Thursday, March 7, 2013

Merlinscopes for March / April 2013

The Merlinscopes for  March and April  2013     by Kay

Aries…You can take yourself too seriously if you choose to do so this during this period. There are many people in your position who would think about taking a long look at the past and would judge their current situation by the standards of others’ perceptions and definitions of success and happiness. Do not try to fit yourself into other people’s frame of reference. It would be like trying to fit an elephant into an egg carton. Your way has always been a bit different than conventional social thinking although you have been known to occasionally amuse the popular and practical opinions just to appease the status quo.

 This season is sacred and is important for your path and how you will proceed in the future. You finally realize life is fluid and ever changing.  This fluidity creates pathways and trails for those who follow this influence. Embrace your power and release the influence of people and situations that you have allowed to make you feel ‘less than or not being enough.’ You are more than enough. It is time to gracefully say ‘thank you’ and release the cord that has kept you tethered to a situation, emotion or circumstance that is not now, nor has ever been to your liking.

 You are here to experience your life and not to be a passive observer unless you continue to choose this role. Taking this step may make you a bit anxious as this is out of character for you. Especially for those of you who have been in this position for many years living on the lessons passed on by parents, family or social values systems. Honestly, have you ever felt comfortable with these? This is not a selfish endeavor if you ask the universe to assist you so you can lend a helping hand to humanity, Mother Earth, animals or whatever cause you choose. 

Even if you don’t have a direction right now, know that by helping yourself and bringing happiness into your life you will indeed pass this joy on to others.  Look deep within your body. Go there in a meditation or ask for help from your guides and higher self before you go to sleep. There is a place in your body where magic lives and is waiting for you to recognize and release it. Find it and follow your intuitive directions. You can use visualization, massage, a shamanic soul journey or just awareness. We trust that once you make your intention that you will find your way. You will recognize this place in your body when you see the amazing colors associated with this place

. In matters of love…we see a line drawn in the sand. Whatever this means to you is open for your interpretation. There is also an opportunity for forgiveness as a situation from the past calls for healing and tying up loose ends from issues that have been within the shadows for many years or lifetimes. Your numbers this season are 27 and its singular form of 9.  Your color is Red Your stone is Anhydrite which will help you soar on the wings of change!

Taurus… There is something you have wanted to bring into your life for many a day. It is something you have sent vibrating through your soul you may have never shared with another. It has been in your auric network for many years. By many years, we would also say that you came in with this longing from past-life experiences. It is not something attainable through money, power or position which makes this wanting even more difficult for you to understand. You will need to learn more about this purpose and process by playing an active role in the lives of those who have already been working with this. Learn from them. You may not acquire their gift or what it is they have that you want, but you may be able to recognize your own gifts and find effective ways to strengthen them. Sometimes it seems mind boggling as you try to understand why someone just seems to have this and others do not. 

The lesson here is to learn what you are giving your attention to. You came to this human existence with a strong willfulness and desire but there is a need to recognize your own self-worth. It is sometimes a challenge to pull your attention away from the outside material world and refocus your talent for developing your own gifts which are perfect and waiting for support and the creative touch that will bring them to maturity and purpose. Use your inner eye to see the perfection in your own character and gifts. If you focus on lack, there will be lack in your life although you will be the only one who sees this lack. Your lack or discontent may look like ultimate joy and prosperity to another. Try to see yourself through their eyes.

 It is time to start monitoring your thoughts and emotions. If you are comparing yourself to others, make a conscious effort to stop immediately and not allow your imagination to entertain this notion. Take your attention to ‘nothingness’. We see this as a place between the stars where there is nothing but quiet, blissful, fertile ‘nothingness.’  Think of this period that Christians call Lent as a time of fasting from the preconceived ideas you have carried with you during this lifetime. 

The Universe is making sure you have quiet time or a change in your routine that leaves you with your thoughts. Why not use this time productively to fast from the negative thoughts and ideas in preparation for new positive truths in your life? Use this time to focus on your chakras giving great attention to clearing out any unwanted or low vibrational energies that may have been dormant or stagnate. Pay attention to messages of guidance during this process. By all means go out and touch other’s lives with joy and love, even if you are not in the mood. Spend time in places of beauty, music and color. Buy flowers or start to plant seedlings inside your home until the ground is warm enough to nurture them.

