if the relationship is with a male. This could be a relative, friend, lover or business associate.
Reserve your mental, physical and emotional resources right now. Do not say yes to a project or favor that you instinctively feel hesitant about. In all probability, declining could create an opportunity for another to grow through recognizing their own strengths and responsibilities. By the end of the month you will be able to move forward renewed and refreshed.
A trip out of town even a day trip or week-end get away would be most beneficial in re-gaining the memory of how important self-care is. Ancient memory the key this month.
Serapis Bey is your spiritual guide this month.
Your May Animal Guide…The fox is your animal guide this month. Foxes are adaptable and can live in busy neighborhoods without being seen or heard. You are being encouraged to blend in to the scenery and observe the actions of others. Talk is cheap. Actions are real truth.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…Relationships are of key importance this month. Old relationships as well as new ones. Try not to take anything too personally and make an effort to have some fun with friends. Let new relationships flourish. Celebrate the accomplishment of the young ones or those you have mentored.
Your stone or mineral helper…Fluorite of all colors will be beneficial for you.
Your numbers…77, 43, 16, 11. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color…Caribbean Blue/Green

Scorpio…This can be a powerful magical month for you. You are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that you have been looking through for some time. Now you are beginning to feel the energy start to move in your 1rs chakra. There has been a bit of an obstruction that is finally breaking loose so that you can free yourself up to more rewarding and creative activities.
This will be a great summer to spend some time in nature or in your yard, garden or local park. A garden party would be very good for you and help you to relax. Surround yourself with music and good friends.
Your intuition is very high and find ways to honor this. Your artistic nature has been on the back burner but has begun to open up and move forward. You can finally find your own unique creative expression. Don’t sell yourself short.
 Avoid negative or unhealthy relationships with those who feel and see you moving in a powerful and successful direction. They may want to hold on to you. You have worked hard on many levels to move forward and let go of the small petty things or thoughts of the “old collective” in terms of the definition of happiness and success. Your words are very powerful so chose them carefully. You may wish to help those who are struggling to hold on to the old ways but don’t allow yourself to get caught up in small or limited ideas from past relationships jobs or social relationships. Whenever you have a sense of fear of old familiar patterns pull back and center yourself with a day of quiet good company, a good meal, music and a good book. Don’t look in the rearview mirror and keep your eye on the present and what lays ahead.
Goddess Lakshmi is your spiritual teacher this month. She says” Align yourself with my energies and look for me in your everyday life.”
Your May Animal Guide… The owl is your animal guide this month. Owl is wise and intuitive and will protect you from those with dark intentions.
In Matters of Love and Relationships… You are starting to shine and others are noticing this. Avoid those who would turn off or dim your light of integrity and unconditional love. New relationships and a re-kindling of romance in existing relationships are very strong right now. Make sure that you share your feelings with kindness, consideration and love. This may strengthen your bonds in romantic relationships, family and friends. If it is not received in the spirit that it was given at least you will strengthen your relationship with yourself.
Your stone or mineral helper…A clear crystal is your perfect assistant in al situations. For healing, clairvoyance, protection, to clear and energize your food and to assist with dreams
Your numbers…13, 33, 54, 88, 1. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color… Bright yellow and light green
Sagittarius…Slow down. You need to respect your physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries. You try to be all things to everyone and you love this as this is a large part of your grace and gifts. You need to try to be all things to your body and respect your own personal space. This comes as a warning as you cannot continue to burn the candle at both ends without eventually paying the price.
This could throw your whole life of balance. I am being shown a picture of you walking a tight rope holding a balancing pole in your hands. The crowd below is cheering you on. You are also trying to control and please everyone on the ground and as you do this your focus moves from your footing and balance to those on the ground who should be able to improve their experience on their own. I am seeing a possible strain or injury to the leg or lower back from giving too much of yourself away.
Those on the ground, the audience, will be able to organize and co-ordinate their behaviors and responsibilities…or …they won’t. In either case a valuable lesson will be learned. You will learn that those who love you, will love you just for being you. Not for what you do for everyone around you. Even a helicopter needs some down time for fuel and maintenance.
You are absorbing huge waves of emotional energy, thoughts and memories from the collective right now. Not only human consciousness but those of the animal and planet collective. You look like Atlas carrying the world upon his shoulders. This is probably causing some strain on your thighs, shoulders and upper back.
It would be to your advantage to consciously start letting go of some of these responsibilities that are not even yours. Turn them over to the Divine. Surrender these burdens for peace and healing. You need to clear your energy field if you want to continue to help yourself, your family and community. If you are completely consumed with toxic energies and the troubles and pain of others you will only attract more of the same.
Soak in the tub, go to the ocean, the mountains, get a massage and arrange some “Me Time.” This will allow you to get in touch with your own body and spirit. You can always go back out and do your part in bringing light to the planet after you take some well- deserved self- care.
Your Spiritual guide is Archangel Michael. Call on him often!
Your May Animal Guide…The Dog is a faithful servant and protector of mankind. They also love and protect their young ones and pack. You display a great deal of dog energy but now it is time to call in your spirit dog to attract the loyalty and service of others in your pack. You have done more than enough to display your love and loyalty and are second to none unless that is what you believe. Time to examine your feelings about your place in the pack.
In Matters of Love and Relationships…Just attend to coordinating the activities and don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama. If someone is not having a good time it is not your responsibility to fix it for them. Humans are quite adaptable left to their own devices. Keep your thought and words positive and light. Even if the situation is not. If someone in your circle is being deceptive it will come to the light. How you chose to react will determine how much power you allow that person to have over you.
Your stone or mineral helper…Pyrolusite
Your numbers…7, 12, 91, 17. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color… Slate blue and grey.

