Monday, June 29, 2020

Merlin Chronicles and Scope for the week of June 29th, 2020

Merlin Chronicles            by Kay                         for the week of June 29th, 2020

I have been taking some time off to re-evaluate many things in my life. The balance in my professional and personal experience needed some attention. I guess that is a life long process, isn’t it, though?

COVID 19 has made some changes in my life also. I have a roommate now, which came about just about the same time as the stay-home orders came out. He has been a welcome addition to my house. We are both musical, and he also has a good grasp on technology, so I now have a YouTube channel for my singing Just look up Kay Dragon on YouTube J

I think we are all experiencing things that we never conceived of happening in this life.
I have made changes and only doing Merlin Scopes weekly. If you want to continue to read these, you will probably need to sign up for the blog because I will no longer be sending out an email. I will post on Twitter and Facebook.

So here are the Scopes


Kay Dragon

Merlin Scopes for the week of June 29th, 2020

You may continue to accept the status quo because it seems easier than dealing with the fallout that comes from asking for what you want. Where is the satisfaction in that? Yes, speaking up can be risky, but what do you have to lose besides mediocrity?
Honesty and clarity in how you feel and what you want is the only way to move forward. You can’t find happiness if you are living your life merely for the approval of another. It is time to break away from the herd and step forward. Let your light shine.

You might find yourself getting a little down on yourself due to some circumstances in your life. Some of these things were out of your control and perhaps part of a soul contract.  Many of these were also self-inflicted and brought about from the choices that you made. It is time to stop seeing your life through your bad experiences and understand the wisdom you earned. Don’t fall into the trap of measuring success in dollars and cents or how many followers you have on Twitter. Here in the spirit realm, we measure success by your worst circumstances and what you learned from these experiences.

If you can take all of the bad to a higher vibration and you are a Rock Star as far as we are concerned. Life on Earth is short, but your soul and spirit are infinite. Find gratitude in how these things have shaped who you are.

Avoid getting caught up in trying to control the results of situations and allow the Universe to run its course. Know that all will be as it should be and for the highest good of all concerned. Something may be coming to an end, and it is only natural to feel a sense of sadness. Allow the feelings to come up and deal with them individually. You will soon see and understand why, and a sense of renewal will start rising within you.

Find peace and answers as you retreat into meditation. Other people have a lot of opinions, but your answers live in that quiet place of knowing and truth.

You might have to look at some issues in your life that are out of balance and no longer working in your favor. It is time to let go of old resentments as well as sentimentality.
Be aware of your thoughts around power and control. You don’t always need to be the puppet master and try to manipulate other people, even though you believe it is in their best interest.  You will end up with an empty victory.

You might feel like you are walking into the wind this week. Perhaps it is time to stop resisting the wind and allow it to carry you in a new direction. Maybe your lesson is to stop listening to your voice and start hearing the Universe. It all starts with being open to a new perspective. Like the Beatles said, “The movement you need is on your shoulder.”

Don’t allow yourself to get into a poverty mentality or think that there is not enough to spare, share, and spend.  There is plenty, but you need to be open to different ways of approaching and expanding your perception of Universal Principles of receiving. Maybe the roadblocks are your own doing?

Fake it until you make it is not always a good strategy. You don’t always have the answer or know how to proceed, so be sure to ask someone who does. Listen to your intuition and not your ego when getting advice. It may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear.

 Perhaps you have already crossed a line in some situations? You might even have burned a bridge. Don’t be arrogant or defensive. Be humble and realize that you are human and move on.

Don’t take anything personal right now. Step out of your feelings. Allow yourself to stand on the sidelines, watching, without lending any energy one way or another. Otherwise, you will add to karma and take on that which is isn’t yours.
Be aware of any repairs needed in the home and maintenance or repair on the necessities. Get bids and pay attention to your spending.

You may be craving to connect with others this week. Indulge in deep conversations with people of like mind. Do your best to find a way to communicate with others. Your input will bring a spark of joy to those in need of a boost.

 I see you eliminating something from your life that you no longer desire. Maybe a change of events creates the need for a new plan. Perhaps a project or relationship has run its course. Listen to your intuition and follow through.

You may experience waves of creativity when you least Expect it—one of those moments when your busy mind is at rest or focused on something mundane like cleaning.

I see you reminiscing about good times, bad times, and opportunities that you passed by. Reviewing your past can be healthy and productive. Just remember to leave them in the past after you extract what it was all about. You can’t go back and fix it, but you can move forward.

There is a difference between wishful thinking and manifesting. Take some time to partner up with spirit. Instead of saying,” I want this or nothing,” be open to saying,” I want this or something better!”

You don’t need to jump into something just for the sake of movement. You may be overthinking something and using your head and forgetting about your passion. Wait for the perfect opportunity to arise and push your ego into the background.

Listen to your body as it will give you some clear indication. If you need rest, then rest. Give your mind a little break also. Perhaps getting lost in a good book or movie will help.

Some say that if you use your less dominant hand to do some tasks that it will open you up creatively and shift your thinking. Sprit is telling you to change things up in a big way.  A change or shift in your polarity will assist you in being prepared for the changes coming up shortly.

Are you trying to make something work by putting it in small segments or pieces? I see a vision of you on a tight rope holding your breath, trying to keep your balance, and find your proper footing. It is ok to breathe and mandatory to be able to make this an integrated action.

There are some things in life that you have no control over, and you would do well to work on the things you can change. You can change yourself primarily.  Maybe try only to hold a loose grip on events that are happening around you and not become entangled in the collective human consciousness. Give your mind a break and get in touch with your heart so you can remember why you are here. Find a healthy distraction.

Sometimes we all need help. Know that the help you need will be there if you ask for it. Even if it makes you feel a little emotionally exposed. You do need to ask and not expect others to know what you need without some input from you. The angels are also agreeing with this and would be thrilled to have you ask for their assistance.
 I usually don’t get the fortune cookie messages, but the Collective says that you could have good luck or a lucky break this week.

When one thing falls apart, something new comes into place. Sometimes things need to fall apart and be rebuilt from the ground up. I see you dismantling something and labeling all the parts so you can correctly restore it. You might be in a relationship or career that needs a bit of correction or change. I see this process as something significant to your stability and happiness in the future.

 I see you taking your time and being open to researching other successful blueprints or instructions. Unless this is genuinely something mechanical, I intuit a possible change in your original life path Blueprint.

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