In matters of love….< Begin by becoming the person you would like to bring into your life. If you are already in a relationship rekindle the flame and look into your heart at the flame that attracted you to each other and expand this light until it completely surrounds you. Your stone this season is Brazilanite. Your colors are gold and silver and your number is 44.

Gemini…If you want to make a difference in your world and the world around you, make a concentrated effort to pull yourself into the ‘Now’ and be in the moment.  This may be a bit of a struggle right now as your thoughts have been moving forward, backwards and all around. Your thoughts have been everywhere except in the present. Spring and all it represents is in the forefront of your mind. We might suggest less stimulating activities or foods. There is a lot going on right now and you may be having doubts about some of your belief systems about yourself, society, and the Universe as a whole. You may be avoiding looking within and asking your higher self the big questions. You might be uncomfortable with what your answers reveal. Know that whatever the answer is, it is the correct answer for you.

 You may have the opportunity to change the way you see the world and loosen the grip on a firmly held belief you have had for so long. This does not mean that your perception and allegiances were never well founded and truth. It just means some things have changed. The more you focus your attention on your own spiritual truth the more likely you are to bring new growth and joy into your life. Remember, this is your truth and not everyone else’s way of seeing things. Be happy in your own knowledge and power. We encourage you not to judge yourself or to put yourself in a position where you need to defend your ideas.

 This may be a time when you might choose to keep your opinions and reasons for your choices to yourself. This is a time of reviewing and releasing. This may be a feeling similar to a death. This may be a time when you are actually contemplating thoughts of sorrow, distress and loss as you would experience a death. Know that this is a death of old beliefs and parts of the ego that are simply coming out of the shadow and being brought out into the light for review. Your body may be slowing down a bit and you may be experiencing some unusual symptoms that are actually meant to remind you this is a time of introspection. Do your best to remain free of fear knowing all is well and as it should be.  Keep it simple, rest and open yourself to receive new wisdom and knowledge

. In matters of love….If you are looking, it seems that someone may capture your interest. Love is in the air. If you are already in a committed relationship you might be tempted by someone new in your circle but we encourage you to do some soul searching before you go down that path. If it is right, you will know it. No matter what your past experiences may be, good relationships do exist and this is a good time to recognize the possibilities.  Your colors for this time are sable and light green. Your stone is Desclozite and the corresponding number is 55.

Cancer…Do not let your bitterness about a person or situation in your past paint a picture of the road that lies before you. You are very sensitive and emotionally powerful right now. Even those who are not generally in tune or aware of others’ feelings will be able to pick up on your mind chatter. Even the sales person behind the counter of a store or the person you are talking to on the telephone about some service or a bill could become the unwilling recipient of a mental/emotional knockout punch. This would make you feel extremely guilty over something unintended but certainly under your control – king of like driving a race car with no brakes through a crowded residential area. We know you might feel the guilt after such an encounter. Apologies, transmuting energy, and sending light will help but what is done is done. Anger does not suit your personality or help your professional image.

 There may be someone in your corner who has the intention of being supportive, but may be aggravating situations by bringing up reasons to be angry. They are taking on your cause as their own which will only build momentum. If this is the case, we ask you to take the path of the peacemaker and take responsibility for your part in this mishap or relationship. We ask you to calm and smooth the waters of forgiveness and ask your higher self to assist you in healing your spirit. You will get just what you give whether it is kindness or hate. These things may not come to you directly and not in a convenient manner if they are of the negative sort, so keep this in mind. Breathe and talk to a neutral friend who doesn’t have anything emotionally invested in the situation.

 Pay attention to your diet. We ask you to give thanks and gratitude before your meals. This not only sends a beautiful message out to the Universe but also makes you aware of how you are filling your body and spirit. Watch your salt intake and drink a lot of purified water. Only allow pleasant conversation or background sounds when you are eating. If there is anger, fear or discord in the conversation, your will be filling your body and spirit with these feelings and emotions. If it is sounds that nourish your soul than that is what you will receive on all levels. Smile! Soon your outside smile will become your inside smile. We also ask you to let go of these negative emotions so that they will not take up so much space that you fail to recognize opportunities especially in the area of self-promotion or career matters. You will need to be decisive and this could be difficult if you are attracting troubling emotions that in all actuality mean so little in the whole scheme of things. Anger and anxiety may also repel opportunities born out of love and service.