Capricorn…A new fresh perspective on life as you know it is now available to you. You don’t even have to reach for the stars to create a new prosperity plan. So many times you have been given the alternative approach to making a living and just accepted it. In reality, it was right in front of you the whole time. Don’t try to burden yourself by making things much harder than they need to be. Look at your gifts and talents. How can you bring them into a valuable prosperous living? What is your definition of prosperous?
 If it is multi-level marketing and you know that this is a great product and you are passionate about it, we say go for it. If you are only in it to line your pockets off of the backs of others, well I think that you know that this is not really pleasing to your soul. It is so much deeper than that.
Take a look at your gifts and talents. Do not think about how much you can make. Consider how fulfilling it will be to weave an energetic field of love and joy that you will carry with you everywhere you go. This is a good place to start. In your own heart.
 Ask for help from your guides and ancestors who have been watching and waiting for you to notice their presence. You may have even noticed little hints or thoughts that come to mind that may be related to the message that they are trying to give you. Maybe something that someone else says. Messages from the other side are important this month. You may find yourself going through family history or old pictures. Remember not to get stuck or fixated on this. This is an opportunity to use this information to move forward with your life.
There may be some unpleasant memories or facts but you have the opportunity to go backward through meditation or even past life regression to heal these issue so you can make a better life for you and for those who have passed on. Just because they are not in a physical body does not mean that they no longer exist.
Do what you can to spend some time in nature and with the elements of the Mother Earth. Plant, clean up or fund a program designed to offer assistance to the environment. It can be subtle.
Master Hilarion is your master teach and guide this month. Research and learn as much as you can about him.
Your May Animal Guide…The Swan. Go with the flow and trust that you have been given all of the gifts that you need. Surrender and allow your guides and teachers to come forward in your life. Meditate and pay attention to your dreams. Allow your beauty to unfold.

In Matters of Love and Relationships… Ask Master Hilarion for help in love relationships. Whether it is in finding your true love or ion assisting with the love that you have already found. This includes love of all relationships, your community, the earth, family, your life path and where ever love and passion abides in your life.
Your stone or mineral helper… Onyx
Your numbers… 39, 111,121, 7004. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color… Red, white and blue.