In matters of love…If you are single and looking you may have someone who is already in your life that you have never taken a second look at or given them the opportunity to share a conversation with you.  You might realize that you might have very much in common and feel an attraction that you have never noticed before. If you are already in a relationship, try not to allow stress from outside sources to color your vision of the loved one in your life. You may be displacing feelings of disappointment from other situations or feelings within yourself onto the one who loves you most. The grass may look greener somewhere else but it is not without baggage. Your color for this month is a creamy jade green. Your stone is Nepheline.  We ask you to go into meditation or before you sleep ask your higher self for your soul number for this season. We send you great love and waves of peace to help you navigate your ship through the waters of your life. You may be paddling through the fog right now but the sun is in the horizon. You can see the light.

Leo…Leo is holding on very tightly right now, perhaps a bit too tightly. You are trying to pull intangible things – things you cannot see – into your life. It appears as if you are trying to pull nothingness to you with open hands and fingers. It’s as if you are trying to swim in a river with no water and wondering why you are bogged down in the mud and becoming stuck. When you try to make the intangible tangible and you are coming from a place of desperation, you have little control or discernment over what you are grasping onto. These are not always things that you want to keep or give life to. Sometimes you may allow these things in your life just to fill the space fearing that if it is empty the disappointment may be too much for you to bear. This could mean many things. 

You may be hanging on to excessive drama, sorrow, disappointment, depression, weight gain, addictions, aspirations, people and situations that would be better off if you were to leave them all behind. Take this time of Lent, as it is called in the Christian religion, to gently start letting go of these things. We only use this reference because of the season and have no desire to convert you to any type of religious practices. This may be emotionally and perhaps physically painful at times; but if you want to move forward and be taken seriously as a mature independent person of quality and skill, it is time to become fearless and to make an effort and take the time to open the place that holds all of these influences. 

You will not be able to successfully bring the things that you truly deserve into being until you boldly empty the well and experience emptiness even briefly. There you will be able to once again become acquainted with the innocence of the child within who knew all things are possible and belong to you. You will be able to feel the joy of just being! This is when you ask your higher self to bring forward all of the skills, gifts and opportunities that are available to you that you will once again fill your well with valuable tangible as well as intangible wealth. Start with the small things. Have a conversation with your body as well as with your guides and creator. Ask your body for assistance in finding the well because this well is active on all planes of consciousness. Massage, energy work and exercise will help. Be gentle with yourself. Social situations may become awkward and may have you wondering, ‘what exactly happened?’ Trust the process. Own up to your responsibilities in these situations but know this could just well be part of the process. 

In love…If you are single and looking we recommend the process above and once completed it is time to call in your love. You will be healed and ready to attract a lasting love relationship. If you are already with someone it may be time to think about taking the relationship to a higher level – a marriage or a long term commitment. You may not go forward with these plans but you will be under this influence. Your colors this season are light pink and ruby red. Your stones are Cubanite and Cuprite. Your number is 12.

Virgo…It is a great time to take a breather and enjoy just being alive and what that means to you. The challenge this season is in keeping yourself in a position of zero responsibility. ‘Not possible’ I hear you say; but it is attainable. During this period is very important that you make time for being in complete nothingness. This means slowing down your brain and allowing your thoughts to wander adrift like a sailboat on the sea. Just like the wind catches in the sails, let the breath of the Divine catch in your sails and direct the course of your journey. Relax your body and let it become a sailboat cradled in the powerful nurturing ocean. Remember most of your body is made of water. Allow higher and more natural forces to choose your direction. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of being held above water and kept afloat by a much larger mind than yours.

 You have been working on a plan to eliminate all of those places in your mind that are blocking your road to success. Now your part of the plan is complete and now you can let go and get out of the way and allow the Universe to perform its dance. Pay attention to your first thoughts every morning .This very important. This will determine how much love and joy you attract to your life for the day and as days turn to weeks and weeks to months this energy will accumulate. Many people think of karma as a negative experience but now you have the opportunity to know this process as we do. It is time to celebrate the accomplishments and good fortune of others as this is the same energy that will be surrounding you. This will attract good fortune and joy into your own life. Give recognition to the positive qualities of the feminine. Be fluid and receptive. Have no expectations. Just allow joy. 

In matters of love…If you are single it is time for you to decide if want a relationship in your life. If you do, be very clear about what and who you want in your life. This is also true if you are in a relationship. Be clear about what you want in your relationship. Clarity is the focus in romance this month.Your color is pure blue.Your stones are Tourmalinated Quartz and Quartzite. Your numbers are 2 and 11.

Libra…Don’t let your guard down in employment affairs and see that all is going as planned. This is a time when others may be feeling a bit spacey; and you are actually feeling more grounded and motivated than usual. You have a clear picture of what you need. So make sure others get all the support you can give them in regard to your business matters. Make sure everyone else is taking extra steps to ensure all your expectations are performed correctly. Expect the unexpected even as you are diligent in crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

 Your heart is wide open right now as it should be in this season of new expectations, love, growth and the birthing of new consciousness. Be sure to pay attention to your inner urges to buy and wear clothes, candles and jewelry of certain colors as these colors hold special unique vibrations that will assist or hinder you in your activities during this period. You are the sign holding the scales and we ask you to keep this in mind as you arise each morning. Ask your higher self and guides how you can use your gift of diplomacy and fairness to assist not only others but yourself on this day. Write the answer down and notice what you have written and what your life has been like over the past week. It is in your nature to help others but also to make sure that you are taking care of your own needs. Be sure to help those who are helping themselves; but pull back a bit with those who refuse to take steps to help themselves. 

Take some time for yourself when your energy feels a bit low. The ‘business as usual’ slogan will not apply to you in this time period. It will be more likely that you should ask ‘What will business entail today?’ Trust and set forth on your day with a smile on your face and a candle lit in your heart with absolute knowledge that all that you need to know will be brought to your attention. This will also be a time that new and interesting people will be attracted to your energetic body of light and work. You will know what they need to assist them in their journey. More than likely they will not even know what they are seeking but their compass will point in your direction. This can be a magical and prosperous time for you on all levels. Let your wishes come true and don’t allow yourself to block them with the ideas of how the world usually works or other worldly woes. Make your own world!

In matters of Love …You may well come into contact with someone from your past or just someone who you feel as if you know. Is it a past life connection? Perhaps. You may need to tie up some loose ends with this person before moving on to a new level of love with someone else or with yourself. You may have come to realize that your partner must share the same spiritual values you cherish. If you already have this in a partner you are blessed and perhaps a small intimate celebration is in order. Your colors are purple and blue. The mineral that will assist you at this time is Biotite Lens vibrating to the numbers 4 and 8.

Scorpio…Information may be coming into your life at an unusually fast rate this season. Several accomplishments from the past have risen up to be congratulated, accepted, released and put out to pasture. It is time for new ways of approaching difficult problems in areas including career, health issues, compulsive behaviors, and interactions with others especially those in the work environment. It’s also time to focus on what you will do for the next 7 years. This is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Fortunately you can approach this in a different manner than you have approached it previously.

 You have recently come to realize you are the creator, director and author of your own story. This is all life is isn’t it? Each cycle is but another chapter unfolding. What will it be this time? A romantic comedy?  A drama? An inspirational story? A hero overcoming amazing odds and obstacles? Whatever you choose, come to terms with breaking the mold. Avoid negative nagging people and places that feel dark or low in vibration .This is your time and not a tribute to someone else’s accomplishments, hardships or causes.  Take the next 6 weeks to rejuvenate and allow new ideas and ways of seeing yourself to come forward. Let this become the goal each day. You need not share this with anyone as we know that you proceed with caution and are a bit secretive.

 You usually wait for some sort of sign to let you know you are on the right track. Well this month you may get smacked right in the face with a Pisces fish to let you know that it is time for you to give up the vision of seeing yourself stranding thigh high in the security of the standing water in the pond and to start dreaming of the excitement in seeing yourself riding on top of the waves of an ocean. Let the good times roll and let your mind wander! Discover new things and people. Break out of the rut and meet new challenges.

 We know you are concerned with others judging you but did you ever stop to think this is but a reflection and the one doing the most judging, is the one in the mirror? You are charismatic and charming so let your hair down and start doing the research for your new chapter. Let your light shine in its purest form, unadulterated, free from others ideas or influences. Seek out music that connects you with the heartbeat of Mother Earth – drums and rattles. If possible attend a sacred sound concert or buy some music that matches this description. You will know it when you hear it. Listen to the tone of your own voice. Find your note. This is very important as you will be able to connect with your higher self, the Divine within you!  Use your voice to tap into your own son – the song of your soul.