Aquarius…Have you been feeling impulsive. Perhaps as a coping skill to pull yourself out of a depression, a stressful situation or a rut. Your higher self is telling you that enough is enough. You can’t change the world but you can take the initiative to change things in your life. If you are not wanting to take a big step forward or make a commitment to a new level of responsibility then just make the small changes when you can. Take some of the pressure off those around you. Does it feel like they have been avoiding you? Explore this.
I am being shown the Star Card from the tarot. The woman kneeling on the banks is pouring water on the earth and in the pool of water. You have been through some very difficult times and this may keep you in a safety zone in some very fertile areas of your life. Saint Germain encourages you to be just a bit outrageous this month. Step out of the norm and please, please stop feeding into the collective fear. Walk your talk!
A vacation near water and sun would be very beneficial to you. Try to spend some time with animals. This will help you get back to a calmer, more trusting and simple place where you have not been able to feel for a long time. Relax into the rhythm and flow of the earth and the water. Ask and accept peace and trust into your life.
Use discression in signing any contracts or starting expensive projects. We are not saying to put them off just to make sure that the people who are giving you information know what they are talking about. Get other opinions from those with experience.
Have fun with friends and family. Plan some family activities. Take special care with your ears. If you are spending time in the water or in a plane make sure that you clear your ears to relieve pressure.
Listen to your intuition and avoid crowds if possible. Take time to quietly calm yourself and notice the energy and emotions of the groups of people you are in whether it be at a concert, political talk or class. Their emotions do not need to be yours.
Your Spiritual guide this month is Saint Germain.
Your May Animal Guide…Coyote. Did you ever watch cartoons when you were a kid? Well the Coyote would always create an elaborate plan to catch the bird that would always result in Coyote being snared in his own trap. He is the trickster. Watch out for that telemarketer or fast talking salesman and watch out that you don’t become the coyote and get caught in your own trap.

In Matters of Love and Relationships… Be bold and romantic. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift whether it is clothes, a trip, doing the dishes or some other act of kindness. Open your heart. You have been a bit shut down over the past few months and feeling the collective energies of fear and keeping you boundaries pretty solid. It is ok to open your arms and let others in. Are you still hanging on to something that was done to you by a past relationship? This is holding you back. Let go, forgive as this is also effecting your health.
Your stone or mineral helper…Basinite or Basalt..
Your numbers… 13, 89, 411, 72. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension.
Your Color… True pure blue and tiffany.

Pisces…Beautiful fish with shades of gold, green, blue purple on a canvas of shiny silver. You are feeling just a bit out of your water element right now. It is almost as if someone swooped you up and are holding in the palm of their hand and not paying any attention to the fact that you need to be in the water to breath.
Take your time in moving forward on any new projects right now. Your plate is so full that you have no time to go inward or find your own personal path to self-improvement. It is time to find a trusted partner to delegate some of these projects to. You may even be able to let some of these projects go knowing that you have done a good job.
Don’t take too long in trying to release a past mistake or misconception that you may have about a friend. Communication is most important in clearing the air. Make sure that you haven’t left any injury that could fester over time.  Don’t take friendships for granted.
Stay in a neutral corner when the sparing begins and ends. Being seen as taking sides could come back to bite you in the long run and cause some feelings of regret.
You are about to start a new cycle in areas of career, personal development and relationships. Don’t let things better left behind pull you back into a rut of anger or emotional discord.
You allow your friends to give you advice and help you make choices but have you looked inward or asked the Divine for clear and well lite pathways to place your feet on? Do not let yourself be talked into something that has worked well for others because this may not be a path for you. You came into this world with skills and desires that are somehow attached to the activities and belief systems that will help you grow and assist the world as well as yourself. Pay attention to the signs and urges that you may be feeling, knowing and yet dismissing because it doesn’t fit the life style or beliefs of another.
Some people become Doctors because their parents are Doctors and so on. This may not be what you want to do and perhaps your family may not respect the direction that you chose but we are here to support and assist you on the path of your own choosing. The respect and approval that you seek is closer than your hands and feet.
With all of my love Sanat Kumara.
Sanat Kumara is your spirit guide this month.
Your May Animal Guide…The Ant is your animal helper this month. They can carry far more than their own weight to achieve a common community goal. Trust that others can also share in this goal. Ask the Ant to guide you and help you trust that the universe will step up and send those to help you carry the load if you allow it.
In Matters of Love and Relationships… Forgive, forget. Live and let live. Things that have been done cannot be undone but you can learn valuable lessons from them. Don’t allow others to judge you because you choose to forgive someone who has slighted you in the past. Being able to forgive show a great deal of character that will be valuable to you in the future.
It is time to expand your safe secure, predicable circle of friends and meet new people. They have many new and amusing things to teach you.
Your stone or mineral helper…Coral. Black or pink coral.
Your numbers…33, 8, 9, 97. You can call these numbers in during meditation to connect with this level of harmony, healing and ascension
Your Color… Pink and Ivory

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