In your love life…Become the love you desire. Your color is light silvery grey. During these two months you can be helped by Tin and by the number 7.

Sagittarius…Your biggest trial will be in turning your best picture of your own difficulty into the best picture of your joy and happiness. Release drama from the past and make your best efforts to forgive all concerned. We said forgive but do not forget. Step back from the emotions and take another look at this situation like you are watching a movie. Use these powerful situations as educational opportunities. We are here to assist you in diffusing and releasing the emotional charge from the situation and the persons involved so you will not let your heart be troubled. Do not use the situation as a block that must be removed before you can move forward. Bravely move forward and the block will release on its own. 

You are steadfast and faithful in your obligations but we ask that you step back a bit and allow a different approach to solving problems. Floating on a cloud is what we suggest; imagine floating high above the issue and your pattern of daily living. Yes, when things are super charged and moving in a direction that you may think of as the worst, remove yourself from the project or relationship just long enough to float on a cloud for a bit. A few days off may be required this season and it is imperative that you pay attention to your spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic body when you are feeling over loaded with emotional issues. Your physical body may even feel bloated as you have not allowed yourself the proper time or method to release the residue and cleanse your body and energy of derogatory patterning. 

Taking a time out in no way means that you are weak or unable to handle your obligations. Think of it as resting a pasture so that it may recuperate and prepare to nourish new seedlings to grow. Remember your first obligation is to yourself. This is where you must begin; and at the end of the day, this is where you must end. This will make it easier for you to be more decisive. Ask for assistance from Archangel Raphael to assist you in healing during these periods as you may become extremely sensitive to all of the shifts within you. You are very good at helping others through these types of things but could use a little help with your own feelings of vulnerability. Ask for help. Ask for intervention. Give permission. 

In love and romance…It is good to let others know that you are available if you are looking. Remember not to hover or invade the personal space of your intended to get your point across. A bit of subtle flirtation can go a long way. You may end up chasing the object of your desire away. If you are not available and allowing your natural tendency of attraction to go a bit too far then you might take a look at what you are really missing in your life and why you feel the need to fulfill yourself with attention from those who you have no interest in. The stone that will assist you most this month is Azurite. Your number is 1 and pay attention to the color green.

Capricorn…Don’t worry about the little things that can take up so much mental energy if allowed. Use your creative and spiritual sources wisely. There are some corrections to be made but this can be done easily and without too much stress. Allow yourself to relax and be on the receiving end of love and other forms of support. This is a time to dream and prepare for the next phase in your life. We would advise you to put off any major decisions until the end of summer. If you are looking for employment or trying to start your own business right now we suggest looking towards learning as much as possible about the new technologies. You may look into creating a website for yourself. This would serve more than one purpose. Not only would you be publically advertising your skills and talents but you would also reinforce your own view of your experience and abilities. This could serve as a wonderful tool for building self-esteem.

You may also want to focus your attention on service that focuses on cleaner air, healthier food and higher consciousness. This could be a wonderful place to develop new relationships and result in unexpected positive returns .You may want to volunteer some time devoted to service in these areas. Perhaps in helping with community gardens or something that has to do with activities that would please Mother Earth and all those she holds sacred. She never forgets a kindness and often repays those who serve her in ways that are fulfilling in many ways. This is a great place to manifest in mindful meditation. She is calling you to ground and become one with her as it was in the beginning. 

In matters of love…You may be in a relationship that is out of balance. Most relationships are not in perfect balance; but in this case, one has much stronger feeling than the other. One may be thinking of this relationship as long term and the other is just not as committed to the person or relationship. In any case, if you are in the position of wanting more, you might look at moving on to a more suitable partner. We said before this is a good time for taking your time and manifesting all good things in your life. Perhaps working close to the earth will bring you closer to the relationship that you long for. Calaverite would be a beneficial mineral for you to work with this month. Your numbers are 6 and 1. Your color for this season is orange.

Aquarius...   Re-ignite the fires of the things you love most. This retrograde has brought you full circle and now you can remember some places and situations a bit more fondly than a year ago. Prayers and dreams are big this month. Answered prayers are sometimes better when received in surprise packages. Remembering vivid dreams has great and long lasting impressions and personal aha moments. Did you ever think you would remember that dream for so long and that it would be relevant in your life today?

 Keep yourself hydrated and pay attention to the things your body needs. It is better to be proactive rather than waiting for an issue to come up that requires your attention. Unplug from tense energy zapping people and noise. Soak in the tub often.  Don’t ignore those aches and pains. We suggest having a dialogue with areas of pain or discomfort and speak to them directly. Ask how you can help and ask about the source of its unhappiness.

 Create a dream or an experience in which you are in a green forest with large trees and butterflies. See the bright green moss everywhere. Make this your new happy place. You will need this when you feel the electrical impulses that pull your attention away from your focus on true happiness. The woes of humanity affect you deeply and your attention sometimes gets distracted and held hostage by what you are told you should think and feel for the welfare of the collective. Many of you are true Indigos and sometimes forget to respect and nurture your gifts.

 We say this is all good and applaud you in your strength in making great changes in the opinions and thoughts of the world. We ask that you go inward  often,  perhaps daily, and explore the nature of the beauty that lives within you, as your vibration on the collective level seems to have become more intense. Avoid over-stimulating your mind and body. Make an effort to pull yourself out of the chaos for at least 15 minutes a day to re-focus and connect with your body. This will help pull your energies back together again.

In matters of love…many of you who are already in relationships or just beginning one are in a happy position right now. Try to remember not to compare the one in your life now to those in the past. If you are looking for a new relationship make a concentrated effort to release all cords with past relationships. If you meet someone new, don’t bring previous relationships. Let this person know you have left the others behind and you are ready for a fresh start. Labradorite is the stone that will be most beneficial for you this season. Your number is 38 and your color is Mother of Pearl.

Pisces…   You can go to a concert and never really hear or feel the music in your soul unless you are with people who you feel comfortable with and with whom you know you can be completely yourself and not be concerned with their comfort or welfare. You have been so busy blending in, that sometimes you forget where you end and others begin. There is an invisible and innocent bridge that enables you to maintain friendships and business relationships in a manner that can be rewarding and beneficial to both parties.  This could be a problem with you right now. You are extremely intuitive and empathetic during this phase. This may be causing difficulties of all kinds. You may be doing things on another’s whim or fancy just because you are sensitive to those peoples’ wishes at that moment. You may be taking things personally that are not really yours to take on. 

The energy field surrounding your body appears indigo blue which is the same color as your third eye. This in turn is making your entire energy field wide open and overly sensitive to those around you especially to those who may be feeling stressed or emotionally upset by one thing or another. They are, for lack of a better word, searching for a life line. There seems to be a lack of clarity, a loss of boundaries. This in no way indicates a lack of will or control on your part. This is part of the overall energy at this moment in time. It is almost as if you have open portals from the collective that seem to randomly pop in from time to time and may cause you to feel a bit overly “tuned in.”

 Take time to be alone, completely alone. Retreat and recharge. We suggest eating foods that are grounding.  Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, working in the garden or even walking through a garden center or Botanical Gardens will help.  Exercising will also be of value in grounding right now. This is a re-distribution of psychic and natural intuitive subtle energy. Massage will also be helpful. The process will take another 3 to 4 weeks and things will settle in. There will be a new normal for you. You will continue to be a bit more intuitive and in tune with nature as well as with others. Your responsibility in this process will be to learn new ways to create and maintain your boundaries.

  Remember to let loose of another’s energies, after even casual encounters with some people. If you find yourself thinking about them or trying to figure out what you can do to fix someone, then you will know that you have to release that cord. One way might be to see these issues or people as balloons and you are holding the string. Simply let go of the string and the balloon will fly off into the sky and move on to something more productive. Also remember to close your crown chakra before you go to sleep at night. Try to surround yourself with people who are positive and take responsibility for themselves. Avoid those who see themselves as victims.  After the dust settles, your hard work will bring about new clarity and purpose. 

In matters of love…keep an open mind and heart. Take things at face value right now. Know that all is well and love will find a way. Cavansite and Cats Eye are good stones to align with these two months. Your color for this season is pure white along with number 29.

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